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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  August 20, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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this morning on good day, a woman beloved in her north philadelphia neighborhood killed overnight by a suspected drunk driver, what police are saying about this victim. > plus, a penn state professor taken to a quarry and murdered. how police say his attacker lured his there. and the ryan lochte sag a continues. what one of his teammates is now saying about lochte's role in the whole or deal in brazil. from the fox 29 studios, this is good day philadelphia, weekend. > and good day everyone, it is straight up 7:00 on this sat. thank you so much for waking up early and joining us. good morning, bill anderson. >> good morning, karen hepp. > i can't with ryan lochte. all this over a missing cure fee. >> we'll find out and give you the breaking details on that one. scott is going to be very busy
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tonight. i know what you're going to be doing. >> what are you going to be doing, scott? >> there is a game of loans burlesque this morning. she actually prent printed out information about the game of thrones burlesque show this morning. > i've got nothing. >> you signed me up for that. i don't know about that one. i do know about this weather because yesterday we hit 90-degrees. today it's going to be another steamy one out there. the humidity is going to be increasings as well. a life look, center city philadelphia, hazy sunshine out there. temperatures already in the 70s. we'll probably top out around 90 by this afternoon. let's talk about the weather on a scale of one to ten. today i'm going to give it an ate because of the increase in the humidity. look at the current scenario at the philadelphia international airport. we're dry, quiet. 74-degrees right now, but look at that high humidity this h morning at 87 percent.
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temperatures, it really depends on where you're at right now, but it's actually really pleasant. look at the poconos only in the upper 50s right now as you move towards places, 70 in wilmington. planning your day hour by hours, running some errands early this morning, looking pretty good. not that bad. 76-degrees at 9. by lunch 84-degrees. 3:00 we're looking at 89. ultimate doppler is also dry and quiet for now, but off to the west a cold front that will arrive during the day tomorrow to bring us a chance for showers and storms. so once again, the bottom line highs near 94 your sat an increase in humidity coming up. we'll time out those scattered showers and thunderstorms especially by tomorrow. here's a look at traffic with bob kelly. hey, good morning, everybody looking for something to do or tomorrow, the weekend, philly folk festival in town up here in sha winningsville. leave a lot of extra involve on the blue route. later on tonight it's the 40th street summer series taking over
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university city right in haven't from of the free library there at 40th and walnut the septa trolley blitz continues through this weekend. all of the subway septa troll why is are diverted at 40th and market and from there you use the frankfurt market line into and out of the city. big times over in camden along the waterfront. keep that in mind. a the look of folks will be use the been i. we'll see you bright and early for good day philadelphia weekend. happening now, a man is in custody after police say he was driving drunk when he hit and killed a local veteran. this happened just before 2:00 a.m. in the fair hill section of philadelphia. let's get out to right out to sabina car coast who is life at the scene. >>reporter: police are calling this a horrific hit and run. we're learning new information this morning about the victim. police say this was a female veteran who was in a wheelchair when she was struck in the middle of the in section at
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north masher and lehigh avenue when the driver of a white pickup truck ran a red light and plowed down the victim. she died just around 2:00 this morning at tell 78 p p who. the driver did not stop. they pulled him over a few blocks away at lehigh and kensington. after he allegedly ran more lights and authorities allege the driver was drinking at the time. now he is in custody this morning. friends out here on the street tell me this was a military set ran from the air force and she was disabled and she would often be out here in the intersection. again, she had the light. he had the red light, according to police and that's when he struck her. coming up in an hour we actually talked to friends who know her and who tried to help her because they themselves were military veterans and they say she was just 37 years old and down on her luck and her life taken too soon before she can help herself. guys, back to you. > that's a tragedy, sabean a, thank you. a man is critical condition
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after being stabbed outside of a popular nightclub. a 33 year old man was stabbed in the neck at about 2:00 a.m., closing time outside of the blue martini at second and market streets. they raised him over to jefferson hospital. we don't know any motive or news of any arrest. a 21 year old man in critical condition after he was shot several times. investigators say this happened about 1:00 this morning on g and east hilton streets. he was taken to temple. right now police are looking for the shooter. and another man is in the hospital after he was struck in the back with a bullet. police say this shooting happened outside of the home at the 11th and diamond areas right near temple campus. investigators found at least six shell casings near that scene. at this time police haven't found a motive for that shooting. a local mother wants answers and justice after her son was gunned down in cam been. rochelle smith says her son breath months was shot down to death near his workplace.
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the 28 year old was a scrap metal collector for a company called m railroad. investigators said he's only been reporting to the site for two weeks. moss apparently was alone when someone dragged him outside site of the security cameras and then they shot him. he died at the hospital the next day. somebody knows something. somebody seen something. my son was a good boy. i just want whoever did this to be caught because this is wrong what you did to my son. moss was also a single father of an ate year old daughter. investigators say they don't know why he was killed. > police in due castle delaware are now on the hunt for a person who burst into an elderly man's home. this home invasion happened yesterday afternoon right on the 700 block of hurt ford road in the eden ridge community. officers say an 8 # year old man
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answered the knock on the door and that's when they forced their way in, the intruder stole some items inside and then took off in a red car. the homeowner was treated at the scene for minor injuries. 7:07 time for you to decide political coverage, republican nominee donald trump back in the news. this time working to get support from african-american voters. a poll show trump only has support of # percent of the country's black population so at a rally in michigan he asked for the support of the african-american blaming democrats for many of the ills that aflick black communities. the inner sit advertise of our country have been run by the democratic party for more than 50 years. their policies have produced only poverty, joblesss, failing schools and broking homes. > trump also doubled down on the theme of the week asking black voters what we have to
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lose by voting for him. > a democratic side, a federal judge has ordered hillary clinton to explain in writing why she used a private server to send and receive e-mails while she was secretary of state. the ruling comes in response to a lawsuit filed by a conservative group fbi director james comey has already said that he wouldn't recommend any crime california charges. the clinton campaign had hoped that was the last word on the matter. a spokesman called the lawsuit a political attack aimed at hurting her candace i. 7:08, president obama is now being criticized largely for republicans for not cutting his vacation short to travel to flood averaged louisiana. the president will be going to baton rouge on tuesday to survey the damage of which the red cross is now calling the worst natural disaster since hurricane sand i. there are tens of thousands of people without homes. > we're going about it this
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morning, ryan lochte still in the news, one of the american swimmers involved in a controversial incident in brazil putting the blame squarely on lochte. check out the surveillance video from the incident. in a same gunnar bentz he and his teammates including lochte had guns drawn on them when the four decided to go to the bathroom behind a bathroom. and then supporting lochte's game that the guards demanded and he says he and another teammate paid $50 before they were allowed to go. he was critical of lochte who says pulled down a metal sign and then he says he can't speak to why lochte did what he did and didn't know what his motivation was. lochte has apologized saying he should have been more candid in discussing the incident. he initially claimed he and his teammates were robbed by thieves posing as robers. > there is a threat flying around in their backyard.
