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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 21, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm EDT

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local home and how neighbors and firefighters got them out before it was too late. >> and tonight's storm is moving through. what you need to know before you go to bed tonight. what you need to know before you go to bed tonight. your news is next
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>> we begin tonight with breaking news, five people hurt when fire breaks out in a philadelphia home. neighbors rushed in to help when they saw flames and smoke pouring from the house in germantown tonight. good evening i'm ian page. >> i'm lucy know land. fire feasters were there in minutes and pulled people to safety. fox 29 is live where one of those victims is right now. brad. >> reporter: yeah, bad situation lucy, two people tonight in critical condition. one was taken to temple university hospital and the other transported to einstein. it does appear that five people
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were in the house around 6:00 when the fire broke out and it engulfed home in flames and smoke within minutes. >> devastating. very devastating. >> reporter: denise ixts gus was on the phone inside her house when she smelled smoke coming from the window next door. >> i was calling 911. >> the second floor of neighbo neighbor's home 56 clap year street was on fire with people inside. neighbors rushed to help. >> smoke coming from the house. young men african-american men kicking in the door and kicking out the air conditioner and trying to get to the people. >> reporter: the smoke making it nearly impossible to see as firefighters arrived within four minutes. >> it was black, dark, they did what they could do. >> there's a report of course pants were trapped and firefighters did a fantastic job getting anyone and everyone out of there as quickly as possible. none of the firefighters were harmed in doing so. >> reporter: firefighters pulled two people out and worked to resuscitate them and
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one woman could not make it outside alone. >> she fell down the steps and evidently smoke must have got her and she was trying to get down the steps to get out of the house and evidently she fell. >> they brought one lady out the front door and took somebody else from upstairs. they had to go throughout house and upstairs and they brought them off on the roof. and then they tried to resuscitate them on the roof. >> one on the roof on the ledge of the roof and the wife was on the ground. >> reporter: the fire was out in 13 minutes and five were hurt two critically three others checked for smoke inhalation. this neighbor's thoughts are with her friends. >> prayers with the family i hope everybody is fine. >> reporter: fire marshall was on the scene tonight. there's no overrule cause this fire quite yet. we also learned tonight the red cross is now on the scene helping the victims. >> brad, thank you. on your radar, storms are finally moving out of the area. live radar shows the system hit hard earlier tonight and it's
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moving off the jersey shore. >> those storms rolled through house bringing heavy downpours, thunder and lightning in old city. it came down so fast you could seat drain was overwhelmed. moving live to wilmington today's storms could end maybe mark end of couple of very hot weeks i'm hoping. so kathy orr is tracking those changes. >> changes already coming there was parts of delaware and kent county where rain estimate were between 2 and 5". take a look at ultimate doppler all moving out you see the clear line just to the west of lehigh valley and allentown. and lower humidity moving in as well. so the skies will be clearing and but look at these rain totals. dover air force base officially 1.89" and millville over an inch and same in wilmington and allentown and philadelphia .6 and most of that falling with evening heavy around of rain. right now 66 in poconos and 77 in philadelphia. millville checking in at 73
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degrees with temperatures fal falling in the 60s. we'll wake up to morning temperatures mainly in the 60s. wildwood at 71. look at poconos, 58 degrees in the morning, feeling more like fall. we'll talk about the decent drop in temperatures come tomorrow and comfortable air moving in and this could be the longest, sunny stretch we've seen this summer. i'll see you later on in the broadcast. >> kath yes, i thanks. prosecutors filed murder charges against a driver they say hit and killed a homeless veteran yesterday in fairhill. police say 29-year-old andrew a ci to of glenolden ran into a woman in a wheelchair. he drove away and hit another person. they stopped him a short time later. people in the neighborhood say the woman who died was a be loved air force veteran. acito is facing a list of charges including homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence. developing tonight in burlington county the search for a man charged with murder. police want to you take a good
