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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  August 21, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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r $349 a month or get 0% apr for 60 months and just announced $1,000 summer invitation bonus. >> right now at 6:00 tracking storms across the area despite the soggy sunday night. good news it, will help cool down the area. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. right over to meteorologist kathy orr with what that means for us over the next fewer hours. katie, big line behind you. >> certainly is. we are talking about some very heavy rain, some embedded thunderstorms, even flooding, associated in kent count which the showers. where you see the green, flashflood warning, will go into the nighttime hours, cecil county, kent county, eastern shore of maryland, queen's ann county until 8:15. already seen about inch of rain that has fall never more showers expected to move in
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that region over the next hour or so. you can see interior south jersey, anyone coming home from the shore, on the atlantic city expressway, give them a call and say, okay, you're going to be seeing some heavy rain on your way home toward philadelphia, or the jersey suburbs. this is going to continue to move toward the southeast toward the shore within the next hour or two. so, you can see, some heavy rain, some thunderstorms, millville right now, moving southeast into cape may county. anyone still on the beach, or on the bay, let them know these storms are coming. nothing severe. but a lot of heavy rain and lightning. this is the last bands of rain through lower merion, upper darby along 476 toward marple, see trediffryn, drying out there, but this moving toward the southeast, and moving toward philadelphia, behind it, some drier air. it is raining so hard in some areas, that visibility is reduced. in dover, down to a mile and three quarters, in millville, down to mile and a quarter, due to the heavy rain. temperatures, rain cooled, until about mid ville, wildwood, where we haven't
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seen the rain just yet, temperatures still sitting at 80 degrees, this evening, 7:00 p.m., rain will linger, by 9:00 drying it out in the mid seven's, clearing skies, by 11:00 p.m. temperatures still in the mid 70s. so, watch these storms move out of the region, clearing delaware, between 8:00 and 9:00. and then you can see, some drying air moving in during the overnight. by tomorrow morning, bob kelly will talk about sun glare again, coming up we will talk about the heat breaking, more comfortable conditions moving in, and a sunny stretch, hum, that's sounds pretty good, i'll be back with the seven day later in the broadcast, of course we'll continue to track the storms. >> all right, talk to you soon, kathy. moving to south philadelphia, remember you can always take the weather authority with you our fox 29 weather app. see live radar, get alerts sent to your phone, search for it in the apple or google play story. >> on top of breaking story out of bucks county where fire has ripped through a building. >> we've learned paramedics have taken one firefighter to the hospital. fox 29's brad satin joins us
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live from the scene, in ban sell em. i know is still developing, but do you know how this firefighter is? >> reporter: we don't know. we are waiting to hear from the township fire marshall to get a condition, in fact, earlier reports were that two firefighters had to be taken to the hospital, one as a result of burns, we know, that firefighter was taken, a second one, as a result of some heat issues, still unclear if that firefighter was taken to the hospital. as you can see behind me now, the scene has been cleared as of the last hour or so. but let's show you some pictures from an hour or couple of hours ago. this fire breaking out around 2:00 this afternoon here on the 1,000 block of tennis avenue. the building here in bensalem described as a barn and a garage. nobody lived inside. took about 50 firefighters, 45 minutes, to get this fire under control. the bensalem township fire marshall had been on the scene as of little while ago. there is no official cause of this fire yet. we are told that the building is owned by a plumber. he may or may not have had some plumbing equipment in or
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around the building. one neighbor did tell us that the corn wells fire company arrived here very quickly, and the neighbors' wife was able to assist one of those injured firefighter. >> i was in my bedroom watching it. v. we looked out, the flames were shooting out the barn roof, maybe eight, 10 feet, and they got here pretty quick. everything was under control. all my lawn there, throwing up inhaling the smoke. my wife gave him water and helping all of the firemen out with water and all. >> back live again, we can tell you that rain was coming down as the firefighters were trying to put this fire out t has since stopped. there was some damage to a neighbor's home, right in front of this barn and garage. we are expect to go hear more from the township fire marshall little later today in regard to a cause and how that firefighter potentially two firefighters how they're doing tonight, lucy, back to you.
