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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  August 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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hunting for right now. search is on foreman accused of committing the first murder one local area has seen in several years. what police in south jersey want you to know about the suspect. plus, threats to schools are increasing nationwide how police and school employees here in pennsylvania are dealing with the issue as student led back to class. it is a wrap in rio 2016 olympics have come to a even. special honor given to simone biles at closing ceremonies. good day it is monday august 222,016th. today is national tooth fairy daze. >> yeah. >> tweet us picture of your toothless kid. >> we want to see the best ones. >> your toothless kids and what is the going rate around your house, for the tooth fairy coming to your house. what is the fairy leave? monetarily now. >> okay. >> in 2016, you know, how
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much. >> we can pull one of your teeth out. >> would you love that, wouldn't you. >> keep all ham's waste from her. welcome back, sue. >> good to be back. i'm bearer of bad news? i'm home kitting, it is the best news ever today. >> it is a ten. >> wow. >> thank you, thank you very much. and, it is mild, and we have a pleasant start to the day with buddy, sunglasses, sun screen, you will want to spend time outdoors today because that rain yesterday, a cold front that took away humidity. so we have all that rain off shore is abe up in new england and starting to be a beautiful sunrise which is official at 20 after 6:00. so 70 degrees right now with a 7-mile an hour breeze out of the northwest. it is, well, you know what, there it is, 70 in
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philadelphia. fifty-eight in lancaster. nice and cool there. sixty-five in wilmington. seventy-two wildwood. high of 83 degrees and our ferret woffard, humidity, ten worthy do you think. >> you are in a good mood. it is cold in the studio here. last couplehere temperature dropped about 20 degrees. good morning on the 42 freeway on a monday folks like to come right back from the beach in the office where we are always seeing extra volume here, curb side, everything is damp and wet from all that rain we had yesterday. here's a live look at route one roosevelt boulevard up near pennsylvania turnpike there at the philly bensalem interchange. otherwise kind of quiet on the majors. blue route, schuylkill, i-95 nothing out of the ordinary there but watch out for road work coming our way all this week, couple of different spots like right here on i-95. they are working during the day at girard avenue and then some extra lane restrictions in the overnight up here in the great northeast at i-95,
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at cottman avenue. then watch for delays right after the rush hour 422 for anyone heading in or out of the king of prussia they will working there along trooper road and work crew coming to the eastbound schuylkill, coming off the curve you will notice tree branches lying off to the shield there are as a result of the yesterday's storms. but they will there been eastbound right after 9:00 down to one lane on the schuylkill expressway. mike and alex, back over to you. developing this morning, children witness a terrifying scene in hunting park. their own father, shot and killed right in front of them. >> we know the wife was shot too. davis on the story. home invasion. >> reporter: just horrifying this happened just before 1:00 e 3700 block of north seventh street a 35 year-old man shot, in his upstairs bedroom in front of his children. police tell us his six kids boys and girls were all in the house at the time all between
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five and 13 years old, many of them in the sitting room where their dad was shot. victim's 40 year-old wife was also shot with part of her face blown off, her jaw also according to investigators. she is stepmother of the the kids. the she's in critical condition at temple hospital. cops say that two suspects likely broke in through kitchen window and demanding this a robbery too. one that had a mask. neighbors are in shocked. >> even took care of his children, dressed them right, they would look nice there, was in reason for that. i'm devastating. now they don't have a dad. if the kids did see it happen, now they will be harmed forever they are never going to forget this. they are little kid. he has sons and daughters. it is over. i just don't understand it. >> reporter: police say they also found a stack of shell
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casings and in the back of the house and mask as well. police say there have been other home invasions in the city overnight but they are treating this as a separate incident at this time. one man shot and killed in front of his kids, and his wife, in the hospital, at this time. back to you mike and alex. thanks, dave. police are on the hunt for a killer in south jersey. >> police say it is first murder in burlington city in years and years and years. sabina is on this one. steve? is a bean, sorry. >> reporter: good morning, guys. thinks eighth shooting in burlington city this year but mike, as you said, first homicide they have had in the past couple of years. people are not used to this level of violence because it happened in broad daylight with kid playing outside. here's a photo. police identified him as 26 year-old samuel james. authorities say he opened fire on the 100 block have of east federal street in the new york
