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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 23, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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boyfriend told the little boy to do just before they -- >> pennsylvania college student tried to impress his date but instead lands in the emergency room. your news is next.
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. developing in delaware county the search for the person who opened fire early this morning killing a man. family says the 27-year-old victim had no way to escape the barrage of bullets. good evening. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. victim was sitting on his grandmother's page when the gunman opened fire. brad sattin is live in darby borough with that story. >> reporter: a sad story. the family is devastated in need of answers tonight police are trying to backtrack exactly where this victim was and who he was with as they look for answers. they're hoping the public can pro void some of them it was here on the 100 block of north
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sixth street where darby borough police say 27-year-old darrell curry was shot repeatedly while sitting on his grandmother's porch around 2:00 o'clock this morning. police say one or more men approached, there was a brief conversation before the gunman opened fire on loading six to 10 shots. curry could not escape into the house fast enough. >> he was there. he was approached. words were exchanged. gunfire and he retreated towards the door and they kept shooting him till he went down. >> reporter: police think robbery was the motive and curry may have been an intended target though it's not clear why. the victim's family asked not to be identified but tells fox 29 curry was at this bar prior to the shooting. police did spend the night reviewing surveillance video a staph member there tells us curry left just before 2:00 a.m. but the video did not show him interacting with anyone in any alarming way. >> between the hours of like midnight and 2:00 a.m., we're
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trying to find out where exactly where he was and what was going on, who he was with report roar his family says curry also stopped at this gas station before heading to his grandmother's house. police were also here today reviewing video to see if curry may have been followed. >> no one seemed exactly -- scene exact who'll it was or was it one, was it 2-w they in a car or weren't they in car. was 93 another location? at this point any bit of information that we get is going to help us. >> reporter: police at this point are going with the theory this was rob bro although they don't know if if anything was stolen want has become darby borough's first homicide of the year. iain. >> brad, thank you. local officer taken to the hospital after a car slams into his cruiser tonight. that officer was heading south in the inner lanes of rows vessel boulevard with lights and sirens on when police say a car hit the cruiser on the passenger side. that driver was not hurt. the officer was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. no word yet on any charges.
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happening right now, a local sports radio station is in big controversy tonight over a fake caller. that caller a station employee and what really has some offended is that he pretended to be a different race. >> it wasn't just one time. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in bala cynwyd tonight to explain. chris? >> reporter: iain and lucy, what some thought was harmless radio gag may have backfired on radio station 97.5 the phanatic. now some are calling that stunt racially offensive. >> in the serious business of philly sports talk radio, a bombshell revelation. >> your viewers are offended. >> i got you. >> they're white. >> i totally understand. >> controversy filled the air waves about twain from swedesboro a frequent caller to 97.5 the phanatic. this is one of his calls. >> what's going on, ma and? >> how you doing, explain.
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>> and this is dwayne on twitter. but as it turns out, dwayne is actually this guy, pat egan scene here in his facebook page. egan a producer for the mike missanelli show admitted he made up the character. >> you let me down. we did. we apologize. >> missanelli apologized to listeners claiming he had no idea his own producer who is white was the fake caller who sometimes stereo typed african-americans. even in a tweet fake dwayne said about to go to the white women mecca. starbucks. >> i apologize if that went over the line, and it won't happen again. >> callers in other radio hosts began to pile on. >> if that's the way we do things in philadelphia, we're going to get let anybody who is fake. >> guy trying to be funny and maybe got little carried away. >> the fake caller was uncovered by kyle scott who runs the cro crossing broad sports blog. he says many felt duped that a
