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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  August 25, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> no, monday. >> monitan deuce ten yesterday nine and a half. i want to stay with a ten. it was perfect yesterday. >> all right, women, you know? hindsight is 2020, so two more numbers for you, 20 and 20. here's today's number, eight. >> really? >> deal with it. >> eight is great in my opinion. i mean, it is pretty close to ten. and bus stop buddy here, by the pool again today, off to pleasant start, great day to spend in your backyard, but, you might want to jump in the pool little later on, because starting off in the 60s, but by the end of the day, it will be more humid. now we do have some rain to show you out in the western part of the state, not expected to make it here, at least, most of it isn't. 69 degrees, right now, southwesterly wind at 6 miles an hour, 6:23 is your sunrise time. days start to get shorter. sixty-three mount pocono, six a lancaster, we have 62 degrees in millville, and
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six an in wildwood. little milder, but still, very comfortable start to the day. just changed over to 70 degrees at the top of hour. anyway, 88 the high temperature for later today. sunset time 7:42, there is your thursday, weekend is almost here. give you the forecast, coming right up. bob kelly? >> you got it, it is weaken eve. good morning shall everybody, 5:01 on a thursday, live look at i95 near the airport, no problems at all up and down 95. if you are scooting to the airport to get out of town, maybe extra day early for the weekend, no problems at all at philadelphia international airport. looks like we are good to go here on the vine expressway. on time, the crews just pick up the cones, and we're open for business here downtown in both directions. now, couple of new spaces -- situations in the neighborhood, ridley, mcdade boulevard and fairview road, just off the exit there, for the blue route, watch for an accident. also, up in whitpain township, the pennell and blue bell pike right at stenton avenue, an accident, and early morning water main break in east east norriton, along 202, right at
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bradberry drive. then later on, right after the rush hour, here come the penndot crews, going to be working westbound today, between city avenue, out to gulf mill, starting around 9:00 taking it down to one lane, going to be a hot mess leaving town, keep that in mind if you are headed out toward the king of prussia area after the midday, down to one lane there on the schuylkill. chris, and lauren, back to you. >> thank you so much. following breaking news out of manayunk. philadelphia police sergeant is injured after a hit-and-run. >> investigators say he may have been driving drunk, the officer is being treated at einstein medical center. that's where jennifer joyce is standing by live. jennifer, good morning. >> good morning, chris, lauren. fortunately, this fifth district police sergeant is expect the to be okay. undergoing treatment here at einstein medical center, for a broken collarbone, and bruising. the accident happened just after 1:00 this morning. the sergeant involved was apparently standing next to a police cruiser on main street, near sherrs lane, talking to femme owe officer, sitting in
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the car, processing active vehicle vehicles with his lights on when the sergeant was nailed bypassing driver traveling at a high rate of speed, according to police, the sergeant flew 15 feet into the air, his hat and shoes landed in the street, forced off on impact, and initially the 21 year old driver who hit him took off. but was followed by a tow truck driver, in the area, and finally stopped along the 400 block of con row street. police say he was the only person inside the 2008rav4 which sustained front-end damage. investigators say based on the details of this crash, the police sergeant, who was hit, is very, very lucky. >> i was in the rescue squad with him. he was in a lot of pain. he was bleeding from both his arm, and his leg, on the right side. there is also blood on the scene but he was hit with pretty heavy impact for both the sergeant's shoes to be
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torn from his feet and both still on the scene. >> reporter: the driver of the rav4 was taken into custody for the hit-and-run and transported to police headquarters. investigators say the manna period to be under the influence, were going tissue him a breathalyzer test, and at this point, police are talking to several witnesses, who were in the area, at the time of the crash. they also say that there were several surveillance cameras in the area, that could potentially help with this investigation. lauren, chris? >> jennifer, thank you. >> now to south jersey where eight year old girl is now hospitalized. fighting for her life. >> police say she was shot in the head by a stray bullet. dave kinchen as cooper university hospital. dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, yet, again, it has happened, a eight year old, another child, shot by a stray bullet. in this case, a eight year old girl here at cooper university hospital. we're told in critical condition after undergoing emergency surgery here at the hospital. the shooting happened around 8:30 last night, near the intersection of spruce and