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shire neighborhood. it happened 6:45 in the evening on saturday. twenty-four year-old byron turner was shot in the head and he later died at the hospital. a five-year old little girl was also hurt on the scene, we were told she may have been hit the by a gunshot, but instead now we have learned that she was not shot that she was hurt trying to plea this gunman. they just ran there him. police conduct an extensive search saturday night into sunday morning. we were out here and we saw them patrolling that area residents were told to stay in their home but that search did not yield a suspect but it continued to police department update inn here's what he told me. >> we will be working diligently on this leaving no stones untern. we will find this person. we will get him in custody. hopefully real soon. our main thing at this point in time is to be at new york
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shire neighborhood, comforting the victims family and also the residents to make them feel safe. when something like this comes along it is very tragic, horrible but we need to stay focused and help one another overcome this horrible situation. >> reporter: police chief pledging unity there. in fact yesterday were police chaplains going door to door comforting neighbors many who were family members of the victim who died. the suspect 26 year-old samuel james is still on the loose this morning. the he is from burlington city if you has ties to camden he is considered armed and extremely dangerous and police say that he has already been charged with murder, and weapons charges. he has been charged he they need to get him off the streets now. >> 6:07. germantown again. >> another tragedy there one person is dead and fast moving house fire. four other people were injured
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after fire ripped through a two story home in the unit block last night. fifer fighters rescued two people inside. fire fighter was out in less than 15 minutes. but not before he was ready to risk his life to save others. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky again in the news. he is heading back to court this morning to get his child abuse convictions overturn. that is what he is looking for. probably not going to happen. sandusky was in court this month in center county where he testified and denied molesting any boys. the former penn state coach is hoping to have his 45 count convictions thrown out or get a new trial. we will see what happens. we have camera there sandusky claims his former defense lawyers made many mistakes during his trial including not putting him on the stan. jury convicted sandusky of sexually abusing ten boys and is now serving, welshing a max
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60 year prison term. pennsylvania school has been seeing an increase in number of bomb threats in the public schools over the last three academic years. officials say threats to schools are increasing nationwide, especially bomb threats being phoned in. >> they come from local students and outsiders, seeking to cause disruptions or emergency response. one researchers estimates there were eight bomb threats per school day nationwide during 2515/16 school year. data reports though there is a decrease in threats. lawmakers including pennsylvania, supported idea of strengthening penalties for those school threats. >> most of them come in over the phone. ryan lochte speaking out for the first time since his scandalous gas station run in in rio, plus why the olympic swimmer is not out of hot water just yet. >> he is always in the water.
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>> but it is hot water. >> the temperature of the water. blank blank .
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testing. ryan lochte had immature behavior and it got him this trouble. >> it got him into a mess. lochte claimed that he along with fellow u.s. swimmers gunner bentz, jack conger and jimmy feigen were victims of the armed robbery but skepticism grew as the events got public. now he admits he over exaggerated the story. >> i take all responsibility, this was my fault. i over exaggerated the story. i still wonder that to myself, every day since then.
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brazil does not deserve that. if i did over exaggerate the story and if i told the entire story, none of this would have happened. you know, i was coming from a friend's house i was highly intoxicated and i made immature calls. >> he has done a couple interviews. >> one with nbc and one with globor television. that is their tv he says in the only was he intoxicated but when he gave initial reports of what happened he was still intoxicated and still under the influence at some point. >> i think he could be under the influence most of his life. anyway, he over exaggerated and he said that over and over that he over exaggerated. >> i wand fur his pr person because i saw he hired a crisis pr person to help him out. use this word, nice word. >> over exaggerated. >> let's have english teachers out there who watch the show
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every morning is that a word? should though words used together i exaggerated, over exaggerated. can you over exaggerate. the it is like saying very unique no, it the is just unique. >> very unique is absolutely wrong. it is just unique. >> what are other things. >> completely destroyed. >> yes. >> that is one. >> because fit is destroyed. >> it is gone. >> yes. >> completely destroyed. >> could you be partially destroyed. >> no. >> no. >> lochte says that he hopes that he will be able to compete in tokyo 2020 for his country. we will see if that happens. >> he will be 36 years old. >> head of the united states olympic committee is promising further action against lochte and three of his teammates but they will not say. will he be suspended what does that mean snow can still jump in the pool and swim. what is to stop him. >> stop him from competing. one thing to be swimming and doing laps and other thing to
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get awards and accolade. >> suspended for another four years into the tokyo olympics. >> it is a a wrap in rio what a waste in money. the summer 2016 olympics have come to than a end. special honor giving to simone bile this was lovely. >> lovely. >> the flag was bigger than simone a lot of things are bigger than simone. >> everything except alex holley. blank .
