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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  August 25, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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should i dance? >> yes, yes. >> sheila e will be performing tonight at the del. do you know what she will do? will come back good day philadelphia, at this hour. good day it is august the 25th, 2016. >> i can't wait to meet her. >> your bra strap showing. >> i'm always a mess, thank you for helping me out. i can't wait. >> she had a phone called sex symbol. >> what was the other one? >> oh, all right. >> so we found a survey, do this every six month, each survey tells us at which age are you the happiest in life? now, about a year ago, we did survey that said it was 59. fifty-nine was the happiest year of your life. >> okay? >> new numbers are in, we'll tell you. >> and the perfect philly
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date. >> where do you go for romance in the city? coming up the best places to go on a date for every single stage of the relationship. so first date, casually dating, serious stuff, expert made it their business to research these places then we have mike who will give his 2 cents. >> yes. >> and i think you're an expert, mike. >> top five is chris murphy's cut. >> oh. >> the return of nelly. the son of one of our producers here on "good day". we love when he would not get in the carseat before, going rogue, he turns two today. happy birthday. so how birthday present, helping parent every where to get them off to school. >> here's here basically to scree up another segment on good day philadelphia. >> you know, pretty much a given that your kids are playing on line do you know what your kids are doing on line though? another study says most parents have no clue what their kids are doing.
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>> new study, finds real visual disconnect between parents and their kids. in fact, only about 13% of teens believe their parent understand what they're really doing on the internet, 13%. most, five hours a day on the internet, how is that? not in front after computer but mostly on the phone. >> on the phone. >> i have to admit, not that i'm a kid or anything, but, the other day i went on my laptop, lift up my laptop, went on, i haven't been on my laptop in months. so much on your phone, why do you even need to go to the laptop? felt kind of weird. i lift it up. ahh, when they turn on. >> you're right. >> when is the last time were you on your laptop? do you have a laptop? >> over a year. >> over a year. >> yes, it is all on my phone. all p on my phony bought airline tickets last night, on my phone. do that again? how am i on my phone? >> because i can't see.
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now why would you make fun of the elderly? >> just saying. >> for parents who don't know what their kids are doing on the internet, they say not that ooh to even matters, what matters you teach your kids to not succumb to all of the negative influences, like be resilient, life lessons, in the virtual world or the real world. it is like you know, you won't know every app, won't know everything. can't keep up with all of that, but teach your kids how to navigate it all. and if they have that foundation, know what's right and wrong, they'll think about those things. think about it, only five hours a day on the internet? you can't mom all that. that's a lot of time. especially if it is on their phone. >> shocking thing happened to me. always somebody else's family. my daughter, jill, a friend, sarah, who lived across the street from us. sarah in ninth grade somehow got on line and started
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talking to a guy up in minnesota. ninth grade. was able to buy airline tickets and go visit him. >> oh, no. >> turned out to be a lot older than, you know when she got over the plane, old dude standing there waiting for him. >> did her parents finder? >> they got her backment and her mom, federal judge. >> wow. >> can happen to anybody. >> wait. so she gets off the plane, she likes sees the guy? >> karen, don't ask mow detail. >> this was probably 15 years ago. and i'm in the going to remember the details. >> just trying help our viewers with the story. >> he just wants to shock us and walk away. >> that's it. >> i talk to all three of our viewers yesterday, and they're fine, they're fine. >> throw? >> how about five? >> your grandfather is one. >> all of the ones that help us get the likes to 700,000. >> that's true. oh, by the way, the dude,
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there was a guy, what happened? what? okay. there was a guy who is the 700,000 person to like our facebook page. >> we're going to give him a shout out in a second. let's show everybody what happened yesterday. you like the page, then would you get waxed. mike thought he could hold this to the end of the show. but i knew he would suffer entire show if woe started earl. >> i i hate you. >> it happened. take a look. >> is it happening now? >> yes. >> oh, my gosh. ahh! >> are you okay? >> yikes. oh, oh, it is happening -- oh. >> oh, my gone. >> make it quick, and painless? >> that's what she said. >> oh, please mother of pearl. oh, mommy. >> my mommy didn't help me. >> you can see, look how
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tight, tightly he is gripping my hand. seriously. >> you have nice hands. >> okay, so this guy, jp d'angelo from bensalem, there he is. was the 700,000 person to like our page. >> congratulations, jp. thank you! >> you don't get a prize, but -- >> you get a shout out. >> thank you. >> i want to see what it looks like, yesterday i was very concerned in the meeting and in the snap chat. took a picture of his leg, all red. >> show the bottom of your foot? >> sorry. >> here is the thing, so earlier this morning, when i did this. >> oh, so soft. >> i was like it feels soft. but mike, put on some lotion. geez. you can feel the dryness, as if it took all of the moisture. >> so, now that you have no hair, like, it is important that you lotion. >> look at that! >> so cut put on something? >> i have a lot of freckles. >> does it feel different in your pants leg?
