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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  August 25, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. breaking news a little girl is right now fighting for her life aft getting hit by a stray bullet. yes, it has happened again. the bullet hit the eight year old outside her camden home. good evening, i'm lucy noland. witnesses say the street was littered with bullets. fox 29's joanne pileggi is live at cooper university hospital where that little girl is tonight. joanne? >> reporter: lucy, good evening. this is what trauma teams train for and everyone around here is hoping and praying they are successful. as little girl's live hangs in the balance after she was shot outside of her home a couple of hours ago. now these are some pictures from the scene at eighth and spruce streets. chaos and fear after a wild shootout on the street. the out come horrific.
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eight-year-old girl happened to be outside of her home. she was hit in the crossfire. police telling us tonight she was shot in the head. police responded to the shooting and the child was rushed to cooper university hospital where she has been in emergency surgery. one witness said he was in his home, thought he heard firecrackers but it was much worse than that. >> i was watching tv and i heard i heard firecrackers and so many of them. turned around it was gunshots. people shooting at each other. >> some of the suspects fled from eighth street to ninth street possibly jumped into a vehicle and were fleeing the area at a high wait of speed in that area. so if anybody at that point in time around the hour of 8:30 saw that, has any more information they can add, we certainly are looking to get as much information as we can at this point in time to put the pieces of the puzzle together. >> reporter: again, those
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gunmen on the loose. they jumped into that car and fled. people in the neighborhood very upset, and scared. police say they are determined to find the shooters and bring them to justice again that eight-year-old girl in emergency surgery in very critical condition tonight. lucy. >> prayers for her. all right. joanne. still developing to night what started as fun adventure ended in tragedy when a woman fell to her death. she was at a state park in delaware to go sip lining when she fell down. fox 29's brad sattin is live in newark with what went wrong. brad? >> reporter: lucy, obviously a sad scene here. this was over at lump's park -- lumps pond state park on that zipline as you mentioned. she was at a place called go ape adventures. they have locations in bear, delaware, as well as 14 other places across the country. we don't exactly know what happened but clearly something went wrong when she came crashing to the ground about 40 feet down. >> unfortunate to hear about
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what happened. report roar those who ridden the ziplines before of the same questions now as investigators. what exactly went wrong? how did a 59-year-old woman fall 40 feet from the go ape tree adventure at lumps pond state park she was pronounced dead at christiana hospital. in the companies compani' pros motion al video it's build a two to three hour adventure through the forest canopy. james lunsford and tara have been on the ziplines here before and believe with proper instructions they are safe. >> you're instructed on how to attach caribbean and use the lock. it's very safe. >> there's couple hooks you hook on something. if you didn't hook those up correctly. you have to really pay attention when you're doing it they go through that with you thorough thoroughly. the company release released a t saying... >> reporter: now at this point go ap cement not speculating on
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what exactly happen. of course, state police are continuing to investigate. lucy? >> thank you brad. on your radar get ready to say goodbye to milder summer days. looking live at allentown as this break from the extreme heat is about to come to an end. meteorologist scott williams is here with your first forecast the 11. scott? >> hi there, lucy. certainly it has been a nice stretch across the delaware valley. i mean take a look at this week's temperatures. monday the high 83. 83 yesterday. 86 the high temperature for today. so note the up tick by tomorrow high temperatures nearing 90 degrees. increase in the heat along with that humidity could spell our sixth heat wave of the season. so don't get too used to the nice weather. overnight temperatures we're looking at lows in the upper 6 60s. in the city low 60s for the suburb. a little more humidity for the overnight with winds more out of the south and west. planning your day for tomorrow, temperatures by 7:00 a.m. around 70. low 80s by lunch too many. upper 80s by 3:00 o'clock and
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84 degrees by 7:00 tomorrow evening. so look at that extended forecast. 89 the high temperature tomorrow. low 90s as we move toward your friday and take look at upcoming weekend. we're talking temperatures right around 90 so three couldn' conse days with temperatures at or above 90 would spell our sickth heat wave. coming up we'll talk much more about the heat and humidity building also the shore temperatures looking pretty good over the neck several days a hot land breeze and also the tropi tropics, they have gun to heat up of we have gaston but we also have the potential lucy for hermine as early as this week. we'll track it all for you coming up. with that seven day forecast. >> sounds good, talk to you soon scott. local man says he was trying to save the neighbor's life and landed him in jail cell it all happened after he says his neighbor was shot so he raced him to the closest hospital. that man is now speaking only to fox 29's dave schratwieser. how could this happen. dave has got it.