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south eighth street in camden. investigators are saying that the girl was outside and across the street, from her house, when several armed suspect were firing at intended target, but a witness tells us the girl was caught in the crossfire. >> i'm going to pray for her. i am got kids myself. so, you know, it is sad, real sad. >> not just the police officer, but i'm a father, as well, my heart goes out to the mother right now. i can't even imagine what she is going through at this point in time. you know, i assured her that we're going to do everything we can to bring the cowards responsible for this, bring them to justice, and then hold them accountable for their actions. >> even camden county police chief shaken up by this horrific crime here, now, while several shots were fired, police say the victim was hit once, again in critical condition with the stray bullet wounds to the head. police are reviewing some video of the shooting for clues, and police also want you to know that apparently witnesses saw the suspect running from south
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eighth street to ninth street and may have gotten into a vehicle and taken off. no vehicle description as of yet. if you saw anything, give camden county police a call. back to you, chris, lauren? >> dave kinchen, live for us, thank you. >> drive by shooting in north philadelphia sends two people to the hospital. police say someone opened fire on a house along north 23rd street at 11:15 last night. the birrage of bullet came through the living room window, hitting man and woman there, and both hospitalized in stable condition. also, inside the home at the time, five children, between five and 15 years old, none of them were injured, and investigators do say that house was targeted. no arrests have been made. >> camden county police release new video they say shows person of interest in a homicide. someone shot brett mossee long the street of camden, on august 16th. he died short time later at cooper university hospital. police say, this surveillance video shows a man, who may have information about the murder, if you recognize him, call police. >> and police searching for sexual offender targeting women in south philly.
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the investigation involves all of the these cases from the past few weeks. so, this is just starting to happen. >> and police say the cases are really similar, joanne pilleggi have more. >> cops release this surveillance video of the suspect seen on bike in south philly. the location of multiple sexual assaults over a one-week period this month. >> during these as at, our victims are wearing dresses, and the offender comes up behind them on his bicycle, reaches up under the dress and sexually assaults all of them. >> four women, so far, have filed report after the guy on the bike road up to them, and touched them inapropriately, any in each case, the suspect has fled after the victim screamed. >> we believe that it is the same, based on the description and the mo, and on a bike, last one not on a bike, appears unaware, but the description the same. >> pretty creepy i guess i'll make sure that i don't walk by myself, make sure i walk with my dog, or my fiancee probably.
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>> each victim gave a similar description of the assault, and the suspect. cops say, he is a latino male, medium complected, five-four, five-6 inches tall, wearing brought polo shirt and back pack, and on a bike. >> i think it is really important to like watch out for yourself, you know? i mean, being in a woman in the city can be a dangerous thing. but, i mean, that information is also dis concerning, and i think just, i don't know, scary. >> joanne pill edgey reporting, to italy, where the dot toll has climb after yesterday's earthquake. death toll now officially 247 people, as they sift through the rubble. remember we went on air yesterday morning, the death toll was officially 11. so, sadly, dramatic rise in that death toll. the damage is widespread, as this rescue continues, officials are calling one rescue a miracle after the 6.2 quake. last night, crews pulled from the rubble a ten year old girl, she was underneath a building that had collapsed.
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they found her legs first, then of course they frantically cleared debris until they freed her the the quake leveled a swat of towns, eight to 100 miles northeast of rome. rescues ers are not giving up the search for survives ores. >> trying to help pull out as many people as possible from the rubble, unfortunately, 90% we pull out are dead. but some may get -- some make it out. that's why we're here. >> meanwhile the white house says president obama has spoken with italy prime minister and that the state department is work to go provide assistance to any americans impacted. >> back here in the u.s., indianna state police spokesman says about dozen people were injured, non-seriously, as tornados you can see developed and hit parts of the state of indianna. >> try to push the door, and the win just blowing so fast, tan blew, i came out, i never seen it like this in my life. and then i shut the door, and then it blew my window out. and then that was it, i just ran downstairs. i was just so scared.
