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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  August 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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of of beating him to death when he face add judge and the boy's familiar until court. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. family had strong emotional words in court today. bill anderson just arrived back from that hearing. bill, i cannot imagine. >> reporter: lucy, not much honest confidential prepare you for day like today. the details of how a smiling and happy two-year-old was allegedly beaten to death by his mother's 24-year-old boyfriend it was hard for me to listen to. for his family in the courtroom, it was almost unbarable. >> i'm not responsible for what i say right about now. but i don't mind speaking on it. i'll bite my tongue as much as i can. >> uninvolved person court arraignment can be a routine almost sterile affair but it's nothing like that when you're here. you're less of a man to sit there and put your hand on any type of child no matter what age it is. he was two years old. there should be no reason that you want to hit him or do anything to him. >> today in camden county
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24-year-old zachary tri coachy was arraigned for allegedly beating his girlfriend' twos-year-old jameel to death. >> told the toddler to put his hands up that he should assume a boxing stand and get ready to find as a young man. >> he was charged with murder and ordered held on $1 million bail but the family members of a 24-year-old beaten to death that's not what they view as justice. >> my grandson was two years old. innocent. didn't do nothing. now he can't live his life but he get to live the rest of his life in prison. it should be a dental pennel team you kill somebody, you should be killed. >> reporter: 91 of the family or attorneys for zachary tri coachy commented but men of the family members made their family clears about a two-year-old gone too soon. >> i just love him and i'll see you one day. that's all. thank you. >> i'm not sure if there's anything that could possibly explain this but to make things
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worst prosecutor explained that the little boy was allegedly beaten over his mother buying the wrong groceries. hearing that and being in court it's not hard at all to relate to the grandfather's intense emotions. lucy. >> just such a tragedy, bill. a woman in camden county is dead and police say her estrangeestranged husband stabbn her own apartment. someone called collingswood police the heights of collingswood apartments around eight cot found 36-year-old josephine perez dead. investigators say her estranged husband stabbed her several times. and they say 41-year-old timothy mormon also stabbed himself. he's at cooper university hospital in critical condition. prosecutors have charged him with first degree murder. a former state prosecutor took the stand today in jerry sandusky's appeal trial. he toll the judge he doesn't believe the man who settled with the penn state over that molestation claim is the same person that someone saw sandusky molesting in a shower. that former prosecutor joe, is the last person to take the
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witness stand and sandusky's boy get his charges dropped or to get a new trial. the defense team for the former assistant foot tall coach is hoping this person who settled with penn state described as victim in court records is not actually a victim. the judge did not say when he would rule. >> happening right now, president obama is touring louisiana in the wake of deadly flooding. the commander in chief arrived today more than week after torrential rain ravage the state pushing rivers and creeks over their banks. president obama promised residents a quick and effective federal response and he says washington is not ignoring them. he also responded to criticism that he's been slow to respond to the historic flooding which has left at least 13 people dead. >> even after the tv cameras leave, the whole country going to continue to support you and help you. this is not a photo op issue. this is how do you make sure that a month from now, three months from now, six months from
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now, people still are getting the people they need. >> the white house says $120 million in emergency said federal funding is already approve the first step in the recovery effort could cost billions. another beautiful day outside in your fox 29 weather authority. as we look live at wilmington. some of you even felt a chill in the air today. let's check in with meteorologist kathy orr with what's going on. kathy. >> iain, not even a cloud in the sky. look behind me. this is old city philadelphia. you can see that deep blue sky low humidity and you did mention lows this morning. the lowest temperatures we've seen in two months. mount pocono this morning 45 degrees. pottstown 52. 54 in millville. 56 in new castle, delaware and philadelphia waking up to 62 degrees. and that is a coolest start since it was 59 degrees back on june 18th. so we are in for more warmth but another cool night. not quite as cool as this morning though. on ultimate doppler nothing to speak of. no clouds and right now temperatures still warming. it's 82 in the city.
