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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  August 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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not responsible for the 1991 rape and murder of a philadelphia woman. thanks for joining us tonight at 5:00i iain page. >> i'm lucy noland that. dna testing focused on clothing that police said wright was wearing during the attack. well, it proved wright never wore those clothes. our bruce gordon spoke with wright on his first full day of freedom and joins us now from outside the criminal justice center where the retrial happened. bruce? >> reporter: lawyers for the innocence project and philadelphia's schnader law firm worked for years on this case and the man at the center of it all never gave up until a gross miscarriage of justice was overturned an middle-aged man, well, was reborn. on his first full dave freedom in quarter century 24-year-old tony wright hug the juror who's made it happen in the law offices from which attorneys had pleaded the case he stepped to a bank of microphones and exhaled. >> it's been unbelievable 24 hours for me.
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i'm not used to what's going on. i'm just living in the moment. i'm on cloud nine. >> reporter: wright then 20 years old, was arrested tried and convicted in the 1991 rape and murder of a 77-year-old nicetown woman. despite what he called a phony confession, wright always professed his innocence even as he sat behind bars. >> i lay in bed and cried myself to sleep so many nights, man, you know, at one time i was a lot of soul, man, you know what i mean, i was just hoping somebody, anybody would listen. >> reporter: several years ago, dna evidence proved wright did not commit the crime. but the district attorney seth williams demanded the case be retried. jurors took less than two hours to find him not guilty. or more accurately innocent. >> i felt wonderful. it was, um... it was humbling. it really was and it was a privilege to read those words, not guilty. >> reporter: with his long suffering parents watching, wright was asked if he held a grudge against the legal system that stole so much of his life.
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>> i worship merciful god. if he for gives people who am i to hold grudge against somebody. i don't do that man. >> afterwards those involved in the case mingled not wanting to let this moment end. wright held his granddaughter in his arms and hugged his son. his father now living in father he wants tony to pay him a vis visit. >> i asked him if it was okay if i held his hand while he walked down the beach and he said dad you can do whatever you want. i love you. >> reporter: that dna evidence actually point to do a now deceased career criminal as the actual rapist and killer in that '91 case in a statement seth williams office defended, retrying wright instead of him pleurae lesioning him in the face of that dna evidence. it was clear from the jurors they believe he should have been released out right several years ago. iain? >> bruce, thank you. nearly 85 people have been exonerated in pennsylvania new jersey and delaware since 1989.
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the national registry of exonerations keeps records dating back 27 years. and they say more than 1800 people have been exonerated in that time span. they say on average about nine years is lost per case until a person is exonerated that average is above 10 years in both pennsylvania and new jersey. last year saw a record 156 cases exonerated across the country. >> how does the state make it up all those lost years to anthony wright? philadelphia police are after the man behind series of sex assaults in south philadelphia. he has struck over and over again. this month alone. cops say he's on bicycle rides up to women wearing dresses from behind, gropes them then rides off. detectives say everyone should be cautious. >> you should always be around of your surroundings. it's difficult to do. make sure you know whose around you what's going on to the best you can. try to stay on a heavily traveled street if possible. try and walk under the light, you know, take all reasonable precautions like that.
