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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 22, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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hospital what his family heard when gunshots rang out. >> flood waters rising. he made it out of his home. now the louisiana teen is here in pennsylvania watch he remembers about his escape. your news is next.
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10:00. ♪ developing to night a little boy in the hospital hit by a stray bullet much the six-year-old was outside with friends when the gunfire erupted down the street. within seconds, his family heard the child yelling for help. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. the search is now on for the gunman. fox 29's dave schratwieser spoke to the child's family live now at chop where the boy is recovering. dave? >> reporter: lucy, that six-year-old boy was raced here to children's hospital from another hospital in chester earlier this evening with a gunshot wound to his hand. neighbors tell us more than a dozen children were outside
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playing when the gunman opened fire. >> all of a sudden i heard pow pow pow. >> neighbors and family members say six-year-old james wright was simply sitting outside with his friends monday afternoon just after 4:00 when shots rang out here in this apartment complex off eighth street in chester. >> my nephew turns around his hand bleeding real bad. if i never said oh my god the guy would have been shooting at the kids. >> oh, my god, my grant kids rt report michelle gordon stepped inside for a second when she heard the shots and rushed back outside in a pap nick. >> the guy was standing here and he was shooting down towards the guy who was sitting outside with us. >> i'm trying to gather up all the kids and push them up in my house. >> reporter: gordon says james was hit once in the hand and began screaming for help. another shot hit the house next door. relatives say the young boy was taken to local hospital then transferred to children's hospital for further treatment. >> he's a nice kid. you know, he's friendly with everybody's kids.
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>> everybody kids we all watch the kids. they all play together, ride bikes together. >> reporter: police collected several shell casings from 150 feet away from where james was struck. neighbors say more than a dozen children were outside playing when the shots were fired. >> it's a shame people doing all thighs shooting and carrying on. you got a beef with somebody put your fists up. >> reporter: nathan gordan he who calls himself g man tells us hasn't taking any chances with his nieces and nephews after this shooting. >> i'm taking them home with me right now. >> it don't make no sense kids can't be outside and play in front of house weight without worrying about bullets flying. >> reporter: bullets were flying. police tell us they recovered shell casings from two different locations. no word on who the gunman was actually shooting at. tonight the little boy is expected to recover. iain. >> i'll take it, dave. just happens so often. police have been hot on his trail and tonight they've got their man. man now charged with murder. authorities say samuel james killed 24-year-old byron turner in burlington city on saturday.
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they tracked down james late today in barrington, new jersey. police say a five-year-old girl who ran from the gunfire is hurt but not shot. the bail set for james, $1 million. jerry sandusky was back in central pennsylvania courtroom fighting for his conviction to be thrown out or to get new trial. today his lawyers raised some questions about conflicting statements given by victim two. that man settled with penn state based on the claim that he was the victim scene in the shower by a former assistant coach. according to testimony, victim two gave some conflicting statements to sandusky's lawyers and police. neither the defense or prosecution know ever called him to stand to testify during trial. a former agent from the ag's office testified that he heard the man was hidden at hunting camp somewhere so he couldn't be found to be interviewed. >> on your radar final al break from the oppressive heat. looking live at trenton. most of us are in the lower 70s right now. gorgeous day outside.
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our cameras found these folks out in center city tonight enjoying the cooler temperatures without the humidity. really has been beautiful and hopefully it will stick around while. kathy? >> a couple of days or so. then we'll be back to some warmer more humid conditions. consider this the past couple of days. we were in the 90s and the high 80s. but today the high only 83 degrees after a near heat wave friday, saturday and sund sunday. yesterday's high 89. when you take look at the temperatures right now, cooling big time. the poconos it is 51 now going into the 40s overnight tonight. 73 in philadelphia. 66 in millville and only 63 degrees in pottstown. dew points really low. 49 bone dry in pottstown it is 53. that is considered to be very comfortable as a humidity level. tomorrow morning, waking up to cool temperatures the forecast model saying 58 in philadelphia. i think we'll be a few degrees warmer than that. temperatures will be mainly in the 50s. waking up to some 60s especially philadelphia south and east.
