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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  August 24, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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this is fox 29 morning news. right now on fox 29, morning news, father shot dead breaking into a home where his kids live. the call that led police to the scene, who they're searching for right now. >> second chance, man freed after serving 25 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. the evidence lead to go his release, and what he plans to do later today. >> and, breaking news from overseas this morning. emergency crews rushing right now to save lives following a deadly earthquake, killing nearly a dozen people, the latest from the areas hardest hit. >> focusing on mountain us region northeast of rome. good day everyone, it is wednesday, august 24, 2016. >> how are you all doing? >> i'm good. little chilly. but you know what, last night it was kind of chilly, too. i thought it could have been good open your windows and sleep wetter. >> sue, it almost feels like fall might be in the air. >> just little hint of the
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season to come. but that's about it for now. still, august, and we do have warmer weather on the way. still, enjoy today. because it will not be too humid, not too hot. it is nine out of ten today. we've got no clouds in the sky. it is pretty tranquil here in the city. we are starting to see the combination every daylight, but not until 6:22, is your sunrise time, 68 degrees, 76% relative humidity, change in wind direction, going to make difference in how it feels today. but not big difference yet. you will feel bigger difference tomorrow. 52 degrees mount pocono, 62 in reading, and trenton, 58 in atlantic city, 65 degrees, wilmington, delaware, dew points, still in the 50's, there is a 60 degrees dew point, very comfortable outside, and at least for this morning, and for the rest of the day, plenty of sunshine, bit more humid, but not uncomfortably so, with a high of 87 degrees, 7:44, is your
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sunset time. enjoy this one because heat and humidity will return, we'll tell when you coming up. morning, bob kelly. >> from a ten yesterday to a nine, we're on down slide. 5:02, good morning, accident happened overnight on 422, still shut down, all eastbound lanes, still closed between oaks and trooper, all because of this nasty accident, what we're seeing here, are the tow trucks, pulling the vehicle out of the woods here. this happened about 11:45 last night, police say three people taken to a local hospital. right now, all traffic forced off at 29, from there they have to work their way along black rock road to egypt road back onto 422, this is one of the busiest roadways around this hour, when we start to see the volume pop. so, give yourselves extra time. you're going it notice something different northeast philly, light out on 95, in the construction zone here at cottman avenue. they just opened up the vine expressway, and good news, all lanes are open on the schuylkill, let's roll some video, from our news van, that was on the scene earlier this
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morning, an accident, involving a motorcycle, had all lanes blocked, that motorcyclist taken to hahnemann hospital to be check out for injuries, but it caused for early morning shut-down, around 3:00 this morning. good news all lanes on the schuylkill expressway are open at the moment. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thank you so much. we're following some breaking news out of west philadelphia this morning, a man has died after being shot. >> we understand that this shooting started as a break-in, it happened right in front of little kids. dave kinchen live at the scene now with the latest on this, dave, good morning. >> reporter: chris, lauren, good morning to you. crime scene investigators are still here on the scene of the 800 block of north montrose street where this all happened, in west philadelphia, police saying that a man was killed after breaking into the home of his ex, and her new partner. this all happened in a second floor front bedroom just after midnight. thirty-three year old man broke into the second floor and fought with the mother of
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his two children, and her new man. he is then shot by the new partner and rushed to the hospital by police where he is pronounced dead. cops say the shooter ran away, but police say they do know who he is. this all happened in front of the children, with the children there, we're told, a boy and girl in the house at the same time. >> the two children, currently at the homicide division. they're young, under the age of 15, young kids, obviously didn't need to see this situation go on. but we are dealing with them, dealing with what they need as far as counselling. >> reporter: police tell us that the man in had case, actually tried to break into the first floor of the house, and was pushed outside. the mother of his children, and her new partner, that's when he went for the second floor, and when this happened gunshots were fired. we're told police again know who the shooter is, and they are on the hunt for the shooter right nowment back to you, chris, lauren? >> dave kinchen, thank you so much.