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>> if you have any information or if this has happened to you, give police call. in south philadelphia, police need your help finding a man they say attacked then robbed a woman it happened on the 500 block of reid street earlier this month. that's where police say the man strangled the 32-year-old woman until she was unconscious. he got away with her purse, credit cards and iphone. if you recognize, i know it's hard to see, but if you recognize this guy, call police. police are also trying to find this man. they say broke into a quick stop in philadelphia'ings powelton section. police say that he broke the front door class to get in and stole cigarettes. this happened on monday just before 12:30am. he is described as 40 years old with a beard and a tattoo on his right arm. in juniata police are looking for three men who stole one car and set another on fire. cops say the trio first stole a green honda accord on the 4,000 block of may wood street. the last four numbers of the plate are 7987. police say the guys returned to the victim's home and then set a
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parked bmw on fire. no one was hurt in that incident from earlier this month. philadelphia and tinicum township police nabbed a person who stole custom bicycles for the wounded warrior project. 48-year-old roy bowman now faces theft charges. police say they found four of nine bikes that were inside a u-haul truck. they say bowman stole that truck earlier this month when he was parked near the airport. those bikes they're worth $8,000. it's been nearly three weeks since a railing at the bb and t pavilion gave way during a packed concert and sent dozens following off 11. >> today we learned several of the victims are filing a lawsuit saying this could have been prevented. fox 29's dawn timmeney has been following what's going on. dawn? >> reporter: lucy attorneys for more than dozen victims today said proper planning security and the safe location of the stage could have prevented this disaster. they say it's pure luck that no one died in this terrifying
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collapse. ♪ >> reporter: you can hear snoop dog tell the crowd to come on down off the grass at a concert with wiz khalifa at the bbt pavilion in camden back on august 5th. moments later, cell phone video captures the frightening scene. a railing gives way and concert goers topple on top of each other falling at least 6 feet. >> the majority of the people fell head first. that could have been absolutely catastrophic. >> reporter: 42 people were injured. some badly. today attorneys representing 17 of the victims announced lawsuits against the concert promotor life nation. they claim this disaster was totally preventible. >> they had an obviously inadequate railing directly on top of a 6-foot drop on to a concrete moot. >> reporter: you can see the concert goers hurling over the railing. frightened fans pinned on top of each other. people bleeding and screaming. >> winter crowd of people that fell, there's broken back, broken legs, torn achilleas,
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torn ligaments and tendons, and devastating injuries. six concussions amongst the group. >> reporter: performers are also being sued. attorneys say they insighted fans in the grassy area behind the railing to push forward causing the crowd surge. >> they have a responsibility to their fans, number one torque make sure their stages are located in save areas and number two not to encourage and command their patrons and their fans to press down into an area which isn't protected. >> reporter: the railings were replaced and a barricade placed in front to keep something like this from happening again. the attorneys for the victims say it should have been done when the venue first opened. >> they 21 years to do it. they failed and because of that 42 people have lingering and potentially life long injuries. >> reporter: now, live nation did issue a statement after the
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collapse saying it was saddened by what happened. the promotor said it was closely following the recovery of injured fans and employees and actively working with authorities and structural engineers to determine the cause of the railing collapse. i reached out to the company for reaction to the lawsuits today. i'll let when you know i get a response. lucy. >> thank you very much, dawn. to developing story out of afghanistan. one person is dead and at least 18 others are hurt after officials say militants attacked the american university of afghanistan. eyewitnesses say they heard gunshots, gun blasts near the campus of the capitol city of kabul. several american professors and dozens of students took cover in classrooms and safe rooms while police and special forces surrounded the campus. police say they're trying to track down the terrorists behind the attacks. in italy at least 120 people are confirmed dead following a devastating earthquake that rocked the country overnight. you heard it here as breaking news last night entire towns are leveled. >> tonight officials are warning
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the death toll will likely rise as droves are injured and thousands of people are now forced from their homes. fox's john huddy reports. >> reporter: death and devastation in italy. a magnitude six earthquake striking as many people were sleeping around 3:36 wednesday morning. the quake leveling homes and entire towns in central italy. 80 miles northeast of rome several mountain villages were hit hardest. rescue crews have been able to pull dozens of victims out of collapsed buildings alive, but they're in race against time to find more survives. >> translator: we're trying to help pull out as many people as possible from the rubble. unfortunately, 90% we pull out are dead. but some make it out. that's why we're here. >> reporter: emergency workers say it's hard to estimate how many people may be missing. since the region see as huge influx of summer residents and vacationing tourist. president obama and secretary kerry have been in contact with italian leaders.