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>> hopefully they'll be okay. thank you. in burlington counsel i police named the man they say shot and killed another man and injured a five year old girl. they are after 26 year old samuel james. >> sabina kuriakose shows us how the violence unfolded. >> in the aftermath of the first murder burlington city has seen in several years, sunday morning police patrolling the 100 block every east federal street in the new york shire neighborhood. still on the hunt for the gunman who shot and killed a 24 year old man. >> they all were shaking and crying. >> lewis' daughter was playing outside with five year old friend when bullet shattered their youthful innocence, quarter to 7:00 saturday evening. the girls ran inside. the five year old playmate had your toyed flea but was not shot as initial reports suggested. >> little girl came out. she is crying. and they checked her, and that's when they seen. >> burlington city police say this man, 26 year old samuel james of burlington township
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fired up to ten shots in broad daylight before dropping his weapon, and running away. the victim, 24 year old byron turner, was struck in the head and killed. james' has been charged with murder, but despite extensive search on the grounds, by midday sunday, he was not in custody. >> working diligently on this, leaving no stones un turned. we will finds this person. >> you can still see scraps of police tape marking the spot where the shooting happened. now, family in members did not want to talk to us on camera, they tell us the victims were both cousins. in fact a lot of the relatives live out here on this block. today police chaplains going door-to-door making sure everybody is comforted. >> we're sticking together, and we're going to overcome this. >> family won't come outside now basically. in the backyard, she is like no, daddy, a bullet can come back here. >> they don't see stuff like that. you see stuff like that on tv. >> in burlington city, new jersey, sabina kuriakose.
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>> to east mt. airy where fight over woman ended with bullets flying. what began at a party on the 8,000 street of mansfield street ended with police heading to einstein hospital, just before 1:00 this morning. they questioned a 28 year old man who had gunshot wounds in his legs. he told them he was headed to the party when he got into a fight with a man over a woman. the man shot him, took off. police are now on the hunt for him. in nicetown, police have detained person of interest in connection to a deadly assault. it happened around 7:30, this morning, on the 4100 block of north broad street. police say they found a man in his 30's on the street, blunt force trauma to his head. he died short time later at temple university hospital. so far police have not releasing the motive. >> charges, murder charges, against driver who they say hit and killed a homeless woman yesterday. they say 29 year old andrew aceto of glenolden ran red light hit the woman who was in a wheelchair at mascher street and lehigh avenue. police say he drove away, and
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hit another person. they stopped him short time later. that second person has only minor injuries. and identified aceoto's car. people in the neighborhood say the woman in the wheelchair was a beloved air force vet rap ran. she died at temple university hospital. aceto faces list of charges including homicide by vehicle, while under the influence. a court hearing resumes tomorrow, for jerry sandusky. seeking appeal to have his conviction overturned. sandusky in court earlier this month in center county where he testified and denied molesting boys. former penn state assistant football coach is hoping to have his 45 count conviction thrown out or get a new trial. sandusky claims that his former defense lawyers bungled the trial. a jury convicted sandusky of sexually abusing ten boys, and now serving a 30-60 year prison sentence. >> the games in rio are coming to an end, but the controversy surrounding ryan lochte shows no sign of letting up. >> lochte originally claimed
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that a man dressed as a cop held a gun to him and three other swimmers then robbed them at a gas station in rio. but, brazilian police say the swimmer's vandalized the bathroom, then got into a fight with security guards over money for the damages. in a interview with nbc, lochte admits he exaggerated the story. >> if i didn't over exaggerate the story, to what i said when i did, when it first happened, and i told you the full story, none of this would have happened. we wouldn't be here. we wouldn't be sitting here discussing this. >> so when you talked to billy on sunday afternoon, you didn't tell him the whole truth. when you spoke with me on wednesday night, by phone, you didn't tell me the whole truth. >> i left, i left details out, and which that's why i'm in this mess, is i left certain things out, and i over ex zero
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exaggerated some part of the story. >> after you -- >> the international olympic committee is considering disciplinary action against lochte and three other. the lawyer for gunner bentz and jack conger say they're only witnessed and never faced any charges. this picture of five year old syrian boy is capturing hearts everywhere. coming up we hear from the paramedics who saved them, and how they say his story is just one of many. challenge went viral, whole lot. how these police departments are getting on social community. >> and, children from all over the worlds gathered in san francisco for a huge competition. the craze that brought them together. howard? >> the phillies ended their home stands with a lot of things that were not too pretty. well, the eagles will start figuring things out with their starters. and a crazy ejection in a baseball game. that's coming up in sports.
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judge. >> this viral photo after young boy shows the horrors of what's happened in syria. of course that little boy is not alone.