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crews in central italy sifting through rubble, to find survivors of a massive earthquake, the hardest hit areas are in at least three towns, about six a miles north of rome. scientists say the quake is a magnitude 6.2, the streets there, now littered with debris. >> lauren, you mentioned 6.2, the initial magnitude. now, after shocks being reported in the five magnitude area. at least 39 after shocks have been reported so far. officials say the death toll is expected to rise. you can see, on our screen here, we say it has killed at least 11 people, other reports have it much higher than that. in 2009 earthquake of similar size in fact killed 300 people. >> back here at home, a philadelphia man now walks free after he was wrongly convicted and spent 25 years behind bars. >> anthony wright accused of raping and killing his elderly neighbor back in the 90s, jennifer joyce live in center sit which more on this. jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anthony wright walked out of
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curram fromhold prison a free man, and expected to walk down this center city street later this morning, to meet with jurors who acquitted him, here at his lawyer's office on market street. this is a man who was just 20 years old when he was arrested. lawyers from the innocence project, group that focuses on freeing those wrongfully convicted, as well as local lawyers, say at the time of wright's arrest, he was physically threatened into signing an alleged confession, and the any wright had always maintained his innocence, in connection to the 1991 rape and murder of 77 year old north philadelphia woman, louise tally. in a re-trial, wright's lawyer produced dna evidence that exonerated wright and actually matched dna of a man ronnie bird, a man with long criminal history, bird died in 2013, so there are a lot of questions in this case, of course everyone wants to hear from wright who is now believed to be in his mid 40's, and again, he's expected to meet with jurors here at his lawyer's office in center city, at
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11:00 this morning. chris, lauren? >> it will be excite to go hear from him. >> project does such good work, using dna evidence to get people wrongly convicted out of prison. 5:07. to developing store ill, philadelphia's grays ferry section, the search is on for the person responsible for shooting a man, this happened around 11:30 last night on the 1200 block every south 32nd street. police tell fox 29 the victim is a 21 year old man, taken to presbyterian hospital after being shot once in the back. no arrests were made. >> philadelphia police investigating another shooting this one out of the city university city section. that's where 23 year old man was shot in the back side. the shooting happened around 11:30 last night. it was in the area of 39th and market street. the victim was taken to the hospital. he is in stable condition. no arrest haves been made in connection with the shooting. >> darby borough now, delaware county, where police are is her clinic for the gunman who killed a man on the porch of his grandmother's house, police released this photo of the victim. he is 27 year old darryl curry, they're hoping someone
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may have seen who was with him just before the shooting. he was sitting right there on that porch. one hundred block of north sixth street, around 2:00 yesterday morning, at least one man walk up and just started up a conversation before shooting curry, several times, and killing him. >> that he was there, he was approached, words were exchanged, gunfire, and he retreated toward the door, then they kept shooting him, until he went down. >> police think robbery may have been the motive here. the first murder in darby borough this year. >> all right, judge is done hearing within testimony. >> this after day three of jerry sandusky bid for new trial. lead prosecutors in the case said did he not believe the man who settled with penn state over molestation claim is the same person someone saw sandusky molesting in a shower. sandusky aiming for his charges to be dropped, his defense team is hoping that this person who settled with
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penn state described as victim in court records is not actually a victim. >> president obama says the damage in flood soaked southern louisianna not just to property but deep roots there. >> the president making the comment after touring the area yesterday, a trip many people say was long overdue, the president got first-hand look at the aftermath in baton rouge, from this flooding, 13 people were killed, more than 60,000 homes were damaged or destroyed during the flooding. right now, the storms have cost at least $30 million in damage, that number is expected to rise. more than 100,000 louisianna resident have applied for federal aid. the president spoke about the suffering that people of louisianna had to endure. >> we are heart broken by the loss of life. these are some good people down here. we're glad that the families i had a chance to meet are safe, but, you know, they got a lot of work to do. and they shouldn't have to do it alone. >> while in baton rouge, the
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president also met with a family of alton sterling, you may remember, he was a man killed in a police-involved shooting in baton rouge. the president also met with families of three police officers who were killed and three other who were injured in a ambush-related to that original shooting some 12 days later. >> back here at home, candidates vowing for the white house brought their message to our area in person. >> gop vice presidential nominee mike pence making several stops in bucks and montgomery county. indianna governor rallying supporters during the campaign events at two businesses yesterday, one in king of prussia, another in pipers ville. >> even took time out of his busy schedule to get a haircut at a barber shop. that's kind of cool. this is in norristown. pence touted trump's proposals and agenda to make as they say america great again. he also targeted hillary clinton and her time in the state department. >> for the sake of the rule of law and ensuring that the highest standards of integrity
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are in the highest office in the land, let's decide here and now in pennsylvania that hillary clinton will never be elected president of the united state of america. >> pence focused on hillary clinton's questionable ties to foreign money that have been given to the clinton foundation. >> as for the foundation's donors, hillary clinton apparently recruited many of them as she served as secretary of state. >> associate the press also says more than half of those donors were from outside the us government, and given special access to the state department. >> those 85 people gave a combined total of $156 million, the clinton campaign says it is outrageous to misrepresent sent the meeting for her donors, meanwhile, she plushed off news the fbi discovered 15,000 more emails from her private server during the late night talk interviews. she said investigators have already comb through tens of thousands of her emails, so, quote, what's a few more?