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look. this is 26-year-old samuel james and he's on the run. investigators say the gunfire erupted before 7 last night. >> a girl was hurt runing from bullets. fox 29 sabina breaks down what happened. >> sunday morning police vigilantly patrolling 100 block of east federal street in yorkshire neighborhood still on the hunt for the gunman that shot and killed a 24-year-old man. >> they all were shaking and crying. >> louis's daughters was playing outside with a 5-year-old friend when bullets shattered their youthful innocence. the girls ran inside and the 5-year-old play mate hurt herself until hurry to flee and was not shot as initial reports suggested. >> little girl came out and she was crying and heard her cry. >> burlington city police say this man 26-year-old samuel james of burlington township
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fired up to ten shots in broad dailts before dropping his weapon and running away. byron turner was truck in the head and killed. james was charged with mird. despite extensive serve on the ground by midday sunday he was not in custody. >> we're working diligently on this and leaving no stones unturned. we will find this person. >> you can still see capz of police tape marking the spot where the shooting happened. family members did not wants to talk to us on camera. they tell us that the victims were both cousins and in fact, a lot of relatives live out here on the block and today police chaplain is going door to door to make sure everybody is comforted. >> we will overcome this. >> you all going to the backyard. she was like no, daddy, a bullet can come back here. they don't think of stuff like that. you see stuff like that on tv. >> burlington sipty, sabina, fox 29 news.
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>> and "fox5" is recovering tonight after getting burned battleing a fire. it broke out around 2:00 this morning in a barn on the 1,000 block of tennis avenue. 50 firefighters were on the scene working for 45 minutes and fire also damaged a year by home and the neighbor describes what he saw happened and how his wife stepped in to help out. >> i was in my bedroom watching tv and looked out and the flames were shooting out the barn roof maybe 8, 10 feet and they got her pretty quick and everything was under control. it was all my lawn there throwing up from smoke inhaling smoke. and my wife gave him water. >> reporter: investigators have not yet said what started the fire. we do not know how badly the firefighter at the is injured. in the aftermath of the deadly flooding across lucy noland, hundreds of people across the state are stepping up to help families in need. in baton rouge volunteers spent the weekend working with
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families to empty their homes before mold and mildew started dro growing. many helping elderly people and the storm system dumped more than 20" of rain over 2 days and officials say more than 4 40,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed. >> people who live here are overwhelmed because it's their stuff and we have to throw it out which is hard. when i was in 7th grade we had a tropical storm and my neighbor flooded and we got 3 feet of water in the house. i remember doing that with my family and doing this whole process. >> president obama is ais expected to get a firsthand look at the damage during a visit on tuesday and flooding is blamed for 13 deaths. >> tonight in jenkin town a ceremony for a very special police officer you see him k-9 officer. >> four legged hero is retiring and the department sint duceing two new members of the k-9
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units. they were there as the force honored rocky. >> it's go time. and police k-9 is not holding back racing up the stairs of jenkintown vfw he and k-9 co-worker cane introduced for the first time as newest members of the jenkintown police force. with a warm round of applause and brief but friendly meet and greet with the locals. >> it's an ice breaker. he's a big baby. >> the 17-month-old pups are on the job and after eight years rocky is off. >> rocky thank you very much for your service. >> rocky jevrks intun first k-9 is retiring his badge. >> 6 weeks ago he apprehend aid burglar in a neighboring police department. we had a lot of burglaries and we have a lot of narcotic dogs and arrests we did with him. >> we first introduced you to this dog in 2014 when sick and in need of donations to pay for a life-saving surgery. he got it and almost at 11
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years old he's doing great. but, it's time to settle down. >> we're working hard to see rocky go. >> i had a dog that was my working k-9 i understand what the fellas here go through and how much work and time and cost of having a working dog. >> adrian kelly was recognized forgiveing a sizable donation to the department k-9 unit which survives on donations all the money that comes in keeps k-9 officers healthy and able to defend and comfort this community hopefully for years to come. >> and after 3 1/2 months of training liken and cane are official members of the jenkintown employment. if you see them stop by and say hi. i'm jennaphr joyce fox 29 news. >> good job rocky, too. >> yevrping intown police department is always accepting donations for service dogs. if you want to help mail donation so sorry about my throat directly to the police department. >> dramatic video shows a car
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dangling off overpass. crews race to safe the woman and young child trapped inside. how they were finally able to get them to safety. >> and shorpz ran from a packed mall and others hid inside with store employees. >> i was so scared, like all the workers they were like -- that made me more scared. >> what really happened on the second floor of the mall that set panic through shoppers and workers. >> and a group of guys ram their truck through the front this store and then get to work. what they were so determined to get inside that they caused what they were so determined to get inside that they caused $30,000 in