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i'm forecasting a morning low tomorrow of 62 degrees. that would make it the coolest morning since june 18th when we bottomed out at 59 degrees. coming up we'll talk more about the sunny stretch, how long it lasts. it's comfortable for now but not for long because we could have our sixth heat wave this week. we'll talk about that with the seven day when i join you later in the broadcast. >> disturbing crime inside this camden county home. investigators say two-year-old was beaten to death. in jail tonight his mother's boyfriend. little boy's injuries so bad he died after just minutes at the hospital. fox 29's bruce gordon spoke to neighbors in pennsauken who are in shock tonight. >> reporter: wrapper from a suction catheter likely used by paramedics in a fruit less attempt to save a young life was the only hint of tragedy behind the walls of this corner home in pennsauken. neighbors are still shaking their heads. >> leave in the morning, come back in the evening.
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regular ordinary. nothing peculiar or strange about it at all. >> reporter: you hear this has happened. >> i can't fathom that. you really don't know people when things like this take place. >> reporter: police were call to the home around 11:30 saturday night for report of unresponsive child. they raced a two-year-old boy to cooper university hospital butter he died of blunt force trauma just after midnight. now they've charged 24-year-old zachary tri coce live in boyfriend of child's mother with beating the boy to death. neighbors say mom, her son and boyfriend had moved into the neighborhood only recently and kept to themselves. several neighbors said they had never even see the two-year-old. to learn of this unspeakable violence so close to their own homes -- >> it disturbs me. i'm a pastor. so things like that happen, i ask why? what would cause it? >> what drives a person to do something like that is unbelievable. we just don't know. >> reporter: forty three coce
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is scheduled to be arraigned in camden on tuesday. authorities have notary lowed the name of the little boy or his mother. we have learned the boy's biological father has been located and notified of his son's death. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. in south philadelphia, just released surveillance video shows a man firing into the car of a driver trying to park. it happened last wednesday along the 2,000 block of south 21st street. the gunman shot the driver in the face and arm. the man survived but police are not saying how he is doing. developing to night president obama preparing for a visit to southern louisiana tomorrow as the state recovers from that catastrophic flooding. now that flood waters are receding in some areas, evacuation orders have been lifted, victims are returning to their home toss clean up all the aftermath. some 60,000 homes were damaged by the storm. at least 13 deaths have been linked to the flooding. >> meanwhile the catastrophe is affecting families across the country. a teen flood victim from louisiana come to stay with his relatives lehigh county.
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>> while other family remember is preparing to head down to louisiana to help with the cleanup. shawnette wilson shares one family's story of survival and recovery is live in bethlehem tonight. shawnette? >> reporter: well the family's home had ben between five and 7 feet of water in it. they live in denim springs about 30 minute drive from baton rouge. to night that teen has no idea when he will be able to return home. >> if we would have won't woken up 30 minutes later, we would have been like water would have been, you know, like on top of my bed. >> reporter: 17-year-old levi tom moss joins of the devastation in his of denim springs after torrential rapes flooded parts of louisiana. >> it's really surreal. it was like almost like apocalypse movie. >> it's been just over a week since it happened. levi is now in bethlehem with family while his mom and dad are in a shelter back at home trying to rebuild. >> everything that was in the house not in the attic is pretty
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much unsalvageable. >> his family has been sending videos of the area before and after the water receded. >> ali is his cousin. she's traveling to louisiana this week to help the family with cleanup. >> seeing it on the news and watching them at one point the helicopters were flying over their neighborhood and all you saw were roofs. >> reporter: she says despite the family losing their home, even things of sentimental value like photos and piano there's one thing she's grateful for. >> they're all still here. everybody is safe. >> reporter: levi doesn't know when he'll return home. and can't shake the images he left behind. >> wading through waste deep water. >> it wasn't just water. it was like mud and sticks and spiders and snakes. my whole street was just a riv river, just the water was really strong.