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countless oles children just like him are caught in the middle of the brutality in syria. >> sky news lisa holland spoke to paramedics about the tragedy. >> paramedic who carried the boy from the rubble every his home is used to the carnage of syria's civil war. place g the little boy in the back of a ambulance, the paramedic describes how his dazed demeanor shocks even the rescuers. >> it is the first time i've seen a child like him, usually when a child gets out, they're crying, the this child didn't say a thing. i took him to the ambulance. i tried to speak to him. but he didn't say a word. he said nothing. eventually he managed to ask
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me where's my mom and dad. that's it. that's all he said. >> more details have been emerging of the moment the air strike happened. he had been sitting on a sofa with his father before the blast. the father managed to reach his son and another sibling handing to rescuers. >> next-door building, managed to find an opening, went in, reached inside, there was a child with his family. the mother was unconscious. and the father was injured, along with other children. but he wasn't feeling anything, like in a state of shock. >> it is now being reported that his ten year old brother, playing outside in the street, has died from his injuries. he may have become the latest face of the conflict, the doctors who treated the youngster and his family know
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there are many more whose dents have gone unnoticed. >> there are lots of children who are injured or killed under the bombs, and no one is focused on them. we want to make our voices heard that these children have knock to do with this war, and it is such a shame that these planes, or we believe to be russian planes, thee children are being involved. >> covered in dust, and sitting silently in the ambulance, he's like a little boy made of stone. his family will hope their suffering has not gone in vein. lisa hollande, sky news. >> tensions remain high in milwaukee, one week after the fatal police shooting of an armed man. members of the african-american community still reeling from the death of 23 year old sillville smith, shot august 13th after what police say was brief shoot face when he ran during traffic stop. officer body camera video shows smith was holding a gun when he turned towards the officer. encounter sparked a lot of unrest, including business
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that is were were burned and looted. >> it makes me emotional because i think -- i feel for these people, so to say all lives matter is kind of contradictory to the fact, to the historical facts. there has never been a time where so-called black people of america have not been told what they can do, when they can do it, how they can do it. i think the people are lost. i think people don't know where to go. >> reporter: police officer who shot at smith has been put on administrative leave, and an investigation into his conduct has been launched. >> meanwhile, across the count rip, police departments are using social media to help connect with the communities may serve. in arlington, texas, the department's using it to attract recruits, and it includes hopping on board, running. >> ♪ >> police officers during what you might if someone cranked up the music and started the
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cameras rolling. >> it human eyes z our profession. >> mansfield police harlen dollars arlington chief johnson to running man challenge. >> police all over the country have made these videos, many have gone viral. for this one, other departments joined arlington pd along with uta's, special olympics, and six flags. >> the running man challenge, what it allowed a law enforcement to do is an opportunity to connect with all different segments of our populations. >> more and more police departments are turning to social media to close gaps between their officers, and their communities. >> law enforcement has had this cloud cast upon them for a couple of years now. >> there was no darker day for law enforcement than july 7th, and the dallas police ambush shootings. social media was used in a much different way that kept the world connected to dallas. >> what dallas pd was able to do that night in particular is put out information quickly, especially like an event you had in dallas or baton rouge,
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where you can get on twitter, you can disseminate public safety information with the click of abut on. >> police work is no picnic. it doesn't mean you can't love your job. >> we have reached as a profession literally millions of people through these running man challenge videos. it allows citizens to see police officers in a different light. >> ♪ >> in 2011 the aureoling continue police department was one of the very first to use social media to help connect with this community. weekend full of trouble for notre dame football team. police arrested six of its players in two separate incidents. quarterback devon butler arrested after police say he attacked an officer, other five taken into custody during traffic stop after police say they found marijuana and loaded gun in their car. the three facing gun charges are max redfield, kevin stevenson, dexter williams. other teammates, ashton white, and testify on cone i also arrested during that incident. we treated this like we would any other case.
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as far as what team they play for, or what college they go to, is not really a concern for the state police. >> notre dame opens up the football season in two weeks. university spokesman says statement that any student arrested on a felony charge also faces dismissal from the university. reaking half okay hours away from the flames. the problem, that's really hundreds every miles away. >> and homelands security agents, local children's hospital, first ever cadet camp. bob kelly takes us along for the ride. >> how kanye west, a frenzy around the worlds this weekend.