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>> does it like particular snell. >> oh, it foles different in my pants. >> does it particular snell. >> it does fowl different. with the fabric of my pants. >> but do you like the feeling of it? do you do this? >> i kind of do. >> are you going to start getting wax in the. >> i'm going to go all the way up, just head north. >> pretty soon you'll be an attraction. >> i'll and attraction, like a carnival? >> the hairless man? >> hairless anchor. >> that would be a sideshow. >> hot hairless anchor. hahaha. >> oh. you can put the leg down now. we don't want it. look, just in awe. >> turning point, he will be over there, that's the thing, when you get waxed, painful, horrible, the worse thing ever when you are in it. >> look at my freckles. >> and rimming the hair out. but then oh, this feels so good. you want to go back, then you go back, you remember how painful it is. weird psych. >> i ladies do you like when you see?
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>> okay, i'm taking it down. >> please do. >> and the pant leg down, yes, and please lotion. >> i'll show these off to sheila e. >> i don't think -- oh, like that? >> i don't think she wants to see that. >> she is beating the skins, drums, right, skins? what is a drum made out of? >> here we go. >> what kind of skin is it, cow? is it cow skin? >> i'm looking it up. >> the age at which we are supposed to be happiest in life. >> karen? >> i think it is true. we'll break it down. >> break it down. >> found people over 40 feel happier despite a decline in their physical health. because is it 40? >> downhill? >> you know what it is, you're better able it handle
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stressful situations. when you are certainly in your teens nan your 20's, 30's, everything is a crisis, it is so overwhelming, you get depressed, you have these huge peaks, valleys, by the time you're in your's, you can mellow this all out. i've seen this, did this before. bite off each every day, tackle it, get it done. >> you don't have to solve every problem every day, just few. >> i agree. >> here is the combo, this is a comedy. so they say at the university of california, san diego. >> usa. >> where chris murphy went. >> you see it? it is part of the university of california there. >> are you the peanut gallery? chris murphy, he isn't in the student yes audience today. >> so that would be the legumes -- legums. gallery? >> people are like what? apparently, for example, peanuts aren't nuts. >> no. a peanut is not a nut.
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>> and we keep going to chris murphy. >> little peanut head. >> so now i think we can start a campaign, and call them pea beans instead of peanuts. >> so is a pea allege all? >> i think they all are, like -- >> karen is going to snap. >> thank up, chris. >> thank you. >> lentils are legumes. you can boil peanuts. >> so is is it allege all? >> here is the thing, we look to the nut, go right to the nut part of the word peanut, we should be looking to the pea. because a pea nut is a legumes. >> thank you for the lesson for the day. >> study of bugs? >> what, is the study of words? >> uhh. >> i don't know.