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>> reporter: back here live live levi who is a senior he tells me his high school sustained damage season temporarily closed right now. school had just started, iain, the week before the flooding. back to you. >> devastating, shawnette, thank you. tens of thousands of flood victims in louisiana are now relying on the american red cross for help. most of those calls are coming to the headquarters right here in philadelphia. red cross workers who are mostly von run tears saying they've answered about 15,000 calls in the last week and many are coming from people in dire situations who are not able to get through to 911. the center has opened 16 phone lines. that's compared to the two they normally use. ♪ nanny cam catches this thief in the act. in his hand a big rival. police say this isn't the only home he hit watch he told a neighbor as he held her at gun point. she says she'll never forget. >> new information tonight about the death of prince. the new clue investigators say they just discovered that may
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have led to the music legend's death. and vandal on rampage inside a school but the mess isn't all they left behind. what they forced through a screen window police had to rescue hours later. serious problem for million of women of all ages. >> just waking up and having like dramatic hair loss, um, it continuing and not being to get it under control. >> but now there's new hope the the treatment not only stopping hair loss but helping it grow back.
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♪ heartbreak tonight in germantown after a fast-moving house fire killed one person. that fire broke out last night on east clapper street. also critically injured another person. witnesses say firefighters pulled two people out and tried to resuscitate them at the scene. tonight investigators are still looking into what started that fire. prosecutors now charged a second person with plot to go kill a long-time penn state communications professor. state police say that danielle guy eighty three helped george ischler, jr., plan the murder of 56-year-old ronald bettig. investigators now his body bottom of an 80-foot cliff in a center county rock quarry.
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ischler lured him there and then pushed him. the pair believed they would benefit from a will bettig recently signed. >> still developing to night the search for whoever burst into a hunting park home overnight and killed a man right in front of his 13-year-old child. it appears the shooter targeted him and his girlfriend also shot is in critical condition tonig tonight. fox 29's brad sattin spoke to neighbors who are helping police catch the shooter now. >> i'm sad today. it's bad day. >> reporter: mag go figueroa can't understand someone would shoot and kill 13-year-old hakeem rockman don it with his kids in the house. >> he took care of his children. dressed them nice. they looked nice. there was no reason for that. >> reporter: rockman was well known with a long criminal record and he was a target police say two men entered rockman's home that he shared with his girlfriend around 1:00 o'clock this morning in the 3700 block of north seventh street and walked into the bedroom. >> they demanded money and for some reason, the male with the shotgun shot both of the
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victims. >> reporter: rockman was killed. his 13-year-old witnessed the murder. >> i'm devastated, because all them kids -- if the kids did see it happen now they'll need counseling forever. they're never going to forget this. >> reporter: rockman's girlfriend was writ klee injured but still was able to talk to her. her family identified by neighbors came to the house but declined to comment. outside in the back, police found a shotgun and shotgun shells but continue to search for the two men. neighbors say rockman moved in with his girlfriend self years ago. they say the couple kept to themselves and his children ages five through 13 were not hurt and rarely scene. >> just on the porch. that's it. not, you know, running around or nothing. like i said they were a quiet couple. >> reporter: girlfriend remains in critical but stable condition at temple university hospital. the kids are now staying with family members. police are hopeful that surveillance video in this area may lead them to the killers.
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in hunting park, brad sattin fox 29 news. in north philadelphia, students were welcomed by friendly faces. >> that's right. men and women in blue at a charter school first day of classes. good day lauren johnson joined the fun at frederick douglas elementary on norris street all part of on-going effort to healthy relationships between law enforcement and community much the school's assistant principle says current events inspired what transpired today. >> especially what's going on in the community. especially the recent death of phil landreau castile and alton sterling we felt need to have more presence and see the fleece different light. so the idea sprung from our town hall that happened on august the 11th. and our initiative to really bring our officers into the building. not just for neglect tough things but for positive things. >> philadelphia 22nd district officers made this day memorab memorable. local residents are trying to pump the brakes on major natural gas pipeline going in near a school.