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3200 people in south louisiana remain in shelters, more than 30 million-dollar in federal house ago assistance has been approved for people this is state. thirteen people have been killed. at least 60,000 homes were damage from the flooding. president obama will visit the state tomorrow. >> louisiana need a break. several communities in michigan are cleaning up this morning after six tornadoes, touched down on saturday. fortunately nobody was seriously injured in the storms but damage is estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands. well, it has got to be millions, millions and millions of dollars in damage. in michigan, lets get back to california, fire crews are gaining control on a arson fire that destroyed a 190 homes in northern california. we are told the fire in lower lake is now 95 percent
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contained. i don't know where lower lake is. the blaze destroyed. 300 structures including homes and businesses. you talk about wild weather, would i say at 5c yesterday afternoon. the downpour, wow. wye had over an this much in wilmington. philadelphia our official measurement was .6 inches but if you were in the downpour this is measurement at the airport. hardly any rain in atlantic city. it just depended on where were you and we did need the rain because we are at over half inch deficit for month of august. 1.79 for the entire month, that is airport measurement. we had this many heat waves, three or four or five heat waves this season including
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the longest one which just happened, in august, and the hottest day of the year as well, which was august 13th when we got to 98 degrees. we will not be anywhere close to that today thanks to this cold front that came through yesterday, no precipitation to show you, so lets talk about more comfortable temperatures and more importantly lower humidity. 70 degrees at the airport in philadelphia but only 58 in lancaster. allentown has 62. move up to the mountains 59 in mount pocono and hazelton 59. we will go down into southern new jersey 75 degrees in washington township. zero seven in ocean city, new jersey. sixty-seven in lieu is, delaware. here is your seven day forecast. nice and comfortable. 83 degrees. tomorrow another one high of 84. sim warm but not too humid on wednesday. humidity comes back on thursday in the upper 80's. friday hottest day of the week as we get back to the 90's, friday high 92 degrees, bob kelly.
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>> welcome back. good morning. 6:21 on this monday. for folks coming right back from the beach right in the office that is always popular on a monday morning. we are seeing early morning extra volume coming up that atlantic city expressway, garden state parkway heading towards the city. good morning to belmont avenue, a live look at schuykill expressway near salt shed there. seeing that volume pop eastbound coming in the city. along the schuylkill here where we are seeing the right shoulder past a bunch of tree limbs kind of laying off to the shoulder. it is as a result of the storms that came through right around that 5:00 o'clock hour yesterday. they are pushed off to the side. stay in your lane there so you don't get a scrape down the side. no problems at the moment on the blue route as you come down toward i-95, a water main break in oxford circle right by saint martin of tours parish here at castor avenue between magee and hellerman. watch for water pressure being
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rough this morning and also local detours around the block. then later today, actually all this week, penndot is working midday and overnight at 95 at girard avenue. so during the day you'll see an extra lane taken out and work up near i-95 at cottman and princeton on ramps overnight. late today right after rush hour penndot will be working eastbound on the schuylkill and they will clean up those tree limbs i just talk about and they will clean out drains which means only one lane during the day eastbound on the schuylkill coming into downtown between gulph mills and city avenue. mining and alex, back over to you. eagles sign a free agent for their defense, here we go, we have details on the new bird who used to be a lion. okay.
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good morning i'm sean bell. eagles had day off yesterday back at practice to daze and they are coming back to a new face, linebacker steven tullock signed a within year deal worth three
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million-dollar. he played for coordinator jim schwartz while in detroit. schwartz also was d coordinator when tullock was in tennessee. so both are real familiar with each other and tullock started 15 games for lions last year with 74 tackles. he will get instant playing time because of his history with schwartz. phillies and cardinals, phillies had no answer for mike leak, ryan howard, who has been really good in august has a batting average of .39 in the month striking out look there. leak went seven scoreless innings and got plenty of run support. vince velasquez got torched. brandon moss with the solo home run. velasquez with six innings giving up five earned runs, two of which were home runs. phillies lose rubber hatch nine to zero. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. good morning, everybody. 6:26. here's video from the news van scene of the water main break, up in the action forward
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circle section of the city. this is castor avenue block. the water crews, fire department on the scene we will have have the latest from the neighborhood and dave, i know you are covering of other top story this morning. >> reporter: a man is shot and killed in front of his children overnight we will tell you whom police are looking for after the break.