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>> just one person griped with emotion after this. several tornados ripped through the homes and cars as you can see from the video. republican vice presidential nominee indianna governor mike pence has left the campaign trail, to head back to his home state to meet with those impacted by this. >> as governor of indianna, i have no higher priority than the safety of the people of our state. and so we are headed home, and we're going to be home, so long as it takes. >> and right now, in indianna, lauren, thousands are still without power. >> all right, we are told that same storm system is also causing some damage in some part of ohio. now, to the top stories, started as a fun adventure ended in tragedy, when a woman fell to her death. she was at a state park in delaware to go zip lining when she fell. fox 29's brad sattin has more. >> unfortunate to hear about what happened. >> reporter: those who have ridden these zip lines before, have the same questions now as investigators. what exactly went wrong? how did a 59 year old woman fall 40 feet, from the go
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april tree adventure at the state park? she was pronounced dead at christianna hospital. in the company promotional video, go april build as two to three hour adventure through the forest canopy. john antar a have been on the zip lines here before and believe with proper instructions they're safe. >> you're instructed on how to attach a carrier, use the lock and carrier and everything, so it is very safe. >> there are double hooks you hook on and everything. so if you somehow didn't hook those up correctly and didn't -- you have to bring attention when you do it, but they go through that very thoroughly. >> company released a statement saying the go april team deeply saddened over this occurrence, thought and prayers go out to her family and friend, and in particular to those who were on the course with her at the time. brad sattin, "fox 29 news". >> hillary clinton defending her family's charitable foundation. why she is calling a report concerning her donors absurd. >> donald trump rallies in mississippi. why he is calling campaign
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rival hillary, a biggot. a lot of name calling.
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>> hurricane gas tan, expected to weaken back to tropical storm, probably by tomorrow, at the latest. so, that's not a threat. this is the system we're watching. and it is still 50-50 chance, whether this thing will actually become a tropical
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storm, because it is kind of disorganized, but it is brink ago lot of rain to the dominican republic to puerto rico, with 45-mile per hour winds, it is just under hurricane status. so it is still just a tropical wave, without a name. but whatever becomes, it does look like it is a threat to florida for the holiday weekend. which is not this weekend but next weekend, labor day weekend. so we will continue to watch that situation. also, watching some rain in the western start of the state. but, this system, it is pretty weak. and it is expected to dissipate for the most part before it get here. 70 degrees in philadelphia, right now, but everybody else is in the 60s, to get started today. we will head into the upper 80s today, 89 degrees, our high, tomorrow, ugh, 94, the humidity is back, eww, and yes, in the 90s over the weekend, and then it looks like we will probably end up with heatwave number six, at some point in time, during all of this. because it is expected to stay in the 90's through the middle of next week. bob kelly?
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>> hey, good morning, sue. 5:16. we call it. good news, just got an officer behind this disabled, he was sitting here, holding our breath, hoping that he didn't get wacked from behind here. this is the eastbound schuylkill expressway right at girard avenue. so, if you are coming into the city, watch out. there is some folks sipping over to the right here, to try to go around that disable, again, lights still out, northeast philly, the overhead street lamps are out. but starting to see some volume pop out of the northeast here, live look right near cottman avenue. couple of situations in the neighborhood, ridley township, accident, mcdade boulevard and fairview. also, in whitpain township, pennell and blue bell, at stenton avenue watch for crash. east war ton, another water main break on the map, 202 and bradberry drive, going to breakfast today, everybody knows the name, ponzio's, right? well the daughter of ponzio's, grew up in the family toed business, victoria, open up