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the sunoco project would carry highly pressurized liquid gas through delaware county. >> plan was postponed as residents pack the meeting to oppose the project. our chris o'connell was at that meeting in middletown township. chris, a lot of people showed up tonight. >> reporter: they sure did, iain. i can tell you among other things, middletown township residents are afraid of a major explosion in their neighborhood. if sunoco is allowed to build their cross state pipeline here in their community. now the plan pretty much is inevitable at this point, but a small group of residents are certainly putting up a fight. >> i think it's last section leading directly to the refine refinery. >> reporter: mike, shows the yellow marker signaling the under ground route sunoco mariner two pipeline would take if built. it just so happens to go right through his backyard. >> let's suppose we're standing here and god for bid a pipeline would explode. it's not like 10 feet or 20 feet
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or 30 feet. many hundreds of feet. >> reporter: safety one of the major concerns of residents who spoke out at the middletown township council meeting. where leaders are set to vote on the project going through public lands. >> this is affecting our family, our children right here. >> sunoco plan 350-mile pipeline would transport hundreds of thousands of barrels of natural gas liquids across 17 counties to marcus hook, the planned route has it going right in front of glenwood elementary school. >> going close to again wood where my daughter goes to school that's not something i'm willing to risk. >> there have been issues with other pipelines across the cun treatment there's been leaks, there's been explosions. >> reporter: some residents point to incidents like this in westmoreland county in april where an underground gas line exploded. no one from sunoco was at tonight's meeting but in a statement the company says, it far exceeds federal safety requirements and says the safety of our neighbors and our
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employees is the most important aspect of any work we do. >> now, township council voted to night to table the vote until a september meeting. but i can tell you this is all pretty much a done deal. sunoco tells me tonight it is planning on finishing construction of this 350-mile cross state pipeline sometime in the second quarter of next year. iain. >> all right, chris, thank you. a couple of guys bust into this local 7eleven. they want some cash. but it wasn't just the cash register they were raided watch else they emptied inside that makes it even scarier. >> just as people were about to file into this church for mass something came crashing through the roof. what fell out of the sky leaving witnesses stunned. >> and one fast food chain really wants you to smell like their most popular item on the menu. >> what? >> what they are selling online that will have you wondering seriously? >> got me curious. ♪ now, with tomorrow's
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traffic, here's bob kelly. >> good evening, everybody. got some work crews coming out all this week they'll be working along 422. keep that in mind if you're heading tout that brand spanking new stretch of the king of prussia mall there. both directions between trooper and kop and tomorrow again penndot is coming back on a hit the schuylkill expressway eastbound down to one lane beginning at 9:00 o'clock. so you want to be pas passed guh mills before 9am otherwise a big jammo ahead. we'll check the jam cams, sue has the forecast when we see you tomorrow starting at 4:00.
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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votevets is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ in utah investigators are trying to figure out what happened to a paraglider that crashed through church roof. the accident happened just before service yesterday morni morning. the 57-year-old man died. witnesses in the chapel told fire officials the paraglider appeared to be spiraling and out of control. >> we've reports there may have been a collapse of the chute. that we don't know 100%. >> the church evacuated and canceled sunday services. no one else was hurt. one big set back for the obama administration. federal judge in texas has blocked the administration's order that public schools let transgender students use the bathrooms of their choice agreeing with the state of texas
10:25 pm
that the order quote holds a gun to the head school district. in temporary injunction, the judge ruled the federal education law known as title nine clearly defines gender as quote the biological and anna tom mychal differences between male and female students as determined at their birth. in may, the obama administration warned that schools risk losing fed rah recall money if they go did not make adjustments through transgender students through title nine. texas and 12 other states challenge the white house directive as unconstitutional saying the guidelines would force school districts to mix the sexes in intimate areas. more questions now surround prince's death aft investigators revealed discovery of miss labeled drugs at his estate. >> some of the pills were containing power they will fentanyl. prince did not have a prescription for fentanyl a drug prescribed as 50 times stronger than heroin. the discovery suggest the pills could have been illegally obtained.