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>> donald trump will stay on this message, as will his runningmate mike pence in the campaign later today, of course. and that said, trump was in the lone star state for a big texas style campaign rally. >> and, the celebrity host, hillary clinton put on her desk suit anti-for. that's a hint for you, chris murphy. >> okay.
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>> crews are sifting through rubble to find massive earthquake in italy. hardest hit areas in three different towns, about 65 miles northeast of rome. scientists say the quake was about 6.2 magnitude. the streets there now littered in debris. >> nearly 40 after shocks at this point. some of those after shocks in the magnitude five range. so that's significant in and of itself. officials say the death toll at this point could rise. you can see, we have on our screen 11. but quite frankly the death toll has been all over the map. sole act cyst have it at 21, other have it at 11, ten, when something like this breaks out, do you have look at some of these structures which in italy as you know a lot of these dwellings will go way before they have any sort of seismic building code. so you don't know what they'll find. >> so apparently the main road into and out of the town where it happened is covered in debris. so it is making it really hard for rescuers to get into that area. so, people that live in the area are just walking outside,
5:16 am
trying to help dig their neighbors out by hand, but of course you can imagine how tough that is. so, it is making it really hard for those rescue crews to get into the area since there is so much debris covering that one road in and out of the town. >> cross our fingers that they find people surviving underneath that rubble. a 16:00 the time. let's go to sue serio now. >> another map just to show you, i tweeted this out, as women, to show you just where this is. this is our earthquake map, where it automatically just shows where earthquakes happen. there is rome, italy, the boot that we're so familiar with, geographically, we zoom in, there is northeast of rome, mountain us earl -- area, see the topography there, not only the main earthquake but the after shocks chris and lauren were talking b look at the magnitude 4.4, four, 5.5, the main earthquake, 6.2, right there. four-point #. so that the rest after shocks, and they're still happening over there, in italy. so, very unfortunate situation. high pressure in control for
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us. we will have the same weather pattern. we have colds front on the way, probably arriving friday night. probably not with any precipitation. it won't cool us off whole lot over the weekend either. 52 degrees in the mountains, 61 in lancaster, six an in dover, down at the shore, we have 62 degrees, in wildwood. fifty-eight at atlantic city international. you can see the wind direction out of the southwest, that's changing our weather pattern slightly today. so it will be slightly more humid, little bit warmer, average high is 84 degrees. past couple every days we've been below average with 83, i think we'll go back above today with 87, 89 tomorrow, into the 90's for sure by friday, if we don't get there tomorrow. and then, staying in the lower 90s on saturday, and sunday, which means, another heatwave possible, and that would be number six of 2016. bob kelly, another one on the way. >> whew, good morning, everybody, 5:17. it has been a busy morning
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indeed. a live look here, 422, an overnight accident, happened about 11:45 last night. three people travel east on 422 roads closed since then, just pulled car out of the bushes here all traffic east on 422 from royersford, pottstown, college ville, you need to exit at 29, now there is will cause havoc for hoax traveling through phoenixville, to begin with, and hopefully we get that stretch of the roadway opened up soon. we are open on the vine street expressway, construction, cleared, so, we are good to go from end to ends, both directions, and nice little something different here. in northeast philadelphia, 95, the overhead street light are out, chris, did you pay the bill? did you put the check in the snail. >> ya. >> ya, did you put a stamp on
5:19 am
it? >> no. >> did you -- how much was that stomach innocent was it one of the old stamps? ninety-five, look out, northeast philly, with the light out. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> thank so much. north north carolina highway patrol, not to jump to conclusions in the 29 year old deaf man by police. daniel harris gunned down by state trooper after officer tried to pull him over for speeding. harris kept going. but when he he finally stopped, and got out of the car, he was shot. relatives say he was unarmed, likely didn't understand the officer's commands, the incident is now under investigation. >> a local officer is in the hospital this morning, after a car slammed into his cruiser. investigators say that officer was headed south in the inner lanes of the roosevelt boulevard with lights and sirens on. that's when police say a car hit the cruiser, on the passenger side, the driver was not hurt, the officer has minor injuries. no word on if any charges were filed. >> twenty-four year old zachary tricoche went before a judge yesterday in camden county courtroom.
