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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  August 25, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. >> breaking on fox 29 morning news, philadelphia police officer is hospitalized after a hit-and-run. more on his condition coming up in a live report. >> it has happened again, a little girl shot in a local community rushed to the hospital. the evidence found nearby. right now, the search is on for a sexual offender targeting women in south philadelphia. what police say all of the attacks have in common. >> plus, adventure at delaware state park turns deadly after woman falls 40 feet while zip lining watch could have possibly went wrong. what the company is saying this morning. >> good day, it is august 25th, 2016. >> let's get to our weather because it feels fall like again this morning, very nice. >> and treasure it, because now you will feel the difference today with
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humidity. but still, we are expecting a pretty decent day for august, it will be a eight out of ten, i think, for most of us, those are pretty good odds. let's see what's going to happen next. there we go. we have some rainout in the western part of the state. we do not expect that to make it here, though, today. we have a rain free forecast. and 69 degrees, at this hour, we were yesterday at this time, south-southwest wind 5 miles an hour, little more humidity at 81% right now, sunrise time 6:23. 64 degrees in mount pocono, definitely, milder than the day before yesterday when it was in the 40's at this time. sixty-six in pottstown, 67 in trenton. wildwood, had 66, and if you are walking out the door, in wilmington, at this hour, well, some of us have to, 68 degrees. so, here's your planner for the day. few more clouds than we've had. little more haze in the forecast, we get to up about 88 degrees, warmer little more
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humid, sunset time 7:42, still, not bad. but the heat and humidity will be with us for awhile. we'll tell you how long in the seven day forecast, hey, bob kelly? >> hey, sue, good morning, everybody, thursday, looking at 4:02 on the old clock. here is a live look at the roosevelt boulevard of the where they've been working all night long here, southbound, between fox street and the schuylkill expressway. the arrows pushing everybody over to the left. they got light volume so far this morning. really nothing crazy. light are out, chris, still didn't get your check for the electric bill here, overhead street lamps are out in northeast philadelphia. this whole stretch of i-95, so, you will feel like something is not right when you're headed southbound, so look out there, in the construction zone. and then, all of the subway surface trolleys, are terminating at 40th and market until 5:00, after 5:00, we roll the trolleys and the tunnels, here, septa doing maintenance in the tunnels all this week. later today right after the rush hour, the penndot crews will be hitting the schuylkill expressway, they're going to
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be working westbound between city avenue and gulf mill. cleaning out the drains, cleaning up all of the junk that appears on the shoulder of the roadway. so watch for delays leaving town after 9:00. and if you are coming in from new jersey, the walt whitman bridge toll plaza causes delays, three center lanes still closed. chris and lauren, back to you. >> bob, thank you so much. following breaking news in manayunk. philadelphia police officer injured after a hit-and-run. >> investigators say the driver may have been drunk, jenny joyce now live at einstein medical center with the latest on this, how is this officer doing, jennifer? >> good morning, chris. we are hearing that the officer right now is undergoing treatment here, at einstein medical center, with injuries to his shoulder, arm, and knee, but he is expected to be okay. the accident happened just after 1:00 this morning, the officer involved was apparently standing next to his police cruiser main street manayunk near sheers lane talking to fellow officer, sitting inside his car when he
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was hit by a car. according to police, the officer flew 15 feet into the air. the impact forced one of his shoes off. his police hat also landed in the street. initially the driver who hit him took off, but was followed by a tow truck driver in the area and finally stopped along the 400 block of con row street. the front of his vehicle was busted up, police say, the injured officer again expected to be okay. he's lucky. >> after striking the sergeant, and launching his body about 15 feet where the sergeant then collapsed on the main street, the driver of the striking vehicle left the scene of this accident. so it is a hit-and-run. a tow truck driver who witnessed the accident followed the striking vehicle, alerted nearby police officers >> and the driver was taken into custody currently at police headquarters. police say they issued him a breathalyzer test as they're