10:26 pm
exactly how he got the drugs is still unknown. officials are saying very little about the on-going investigati investigation. legal analysts say it's likely someone will be prosecuted in connect to the case. prince died in april from overdosing on at the present time follow but it's unclear if he knew what was in the pills. nanny cam catches this thief in the act in his hand a big rival. police say is not the only home he hit. what he told a neighbor as he held her at gun point. she says she will never forget. >> our kathy orr tracking your forecast. >> easy right now. talking about clear skies and comfortable temperatures. it's not going to stay that way. back into the 90s. we'll talk about that with the seven day. >> all right, kathy. coming up at 11:00 husband wine in the right place at the right time. what they heard as they were passing by a neighbor's home that helped them save a toddler's life.
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iso let me tell you what i knowe about senator pat toomey.. my mom was the principal at sandy hook school in newtown. she died that day protecting the young children in her care. when it came time to vote on background checks, pat toomey crossed party lines to do the right thing.
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that's who he is, and i'm grateful. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ northeast philadelphia police are looking for three men who burst into 7eleven and robbed it at gun point. it happened just past 2:00 on august 7th at the store on the 2900 block of welsh road but police just released this video. one of the men ordered both an
10:30 pm
employee and customer on to the floor while another took cash out of the register and from the customer's wallet. so if you recognize any of these guys, give police call. police in bensalem thanking residents for the community effort to fight a weekend fire. this picture posted to the police department pots facebook page shows people rushing to them firefighters carry that hose. that fire broke out after 2:00 yesterday afternoon and one firefighter had to be taken to the hospital. with the help of all those residents, that fire was under control in about an hour. in your health tonight women can create just about any hairstyle they want these days. die it and fry it, buy it, braid it, we've it, cover it up. some doctors are saying the cost of beauty is not worth the consequences. young women are dealing with hair loss. >> most women don't know why their hair is thinning or how to stop it. our josephs advance explains.
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♪ >> reporter: once you notice it, it often follows a bad mash to find anything to stop the thinking. >> the shedding and the embarrassment that can leave you desperate to cover up. >> first thing women should know there are many causes of hair loss. like a reaction to medicine, family history, extreme or sudden stress. tight or damaging hairstyling, skin or scalp disease, auto immune disorder. childbirth and certain birth control methods. doctors say any hormone alters treatment may be a risk. >> there are probably 10 or 15 causes. >> reporter: tens of millions of americans suffering hair loss are women. about 40% according to the american hair loss association and it gets even worse by age 50. >> biggest problem is for women who are maturing they think, oh, i'm getting older. i should be losing my hair. that's absolutely incorrect.
10:32 pm
>> reporter: especial physical you don't have any of those 10 to 15 risk facts. says dermatologist susan tailor the doctor says hair can likely be treated and better yet prevented decades before you get the fallout. >> if you're 35 and haven't abused your hair you haven't worn tight braids with extensi extensions long heavy locks, don't use tight pone know tales, then you really should not be losing your hair. if you stop it early, often you can reverse that hair loss and get the hair to grow back so the key is, early intervention. >> reporter: and you don't have to be a woman of a certain age. >> i was just waking up and having like dramatic hair loss and it continuing and not being able to get it under control. >> reporter: when she was only 21 years old with a thick full head of hair that she did not abuse. >> but you can see there's lighter spots back here but you'll see like the thickness of
10:33 pm
my hair kind of like camouflaging it. >> alopecia -- >> maybe even more common than we realize. >> that's an auto immune disea disease. the cells against our body turn against our hair cells and make the hair come out. we have doin' corrections and there are prescription creams that can make a huge difference. >> hair has started to grow ba back. so i was really excited about that. >> reporter: could have been much worse says doctor tailor as so many people are moving away from chemicals favoring more natural styles but return to go braids, wigs, weaves and hot comb pressing make present other problems. >> centrical alopecia. it sounds like greek but it's simple. >> hair follicles are permanently scarred and destroyed you may be able to fight back. >> there are treatments.