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show with play tan the lie to listeners purely for entertainment. >> to find out some of that is maybe staged and then when you add in the angle that there was a slight race component to this and it was offensive to some people, i think that make it a little bit disappointing. >> reporter: we tried multiple times to contact missanelli and the producers of his show to see maybe if there are any more fake callers on their show. so far our calls have not been returned. iain? >> all right, chris. thank you. on your radar the temperatures are slowly starting to rise. looking live in wilmington right now after a near perfect day. we've got some gorgeous weather ahead but kathy says we'll slowly get back up into the 90's. >> um-hmm. just the way some of us like it, iain, right? right now we're seeing clear skies and comfortable conditions outside with low humidity. a few clouds getting little closer. they represent the more humid air that will be moving our way. right now it's 57 in the pocon poconos. that is feeling like fall. 75 in philadelphia. 66 in allentown and wrightstown
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69 and you can see to the south in wildwood 68 degrees. planning your day tomorrow, wake up to temperatures in the 60s in philadelphia. mid 60s by the lunch hour 81. average noon 85 even the evening hours 7:00 o'clock the temperature still 80 degrees and still some sunshine even though the days are getting shorter. coming up we'll talk about the rise in humidity. how much warmer it will be getting and also heat wave number six in that seven day forecast. we'll take look at the weekend as well. i'll see you later on in the broadcast. >> all right, kathy, thank. sun also shining in louisiana today but the streets, roads and neighborhoods still devastated after historic flooding there. president obama spent today touring the flood damage. he promised residents a quick and effective federal response. he also responded to criticism that he's been slow to respond to the historic flooding which left at least 13 dead. even after the tv cameras leave, the whole country is going to continue to support you
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and help you. this is not a photo op issue. this is how do you make sure that a month from now, three months from now, six months from now people still are getting the help that they need. >> the white house says they designated $127 million in federal aid. you decide 2016 and the race for president came to both bucks and montgomery counties today. republican vice-presidential candidate mike pence rallied at two businesses one in king of prussia and another in pipersville he told supporter that is donald trump is stronger than ever, and his plans will make american better country and he targeted hillary clinton focusing on her time in the state department and also looking into the clinton foundation. >> for the sake of the rule of law and insuring that the highest standards of integrity are in the highest office in the land, let's decide here and now in pennsylvania that hillary clinton will never be elected president of the united states
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of america! >> after the rally governor pence stopped at a barber shop in norristown to get haircut. meanwhile we're learning more about clinton foundation's donors. associated press says that more than half the people hillary clinton met with while she was secretary of state who were from outside the government had given money to the foundation. those 85 people gave a combined $156 million. critics argue donors were given special access to the state department. the clinton campaign says it's outrageous to misrepresent the basis for her meetings with donors. meanwhile clinton brushed off the news that the fbi has discovered 15,000 more e-mails from her server. last night during a late night talk show interview she said investigators have combed through tens of thousands of her e-mails so what's a few more. >> and now we see the face of the little camden county boy beaten to death and side his home. prosecutors say his mother's boyfriend actually told the two-year-old to put his hands up to fight before delivering the
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fatal blows. fox 29's bill anderson was in court along with that man and the little boy's family. >> he shouldn't be sitting in no cell for the rest of his life, eating and getting phone calls and writing letters. he needs to be dead because my grandson is dead. >> reporter: a family's search for justice began over the beating death of two-year-old jameel baskerville, jr. >> my grandson and i really love him, and it's just sad that he had to have his live ended the way it did. and now we won't bond with him around christmas no more. >> reporter: zachary tricoche tried with first murder and held on $1 million bail of the family of a murdered two-year-old waiting for the system to work a hard as they watch the suspect just feet from them in court. >> it should be death pennel team you kill somebody you should be killed. and that's it. >> how tough was it being in that courtroom seeing him. >> very tough for me not to go over that counter. very tough. >> reporter: listening to the prosecution describe the suspect treating the child like a grown man.