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>> to offer his deep condolences on behalf of the american people. to the people of italy following the devastating earthquake that struck overnight. president obama saluted the quick action of first responders and volunteers who have been working to safe lives. >> he offered any us assistance, italy may require, and pledged to stay in close contact. >> reporter: at the vat cap pope francis lead public prayers for victims and dispatched a veteran rescue team to the quake zone. adding to the challenge for rescue crews are the narrow winding country roads making it very difficult to get in and out especially bringing in heavy pieces of rescue equipment. in italy, john huddy, fox news. >> all right. now on to your fox 29 weather authority. another pretty nice day out there today. >> very nice. we have meteorologist scott williams with us. how goes it scott. >> iain and lucy, absolutely tremendous as far as the temperatures this week. high yesterday, low 80s today,
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mid 80s and take a look behind me. a lot of blue skies out there. folks really not complaining about the break from the oppressive heat and humidity. 85 degrees right now in philadelphia. winds out of the southwest at 88 miles an hour so that will signal an increase in humidity over the next several days. look at the comfortable temperatures right now. 80 dover. 82 in atlantic city. we're looking at 84 in allento allentown. 70s right now in the pocono mountains. so the dew point, we always talk about this kind of gauge how it feels. we still have some dew points in the upper 50s so that means it's still pretty comfortable. but we'll start to see those dew points increase for the latter part of the week. no weather worries if you're stepping outdoors for your wednesday evening plans. by 9:00, 78 degrees. 74 by 11:00. we're dry, quiet, tornadoes moving through sections of indiana. we'll talk about that coming up and we'll also talk about building heat and humidity, guys, we could be talking about the sixth heat wave as early as this weekend.
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>> i'm loving that, scott, thanks. don't try to catch them all. culling up why playing pokemon go in one town could land you with a ticket. and new life for the revel casino. what the building could soon become that bring more people into atlantic city. could you just give me a call so i could figure out -- >> you heard her. our jeff cole goes looking for answers. why philly's mayor says a local towing company needs to be held responsible for his action. >> new at 6:00 o'clock he's just five years old. but this little boy is embarking upon a huge act of kindness. why he saved his allowance to give back to local police. ♪
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♪ the investigation into gifts received by philadelphia district attorney seth williams continues. former chairman of a charity founded by williams called the second chance foundation says the group got a federal subpoena monday earlier this month williams be latedly reported those $160,000 worth of gifts to the city's ethics board. williams says that he accepts full responsibility. he could now face a hefty fine from the ethics board. health officials in camden county want to make sure it's pet owners are keeping their animals save from rabies after officials say a raccoon in stratford tested positive for rabies. camden county health department says on august 19th, someone in stratford reported their dog had attack add raccoon in their yard. health officials discover the raccoon did have rabies the dog is now being observed for 45
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days and was current on its rabies vaccinations county is encouraging all pet owners to copy their pets vaccinations current. in west philadelphia, a man is dead after police say he broke into the home of his ex-girlfriend with their kids there the entire time. this happened after midnight along 800 block of north marco street. police say the 22-year-old man broke in through a second floor window and according to investigators, he fought with the mom and their kids and her new boyfriend. that's when the new boyfriend shot the man in the chest and ran off. >> there's two children that she has, that were home at the time, and currently down at the homicide division being enter viewed also. they're young. they're under the age of 15. young kids. obviously didn't need to so this situation go on, but we'll deal with them and deal what they need as far as counseling. >> police have not row leased the identity of anyone involved yet. investigators are telling fox 29 they know who they're looking for but that person is not in custody last check. >> you decide 2016 while polls indicate long shot that is not
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stopping drum from that trying to convince minority voters he would be a better choice than his opponent hillary clinton. fox's lauren blanchard has the latest on hess new out reach efforts on the campaign trail. >> what are you doing to reach out to minority voters. >> reporter: donald trump mee meeting with volunteers in a rally in tampa florida. he tried to drum up the la seen know vote. >> i'm going to fight to give every hispanic citizen in this country is much better future. a much better life. >> reporter: trump also attac attacking hillary clinton over reports donors to her foundation were given special meetings why they was secretary of state. >> hillary clinton ran the state department like a failed leader in third world country. >> reporter: in florida, an average of polls show trump is currently trailing clinton and with some purple states now leaning blue, poll watchers say he needs to win in large swing states. >> you're really left with a big