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them. votevets is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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the man behind the success of n'sync and the back street boys has died. music producer and manager lou pearlman died in prison, no cause has been made public. pearlman get credit with essentially launching the boy band wave in the 90s, he played guilty in 2008 to money launderings, conspiracy and fraud. he was sentenced to 25 years in jail. pearlman was 62 years of. >> i am another accident at another amusement park, this time deadly and in washington
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state. authorities are investigating how a man drowned at a water park at the wild wave scene park. the man was in his 30's, police believe he drowned in one of the pools. lifeguards had pulled the man out of the water, and were performing cpr when first responders arrived. after that paramedics took over but could not revive him. >> i knew it was too late when i seen his body, and too much water, too late. and i was yelling at him, get him out now. press now. then no, you're doing it wrong. you know, i'm like one, two, three, come on, two breaths, and no one wants to give him breaths because of puke. listen, you have to give him breaths. you have to keep doing it. you got to keep doing it. >> that's how it is done. >> actually there are new methods of cpr, so that's just a witness who was apparently airing her opinion. >> authorities have not yet identified who the man was that died. >> people no where near
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california wild fire are dealing with its thick smoke. another hazy day in san jose. the sky overhead gray by the smoke going north from the fire, that's bye sur2, hours away from each other, but shifting winds are caring it pretty far. >> it kim pact everyone, can give us watery eyes, itchy eyes, itchy throat. but really, it impacts people with respiratory conditions, children and the elderly the most. >> the fire was burning 81,000 acres, mostly in the lost padres national forest, crews don't expect to have it fully contained for several more weeks. >> terror ripped through a wedding ceremony turkey. the attacker linked to the blast has left many stuck. >> more than a hundred animals loaded off trucks in new jersey today. where they came from, what one organization says their fate could have been. kathy? >> iaian, heavy rain moving across the region, pouring in old city philadelphia right
6:26 pm
now. the heaviest rain of the day, in philadelphia, is occurring right now. and you can see, a band of heavy rain moving through the city, and also, cape may getting hammered with heavy rain and frequent lightning. we'll track the storms and show you what comes next, in that seven day when we come back.
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
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>> a child suicide bomber killed at least 50 people and wounds dozens of other at a wedding party in turkey, the deadliest attack there this year comes as the country is still reeling from last night's failed coup attempt. >> shows us how they are responding in the aftermath. >> it was meant to be a day of celebration. a wedding party, in turkish city. torn apart by a massive explosion, turkey's president blaming isis for the attack
6:30 pm
that killed dozens. >> preliminary findings point to the fact that this was an action by dash. it was clear that dash had such an organization, attempt to go make room for itself in recent times. >> fawn at the scene, it appears the attacker was between 12-14 years every age. >> but, some ceremonies will have to wait. authorities say dna tests are needed to identify many of the victims. >> some lost other parts of their bodies. >> it comes as the country is still reeling from last night's failed military coup. which the government has blamed on the us muslim cleric, and it supporters. denies any involvement. president is asking for iran
6:31 pm
to be extradited and says a lack of cooperation could cast a shadow for diplomatic relations. >> we've asked for the return for the hess after organization like this, if the approach, is he really the perpetrator there is will of course cast a shadow on strategic partnership. >> the us condemned the attack, and said vice president joe biden will discuss the fight against terrorism in a trip next week n jerusalem, fox news. >> donald trump now on his third campaign manager, the billionaire's hoping to get his campaign back on track, most national polls show him losing in battle ground states like pennsylvania. trump spent the weekend promoting message of diversity, has been speaking about issues affecting african-americans, meeting with group every influencial hispanic leaders, head today ohio tomorrow to stomp? akron. >> hillary clinton spent the weekend off the campaign trail, instead, focusing on fundraisers in nantucket, and martha's vineyard, as of
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august 2nd, clinton's campaign reported it had $58 million in the bank. the campaign credit dollars last night's democratic national convention with a boost in fundraising, in july. >> devastating weekend for some ohio residents. >> at least two confirmed tornados ravaged the western part of the state, the twisters left behind a trail of destruction, especially in dark miami and shelby counties, cars, businesses and homes are damaged. >> i got a phonecall, when i was -- wasn't told how much damage there was, i was prepared for it, so when i got home, still nothing prepares you for this. >> yet the severe weather did not hurt anyone. >> thankfully. along to your fox 29 weather authority, here is a live look at wilmington tonight. stormy night across our area. the next few hours could be more of the same for many of you. so let's head over to meteorologist, kathy orr, tracking your forecast. >> did you just hear that rum be?