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coming up why health officials are telling them they may want to go see a doctor immediately. plus, would you like to be infected with the zika virus? come on. no. seriously scientists are asking for people to step up and they say it's for the common good. okay. > scientists, you first. social media, we want to see your cats. we're going to have cats in the studio later. we're celebrating crab fest. we're going to be drinking beers. show us how you're celebrating the weekend. just use the hashtag, fox 29 good day. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. it is 7:13 right now we're laying that song because here's the question. would you take a self-driving uber? those cars are actually hitting the roads in pennsylvania in just days. customers in pittsburgh will be the first to role in that new technology. volvo has sent a handful of these cars with self-driving technology to uber and the company is going to spend about p $3 million to create more. lisa gasher, good morning to you. >>reporter: good morning. thanks for joining us. >> of course. > how would this work for people and why would you want to do this? >> sure. this is such a huge milestone for the world and for
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pennsylvania. pennsylvania is at the forefront of this. uber is releasing these cars in downtown pittsburgh. there hopefully will be about a hundred at the end of this month and people can request can them. they still are going to have drivers, professionally trained engineers, but these will be automated self-driving cars. things change every single l day on the streets. there's potholes, road hazards, how do they take that into account. >> these are special suvs. they're equipped with sensors, lasers that are detecting what's around them. they actually have very detailed specialized maps that not only track as you said, traffic lights and fire hydrants, but they're tracking potholes, they're tracking trees, stray animals. these are systems that are getting updated every minute of every day. they're constantly evolving. i talked to bill anderson at the beginning of the show and he said there's no way knowhow he's going to get in the car that's self driving.
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how are they enticing people to do this. >> i'm excited about it. humanerror is still a major cause of accidents. when you think about it if you have a car that's automated with the robotic technology that's able to update the detailed maps, the potential for more safety and efficiency is there. i think people are excited about the technology and the technology. it could be a safer alternative to human drivers. we have seen other competitors roling out self-driving. there have been some accidents. >> there has. google l has been testing this technology for a little while. their cars are actually limited to 25 miles per hour and that's a point of contention that we're seeing in the news rate now. uber is not saying they have a speed limit on their cars. tesla has had a major accident. they have been testing the cars since may. they've not had any accidents yet, but that's not to athey
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won't. they're going to make it free to get people to do it. it's going to be free right now and later on we'll see if they pick it up and the technology getsing going. one group of people that cannot be happy about this at all is the uber drivers or the regular taxi cab drivers. we're looking at a jettison's kind of situation. uber is very bold to come out with this first. they're the first ones to make this available to the public. we'll see what happens and sure, uber drivers, taxi drivers are most likely not excite bad this idea, but for passengers it takes away not only the humanerror for accidents, but there have been uber drivers that have attacked a their passengers. >> michigan. it removes that element. so there is a safety issue as well. i got one more thing. hackers. >> yes. they could get into the technology and all of a united states sen i was driving to grandma's house and wind he over there to mr. badville.
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>> h is what i'm especially interested in. there have been good old cars that have been hacked. last year there was a jeep hacked people doing an experiment. they cut an transmission buy of that by phi issue within the car chrysler actually recalled 1.4 million of these jeeps. cars have been hacked before. the problem with self-driving cars is they have so am other points of vulnerable. there can let each other know when there's an accident. hackers may take advantage of that. lots to be discovered. but it's all happening right here. > thank you. > we areally appreciate it. > bill, over to you. we have a jettison's, we have a mr. badville. is that what you said? >> mr. badville's house. >> yes. > scott, we're getting a little relief today, yes. >> the heat wave, it's officially over. but we're still talking about a
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summer-like feel by the afternoon. high temperatures again in center city today. we've gotcha covered. center city 90, down the shore, sunny, breezy. don't forget the sunshine. stay hydrated. we're looking at highs in the mid to upper 80s. no weather-related delays. hazy sunshine and look the at temperatures already 74-degrees. winds right now north, northeast at 5. humidity up there already this morning at 87 percent. let's look the a the temperatures across the area. it's actually kind of cool right now. 58 in the poconos. we're looking at 65 in allentown. 64 pottstown, 70 wilmington. 70 in atlantic city. what about weekend wendy? she's ready for the pool later today. she has the sun convenience, her sunglasses, the water bottle. heating up, thighs topping out around 90. so it may be a great day to cook out or cook out by the pool. what about baseball later on, first pitch, the cardinals
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taking on the fhils. it will be a warm evening. once again it looks like today will stay dry. looking at the thicker clouds moving toward chicago. that front will be the game changer by the end of the weekend bringing the clouds and also the showers. so as we go hour by hour through your sat most of the day is going to be sunny, but look at the clock tomorrow, especially tomorrow afternoon and evening making some dinner plans it could be a little wet dodging some of the showers, but behind that frontal boundary as we move toward early next week, we're talking about a refreshing forecast. so down the shore, low 80s for your sat. we're looking at those showers and thunderstorms moving in for tomorrow. so just keep that in mind. otherwise look at the seven day forecast, bill and karen we're talking temperatures, look at monday, 82-degrees. what? 83 on tuesday. looking pretty good. so maybe you have some comp days, some vacation time. you might want to schedule those for especially early next week.
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i'm feeling sick. i got the feeling coming on already. we're looking at 82. you have to take a day off from work. nice, we'll take it. > a really fun and kind of interesting thing. homeland security agents picked a local childrens hospital to conduct its first ever cadet camp and our bob kelly was there. we'll share it with you. we have a program in our area showing support for police officers. itself he's interesting. there's a trick to what they're doing that's pretty clever and a message that am people do approve us. the rubber hits the road. > the cat pictures of course. this one from gabriel, killing with cats. this one woke up for her pictures. thanks for sending this one in, sleepy cat. i love that one. > and bill perez, him i loves ice cream and cheese sticks.
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are you a cat person. >> i love all animals. > okay. you're chicken.
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taking a look at the airport. everything looks very nice as we
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start off on a beautiful sat morning. what is happening at one of my favorite places. > i'm guessing you're going to tell me. >> pirate day. > i can't believe i fell for that. what does that actually involve. >> it means there's going to be lots of people dressed up in costumes. you can take tours and have a lot of fun. we may go. > i may see you over there. > back to the news, to rio, the fastest man in the world continues to solidify his place in history during his h last olympic raise. look at that, you sane bolt helped his jamaican team helping his team last night. it doesn't even look like he was challenged. it's triple triple which is winning gold in three different events. that was happening in the olympics with sean bell. > this is fox 29 sports in one minute. i'm sean bell. ryan howard has been cleared by
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major league baseball from taking performance enhancement substances. they claimed howard used hdh but the reports are completely false. howard's name has been cleared and he can finally look past this. i'm just glad it's behind me. that's about it. the process is the process. for me i'm glad it's behind me and i can move forward and focus on playing baseball. i feel good. i'm trying stay focus on the task at hand and just taking one day at a time. i'm not trying to do too much, enjoy my time out there. > back to baseball howard went 0 for two. the fills had a 3-1 league. but this, the rbi double, the fhils go onto lose 4-3. that's sports in a minute,
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thanks sean bell. my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are.