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play that trump has to he can cute order to win and that big play is big states, florida, ohio, pennsylvania. >> reporter: the clinton campaign on the defense today after an ap report found 50% of hillary clinton's meetings with private citizens while secretary of state were with donors to her charity. her campaign manager pushing back saying the report is skued. >> by our account there was over 1700 other meetings that she h had. you know she was secretary of state. she was meeting with foreign officials and government officials constantly so to pull all of them out of the equation cherry pick a very small number of meetings, is pretty outrage. >> reporter: clinton continues her fundraising blitz on the west coast and her campaign says they're now halfway to their billion dollars goal. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. vice-president joe biden says the us will not extradite fethullah gulen the muslim
5:19 pm
cleric turkey claims is behind military coo. president obama cannot circumvent american courts on that matter. adding that to do so would be impeachable offense. gulen is living in exile at his home in the poconos. the declaration being made while turkey launches an operation to clear isis militants in the turk curds from further expanding in northern syria. >> people of turkey have no greater friend, if you'll excuse me, for being so self-serving, have no greater friend than the united states of america. >> biden and the turkish prime minister also discussed support for curdish fighters battling isis in neighboring syria. people all around the world are working to catch them all with pokemon go. take look at this video out of taiwan. hundreds of players are stampeding through the streets of taipei. why? they are after some very rare characters. effort to catch them all made driving a bit more treacherous as well because people are
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actually riding their scooters while trying to catch pokemon. obviously it's a little dangerous. so authorities if they catch them as they say they'll get slapped with some heavy duty fines. meanwhile here in the united states, playing pokemon go is proving costly for some living in wayne michigan. many head to this park since it's a hot spot for pokemon. but signs are posted saying you've got to leave when the sun sets. cops say people haven't been abiding to those warnings to get out after dark they've started handing out tickets to pokemon players lingering too long. those fines they're steep. nearly $300. in washington state prison inmates trying to give back to their communities. how they're stepping up to help their local heroes. and pushing for later start times. why one lawmaker says getting kids to school earl could lead to whole range of problems that can be avoided. >> it's called the bikini a way for some muslim women to go to the beach why the creator says she's seen an increase in sales
5:21 pm
even though more and more communities are banning it.
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♪ more and more we're hearing about the benefits of starting school later in the day and now a state legislator in utah pushing for that exact thing.
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>> she says kids real dollar need a good night's rest. we all kind of know that. elizabeth spach man months taught high school before coming a lawmaker and she wants school to start later so that students can get enough sleep. doctors recommend students get between eight and 9.5 hours of sleep every night. the american medical association recommends that schools start times for middle and high school should be no earlier than 8:30 8:30am. >> the biggest problem i had when i was teaching high school was not with bad behavior. it was with kids falling asleep. >> well she says kids need more sleep not more tests. critics argue starting school times that early could be costly and make it harder to fit in after school activities. france has banned women from wearing bikinis at the beach. the australian creator of burr keen knee ever since last month's ban she has seen her sales soar. the debate over women wearing the controversial swim wear is
5:25 pm
sensitive in france following the deadly attacks from isis. the full length swimsuit comes with a built in hood. the designer says part of the reason she made the suit was to bring together different cultures. >> i think they misunderstood. i think that when we produced the saturday swimsuit it was part of integration. it was part of combining the cultures and putting, you know, women that choose to wear these as part of any other woman if she chooses to wear bikini. >> the critics say some women don't choose to wear it and they have to. groups have filed complaints however against the ban with france's highest administrative courts. now the olympics in rio are over it's time to look ahead to the 2020 games the olympic flag arrived in japan today and a large crowd gathered on the runway as the person carrying the flag walked down the plane stairs. tokyo of course will host the summer games in four years. it's not a tra dig al way of fighting crime. one town is paying criminals.