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family,
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then why would anyone in america think he would respect them. votevets is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> five family members are gaed in what they're calling a bruise only scene. investigators in mobile county started when a 24-year-old woman went to stay with family friday to get out of an abusive relationship. they say her exboyfriend showed up at the home after midnight last night and killed the homeowners and their brothers and niece who was pregnant and her husband investigators say he then kidnapped e girlfriend and homeowner 3-month-old baby and drove them to mississippi and released them unharmed. hours later he turned himself in. developing tonight, new consequences for four u.s. swimmers caught up in a mess all because of a robbery they say happened. that's the word from u.s.
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olympic committee. >> gold medalist ryan lochte claimed a man rond them at gunpoint at a gas station in rio and surveillancees showed a different story. joyce every as is here with what is happening. >> lucy, ian, what kind of sanctions could the u.s. olympic committee have many mind. formal reprimand. strich medals other punishment. latest twist in the tale of four swimmers. >> they let down our athlete and americans and they really let down our noingts rio. >> the head of the u.s. olympic committee promising further action against u.s. swimmer ryan lochte and three of his teammates. gunner bentz jack conger and jimmy feigen all from a controversial night out in rio after olympic game competitions wrapped up: lochte claimed he and buddies were victims of armed robbery and skepticism
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grew as inconsistent accounts of incident came out. now the gold medalist is admitting he "over exaggerated" what really happened. >> i take all responsibility this was not my fault. i over exaggerated the story. i still wonder that to myself every day now since then like i -- brazil doesn't deserve that. >> rio authorities also released surveillance video showing the four men vandalizing a gas station bathroom after a night out partying. and then handing over money to armed security guards that confronted them. further discrediting lochte's tale. >>fy didn't over exaggerate the story and if i told the entire story none this would have happened. you know, i was coming from the friend's house i was highly intoxicated and i made immature calls. >> well the u.s. olympic committee says it has called for disciplinary committee to
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investigate and so far no date was said to hear the case. meantime ryan lochte hopes he can compete in the tokyo 2020 olympics representing the red, white and blue. ian. >> joyce, thanks. devastating weekend for some ohio residents after at least tornadoes touched down in western part of the state. twister left behind some destruction especially in counties near indianapolis and an hour from columbus country. cars, abouts and homes were damaged. >> i got a phone call and i was told how much damage there was. i was prepared for. it when i got home still nothing prepares you for this. >> unfortunately severe weather did not cause any injuries. >> well, bold crooks pulled off an early morning heist.ha >> take a look at this video. dodge pickup truck backs ryan
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into a concrete wall and five masked suspects hop out and run inside the dead center gun range and grab thousands of dollars worth of weapons before fleeing the scene. >> that's very concerning to us and to the community. >> reporter: the manager of the gun shot didn't want to speak on camera but he says it took the suspects a minutes to steal 20 to 30 guns and this is what the gun store looks like now. this is the first time this happened here. he says between all the property damage and stolen weapons it adds up to about 20 to 30,000 dollars. >> this type of burglary displays a level of confidence they possibly have seen it done before and it certainly is worth assuming that they might have done some precalculations as far as what they were going to do here. >> now the hunt is on for the suspects. the police are looking into the truck as well to see if maybe it was stolen. >> have we had anything that
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description stolen just overnight and report has now just come in or over the past few days. we don't know yet. >> reporter: authorities say the suspects were last seen leaving the store headed down beaufort highway. police are asking anyone with information to call crime shoppers and the store is set to reopen monday in gwenet country, fox news. >> former penn state football coach jer jury sandusky is driving back to court to get his child abuse conviction overturned. he was there where he testfied and denied molest egg boys. he wants his conviction thrown out or got a new trial. he says the former defense lawyers bungled the trial. he is now serving a 30 to 60 year prison sentence. in chester a local organization is giving back to the community. >> and comes just the right time. back to school.