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82 in wilmington and in trenton 82. millville 80 and some cooler temperatures but rebounding nicely in the poconos to 73 degrees. this evening temperatures falling through the 70s into the 60s again by 11:00 p.m. it will be clear, cool, but very comfortable. coming up in your seven day forecast, lots to talk about. humidity will be on the rise. it will be getting warmer and heat wave number six looks more likely. we'll talk more about that i'll show you the numbers later in the broadcast. >> all right, kathy. thanks. we have following breaking news right now out of delaware county. police in darby borough are on the hunt for whomever shot and killed a 27-year-old man early this morning. let's get right out to our brad sattin live in the darby borough police department with details. brad? >> reporter: iain, the darby borough police chief just held news conference that ended about five minutes ago. yes, they are seeking assistance in this case. what we know is that a 27-year-old victim and we have a photo of him, his name is darrell curry, was sitting on
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his grandmother's porch around 2:00 o'clock this morning in the 100 block of north sixth street. there was a conversation with a man or men who approached him, and then gunshots curry tried to run into his grandmother's house but he was shot multiple times and killed. police think it may have been a attempted robbery. anywhere from six to 10 shots fired. they're not sure if the suspect or suspects actually got away with anything. the victim lives actually in clifton heights. but he was there at his grand mott's house when the shooting occurred. >> that he was there. he was approached. words were he can changed. gunfire and he retreated towards the door and they kept shooting him until he went down. >> reporter: now we asked the chief if this was a random attack or target. he says he believes this was more of a targeted attack than random but, again, they want to try to catch these guys. what they're trying to do is
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actually retrace the victim's steps over the hours leading up to the shooting. maybe there's some surveillance video out there that might show something of use as they try to locate a suspect or suspects in this case here in darby borough. iain? >> all right, brad, thanks. police are asking the public to take good look at this video. they say this guy hit seven convenience stores just over week with a handgun. he robbed 7elevens in northeast philly. five times. then a wawa and exxon. authorities sits each time he got away with cash and cigarettes. a developing story tonight. more silence from philadelphia district attorney seth williams. controversy continues to swirl around the democrat and the more than $160,000 in gifts given to him by friends since 2010. he be lated six years worth of gifts 13 days ago it's not like he's not talking to anyone. >> bruce gordon live tonight outside the da's office to help explain. bruce? >> reporter: yes, seth williams is known to philly
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reporters as being needy of friendly almost always willing to step in front of tv cam are to talk about the issues of the day. well now williams finds himself in hot water and suddenly he's become a little, well, shy. explanations coming out of the philadelphia district attorney's office these days -- that's the center city version of crickets. spokesman for seth williams says thanks but no thanks to our latest request for an interview on the subject of $160,000 in gifts the da has be lated reportinreportinged to the citys board. 160 grand over six years, from sports tickets to free stays at vacation homes, to a $45,000 roof repair job for williams' home courtesy of the south jersey builder. williams makes $175,000 a year as da. philadelphians we talked to think he could do without the extra freebies. >> i wouldn't do it myself. >> reporter: you don't like the looks of it? >> right.