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
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as the sun comes up, this news for the neighborhood a
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father murdered in front of his children in a violent home invasion, whom police are looking for right now. they also shot his wife. and the search is on foreman accused of committing the first murder burlington city has seen in several years what police in south jersey want you to know about the suspect. look out. >> it has happened two days in a row, scary moments as phillies/cardinals game this weekend. >> and why freddie galvis wants to prevent this from ever happening again. good day, hit in the face with the foul ball, never good. >> it is monday, august 22nd, 2016. weather will be ideal today. >> if you are going to have a monday don't you want to be a nice weather monday. >> better believe it. >> especially when sue is back. >> ideal, yes. bus stop buddy has bottle of sun screen because you want to spend time, out of doors. humidity taking a break. we are off to a pleasant start with temperatures in the six owe's and 70's. a cold front pushed off shore.
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hardly a cloud in the sky and pretty nice looking sunrise. look at that sun just coming up over ben franklin bridge. we have 70 degrees. 76 percent relative humidity. that noise the bad. northwesterly wind at seven. sunrise 6:20 this morning. 59 degrees mount pocono. fifty-eight in lancaster this morning, very pleasant morning there. still, muggy in wildwood, 72 degrees. sixty-five in wilmington. so that dryer air is moving from northwest to south east. our high today 69. and our favorite word for this time of the year, less humid. how long can we keep this going. it is still august, after all, we will let you know coming up. bob kelly, you have some issues, to talk about this morning. >> yes, good morning, sue. welcome back. 6:31. we have a water main break in northeast philadelphia on oxford circle the stretch between can toss avenue
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between magee and heller man. lets roll video from the news van. the call went out to the fire department, thus the fire department on the scene, when they arrived they realized it was a water issue. it looks like a water main break along caster between magee and heller man. there is a number of stores that stretch the big stores there at the big shopping stretch there fire fighters saw water a and they called pgw. also a peco crew on the scene. you can see folks here, yes with the rite aide which is right there. there is also a bank on the other corner. lets go back to the maps. local detours this morning. it looks like castor is opened but magee or heller man. >> we just go down around the block and no reports of water that is income down in the neighborhood. hopefully that will stay that way. here comes the sun as sue mentioned no rain in sight for the next couple of days and it looks like a hot one with
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certainly some sun glare on i-95 and schuylkill expressway. back to you. 6:33. the philadelphia fire department, you already talk about the water main break or not. >> you got that. >> yesy will not be redundant i'm not ryan lochtety not want to over exaggerate. >> we will get to this, a deadly home invasion in hunting park. >> a father is killed in front of their kids, their step mom was also shot, davis on the story, dave. >> reporter: this happened around 1:00 just before 1:00 in the morning in the 3700 block of north seventh street a 35 year-old man shot in his upstairs bedroom, police tell us his six kids boys and girls were in the house at the time of the between five and 13 years old. police say that that some of the kid were in the bedroom where the shooting took place when it took place and suspects broke in through
6:34 am
kitchen window. the wife was shot twice with part of her face and jaw missing according to investigators. she's at temple university hospital. now she's the stepmother of the kids, we're told police are looking for shooter and another man at least one wearing a mask. >> based on witness accounts from the victims and some of the children we believe that the shooter, to a five-year old home owner who was shot and killed. we do have a nickname at this time. and, was at this time, but it appears that this shooter, one of the shooters was known to the 35 year-old male who was shot and killed. >> reporter: police have not release that had nickname. they found shell casing is and shotgun in the back of the house. they also found the mask we're told. police said they had a couple other home invasions in the city but at this point they are treating this one as an