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today was third annual book bag giveaway hosted by strive every day for greatness dozens of new back packs given to kids there the organization started by residents of chester hopes to inspire the children there and show them that they can make something of themselves no matter where they come from. >> find a way to bring everybody together and give us a vision that shows you can have that so there's good things coming out of chester and that these kids could be one of those good things potentially doctors, lawyers, >> extra bonus today's giveaway the bags were stuffed with other school flies like pencils and notebooks. >> that's great a woman delivering pees kidnapped and thrown in the trunk of her own car. she managed to escape. and now, that's scary. what's even scarier why the man said he needed her car. >> and you see the massive flames ravaging parts of california. how these fires are now california. how these fires are now impacting people hours away.
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>> a house party turned violent when police opened fire on a party and 13 people hurts and snevrl critical condition. and investigators think the gunmen were at the house next door hiding in bush when's they started shooting into the backyard filled with people. so far tonight no arrests. >> shoppers started screaming from detroit area mall and others told store employees to hide inside with them after they thought gun shots went off a new video showed what happened. that's a guy robing a julie store inside the mall. he smashed glass of display which some thought were gun shots and it got the place locked down. in the end the guy got away with one high end watch. thankfully no one was hurt. >> a woman tried to deliver a
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pizza but had to jump from a moving car to save her life. >> in florida police say a man ordered pizza to abandoned home when the driver showed up. the guy told her he need aid car to kill someone and he forced her in the trunk and took off the woman managed to jump out of the car on the interstate. the owner of that pizza place is applauding her courage. >> her family was very proud of her and for being able to be that strong and she is a great woman and she's mother who does everything for her kids and she was here helping us out so that she could have money at home. >> kidnapers still on the loos loose. investigators think he still has the woman's car and they have not said whether he carr carried out his murder plans. >> check out this dramatic video shows a car dangling off an overpass crews race to save the woman and child trapped inside and how they were finally able to get the pair to safety. >> and you've seen the massive
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fires ravaging parts of southern california and central california. how these fires are now impacting people hours away. >> and in weather the rain is pretty much gone and the skies will be clearing and dramatically drier air moves into the delaware valley we'll look at numbers and how quickly they fall and how much relief look at numbers and how quickly they fall and how much relief we get in the 7 day coming up.
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
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and as of now, i'd have to say no. >> here's a live look at reading right now after tonigh tonight's storms swept through the area and most storms finally ending that oppressive heat we had over the past few weeks. moving live to south philly kathy orr is tracking next chance of storms this week coming up. >> in nicetown people detained a pen of interest connected to
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a deadly assault happened 7:30 this morning on the 4100 block of north broad street and police found a man in 30s on the street with blunt force trauma to his head. he died at temple university hospital. police have not released a motive and a woman started shooting what started at party on 8,000 block of mans field street ended with police to einstein hospital early this morning they questioned a 2 28-year-old man that had gunshot wound in leagues and he told hem he was headed to a party when he got into a fight with a woman and the man shot him and took off and police are on the hunt for him. >> mild video owe out of florida as a car dangled off an interstate trapped inside that car a woman and young child. >> fox's matt preza shows them how they got the car to safer ground before it plummetd first responders worked together to pull 27-year-old
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louisa linda kales and another from the wreckage and the whole time the mangled car dangles upside down at the edge ever the overpass ready to drop at any moment. the horrific accident happened before 11:00 on sunday on 408 near key hole blvrd. witnesses say the driver was going westbound on 408 and flipped over the guardrail into the median and down towards the embankment. florida highway patrol closed part of the highway while they worked to free the pair and get them out of danger. >> they straptd car in place keeping it from slipping any further down the overpass to crash on the asphalt below. highway patrol kept drivers away until work cries could hoist the car up from the embankment and drop it safely back on the highway. the driver and child inside the car both being treated in the hospital now and they're said to be in stable condition. matt tresa fox news. >> massive wildfires burning in southern california now impacting people that live hours away from the flames.