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made it easy to understand passion, sadness and uncontrolled anger of the two-year-old's family. >> told the 29-pound toddler to put his hands up before he had a motion he would assume a boxing stance and get ready to fight this grown man. >> reporter: the details of his injuries were not discussed in court. but the family discussed them afterwards and it was clear that they want swift and severe punishment. >> i just think in the state of new jersey they need to bring the dental penal tee back for this incident right here. my grandson was two years old, innocent, didn't do nothing, now he can't live his life because but he get to live the rest of his life in prison. >> i'm bill anderson, fox 29 fox 29 news. >> while all the details were hard to hear in court perhaps most shocking for those inside was when prosecutors say it all started when the little boy's mom bought the wrong groceries. ♪ >> firefighters race through rough waves to save a swimmer in trouble but the sea had other
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plans. the moment two of those rescuers had to fight for their own liv lives. a 10-year-old boy says he was chased down an alley at gun point. he says the men after him were cops. >> one police officer point the his gun at me. i ran into the backyard. they was chasing me with guns out. i thought they was going to shoot me. >> but he did nothing wrong. the mistake that has his boy and his family shane. and a normal day on a busy street turned terrifying when the ground opened up, swallowing two people. the team work to get them to safety. and when trying to impress goes a little too far. one guy's move on first date that landed him in the hospital. ♪
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>> in clementon camden county amusement and water park both closed to the public tonight. so that those with special needs and their familiar kohl's enjoy a night of fun. >> yup. they had the whole place to themselves. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live at clementon splash world and shawnette, lots of fun all around. >> reporter: whole lot of fun. these families of children with special needs actually got to shut down this park from 6:00 to 9:00 o'clock tonight. they enjoyed the rides, they got in the water, they played games, all at their own pace without the usual summer crowds. crowds of families poured into clementon splash park in south jersey for a night just for them. >> so he can have a lot of fun at clementon park and all the water parks and the rides. >> reporter: kerry brought her boys here for special needs night. a event between the park, autism cares foundation and knife .7 ben fm. >> terry's youngest son 12-year-old michael is special
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needs. >> i like thed rides and water park. >> older brother tyler says the event is helping michael and other kids have a good time. the park is closed to the public this evening these kids can ride and swim worry free. >> i know a lot of people and it's hard for them to be around people -- too many people. so it's good to limit it down certain amount of people. >> kim smith with autism cares foundation. >> it's amazing. it's so exciting just to see their faces light up they're getting to come out and participate in something they might not be able to do. >> clementon park and ben fm reached out to her with the id idea. park staff agreeing to through training led by autism cares. >> so that they knew what to expect, thou handle certain situations, and just be prepared to have everyone have a wonderful time. >> reporter: ortiz came with family and friends. >> she says eight-year-old jay lanny has down syndrome and came
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with other children they know into don't have special needs. tonight is a teaching moment for them, too. >> it's good to teach them sometimes other people are different and they still need love. they still need to be understo understood. >> reporter: and back here live, here's the other wonderful thing. clementon splash park actually reduced the cost of tickets to families that came out tonight and $5 each ticket will actually go back to the autism cares foundation. iain, back to you. >> good stuff, shawnette. thank you. developing news tonight out of burlington county, new jers jersey. health officials are trying to find a woman who handle add raccoon that was rabid. the county health department says a woman removed an injured raccoon from the intersection of route 130 and high street on august 15th. that's in burlington city. health officials say the raccoon has rabies so if you know who the woman is who touch it call the health department. number on our website head to >> muslim cleric living in the pocono mountain the subject of meetings between turkish and american justice officials. turkish government accuses if he
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tula gullen of masterminding last month's failed coo attempt he has lived in pennsylvania for the past 17 years in self-imposed exile. he denies any connection to the coo attempt. extradition is expected to come up tomorrow during vice-president joe biden's visit to turkey. only on fox, a former colleague of mob boss joe merlino opens up about what lies ahead for his old pal. the philly mob boss facing federal judge in manhattan today for the first time since he and members of five other organized crime families were arrested. list of charges is long, racketeering, gambling and loan sharking just to name few. fox 29's dave schratwieser was there. >> reporter: the words not guilty rang out in federal courthouse in manhattan tuesday morning as mob boss joey merlino stood before a judge here and proclaimed his innocence. yet another new round of racketeering charges. >> he can't help himself. >> one of his former fellow weiss guys who asked not to be identified toll fox 29 in an
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exclusive interview that it's clear federal prosecutors are dead set on putting the 54-year-old mob boss back behind bars. >> going to come after him with vengeance. they're not going to stop. >> reporter: federal prosecutors left court without comment. mr. lean know slipped in and out of court with defense attorney ed jacobs after his arrest three weeks ago as part of an fbi sweep that netted dozens of organized crime members and associates. the so-called east coast organized crime enterprise charged 46 defendants with everything from selling guns to health care fraud. >> prosecutors say there are 15 separate wire taps in this case and more than 800 hours of recorded audio and video tape. they have already started sending out discovery to defense attorneys. merlino is free on $5 million bail posted by his wife and two close friends. he's confined to his florida home and tracked by a gps monitoring device. muscular mob boss convicted
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twice before on federal charges. another conviction could push the sentence in this case to 20 years. >> the government always opposes somebody's bail unless they have -- they want to see who he's talking to, who will go talk to him and hold the evidence against him. >> merlino and 45 co-defendants will be back here in federal court october 31st, halloween day to discuss motions and possibly a trial date. in manhattan, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. >> it's on halloween day. it's a sign we've got that summer is winding to close. >> exciting new semester of college is about to get underway. college students across the delaware valley are getting ready for that fall 2016 semester. these students here at widener university in chester, delaware county, moving in today. university also welcoming new freshmen class of 2020 orientation for students was held tonight.