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>> if you're a public servant you're supposed to serve the public not yourself. >> all unnecessary is what i think. it's going to the wrong places. >> reporter: last friday, williams apologized to his employees for the distraction the gift story has caused. on monday he e-mailed a statement to supporters of his 2017 re-election bid. acknowledging his responsibility to fully disclose all gifts and taking full responsibility for failing to do so but many are asking, where is williams explanation to the rest of philadelphia taxpayers? committee 70 president david thornburgh. >> now is the time, now until the election, is time for him to answer any and all questions voters have for him. >> reporter: under pennsylvania law, the gifts to williams are not illegal unless a quid pro quo can be stabbed a gift in exchange for a specific favor. thornburgh says it may be time to tighten the law. >> when people see these gifts changing hands, again, a lot of them a good fair amount of money, they have to question when there's something going on
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here. >> reporter: williams faces the possibility of a hefty fine from the ethics board for failing to report those gift gin timely fashion. one philadelphian i talked to had an amount in mind. 160,000 bucks. lucy n would even things out. >> indeed, bruce, thank you so much. police chased a 10-year-old new jersey boy down an alley but he's done nothing wrong. the case of mistaken identity that has shaken his family. >> police rescue a man wedged between two buildings in pennsylvania. he's pretty much okay tonight and believe it or not this was all part of a first date gone very wrong. it's a serious problem for millions of women of all ages. >> just waking up and having like dramatic hair loss. it continues and not being able to get it under control. >> for now new hope the treatment not only stopping hair loss but helping it grow back. coming up at 6:00 a huge milestone for a boy who overcame an incredible ordeal and made
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history right here in philadelphia. we're checking in on the first child to get a bilateral hand transplant. ♪
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♪ philadelphia police are on the hunt for this guy. they say last thursday he walked into the cvs along the 400 block of second street in society hill and handed over a note to workers demanding cash. investigators say the guy
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actually spoke to customer who -- actually spooked him and he grabbed an employee's phone and ran off. if you recognize him police would very much like to hear from you. now to story you'll see only on fox. mob boss joey merlino heads to court. it's his first time in federal courtroom since he and members of five other organized crime families were arrest the the list of charges is long, racketeering, gambling and loan sharking to name a few and today merlino faced a judge in manhattan. >> our dave schratwieser was there and talked to a former colleague of merlino about what lies ahead for his old pal. >> reporter: not guilty rang out in federal courthouse in manhattan tuesday morning as mob boss joey merlino stood before a judge here and proclaimed his innocence. yet another new round of racketeering charges. >> one of merlino's former fellow wise guys who asked not to be identified told fox 29 in
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an exclusive interview it's clear federal prosecutors are dead set on putting the 54-year-old mob boss back behind bars. >> federal prosecutors left court without comment. merlino slipped in and out of court with defense attorney ed jacobs after his arrest three week ago pass part of an fbi sweep that netted dozens of organized crime members and associates. the so-called east coast organized crime enterprise charged 46 defendants with everything from selling guns to health care fraud. >> prosecutors say there are 15 separate wire taps in this case and more than 800 hours of recorded audio and video tape. they have already started sending out discovery to defense attorneys. merlino is free on $5 million bail posted by his wife and two close friends. he's confined to his florida home and tracked by a gps monitoring device. the muscular mob boss convicted twice before on federal charges.
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another conviction could push the sentence in this case to 20 years. >> the government always opposes somebody's bail unless they have -- they want to see who he's talking to. who will go talk to him. and evidence against him. >> merlino and 45 coach defendants will be back here in federal court october 31st. halloween day. to discuss motions and possibly a trial date. in manhattan, date schratwieser, fox 29 news. tonight in you decide our areas once again at the center of presidential campaign. republican vice-presidential candidate mike pence held a rally today in king of prussia. manufacturer tech tube. he toll the crowd he wants to open an investigation into hillary clinton. focusing on her time in the state department and also looking into the clinton foundation. this comes after judicial watch released more than 700 state department documents showing foreign donors had access to the
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foundation. governor pence says the truth needs to come out before election day. >> this election couldn't be more clear. the american people want to elect someone who literally personafied the failed stab in many washington, d.c. or we can come together here in pennsylvania and all across this country and elect someone who is a leader. >> pence is now speaking in bucks county. meanwhile democratic vice-presidential candidate tim kaine is in colorado speaking with small business owners. in north jersey innocent 10-year-old was chased down an al. >> lydia, spoke with the boy and his mother who say what happened is really shaken them. >> reporter: at 5-foot five, 10-year-old legend solomon is big for his age and while he has been mistaken for being older -- >> i thought they was going to shoot me. >> reporter: never dreamed police would mistake him for criminal. >> one police officer point their gun at me. i ran into the backyard.