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cafe v on south street, headed there starting at 9:00. come on by and bring the kids, tv cameras and good eat, 9:00 as we go for breakfast later on good day. >> sounds good, bob. we turn to this at 5:17. us military says it may have killed inadvertently civilians in syria during air strike. central command says non-military vehicle drove into the target area after the weapon was fired possibly killing the occupant. no other details at this point have been released. officials say the incident will be reviewed, to decide whether investigations now warranted. >> one person is dead another 18 injured after millitant attack the american university of afghanistan. eyewitnesses say they heard gunshot and then a big blast near the campus of the city, capitol city of kabul. this is jed. right now not clear how many attackers opened fire on that school. police say, they're trying to track down the terrorists behind the attack. >> hillary clinton defending her family foundation, about
5:18 am
meanings involving donors, absurd. a lot of smoke, no fire. her words, the clinton campaign is calling this report flawed, as well, it claims donors to the clinton foundation were given special access to clinton when she was secretary of state. and, it says, that if it only looked at two of her four years at the state department. the ap is standing its grounds with this report. meanwhile, clinton has three fundraisers in the san francisco bay area yesterday, including one, at the home of apple ceo tim cook. >> and donald trump, rallied in mississippi, he tries to win over minority votersment speaking to a crowd in jackson, trump called clinton a biggot. says only sees people of color as votes quote not as human beings. gop nominee seems to be softening his immigration policies, as well, some say this is just flip flopping. earlier in the week, trump said law abiding undocumented immigrants could stay in the country. >> on his first full day of freedom in 25 years, 44 year old anthony wright says he
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feels re-born. yesterday he met with reporters after thanking the jurors who acquitted him for 1991 rape and murder. years ago, dna evidence proved he was not connected to that crime. but the did i strict attorney's office decided to retry wright anyhow. wright spent years behind bars after his initial conviction, before lawyers with the innocence project, and philadelphia's snyder law firm secured his freedom with help from those jurors. >> well, i am like a baby right now, like i haven't been in this time -- i haven't been hugged so much in so long. >> it was humbling, it really was, and it was a privilege to read those words, not guilty. >> in a statement, the d.a.'s office defended retrying wright instead of simply releasing him in the face of dna evidence. both wright and his attorney will be on good day philadelphia a little later this morning. >> sad news, philadelphia district attorney's office has announced the passing of long
5:20 am
time prosecutor roger cane, fixture, trying some of the city's biggest cases before he retired back in 2008. he reportedly passed away after long battle with the illness. da seth williams calls him a legendary prosecutor, says he was a wonderful man and he was committed to justice. >> new information about the gunman who killed five police officers in dallas last month. >> we are learning more about his mental state. micah johnson may have suffered post dramatic stress disorder, army reservist sought treatment for anxiety, depression, and hallucinations after returning home from afghanistan in 2014. this is according to reports just released by the veteran health administration, doctors had concluded johnson posted no significant risk to himself or other. >> a mural which honors victims of the charleston church shooting which deface the art center, the mural was damaged either late saturday or early sunday, graffiti style words images covered the edge of the painting, the mural was unveiled back in may, just blocks from the
5:21 am
emanuel ame church where 22 year old dillan is accused of targeting and killing all black church members. >> all right, a letter is going up to auction from the notorious crime couple, bonnie and clyde. this is interesting. it could fetch up to $40,000. >> so the four page letter written in april, 1934, in bonnie parker's handwriting, and signed by, sent to raymond hamilton, former member of their gang, while he was in the dallas county jail. >> bonnie and clyde, say hamilton betrayed him. quote i'm very sorry to hear of your getting captured but due to the fact you offered no resistance, sim pat is lacking the most i can do is hope you miss the chair. wow. couple died month later in law enforcement ambush after this letter was written. >> interesting. >> real interesting. of course whenever i hear bonnie and clyde, i think about the famous movie, what's that fay dunnaway anwar end
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bathe i, ya. a young warren warren bathe ee,. >> jay-z? >> this song? >> go on. >> you couldn't learn it, though. >> just give me one line. >> i can't think of it right now. ♪ ♪ >> the video with beyonce next to him. >> yes. >> how about remembering that? you know how i remembered that? >> who showed that you? >> epi pen prices way up. but that's not all that's going to cost you. why some people are furious that the company that makes the life saving drugs ceo. and here are your winning lottery numbers. good luck.