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still trying to determine exactly how this accident happened. lauren, chris? >> jennifer joyce, thankful. we'll check back. >> to south jersey where eight year old is hospitalized fighting for her life. >> police say she was shot in the head by a stray bullet. dave kinchen now at cooper university hospital. dave, another story that you're on for us, where a kid has been hit by a bullet. >> reporter: yes, horrible case happening way too oven here. camden county police telling us this eight year old is in critical condition after shot in the head by the stray bullet. she underwent emergency surgery, here at cooper university hospital, we're told, the shooting happened around 8:30 last night near the intersection of spruce and south eighth streets in camden. now, investigators say that the girl was outside across the street from her home when several armed suspect were firing at an intended target, a witness tells us the girl was caught in the crossfire. >> i was watching it. v and i thought i heard firecrackers. and there were so many of
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them, but turn around, it was gunshot, i guess people shooting at each other. little innocent girl, standing by, got hit. >> from our perspective this is all hands on deck, pulling out all of the stops to pull in the cowards that opened fire on this city block and now critically wounded this eight year old little girl. >> while several shots were fired, police say the victim was hit once, cops are reviewing some video of the shooting for clues and one more note police tell us that the suspect were apparently seen running from eighth street toward ninth street and may have gotten into a vehicle and took off. if anyone has any information or saw anything, camden county police are urging you to give them a call. so they can solve this crime. back to you. >> absolutely, dave kinchen live for just camden, thank you. >> shootings in ogontz, sent two people to the hospital. someone opened fire on house along north 21st street at 11:15 lags night. the birrage of bullet came to the living room window hitting
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a man and a woman. they're both hospitalized in stable condition. also inside the house at the time of the shooting five children between the ages of five and 15 years old. luckily, none of them were hit or hurt. investigators say the house was targeted. no arrests had been made. >> camden county police release new video shows person of interest in a homicide. someone shot brett moth along the street of camden on august 16th. he died a short time later at cooper university hospital. police say this surveillance video shows a man, who may have information about the murder. if you recognize him, call police. police issue a warning about a man behind several sexual assault in south philadelphia. officers say he rides a bicycle and target women wearing dresses. he rides up from behind, gropes them, then pedals off. deck say he has hit at least four times since august 6th. the assaults have happened late at night in the area of south 13th street, south eighth street, and lombard street. >> you should always be aware
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of your surroundings, it is difficult to do, but make sure who is around you, what's going on, to the best you can. try to stay on a heavily traveled street if possible, try to walk under the light, take all reasonable cautions like that. >> if you have any information or if this has happened to you, police urge you to call them. chris? >> lauren, italian authority say that the death toll from this earthquake in italy has now risen to 247 people. you can see them sifting through the damage right here. the damage is widespread, as this rescue continues, officials are calling one rescue a miracle, after the magnitude 6.2 quake last night, crews pulled from the rubble a ten year old girl out after building. they found her legs first, then frantically cleared debris until they freed her. the quake leveled a wide swat of town, 80 to 100 miles northeast of rome. rescuers are not giving up the search for survivors. >> we're trying to help pull out as many people as possible from the rubble,
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unfortunately, 90% we pull out are dead. but some make it out. that's why we're here. >> meanwhile the white house says president obama has spoken with italy's president and the state department working to provide assistance to any americans impacted by this. back here in the u.s., an indianna state police spokesman says about dozen people were injured, non-seriously, as tornados move through central portions of the state, see them voling, funnel clouds in indianna. >> try to push the door, and the wind was just going so fast it, blew out. i came out, i never seen it like this in my live. then i shut the door, and then it blew my window out. and then that was it, i just went downstairs, just so-so scared. >> i can't imagine. in fact, several tornados ripped through the area destroying homes and cars, republican vice presidential nominee, and indianna governor mike pence have left the campaign trail to deal with those affect in the his home
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state. >> as governor of indianna, no hire priority of the people of our state. so we're headed home and we're going to be home so long as it takes. >> right now thousands are still without power due to the storm. and we're told this is the same storm system also causing some damage in parts of ohio. take a look at this. >> now, to our top stories, what started as a fun adventure end in the tragedy when a woman fell to her death. she was at state park in delaware to go zip lining when she fell. tongs 29's brad satin has more. >> unfortunate to hear about what happened. >> those who have ridden these zip lines before have the same questions now as investigators, what exactly went wrong? how did a 59 year old woman fall 40 feet from the go tree adventure, pronounced dead at christianna hospital. the company's promotional video, adventure through the forest canopy.