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while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose. most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba.
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♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪ can tell by the music of selection, that aaron is back off of his honeymoon and back in the control. welcome back and congratulations to our producer.
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congratulations both to he and to jess. the body of a missing penn state professor has been found in a quarry. >> investigators say 56 year old ronald bettig was lured to the quarry under the rouse that he would be harvesting marijuana. instead, 39 year old george issue letter jr. pushed him 80 feet to his death. issue letter now faces numerous charges. a small town in camden county came up with a big idea to support the police force and you can't miss it if you drive over in the west clinton bureau. even in the dark you can see it. it's not yellow in the middle. it is blue, a blue line. the borough's director of public works pitched this to the police chief. he got the okay from the county and they put the paint down there, it's painted down five lines of town yesterday. we do everything for our community and to have them support us back means a lot, especially in today's times.
7:30 am
the borrow posted photos on its facebook page and they have been shared hundreds of times all across the country. as high as it's been we're almost celebrating some rain is coming, celebrating that we're getting to the mid 80s. the heat wave is officially over. it ended a couple of daysing a and as you mentioned we do have some rain in the forecast. so the gardens will be happy the second half of the even. some of the lawns will look a little greener and also the temperatures are going to be dropping as we head into early next week. all good news if you definitely like the rain and the l cooler temperatures. dry and quiet right now. it looks like we'll stay dry for your sat. if you're running some errands, headed to brunch. a life look right now if you're headed to the philadelphia international airport. humidity at 87 percent. more humidity as we go throughout the day today. but it's actually a pretty nice start. look at the poconos checking in at 58-degrees this8i=b.>/uu4z
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs
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consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody frightened. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs] and as of now, i'd have to say no. wow, she's sure making a splash in that designer dress!
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and with a thicker, more fabulous formula, she's not splashing. you can wear anything and pour bleach. and her whiter whites, just dazzling. clorox splash-less bleach. also try crystals and packs. > and trending now, in arkansas a school's message to both parents and students, karen, it's gone vie l recall. because they're telling the grownups that they need to be more responsible as well as their kids. scott explains. here's the scenario, the catholic high school for boys in little rock posted this photo on facebook and school officials are urging parents to not bring in their child's lunch, books or homework if if they left it at em who. they want the students to deal with the sequences and the sign has created a debate on just how
7:39 am
harsh is too harsh and should school officials give the kids a break. we posted this story on our fox 29 facebook page and so am of you commented. christie wrote i don't care what grade children are in it's not their job to do anyone to do their as parents. if i or my husband wish to bring something in my child we can do that. that choice is totally okay and shouldn't be judged. there you go, christie. it's high school, stop enabling your child. they really will be okay. and also another person writes, amanda here, i agree with this except for forgotten lunches they have mow right to tell my child he or she cannot eat. i would absolutely pull my daughter from l school that day if they didn't allow me to bring the living that she forgot. school officials take a deep breath, relax. you forgot lunch. you can't bring your child's lunch in? i think there are two
7:40 am
things apply, parents have become so helicoptered, the parents are too involved. that could be one of the problems there. i can understand that. i hate when schools push people away. i think parents should have as much an open door where the community can be involved. i like when it's all be one community. they're trying to teach them a lesson or sort of responsibility. what's the lesson as you become an adult? if i forget my lunch, don't come to workday? >> relax. no one is going to do it. you forget your homework your mommy is not going to bring that. that's your fault. if i have dietary needs or restrictions, or maybe some medicines in that lunch kit. you never know. i'm driving mommy's car today. mine is in the shop. this may be personal. the zika virus is a major medical concern right now. people are taking precautions to avoid being infected. we're warning you not to go to parts of miami.
7:41 am
why are people voluntarily saying i want to get it. i'll do it. why scientists are asking volunteers to help battle psych a. who do you think drinks more, married couples or people who are single. when we come back we'll show you how being in a relationship will effect when you ask for that next round of beers. this should be interesting. the answers is parents. the answer is parents.
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> in your health this morning, a job posting that may be a little bit tough to fill. scientists are looking for people willing to be infected with the zika virus. they're launching a study this winter when mosquitoes aren't biting to speed up development of a vaccine. researchers would inject paid volunteers with different amounts of zika. they would then study that information when they're ready to a test vaccine. a potential vaccine for general use isn't expected any time soon. you may know a little something about this. people who are married or live together actually drink less than single people. that's what researchers say. they found those who are married drank less alcohol and drank less often than those who were single l or divorced. i think because you're out there trying to meet people and out there socializing.
7:45 am
scientists haven't tried to figure out why the kegs exists. this appears in the journal of psychology. if you break it down, single people are out in the club scene more. it makes more sense that you're out there. unless you're in a bad depressed marriage and then you're coming home dripping all the tile time. unless you have drinker. a well deserved drink of wine is the soak receipt to a happy family. > they're watching their own shows. > 7:45 is the time right now of. a beautiful picture right there of the ben franklin bridge, scott williams. beautiful this morning. temperatures not that bad, either, also waking up to some 50s believe it or not in the pocono mountains. as we talk about the numbers on a scale of one to ten i'm going to give it an 8. high temperatures will top out near 80 and the humidity will start to creep back up during the day. ultimate doppler, it is dry.
7:46 am
we do have showers and thunderstorms for tomorrow tomorrow. temperatures across the region, look at those upper 50s in the pocono mountains this morning. mid 60s north and west. 74 philadelphia, 70 will ming and and atlantic city. temperatures in wildwood, the boardwalk already up to 77-degrees. hour by hour, a warm morning for your sat errands. 80-degrees at 1:00 a.m. a steamy afternoon by 4:00 once again, highs right around 90. look off to the west there is a cold front that's moving through the great lakes. that will bring us the scattered showers and thunderstorms as we go hour by hour into your sunday. so today is dry, but look at the clock. by tomorrow morning the clouds start to role in and especially by tomorrow afternoon and evening right around dinnertime we're looking at the front that will bring a round of showers and storms. some of those storms could be a
7:47 am
little l ambiguous time down the shore today we're looking at low 80s, storms once again by tomorrow afternoon and evening. temperatures top out around 84 on sunday. as we move toward the poconos, the sat, 84-degrees and then sunday stormy temperatures top out in the low 80s. the weather authority seven day forecast showing you you a big change in temperatures as we go from upper 80s on sunday to look at the refreshing air, monday, tuesday, high temperatures philadelphia in the low 80s on. but we're looking at high temperatures in the suburbs, north and west in the 70s early next week. so it is going to be very refreshing, get outdoors, especially early next week and enjoy. guys, back over to you. > it looks like cat's me oh there, scott. it sounds like purfect. > the pennsylvania spca is hosting a cat adoption event this weekend. we want to talk a little bit more about it.