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looks like a scene out of ago an action movie as two guys try to out run police on jet skis. but police -- what police found when they finally caught up to them. and this park ranger accused of recording women inside a park bathroom. what one woman finally saw police say caught the guy in the act. we've her the story of people breaking into hot cars to rescue children and pets left inside. one cop had a different idea. how he saved three young brothers drenched in sweat without breaking any glass. ♪ now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. >> good evening, everybody. got brand new traffic pattern for the gang coming over philadelphia over the walt whitman bridge. all 15 lanes we have the three inner ones are closed all due to construction. we'll have some construction tomorrow up in the great northeast. woodhaven road between the roosevelt boulevard and route 13, and they're also going to be working overnight and all day tomorrow along i-95 both at
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girard avenue and again at cottman avenue. we'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning. we'll check the jam cams and sue has got the forecast. see you at 4:00. for senate, a clear difference. katie mcginty: for background checks, for banning assault weapons, and banning high-capacity ammunition clips. and pat toomey? against an assault weapons ban
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and against banning high capacity ammo clips like those used in the orlando massacre. listen to pat toomey brag: "i have had a perfect record with the nra." pat toomey gets an "a" from the nra. he's not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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today, guns can be bought or at a weekend gun show. and if the wrong people get a gun... we know what can happen. pat toomey put our safety ahead of partisan politics. toomey crossed party lines twice, first to support background checks, and now to stop gun sales to suspects on the terror watch list. no wonder pennsylvania cops endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ two people are in the hospital tonight after a sink hole swallowed em it happened in
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china today. check out the video state media released today showing the moment the ground opens up on a busy sidewalk. two people nearby slipped into it as it broke open. other has to scramble as the hole got bigger. firefighters and others immediately started to help those and get those two people back to save team both are now in the hospital. >> new tonight fbi is looking into cyber breach at the new york times. sources are telling fox news that possibly russian hackers have targeted the e-mail accounts of several reporters for the paper. exactly how many reporters had their e-mails compromised isn't yet clear. investigators are still working to figure out who exactly those hackers are. today florida governor rick scott announced that someone in the tampa area has contracted the zika virus. it's one of five new cases in the state believed by hell officials to have been spread locally. this case near tampa is the first in the state outside the miami area but the governor says there's not enough evidence to declare a new zone of local transmission. in massachusetts, a park
10:25 pm
ranger is sitting in jail tonight. >> police say he secretly video taped women in a bathroom at a state park. 30-year-old raymond mckeon nan appeared before a judge yesterday. police began their investigation after employee at the hoe 10 pond bath house in milton notice add pen with a green flashing light in the bathroom. that employee handed the pen over to police and they very quickly realized exactly who it belonged to. >> the video of the individual who placed the camera adjusting the camera based on the forehead depicted in that video several people have identified that individual as the defendant before you. >> he face as list of charges including photographing or surveying persons in state of park nudity. he's in jail on $10,000 bail. when trying to make good impression takes a wrong bad turn. one guy's move on first date that landed him in the hospital. kathy is tracking your forecast. >> that's right.