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john antar a have been on the zip lines here before and believe with proper instructions, they are safe. >> you're instructed on how to attach your carrier, using the lock and everything, so it is very safe. >> there are double hooks you hook on and everything, so if you somehow didn't hook those up correctly, do you have pay attention when you are doing it, but they go through that with you very thoroughly. >> company released a statement saying the team is deeply saddened by this tragic occurrence, our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends, and in particular those on the course with her at the time. brian satin, "fox 29 news". >> 4:11, the moment a local summer concert went from good times to kay toss, dozens injured at a snoop concert, did not have to happen. >> plus, people in new jersey might spends last time in line at the motor vehicle commission officer. series every changes designed to reduce the wait time.
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>> i want to show you briefly still after shocks being felled from yesterday's earthquake in italy, around the same mountain us area, especially around tolentino, after shocks in the four, 4.2 magnitude range. today as they try to clean that all up. looking at the tropics real quick, to show you the storm we call gaston is now a hurricane. minimal hurricane with 75-mile per hour winds, and again,
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predicted to just stay in the middle of the ocean. that's where we like our hurricanes, say it all the time, but the way that we are watching in the caribbean, around san juan, puerto rico, lot and lots of rain with this tropical wave, but it is not that strong enough yet to become a tropical storm. but it is pretty close once you get to 49 miles an hour, for this sustained winds, you'll get a name, and this one will be her mine, if that happens. one we have to watch specially in florida for labor day weekend. right now we have some rain, the western part of pennsylvania. check the future cast, see if any of that has a chance of coming here. doesn't really look like it until later in the afternoon, after we build up heat, humidity, we could have roll slight chance of pop up shower or thunderstorm, maybe 4:00, 5:00, but not everybody in fact hardly anybody will see. on friday afternoon we have the same chance, and that's about it for rain, or lack thereof. average high 84 degrees, we went little above average,
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yesterday was 86, i think we'll beat that even more today, with high of 88. again, friday, we tell you all week, friday will be the hottest and most humid day of the week, the day you want to plan to be in air-conditioning, 94 degrees tomorrow, then as we head into the last weekend of august, it looks like we are still in the 90s, in fact, this next heatwave could be about four, five days long, bob kelly. >> look at you over there, good morning, 4:16ment happy thursday, back at it, 3:09. near stump road, one of the overnight work crews, work crews they love this weather. talking with the guys down thereon broad street. they say, you know, it is much easier to work in the cooler temperatures, when they're out there on the overnight, so 309, an active work zone here, good morning to the vine street expressway. still closed between the schuylkill and broad street. again, until about 5:00 this morning. if you are coming into the sit. if you are hungry you know what thursday means, we head out for breakfast today, going
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right to south street. cafe v, stands for victoria, and she has the last name of one of the most famous diner owners in this town. wait until you see this spot later today down thereon south street. just off of broad. we'll be down there from 9:00 to 10:00. bring the kids, off from school, they're working today on 95 right near girard avenue with some extra lane restrictions, they'll do the same thing 95 up near cottman avenue. sprucing things up there in both the construction zones. and then also at around 9:00 they'll start working here along woodhaven road between the roosevelt boulevard and route 13. otherwise, mass transit looking good. chris and lauren, back to you. >> think about this, first full day of freedom until 25 years. forty-four year old anthony wright says he feels reborn. yesterday he met with reporters after thanking jurors who acquitted him for 1991 rape and murder years ago, dna evidence proved he was not connect today a crime but the district attorney's
4:18 am
offers decided to retry wright anyhow, wright spent years behind bars, after his initial conviction before lawyers with the innocence project, philadelphia's law firm schnader, they secured his freedom with help from those jurors. >> i'm like a baby right now. like i haven't -- i haven't been hugged so much in so long. >> it was humbling. it really was. and it was a privilege to read those words not guilty. >> in a statement the d.a.'s office defended retrying wright instead of simply releasing him in the face of the dna evidence. both wright and his attorney will be on good day philadelphia later this morning. >> some sad news, philadelphia district attorney's office has announced the pa g of a long time prosecutor, roger king, was a fixture trying some of the city's biggest cases before he retired back in 2008. he reportedly passed away after a long battle with an