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isolated incident. again, 35 year-old man shot and killed. his wife also shot in the hospital at this time in the hospital. 6:35. developing in south jersey this morning a killer is on the run. >> police say a man is wanted for murder of the 24 year-old man over the weekend. sabina is on this story, sabina. >> reporter: hi alex. this happened in broad daylight, in fact they had to run and duck from bullets. they are not used to this brace's tack. police want this dangerous criminals all off of his street. samuels say he is in burlington city but has ties to many contact den and james sprayed ten round on the street full of children and neighbors just before 7:00 saturday evening. people there tell me they were outside enjoying the summer evening when all of this happened. james allegedly struck 24 year-old by lon turner in the head killing that young man and a five-year old little girl was also hurt she was not shot as we thought but she was
6:36 am
hurt running away from if gunman to safety. and i spoke with the father whose nine year-old girl was playing with the injured child when shots rang out and tells me that the small children in that neighborhood are terrifying that this gunman will come back to them. >> she was shaking, you know, crying, they were all exchanging and crying. they don't see stuff like that. you see that stuff on tv. >> my daughter is for like number one they don't even want to come outside now. i got a backyard. she was like no, daddy, a bullet can come back here. they don't even want to play in the yard. i hope they catch the person who did it because it don't make no sense. >> we're sticking together and we will overcome this and, hopefully real soon we will have the perpetrator in custody. >> reporter: again, this man is considered a fugitive, police still not have found him despite the an extensive search. the james has been charged
6:37 am
with murder already with weapons charges. this morning the search for him continues, mike and alex, back to you. >> you better believe it. 6:37. tragedy in germantown one person is dead and four others are injured in a fast moving house fire, authorities say that the fire ripped through a two story home. >> this is on, clapier street last night. fire fighters rescued two people inside that house as they worked to battle the flames. no word on what caused it, of course, that is why they are investigate to go day. red cross is helping the family out. in bensalem fire fighters recovering after getting burned battling a fire up there. >> blaze broke out yesterday afternoon in the barn in the 1,000 block of tennis avenue about 50 fire fighters were on the scene working for 45 minutes, the flames also damaged a nearby home. neighbor describe what he saw happened and how his wife stepped into help out. >> i was in my bedroom watching tv. he we looked out. the flames were shooting out eight to 10 feet. they got the here quickly.
6:38 am
everything was under control. he was on my lawn there throwing up from smoke inhaling the smoke and my wife gave him some water. >> investigators have not said what started this fire. we do not the nose how badly the fire fighter was injury. >> i just got this tweet from somebody up there yesterday from a good day viewer in the community helping out with the the fire hose there. look at. that a bucket bring gate but with the hose. nicely done. thanks for helping out. 6:38. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky will be in court again this morning. he is trying to get these charges against him 45 different counts overturn. former penn state assistant football coach is hoping to have all counts against him thrown out or if that cannot happy would like to have a new trial. jerry sandusky claims his former defense attorney made many mistakes during his trial, jury convicted him of sexually a booting at least ten boys and serving up to 60
6:39 am
years in prison. officialness bucks county will conn duck more mosquito control operations to day. >> west nile programs will spray areas in warrington township to reduce high population of those mosquitoes. the treatments will be done via truck mounted equipment spraying out of the back even of the truck that uses a spray with a very low toxic profile they say. if contracted, the west nile virus can cause brain inflammation in humans and we are not even talking about zika just yet. >> start talking about it the now. health officials are warning other states leak besides florida that they are vulnerable to sick a they say we could see more cases of zika popping up in text a and louisiana mainly due to the flooding that is going on there now. more zika cases have been found in two florida neighborhoods in miami dade county. >> like a square mile area. >> yes. >> mosquitoes don't, travel
6:40 am