7:48 am
i'm sorry, i got so distracted because for 14 years i had a little black cat named j' and jaz recently passed away. good morning. we have pepper here. pepper is actually 13 believe it or not. he is taking part in our even. all cats seven months and up are available foray documentation for free. as you know, the pennsylvania spca does a lot of hew lane law enforcement work. we had a lot of rescues over this summer and it's created our shelters to be very full. how many cats do you think you may have open foray droppings right now. we probably have anywhere between 150 and 200 cats. that does include kittens. unfortunately they're not part of this event. seven months and up. pepper will be included. everybody loves the kittens and
7:49 am
everybody wants to adopt a kent, but great cats like pepper, those are the once you have the most need to adopt out. >> definitely. a lot of times senior animals have a lot of things that younger cats don't. pepper is not going to have the destructive face. he's actually lived in his whole life until recently. his owners moved and for whatever reason his owners didn't take him with them. that happens a lot during the summer, do you feel like you get a lot more annual. >> so many other shelters see that throughout the summer months. people go on vacation and instead of boarding their animals they take them to the shelter. we hope people are looking for animals to give loving homes to, not just for our shelter, but for any of the shelters in the if you're looking for pets now would be a great time to get out there. it's a good opportunity to do that, to kind of hammer home that message that as much as a
7:50 am
doing or pet seems cute at the moment, recognize that you're making a life-time commitment we're for people who are doing to have animals forever. > forever home. > julian, thank you. pepper thank you so much. > we have so am people that absolutely love their pets. this is the information on the fur. free cat adoption. our favorite price. it is free. a the look of you have been sending in your cat pictures on this catheter day. we have so am people that love them. this one is feeble bee. that's scott's cat buster just laid back. that is a hysterical shot. look the at this giant yawn there. lexington woke up just for fox 29 today. thank you. here's another present christine my baby boys, dexter and ziggy, just there chilling. when we come right back we're going to be talking about apple
7:51 am
watches. we know that apple is gathering up to make some new product announcements, but what analysts are saying will the not be part of their new lineup. and a wedding of course can be a expensive or deal. many brides and grooms are looking for ways to cut the cost, the move that some couples are making to save some serious cash.
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since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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it's time now to introduce you to our fox 29 athlete of the week. one of our superstar junior reporters. rob did i remember ohio from temple university. you met somebody who may be an oh limb pi and at some point. he took home the 200-meter breast stroke for three years in a row, first place. i don't think ryan lochte has anything on this kid's olympic skies dream. who? forget that guy. one of the best swimmers his age in the nation right now. i love to be able to maaco limb pick trials and an olympic team would be a dream. the west town sophomore has placed first in the junior olympic's breast stroke. he is talented and smart. he's got char wrist a. he's a sweat kid. believe it or not swimming was
7:55 am
never really his favorite sport. i used to play every sport. basketball, soccer, football. but then he took a pretty bad spill on his bike suffering a severe concussion that nearly killed him. all i remember is waking up in the hospital two days later. i lost memory of a goodyear before. the doctors said he would never be able to play a contact sport again. after many tests they gave me an okay for swimming. initially he felt out of place in the pool. he wasn't a very good swimmer and he almost quit the sport altogether. the 2012 olympics completely changed my mind. after that michael phelps became a hero of his and inspired him to give it his all. > you'll often see him getting ready for a meet in this chicago bulls shirt. it's never been washed. you'll see me on deck wearing the same shirt. when he plunges into the water,
7:56 am
his focus is crystal clear. when you get up on that block i'd say your heart starts really pounding, but the second you hit the water it all goes away. > the sky is the limit for this kid. > we're going to give him the benefit of the doubt on this kid and assume that the chlorine kills the dirt on his shirt. > i thinks he's really good. he's going to get into a d1 program, his determination, his char wrist ma, i think he's an inexperience for a lot of swimmers. he's tried cupping before. >> he has tried cupping. he takes ice bats. > great story. always a pleasure. if you have someone you'd like to nominate as your high school athlete of the week, just tweet us or post-it on our facebook page. just make sure you use the hashtag. > we have a warning over in new jersey. there could be a threat flying
7:57 am
around in your backyard. why health official officials are telling folks you might want to see the doctor. the ryan lochte sag a continues. what one of his teammates are saying about lochte's part in that very bizarre or deal. marley the cat has her own twitter page. marley sent us a picture of marley watching fox 29 good day. thanks crystal. keep the pictures coming, just use our #fox29 good day. stay with us.
7:58 am
7:59 am
this morning on good day, a woman beloved in her north philadelphia neighborhood killed overnight by a suspected drunk driver. what police are saying about the victim. > and a local man killed at work. his distraught mother wondering what happened.
8:00 am
begging for someone to please help find the killer. the kids will be heading back to school soon. do you need to get them back on a bedtime schedule. the joys of waking up for school. i can't wait. parents can't wait. from the fox 29 studios, this is good day philadelphia weekend. straight up 8:00, good morning to you. i have a question. if you live near the king of prussia mall. there's a kanye popup story. there are lines of people waiting in other cities. i wonder if that is also happening in our neck of the woods. > what do they sell at the kanye store. >> clothes, i guess. > how are you guys? >> of course we continue with the heat. the heat wave is officially over but we're still talking about building humidity and yes, high temperatures likely around 90-degrees. center city right now looking kind of hazy, a sunny start out there and we should stay dry. let's talk about the forecast. if you're in center city high
8:01 am
temperatures right around 94. down the show, low 80s, lehigh valley, 86-degrees, kind of sunny and nice pretty nice area wide. ultimate doppler is dry and quiet, but once again we do have some storm chances as early as tomorrow so temperatures have been kind of pleasant across the area. 70 in atlantic city and 77 right now in philadelphia. so planning your day, lunchtime temperatures 84-degrees. we're looking at 89 by 3 this afternoon. by 7 this evening, temperatures around 85-degrees. what about weekend wendy? what's she up? she's going to be hitting the pool. high temperatures topping out around 90-degrees. she has the water bottle and the sunscreen. we'll talk about the weekend changes and timing out the rain coming up. let's check in with traffic right now. good morning, everybody, looking for something to do today, tomorrow, the weekend, the
8:02 am
philly folk festival in schwenksville. later on tonight the it's the 40th area taking over university city right in front of the free library at 40th and walnut and the septa trolley blitz continues this weekend. all the trolleys are diverted from 40th and market. big concert tonight over in camden along the waterfront. just keep that in mind. a lot of folks will be using the ben franklin bridge to get to and from the concert. have yourself a great day. we'll see you back here bright and early tomorrow morning. there is a man in custody after police say he was driving drunk when he struck a woman who has served this country. it happened early this morning in the fair hill section of the city and our fox 29 sabina car coast is in philadelphia at the scene. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, bill and karen. police say this was an alleged
8:03 am
drunk driver who struck and hit this woman and then allegedly kept going. it happened here at the corner of north masher street and west hey lie avenue about 1:40 this morning. people tell us this woman was so beloved. even as we've been standing out here for the last few hours so am people have walked up to us and asked us if it was true, the woman that they knew the woman was in this accident. this was an air force veteran who tell us she was just 37 years old. she was in a wheelchair. friends tell us she was disabled and had lost part of one of her legs. she was so well known in this area. she had been out here for years. folks tell us they often tried to help her out. one limo told me he used to take her to the va hospital. another landlord gave her free room and board. he even tried to put lights on her wheelchair because he knew she was out here and wanted to make sure people saw her.