4:19 am
illness. da seth williams calls him a legendary prosecutor, and said he was a wonderful man and he was committed to justice. >> new information about the mental health of gunman who killed five police officer in dallas last month. micah johnson may have suffered post-traumatic stress disorder. sought treatment for anxiety, depression and hallucinations after returning from afghanistan in 2014, this is according to records just released by the veterans health administration. doctors had concluded posted no significant risk to himself or others. >> mural which honors victims of the charleston church shooting was the dough faced the art center on its facebook page, the mural damaged either late saturday or early sunday, graffiti style words images cover the painting, the mural de bade back in may when the shooting happened. >> hillary clinton defending her family charitable foundation, calling associated press report about meetings
4:20 am
involving donors absurd and a lot of smoke, no fire. >> they are calling the report flawed t claims donors to the clinton foundation were whiff end -- given special access to clinton whether she was secretary of state. and it says that it only looked at two of her four years in the state department. the ap is standing it ground. meanwhile, clinton has three fundraisers in separate -- san francisco area yesterday, including one the home of apple ceo tim cook. >> trump rallied in mississippi, he tries to win over minority voters. speak to go a crowd in jackson, called him a biggot. said only sees people of color as votes and yet not of human beings. gop nominee seems to be softening on his immigration policies as of late some would call it flip flopping. earlier in the week trump say law a lading undocumented immigrants could stay in the count. >> i that's a changement back here at home, finally left town, dnc decorations spotted all over the city were load up
4:21 am
on trailers yesterday. curious where they are head in the go book a warehouse, montgomeryville, where they will get a little tlc before being sent back to their home state and territories. interesting. i guess the longest trip would be what to hawaii oral lascar? >> probably. >> drivers in new jersey listen up. good news, you may not have to wait in those long lines as the motor vehicle commission office any longer. >> thaws bags yesterday governor chris christie announced series of changes he says design to reduce the wait times. he said it will eliminate fees for on line transactions by october 1st, so this will encourage drivers to log in on line he says going to the offices. governor christie also putting pressure on legislature to pass a bill, to change expiration date for licenses and registrations from the last day of the month, to the drivers birthdays. that's what we used to do in georgia. where i'm from. >> oh, yes? you. >> remember that's your birthday gift, because you
4:22 am
have to go get your license, your registration, all of that done, that's when it expires, not just some random day. >> back when i was a kid, getting my license for the first time, they didn't have these. >> right? >> so you couldn't just be on your phone checking things out. you had to sit there. >> and wait? >> smell the guy in front of you the whole time. >> call? >> horrible. >> 4:22, is the time. the falling phils, oh, sticking -- picking themselves up after getting bombed last two games. tell you how they did last night, coming up in sports in one minute. >> first the lottery. i'm hillary clinton,
4:23 am
and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
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>> good morning, i'm sean bell. jumping into the nfc live rye swinging, trash tacking all off season, now coming at sam bradford. basically said bradford wasn't worth the amount of money he got in that he can't wait to see bradford twice a year. zach ertz came to bradford's defense, he did say he loves his quarterback. >> everyone knows sam's our leader, i'm not going to coat tail it right now and get all upset. sam's my guy. everyone in here lovers him. i think everyone is excited.
4:26 am
very beneficial or at the end of the day it could be death mental, as well. >> the phils and white sox, phils out score 18 to one in the last two games, not in this one. ceasar hernandez hitting one in the thirds, then tommy joseph got one. phils go onto win it five to three. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> okay, after pretty scandelous few days in rio, you would think ryan lochte would shy from the spotlight, right? the new challenge the olympian could now be taking on.
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braking overnight, philadelphia police officer in the hospital after a hit-and-run. more on his condition. and it has happened again. another kid shot in a local community, rushed to the hospital. where she was when bullets started flying. plus the moment a local summer concert went from good times to chaos. the accident that injured dozens at a snoop concert did not have to happen. all right, it is thursday, august 25th, 2016. couple of birthdays today. hang colory, 26. regis, 85.