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report luc>> reporter: lucy, a 39-year-old businessman from old city said he wept from good samaritan and witness for the police to prisoner in matter of minutes. >> i'm trying to be nice guy, help my neighbor. >> reporter: he doesn't want to be identified but he matches a popular old city establishment much last saturday night he left work and parked his truck on the block where he lives in south philadelphia. >> then pop, pop, pop, pop. shoot at the guy. that's the guy i know, he's my neighbor. >> reporter: rattled by the shooting he got out to help his neighbor. >> just tell me to, please bring me to hospital. >> reporter: would be samaritan put the man in his truck and raced him to methodist hospital. he was bleeding heavily. he yelled for help. firefighters who were there and doctors quickly took the wounded man inside. police arrived quickly, first they thanked him for being a good samaritan -- >> i tell everything. >> reporter: you were totally cooperative?
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>> yes. then i stay there. i'm not going anywhere. >> reporter: few minutes later police handcuffed him, placed him a squad car and took him to south detectives where he was placed in cell for three hours. >> i kept asking the police officer, why? why they have to do this? this really like, really upsetting forme because i feel like humiliated. >> reporter: now, the shooting victim is recovering from his wounds. the shooter in this case the suspect has not been captured. the good samaritan told me he was told nothing by police, no charges were filed against him, and he'd like an explanation. he also says he has no prior criminal record, not even speeding ticket. lucy? >> none of that makes sense. all right. dave. the damage is widespread and the rescues continue in italy though officials say the death toll from last night's earthquake will most likely ri rise. this evening miracle pulled from the rubble of the magnitud magn2 earthquake. rescuers pulled a 10-year-old
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girl out what was a building they found her legs first. then frantically cleared debris until they freed her. the quake leveled a wide swath of towns. 80 to 100 miles northeast of rome rescuers are not giving up the search for other survivors continues. >> translator: we're trying to help pull out as many people as possible from the rubble. unfortunately 90% we pull out are dead. but some make it out. that's why we're here. >> meanwhile, the white house says president obama has spoken with italy' president and the state department is working to provide assistance to any americanamericans impacted. three arrests, thee people in the hospital including a teenaged boy. prosecutors have charged 2484 old car dell hell lense, 22-year-old gary martin and 21-year-old paul control for their involve in many the west philadelphia shooting and this has olympic connections. according to team usa website krohl was an olympic boxing hopeful. this happen last weekend on south 55th street after an argument.