8:04 am
none of it was helped to keep her life from ending out here. they were able to pull the man over a few blocks away after he allegedly ran more red lights. she was pronounced dead at temple university hospital. people who know her so very upset and so angry. she was a homeless veteran from the air force. she was av from 1999 to 2000. she was out there rain, snow or shine. she was always out there hanging around on the streets. everybody knew her. she was very good personality, very down toker. she would always give other advice to people, but she ain't apply her own advice. again this woman just 37 years old died here on this street after police say an alleged drunk driver struck and killed her he is now in custody. bill and karen back to you. > thank you sabina. unfortunately more tragedy and scary news in our era.
8:05 am
a man is in critical condition after being stabbed outside of a popular nightclub overnight right down the street here in old city. police say a 3 # year old man was stabbed in the neck around 2:00 a.m. outside of blue martini at second and market streets. he was rushed to jefferson hospital. no word yet on the motive or any arrests that have been made. in kensington, a 21 year old man in critical condition after he was shot multiple times. investigators say it happened at about 1:00 this morning at g and east hilton streets. he was taken to temple university hospital and police are still looking for the shooter. > and yes, another man in the hospital after being hit in the back with a bullet. police say the shooting happened outside a home at 11th and diamond near temple university's campus. investigators found at least six shell casings near the scene. at this time police haven't found a motive for the shooting and no arrests have been made. coming up on 8:06 a mother would
8:06 am
like some understand as and justice after her son was gunned down. rochelle smith says her son, breath mmoss from leaf ton was shot to death near one of his job sites on tuesday in camden. he was a scrap metal locater. investigators say he had only been reporting to that site for two weeks. he was alone when investigators say someone dragged him out of the site of the security cameras there into that nearby alley and shot him. he died at the hospital the next day. > somebody knows something. somebody seen something. my son was a good boy. i just want whoever did this to be caught because this is wrong what you did to my son. the heart break-in that mom. we hope to get that person off the streets. moss was also a dad. he's a single father of an 8 year old daughter. investigators say they don't know why he was killed. > police in new castle l
8:07 am
county, delaware are on the hunt for a man who bust into an elderly man's home. the home invasion happened yesterday afternoon along the 700 block of hartford road. an 81 year old man answered a knock at his door when a man forced his way in and roughed him up. the intruder stole some items inside and then took off in a red car. the homeowner was treated at the scene for minor injuries. > time for political coverage now. republican nominee donald trump working to get support from african-american voters. polls show he only has the support of 1 percent of the country's african american population. at a rally in michigan he asked for the support of the community blaming democrats for many of the ills that effect black communities. > the inner cities of our country have been run by the democratic party for more than 50 years. their policies have produced only poverty, jobless, failing
8:08 am
schools and broken homes. > a number of people found that fairly offensive. he also referenced a statement he made earlier in the week asking african-american voters what they have to lose by voting for him. on the democratic side a couple judges ordered hillary clinton to explain in writing why she used a private server to end s and receive e-mails while she was secretary of state. this comes in response to a lawsuit filed by a conservative group. fbi director james comey said he would not recommend criminal charges. the clinton campaign hoped it was the last word on the lawsuit. they called it an attack aimed hurting her president i. > president obama was accused of not cutting his vacation short to travel to flood ravaged louisiana. he will travel on tuesday to survey the damage from what the american red cross calls the worst natural disaster to hit the united states since hur can sandy. last week's flooding killed 13
8:09 am
people and tens of thousands of people are currently without homes. > one of the american swimmers who was involved in the controversy in brazil is putting the blame on ryan lochte. one of the other swimmers that was with lochte gunnar bentz had guns drawn on them h. there is clearly individual ovechkin that after they went to the bathroom behind the bathroom. he supported lochte's claims that the guard did demand money from them. he and another deem mate paid 50 bucks before they were allow to leave. he was critical of lochte who pulled the metal sign down. he says he can't speak to lochte's actions and didn't know why he pulled the sign down to the ground. lochte on his front he has apologized saying he should have been more careful and candid in discussing the instance event. he initially claimed that he and his teammates were robbed by gun point. a lot of folks out there have these apple watches.
8:10 am
> do you have one. >> i do have it. > i don't have it on. there is reamer rumors is that a new one is on the way. > still a little crab i. >> one of the best foods of the summer, the blue crabs. coming up, how you can eat your fill of them today, crab fest and tips to take a crab typically. > of course the cat pictures, knee mow enjoys a cool breeze by the window. this one from or ohio during the heat wave. that is really cute, hanging by the pool. companionship. thank you. we've also been playing lochte in a word. people have been tweeting me their images of lochte, dopey, disgraceful are the ones that are save for tv. we'll be back.
8:11 am
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trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, drive to your local car buying center. and three, walk out with your check in as little as 30 minutes ! so don't wait...get your free online valuation now at ♪find out how much your car is worth at♪ speaking of time and travel, look at the been franklin park way, not too far over at the please touch museum. you can have all of the star wars days. you can dress up in your favorite custom and have fun with the kids. > if you want to go do that i
8:14 am
volunteer to come and be the camera man. we're taking the kids. > of course i go over there. let's talk about this news. government has given final approval from commercial flights to start arriving. it's happening, jet blue and american airlines have been cleared to begin flying from airports in florida. in fact, jet blue has a flight scheduled for august 3 #. that will be the first commercial from this country to this island nation in half a country. american airlines plans to start service on september 7. there was so much excitement, but apple's newest apple watch may be a lit of a let down. the second version is pretty similar to the first watch. according to bloomberg p news the apple watch 2 was supposed to be a stand alone advise meaning that you could text from it or call from it directly. but it still needs to be singed up with an iphone.