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they were chasing me with guns. >> reporter: just before 5:00 p.m. on august 11th, soft spoken fifth grader was playing basketball here with his friends when suddenly newark police began searching the area for a robbery suspect. >> why did you think the police were chasing you? >> because the ball had rolled in the street and almost hit their car. >> reporter: afraid for his live legend ran into a nearby alleyway. this is his mother. >> they chased him with shot guns out. armed, drawn, pointing to him. >> reporter: her accusation is supported by her two neighbors. jackie kell and her mother annette at a hanker son who intervened when they saw officers had legend cornered. >> he's just a kid. he's on 10-year-old. ya'll out here with your guns drawn. >> that's just a child. he had the gun in his hand. and he was like well he fits the description. >> reporter: short time later police arrested the suspect 20-year-old case so joseph robinson. newark police say that at no time did officers ever point a
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weapon at any child in the area. >> no one even came to him and said, you know what, i'm sorry about that. i'm sorry that happened to you. from us to you. >> reporter: legend whose favor are the subject is math and who dreams of being a sign test now says the people he used to look up to are now the ones he fears the most. >> how do you feel when you see police now? >> i feel like they're going to chase me. >> legend's mom says she is still waiting an apology from newark police. the department says it's investigating her complaint. here's a sign summer is coming to an end. college students across the delaware valley getting ready for the fall. 2016 semester students here at widener university in chester, delaware county, moving in tod today. the university also welcome agnew freshman class the class of 2020. orientation for students begins tonight. a security camera was rolling astelies armed man turned a home upside down looking for things to steal. homeowner caught him in the act much his chilling words to her that she will never forget.
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and people in china were you going about their day like normal until the ground swallowed two of them whole. what set off that terrifying chain of events. >> she's not even old enough to drink but -- or even drive but this teenager is starting college. how she makes that achievement look relatively easy. ♪
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes.
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charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
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two people are in the hospital tonight after a sink hole swallowed them. it happened today in chain n state media released this surveillance video of the sink hole. it shows two people slipping night as it broke open. both people are now in the hospital. goodness they survived. investigation by the associated press finds that wikileaks has caused collateral damage. >> in its mission to expose government secrets it allegedly
5:24 pm
compromised the privacy hundreds of people. the report says that records of innocent people like survivors of sexual abuse, sick children and the mentally ill have been published by the group. some people also accusing wikileaks of offering up the name of a saudi citizen arrested for being gay which is seen as offense punishable by death in that country. many are worried about the extent of the personal information that is now readily available. some people may say, look, it's mental information, how bad is it? well some of it is, you know, really disturbing if you had it released about you whether or not you have hiv, whether or not you have a mental illness. whether you've ever been sexua sexually assaulted. >> wick lee leaks founder julian assange has not responded to the new report. most surgeons will tell you there's no such thing as typical day in the operating room. >> one case in india managed to stand apart from the rest. doctors removed 40 knives from man's stomach. patient had apparently been swallowing the knives over the
5:25 pm
past two months. some of them had 7-inch blades. you're looking at all of them there. the surgery took five hours. the man works as police constable. he could not explain why he swallowed the knives and he's now in psychiatric counseling. huge welcome celebration today at philadelphia international airport. olympic civil med list mia holly landed early this morning. ali sanaa tiff of philadelphia and took the silver in the 100-meter hurdles at the games. sha she was greeted by her family and friends and 15 month old song titus. >> welcome home. police had to save a man wedged between two buildings in pittsburgh. he's mostly okay tonight. believe it or not. this is all part of first date gone very wrong. >> strongly worded message to isis posted by the side of a busy interstate. the group had wants to you learn an important lesson from this. kathy? >> we are in the clear with two areas of high pressure keeping it dry and keeping it
5:26 pm
comfortable but not for long. the heat and humidity makes a come back more likely we'll see heat wave number six. details in the seven day when we come back.