5:20 am
he is accused of killing two year old jamil, following altercation between tricoche and the child's mother. prosecutors say he actually told the toddler to put his hands up, and prepare to fight him. that's when investigators say he beat the 29-pound child to death. family member inside the courtroom could barely contain they're mowing cents and their anger. >> i just think in the state of new jersey they need to bring the death penalty back for this incident right here. my grandson was two years old, innocent, didn't do nothing. now he can't live his life but he get to live the rest of his life in prison. >> prosecutors charge tricoche with first degree murder. he is now in jail on $1 million bail. >> now to the race to the white house, we are now 76 days away from the elections. out making big campaign stops, across the country, to get voters, republican presidential nominee donald trump in the lone star state for big texas style campaign role. >> i took the stage after
5:21 am
being introduced by two major supporters, from the new york city mayor rudy guiliani, senator jeff sessions of alabama. during his speech he made some attacks against hillary clinton. he also touched on education in his quest to bring in the african-american vote. meanwhile, hillary clinton put on her best suit anti-for a fundraiser held by none other than justin timberlake. >> let's say things got real candid at this fundraiserment take a look. timberlake's wife jessica beil posted the couple holes dollars the fundraiser after no, ma'am in los angeles, cost for ticket, how about this, chris, $33,400. >> so 33,400. >> yes. >> why don't they just stop at 33,000? >> they have a reason. >> what's the 400? some of hollywood's biggest stars were there including toby mcguire, jennifer aniston, television producer sean did a rhymes. so the fundraiser originally supposed to be thrown at leonardo dicaprio's home but the oscar win her to cancel
5:22 am
due to scheduling conflict. seriously? >> maybe he was making a movie? >> wouldn't you say to the producer, the director, hey can i have next monday off? what's today -- next tuesday move. >> no, not when you are, no. >> huh? >> go to fundraise -- fundraiser and hang out or go to the movies, make millions? >> seriously? >> no. >> pregnant women, you might want to avoid another city in florida. >> the new zika warnings straight ahead.
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>> if your watching this in the delaware valley and you're pregnant, just don't go to florida, right? of course, the zika concerns are growing. florida governor rick scott announced someone in the tampa bay area has now contracted the virus, it is one of five new cases, in the state, that help officials -- health officials believe was spread by local mosquitos, in this case, near tampa bay, first in the state outside of the miami area. >> just because we have one case here, doesn't mean we have local transmissions the next step is the department of health, where humans, the local department of health, working with mosquitos. they'll certainly find out if we have local transmission. >> the department of health is going door-to-door outreach and sampling near tampa bay
5:26 am
now, we first heard about corded off 2-mile area in miami. tampa, lauren, you know florida well, four hour north of miami? >> northwest. >> still, that's a long geography distance away from the initial impact zone? >> true. >> yes. >> 5:26. let's talk money honey. empire fans, this one's for you. >> so taraji about to lawn of her own make up line, coordinating mack cosmetic, complete with mass car, a eyeliner, mineral powder and lipstick called strip me down. it hit store shelves on september of. >> a lipstick called strip me down. >> what color, what tone, if you could guess, do you think that already will be, her lipstick? based on what you see cookie wearing on empire? >> either something bright red or even black? >> there you go. >> i think brought red, too. >> oh, it is a nude color? oh, candice is guest g nude. >> well from the name strip me
5:27 am
down. >> true, nothing to almost barely there? >> then why wear it. >> in. >> it could be annoyed color. good idea, candice. all right, 5:27. let's toss things out to jennifer joyce. good morning to you. >> good morning, lauren, after 25 years, anthony write is released from prison. his conviction on rape and murder charges overturned, we're expect to go hear from him later today. we'll be right back.