10:26 pm
nothing but blue skies out there today. clear skies tonight. but more humid air is moving up from the pacific crossing mexico and moving toward the delaware valley. we'll talk about how hot it's going get coming up with your seven day forecast. all new at 11:00 an incredible little boy who made history right here in philadelphia. the one thing he's exciteed to now a year after he had a double hand transplant.
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♪ we are following some breaking news. 6.2 magnitude earthquake has hit central italy. it was also felt in rome where witnesses say buildings there shook for about 20 seconds. here's a map from the u.s. gs showing the em pi center. no reports of any damage yet. or casualties. we'll bring you updates as soon as we get. >> 20 seconds a long time for a quake. northeast philadelphia
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police are hoping a series of sevens will lead them to serial robber. this guy hit seven convenience stores most of them 7elevens. and little more than week. he also robbed a wawa and exxon at gun point. authorities say each time he got away with cash and cigarettes. if you recognize him, give police a call. in camden county, a woman is dead after police say her estrange husband stabbed her in her own apartment. someone called collingswood police officers to the heights of collingswood apartments around 8:00 last night. that's where they found 36-year-old perez dead. investigators say her estranged husband stabbed her several times and they say 41-year-old timothy mormon also stabbed himself. he's now at cooper university hospital in critical condition. prosecutors have charged him with first degree murder. developing tonight, philadelphia's district attorney staying silent much this as a controversy around seth williams continues over the more than $160,000 in gifts given to him by friends since 2010. he filed six years worth of gifts less than two weeks ago.
10:31 pm
it's a story we've stayed on top of since it broke last week. >> fox 29's bruce gordon tried to track the da down. >> reporter: explanations coming out of the philadelphia district attorney's office these days, that's the center city version of crickets. spokesman for seth williams said thanks but no thanks to our latest request for an interview on the subject of a $160,000 in gifts the da has belatedly reported to the city edges thick board. 160 grand over six years. everything from sports ticket toss free stays at vacation homes. to $45,000 roof repair job for williams home. courtesy of south jersey builder. williams makes $175,000 a year as da. philadelphians we talked to think he could do without the extra freebies. >> i wouldn't do it myself. >> you don't like the looks of it. >> right. >> if you're a public servant you're supposed to serve the public not yourself. >> all unnecessary is what i
10:32 pm
think. it's going to the wrong places. >> reporter: last friday, williams apologized to his employees for the distraction the gift story has caused. on monday, he e-mailed statement to supporters of his 2017 re-election bid acknowledging his responsibility taphole fully disclose all gifts and taking full responsibility for failing to do so. but many are asking where is williams explanation to the rest of philadelphia taxpayers committee of 70 president david thorthornburgh. >> now is the time. now until the it's time for him to answer any and all questions voters have for him. >> reporter: under pennsylvania law the gifts to williams are not illegal unless a quid pro quo can be stabbed. a gift in exchange for a specific favor. it might be time to tighten the law. >> when people see these gifts changing hands and again a lot of them amount to a good fair amount of money they have to question whether there's something going on here. >> reporter: seth williams faces the possibility of a hefty
10:33 pm
fine for failure to report those gifts in timely season fag. we'll see about that. in the meantime, philadelphians i talked to today had an amount in mind. $160,000. that would even things up. outside the da's office in center city philadelphia, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. family and friends gathered in new york city today to attend funeral mass in remembrance of former police commissioner john timoney. he served as philadelphia's top cop from 1998 until 2001. timoney died last week after battle with lung cancer. he came to philadelphia from new york city where he was second in command. he later moved on to head up the miami police department. a judge is done hearing witness testimony after day three of jerry sandusky's bid for a new trial. the last person to take the stand, the man who prosecuted the case he told the judge does he not believe the man who settled with penn state over a molestation claim is the same person that someone saw sandusky molesting in a shower. his testimony heard sandusky tries to get his charges dropped
10:34 pm
or new trial. the defense team tour the former assistant football coach is hoping that this person who settled with penn state described as a victim in court records is not actually a victim. the judge did not say when he would rule. first impression which is be crucial especially on a first date. >> but one pennsylvania man may have been trying a little too hard to impress and it landed him in the hospital. police say the university of pittsburgh student took his date to the rooftop of a pittsburgh building, then decided to try to impress her i guess she would be impressed by him jumping from building rooftop to another. >> spiderman move. >> maybe she doesn't like spiderman. he didn't really hit the landing too well. so he got stuck wedged between the buildings. the woman called police who spent more than three hours frying to free him. he hurt his ankle. no word on whether he faces any charges or more importantly whether he's going to get second date. >> poor guy. looks like the scene out of an action movie two guys try to out run police on jet skis. what police found when they
10:35 pm
finally caught up to them. and we hear case after case of people breaking into hot cars to rescue kids left inside, but one cop had a different idea. how he saved three young broth brothers before it was too late. the empire season premier is only weeks away. but you can get the famous cookie look what a lot sooner what you can soon get designed by taraji herself to add cookie to your life.