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coming up why authorities say, hey, it works. can george can give me a call so i can figure out -- >> our jeff cole goes looking for answers. why philadelphia's mayor says a local towing company needs to be held responsible for its actions. scott? >> iain, right now things are heating up in the tropic. we have tropical storm gaston but also we could have hermine brewing. we'll talk about the chances of that becoming a tropical storm next. i'm hillary clinton,
5:27 pm
and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
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♪ woman is in critical condition after an accident at a zipline park. skyfox was over the go eight park in bear, delaware it's unclear what happened but paramedics did take the 58-year-old woman to christiana hospital. again, she is in critical condition. we will update this story when we have more information. new jersey governor chris christie wants to cut down weights times at the motor vehicle commission. wouldn't that be lovely? the governor says it needs to be easier to access services. he says the state is getting rid of online transaction fees and calling on lawmakers to pass bill that would change driver licenses and registration expiration dates to drivers birthdays as it is in many other states instead of the last day of the month. claims of president today today tower towing in the city of brotherly of love. imagine that. the allegations have drivers and the mayor steaming. >> city resident claims to have capture the whole practice on video. fox 29 has learn police
5:30 pm
department's major crimes unit is now investigate. our jeff cole joins us now in the studio with all the details. jeff. >> mayor jim kenney has been battling illegal towing for more than a decade. now that he's mayor he thinks he can do something about it that may start with pulling the license of a city towing compa company. july 1st about 8:00 p.m. and adam, pulls up along south broad near alter and parks. >> i double checked. to make sure that it was legal for me to be there. >> reporter: up and down the street no sign that is said no parking? >> right. >> reporter: he brakes from practice with a rock band season stunned to find the george smith towing company has his car on the hook. he takes a seat. >> i sat on it. >> reporter: sought on your car. >> i just sat on it, and told him we weren't going anywhere until the police showed he had up to verify that they were actually a loud to tow the car. >> reporter: he's not alone. with his concerns about alleged predatory towing in philly. >> he's moving this truck that
5:31 pm
they parked there so they could now tow the bleep mercedes behind it. >> reporter: south philly resident became so angry about what was watching from his apartment several floors up he recorded it. he tells fox 29 george smith towing was placing its vehicles to make it appear it was legal to park there then towing motorists cars away. and some times a no parking sign stuck in a bucket would be down when motorists parked and back up when their vehicles were being hauled off. >> call here for george smith. looking to get answers about fraud situation. >> long time city towing company had very little to say. >> no comment. >> i can figure out what was going on on south broad. >> no comment. >> did you guys have contracted to -- >> no comment. >> but mayor kenney is talking. >> these are basically car pirates who go out and steal people's cars off the street and they've been doing it for while report roar the mayor says he's going after george smith's license. >> i know we're going to be
5:32 pm
moving hopefully to pull that license of that company and let them go back in and fight to get the righted to business in the city. >> reporter: as for adam, his sit in worked. his car was freed and he stood up. >> just a simple scam, you know, of, you know, make it seem like you're allowed to park there then they tow it away. >> reporter: did you get that? no comment from george smith t towing. lot at brought broad and alter being redeveloped. it's fenced off. there's no construction set city code says cars can't block driveways but towers near a clear sign. drivers claim there were no sign when they towed may sue. i'm jeff cole. lucy to you. >> jeff, do you have rights if your car is towed in philadelphia. tow companies must accept cash, debit or credit cards as payment. the city of philadelphia sets the towing fees. they are 175 bucks for the tow and $25 a day for storage. it adds up quickly. before you're towed the driver must take picture of your
5:33 pm
license plate and the violation which is why you're getting towed. if you need to file a complaint against a towing company, good ahead and call 311 and good lu luck. right now the national weather service says three tornadoes have touched down in central indiana today, and it's not out of the clear in that area as of yet. here's some damage that we got from suspected tornado that tour through cocoa mow indiana this afternoon 50 miles northeast of indianapolis. indy car driver connor daily took these pictures you can see a starbucks is flattened. right now no reports of any injuries. let's hope it stays that way. the conditions are still prime and ripe for tornadoes. back to our fox 29 weather authority now. beautiful when i teed off this morning, scott. >> oh, yeah. >> it's still beautiful now, scott. >> it really is across our area. lucy and iain, a lot of sunshine, dry conditions and the temperatures have been really comfortable. mid 80s across the philadelphia area today upper 70s. low 80s down the shore. really not a cloud in the sky
5:34 pm
and our weather will stay pretty nice as far as the rainfall over the next several days. but look off to the west. a line of severe weather moving through sections of indiana at this hour. multiple tornado warnings still on going around indianapolis. also around the cocoa mow area. a starbucks was destroyed so picking up the pieces but the severe weather threat not over for folks off to our west tonight. however, we're still looking pretty dry. a dry forecast really over the next several days only a couple of pop-up showers likely in that forecast. we'll talk about a building heat wave as well. but take a live look outside of our studios. beautiful weather right now in old city. center city as well. 85 degrees currently. high today 86. but look at the wind direction. right now winds are out of the south and west. that will aid in moving that humidity up over the next several days. we have 82 in pottstown right now. mid 80s trenton, wrightstown low 80s right now down the shore.