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
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cause that led police to the scene, who they are looking for right now. >> second chance, man freed after serving 25 years behind bars, for murder he did not commit. the evidence leading to his release, and what he is planning to do today. >> live pictures coming in, new information from overseas, emergency crews sifting through the rubble in italy after an earthquake struck overnight. the latest from the hardest hit areas, we understanded the death toll has gone up. we'll have the latest numbers for now second. >> good day, august 24, 2016. i want to share a picture with you. >> okay? >> my cousin donald is visit it g.
5:31 am
last night he went to a bar in souse philadelphia. >> okay? >> so apparently bok bar now has a rooftop, like, bar there, but it was an old high school, it was called -- >> can we see a picture? >> of the bok tech high school. isn't that gorgeous? so i guess the school's combined with southern high school, so now using the rooftop of that. that was the sunset last night. >> fantastic. but i want the other image, the 180 on this, to see you guys on the rooftop bar. >> well, i was sleeping. he was there. so he sent that to me and shared it with me and said do you have come up here. now, inspiration for me to go. >> we have perfect weather do do this the last couple every days. >> and of course the temptation to think it will last forever. >> oh, no. heat, humidity, will return, but not today. we've got a nine, nine and a half out of ten today, a bit more humid, a bit warmer, buddy will be poolside today. but temperatures are 50's and 60s, little too chill toy jump in the pool now. be sure to have the sunscreen, another day to be comfort tonight stay out of dorms. no rain in the forecast at
5:32 am
all. we have, in philadelphia, 68 degrees, and sunrise time now of 6:22. so these days are starting to get shorter. we've got temperatures that range from 52 degrees in mount pocono, remember, yesterday, at this time, it was in the four's, 62, in trenton, 58 atlantic city, 65 degrees in dover, delaware. and dew point that are still in the nice low 50's and lower 60s, so it is not even close to being humid at all around here. we have sunny skies for the rest of the day. by lunchtime very pleasant 82 degrees, little warmer than yesterday, 87. high today on your sunset time 7:44, we will tell you just how those will get in the seven day forecast, because after all, bob kelly, august isn't over yet. >> not yet. you got it, good morning shall everybody, 5:32, on a hump day. got good news and bad news, good news, all lanes open up here on 422, we had overnight accident, 422 has been closed for most of the morning, but all lanes are open, and that quick we open them up. we got another accident here.
5:33 am
this is 422, looks like it is westbound, right near route 29, this is that route 29 off ramp right where all traffic was being pushed off for most of the overnight. so, just watch it on the off ramp therefore 29. otherwise, we are looking good and lanes are open on 422. we are good to go downtown, the vine street expressway open. the schuylkill had early morning accident. but that's cleared. hit the reset on 95, slow going working your way into the construction zone. look at this. notice something different here? overhead street lamps out. so in the something little different as you drive out of the parking lot, and head on south 95, into the city, no major problems this morning, on mass transit, the buses, trains, trolleys, are all running with some service adjustment, of course, on the regional rails, chris, lauren back to you. >> police in italy say they have pulled out dozens of people, alive, from the fallen debris, after a severe
5:34 am
earthquake hit several towns north of rome overnight, while people were inside their homes sleeping. twenty-three people have died in the 6.2 magnitude quake. crews fight to go reach people in the remote areas since the main road in and out of one town is covered in debris and rubble. thirty-nine after shocks have measured at five magnitude, in that region there. >> whether we went on the air the death toll was 11, now 23, the fear is it will be increasing. >> 5:44, following breaking news out of west philadelphia here at home, man has died after being shot. >> police say this shooting started as a break-in, and it happened right in front of kids, yet again, right? dave kinchen live at the scene of this, dave, good morning vitrage he can situation, we can tell you, there investigators literally just cleared the scene here, taking away evidence as they continue their probe into all of this.