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>> live look at reading. it's been another day of weather that's nearly impossible to
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complain about. no complaints here, my goodness. but summer isn't over and temperatures are coming later this week. that will make sure we don't forget that. meteorologist kathy orr is back in a few to explain it all. family and friends gathered in new york city today to attend the funeral mass in remembrance of former philadelphia police commissioner john timoney. he served as philly's top cop from 1998 until 2001. timoney died last week after battle with lung cancer. he came to philadelphia from new york city where he was second in command. he later moved on to head up the miami police department. philadelphia mayor jim kenney was among those in attendance at today's service. >> developing right now a clash between two officials who are under a lot of pressure. florida governor rick scott is defending his response to the zika outbreak. >> politicians continue to push for the federal government to provide more funding to fight the virus. fox's kelly wright tonight with the latest. >> reporter: governor and house health department were not talking to us. feud breaking out between the florida governor and miami beach's mayor over the zika
5:30 pm
outbreak. miami beach mayor philip levine is accusing governor rick scott of not taking enough action. but the governor is pushing ba back. >> levine has not been to any of those events until today. i reached out to mayor levine and he unfortunately didn't return my phone call. >> reporter: miami beach single out one of the centers of the zika outbreak along with the wynnewood neighborhood in miami where dozens of cases have been reported. mayor levine is upset with the governor for not keeping residents informed about the latest cases. >> information is important. we don't want to ever play around with people's lives. this is very serious stuff. we take it very seriously. >> the governor says he's been active in his out reach campaign as well as mobilizing crews to spray for mosquitoes. >> i have made sure that i've gone to congress and asked for money. we on a daily basis we put out information for our department of health. i traveled to miami a number of
5:31 pm
times and held round table discussions. so everybody has had the opportunity to participate. >> reporter: florida democrats are saying congress needs to pass fundin funding now to fighe zika outbreak. saying it's already impacting tourism in the state. >> we kept saying it and kept saying it and republicans stuck their heads in the sand and here we are. >> reporter: democrats expect existing funding for zika to dry up by the end of the summer. in washington, kelly wright, fox news. making a good impression on first date can be crucial. >> that's true. but doing your best spiderman impersonation probably isn't the best way to go about it. you never did that with zeda i'm guessing. >> no. that's what landed a man in tight spot in pittsburgh early this morning. police say a man took his date to a building rooftop you're looking at the aftermath. he then decided to impress her by jumping from one building's rooftop to another. he did not stick the landing. but he did get stuck. as in wedged between the
5:32 pm
buildings. the woman called police who spent more than three hours trying to free him. he hurt his ankle knowledge word on whether think faces any charges or if he'll get a second date. what if she wasn't impressed he had pulled off the jump? >> i don't know. you can get a pity date out of that and market up, right. >> don't you think? >> i don't know. >> i don't either. >> kathy is staying out of it. >> i may not give him second chance g really? what do you think iain. >> i think she left. i think she called and left. (laughter). >> i'm outta here. >> good follow up. >> exactly. get on that. outside we're looking at a deep blue sky really nice at the airport. no weather issues wall to wall sunshine throughout date today and we expect the same tomorrow. temperature 82. the normal high for this time of year is 85. so another day slightly below average. winds out of the south southwest at about 9 miles an hour. right now 73 in the poconos. 80 in allentown and pottstown. 82 in wilmington. 80 in millville and temperatures down the shore little bit cooler
5:33 pm
with light sea breeze ocean city 79 on the boardwalk in atlantic city. 76. beach haven reporting in at 77. avalon, wildwood upper 70s and cape may point by the lighthouse the temperature 75 degrees. dew points mainly in the 50s. 62 in dover. a little bit sticky. but i call this the comfort zone between 50, 58, low humidity, typically that deep blue sky unfortunately the humidity is going to slowly creep up. little bit tomorrow but more noticeable on thursday. we have two areas of high pressure. one building off the coast. another one building in from the southwest. this will be controlling our weather over the next couple of days as one high slides away and this other one takes over. the flow around this a clockwise it will pull up warm and increasingly humid air by the time we make it to the end of the week and that's when temperatures will be rising into the 90s. tropical storm gas stone right now is not a major player but we have to keep an eye on that. this area of low pressure could become a tropical storm the next
5:34 pm