very far. >> it is humans and other that are carrying this. >> i mean in the sense that we're talking about the fill is. >> we should. >> mosquitoes don't travel very far. their whole life they can stay in like an area the size of an acre. they don't have much life experience. >> yeah. >> they are very dull to talk to. >> how often do you talk to mosquito. >> if you were at a cocktail party and a mosquito comes up, he will not have much to talk b he has own lived in the area of the size of the backyard. >> hopefully you do engage in a conversation with them. >> i will try to be better alex. >> okay. >> we have all been to baseball game. i want to hear on twitter and facebook today your foul ball experiencing. have you ever been hit. there was a scary moment at phillies/cardinals over at the bank, two days in a row. two days in a row a fan was hit by a foul ball. yesterday a young woman was
6:41 am
hit in the face by st. louis cardinal pitchers, i think that was saturday. it happened in the sixth inning of that game. she was sitting ten rows behind the dug out. woman held a ice pack ago she was helped to the concourse. we don't have footage but pretty galvis was upset. day before, freddie galvis watched in horror as this foul ball struck the face of the little girl. little girl hit by the ball was taken to children's hospital for further evaluation. she was sitting behind the visiting dug out, on the third base side. so major league baseball gave teams recommendations last winter to extend their protective net to go anywhere within 07 feet of home plate. in other word to the end of the dug out. phillies only added about 10 feet of the netting behind home plate. the team executives say they are looking into possible extending the netting at conclusion of the season but freddie galvis was begging yesterday, come on let's
6:42 am
extend the netting. >> you can see the look on his face. this is what he had to say, what if i broke all of her teeth? what if i broke her nose. if i hit her in one eye and she lose that he is. what are they go to go do they are going to forget in three days. >> he wants to continue this conversation. >> everybody in tv, media, whatever, but what will happen they will forget but that family won't forget. that do you think little baby will forget. that true life. something you have to put before everything. safety first, safety. >> i agree with him. the netting goes to wayscally where the dug outs start. wants to extend it to the other end of the doug out. >> thinking about the family you can see the whole crowd. >> yes. >> they were sitting there. >> we should probably put it first. >> i remember when hockey puck killed a girl years ago they put netting up. >> you shouldn't let it get to that point. >> bob, have you ever caught a foul ball. >> i think the netting should be out there to protect little
6:43 am
guys. even the adults too if you are not paying attention they are coming at you fast. live look at overturn vehicle on the vine street expressway, looking live downtown we are bumper to bumper here leaving center city approaching the schuylkill expressway. there is vehicle there upside down wheels in the air we have bunch of folks standing around we will get rest of the details and come back after the break.
6:45 am
6:46 am
updating breaking news, 6:45. philly fire fighters pulled up to the keen and quickly pulled away. we had overturn vehicle in the left lane there, if you can look real closely you can see it, tires upside down. imagine how fast this guy had to be going, on what is typically bumper to bumper here on the vine street expressway, again, a live look at westbound lanes, approaching the schuylkill. they will have traffic at a halt here again, not quite sure if anybody is injured but anybody leaving center city this is that westbound vine street expressway, between the parkway and right after, the sign here for schuylkill expressway. it would be between broad street and the approach of the schuylkill getting ready to leave center city right now would i use either vine street local and work your way over towards kelly drive or martin luther king drive to get out of town.
6:47 am
we are seeing delays south on i-95 from cottman avenue into girard. schuylkill running slow with sun glare popping there coming around that curve and here's an exam have the of the sun glare in delaware county. be ready. it will hit you hard here. they have rain drops on your windshield from that rain we had to deal with yesterday, up in northeast philadelphia, oxford circle a the water main break that actually had fire fighters called out initially on castor avenue between magee and heller hand, so that is a busy stretch of stores line up there so just watch for local detours throughout the morning rush hour. anymore rain on the way? sue has the answer in 15 seconds.