5:35 pm
we'll zoom in a little closer. we have 78 cape may point. low 80s avalon. look at the boardwalk in ac. checking in at 78 degrees. but get ready for that heat pu pump. we're talking about temperatures back into the 90s and also the potential is there for, yes, the sixth heat wave of the year. in fact, take look at future feels like temperatures by tomorrow afternoon, we're looking at highs in the upper 80s, but it's going feel like the low 90s from trenton to philadelphia. allentown feeling like 91. then it gets even hotter as we move toward your friday. feels like temperatures mid to upper 90s. look at 3:00 o'clock in millville. 98 degrees by friday. no 98 in atlantic city at the airport. so we have tropical storm gaston but we could have hermine brewing right now we'll zoom in a little closer around the leeward islands moving toward puerto rico hurricane hunters were out investigating this. a broad area of circulation really poorly organized. so nothing at the moment we're
5:36 pm
talking named storm but over the next several days, you can see that track would take it towards the bahamas eventually maybe south florida as early as next week. so we'll continue to follow that. headed down the shore over the neck several days? low 80s tomorrow. friday a hot land breeze, 87 degrees. moderate risk for those rip currents. the weather authority seven day forecast showing you those temperatures tomorrow in the upper 80s and then back to the 90s friday's high 93 degrees. it will feel closer to the triple digits. 90 hot, humid on saturday. low 90s on sunday. if we have those three consecutive days temperatures at or above 90 that would mean the sixth heat wave. maybe a pop you have up storm tuesday, wednesday of next week and then not as hot back to the mid to upper 80s by the middle of next week. back to you. >> all right. thank you so much, scott. a homerun that won't soon be forgotten what baseball player did that has his him seth celebrating and digging into his
5:37 pm
wallet. >> new life for the revel casino. what the building could be used for that could bring even more people into atlantic city. >> playgrounds are havens for children, of course but we'll tell you what steps philadelphia city leaders are facing to make places for people of all ages. ♪ what's that?! a bird? no, it's gus, the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania! have no fear, wonder gus is here! wonder bucks! whaaa... wonder bucks, the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery, with top prizes of $300 grand! one can dream.
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♪ temple university welcoming the class of 2020. 5100 students moved into their new homes on campus today. the class of 2020 was selected get this from an applicant pool of more than 34,000 people. that's a 15% increase from last year. probably had something to do with that football team last year that's a new record by the way for temple classes start next monday. also u penn welcoming freshman today more than 300 students move in to the new college house which opened its doors for the first time it is the first building on campus to be built from the ground up. as the college house it's built around private courtyard. the former revel casino and hotel in atlantic city could see new live as a time share. >> fantasy resorts is reportedly in negotiations to lease some
5:41 pm
space in that hotel to use as time share units. revel owner glenn straub brought the property out of bankruptcy season committed to reopening it in some fashion. straub says there have been bureaucratic challenges to opening the doors to the public. swimming with the dolphins is a popular tourist activity in some areas. so why is one state banning it? the reason it says that activity has to stop. plus epipen prices are way up. that's not all that's costing more. wife some people are furious that the company that make the life-saving drugs ceo. >> another player from washington talking trash, josh norman disrespecting sam bradford but, of course, his teammates come to his defense. hear what they had to say later in sports.
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♪ donkeys are leaving town. dnc decorations that were spotted all over the city were loaded up on trailers today and they're going to head back to warehouse in montgomeryville they'll get a little tlc before being sent out to their representatives. >> swimming with dolphins in hawaii may soon be a thing of the past which is great news for dolphins. federal regulators working to enforce a ban because it's hurt the dolphins health. constant human interaction is most definitely impacting the mammals. >> over time their health may be impacted. they may not nurture their young as well. they may abandon their young. they may ban don their habitat and they may suffer long-term population level impact. >> proposed ban would include waters that are two nautical miles off the main hawaiian island. >> tesla is putting more powers in its electric cars. new version of the model s car
5:46 pm
is the quickest production car in the world. it goes from sorry row to 60 in just 2.5 seconds. that's as fast as ferrari. new sedan has a new 100-kilowatt hour battery pack that extends its range to 315 miles from the current 270. new sedan going to set you back more than 134,000 bucks. >> that's why i dream about it. that's all i do. in your health concerns over potential zika outbreak propertied a call of action by governor rick scott. he hosted around table to discuss -- health officials are monitoring pregnant women and givingiving them free preventios and mosquito repellants to schools and school nurses are getting special training. the governor stresses standing water is a a danger and education is the key to stealing with the mow scoto born disease. the sunshine state has hundreds of zika cases. >> we have just under 500 cases we believe are travel related.