24 to 48 hours. it could be impacting florida. we'll keep an eye on that this is tropical storm gaston right now doesn't look like it will be threat to the mainland u.s. or bermuda as the forecast takes it west northwesterly end curve it north. but right now maximum sustained winds at 65 miles an hour. with that storm. the tropics are definitely heating up and the next couple of weeks we really have to pay attention because this is typically when the season gets busy. overnight tonight, 65 in the city. 57 in the suburbs. clear and comfortable with southwest winds becoming light and variable. during the day tomorrow 87, sunny, comfortable again. the low humidity continues and after that, things begin to change. planning your day for your wednesday. breakfast, 66. lunch time 81. the afternoon temperature 85. and by the evening temperatures still around 80 degrees. orr will be down the shore in cape may thursday. mostly sunny, more humid, 82. we'll be live from the washington square mall. your extended forecast calls for 80s through thursday and then
5:35 pm
90s for friday, saturday and sunday. that would be heat wave number six. the 90s continue monday. and tuesday still dry with temperatures in the upper 80s. so very nice stretch f you're heading down the shore for the last full week of summer vacation, 79 degrees tomorrow. 80s right through the weekend the beginning of next week looks nice as well. 82 monday. 85 degrees on tuesday. that's the very latest from the weather center we'll begin give update at 6:00 o'clock. i'll see you then. >> sounds good, kathy. security camera was rolling as this armed man turned a home inside down looking for things to steal. the homeowner caught him in the act. his words to her she says she's never going to forget. >> high-speed chase on the open sea. happened near italy. why police wanted to catch two guys on jet skis and the chase's mysterious conclusion. >> a local man noticed something suspicious. took look outside his window. within matter of seconds bullets started flying. the surveillance video police
5:36 pm
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and now to stop gun sales to suspects on the terror watch list. no wonder pennsylvania cops endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ seen that would play well on movie screens italian police just seized nearly 500 pounds of marijuana after a high-speedboat chase. you can see officers trying to catch up to two people on jet skis. police say all of this started after a chopper cruise spotted the two crossing the i was degree yacht tick sea. officers managed to cut off their path. arrested one of the men seized the pot but the second man was able to ditch his jet ski and escape into a nearby village. armed and on the hunt, he broke into a famili' home little did he know, though, their nanny cam was rolling. >> camera shows armed and dangerous guy breaking into georgia home. victim barbara anderson says someone broke into her home three days ago. held gun to her head and robbed her. she worked with police to draw a composite sketch but when she saw nanny cam video of of the
5:40 pm
robber from her neighbor's house she knew it was the same person. the whole experience was terrifying. there was one thing he said that she won't forget. >> i started to cry a little b bit. i was already shaking like cra crazy. my voice was like this. and he said, don't cry. you'll be okay. don't worry, i'm leaving now. >> barbara says that she's now installing alarm with cameras atlanta police believe the same person is responsible for both robberies. >> strongly wored message to isis. the group that wants you to learn an important lesson from this. >> it's serious problem for millions of women of all ages. but now new hope. the treatment not only stopping hair loss but helping it grow back. tom. >> steven tull lock is officially a philadelphia eagle tonight. fenn 10 year veteran who played under new defensive coordinator jim schwartz. we'll reassess the eagles d later in sports.
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pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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♪ for people around the world there's no insult imageable that captures how we feel about isis but this billboard in arizona gives eight shot. it was paid for by a muslim group who is making sure people know they do not support isis. >> and they are explaining how all of the recent violence has taken huge toll on their community. fox's tie brennan has the story. >> they don't represent us and we don't represent us lamb. >> reporter: drivers along the i10 heading eastbound near 67th avenue may have spotted this electronic billboard. it says plainly, hey isis you
5:45 pm
suck from actual muslims. >> the sad thing is that our neighbors view of muslims has gone down because the message of isis has gone up. >> reporter: that's why dr. nadir a retired au professor and follow we are islam the local muslim community are bringing the isis sucks campaign to phoenix. >> we want our neighbors to know, you know, we're -- we're colleagues and classmates and neighbors and we want our neighbors to know we don't approve of this at all. this is not representative of islam and in fact the prophet muhammed was absolutely the opposite of this message that isis is portraying and we want everybody to know that. >> reporter: she says over the years, muslims across the country have been the target of bullying name calling and even physical violence because of the extremists wing of the religion. they hope these four words on this billboard serve as a
5:46 pm