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>> did i. >> i heard it, too. >> yes, that wasn't the subway system, weaver a thunderstorm outside our building. you can see the airport, too, some heavy rain moving through philadelphia, as we speak, the heaviest of the entire day, and this is the last of the heavy rain. that's the good news, right now, 74 degrees, rain cooled number, the high today, 89. so not another heatwave. friday nine the zero's, saturday 90s, not quite today. it feels like it is 74, so those dew points, that humidity, is slowly falling, as well. you can see, all of the heavy rain focused from philadelphia to the south and east, philadelphia, seeing some pockets of heavy rain, and really getting hammered in south jersey right now from hail indicated with this, as well, as a storm move toward the southeast. so in port richmond around 95 across the bridges, on the jersey side in bellmawr, lad on township, headed toward cherry hill. even northwood bury seeing heavy rain. anyone on the expressway either way coming or going down the shore, seeing pocket of heavy rain, in cape may, seeing heavy rain on the bay
6:34 pm
side, moving to the oceanside. you see all of the lightning associated with this as it crosses the bay, lewes delaware seeing the rain that's moving from the eastern shore of maryland, some strong storms there moving on toward the east, and everything should be off shore by about 8:00, 9:00 tonight. when you look at the amount of rain, you can see who saw the heaviest over the course of the afternoon, dover air force base nearly 2 inches every rain, you are under a flashflood warning into the evening. and you can see wilmington, nearly inch, allentown nearly three quarters every ann, pottstown, .44, philadelphia didn't pick up much, but this round is coming through now could add about quarter of an inch to that total. mt. holly, looking at only .10 of an inch so far. we definitely need the rain, for the month only an inch, below normal for the month. right now temperatures mainly cooled throughout the majority of the region. you can see in atlantic city and wild wide temperatures still in the 80s. but the numbers will be down in the next hour or so with heavy rain moving through.
6:35 pm
boards walk, ocean city avalon wildwood in the 80s, cape may point at 77. that's going to really be knocked down with the rain moving in. i pick up the visibilities, because you can see where the heaviest downpours are. right now in wildwood, the visibility only 1.3-quart areas mile. milville and philadelphia, about ten minutes ago, only at 1 mile visibility, rain slowly letting up, because now we're at 2-mile visibility. that should be improving. fox future cast shows where the heaviest rain is now, that moving off shore, so by the late evening hours, we could still see some pockets of rain. but most of it will be moving out. the cloud cover moves out during the early morning hours. and by tomorrow morning, our sue serio will be reporting some sunny skies, and breezy conditions, on good day philadelphia. looks like really nice start to the work week for monday. and we will be seeing a bit of a sunny stretch in the seven day forecast. in the city overnight, and the suburbs, in the 60s, partly cloudy skies, high tomorrow, 83, with northwesterly breeze, as you plan your day, morning
6:36 pm
temperatures in the 60s, afternoon temperatures in the 80s, and evening temperatures in the 70s. the extended forecast calls for 80s through thursday, then back in the 90s for friday, saturday, maybe next sunday, but lower humidity. if you have the week down the shore, looks like you picked a good one with temperatures in the 70s and 80s, and right now it, looks like a big sunny stretch. we'll send it back to you. >> all right, looks good, kathy, thanks. well, children from all over the world gathered in san francisco for big competition, the craze that brought them together. >> local children are getting in gear before the start of the school year. now why organizers say events like these are absolutely priceless. >> long lines running out the door. pop up shop in new york, a star that had fans eager to get a piece of the store's goods.
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northern liberties, the community out for summer cook out and block party. weather was nice earlier today. what better place to have it than the pea as an at schmidts. in addition to great music, zip line, water slide, slip and slide, look at that zip lining right there. >> looks like --
6:40 pm
>> careful out there. you know what, they'll do this every year now, will make it a yearly thing. and i can see why. >> certainly. >> well the olympics are not the only world-wide competition. >> that's right, in san francisco the 2016 world pokemon championships are underway, but you will not finds pokemon go apps at this competition, pokemon cards is what we are talking about. $500,000 worth of prizes are up for grabs. that includes scholarships, travel, and awards, and you guessed it, pokemon cards. >> it is a lot of pressure, thinking what to do. like a really good person. >> 500 people from 35 countries competing today. >> wow. homeland security agent picked a local children's hospital to conduct its first ever cadet camp. bob kelly take us along for the ride. >> more than 100 animals just had their freedom ride. where they came from, and what their fate would have been.
