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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  August 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11.
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happening now at 11, a scary find and growing concern finding a bat in your house would be scary enough, but one that was just pull out of a local home it tested positive for rabies. good evening i'm dawn timmeney. officials are putting out the warning tonight. be careful. let's get straight out to joanne pill lee gee live in haddon heights tonight with details. joanne? >> reporter: that's right, dawn. bats flying around in a park natural habitat, right, but when bat flys into home it could be a problem. it was a problem when that bat tested positive for rabies. >> do you not want to expose yourself to this disease. definitely call animal control. make sure that they come and investigate so they can trap and test. >> reporter: that's just what happened in haddon heights. a bat got inside of a home. the owners were concerned and called animal control officials. the bat was tested and it was rabid. county health officials say finding one rabid bat is serio
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serious. same with other rabid wildlife. which typically acts strange when they're infected with rabies. >> any time you have a strange animal do not approach it. >> absolutely that would concern me. and he is special will brand in you baby, i would be definitely be worried about that. >> reporter: health officials did not identify the family who found the bat in their home but they were advised to seek pre-emptive treatment just in case. news of the rabid bat spread quickly in town. >> i walk my dog every night in the park and they swoop down and come by us and i don't mind them but -- >> unless they have rabies. >> unless they have rabies. i don't know if they're rabid or not. >> reporter: residents around here right now being asked to be on the look out for any wildlife that could be acting strange. don't go near it. call police or animal control. actual rabies cases are rare, but lethal if they are not diagnosed and treated. dawn, back to you. >> joanne, thank you. on your radar tonight, the
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promise of cooler temperatures. meteorologist dave warren here with your first forecast at 11. >> promise but you have to wait for that promise. to play out because we do have that heat first for the next few days. could be heat wave. hit 90 today. dropping into the 70s to night. not too bad wake you up to the mid 70s tomorrow a few showers around tonight. maybe a passing shower along 95. just a very very light shower. certainly not a thunderstorm. but we are looking at storms coming in late on sunday. there's more widespread showers tomorrow. it heats up with that temperature hitting 90 again. sunday we could hit 90 but look at the rain come in there's a line of showers and thunderstorms by 4:00 o'clock in the north and western suburbs. 6:00 o'clock through philadelphia. seven, 8:00 o'clock pushing off to the east that's the cooler weather that's moving in. so once that front moves through, our temperatures will really drop starting monday. tomorrow we'll talk about temperatures hitting 90 degrees. look for showers between lunch and, say, 6:00 o'clock. dropping into the 70s overnight
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with that humidity increasing. another day of 90-degree temperatures on sunday. storms coming in late but look at monday and tuesday. tuesday looks absolutely perfe perfect. with just a light breeze and a temperature of 80a bit of breeze there on monday. wednesday, thursday and friday temperatures will climb back into the mid 80s where it's 86 degrees on friday. shore temperatures will be into the mid 80s just that land breeze will develop on monday out of the northwestly maybe not the best beach day, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday looking pretty good for the rest of the week. dawn? >> all right, thank you, dave. police in new castle county, delaware, are on the hunt for the man who burst no an elderly man's home. the home inn vague happened just afternoon today along the 700 block of hurt forward road. authorities say an 81-year-old man answer add knock at his door and a man forced his way in and roughed him up. he ended up stealing some items inside and taking off in a red car. the homeowner was treated at the scene for minor injuries. happening now, a desperate
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plea for answers from a grieving mother. her son gunned down as he worked to provide for his family. no motive, no suspects. only questions and broken hearts to night. tonight that mother is hoping that a reward and her very emotional message will help bring a killer to justice. let's get straight out to fox 29's shawnette wilson live at the cam county prosecutor's office and shawnette, you talk to that grief stricken mother. >> reporter: i did, dawn much she tells me her son brett moss was shot at a new sight for a job he's actually worked for the past 10 years. she says nothing was taken from him, and tonight the camden county prosecutor's office and this grief stricken mom want answers. >> my son was a good boy. i just want whoever did this to be caught. >> murder of rochelle smith's son is cut her to the core. she got the call tuesday that someone had shot her 28-year-old son brett moss near one of his jobs work sites in camden.