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♪ high speedboat chase with surprise twist off the coast of italy. it looks like a scene from an action movie. you see these officers trying to catch up to these two guys on jet skis. police say the chase started after a chopper crew saw the two crossing the i was degree yacht tick see sea. officers managed to cut off their path arrest one of the guys on his jet ski 500 pounds of weed. the second guy was able to ditch his jet ski and escape into a nearby village. n your money tonight, eating chipotle and helping animals in need. there you go. that's what tons of people across our area did tonight. the chain donated 50% of the proceeds to the pennsylvania s spca today. customers mentioned the fundraise easy as. we helped spread the word this morning on "good day
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philadelphia". it happened at locations across southeastern and central pennsylvania as well as south jersey and since it just wrapped at 10:00 chipotle counting up the donations. >> okay empire fans this one is for you. the star of the show taraji p. henson who plays cookie is about to launch her own make up line. she's collaborating with mack cosmetics it will be a six piece collection complete with masca mascara, eyeliner, mineral powder and lipstick called strip me down. it will hit shelves september sickth. get on that. dropping soon. >> gosh. >> billboard in arizona is taking aim at isis. >> yes muslim group is who paid 40. members want to make sure people know they do not support the terror organization. this is what drivers along a section--10 in phoenix pass by every single day. electron billboard addresses isis directly and make its opinion very clear. national muslim american non-profit group is behind the message and it wants everyone to see it.
10:40 pm
>> we want our neighbors to know, you know, we're colleagues and classmates and neighbors, and we want our neighbors to know we don't approve of this at all. >> the organization also put up same exact billboard in chicago and members say their campaigns only just gun. firefighters race through some rough waves to say a swimmer in trouble but the seas had other plans. the moment those two rescuers had to fight for their own lives. 10-year-old boy says men chased him down an alley with guns drawn. he says those men after him were cops. >> one police officer pulled his gun at me. then i ran not backyard. they were chasing me with guns out. i thought they was going to shoot me. >> but he did nothing wrong. mistake that has this boy and his family shaken. >> our kathy orr tracking your forecast. >> yes, temperatures in the 70 s this evening. 80s tomorrow but we're going for the 90s. warping up with heat and humidity. it will feel close to 100 by the time we get to the end of the
10:41 pm
week. details coming up when we come back. iso let me tell you what i knowe about senator pat toomey.. my mom was the principal at sandy hook school in newtown. she died that day protecting the young children in her care. when it came time to vote on background checks, pat toomey crossed party lines to do the right thing. that's who he is, and i'm grateful. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ dramatic video shows a group of firefighters racing through crashing waves to save a swimm swimmer. this is off the coast of england. the waves were so strong at one
10:44 pm
point they almost flipped the rescue boat over. one firefighter almost got tossed into the water while another barely hung on. the rest of the crew saved not only the overboard firefighter but also the swimmer who was in trouble. the fire department posted this video online. it ends with the line "we actually respect the sea, we do". >> north jersey 10-year-old boy says he was chased down an alley by police with their guns out. turns out it was all caves mistaken identity. >> fox's lydia, spoke with the boy and his mother who say what happened has really shaken them. >> reporter: at 5-foot five, 10-year-old legend solomon is big for his age. while he has been mistaken for being older -- >> i thought they was going to shoot me. >> reporter: never dreamed police would mistake him for a criminal. >> one police officer point their gun at me. i ran into the backyard they were chasing me with guns out.