4:30 am
>> wow. >> what about the weather do you think the weather will stay in the 80s, because the 90s get way too hot, sue serio. >> yes, tomorrow we could employ blob say it is out of control. because tomorrow is going to be very warm and humid. hot and humid tomorrow. dodd, warm and humid, eight out of ten, as our number of the day, not looking at any precipitation here, what you see on the western part of the state, expected to dissipate before it could have a chance to get here. so 69 degrees, our current temperature, 5-mile per hour winds, out of the south-southwest, 81% relative humidity, and 6:23 is your sunrise time. other temperatures, 63, mount pocono, much milder morning there. sixty-five in lancaster, 62 in millville, and planner is for sunshine for today, and high temperature, now getting closer to 90, 88 degrees, today, and little more humid, we'll talk about when we get in the 90s, and how long we stay there. coming up in the seven day forecast, good morning.
4:31 am
>> yep, 4:30, call it 4:31, sue, good morning, everybody, live look at the schuylkill expressway, not bad at all. what a difference a day makes, this time yesterday, we were shutdown on the schuylkill. everything is open. the headlight coming inbound, into philadelphia, looking good, this morning, curbside, on the 42 freeway, in bellmawr, new jersey, the headlights headed in toward the city. now keep in mind, if you are coming into philly using the walt whitman bridge, a brand new traffic pattern here, mainly at the toll plaza, the three center lanes all blocked with construction. so it is confusing to begin with when you come over the walt whitman bridge. you got 15 lanes to choose from. some are open. some are closed. some are cash, some are e-zpass, now the three ones up the middle are block for construction, now the trolley lines, subway surface lines, running to 40th and market, and then terminating there, they're not operating in the tunnel until 5:00. septa doing track work all this week on the overnight. and then, later on, right after the rush hour, westbound
4:32 am
on the schuylkill, down to one lane, from city out to gulph mills. so if you are headed out to king of prussia to do some shopping, heads up, you will need some extra time. penndot will cause this delay during the midday. chris, lauren, back to you. >> speaking of track, breaking news out of manayunk, hit-and-run happened at a philadelphia police sergeant is injured. >> they think the striker may have been drunk. officer social security treated at einstein medical center where jennifer joyce is standing by live. jennifer, good morning. >> good morning, chris. unfortunately there is sergeant is expected to be okay. he is being treated here at einstein medical center for broken collarbone, and some bruising. the accident happened around 1:00 this morning, the sergeant involved was apparently standing next to his police cruiser on main street, near sherrs lane, sitting inside the car when hit bypassing driver. according to police, the sergeant flew 15 feet into the air. his hat and his shoes landed in the street, forced off on impact, initially the 21 year
4:33 am
old driver who hit him took off, but was followed by a tow truck driver in the area and finally stopped along the 400 block of con row street. police say he was the only person inside the vehicle. police also say it should have been very clear to this driver that he hit a police officer. >> he was hit with such force, that both of the shoes were torn from the feet as well as his hat, torn from the head of this sergeant. there was no mistaking he was a police officer, in full uniform, standing next to two marked police officers, overhead light in operation. >> and the driver was taken into custody for this hit-and-run. he was also then taken to police headquarters and issued a breathalyzer test, on the suspicion he may have been under the influence. result of the test are not yet known, police still trying to determine how all of this happened. lauren, chris? >> all right, thank you so much, jenny.
4:34 am
italy, says the death toll from wednesday's earthquake has now climbed to 247. searches continue to go through piles of rock and sand that were once buildings, three towns hard hit including where travelers have come for a festival. crews have been using bulldozers and even their own hands to clear the debris. >> south jersey, a shooting leaves a eight year old girl critically injured. police say she was shot in the head by a stray bullet in camden. shooting happened at south eighth and spruce streets around 8:30 last night, investigators tell us the girl was outside across the street from her home when several gunmen started shooting their guns. officers were doing surveillance video of the shooting hoping it will lead to suspect. >> more than dozen people fell when a railing at the bb and t pavilion gave way earlier this month, staying should have never happened, and now they're gluing injured more than -- some fans fell 6 feet, 42 people hurt, 17 now suing
4:35 am
the concert promoter. live nation and the performers. they say the area should have been better secure. >> they had 21 years to do it. they failed and because of that, 42 people have lingering and potentially life-long injuries. >> less than 24 hours later, that railing was fixed and a barricade was up to keep fans from pushing forward. live nation not commenting on the lawsuit. >> lehigh county charter school ceo is resigning following the appearance of some questionable flyers promoting the school. lorraine petrillo, charter school, says that she has nothing to do with the mahler we showed you earlier this week. >> but she said she is stepping down because of this controversy. the mahler mentioned drug arrests at nearby public high school and says why worry about this type of student? school? the charter school said the flyer was not authorized and planning litigation ones it finds out who paid for it. she will remain on the job temporarily as school opens
4:36 am
for the semester. >> all right, 4:35, this little guy has a big mission. take a look. he's only five. but he's got big dreams of helping other. why he saved his allowance to give back to the local police department.