8:15 am
it appears that's going to be the case with the new version. apple hasn't commented on the rumors. of course they want the rumors to continue to go on. we'll keep you posted as more information comes out. but now let's cash in. watching the olympics is such an inspiration you want on go out and get those medals for yourself. it requires a the look of dedication, and a lot of training. how about a few medals when it comes to your money? the good news is just a few little changes to your every day routine you can bring home some gold. here's how to do it. for the bronze medal here's what i want you to do. you've got that high interest rate credit card, you know the one i'm talking about. if you're holding a $5,000 balance, transfer that balance over to a lower interest rate card. if you have a good credit history, easy to do. you can slash that right in half. save 450 bucks every year. pretty smart. and for the silver medal how about this tip, everybody wants to safe a few extra bucks.
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the answer is in the president obama of your hand, using your smartphone check out an app called acorns. here's how it works. every time you use your debit card it rounds up the purchase to the next dollar amount, 5.99 round it up to 6 the. the extra change goes into your account. save 25-cents each time. at the end of the year your investment account will have nearly 500 bucks. pretty simple. silver medal you can go for the gold when it comes to retirement that is. here's how it works. say you're making 50,000, spend half of it, the other half put it in your 401(k) plan. if you do that each year for the next 30 years you'll have an extra $55,000 when you retire. that could be the difference between cat food, calf jar. there you go. with just a few little changes to your every day routine you can bring home the medals when it comes to managing your money.
8:17 am
it's unlike those olympic athletes you don't even break a sweat. that's my kind of olympics. i'm cashing out. > taking a look at our weather right now. allentown, threesen a i a macing event happening today, unfortunately they're closing the pools. it's the doggy dip days. you can bring your dogs now that the pools are closed to humans and they can go swimming. how about that? that's going to be a great event. we're looking at temperatures topping out near 90-degrees. in allentown, taking your pets out to the pool sounds like a plan, getting the green light. let's focus in on what's happening right now, a life look outside our studios we have the camera zoomed in towards penns landing. you can see hazy sunshine. the temperatures this morning all the way up to 77 in philadelphia. humidity at 82 percent. once again we'll make a run towards 90-degrees by this afternoon. temperatures right now in
8:18 am
allentown, 70-degrees, 70 in pottstown. we have 77 in wilmington. 77 in wildwood. look at ultimate doppler. it's dry and quiet. today should be the better of the two days a as far as precipitation. this is a cold front that will head in our direction by sunday. mostly cloudy skies and also some showers, even some thunderstorms by the afternoon and dinnertime frame on your sunday. in fact, we'll time it out. dry for today across the area, but look at the clock by tomorrow morning, the cloud cover it's on the increase. we're looking at thicker clouds and look at the clock here. by the afternoon and evening, dinnertime dodging some of those down powers across the area, maybe a couple of gusty winds, but ahead of the front, it's been warm and muggy, behind it we're looking at a very refreshing air mass and temperatures are going to be dropping behind that front. down the shore for today we're looking at low 80s. it's going to be a cooler pm breeze and then tomorrow keep an eye to the sky for the afternoon and late day thunderstorms.
8:19 am
the poconos it's a nice start on this h sat morning. by this afternoon, 84 degrees. tomorrow we're looking at storms around and look at seven day forecast because after the heat and humidity for tomorrow and those storms we're looking at temperatures monday, tuesday in the low 80s. we can have overnight lowe's, guys, in parts of the philadelphia area dropping to the 50 by tuesday morning. i like that. so it's perfect weather. we love our summer, getting outside with the friends and the family and the burgers and all the good bash keys. let's have another one. you want to know where the ultimate summer cookout is going on. you know who knows, our alex holly takes us around town. for this week's l l a ex around town i'm asking you to meet me here at the smith thomas. you know where i am at the corner of second and germantown avenue. if you don't know by its new name, maybe you'll know it by this. it's the piazza of course.
8:20 am
i know of it's pretty calm, but trust me it's not going to be that weekend. there's going to have a water slide so you can beat the heat and then make sure to look up because there's going to be a zip line. when you think a cookout, of course you have to have food so let's get some. burgers of course are a staple. we have all kinds of good burgers, but brad has shown me why this one is good for the ultimate cookout. we ran a contest and one of the local restaurants chose this burger. it's the invisible burger obviously for mark wahl ^berg:it's an 8-ounce burger with sharp provide loan, carmel iced on onon a philly pretzel bun. it sounds amazing. created for philly by philly and it's at philly at the cook involvement i had to bring
8:21 am
georganne for this next thing for the cookout because this is huge. can you please explain what is on this sandwich. we took our brisket, a little chip pot lay, a little bit of a southern comfort barbecue sauce. what do you call this. a monster a sandwich. it is a monster of a sandwich much you can get this at the cookout for how much? >> $10. > sounds good to me. now that we gave you a little taste of what you eat at the ultimate cookout let me put the big picture together. there's going to be 10 restaurants, the water slide, the zip line, a dj, lawn games, what else do you need. >> this sunday, august 21 for the ultimate summer cookout. that's this week's alex around town. > there you go. put together a sandwich, a little meet, a little l mack and cheese, a bun, barbeque. see you there tomorrow.
8:22 am
scott told us it's going to be a little who the, so a frozen treat. my kids are always scream can we get a slurp i. >> 7/eleven wants you to get your fill of a slurp pee today. >> you need to get the kids on a bedtime schedule there's your winning lottery numbers.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
not to rain on my parade. barbara stria sand. she's in town tonight because she's at the wells fargo center performing tonight, the icon kibosh certify. if you would like to check her out. you requested this song. > we're looking at the airport. it's really close to the stadium. if you have to work this hard to sell it you probably didn't even try. there are a lot of people who love our wonderful lady. > the new school year that is approaching, we're trying to get our kids back on a schedule so we have some expert from the experts about what time you're supposed to put the kids to bed if you want them to be happy campers. okay, wilson l elementary put up this chart on their facebook page. parents should look for their parents' age on the list and
8:26 am
then match it with the he or she has to wake up in the morning at the top and then the sleeping time can be found in middle. scott, do the math. a five-year old child has to wake up at 6:30 should be in bed by 7:15 at night. now a 12 year old who has to wake up at 7:30 should go to sleep at 9:45:00 p.m. i don't see that happening. i know that's not going to work. you look at a chart and decide. oh, 7:15 it's time for you to go to bed because the chart says so. you have kids. i want them in bed by 8:00. chart or no chart. >> 9:45, no way. what you want and what happens in the real world, how does that l balance out? >> it happens. we're reading books. we're in bed. it's lights out. we try. they're fighting right now. we're reading books, turning off the tv, get them in bed, you
8:27 am
know. these are five-year olds. eleven hours of sleep. wait until are ' a parent, bill. you want them in bed. what is the wakeup time if you're a certain age? >> it depends on when you go to school, what bus they have to put you on, how early you got to get out the door. > there is some people in camden right now. they're being warned because there is something pretty concerning in their backyard. coming up, why health officials are telling them they may want to go see a dr. and see him soon. you may know him as a different person, from this character right here, if you're older, or if you're younger, he was on an animated show, the legend jack riley.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back, taking a look at your top stories straight up 8:30. there's some concern right there in haddon heights because there was a bat that has remember 's that got into someone's home. health officials are warning more people who live in that area to be on the look out for wildlife that may be acting strangely. it was removed from the home and tested positive. definitely call animal control. make sure they come and investigate so they can trap and test for this animal to see if there h has some exposure.