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investigators don't know why. it happened around 12:00 o'clock tuesday afternoon. brett who lived in levittown work as scrap metal collector for company called emr and had been assigned to work this yard near 27th and saunders streets. he'd only been reporting there for two weeks. and was alone when rochelle says someone dragged him out of the site of security cameras into this alleyway next to the yard and shot him. he died at the hospital the very next day. >> somebody noes something. somebody scene something. >> reporter: and back here live, brett is also a single father. he has an eight-year-old daughter who family members have not been able to tell that he is gone. dawn, back to you. >> so sad. thank you shawnette. wilmington police arrest the ex-boyfriend of a woman who was found dead inside of a trash c can. 20-year-old merit charged with first degree murder in the death of miss precious hoskins. police found hoskins body inside a trash can along the 800 block of east 22nd street on monday.
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16-year-old girl charged with the death of another 16-year-old will be tried as an a juvenile. the judge rejecting the prosecutions' request to try her an as adult ruling the girl will be tried in family court on charges of criminally negligent homicide. now this all stems from an assault inside the bathroom at wilmington howard high school of technology back in april of. prosecutors say the 16-year-old repeatedly hit amy joyner francis in a pre-meditated attack. joyner francis had a pr pre-existing heart condition and the medical examiner ruled the attack contributed to sudden cardiac arrest. two new jersey transit buses collide in newark much new jersey ton night two people are dead. a veteran driver at the wheel of the bus with no passengers inside slammed into a bus filled with passengers this morning. that driver died as well as a
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passenger inside the other bus. 17 people were also hurt and six of them are hospitalized in critical condition tonight. investigators are trying to determine if one of the buses ran a red light. a blue line painted on a local road means a lot more than meets the eye. it's a show of support for the town's police officer officers and tonight pictures of oaklyn's very thin blue line have been shared hundreds and hundreds of times on facebook. fox 29's brad sattin joins us live now from oaklyn, brad, pretty creative show of support out there. >> reporter: yeah, dawn. for sure it is. this is a borough of about 4,000 people it is a small town with a pretty clever unique and big way of showing its support to police officers. you can see behind me there how to support the police. why not with that thin blue line that runs across town in between the two yellow center lines. drivers in the borough of oaklyn couldn't help but notice the difference today traveling down
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west clinton avenue the five block from the white horse pike to kendall boulevard. suddenly between the yellow lines was a thin blue line. >> thin blue line just represents support for law enforcement. we do everything we can for our community, and to have them support us back it means a lot especially in today's times. >> head of the borough's oh public works came up with the idea passed it on to the police chief who got permission from camden county and this morning they pained. reaction all positive. >> a small community everybody noes everybody and it's good to see thebe they know everybody's stands behind them. >> reporter: even if they don't have all the answers. how many gallons of paint. >> that i don't know. >> i'm just kidding. >> reporter: no word on the gallons of paint. we can tell you that the borough post add lot of the photos on facebook as a result they got hundreds of likes and shares. so dawn it's a pretty safe bet that this idea may very well catch on around the country. >> i have feeling it will. thank you, brad. in university city, a big push by hillary clinton's campaign to register voters
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actor sean patrick thomas the star of barbershop launching the event inside philly cuts union any sex salon he joined clinton supporters to introduce a new grass roots campaign pushing voter registration efforts inside small businesses across philadelphia. clinton's campaign held a similar voter registration event on tuesday when she spoke at west philadelphia high school. talk about hard sell. how would you like to be infected with the zika virus? the scientists asking people to step up for the common good. plus, the beloved pet a family will never ever forget. how a dog saved a baby in a fire in the nick of time to sacrifice his own live in the process. and all may seem well on the reality show about mark wahlberg's family burger business but there's big drama off screen that resulted in a class action lawsuit in this heat it's crucial to stay hydrated if you drink water from reusable bottle you could be bringing a whole lot of bacteria
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as well. the website treadmill review just released a study that may leave a bad taste in your mouth. it found many water bottle caps contain more than 100 times the amount of bacteria found on the average -- they recommend using stainless steal over plastic and consider using a straw to steer clear of that bacteria.