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a 25-year-old man and the teen are in critical condition. the other victim is stable. on his first full day of freedom in 25 years, 44-year-old anthony wright says he feels reborn. he met with reporters after thanking jurors who yesterday acquitted him for 1991 rape and murder years ago. dna evidence proved he was not connected to the crime. but the district attorney's office decided to retry wright anyhow so he sat in prison longer. he spent years after bars after his initial convict after lawyers for the innocence project and philadelphia schnader law firm secured his freedom with help from those jury roars. >> i'm like a baby right now. like i haven't seen -- i haven't breathed this type of air, i haven't been hugged so much in so long. >> it was, um, humbling. it really was. and it was a privilege to read those words, not guilty. >> in statement the da's office defended retrying wright instead
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of simply releasing him in the face of the dna. evidence, ton night, the philadelphia district attorney' office announced the passing of a long-time prosecutor. roger king was fixture trying some of the city's biggest cases before he retired in 2008. he reportedly passed a it way after long illness. da seth williams calls him a legendary prosecutor and says he was wonderful man and committed to justice. take a good look. police say this group of guys stole a car off a local street park right in front of the owner's house but they were not done. what officers say the same men did when they came back to the same house. and a major new perk for uber drivers in new jersey. what's about to start right here that could soon go national. you decide 2016, republican presidential candidate donald trump seems to be happy with his campaign' direction. he replaced his campaign manager last week and today he tweeted out results from a new poll that says that he is at 44% of
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support just three-point behind hillary clinton. we check the u gov site what we see shows trump support at 38% not 44 and trailing clinton by four-point. the real clear politic average shows trump polling just blow 42% to
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♪ juniata police are looking for three men who stole one car and set another fire. the trio first stole a green
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honda accord on the 4,000 block of may wood street. the last four numbers on that plate are 7987. 7987. police say the men returned to the victim' home then set a parked bmw on fire. if you know about anything about this give police call. two to did he having story out of south philadelphia. police are after the man behind a series of sex assaults he's struck over and again this mon month. he's on bicycle rides up behind women wearing dresses, greps then and rides off. everyone should be cautious. if you have any information or if this has happened to you, give police call. you see it, you shoot it our fresco users are helping usie what's happening in your neighborhood. all right, iain, what's going on tonight. >> lucy fresco users on the scene moments after this car accident in the city's germantown second. you can see this mini van winds up on its roof around 1:00 near the information of wayne avenue and berkeley street and we're hearing everyone got out of that van safely.
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in in lehigh county flames and smoke pouring from this home in lower macungie along the 2,000 block of strathmore lane around 2:00 this afternoon. no one was hurt. there's no word tonight on what started the fire. so when you see news happening, be sure to take out your phone and shoot it and peak sure to use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom and get paid. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, iain. they are suing more than a dozen people who fell when a railing at the bb and t pavilion gave way earlier this in say it should have never happened that collapse injured more than 40 people during the snoop dog and wiz khalifa concert august 6t august 6th. 42 people were hurt. 70 people are suing live nation and the performers they say the area should have been better secured. >> they had 21 years to do it. they failed and because of that 42 people have lingering and potentially life long injuries. >> less than 24 hours later that railing was fixed and barricade
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was up to keep fans from pushing forward. live nation is not commenting on that lawsuit. in your health, a new non travel related case of the seek virus has sprung up in flor. the florida department of health has gun door to door out reach and testing in palm beach coun county. department of health spokesperson says one case does not mean that active transmission of the virus is happening. health officials first have tocometer an investigation and sample close contacts around each case to see if others are infected. florida's governor says the state is doing its best to keep everyone safe. >> we are given every pregnant woman in our state a free assessment test kit if they want it every county health department. i've allocated $26 million so far. we'll do more if we need to. >> the sunshine state has more than 500 zika cases. health official say 70 of those people are pregnant women. in your money tonight, uber has new perk for 13,000 drivers in new jersey. they will soon be able to open
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retirement accounts. uber partnering with betterment online invest many firm so drivers will be able to open free ira accounts. new jersey program part of pilot right now launching in just four markets. uber is hoping to roll it out to drivers across the country. philadelphia city leaders are making parks and playgrounds more well coming for people of all ages not just the kiddos. mayor kenney signed the inclusive parks and play grounds bill he and the parks department made the announcement in germantown today. the legislation means all parks or playgrounds managed by the city will have play areas for children with special needs and equipment for adults. the city plans to invest $300 million in parks and recreation centers the new beverage tax is partially funding the renovation. all righty. so we've got some heat coming back our way. don't we, scott. >> we real dollar in a hurry, lucy. high temperatures tomorrow near 90 degrees. but it look like low 90s by friday, even feels like temperatures approaching the triple digits. dry and quiet right now across