purpose to all who drive by and see it. >> this billboard is one way to get the message out there. >> the organization also put up the exact same billboard in chicago and members say their campaign is only just beginning. turn to your health now. the dave dangers avenue sweet tooth children and teens should consume less than six tee pans of added sugars a day in statement publish in the journal circulation. american heart association researchers look at how sugar affect as child's health came up with guidelines recommending that children younger than two not consume any foods or drinks with any added sugars kids between two and 18 no more than 6 teaspoons of sugar day and no more than one, 8-ounce glass of sugar sweetened beverages week. heart association spokesperson says that regular consumption of foods and drinks that high added sugars can lead to high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. all of which increase heart disease risks. >> women can create just about any hairstyle they want these days. dye it, you can fry it, buy it,
5:47 pm
braid it, wee it or cover it up some doctors are saying the cost of beauty is not worth the consequences growing number of younger women dealing with hair loss they could prevent. local dermatologist says most women don't know why their hair is thinning or how to stop it but our joyce evans is here with what to do. ♪ >> reporter: once you notice it, panic often follows. then a mad dash to find something, anything to stop the thinning, the shedding and the embarrassment that can leave you desperate to cover up. >> the first thing women should know is there are many causes of hair loss. like a reaction to medicine, family history, extreme or sudden stress, tight or damaging hairstyling, skin or scalp disease, auto immune disorder, childbirth and certain birth control methods. doctors say any hormone altering treatment may be a risk. >> there are probably 10 or 15
5:48 pm
causes. >> reporter: tens of millions of americans suffering hair loss are women. about 40% according to the american hair loss association and it gets even worse by age 50. >> the biggest problem is for women who are maturing they think, oh, i'm getting older, i should be losing my hair. that's absolutely incorrect. >> reporter: he is special physical you don't have any of those 10 to 15 risk factors. says dermatologist susan tailor. the doctor says, hair loss can likely be treated and better yet prevented decades before you get the fallout. >> if you're 35 and haven't abused your hair you haven't worn tight braids with ex tenses long heavy locks, don't use tight pony tails, then you really should not be losing your hair. if you stop it early, often you can reverse that hair loss and get the hair to grow back so the key is early intervention. ♪ >> reporter: you don't have to be a woman of a certain age.
5:49 pm
>> i was just waking up and having like dramatic hair loss. it continuing and not being able to get it under control. >> reporter: when she was only 21 years old with a thick full head of hair that she did not abuse. >> but you can see there's lighter spots back here but you'll see like the thickness of my hair kind of camouflaging it. alopecia ari at at a. >> maybe even more common than we realize. >> that's an auto immune disease. the cells of our body attorney against our hair cells and make the hair come out. we can doin' corrections and there are prescription creams that can make huge difference. >> in the particular spot where i experienced the hair loss, hair has started to grow back. so i was really excited about that. ♪ >> reporter: could have been much worse says dr. taylor as so many women are moving away from chemicals favoring more natural styles but returning to braids, wigs, weaves and hot comb
5:50 pm
pressing may present other problems. >> central zen trifocal alopecia it sounds like greek but it's really simple. >> and as destructive she says as traction alopecia with hair follicles permanently scarred and destroyed. but you may be able to fight back. >> there are treatments, antibiotics, creams, injections. ♪ >> reporter: she says there are some popular over the counter products that work well for some. however, there's one method dr. taylor says she cannot believe women are practicing. going for weeks, even months, without washing their hair. >> the sea bumps the oil, the dirt it's going to clog your pours. >> feeding bacteria. and stinging something awful. >> you got to wash your hair. >> you would the to wash your hair. >> and seek help to find out what if anything can be done about your type of hair loss. >> you don't want to do a disservice to yourself by hoping
5:51 pm
that it will grow back you definitely want to seek professional advice. ♪ >> reporter: dr. taylor explains that there is no cure for most hair thinning conditions such you have to continue treatment for the best possible results. and she also cautions about what she calls hype over natural cu cures and treatments. she says gels, poll mas and even herbal things what works for one may not work for another. joyce evans, fox 29 news. 50 days the philadelphia flyers will sell britt their 50th anniversary season. so to spread the word some very talented fan sculptures creating the flyers logo on the beach. this one was right off the boardwalk in atlantic city. the sculptor says this project is right up his alley. >> this means a lot to me for two reasons. one, i was born and raised in atlantic city. this is where the history of sand cupping started right on this beach here. i chose this beach for this logo
5:52 pm
when they called me up and philly is number one. the flyers are right on. and here i am. >> very excited and very cool. sand skull tours are making similar creations at avalon, ocean city and wildwood crest. she's not old enough to vote. drink or even drive but this teenager starting college how she makes that achievement look relatively easy. >> kind of like that rubik's cube there. he's notorious in philly but today mob boss joey merlino was in the big apple. what he said in front of a jud judge. and a huge milestone for a boy who overcame an incredible ordeal and made history right here in philadelphia. we're checking in on the first child to receive a bilateral hand transplant.