4:37 am
4:38 am
>> a five year old, there he is there, cute as ever, from winslow township, new jersey, had very special mission for his local community. he saved up his allowance, guess why, chris, he wanted to
4:39 am
buy his local police department lunch. >> what a great kid, right? and that was just the beginning. karen hepp has more on this inspiring story. >> what are you coming here today? >> kindness day. >> today is kindness day? you're really special. >> proudly sporting his police officer shirt and enormous grin, five year old william everett, they call him bubba, brought his heroes at the police department lunch today paid for from his own allowance money he worked hard at his chores, so he could spread the cheer. check out the spread, the whole department dug in, hungry, and i am pressed. >> he want to be a police officer. we look forward to that type of people. >> why not start at the top? bubba got to sit in the chief's chair in the big office, and was given all kind of cool gadgets. >> we actually gave him a real badge that we had. and we'll make him a real id today, too.
4:40 am
>> i'm so over the moon proud. i'm look fighting tears. i'm like so excited for him. >> and lunch at the department was just the beginning of his kindness. next he is bringing school supplies to needy children and toys and food for animals at a local shelter. how about that for a ride home? sometimes life is so beyond your expectations you have to turn around to look to check out, yep, that really did happen. high five, mom. how about that for the end of the day of kindness? absolutely amazing, just from one little boy, spread so far, then to get this escort home in the police vehicle, that's a perfect ten for him. "fox 29 news". >> okay, we want you to join us tomorrow for some really big fun, our school supply drive from 8:00 to 10:00, clementon park flash world in clementon, if you donate five items, we give you $15 admission into the park. you know quincy harris from the q show? >> one of my favorite people on earth. >> he will be there all
4:41 am
morning long so people can go bother him, ask him about the show, because you know there is like a wait list now. >> oh, there should be. >> here is the deal. after a pretty scandelous few days in rio, you think ryan lochte would shy away from the spotlight, right? well, coming up the new challenge this olympian can now be taking on. want a glow that shows and age that doesn't?
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and hydrates skin for instant illumination. olay luminous ageless. payday presents: salty covered sweetness. i was clearly here first, buddy. you know what's clear? our budding friendship. let's go be best friends right now. now and forever? forever and always. salty on the outside. sweet on the inside. payday. bites! all right, we have a new hurricane for 2016.
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our season continues with gaston. minimal category one hurricane, luckily, looking at the forecast of this one, it is expected to stay pretty much in the middle of the ocean. this is the one we're watching. it doesn't have a name yet. but it may soon, although it is a little disorganized, it is a tropical wave, it is called invest nine # 9l right now, but if it gets a name it will be hermine. this one could affect florida, just in time for the labor day weekends. we'll see what happens happening with that as time goes by. little early to tell right now. looking at some rain in the western part of the state around pittsburgh, looking at the future cast, really not expected to hold together. although probably see few clouds, especially, north and west of the city. by the late afternoon, and perhaps a pop up shower, but not real likely, and then tomorrow afternoon, perhaps a pop up shower, this one is after we get into the 90's, and we get a weak cold front coming through, but not going to change our weather whole
4:45 am
lot for the weekend. so, last weekend of august will be appropriately hot, humid, 69 degrees in philadelphia, 68 in wilmington, 63 mount pocono, and 65 degrees in wildwood. milder morning than we've had, dew points, though, are still bound into the lower 60s. so, it is still pretty comfortable, at least it is right now. seven day forecast, though, has heat and humidity returning, especially tomorrow, with that high temperature of 94 degrees, yes, we were enjoying that comfortable weather, but you new it wouldn't last, not in august anyway. and we do stay into the 90's over the weekends, in fact, by sunday, we could be talking about heatwave number six of 2016. lasting through perhaps the middle of next week, bob kelly. >> you know it will be a good day, because i put my hand into my pocket, to get my phone, and guess what comes out? >> money? >> lint? >> a 20 spot. >> okay, babe. >> i look at this.