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you can say that again. (giggles) keep on scratchin'! ♪ some signs of recovery emerging in soaked parts of louisiana. federal emergency management agency will start paying for hotel rooms for victims who lost their homes and a disaster food stamp program will start this monday. 4,000 people remain in shelters tonight. meanwhile, president obama is facing criticism for his handling of the crisis. one baton rouge newspaper comparing the president's response to that of former president george w. bush's post katrina response. the white house says president obama will visit on tuesday. chicago's top cop is calling for the firing of seven of his police officers following the deadly shooting of a black teenager. superintendent eddie johnson says, the officers all played a role in the 2014 shooting death of laquan mcdonald.
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johnson said the officers all made false reports, video showed a chicago officer shooting at mcdonald 16 times. officers claim that he had a knife and was lunching at police, but that is something that the video never showed. the officer who shot mcdonald is facing first degree murder charges. the fate of the other seven police officers is now up to the city's police board which is expected to make ruling next year. first responders in baltimore are crediting a family dog with saving a hell baby's life. police say a fire broke out when an eight month old's mother stepped out of her home and went to the car. the mother couldn't get back into her home to save her daughter. firefighters arrived, they went inside and found polo the family dog shielding the baby from flames with its body. paramedics were able to revive the baby but sadly polo did not make it. >> kept screaming my baby, my baby and running up and down the
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street and i wept over to her right away and she was just -- just kneeling and praying and screaming and i just went to hold her to comfort her. >> the little baby is still hospitalized in serious condition. investigators have not said what started the fire. you see the, you shoot it our fresco users are helping us show you what's happening in your neighborhood and chris is here to tell us what's going on tonight. chris? >> dawn, fresco user arriving to the scene of this house fire in kingsessing right after crews got it under control in the 5,000 block of springfield avenue. dispatchers tell us things broke out just after 2:00 this afternoon. firefighters got things under control pretty quickly. no one here was hurt. kanye west opening up 21 pop-up stores all over the world this weekend one of them right here in our area. this is in inside the store at the king of prussia mall. inside shoppers can find items from the rapper's live of pablo clothing line. when you see news happening in
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your area make sure you take out your phone, shoot it and make sure you use the fresco app and send that video to our newsroom. dawn? >> all right, chris, thank you. and turning to your health now, a job posting that may be pretty difficult to fill. scientists are looking for people who want to be infected with the zika virus. yup they're launching a study this winter when mosquitoes are not biting to speed up development of a vaccine. researchers would inject paid volunteers with different amounts of zika. they would study that information when they're ready to test a vaccine. potential vaccine however for zika for general use is not expected any time soon. meanwhile, sitting too much is dangerous and it turns out exercise won't help. that's according to the american heart association. experts found americans on average sit six to eight hours day which can raise their risk for heart disease and stroke. they also found that simi exercising more well it won't lower those risks. instead you have to make a point of sitting less to take breaks
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to get up and to move. all jokes aside people who are married or live together actually drink less than single people many researchers look at more than 2400 pairs of twins and found those who were married drank less alcohol and drank less often than those who were single or divorced. make your best guess at why. scientists have not tried to figure out why this connection exists. those findings by the way appear in the journal of family psychology. all right on your radar tonight, another heat wave on the way. hopefully it won't last as long as the other one, dave. >> definitely not. i can guarantee you that. this will not be an extented period of heat. it will be tough to squeak heat wave out. maybe sunday with a few more clouds not quiet reaching up to 90 degrees. we hit it today. not only philadelphia but allentown, wilmington up to 90. almost there in trenton and reading and atlantic city up to 88 degrees. so warm day today. but that humidity will increase. so we're talking about that heat