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teenager in florida facing new chapter in her young live pretty common this time of year. she's starting college. >> but there's something about her that's kind of uncommon. she's not even old enough to vote yet or drive a car. fox's matt, talk to one incredible 14-year-old. >> 14. >> reporter: few people of any age can solve a rubik's cube. this fast. so it might not be surprising that 14-year-old danielle carson is starting her freshman year at college. >> i always really enjoyed math. like puzzle. >> her mom minute dough says the math genius was solving college level equations when her peers were just learning addition by
5:57 pm
first grade she was in algebra. we did al before he gentleman and al before he bra two. in second grade she was in college algebra. >> mindy was force to do home school danielle because schools didn't know what to do with her until she went to stetson. >> it was just night and day for her to have an expert teacher to always know the answer to always stay ahead of her new exactly what she neede needed it was sua blessing. >> it was more than just a professor that helped but her classmates too. really nice to be with other students i can finally get the education that i'm supposed to be getting with other people. >> reporter: danielle's attending stetson on partial scholarship. >> whether she wants to or not she's breaking other people's stereotypes what you can do at her age. so i think that's a great thing if we can be a part of that. >> she hopes to go on to mit for her p had. d. after that the sky is the limb. >> maybe engineering or fiss sick. i'm not really sure. anything in the math field.
5:58 pm
>> for now she's right where she wants to be. she's even talk with some of her new friends about starting stetson's first blackjack club. in did he land, matt, fox news. some kids taking part in the boys and girls club summer camp in germantown where well fed this afternoon. mcdonald's donating 100 chicken nugget meals to the happy campers. mcdonald's is celebrating their nuggets no longer contain artificial preservatives they want to do gift the kids a taste. mcdonald's has been making several changes to its menu over the past few months to tract customers looking for healthier options. ♪ tonight at 6:00 local man notices something suspicious and takes a look outside his window. within a matter of seconds, bullets started flying. there's surveillanceville police want to you see. ♪ and philadelphia's district attorney under fire for how he handled receiving certain gifts. he's been mostly while on the subject but not completely silent. we'll explain. ♪
5:59 pm
>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. only on fox tonight, a first for a philadelphia mob boss. joey merlino appeared in man hasn't federal court today for the first time since he and 45 others were arrested they are facing charges in string of crimes that stretched from new york to florida g evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. dave schratwieser has been in new york city with what happened today and what lies ahead. >> reporter: this case is so big joey her lean known co-defendants had to be placed in a special courtroom to accommodate everyone. there were over 100 defendants, lawyers, and prosecutors on hand. mob boss joey merlino stood before judge here in manhattan federal court tuesday and confidently proclaimed his innocence to yet another new round of racketeering charges. >> they come after me with a vengeance. >> one of merlino's former weiss guys who asked not to be identified told fox 29 in an
6:00 pm
exclusive interview that merlino is back in court because federal prosecutors are determined to put him back behind bars. >> he's been out since 2011 and agent surround him and informants surround him. >> prosecutors left court without comment. merlino slipped in and out of court with with his december fenn attorney. he was arrest lead weeks ago as part of an fbi sweep that netted dozens of organized crime members and associates. the so heave called east coast organized crime enterprise charged 46 defendants with everything from selling guns to health care fraud. prosecutors say there are 15 separate wire taps in this case and more than 800 hours of recorded ought audio and video tape. they have already started sending out discovery to defense attorneys. one of merlino's co-defendants in the health care fraud part of the case is brad sir ken who faces charges in $167 million health care fraud scheme invol involving a prescription pain relieve coou


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