8:31 am
absolutely that would concern me. especially with a brand new baby, i would definitely be worried about that for sure. county health official advise people that the rabid bat was found in that area and seek preemptive treatment just in case. the jack riley on the bob new heart show has passed away. he was one of new heart's counseling. jack riley was 80 years old. > scott williams, it keeps getting better. we went from 100 to 90, now we're settling on the 80s. we'll take it. it's hard to believe we're talking 80s and we're really comfortable with those temperatures. let's talk about the weather on a scale of one to ten. today it's going to be an ate. we're still looking at 90s degrees by this afternoon and the humidity is going to be keeping up. temperatures down the shore, low 80s with a nice breeze.
8:32 am
86 in the lehigh valley. the temperatures already up to 77 in philadelphia. wildwood checking in at 77. temperatures once you move north and west, upper 0s in readington. for the philadelphia area, a warm morning, 10:00, 80-degrees, hazy sunshine, 84 by 4. once again temperatures topping out by 90-degrees. what's weekend wendy up to? she's going to be headed over to the pool to cool down. high temperatures once again 90-degrees. you can see the water bottle, also the sunscreen. the seven day forecast shows upper 40s for tomorrow. keep an umbrella nearby. afternoon evening thunderstorms moving through, 88. look at monday, low 80s. a lot of sunshine, lower humidity. 83 on tuesday and then we start to warm things right back up latter part of next week. bill and karen back over to you. > all right, guys. we may not all be. let's check it out. we may not be this dead lifting grand i who went viral a couple of months ago.
8:33 am
thats do haven't mean we can't continue to get in shape or maybe even becoming a dead lifter. they're going to have a dead lift competition in manayunk. ellen is here, good morning to you. let's introduce some of the other people who will be dead lifting. introduce yourself. my name is alyssa. i'm going to go lift with alyssa. how are you doing, jamal. jamal, we're going to get back to you because he has some things we need to talk to you. welcome. you go ahead, i'm ' going to get list. warmup is important. what's your secret for dead lifting. demonstrate. there are different types of dead lifts. straight up conventional, everybody's body is different. you have to get a coach. i promise it will help. to start, you have to walk up to your bar. if you want to do this with me. step back here so i'm not in the way so i can make sure you guys
8:34 am
are all doing this right. walk up to your bar, make sure you have an half an inch to an inch away. keep your legs straight, shoulder width keep your legs straight. we don't want to drop the hips quite yet. we want to get our backs straight, lower your knees. everybody, good? from here we're going to make sure your shoulders are back, back is nice and straight, lift dragging the bar up your legs. it doesn't count until our shoulders are locked back. the bar or the microphone. that's a great exercise. it's actually a compound movement. it uses two joints at one time and works more than one muscle group am i'm a huge fan of the dead lift because it works shoulders, core, quads.
8:35 am
that's why i'm a big fan of dead lifts it burns the most categories in a single movement if you're right. it's also one of the ones where you need instruction because you can hurt yourself if you don't know what you're doing. the main issue with the dead lift is the rounding of the back. a loft times we see this kind of curvative and a few tips to kind of avoid that. let's try it. i gotcha. you hold it. here we go. you're going to walk up to your bar leaving about an inch or so of space so your bar is right at the half point of your foot. listen, you're still talking. do it appropriately. exactly. shoulders back, keep the back down. i had no idea this wasn't that heavy. these are bumper plates, 10 pounds appease. what are the details on the party. >> i'm so excited. we're parterring up with
8:36 am
northern childrens services. all the money is going to go to them. we had a lot of generous donations, couch tomato is going to be there giving out food, within i's bus is going to be there. they provided a keg. come drink for free. insomnia cookies is going to be there. you got 15 minutes to do the shout out that you were talking about. you want to meet somebody. i'll just be here in the morning for you ladies. he was going to shout out to both alex and to lauren. i'm in shape. you know what i'm saying. we have a block party going on. i'm used to just taking the shirt off. > come to the block part. it starts at 8:00. we'll be right back.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
> i actually feel more swole. my act is -- you're going to go out on a friday or sat, he's at gym pumping up. welcome back to good day philadelphia. have you gotten this invitation yet? someone is getting married on a thursday? apparently it's becoming more popular. more couples are looking to safe money. that actually makes sense. new research shows that nearly 6 percent of couples got married on thursday last year.
8:40 am
that's up more than 4 percent from the year before while sat of course is still the most popular day. thursdays are becoming more popular as weddings are getting pricier. what do you think, scott? i think it makes sense. but it's also about people getting there. are they going to be able to take the time off? do you have relatives coming from out of town? i think it's better to have more convenient to have it on the weekend because most people can get the days off. i'm not off the next you're having me take off an extra day, plus how much the wedding gift costs. it's not up to you. >> the worst, sundayed weddings. on a holiday weekend, they ruin a perfectly good holiday weekend. > i had other plans. >> labor day weekend, memorial day weekend, my siblings, i love you, they both did that. > that's so wrong.
8:41 am
>> it's in the future. take into consideration what karen may have planned before you send out your invitation. >> our producer has a wedding next memorial day weekend and he doesn't know if he's going because it takes you out of town. i hope the people know that he might not come because if they didn't you just announced it. we want to get your opinion about this one. would you go to a thursday wedding. >> of course, if you could get the day off. > what if you're in california. >> you have to fly out there. you have to do it. it's on a thursday so you have to leave on a wednesday. it's ridiculous, a vacation in california. that's nonsense. >> that the that's a lot of money. you can use our hashtag, fox 29 yes on thursday or fox 29 no or you can use any of our social media channels. > we know it's going to be who the today, good day for an icy treat to cool off. how 7/eleven wants to help get
8:42 am
your fill of slurpies today. they have a special going on. our celebrity birthday, singer gear of biscuit, 46. the amazing spiderman, andrew garfield is 33. debbie la bat oh, 24. deilo v.a. to, happy birthday.
8:43 am
since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood.
8:44 am
this is pearle vision.