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plus humidity star tomorrow. we're look to go weekend storms. that will be the end of the heat because it's followed by a cooler breeze that also keeps fiona off the coast out towards bermuda here over the next five days. so here's the heat wave. yesterday we broke our last one about as quickly as we end the heat wave we begin another one. 99, 91, 90 on monday the temperature drops into the 80s there. so much cooler coming in. look at the wind picking up here monday afternoon. 20 to maybe 25 miles an hour wind gusts as the front comes through and those showers move out sunday night to early monday the wind will pick up and the temperatures only be into the 80s just a gusty day on monday. thenabout full day on tuesday. make sure you get out enjoy it. dawn. >> sounds fantastic, thanks, dave. well eighths favorite summer tradition in central pennsylvania. the little league world series underway in williamsport. little league lovers from around the world coming together for the 70th year of this series. 16 teams, eight of which from the united states, take part all
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vying to be the best little league team in the world. it's an exciting time not just for the players but for their families as well. >> so i came as kid. never been to an actual game. walk through here want not. actually unbelievable. it's crazy. once in lifetime experience. >> can't explain the rye now. it's insane. i mean this is the farthest you can get. i was actually -- i got goose bump rice now talking about it. it's cool. >> it is cool. the series ends on sunday august 28th with the big championship game. sean bell in the house talking sports. dawn, ryan howard's name has been cleared by major league baseball. did he not use hch their investigation found no evidence but coming up next in sports i'm going to tell you why they shouldn't even had an investigation to begin with. that's coming up. ♪
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ryan howard has officially been cleared by major league baseball of doping accusations. howard, ryan zimmerman and several other players were named in this report. some cleared/still waiting for their leagues to sit through all the information. nfl threatened to suspend players julius peppers, clay matthews, james harrison if they don't cooperate with the investigation. now, the first thought is, why wouldn't they cooperate if they have done nothing wrong? they have nothing to hide but let's think about this. james harrison made a great point. why should the players have to cooperate when there's no evidence. no fact facts? one guy says something and all of a sudden the nfl is allowed to get into their personal business. that's ridiculous. anyone can say anything about this player or anyone and colleagues now go into your home and ask questions and get into your personal business? that's just not fair. i understand the league needs to look into things do their due diligence but let there be
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evidence. some facts to back things up when players are accused of things. players have to deal with the nay sayers and people that will now always label them as cheaters just because there's an accusation. without facts the nfl has to dismiss these accusations and let these players just play. dawn? >> all right, sean, thank you. well employees at the burger chain owned by actor mark wahlberg and his family are now too happy. you may have seen the boston based wall we are guess restaurant in the popular reality show. and in a new class acolyte, workers at the chain's new york location say they were not paid for overtime. the franchise also allegedly kept employees tip. wall burger spokesperson says they are treating people fairly and that is the heart of their brand and they're working to understand the circumstances here. well, actress amber herd has settled her divorce from johnny depp and the actress says she's going to donate her $7 million settlement to the children's
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hospital of los angeles and the american civil liberties union specifically to prevent violence against women. heard and depp privately settle their acrimonious divorce on tuesday. and that will it do for us tonight at 11:00 o'clock. more entertainment news straight ahead on fox 29 with tmz and dish nation, then stay tuned for chasing news followed by the simpsons. we are back here tomorrow morning at 7am with your good day weekend with karen had he, bill anderson and scott williams, of course, we'll have all your weather covered for you all morning. have great night. ♪ you love summer
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>> today on tmz -- >> ryan lochte has apologized kind of. says i want to apologize for not being more careful and candid in how i described the event. he told a story that never happened. >> the essence was he got robbed. >> that is not careful and candid. that's like saying i got to the office today via space ship. >> diddy and cassie. they broke up and the cops got involved. >> they were in a car and got in a fight i guess. she broke up with him. >> diddy allegedly jumped out of their car in beverly hills with her phone. >> her mom called the cops because he took her phone. >> this is legit 16-year-old breakup. >> i will say this though. news of diddy's new found freedom has caused like a stampede on twitter. >> meek mill got a new bentley


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