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♪ >> is this kanye? >> come on. no, you know who it is. >> oh, jay-z. >> and beyonce. >> right when they hook up, right? >> the price, frank up, by the way. >> let's talk money honey. price of life saving epi pens is seeing an increase, and has many who depends on it really concerned. >> demanding more information about why the price of the drug has sky rocketed spoke with one mother about what this means for her family. >> take offer the blue cap, swing it around, and poke, outer side, until it clicks, hold it for 102nd. >> phoenix's mother karen
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conway well versed in epi pens, and she showed us using a trainer pen. >> and pull it up. medicine automatically. >> her son has severe peanut allergy, the epi pens, are his life line, if he is ever accidentally exposed. >> he will eventually stop breathing because the body thinks the peanut is poison. >> the conway's exceedingly careful, but just in case, they have a two pack of epi pens, at dillon's school, and two pack of epi pens at home that they take when they go on outings. conway says, when he was first diagnosed, eight years ago, two-pack of epi pens cost about $100. now, says, it cost about $500. and that's with insurance. >> i realize things go up in cost, but i just -- it is un-fathom tonight me that that's a possibility that it is a reasonable increase. >> she said while they can afford it, she knows other families who can't.
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>> it is not okay. there are kids running around in schools that can't afford this, and they could stop breathing and die because they simply can't afford the medicine that's going to keep them safe. that's just sad, and maddening. >> all right, 5:27 is the time. let's go to jennifer joyce after philadelphia police officer was hit by a car. hi, jen. >> reporter: yes, hit by a car, chris. and thrown 15 feet into the air. this police sergeant now recovering here at einstein medical center. good news is he's expected to be okay. the person who hit him, and took off from the scene, is under arrest.
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[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason. >> philadelphia police officer hospitalized after hit-and-run, more on his condition, plus, the driver who is responsible. it has happened again. a little girl shot in a local community, the little k hospitae she was when the bullets started flying. >> authorities say the dose death toll from wednesday's earthquake in italy has risen to hundreds, celebration that brought travelers to one of the towns hid heart ers, good day, it is thursday, august 25th, 2016. >> lauren don johnson, are you ready for a pool party? bus stop buddy.
5:31 am
>> he has shoes on, have it take them off, and this will be a day where you probably will feel the need tore refreshment, because, it will be a little more humid later on. but right now off to pleasant start, pretty comfortable out there with low humidity, we've got some rainout of the western part of the state, not expecting that rain to hold together don't think it will rain here. north and west of the city slight chance, for us, pretty tranquil, 6 miles per hour winds out of the sews west, 6:23, your sunrise time. allentown the same, everybody in the 60s this morning, dew point, still kind of low, so, it feels good out there, now, but by the end of the day, 88, 89 degrees, little more humid, than it has been, all week long. yes, the joy of low how many i had at this, in august, is over for now, bob kelly, we will have the weekend forecast coming up.
5:32 am
>> has been beautiful week. we've enjoyed it, thank you for that, 5:32 we call it, how is your curve looking today? curve check. live look at the schuylkill expressway, famous conshy curve, no sun glare yet. no delays yet as you work your way into or out of the city this morning. curbside on the freeway, headlight coming in toward philly starting to pop some volume here working your way back in toward the walt whitman bridge. now, couple of situations in the neighborhoods, lower merion, downed tree here, this along edge hill road getting word it fell on top of a vehicle, no one was in the vehicle, nobody injured, but, we got to get the old chain saws out there, chop up firewood, but edge hill roadblocked at old lancaster road, watch for accident, whitpain, crash at penn he will and blue bell pike, 202 bradbury, water main break, for the most part all of the major roadways good to go. no problems on the schuylkill, or i95, and then later on
5:33 am
headed to south philly south street just off broad street. cafe v, will be our breakfast spot today. come on by, see you out there during good day starting at 9:00. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> thank you so much. following breaking news out of manayunk, philadelphia police officer injured after hit-and-run. >> jennifer joyce now live at einstein medical center, we understand that this driver could be facing dui charges, jen? >> good morning, chris, lauren, driver was taken to police headquarters and was issued breathalyzer under suspicion, of dui. meanwhile, the fifth district police sergeant is here recovering from the accident at einstein medical center, undergoing treatment, for a broken collarbone, and bruising, lucky that it could have been a lot worse. the accident happened just before 1:00 this morning, sergeant involved was apparently standing next to a police cruiser on main street, another sherrs lane, talking to fellowe the car processing, active vehicles investigation with his lights on.