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>> you're starting to bug me. >> if peanuts actually grow underground, as opposed to walnuts, almond, trees, and that's why peanuts belong to, you know -- >> what do you call nuts on a wall until. >> walnuts. what are nuts on a chest? chestnuts. >> here is the thing. >> okay. >> this is what we do on tv, tv thing we do. we're going to listen to sue, do the weather, while -- who is going outside? >> you are. >> me? >> oh, no a, the little kid, who has been seen around the country. >> for not wanting to get into his carseat. >> that's right. he's back. >> he's back, and it is his birthday, might be really fun. out of control for real now. >> oh,. >> okay, sue, are you doing the weather then? >> yes, i will ' take a break from building my poo noodle
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pencils. this one really better than the first one. see this? see the eraser, and there is the pencil point. but let's take a look, shall we, class? at our seven day forecast. now, pay attention. there will be a quiz. 88 degrees for high temperature today, little more humid, really going to feel the difference, later this afternoon, still pretty nice right now. so get out, enjoy it, at the moment. tomorrow, yuck, back to the 90s, mid 90s, in fact, 94 degrees, for high temperature, some clouds later on in the day, don't think most of us will see any rain tomorrow. but, it will get back to 09 saturday, sunday, heatwave number six is entirely possible over the weekend. still steamy on monday, and then it get little unsettled as we head into tuesday, and wednesday, of next week. now, bottom numbers you see there with little puckett and shovel, those are your shore temperatures, looks like today is a good day with little bit of sea breeze, heat up a lot tomorrow. >> thank goodness, the study
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of words, which is what i'm going say that i said. end symptomology is the study of bugs. >> you said -- i'll go with i said the correct thing. i said etntemology. >> so earlier this month, we had segment on carseat safety with our producer tori's son noah. everybody loved noah. what happened with this interview? live tv sometimes, you never know what you will get. >> so he's one month away from his second birthday. he is tearing the car apart. is this part of the law right here? >> can somebody come over and help? could that be a possibility? he start to get in, kicking and screaming, seen all over the country. >> i voted against this, but
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he's back for this, back pack already, already. how are you doing, man? >> good. >> this is noah's daddy and noah's mommy. high guys. welcome back it the show, noah. you'll be part of this back pack segmentment is it his birthday philadelphia? >> his birthday. he's two. >> they say terrible two's, but he was terrible at one? >> and i think it will get worse, and -- >> did you hear from everybody during the car segment? >> yes. >> around the country? >> we got a lot of calls from around the country, no, cannot believe it. it has been amazing. we've had people call from all over, reporters, it's been fun. >> yes. he kind of went wild? >> went wild on tv. >> but it was relating because nobody can get their kid in the carseat? >> exactly. >> oh, here he goes. >> you can hold him. >> know, a do you want to open
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your gifts? >> getting ready for day care, so we decided we would do a back pack. >> okay. >> and for noah he loves cars, so we have a car back pack. >> let's put him down and put it on him. >> now, you actually got him into a day care that far video? >> i know, thank god nobody has seen it. we've gone to five day cares, nobody has seen the video. >> nobody has seen it. >> there go. >> there is your cake, noah. >> now, here is the thing. >> what? >> you want some? >> that's the camera, yes, the lens. here is the thing, your mother don't know how to count. one, two, three, four, five. >> that's what comes in the grabbing are you six, six years old or two? there he goes.