5:47 pm
we have 43 cases now we think are non-travel related. >> the state has allocated more than $22 million of state funds towards fighting zika. >> the price of life-saving epipens is going up in big way. many who depend on it concerned. in fact lawmakers are now demanding more information about why the price of the drug has sky rocked. fox's linda williams talked with one mom about what this means for her family. >> take off the blue cap and then swing it around and poke your outer thigh until it alcoholics and hold it for 10 seconds. >> reporter: phoenix mom karen conway is well versed in epipens as she showed us using a trainer penn. >> pull it out. the medicine is administered automatically. >> reporter: her son has a peanut allergy. epipens are his life life if he's accidentally exposed. >> he gets hives, his throat will swell and he'll stop
5:48 pm
breathing. >> the conway are careful but just in case they have two pack of epipens dylan's school and a two pack of epipens at home that they take when they go on outings. conway says when he was first diagnosed eight years ago, a two pack of epipens costs about $100. now conway says it costs about $500. and that's with insurance. >> i realized things go up in cost but i just -- it's unfathomable to me that that's a possibility that it's a reasonable increase. >> reporter: she says while they can afford it, she knows other families who can't. >> it's not okay. there's kids running around in schools that can't afford this and they could stop breathing and die because they simply can't afford the medicine that will keep them safe. it's sad and maddening. >> meantime the head of the pharmaceutical company that raised the price of epipens by more than 400% has been given huge raise. reports say heather bresch got a
5:49 pm
raise of more than 670% over nine years. baseball player in the midwest hit a homerun he won't soon forget. brandon thomas the centerfield for the gateway grizzlies and his team was down three-zero in the second inn ago couple days ago. thomas launch add grand slam to give his team the lead. the ball through out of the stadium and hit and smashed a truck's win she'll in the parking lot. only problem it was brandon's truck. >> oh! >> when i hit it i knew i got it. i wasn't sure if it was going to be fair or fall but it stayed fare long enough. wasn't little crack down here. that's pretty good damage. >> no problem. been don's team went on to win the game 17-six. >> do you get it fixed or keep it because it's a badge of honor. >> you get it fix. >> one california town using crime fighting a approach that -- many would consider the counter intuitive if not out right nuts. >> claudia dough went explains from richmond, california. >> reporter: it's a controversial stat gee to come
5:50 pm
back the violence that playing the city of richmond, california for decades. hiring convicted felons to court suspected criminals with offers of cash and trips to lead better lives. >> we're going to all over the area. >> reporter: ex-con turned city employee joe mccoy search force rich of raymond's most dangerous young men who avoided arrest due to lack of evidence who agreed to participate in advanced peace, 18 month fellowship program mentors like joe engage several times a day with men like harold sylvan who served time for drug crimes to help them set positive goals. >> like i never had job. i'm 26 i'm just now getting a job. i never what the fairy tooth was or how you make a recipe. they taught me everything. >> reporter: he it's good to travel, too. this picture taken in los angeles one of the many excursions available to those who stay out of trouble and if after six months they begin to chief their goals, they can earn up to us a thon dollars a month. that doesn't sit well with
5:51 pm
lorraine taylor whose twin sons were gunned down in oakland at the age of 22. >> if i were to find out that the guy that murdered my twin sons was getting a thousand dollars for a promise, how can you trust, you know, they kill somebody they would lie. >> just 10 years ago, richmond's homicide rate was eight times the national average but it's dropped considerably in recent years. supporters say those numbers are a direct result of the program. adding the money which comes from private donations is like an allowance that rewards hard work. the director of advanced piece argues intensive engagement the only way to disrupt urban gun violence. >> our point is to connect with that young man in a very human way in our route to change that mindset that gives rise to destructive behavior. >> reporter: he says most of the 82 men who have gone through the program are still alive and are not considered suspects in new gun crimes. but crit text say the program sends a bad message and that if
5:52 pm