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>> thick, black smoke is filling the air and it's been a hazy day to north in san jose and still raging fire in more central california has killed one person fighting it and countless wild life and demolished sdozens of home. san jose is two hours from the wildfire and shifting winds are blowing the smoke far and wide. >> it can impact everyone and can give us watery eyes and itchy eyes and throat. and really tim pact people with respiratory conditions and children and elderly the most. >> the fires burn through 1,000 acres over the past few weeks mostly in the loss padres national forest firefighters have to only 60% contained. >> let's get a check on our radar. kathy orr. >> not a lot, ian, that's the good news all storms moved out to sea. we have one final line crossing eastern shore of maryland and
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moving towards kent county that's where we had heaviest rain south jersey and delaware picking up the most. in philadelphia we picked up .6" over a half inch of rain bringing monthly total to 1.79" below average by more than a half in. . right now in philadelphia, 77, 73 millville and look at poconos, 64 and falling down the shore, temperatures in the 70s for the most part. not a difference between camden and ocean city. temperatures in the lower to mid 70s pretty much everywhere. the humidity will be falling and we look at due points and when they're in the 70s they're oppressive and still make r mainly in the 70s from philadelphia south and east and by the morning hours we'll see a dewpoint of 60 in philadelphia. that's still a little humid. but, much better. 50s to the north and west and that's actually comfortable and refreshing and then as the day days drier air moves behind the front and look at poconos, 48 degree dewpoint is almost bone dry. same in the 50s. 53 is very comfortable.
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noticeable difference in humidity from tonight and tomorrow morning and even from the morning into the afternoon. so enjoy. it fox future cast shows clouds giving way to clearing during the early morning hours everywhere and our sue will be talking about a lot of sunshine tomorrow morning on "good day philadelphia". during the afternoon a "good day" of sunshine really and not a cloud in the sky. we're in for a very nice sunny stretch. overnight tonight, 69 in city and 64 suburbs and clearing skies and humidity will slowly drop. it won't be a sudden change at all overnight. southwesterly winds becoming northwesterly with a front that passed. another front will be passing late tomorrow and into tuesday so we'll get more comfortable. tomorrow 83. more comfortable with northwesterly breeze 10 to 15 miles an hour and down the shore gusting to about 25 miles an hour with those cooler wind winds. in the morning, breakfast time, 69 by lunch and 78 in the afternoon and 82 but in the evening still looking at sunshine.
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temperature 78 degrees. extended forecast from your weather authority 83 monday. 8 3 and even more in the way of comfort with lower humidity tuesday. we start warming it up wednesday. getting warmer thursday and by friday we're back into the 90s believe it or not. saturday looking for a high of 91. sunday will be close. we could be seeing another heat wave right now forecasting 89 and looking at the shore temperatures looking good. monday 82, cooler tuesday. the rest of the week temperatures building back up up toer 80s for friday and saturday cooling back down for sunday. so that say look at your extended forecast 7 days of sunshine i'll take it in late august. >> i don't mind it either. that will do i it for the fox 29 news at 10. >> keep it here for sports sunday. >> and tonight on sports sunday
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eagles sign a free agent for defense we'll talk about the new addition and what to take out of eagles preseason game. dave spadaro will join us and sort it out and phillies played ugly game in ugly conditions to end nine game home stand it's ul all coming up next on sports end nine game home stand it's ul all coming up next on sports sunday.


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