10:45 pm
>> reporter: just before 5:00 p.m. on august 11th soft spoken fifth grader was playing basketball here with his friends when suddenly newark police began searching the area for a robbery suspect. >> why did you think the police were chasing you? >> because the ball had rolled in the street and almost hit their car. >> reporter: afraid for his life, legend ran into a nearby alleyway. patricia solomon is legend's mother. >> they chased him with shot guns out armed drawn point to go him. >> her accusation is supported by her two neighbors jackie kell and her mother anita hasn't curson who intervened when they saw officers had legend cornered. >> he's just kid. only 10 years old. ya'll out here with your ya'll guns drawn. >> i'm like that's just a child. he had the gun in his hand. and he was like, well, he's fits the description. >> reporter: short time later police arrested the suspect 20-year-old casey joseph robinson despite what legend and neighbors say newark police say at no time did officers ever point a weapon at any child in
10:46 pm
any area. >> no one came to him and said you know what, i'm sorry that happened to you. from us to you. >> reporter: legend whose favorite subject is math and dreams of being a sign test now says the people he used to look up now the ones he fears the most. >> how do you feel when you see police now? >> i feel like they're going to chase me. >> legend's mom says she is is still is waiting for an poll apology from newark police. the department is investigating her complaint. it seems every few days we hear about a police officer or good samaritan forced to bust into a hot car to save child or a pet inside. >> one georgia officer had a different idea. steven johnston says he saw three little boys alone inside a car at a strip mall near at land today. the windows up. the car off and the doors were lock. johnston used a thermal gun to measure the temperature inside. it was 101 degrees. he says the boys four-year-old twins and two year old brother were dripping with sweat. he knew he had to act fast but he thought breaking the window
10:47 pm
would scare the boys so he was able to convince the two-year-old to unlock the door. >> it made me panic. it made me angry because i couldn't imagine leaving my kids in the car for minute much less 20. >> medic got there and check the kids out and they are going to be okay. their mom came out of a store nearby. she was arrested for three counts of cruelty to children. don't now how often we have to say it don't leave your kids in a car when it's hot outside, and it's going get hot around here again, right? >> it certainly is. by the end of the week, we're talking about heat and humidity, temperatures in the 90s it will feel much warmer. so please, kids, pets, don't leave anyone inside any time. take look outside life. you can see quite night in old city philadelphia with a little bit of a breeze. clear skies. temperatures still in the 70s. it's 75 degrees in the city. the high today 82. which is just 3 degrees below average. winds out of the southwest at 7 miles an hour. and that is the key to our weather. that southwest wind is our prevailing summer wind and
10:48 pm
that's the warm wind for us. 57 pretty cool in the poconos. reading 70. lancaster 69. wilmington 73. dover and wildwood checking in at 68 degrees. pretty fall like. the ocean keeping some of our shore towns little bit milder. the boardwalk in ac73. beach haven 72 degrees this evening. dew points are slowly creeping up. this is the amount of moisture in the atmosphere called dew point temperatures. 58 in philadelphia. still comfortable. 60s in dover and millville. so these numbers will be creeping toward 70 by the weekend and that means higher humidity and oppressive by friday. we'll watch one area of high pressure sneak off the coast and another one that's going to be dominating our weather this one to the south and west slowly will be drifting off the mid atlantic over the next couple of days. the flow behind it southwesterly winds pumping up that heat and humidity ahead of our next front. a cold front but not so cold behind this front. we'll see more mild temperatures into the weekend. so overnight tonight, 65 in the
10:49 pm
city. 57 in our suburbs. clear skies very comfortable. that southwesterly wind becoming light and variable overnight. during the day tomorrow, sunny, humidity pretty comfortable again. southwesterly winds a temperature 87. it really is thursday that we really see an increase in humidity and you'll really notice it by then. then we crank up the heat by friday. back to the 90s. 92. saturday hot and humid 90. by sunday it's another heat wave. heat wave number six. the second in the month of august. and then we'll see it end by tuesday. still dry, still quite warm with temperatures in the upper 80s. as we look ahead to those shore temperatures, they'll be warm as well. upper 70s for your wednesday. then 80, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday even into next monday and tuesday the last full week of summer before labor day weekend when all the kids go back to school. that's the very latest from the weather center. we'll send it back to you, iain. >> kathy, thank. you know today dozen gathered in south philadelphia got ready for
10:50 pm
the annual bike ms city to shore xfinity live hostin hosting an o ahead of month the bike ride which gives parents pants information and resources. those who take part will ride 180 miles in the name of trying to get rid of ms for good. good race for a good cause. >> absolutely. tom srendenschek in the house. >> evening guys. eagles have new linebacker in stephen tulloch. it creates problems for new defensive coordinator jim schwartz. how do you keep them all happy. >> schwartz think he noes how. a member of the washington redskins noes how to talk trash. sam bradford is one of his main targets. what the skins are saying about sam is next in sports.