8:45 am
mary that girl. mary her anyway. good selection, aaron as we take a look at the poconos. get out and enjoy your day after 9:00. 7/eleven slurpies you'll want to stop into a store near you today. bring your own cup day is going on. it continues for day two. it starts at # 1 in the morning until 7 at night. you can bring your own cup and for just as 1.50 you can fill it up with as much slurpy as you can. make sure the cup is less than 10 inches in diameter and make sure it was clean and safe to drink out of. if you didn't know to bring a clean cup you probably don't
8:46 am
need a slurpy anyway. there are other things you could be doing with your life. we have whitney al man. good morning to you. >> let's start where it's wilder in the wild woods. in wild woods this week we have wildwood restaurant week where you can enjoy a four-course meal for 40s, a salad, an appetizer and a desert. i love that one. how about ocean city? what's been happening there. >> they have been having a concert series. they are having get the lead out, which is a led accident line tribute band and there are still tickets available. > how about margate. >> every thursday they have what's called thrilling thursday where you can get all your local goods from a farmer's market. free beach access all day and a movie under the stars. > atlantic city, there's so much going on. first of all we have loose i area necessary she is the daughter of lieu sill ball and december i area necessary.
8:47 am
i was wondering. i saw the name. she performs. she has over 35 years of broadway experience and she's coming in for the schall field foundation. they support the art and history education in our area. they are having a fundraising at resorts which is a sponsor. there are still general admission tickets available tonight. it's a once in a lifetime thing to meet her. i recommend going out tonight. > tropicana is a response o. >> yes, they have a million things going on at tropicana. on monday, the ninth annual taste of the quarter event which i will be taking part in. local celebrity chefs giving out samples from local participating restaurants. it benefits the greater philadelphia area. i will be at western will is. so come see me. i'll be handing out free samples but they're not alcoholic. > you also went flying. >> i went on an f16 fighter jet this weekend, a media flight. it was a crazy.
8:48 am
i had so much fun. my captain joe medical, her nickname is slam. that's her and i just before going on, i was very calm beforehand. afterwards it was crazy. we did an unrestricted take off which means we went straight up in the air. we went to 17,000 feet. i only got to 176gs. it was a lot of fun. it was a little scary, but a lot of fun. a unique experience. > when they do these media tours, people kind of lose their lunch. did that happen. >> it did not happen to me. afterwards i was a little l woozy. i came out of the jet totally fine. people say there are a lot of people from fox was there as well and he was saying he didn't have a great time. he had a great time, but he also may have gotten a little woos i. he loves it. > thank you so much. i had a great time. bill, would you do that, hospital in a f -- what was it.
8:49 am
>> f16. > no. no bones about it. absolutely not. you very rarely hear only in 3gs in the same sentence. i'm good. i'll stay right here on the ground andeny the beautiful weather a little closer to the ground. it's going to be who the closer to the ground, bill. we're talking about temperatures by the afternoon topping out again right around 90 degrees. the humidity will start to increase during the day as well. the day should be dry. tomorrow not so much. a beautiful old city shot right now. you can see the ben franklin bridge there, not a cloud in the sky. temperatures right now 77-degrees. winds out of the northeast at 5 miles per hour. look at the humidity at 82 percent. so it is going to be more humid than it was yesterday. take a look at this viewer photo coming in from andrew showing a cloudless morning in philly as seen from the walt whitman bridge. thanks so much, andrew. a beautiful center city sky line on this sat morning. temperatures right now across the area, 74 in wilmington, 76 in trenton, waking up to
8:50 am
temperatures right now 70 in allentown. so hour by hour we go. we're looking at hazy sunshine. 84 by 1, but look at 4:00 temperatures right around 90-degrees. headed to the ballpark this evening. first pitch temperatures right around 85 as the cardinals take on the phillies. we're looking at more humidity out there tonight at the ballpark. as we look at ultimate doppler we're dry across the area today. off to the west this is the front that will bring us the round of showers, even some thunderstorms for your sunday. dry today, but tomorrow, take a look the at clock, the clouds role in. we're talking about afternoon, evening thunderstorms. so if you have some dinner plans you might be dodging some down pours across the area. behind the front we're looking at much cooler temperatures. down the shore, don't forget the sunscreen, low 80s and then the poconos we're looking at temperatures topping out in the low 80s today, 83 tomorrow, but once again a little stormy. the weather authority seven day forecast, upper 80s humid for
8:51 am
tomorrow. and then take a look at temperatures, monday and tuesday low 80s. we could have temperatures in the upper 50s by tuesday morning across the area. we'll be right back.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
> we're taking a look out at the poconos. we continue to tell you it is a beautiful day out there. we're enjoying it. we got stuff that we can be dog to continue to enjoy a beautiful day. i'm prepared, karen. let's eat. it is crab fest. we have stieve and mike who are joining us this morning. good morning. >> thanks for having us. let's break down some of the tricks, how do we know if the crab is a female or male or why do we care. >> let's start right there. first off, itself ' illegal to catch and eat female crabs especially if they have egg parts. we only have male crabs today. they are fresh. they were just cooked today. you can smell them, the old bay. we have wild crabs and cooked crabs. the reason we are doing all this is because there is a crab fest going on at city tap house. that one doesn't like being in the basket. he's trying to get out. he's not having a good day.
8:55 am
for people like myself i enjoy crab, not really big on getting to the meet. it seems like an awful lot of work. show me how to do this. i love this. >> i got tools. > we got the key back here. what you can do is, i look to start with the claws just because that's the meatiest part. growing up my dad called them the meet pops california. you can use your teeth or use the crackers and then crack that open. that party got. i'm learning. hmm. hmm. > what you're going to do, it's a little more tricky to grab one of these little l guys and pry it open. i use my fingers.
8:56 am
you see this little gap right there, stick your thumb in there and pull it apart. this is where it gets a little messy. take the lungs out. and then you crack it in half. it smells really good. today you at the crab fest, what is going to be going on. >> this is going to be our seventh crab fest running since city tap house was open. it's starting from 1 to almost 4:00. it's a great way to celebrate summer. we partner sts. crabs obviously go well with beer. so what are we doing here. we're a small bringry in delaware county. we're out of delaware county. that's a delco lagger. we're going to be featureing
8:57 am
that beer among a few others. a wise wt which is going to be perfectly with the old bay seasoning that's on the crabs. did you before i that. >> i did. would you like to taste it? i would love to taste it. where in delco are you. >> in ashton, right off of 95. > delco, ashton. >> this this is the wise witt. > i'm going to clean up my hands. the glenn olden, prospect area. > he's got 30 grams of beer. he's a great brewer. this is a hybrid between a berliner and a belgium wise. it's a little about it start. very refreshing. all of this today at the city tap house. we've got cabs, got beers, good people, all we need is you. come on out. thank you so much for spending your sat with us.
8:58 am
have a wonderful day and of course we'll see you tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. have a great day.
8:59 am
♪ ♪ this is the sweetest thing anyone's ever done. that one's from my friend caitlyn. "you always encouraged me to go after my dreams. well, it's my turn now. love always, your future maid of honor."
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