6:41 pm
>> how kanye west sent fans into a frenzy over the weekends, and nothing to do with a albumn release.
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between the papal visit last september and last month's dnc, homelands security ain't have been pretty bus any philadelphia. >> but recently took time away from their regular jobs to host a cadet camp for kids. >> and bob kelly's wife carry works at the hospital and invited him to check it out. >> ♪ what you going to do ♪ ♪ >> i'm on location in chester county. all suspect are innocent until guilty in proven in a court of law. but in this case, guilty of fun. >> the goal of it really is to give kids that have a lot of very serious issues something to take their minds off things, give them an opportunity to see what is out there, an opportunity with
6:45 pm
homeland security to learn about law enforcement and what we do. >> it may look like a tv episode of cops. >> how to make this world a better place. >> but look real close. the fourth annual homeland security cadet program recently finished an incredible week, and this year, the program expanded in philadelphia, who part nerds with the alfred i. dupont hospital in wilmington. >> to participate in this program, we're very proud to be one of the few, and this program is made tremendous impact on the kids, as you can see, during the week. >> child life specialists believe the distraction, such as this, amongst traumatic hospital experiences, help the children cope better. tan goes both ways. the partnering with the kids allowed the agents a distraction from their intense and stressors that they face every day. >> sometimes it is not the easiest job, deal with a lot of different stress, but working with kids like this,
6:46 pm
and perseverance and the strength that they show every day, it is just great for me and my guys. >> i didn't think i would be able to do this usually. but it was very cool. like whenever i see like very cool that i got to meet them, talk to them. >> during the program, the cadets were guided through forensic sciences, fingerprinting activities, they conduct mock questioning sessions with a suspect, even a visit from the judge. let them try on their robe. other activities included a fieldtrip to the port of wilmington where they took a road on the state police boat and watched the landing every a state police helicopter. >> a general blueprint to teach the basics of law enforcement, the basics of what we do, evidence collection, the computer forensics, a lot of the very neat things for kids, if you will. >> the program concluded at the chester county public safety training facility in
6:47 pm
coatesville, who graciously donated the their resource toss include all kind of fire responders. >> it was exciting. it was exciting, i think for the kids, and the program throughout has been exciting for us, and for my piers. >> the team trained the cadets on search warrant execution, vehicle assault tactics, and the day culminated with the cadets performing high risk vehicle assault, and much anticipated arrest of the head guys. from law enforcement, repelling from the rooftops, to raiding after building, it was like something right out of a hollywood movie scene. >> congratulations for the new special agent, it happened with child life staff and law enforcement from philadelphia and also washington, d.c. >> in chester local non-profit set up shop in time for student don't head back to school. today was the thirds annual book bag give away. hosted by strive every day for greatness.
6:48 pm
dozens every new back passion given to kids there. the organization which was started by residents of chester hopes that inspire the children there and showed them they can make something of themselves no matter where they come from. >> a way of bringing everybody together, give us all a vision that shows you can have hope, good things coming out of chester, and that these kids could be one of those good things, potential doctors, lawyers. >> extra bonus to today's give away. the bags were stuffed with other school supplies like pen ills, and notebooks. >> good stuff. now, in marlton, new jersey, volunteers met more than 150 animals after one long freedom ride by air and by round. all came from high kill shelter, few in george a makes monthly journeys to the southern state, it drives and flies, up to the northeast, where vets check them out, and rescues do just that. rescue them. and lot of shelters down south they kill mother and puppies
6:49 pm
on daily basis, and animal aid usa, just saving them is an unbelievable feeling. >> so incredible, very humbling to see where the dogs come from, and see what a difference you're making in their lives. >> the wheels and wings rescue is animal aid usa's largest of the year, including hundreds of volunteers including girl and boy scouts. >> kanye west bands around the worlds have been going wild. the fans lined up for hours to get their hands on merchandise from pop up stars. >> braving the crowds outside one of those shops in new york. >> reporter: how long custom verse been waiting in line to buy merchandise. after being happen letter dollars to the pro size location of the pop ups, just 24 hours before opening, they quickly flocked to the store, 393 broadway, in try beck a. >> what are you hoping to get today? >> information, anything i can.