5:35 am
>> apparently the father of the kids was able to break into the top window and get into the bedroom war fight took place, 33 year old man who broke in, fought with the mower every his two children, and her new man,'s then shot by the new partner, rush by police to the hospital. he's pronounced dead at the hospital. police say the shooter ran away. investigators are confident they know who the shooter is. this all happened as we said in front of the children, that the person who broke in had with the woman here, a boy and girl, who were in the house at the time. and originally, police say, the person tried to break-in to the first floor into the kitchen area. but was pushed out, by the mother of the children, and her new partner. that's when he went to the second floor, got in, there was fight in the bedroom, guns fire, and then the suspect or the victim dies, the victim runs away. police looking for the suspect. they believe they know who he is, and still investigating
5:36 am
this case at this time, back to you. >> dave kinchen, thank you for that update. >> 5:35, he is now a free man. anthony wright released from prison after being wrongly convicted and held in prison for 25 years. >> he was accused of raping and killing his elderly neighbor, jenny joyce, live in center city with the latest details, and what he plans to do today. hi, jenny. anthony wright now a free man, he has reunited with family members, his father, his son, his grandchildren. this is a man who was just 20 years old when he was arrested. lawyers from the innocence project, group that focuses on freeing those wrongfully convicted, say at the time of his arrest wright was fit physically threatened into signing an alleged confession. and the any wright had always maintained his innocence, in connection to the 1991 rape and murder of 77 year old north philadelphia woman, louise tally. in a retrial, wright us a lawyers produced dna evidence that exonerated wright and actually matched the dna of a
5:37 am
man named ronnie bird, man with long criminal history. bird died in 2013. so still sorting out all of the details, news came down yesterday, he was released from curram fromhold prison last night, and he is expected to come here to 1600 market street later today to meet with the jurors who overturned his conviction yesterday. lauren, chris? >> you mentioned innocence project, jennifer, since it began in the early 90s, they freed 343 people wrongfully convicted based on dna evidence. unbelievable. >> good work they're doing. >> some of them on death row too. all right, jen, thank if you. 5:37 the time. the eagles have a new linebacker. hear how defensive coordinator jim swartz is pretty excited about this new guy. that's coming up in sports in one minute. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
5:38 am
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>> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm tom sredenschek, eagles getting ready for third pre-season game, playing the indianapolis colts. on tuesday, linebacker steven to one year contract, now, he's ten year veteran, played the first five year career, next five with the lions. both cities he played under new defensive coordinator jim swartz. swartz's scouting report. >> he's a very experienced player. he's played at a high level of production. plays with a lot of spirit.