5:34 am
when the sergeant was nailed bypassing driver, traveling at a high rate of speed. according to police, the sergeant flew 15 feet, into the air, his hat and his shoes landed in the street. forced off on impact. and initially the 21 year old driver who hit him took off. >> police say the only person inside the 2008, rav4, which sustained front-end damage. >> according to witnesses, including a tow truck driver, the striking vehicle is going at high rate of speed. after striking the sergeant, streaking the police vehicle, he just continued, south, on main street, so the witness, good samaritan driving a tow truck, and fifth district officers did great job, within minutes, identifying the vehicle, stopping the vehicle, and apprehending the driver
5:35 am
that tow truck driver who saw what was happening realized and followed that driver to ensure a swift arrest there. police also tell us that there are several surveillance cameras in the area, that should help with this investigation. lauren, chris? >> let's hope so. jennifer, thank you. >> now to south jersey, l year old girl, fighting for her life. >> she was shot in the head by a stray bullet. let's go to dave kinchen on this one, live at cooper university hospital, where we hope this girl will make a recovery. dave? >> reporter: yes, we really do, just horrible story, chris, lauren, good morning to you. we can tell that you investigators say this eight year old girl is in critical condition after undergoing surgery, taking a bullet to the head, she was operated on here at cooper university hospital. the shooting happened around 8:30 last night. near the intersection of south eighth street, and spruce, in camden. investigators tell us the girl was outside, and across the street, with other people outside, when several armed suspect were firing at an
5:36 am
intended target. all right outside of her house, witness tells us the girl was caught in the crossfire. >> i was watching firecrackers, then turn around, gunshot, i guess people shooting at each other, and innocent girl, stand by, got hit. >> obviously, from our perspective, all hands-on deck, line in the sand moment. pulling out all of the stops to pull in the cowards that opened fire on this city block, and now critically wounded this eight year old little gill. >> now, it is not clear if the intended target was hit, but we do know that this girl was hit ones with a bullet, and there are, police are reviewing, some video of the shooting for clues, and investigators also telling us this one note it appears from witnesses that the shooters ran from eighth street over to ninth street. and may have hopped into a vehicle, and took off. police are asking anyone with information to come forward,
5:37 am
and help them solve this crime. back to you. >> of course, all right, dave, thanks. italy civil protection agencies says the death toll from wednesday heard earthquake has climbed. searches continue to go through piles of rock and sand that were once buildings, three towns were hard hit, including, one where travelers have come for a pasta festival. have been using bulldozers and even their hands to go through that debris. >> back here at home, drive-by shooting sends two people to the hospital. police say someone opened fire on a house, along north 21st street. at 11:50, last night, the birrage of bullet came through the living room window, hitting man and woman. both in the hospital. both in stable condition. also, inside that house, at the time of the shooting, five kids, between the ages of five and 15. none of them was hurt. investigators say the house was targeted. so far no arrests. >> and, new jersey, governor chris christie vetoes a bill requiring retailers to start smart guns, can only be access by its owner.
5:38 am
purpose of the technology to prevent children from using guns, christie says, the measure would make the state inch hospitable, to legal gun ownership, the second time this year christie shot down the bill. he also pocket vetoes legislation back in january. >> all right, the falling philadelphia phillies picking themselves off the map. could they salvage a game in chicago? that's going to be up in sports in one minute.
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>> i'm sean bell, josh norman jumping into the nfc rivalry swinging, talking trash all off season, now coming at sam bradford. norman, basically, said bradford wasn't the amount of money he got in that he can't wait to see bradford twice a year. zach efforts came to brad for's defense, basically saying, you know, i love my quarterback. >> everyone knows sam is the leader, i won't get all upset. >> sam is my guy. everyone in here lovers him. i think everyone is excited, playing now scheme, very beneficial, or at the end of the day it could be death mental, as well. >> to the phils and white sox, phils also at 18 for one of the last two games, not in this one seeing the big dogs, ceasar hernandez hits one in the thirds, tommy joseph has one in the sixth.
5:42 am
phils go onto win five to three. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> from the pool to maybe the dance floor. multiple sources are reporting that ryan lochte is in talks to join the upcoming season of dancing with the stars. >> according to usa today, the swimmer lock up this deal before the olympics, and before all of the stories that he went back and forth about over the gas station under dent, not clear if that will change the deal. >> here's what we do know, also eyes another us olympian, simone biles, she was at the top of their wish list, she said she would love to do this next year if she can slow down her busy schedule. >> this year's cast will be formally revealed next week. we have to wait and see if lochte gets lockdown. >> oh, that's good. >> see, what do you think. >> what's your. >> master those words. >> thank you. >> negative attention, not worth it. >> agreed. >> yes. >> can you dance?