10:34 pm
antibiotics, creams injections. >> reporter: she says there are some popular over the counter products that work well for some. however, there's one method dr. taylor says she cannot believe women are practicing. going for weeks, even months, without washing their hair. >> the bumps, the oil, the dirt will clog your pore. >> feeding bacteria and stinging something awful. >> got to wash your hair. >> you got to wash your hair. >> reporter: and seek help to fine out weighing can be done about your type of hair loss. >> you don't wanted to disservice to yourself by hoping that it will grow back. you definitely want to seek professional advice. >> reporter: dr. taylor explains that there is no cure for most hair thinning conditions so you have to continue treatment for the best possible result. and she also cautions about what she calls hype over natural
10:35 pm
cures and treatments. she says gels, pal mas and herbal things what works for one may not work for another. joyce evans fox 29 news. vandals on rampage inside a school but the mess isn't all they left behind. what they forced through screen window police had to rescue hours later. and again riders stranded on roller coaster. this time at hershey park. how staff were finally able to get those people down. >> one fast food chain really wants to you smell like their most popular item on the menu. what they are selling that will have you wondering seriously? ♪
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♪ police in australia are looking for four young vandal who's set some salt water crocodiles noose a school administration office. surveillance video shows them forcing a hole through window
10:39 pm
pushing the three reptiles inside and then ransacking the office. authorities don't know where the crocodiles were being kept but they say whoever had them was not taking good care of them. >> very concern for them. had their mouths taped shut so the mouths are concerned for their safety as well. very poor shape. haven't seen water for long time. they're under nourish. >> those crocodiles are now getting the medical care they need. there's no word yet on who the vandals or why they did it. >> tonight in your money got a lot easier buy wine in pennsylvania. the state has approved dozens of applications for grocery stores to start selling wine and beer, and in fact, if you went to the acme in mode ya delaware county tonight you can have picked up a bottle or two. as you can see folks are quite excited by the new items on sale. in june governor tom wolf signed a bill into law loosening liquor laws and letting some pennsylvania grocery stores sell wine. do you want to keep from getting extra crispy the neck time you head to the beach? a
10:40 pm
company known for its chicken now has new product to help protect your skin. ken can't fried chicken kfc offering a limited number of free bottles of sunscreen works like the regular stuff but it smells like fried chicken. >> why? why? >> i don't understand. >> it's available through the company's website but it will take eight weeks to ship. if you're one of the lucky ones to get a bottle so you can smell like fried chicken. no matter how much it smells like chicken it's actually sunscreen so it's not edible. >> you're not finger look licking good. no. >> but you will smell all the people on the beach will know where you are. >> all right. the hits just keep coming for em balanced swimmer ryan lochte. >> i got to talk about ryan lock to you now? >> tonight four major companies have dropped one of america's most decorated olympic athletes late tonight gentle hair removal and air we've cut ties. earlier today ralph lauren will notary crew his contract.
10:41 pm
speedo also severed ties with the olympian. speedo says it condone behavior counter to their values. the company says it will donate a $50,000 portion of lochte's fee to the global charity save the children. a nanny cam catches this they have in the act. in his hand a rifle and police say this isn't the only home he hit. what he told neighbor he held her at gun point she says she'll never forget. kathy orr is tracking our forecast. >> quiet for now with clear skies and cool temperatures come the morning, but it will get hot and more humid again. i'll show when you with the seven day.