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>> good to see you, into this back pack seg many. my daughters back packs at one point that must have been 60 pounds. and my little daughter, jill, had scoliosis, actually it, could be dangerous. so you can't be weighing down these kids. >> yes, this time of year -- this time of year we get a lot of questions from parents what should i look for in a good back pack. >> yes. >> i like to tell parents the first thing they should start with is, if you can come over, is to look at the straps. so, the burden of the weight of the back pack, really, interact with the child with the straps. that will happens to be in a part of the body where there is a lot of vulnerable structures. there is the clavicle, where the skin is superficial, can be irritated, the brachial plexus, bun of of nerves. a bunch of nerve that is come out of the neck, power the
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arms. you could be pinch the nerve, there is a web of nerves, it could be heavy, get numb. obviously a problem if they're trying to do their school work. >> why is this better, wider? >> so look for straps that are wide and straps that are nice and padded, so it treads throughout the entire souler. >> another exam be? >> the size of the book bag. >> so like at jaden here. >> hey, jaden. >> in general, when you look at the back pack, the backpack should not be bigger than the chest and abdomen. >> your thorax? >> chest and abdomen of the child. so you can see this back pack looks little bigger than jaden. so probably this is little bit of a bag we want to avoid. however if you think you have a back pack that is a good size, good idea, fill it about what you think would be the supplies woe take it school. if you see he is struggling to put the backpack on, struggling to take it off, if he is walking arch back, or really hunch over, then that
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back pack is probably too big for him. when it gets filled with the junk it will get filled with, throughout the course of the day, it will be too much for him to car. >> i what's this third exam be? >> and then -- how this should fit. so when you fit a back pack, make sure that the bulk of the back pack, you want to make sure the bulk of the back pack is about the middle third of the child. you want to make sure the bottom of the back pack doesn't go below an inch or two of the waist of the child. >> that's pretty good. what do you have here? >> cup of questions i tends to get, the standard back pack, so the first think i get questions about the messenger bag. >> first of all, that's a ben sherman bag, really? what's that about a thousand dollars? >> never heard every them. >> makes shirts and stuff. that's fancy. what do you say here? >> with these messenger bags, all fancy and stylish it, makes sure all of the weight is distributed to one side of the bod. >> i don't do that?
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>> because that will result in stress, strain,. >> so the double, double straps? >> the waying. >> why not do this? just drag it? >> really, these wheel i bags became popular, they take the stress from the child. however, in the course of inclement weather or crowded hallway or going upstairs, these bags would tend to be over pack getting thrown on to the back or carried, result in child caring it. >> bad news. last one right here? >> just quick point on how to pacca back pack. so, when you are thinking about packing the backpack, you want to make sure the heavier items like the textbooks, bigger notebooks, in the back of the back pack, at the bottom of the back pack, so it doesn't result in the back pack coming away from the child and twisting the child's back pack. >> how many times do you think you said back pack in that segment. >> over or under 20. >> yes? what are you doing? good to see you. >> thank you for having me.
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>> say bye! >> you know -- >> bye. >> bye. >> he's two. >> yes,. >> you put two can recalls. >> ex not -- he's not six. >> hey, what's going on? good to see you. >> what's happening? back in the studio. >> back to you, alex. >> happy birthday, noah. >> how about this? no more homework. one teacher says it is not important. her note to parent about what really matters.
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for senate, a clear difference. katie mcginty: for background checks, for banning assault weapons, and banning high-capacity ammunition clips. and pat toomey? against an assault weapons ban and against banning high capacity ammo clips like those used in the orlando massacre. listen to pat toomey brag: "i have had a perfect record with the nra." pat toomey gets an "a" from the nra. he's not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> i know a lot of kids will say we don't homework, different when you hear a teacher say no homework. seconds grade teacher said she doesn't want to give homework for an entire year. her name is brandy young, detailed her new policy in a note she sent home to the
9:25 am