5:41 am
he's heavy in the run game. he's got natural leverage. that's a kind way of saying he's short. >> love the discretion from jim swartz, by the way, he is five-11, steve stephen tulloch. >> taking on the white sox, now, two run shot right here. by jose abreu, next barter, justin, stole homer. i've seen enough. so have you. that's sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek. eagles poster now making its rounds on social media. >> so, let's just say he reminds you of movie dirty dancing. no, your eyes are not deceiving you, eagles fan sent this, picking up the eagles kicker cody parker. here is the caption. have the time of your life. now there is may look familiar. it is the dirty dancing
5:42 am
featuring patrick swayze, and jennifer gray, and it also has kevin bacon, philadelphia's own kevin bacon in that movie. nobody puts baby i mean cody parker in the corner, lauren dawn johnson. >> that's funny. you're so crazy. hey, we told you yesterday, michelle obama is the latest cover girl for variety magazine. why the first lady said she not afraid of her being silly. >> oh, i love her. >> and what her message is behind it all. she never takes herself too seriously. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
5:44 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
5:45 am
>> forty-eight hours from now, weep very this. >> ♪ the wheels on the bus go around and around. >> fast forward to clementon, new jersey, donate five items, you can get a 15-dollar admission to the park, even get a chance to meet quincy harris. he has new show starting february 12th, called the q. >> february 12th? >> that's what i said? actually much sooner than that, september 12th. quincy will be there at this thing, by the way from 8:00 until 10:00 a.m. >> that's cool. >> yes. >> okay, so today is move in day for two college campuses in our city, university of pennsylvania expecting 6500 people on campus for the upcoming fall semester. over at temple, 5,000 people will now call the temple campus home, can you imagine,
5:46 am
sue serio, as bob would say the jammo's on campus from all of the cars, the crates, the caring, the blankets, the comforters? you just did it with nia. >> we did, yes, she goes to tiny school. so it wasn't that complicated. but i'm sure they have a plan, and they have a system in place. we have been giving you the geography of this earthquake that happened overnight, 60, 65 miles northeast of rome in the mountain us region here. and it is not only the main earthquake, but all of these after shocks that are pretty strong, as well. look at this one, 5.5 happened about an hour after the first earthquake, then 4.5 after shock, 4.0, 4.6. so, a lot of these after shocks are pretty strong, as well. now, we draw our attention to the tropics, tropical storm gaston, with 70-mile per hour winds, just shy of hurricane,
5:47 am
74 miles an hour, so this is going to strengthen any minute into a hurricane, category one, luckily, in the middle of the atlantic ocean there is tropical wave we will watch to see if it develops into anything, only 35-mile per hour winds, could become tropical storm by today or tomorrow. and post tropical fiona, watching that one, not any more, but next one on the list hermine. see if that happens near the caribbean. right now feels nice, little bit of crisp in the air, not as chilly as yesterday, 61 degrees in lancaster, 62 reading, 52 mount pocono. 65 degrees in wilmington. 62 degrees in wildwood. few 50's and 60s out there, as we look back before we lock ahead, the average high temperature now down to 84 degrees as we get near the ends of august. well, eight 3 cents past two days, today above average with 87. close to 90 tomorrow. if we don't make it tomorrow, we will make it on friday. and probably start heatwave number six of 2016.
5:48 am
probably lower 90s both days of the weekend. heat will be on, humidity will be back, and it looks like it stays in the 90's through the early part of next week. so there it is, bob kelly, your seven day forecast. >> it is, mike jerrick just walked in. do you know what he has volunteered to do later on today? wait until you find out. 5:48. morning, everybody, all lanes open on 422, that's good news, after an early morning accident, rough go, all morning long, all lanes are open. all lanes are open on the schuylkill. so we will finally hit that reset button. and be able to kind of start a rush hour. with just one accident, westbound on the schuylkill, out near 202. the king of prussia interchange, police are on the scene, we had that early morning accident on the schuylkill. it had it closed for most of the morning. good morning to 422. a live look, actually, this is 42 with the headlight coming in toward the city. now working your way in toward philly and if you use the walt whitman bridge, heads up, there is a new traffic pattern
5:49 am
at the toll plaza of the walt whitman bridge. the center lanes are all blocked with construction, good morning, northeast philadelphia. i-95, as you head southbound, heading into downtown philly. starting to see some volume popping, we are starting to see daylight, we no longer have to worry about those overhead street lamps. just minor delay on the regional rails, nothing really out of the ordinary, again, we still have service adjustments on the following four lines. and the market frankford and the broad street subway looking good, running trains every eight to ten minutes, chris, lauren, back to you. >> look who is here, everybody. >> show me your gold medal. that's what i'm going ask nia ali, she comes in today. >> is she bringing tight us? >> tight succumbing in. >> and she's going to bring the metal in. we will see, she went to west catholic as you know, big homecoming the other night. >> from germantown, right? >> yes. then she went and finished up high school over in new jersey. >> cool. >> so she will come in.