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for senate, a clear difference. katie mcginty: for background checks, for banning assault weapons, and banning high-capacity ammunition clips. and pat toomey? against an assault weapons ban and against banning high capacity ammo clips like those used in the orlando massacre. listen to pat toomey brag: "i have had a perfect record with the nra." pat toomey gets an "a" from the nra. he's not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ in atlanta police say a nanny cam caught a violent home invader who one hour earlier had held gun to woman in another house. the manmade her lie face down on her bed while he stole cash, jewelry and electronics from her home. later when she met with police she saw that nanny cam video and says the same guy robbed her. she will never forget what he told her. >> i started to cry little it bit. i was shaking like crazy. my voice was like this. and he said, don't cry, you'll be okay. don't worry, i'm leaving now. >> police say the man has what
10:45 pm
appeared to be high powered rifle in both incidents. no one was home during this second break in. >> in montgomery county civil rights groups are coming together to address the tension between law enforcement and some african-american communities. a coalition of naacp chapter outlined some poll says they want to see changed. >> community definitely needs to come together especially when there's so much division going on right now. >> reporter: black lives matter, blue lives matter, and all lives matter have unfortunately been viewed as competing themes but not today in montgomery county. >> we must make concerted efforts to improve the level of trust between our minority and low-income communities and the police departments which serve those communities. >> reporter: here on the steps of courthouse, police and community groups came together to addition discuss how we can bridge the gap that exists in too many communities.
10:46 pm
>> we've got to step up and fix it. i stood here behind the president knowing what he was going to say, you know, was it the most comfortable thing, no, but it's the right thing to do to be here and if we're going to collaborate it's got to start now. honestly very few people dispute dispute that community police relationships are strained national nag alley but in norristown people told me they're a good example of basic unity want that should look li like. >> fortunately we haven't had any of those situations that impacted the larger cities across the united states and our hope that would be because of the seeds planned in terms of the community relations efforts. >> it's good that they got together and had a meeting and sort of hashed things out. >> reporter: today's meeting wasn't just symbolic the possible here today shared stories, differences of opinion and most important they called for action steps. >> develop clear and comprehensive policies on consent before searches, racial
10:47 pm
profiling and the use of force. >> reporter: that was a really candid and honestly pretty tense press conference. you had police accepting partial responsibility for poor community relationships. naacp saying community must work more closely with the police. but all in all they agreed that coming together is the best solution. in the newsroom, i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. >> another malfunctioned in less than week at hershey park. a roller coaster happened in the air it happened on the sideswiped. rescue teams say the ride was coasting down when it got stuck. crews were called and walked 27 people off the ride. park officials are now trying to figure out what went wrong. this comes after the park's fahrenheit roller coaster was brieflbriefly struck mid ride fk minutes on friday. >> we haven't been on a weather roller coaster. it was up up up now it's kind of leveled down. >> we're going down down down but we're not going to get stuck. we'll go up again management
10:48 pm
seven day forecast. in old city city philadelphia comfortable. the temperature right now 73. the high today 83. the normal high 85. 51 in the poconos. going down into the 40s overnight tonight. that's fireplace weather i think. 73 in philadelphia. 66 in millville. 68 in atlantic city. that is inland at the airport the oh boards little bit warmer because of the ocean water. the boardwalk temperature 71. right now in cape may 74. in avalon 73. ocean city 70. dew point is the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. 50s comfortable. 40 very comfortable. 60 muggy through millville and dover with northwesterly wind chesapeake bay influence in dover this evening. >> dry for while with high pressure building from the great lakes. it will be heading offshore and as it does, we'll get more of a return flow and that means warmer and more humid conditions as the week progresses we'll be
10:49 pm
back into the 90s. national weather service has put out the very latest on our 90-degree temperatures. when you consider the meteorological summer which begins june 1st, through august 31st, these are the number of 90-degree days we've had so far. 32. the record is 36 set back in 2012. and of course, those 90-degree days could go into the month of september. overnight 60 in the city. 55 in the suburbs. clear and comfortable with a light north wind just a great night to give the ac a night off and open the windows for some very fresh canadian air. temperatures in the 80s tomorrow. more comfortable with lower humidity if it can get any lower as you plan your day waking up to temperatures around 60. 62 degrees in the city. by lunch 77. the afternoon we're up to 80 and by the evening temperatures still in the upper 70s. on your fox weather authority forecast, 82 tomorrow. wednesday 86. back to the 90s thursday. the peak of the heat will definitely be friday with higher humidity. saturday if we make it to 90 it
10:50 pm
will be heat wave number six the second for the month of august. sunday 88. monday still looking good at 86. look at that stretch of dry sunny weather. unbelievable. shore temperatures looking good in the 70s tomorrow. and then we go back into the 80s with a peak of the heat down the shore friday and saturday. looks like another good weekend at the beach. that is the very latest from the weather center. we'll send it over to you, howard. >> thanks. six is our lucky number. carson wentz wants to may in the preseason but it doesn't look good. i will give you the latest on his injury and the situation. and this saturday is the game that sam bradford will get the most paying time this preseason. how does he look at the game after a great one last year in the preseason? that will be all coming up in sports.