5:43 am
>> very, very poorly. here's why. i grew up listening to band like judas priest, led zeppelin, and that's not dance music. >> i got you. >> speaking of judas priest. >> what? >> hear this song right here? >> ♪ >> ya? >> that's rob, 55 years old today, singer, how about this? people in new jersey mike spends less time in line at the motor vehicle commission offers, we'll tell you chest changing. >> rocking out this thursday morning. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
5:44 am
i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
5:45 am
5:46 am
>> tomorrow our school supply drive, clementon park, splash world. so if you donate five items, you can get $15 off, or 15-dollar admission, into the park. how much is admission, do we even know? have a chance to meet quincy harris. >> what? >> (laughing). >> what's so funny? i mean, you have your tissue here, it is already soiled. do you need more? am i making you cry yet again? >> what's wrong with you? >> okay. >> all right, sue? >> if i had a nickel for every time lauren said the word what t
5:47 am
need to be here. all right, we have gaston, category one hurricane, and we can laugh about this one, because it is not going to bother anybody. it will stay in the middle of the atlantic ocean, weaken back to tropical storm. tropical wave invest 99l is the issue, bringing lots of rain to dominican republic, haiti, and the question is will it organize into a named storm and get that named hermine, we will see what happens, but the spaghetti models, we love our spaghetti model, showing by the holiday weekend, this storm has a decent chance of affecting florida. and one slight chance of maybe coming up the coast and affecting us. we'll see what happens. meanwhile, clouds and rain in the western part of the state, not strong system, as we look at the future cast for today. we see some clouds increasing in the afternoon, and the chance of pop up shower, north and west of the city, only,
5:48 am
really nothing in the offing for us, except for 88 degrees, 94 tomorrow, really sticky, and houle i had, again, yes, went away for awhile, but it will be back. and over the weekend probably hit 09 degrees at least on saturday, and sunday, which would give us heatwave number six, of 2016. then talking about staying in the 90s probably, until the early part of next week. with humidity thrown in, just for good measure. last weaken of august coming up. at lows it will feel like it, bob kelly. >> you got it right. getting hot hot hot before labor day. 5:48, thursday, look at the pretty sunrise on tap here. we look live 422 for the gang coming in from royersford, collegeville, a we swing the camera around, and look at the headlights coming eastbound, starting to see some volume pop here. always the first jam in our traffic cam on any given morning rush hour. going the other way, coming in from 42, south jersey, the headlight in toward the walt whitman bridge. keep in mind we have the new traffic pattern at the walt whitman bridge toll plaza,
5:49 am
three center lanes up the middle there are block with construction. new accident, ridley park, morton and chester pike, look out for that one there in the neighborhood. and then, as we go for a ride, ready, set, go. 295, and the new jersey turnpike, not bad at all, you travel through south jersey, clocking you at about, boom, six a miles an hour, right there, as you head through the mouth laurel. then in lower merion, big old oak tree fell across the roadway. fell on top of a vehicle, park vehicle, luckily, no one was injured, nobody was in the karat that hour. but, edge hill road is block until about 6:30, 7:00 or so at old lancaster road. watch for local detours there in lower merion. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> thank you so much, bob. drivers in new jersey listen up. you might not have to wait in those long lines at the motor vehicle commissions office, because governor christie announced there is a change, he says, reduced the time. he says will eliminate feels for on line transactions by october 1st, that's going to make it easier.