5:50 am
>> did you ask, did you hold the medal? >> i believe the fcc requires a morning show host to ask can i wear the medal. >> i think, and take a picture, snap chat, all every those things. >> gold? >> didn't bite her silver, but i'll bite her silver. >> wax on wax off. >> oh, there is a bunch of free -- are you going back to college? you can get a bunch of freebies. back, in fact, all ages, a bunch of back to school freebies, like amazon cards? >> gift cards? >> gift cards. >> are you giving them out? >> free passes to us parks like yellowstone. we'll move on from there. stay on this shot. i love the cameras over your right shoulder and then your tie looks great this morning. (laughing). >> it is like attacking you.
5:51 am
>> stealing your shine. >> anyway, speaking of shine, i'll have shiny legs by the end of today. >> what are you doing? >> here is the thing, i'm going to wax my legs. >> what? >> to look like this guy. he made bermuda shorts out of his hair legs. >> no you are not. >> what's urine sent sniff why are you doing this? >> because having the discussion yesterday of ryan lochte is no longer endorse err of -- >> speedo? >> no, gentle hair remove al. so i blurted out well i've never been waxed, it better be gentle. then alex sort of challenged me to get my legs waxed. here is the thing, i want to get something out of this. so if we get this 700,000 likes on the "fox 29 news" book page, this morning, i will have that look by the time i leave this station today. >> can we get just a quick look at one of the legs now with hair? >> wow. >> oh, new shoes. oh, enough to wax. >> there is enough to wax.
5:52 am
>> bob, you better not touch my leg. >> oh, take the price tag off. >> how much were they? >> oh, what's this? >> something on the screen. >> i thought it was a reach or something. >> ashy. >> (laughing). >> all right, duane from swedesboro. >> okay. we told you yesterday, michelle owe bamm a.m. is the latest cover girl for variety magazine, remember that story? why the first lady said she's not afraid of being -- she's got a message. since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes.
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because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪ today, guns can be bought or at a weekend gun show. and if the wrong people get a gun... we know what can happen. pat toomey put our safety ahead of partisan politics. toomey crossed party lines twice, first to support background checks, and now to stop gun sales to suspects on the terror watch list. no wonder pennsylvania cops endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
5:55 am
oh, i love pete townsend. this is his solo work off the albumn empty glass. michelle obama is opening up giving the american people a better look at the woman standing next to the president. she revealed more in depth details about her life in the current variety magazine, released yesterday, we told you yesterday, mrs. obama appears on the cover of the magazine, as you can see, but it is what is inside the magazine that has people really talking. >> she stalks about pop culture, whether she should be referred to as a pop culture icon. remember she has appeared on several tv shows, including carpool karaoke with james corden.
5:56 am
she was on sesame street. she said these things may seem silly but guess what she is promote to go another audience, also talk about how the mayor i tyler moore show influenced her life saying it was the first time single working woman was depicted on television. the show helped her to see what women necessarily have to get married or have kids, something that wasn't the norm at the time of the show when it was airing on television in the 19 70s. >> emergency crews rush to save lives, latest from the area hardest hit from the earthquake coming up. plus father shot dead breaking into a local where his kids live. the call that led police to the scene and who they are now looking for. >> man is freed after serving 25 years behind bars for a murder did not commit. evidence lead to go his release, what he plans to do later today, as a free man.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
this is good day philadelphia. >> all right, it is 6:00. a man was shot dead overnight breaking into a home where his children were sleeping. who do you think did it? we'll take you there. >> a deadly earthquake in italy in central italy. hundreds probably dead at this point. this happened overnight, just couple of hours ago. a huge, huge earthquake.
6:00 am
we'll take to you italy, live pictures. >> controversy over the airwaves after well known caller, 97.5, the phanatic is ousted as an employee of the station. how the gimmick was uncovered, why it has some people offended this morning. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday already, august the 24th, 24th, 2016, to bring you to up date. hey, roll the clip. boom. >> oh! >> so, after i saw that, you know, i realize i've never been waxed. so we're going to -- i will get waxed for the first time, why not do it live on television. >> will it and smile face? >> i don't know what area it will be or what area we're waxing, if we can get to 700,000 likes, face 29 facebook page, i will do it, i will do it


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