10:51 pm
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♪ the eagles back on the practice field today getting ready for what is always the biggest preseason game of the preseason. game three of the preseason when
10:54 pm
the starters usually play the most. the starter which is go into the third quarter according to the head coach. saturday against indy. sam bradford had a terrific game in game three last year against green bay. now we all thought this was going to be the second coming for bradford or for a quarterback three touchdown passes and 10 for 10 and that was all in the first quarter. bradford remember that is game three of the preseason and takes look at it this one. >> last year after the third preseason game everyone thought we were going to the super bowl. but, you know, very little game planning that goes into preseason. i'm sure green bay didn't game plan to stop us. i don't think anyone in our locker bought into the fact because we looked great in preseason game it was going to be easy during the regular season. >> i want to see the completion percentage be, you know, 65, 67%. you love to see touchdown pass or two in there. but again you can't press the issue. you got to let the game unfold
10:55 pm
and again put him in positions to be successful. >> what's interesting most teams don't game plan. when will carson wentz play again in the pee preseason? he's not going to play during the season unless someone gets hurt or will he play. >> he thou today with trainer. there's a feel in the front office they don't want to may wentz in the final preseason game and risk any further injuries. he missed eight games at north dakota with a broken wrist going through that helps him this time around. >> from a mental standpoint, yeah, knowing i've dealt with injury before. you know, it's something you don't want to do but if you got to deal with it i kind of know, um washington it takes and just kind of just fight through it and, you know, i'll be out there hopefully sooner than later. >> eagles have new player on the field probably tomorrow. he arrived in philadelphia within the hour linebacker steven tull lock signed one year deal free agent right now he will be the backup at middle linebacker but will be pushing linebacker jordan hicks. >> reinforced right now i am the starting linebacker.
10:56 pm
middle linebacker obviously he'll be in here competing so it will be good. good to have somebody like that. a little pressure and, um, you know, i'm excited to learn from him. >> what is a baseball worth to fan? addison russell for the cubs hits a homerun in colorado. everybody headlights homeruns in colorado watch what happens. what is a baseball worth? going through the trash can. let me see we got the had the dog in there with the ketchup and the mustard we got the egg sandwich. we got the french fries they probably got some cheese and ketchup on it when you get the baseball what do you think you'll get out of that trash c can? >> they wipe the chet cup and cheese off the baseball. >> it's ridiculous. >> it is a little ridiculous. >> glad he got his baseball. he was pushing that guy on the right. >> get out of the way! >> i'll have comment about the basketball team coming up at 11:00. >> lucy what's coming apartment 11:00. >> husband and wife at the right place at the right time. what they heard as they were passing by a neighbor's home that helped them save toddler's
10:57 pm
life. your wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes. fox 29 news at 11:00 is neck.
10:58 pm
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. barrage of bullets fired down a street full of children playing. a little boy is now in the hospital caught in the crossfi crossfire. the story developing to night as police in delaware county search for the gunman. good evening, i'm lucy noland. that little boy's family heard him screaming for help. our dave schratwieser has been speaking with family members live now at chop where that six-year-old is tonight. all too familiar, dave. >> reporter: no doubt about it lucy it happened many times this summer. six-year-old was transferred here to children's hospital around 6:00 o'clock tonight from another hospital in chester. he has a gunshot wound to his hand. tonight, police are trying to identify the gunman and figure out why he opened fire on a street filled with children. >> all the kids out here freaking out. they're scared. >> reporte


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