6:48 am
tropical storm fiona downgraded with 35 miles an hour wind. it is moving towards the east coast but it is expected to dissipate before it get here. that should be a problem. this might be a disturbance off west coast of africa, this is a good chance of becoming our next tropical storm and if it gets a name and it looks likely gaston is next one on the list. i am thinking of beauty and beast too. we will see what happens with that. cold front moved off shore, skies are clear, we are expecting plenty of sunshine today. comfortable start with only 58 . fifty-nine mount pocono. seventy in the city. sixty-seven in millville. seventy-two in wildwood. dew points are going down in the 50's and 60's in the the dew points which means we are exiting muggy and going down to the comfortable range. average high is 85. we have been well above average for over a week, eight
6:49 am
day heat wave that ended last mid of last week and now it will be actually comfortable 83 today. eighty-four tomorrow. eighty-seven tomorrow. humidity rush thursday. by friday hottest day of the week but mike abe alex for this entire seven day forecast not a drop of rain. >> well, not a drop. >> not the a drop. >> i like how this works. >> 6:49. olympics are over. came to a close last night. as they say baton has been handed over to toke ohio. i'm stunned howie lab break these things are. >> they went on for three hours. >> three hours. >> spectacular carnivale. >> simon with the flag there. >> yes. >> that is great. >> pretty cool. >> it was a little wet but didn't stop anything the rain. >> they put out the flame, of
6:50 am
course, but this is so cute, the flag is half her size. >> big honor to hold that. >> she was worried because flagpole was twice her size. >> it appears that everyone wanted a picture with this young lady who was stopped many times. in fact the whole ceremony was held up, caused a delay because so many selfies were taken, i feel your pain. >> what was the final medal count, alex. >> united states taking home 121 total, 46 gold, 37 silver and 38 bronze. china coming in not so close second at all with 07 medals, and great britain taking home 67. i probably should know this. >> yes. >> but since u.s. won does everyone on the team get a gold medal. if you won the olympics, right. >> you think everybody who showed up would get a gold medal it is an accomplishment
6:51 am
to represent the country so you know, like in track meets and stuff back in the day whatever high school whatever school won you also get an award because as a team you won. >> um-hmm you think now like the women's soccer team should be given gold medals. >> not for soccer but as a team collective u.s.a., team u.s.a. you got gold medal because you won the olympics. >> let me give you a quick answer. >> okay. >> no. >> please join us this friday for some fun at our annual school supply drive. >> it is eight to 10:00 a.m. at clementon park in splash world in clementon, new jersey. if you donate five items you get 15-dollar admission in the park. you can have a chance to meet quincy harris live there all morning, again, that is this friday from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. is what the biggest rivalry for philadelphia eagles fans? of course, dallas cowboys. we told but two guys from
6:52 am
marlton that they need money? i have an update they have been given by you the "good day philadelphia" viewers to make this film. i got it.
6:53 am
today, guns can be bought over the internet, or at a weekend gun show. and if the wrong people get a gun... we know what can happen. pat toomey put our safety ahead of partisan politics. toomey crossed party lines twice, first to support background checks, and now to stop gun sales to suspects
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she's looking for a new tooth. >> it is than her pillow. >> that is little miss zion, national tooth fairy day. is what going rate now. >> so, we love you to tweet this out but let us know how much she got from the tooth fairy. we want to be able to compare. tweet us using #fox 29 good day to show it, talk about it on tv. >> back in my day it was a quarter. >> do you have any picture of you miss something teeth. >> no. >> i know some people their parents saved all of their teeth. >> my mother saved that. >> she has all 30 of your teeth. >> the ones that she could get. sometimes you go home, i lost my tooth today. but i think so. your mother didn't do that. >> she didn't like me. >> documentary we talk about last week eagles verse dallas cowboys, the big rivalry, there is a film that these two guys from marlton, new jersey are making title of the film dallas sucks. >> you can see parts of the
6:56 am
documentary in this trailer here. we have talk about this last week that explains why eagles have that strong hate for the cowboys but tells story of highs and lows as life of a philadelphia sport fan. film maker says it is all through eagles cowboy rivalry. we had diehard fans last week and this is what they had to say about the the whole thing. >> cowboys ain't going nothing, they will fall apart, we will stand tall. >> is sit because they have been so successful and they are call america's team. >> whatever. they have rings from back in the day but they suck now. >> rings don't matter anymore, we don't care about that. >> the whole point is these two guys need money to make this film. they will need a hundred thousand dollars. we started this on thursday. >> they had $285. >> now you see what it is up to 13,000. they have along way to go. >> yes.
6:57 am
>> it is still cool. >> yes. they are doing well. so guys living in los angeles again but were originally from marlton, new jersey. so go to their go fund me page. >> kick starter kick starter page. >> yes. >> look up dallas sucks the documentary. if you want to see this made they need money for it. they are on their way. >> yes. >> just 80,000 more to go. >> no big deal. >> they will be fine. coming up at 7:00 dave kinchen is with us. >> yes, very sad story a man is shot and killed in front of his children overnight we will tell you whom police are looking for but first here's sabina. >> hi dave police in new jersey are looking for a fugitive gunning down a man in cold blood, and they need your help, ape we will have the latest coming up in a bit.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
a father murdered in front of his children in a violent home invasion whom police are hunting for right now. plus developing this morning, first murder one local community has seen in several years but police in south jersey want you to know about the suspect. and for some that back to school shopping means more than just pens and paper but life saving medication becoming difficult for families to afford. why the price i


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