anyone should be getting money or trips, it should be the victims of violence. in richmond, california claudia cohen fox news. >> huge diss referee new man planet found right next door. an earth like planet is orbiting the sun's closest stellar neighbor i has about the same mass of earth about the same weight. the newly discovered planet is warm enough for liquid water and a rocky terrain. key components of course to sustain live as we know it. >> in washington state prison inmates trying to give back to their communities. how they're stepping up to hem their local heroes. >> at 6:00 o'clock a man walks out of a philadelphia prison for the first time in 25 years. going free after dna evidence proves he is innocent. what he's now saying about moving forward with his life. and rapper snoop dog and wiz khalifa named in a lawsuit after a railing concert a concert in camden. the one action the musician muss
5:53 pm
took that attorney says makes them partly response al for the accident that injured dozens. ♪ since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision
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and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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5:56 pm
firefighters battling fierce wildfires in washington state are getting an unexpected helping hand from state inmates. >> foxes patrick erickson reports prisoners are working together to feed hungry and tired fire crews. >> reporter: it's dinnertime at fire camp here at the spokane county fairgrounds. worn out crews heading back from 12 to 14 hours days looking for hot meal an good night's sleep.
5:57 pm
>> those gentlemen are the guys who provide this meal for everybody. they do a really good job. >> reporter: for the last three years christopher has work in camp like this at wildfires all over the state. >> they got to keep it rolling, because you want them as fresh as possible. >> reporter: although he's had training christopher is not firefighter. he's a convicted felon. >> i feel like i've done enough bad things so it feels good to come out here and help people. >> reporter: serving nine year sentence for% degree assault christopher is one of 250 inmates from correction center in western washington that work for the department of natural resources. >> it was kind of hard sometimes because you're in a camp but other than that, i mean, i just like the feeling of helping people. >> reporter: not only do programs like one safe taxpayers money they also help out local fire agencies who are already stretched thin. >> we appreciate what they're doing for our community, and wanted to make sure they heard that from me. i came out here to thank them report roar they know what ear doing, who we are. they say thank you for it as
5:58 pm
opposed to looking at you and walking away it feels good to be, you know, to feel like you're needed. >> that is fantastic. all right. so our fox 29 facebook fan page reached another milestone and today we hit 700,000 likes. not shabby. >> so to celebrate mike jerrick made good on a bet to have his legs waxed live on good day this morning. >> is it happening now? >> yes. >> oh, my gosh. >> ahh! >> you okay? >> you did it. >> you're doing it. >> oh, oh, it's happening -- ahh! >> oh, my gosh. >> the least i can do is make it quick, right. >> that's what she said. >> conshohocken. (laughter). >> sweet mother of pearl. >> oh, mommy. >> i feel horrible, mike.
5:59 pm
>> oh mike. >> after the show our good day producers felt very bad that they didn't mike to take painkillers before the show. poor guy. >> caught on camera, a railing at a concert collapses sending fans tumbling. >> majority of people fell head first. that could have been absolutely catastrophic. tonight the fallout, the lawsuits that target the venue as well as rapper snoop dog and wiz khalifa. ♪ plus a five-year-old boy proves you're never too young for random acts of kindness. >> it's awesome. he's like the sweetest little boy for him to be five years old and just to think of us in that way is amazing. >> why he saved his allowance to give to police. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. first at 6:00 police are on
6:00 pm
the hunt for a sexual offender targeting women in south philadelphia. the investigation involves case after case all through the past few weeks. >> i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. >> there's similarities between those assaults. let's get tout joanne pill lee gee whose following this investigation in south philadelphia. police shared new information about the cases today. >> reporter: that's right, iain. police in philadelphia think it is the same guy who has sexually assaulted at least four women so far. and they are now asking for the public's help to try to find this guy before he takes aim at yet another victim. cops released this surveillance video of the suspect seen on a bike in south philly. the location of multiple sexual assaults over a one-week period this month. >> during these assaults our victims are wearing dresses and the offender comes up behind them on his bicycle, reaches up under the dress and sexually assault all of them. >> reporter: four w


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