4:46 am
found money today. >> lunch is on bob. >> look at chris murphy, all over that. and isn't it great, too, when you do the wash, and you empty out the dryer, and you get the monday any there, you got it, then the kids always say anybody find my money anybody finds that 5-dollar bill? good morning, everybody, 4:46. off to good start on a thursday. live look at the schuylkill expressway, no problems at all between 202 and downtown. the ben franklin bridge looking good. up and over into philadelphia. no problems at all at the moment. we got water main break, man, a lot of these this week, east t norriton this morning 202 right at bradbury drive. watch for some crews out there. taking out one of the lanes. up in hatfield, an accident, maple and chestnut. police are on the scene there. if you are getting out of town, headed down to philadelphia international airport, no problems or delays this morning. so off to good start there at the airport. but the crews are still working, out along i95, both spots, right here, at girard
4:47 am
avenue, again, in both directions. and then also up here at cottman avenue, northeast philly, both directions, and also, on the princeton avenue ramps, until about 5:00 this morning. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> thank you so much, bob. police issue warning about a man behind several sexual assaults in south philadelphia, officers say he rides a bicycle, and target women who are wearing dresses. he rides up from behind, gropes them, and then just pedals off. detective say he's hit at least four times since august 6. those assaults have happened late at night around south 13th street, south eighth street, and lombard street. >> you should always be aware of your surroundings, the goal to do, always keep, you know, make sure who is around you, what's going on to the best you can, try to stay on a beverly traveled street if possible, try to walk under the light, you know, take all reasonable cautions like that. >> if you have any information or if this has happened to you, police are asking you to call them. >> plan to breathe new life no atlantic city revel casino and
4:48 am
hotel. okay, the empty building could be turned into a time share. so, fantasia resorts, reportedly in negotiations right now to lease some space in that hotel to use it as time share unit. revel owner glenn straub bought the property out of bankruptcy has said he's committed to re-opening this in some fashion, straub says, there have been challenge opening the doors to the public. >> the final member of the celebrity judges panel for the 2017 miss america competition. >> she is in some good company. singler join gabby douglas, nba team owner and businessman mark cube inch, other big stars. panel will evaluate contestants whose performances in swimsuits, evening wear, talent, answering on stage questions. that pageant will be broadcast live from atlantic city on september 11, and the event will be hosted by chris
4:49 am
harrison, and sage deal. >> from the pool to the dance floor. multiple sources are reporting that brian lochte has been in talks to join the upcoming season of dancing with the stars. >> why do you fur your brow when you stay? >> from the pool to the dance floor? because i think that had happened before rio. wouldn't you think? according to usa today the swimmer brian lochte, lock up this deal before the olympics. >> okay. >> see? so it is not clear if the gas station incident could change that whole thing? you what what do youy? >> i think will. >> here is the thing, no dice, no way. >> here is why. they are also talking about simone biles, because she was actually at the top of their wish list, and she's really busy though, so she said she would like to do it next year, she can fit it into her schedule. so this year will be formally revealed next week, and i just have to believe that brian lochte will not make that cut. >> see, if he did make the cut, and they said, you know what, let's just have him there, it becomes a sideshow,
4:50 am
right? takes away from the actual dancing part, wouldn't you think? >> i agree. more trouble this morning for saturday night star leslie jones. >> weeks after being attacked by racist trolls on twitter, she is now the latest celebrity to become a hacking victim. >> so someone hack her website, ex position wag appears to be private nude pictures of her. the hack also filled that site with images of her drivers license, her passport, all of that, of course, revealing her personal information. video of the gorilla killed at the cincinnati zoo earlier this summer was also posted on her website. the racist content is the latest who not off internet trolls just last month. >> that's horrible. hollywood is supporting and defending leslie the roots drummer questions love tweeting these act against leslie jones are sickening, it is racist, and sexist, it's discusting. this is hate crimes. this ain't kids joshing around. >> gabby says: i truly don't know why people are so hateful
4:51 am
toward leslie. why? she is talented and wonderful. why are people so pressed to be awful. katy perry said do not give your eyeballs to this racist, i stand with leslie. >> leslie's website is down this morning, and in silence on social media. >> nothing else to say. don't even entertain it. >> so epi pen prices are way up. but that's not all that's costing more. the next hour, why some people are furious that the company that makes the life saving drugs. spspice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. at hillshire farm, there's a reason our slow roasted turkey taste so fresh seconds after carving, we not only seal every slice, we double seal it. the results are something to savor.