6:50 pm
>> why why do you want it so badly? >> because it is like the fact it is from kanye. >> what's kanye mean snow. >> a lot. pretty much everything. you know, he is my idol. i look up to him. >> and smile, eager for their kanye inspired fashion. >> i got this jacket there is balmer jacket. >> t-shirt. >> was it worth it for you? >> yep, because i got to get what i wanted, and i can look cooler than other people. >> while other hope to make a quick buck, re selling the merchandise on site like ebay. >> you can double your money. >> don't want to pay in line no more. >> pay double. >> and iand i'm going to sell se of this stuff, and come back every single other day, and sell even more stuff. >> so you're here to make a profit? >> oh, ya. >> all right, the temporary storefront includes things from his latest al women, owls store include 400-dollar military jacket and 50-dollar
6:51 pm
baseball cap. >> what about the shoes you were talking about? >> the yeesies, four figure, so a thousand, $2,000. how do you spell rip off? it is one word, by the way, not hyphen ate dollars. >> all right. >> those suck is were buying them. >> one guy was turning a buck on it. >> so he is cheating somebody else. the eagles, i've had enough of this, the eagles have just signed a free agent for their defense, and look at the likely starters for their offense coming up. and in a steady rain, phillies did not have a great day at the ballpark, ugly in many ways. sports coming up.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
>> oh, the phillies had a chance to win two series in this home stands. hasn't happened much this year. with the offense and another struggle for vince val he is quest on the mound it, didn't
6:54 pm
work out that way. the game also played in rain most of the game, and a steady heavy rain in the final three inning. ugly, all around. all right, let's go to citizens bank park. that is mike, the pitcher, phillies down one, one-nothing, ryan howard start. breaking ball. i don't know why anybody would throw him a fastball. he strikes out. top of the fourth. still the same score. brandon moss, against vince, hits it deep, and it is out of the ballpark. so now it is two-nothing. with two outs the opposing pitcher, mike leak, gets a single. that is two more runs. and it is now four-nothing st. louis. top of the fifth. and that's steven bascotti. homerun. it is five-nothing. again, it is raining throughout the game. and it got heavier. and they wanted to finish the game. the umpires didn't want to stay. the players didn't want to stay. don't stop it. all right, eighth inning. in the rain, with score
6:55 pm
seven-nothing, the second homerun of this inning, the pinch hitter jeremy hazelbaker hits a two-run homer. nine-nothing. st. louis wins. the pitcher having trouble getting things right but has a solution away from the ballpark. >> take two days off, i don't know, probably go play a round of golf or something, take my minds off baseball, and think what i got to do to bounce back. you know, this is not -- not my last outing. >> wasn't locating his secondary pimples. he had trouble doing that. and we're giving up too many homeruns. had a couple of opportunities early in the game to score some runs. didn't capitalize. after that it was kind of a moot point. >> well, the golf will get his location better, i'm sure. better be that way. within the hour sources confirm to me the eagles have sign free agent linebacker steven testimony elek to one
6:56 pm
year, $3 million deal, 1.75 million guaranteed. now the eagles have two pre-season games remaining, but the starters will only play the next game for probably about a half. coming saturday in indianapolis. even though they had won their first two games, in the pre-season, there is still more than a few questions with starters and roster spots. one player who looks like he will be one of the starters on the offensive line is reich third round pick, isaac, right now playing the left guard spot, and this game could be important to him as well. the head coach had some good things to say about his rookie. >> really put himself in a good position to help us offensively. and i felt he is getting better with every snap, with every rep. it wasn't perfect by no means, but at the same time he's done an outstanding job. >> former eagle, still playing well, let's go to los angeles, a lot of former eagles in this game. head coach for kansas city, jeremy maclin with the touchdown catch. and jared golf the first round
6:57 pm
draft pick wins it for the rams in the fourth quarter with his 10-yard touchdown pass. the secure any colorado got little worried -- carried away. lets guess to denver. but the interested significance not there. now you know in chicago, they are the ones that started there is where opposing team hits a homerun, you throw the ball back. well, cubs fan, even though he is in colorado, it is the opposing team. so he threw it back, security took him out, and was going to eject him, but then they got -- they realize how foolish they were. it is a kid. he's -- it is tradition. throws the ball back, and they bring him back. and they let him stay for the game. it is a joke. >> that is a joke. weather no joke. >> no joke. the rain will be moving out in the next hour or so, doppler radar you can see pa looking good. still rain along the i95 corridor, still rain in philadelphia. it will be clearing the area.
6:58 pm
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