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our area. but look at that severe weather that moved through sections of indiana into ohio. it's weakening now but not before producing multiple tornadoes in both of those states. for us it's 73 degrees right now but look at that humidity. inching on up. 71% right now. temperatures still pretty comfortable. 70 in millville. we have 70 pottstown. 64 degrees right now in the pocono mountains but look at future feels like temperatures by 2:00 o'clock tomorrow. feeling like 93 in reading. 90 the feels like temperature in philadelphia. it gets even hotter by friday. look at the numbers. 100 degrees the feels like temperature by the afternoon. feeling like the triple digits and much of south jersey. the tropics we have gaston, we also have the potential for hermine as we move the clock ahead you can see what happens as we approach the latter part of the week into the upcoming weekend. we are talking about the potential for that system moving toward the bahamas and then eventually south florida. the extended forecast shows 89
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tomorrow but then back to the 90s for the up coming weekend. tracking our sixth heat wave. lucy? >> thanks mazing, six heat waves, wow. temple university is welcoming the class of 2020. 5100 students moved no their new homes on campus today. the class of 2020 comes from an applicant pool of more than 34,000 people. wow! that is a 15% increase from last year and that is a record for tepp pell. classes start next monday. now across town at university city, the university of pennsylvania welcomes students back for another semester. and 340 new freshmen will be living at the new college house. it opened its doors for the first time today. the new building features a new dining cafe and state of the art dorm rooms with private bathrooms. very chic. >> all right, sean bell, what's jump. >> a lot of people taking shots at sam bradford lucy over the summer. josh norman, michael bennett, et cetera. some which i actually agree with. i do have one problem with of his recent comments.
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sam bradford getting all the hate he can get this off season. josh norman has been talking trash about everything lately. that's what he does. this time he's coming at sam bradford. he basically said sam doesn't deserve the money he's getting and can't wait to play him twice year. listen i love trash talk. the nastier the better norman fighting o'dell beckham. it's fun. it's entertaining. i wish there was actually more of it but the problem i have with norman's statement and let's throw michael bennett in there, too, commenting about bradford's paycheck. listen, why you worried about that man's money? what he mak makes. you're in the quarterback. it doesn't affect you. everyone is looking for a fat paycheck. everyone wants more money. why you mad? when players talk about other guy's salary, you know what it smells like jealousy. don't worry about another man's pockets.
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worry about your own. bradford has the money because his agent negotiated it. good for him. go good for his agent. lucy? >> all right. thank you very much, sean bell. police officers in winslow township, new jersey, enjoyed a free lunch today paid for by a five-year-old boy who wants to be just like them when he grows up. william everett you've his own allowance to buy the entire department lunch. it's what he wanted to do to celebrate what his family calls kindness day the family goes around and does nice thing. isn't that great? so with some help from mom he showed his local officers how kind he is and in return they gave him a ride around in police car, lights and sirens, too. so william who goes by ba ba raise that money? good old-fashioned chores. >> i helped mommy feed the ducks and the chickens. >> he wants to be a police officer. we look forward to that the type of people who want to fill our sports when we retire. >> the kindness doesn't stop at the winslow police department.
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now next bubba is bring and school supplies to needy children and toys and food to animals at local shelter so his kindness day continues tomorrow. that is fantastic. ari an good grande former song writer is accusing her of stealing -- the chorus and other lyrics are the same for his song takes all night performed by sky stevens. he's suing for a cut of the profits. i know you gentlemen are waited for baited breath on this one. >> how much is bubba getting paid. >> i'm trying to get paid, too. >> if you help with the chickens bubba's house i'll bet you could get allowance too. i can hook you up
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live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. >> breaking on fox 29 morning news, philadelphia police officer is hospitalized after a hit-and-run. more on his condition coming up in a live report. >> it has happened again, a little girl shot in a local community rushed to the hospital. the evidence found nearby. right now, the search is on for a sexual offender targeting women in south philadelphia. what police say all of the attacks have in common. >> plus, adventure at delaware state park turns deadly after woman falls 40 feet while zip lining watch could have possibly went wrong. what the company is saying this morning. >> good day, it is august 25th, 2016. >> let's get to our weather because it feels fall like again this morning, very nice. >> and treasure it, because now you will feel the differ


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