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hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right.
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>> let's take a look at your hot headlines buzzing on line and on social media. state police in bear, delaware, investigating right now how a woman fell 40 feet to her death off zip line. >> this happened at the go april tree top adventures at the state park yesterday afternoon. not clear what caused this 59 year woman to fall. >> this zip line area of the state park of course was modally closed. >> three people arrest the, three others in the hospital, following shooting, with olympic connection. prosecutors have charged three suspect including a 21 year old named paul krol, was olympic boxes hopeful.
4:55 am
police say this happened last week, on south 55th street after an argument, a 25 year old man, and the teen are in critical condition. the other in stable condition. in new jersey, governor chris christie vetoes bill requiring retail tears stalk smart guns, smart gun can only be accessed by its owner. the purpose of the technology is to prevent kids from using guns. christie says the measure would make the state inch hospitable to gun, i should say, legal gun ownership. so this is the second time this year christie shot down the bill. he also pocket vetoed the legislation back in january. >> drivers in new jersey listen up. good news, you may not have to wait in those long lines at motor vehicle commission offices any longer. that's because yesterday, the governor announced a series of changes he says are designed to reduce wait time. governor christie says the mvc will eliminate fees for on line transactions by october 1st. this would encourage drivers to log in on line, instead of going through mvc offices. governor christie also putting pressure on legislature to pass a bill, to change
4:56 am
expiration date for licenses and registrations, from the last day of the month, to a drivers birthday. >> jennifer joyce, good morning to you. >> good morning, police sergeant was hit by a karat manayunk, here at einstein medical center, how he is doing, who is responsible for this next. dave? >> eight year old girl shot in camden from a stray bullet. tell you how she is doing, and also, tell you who police are looking for after the break. mystery beauty treatment.
4:57 am
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philadelphia police officer sent to the hospital after being hit by a car. more on his condition. plus the driver responsible. >> it has happened yet again. little girl shot in a local community rushed to the hospital. where she was when bullets start today fly. >> the search is on for sexual offender targeting women in south philly. what police say all of the attacks have in common. >> adventure at delaware state park turse deadly after woman falls 40 feet while strip lining watch do have possibly gone wrong, what the company is saying this morning. >> good day everyone, it is thursday, august 25, 2016. arguably, so far this week, the best weather we've had in this calendar year. i mean, @ agree. so today is thursday, sue, correct me when i'm wrong, tuesday we had a ten, wednesday we had a ten.
5:00 am
>> no, monday. >> monitan deuce ten yesterday nine and a half. i want to stay with a ten. it was perfect yesterday. >> all right, women, you know? hindsight is 2020, so two more numbers for you, 20 and 20. here's today's number, eight. >> really? >> deal with it. >> eight is great in my opinion. i mean, it is pretty close to ten. and bus stop buddy here, by the pool again today, off to pleasant start, great day to spend in your backyard, but, you might want to jump in the pool little later on, because starting off in the 60s, but by the end of the day, it will be more humid. now we do have some rain to show you out in the western part of the state, not expected to make it here, at least, most of it isn't. 69 degrees, right now, southwesterly wind at 6 miles an hour, 6:23 is your sunrise time. days start to get shorter. sixty-three mount pocono, six a lancaster, we have 62 degrees in millville,


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