5:50 am
so you can log on instead of strong show up at the offers and stand in line. the governor is also putting pressure on the legislature to pass bill to change the ex tryings date for licenses and registrations from the last day of the month, to drivers birthdays. look who it is. hey, guys. >> hi, good morning. >> how are you? >> good, how are you. >> is grandpa still in town? >> grandpa is in town, yes. have to wake him up probably in a little bit. >> oh, no. >> his birthday? >> not his birthday, coming to visit. he's never been to philadelphia before. so he is coming yes to check it out. so far he says he is loving. >> did he have a cheese steak yet? >> i know, i'm bad, not yet. we plan to do that today. we'll take care that far today. >> what's his name. >> evo. >> hi, evo. >> what's going on. >> welshing finally free after 25 years, huge story yesterday, everyone talking about it, across the country he was convict of a crime he didn't commit. now anthony wright telling his story on good day philadelphia. he will join us for a sit down interview at 7:30 this
5:51 am
morning, so many questions for him. what do you do after being lock up for 25 years, finally free, seeing some of your family members for the first time, you know the pictures every his granddaughter, holding her, so we will talk to him about how he is feeling. >> can you imagine sitting behind bars for quarter after century knowing you didn't do it? >> i mean, look at those tears? that says a lot. plus he doesn't want to hold a grudge, that casino every thing, amazing, because a lot of people -- what about this, though? local olympian, ateams our sean bell how to swim. you know that sean, he is not a big swimmer, trying to work on him, get him some swimming lessons. well, swimming lessons with a olympian who won a gold medal? so we will talk to her about her experience in referee owe, get her in the pool with sean. guess who is on good day this morning? >> oh, oh? >> okay, here we go. >> ♪ >> ♪
5:52 am
>> this is much. this is a lot. sheila e is will be here talk to just studio, talk about her big performance tonight at the del music center, of course we have to talk about the bet awards, also talking about the latest news, pacely park and her tour there, and it hasn't even been a year yet. is it too soon? i'm sure she'll have an opinion on that. >> wonder when they did tours every grace after elvis died in 1977, looking at that. >> true. >> the time that went by. >> before it was, you know, too soon or not too soon? >> but the difference, prince died at pacely park. >> elvis died at graceland, too. >> yes. >> it will be interesting. >> welshing thank you. sheila e here. excited. >> they are campaigning to run the country. but can donald trump and hillary clinton sing or dance? that's what simon cowell sort of want to know. >> he is inviting the duo to join america's got talent. the judge told people magazine this week he want hillary clinton and donald to be part of the show this year, he
5:53 am
admitted, he hasn't sent an official invite, but something is in the works. >> really? >> that would get some eyeballs. right? >> simon want hillary and donald -- what's the challenge going to be? kind of what they do, right? >> great at. that will we got three debate coming up. >> oh, epic. >> that would give them whole different audience, right, a loft people lost that show might not normally watch, other political news going on, so that would open up some more potential voters. >> yes. >> we'll see. >> are you done? >> i'm done. i've been done for about 302nd, have you noticed? >> little guy with a big mission. only five years old. but he has dreams of helping other people. why he decided to save up his allowance, and hand it over at the police department? >> so cool. >> chris will explain. >> okay.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> police officers in winslow township new jersey enjoyed a free lunch it was paid for by a five year old, who want to be just like them when he grows up. yes, william, used his own allowance to buy the entire department a meal yesterday. the reason he wanted to celebrate what his family calls kindness day. so, with some help from mom, he showed the local officers just how kind in fact he is. in return, they gave him a ride around in a police car.
5:57 am
so, how did william raise all of that money the good old-fashioned chores. >> i helped mommy. >> do you want to see a police officer, we look forward to that type of people, for when we retire. >> and the casino necessary doesn't stop at the winslow police department either. next william is bringing school supplies to needy kids and toys, and food, to animals at local shelters. >> what a great, great, great little kid. g hit by a car, while on duty. what police say he was doing when he was hit by that car. and we'll have an update and live report on his condition from the hospital. >> and, it has happened yet again. little girl shot in a local community, rushed to the hospital, where she was when she was hit by a bullet. uckers and sniffers, all giant produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
5:58 am
5:59 am
since 1961, pearle vision has proviwith expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
6:00 am
everything naand it doesn't take is so wholesothe whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. >> right now an officer thrown many feet after being hit by a car on duty. what he was doing when he was hit. an update on his condition. >> watching it. v, i thought i heard firecrackers, so many of them, then turn around, gunshots. >> gunshots, in camden. and another child is caught in the crossfire. how police are trying to track down the suspects, this morning. >> another child. and it may look like just a guy


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