10:51 pm
10:53 pm
♪ let's be honest the guy right here is a little bit of a knuckle head. new redskins quarterback josh norman said in an article published today eagles quarterback sam bradford quote isn't one of the top 20 quarterbacks in the league. i can't wait to play him twice a year. mark it down the first eagles redskins game this year octobe
10:54 pm
october 16th. put it on the calendar. eagles made it official today signing linebacker stephen tulloch to one-year deal. he's veteran linebacker who played the first five years of his career in tennessee, the next five with the detroit. during six of those 10 years, he played under schwartz the eagles new defensive coordinate. the scouting report... >> he's very experienced player. he's played at a high level of production. plays way lot of of spirit. he's heavy in the run game. he's got natural leverage. that's, um, that's -- um, kind way of saying he's short. >> i appreciate the fact he said kinds. he's 5-foot 11 for the record jim schwartz is honest but he's also a guy that has to juggle a diverse group of linebackers with tulloch now here. from hicks to kendricks to bran ham to good schwartz has options and he kind of likes that. >> i think that falls into my terrible analogy if everybody brings something to the party.
10:55 pm
you know, i mean -- you know, if everybody brought the same thing it would be a crappy party, you know. >> or it might be a really good party. maybe look at it that way. maybe it's a really good one. >> how come i wasn't invited? >> phillies starting five game road trip tonight in chicago to play the white sox. for the phillies it's the first game against the white sox in chicago since back in 2004. jake thompson making his fourth start for the phillies looking for his second win. they had a party in chicago maybe schwartz wanted to go but it wasn't for the phillies. second inning tim henderson with the triple. adam eaton will score. it's two to nothing. firework come in the fifth. down four-zero. jose abreu two run homer. justin march know and this is a solo shot. this make it seven-zero. and ugly good night for thomps thompson. nine-one right now in the ninth inning. play of the night comes in cincinnati. billy hamilton, this looks like
10:56 pm
gap per, rbi, no he gets the ball, gets a face full of dirt may have gotten a little bit of fence but he gets the out and the reds win it three-zero. fun final look billy hamilton. face marks along there but he makes the catch. >> great stretch out there. >> he got it. >> exactly. thanks lot shredder. >> just want to go to the party jim schwartz is at. >> don't bring the same thing to that party. >> even if you got good weather or not. >> we do have good weather. tomorrow will be really nice day. start off in the 60s and rise into the 80s by the afternoon. afternoon temperature 85. even in the evening, 80 degrees. tee off late afternoon. >> love the way you're thinking there. >> before it gets too dark. >> thanks, kathy. >> all right. thanks a lot. that will do it for us at 10:00 much lucy is standing by what's coming up a at 11:00. >> incredible little boy who made history right here in philadelphia is back a year after a double hand transplant
10:57 pm
at chop. the one thing he's excited to now that his mom is a little nervous about. your wake up weather and seven day forecast in first foo millions. don't forget your mega millions lottery drawing -- did you guys get your tickets. >> no. they didn't. i hope you did because it's next. ♪
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at


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