parent t states after much research this summer, i am trying something new. homework will only consist of work that your student didn't finish during the school day, there will be no formally assigned homework this year, research has been unable to prove that homework actually improves student performance. rather, i ask that you spend your evenings doing things that are proven to correlate with student success. eat dinner as a family, read together, play outside, and get your child to bed early. >> alleluhia. >> so would you -- i -- i know u have three kids at home. well, the the homework keeps them in one place, focused on doing something. >> they've been doing it for so many hours all day long, i feel crunched especially if they're playing sports, so much homework already in first grade, no joke. it is so grueling to get it done. and play, do sport, so thank to you that teacher. i hope this catches on. >> wait to see the result of it then, mike? you okay? >> fine. >> where do you go when you're looking for love? >> right here, babe. >> i so this is a romantic
9:26 am
version of alex around town. we'll help you out here. someone you just met, going for first date? we'll tell you where to go. what about casually dating, what if you are in a committed relationship? made it their business to find the best places, then we'll compare her vice with mike. if you choose to listen to it. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon
9:27 am
against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
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here we go for this weeks alex around town we will talk dating, because i think it is a great date city. people are already offering suggestions why don't you take him here or her there. we will settle this right here and right now. let's face it when it comes to dating is there different
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stages of the relationship. there are different layses to take them. nobody should spend a lot of money in the beginning. we have ana gold farb and she wrote an entire article devoted to where to take people when it comes to dating. and also, where to go depending where you are in the relationship. all right. here's ana right now. here she is right here. >> how are you. >> good to see you. >> we will talk about why you are here. >> i think i know why i'm here, i have been around. >> no, no, no. >> you have done some serious research on this. >> yes good did you go out on all these dates and how did you come up in this. >> well, for a lot of attention, and, i was bored a lot so i gave a lot of guys a shot. >> wow. >> did you have trouble figuring out where to take you. >> well, yeah, they want to impress, the steaks are too high you tiehl like you have to, you know, spend too much money, then you get obligated and pressure and too little honey, how interested in me are you.
9:31 am
you ever find that sweet spot where it is the middle. >> how many dates did you go on. >> oh, my god, i don't think -- dozens. >> really. >> yes. >> did any of them stay around. >> i tricked one. >> you trapped one man. >> i trapped one man. >> yes. >> just one. >> things are going well. >> things are going well. >> so i guess this works. >> that is why ana is here. >> mike, because she's an expert but i want that real life experience. >> real life. >> yes. i have been alive a long time and figured out how to to this. >> yes. >> but you know this city like the back of your hand. you are in philadelphia. if someone will know where to go you would know. >> all right. >> this is what we will do. you broken down in categories. >> yes. >> so how many categories did you do. >> well, i did five, and down to three. for the sake of time. >> first date you don't know the person, trying maybe impress them or maybe not trying to do and we will do casually dating and trying to
9:32 am
get, into the relationship. >> you kind of like him. >> yes. >> you are liking this person. they are liking you. things are going great. this is what we will do. we will bring out categories. we will start with you ana because you are the expert. no offence, mike. >> no offence. >> mike, i will come to you and give us your vote and you tell us y folks, are you listening at home. >> i'm ready. >> let's start with the first date. where would you take someone on a first date in philadelphia. >> frankford hall. >> why? >> i like it because there is themes, you don't have to talk a lot, conversations are a little bored, you don't know that person that well, pink upon, jenga. >> is that in fishtown. >> yes, right on frankford and girardy call that almost a beer garden. >> it is a beer garden, community, it is food but it is receipt i cheap. >> yes. >> if he or she wants to go dutch it will not break the bank.
9:33 am
>> okay. mike, your vote for first date in philly. >> i like to go to parc at 18th and locust and sit in the chairs. it is kind of a french theme there. sit in the chairs especially during summer, spring, fall, because you can watch people walk by and make comments, you know, so you have something to talk about. >> you talk about other people but yourself. >> you make fun of people as they walk by. >> i was just there yesterday and carroll who runs the place. >> love carroll. >> yes, you have an in. >> carroll is a good kisser. >> my god. >> next one, you you are casually dating. probably been out a couple times. nothing too serious. >> so what you are saying you are interested. >> you are interested, in spending more time with him. >> yes. >> you have to get creative, ana. >> tria. >> tria is perfect for a week night happy hour like after
9:34 am
work, you are decompressing,. >> where sit. >> they are all over philly, is there one on spruce. >> is there one at 18th and sansom. >> they are all over the city what kind of food. >> nice atmosphere. >> they have snacks, by the, so, things go well, get substantially somewhere else. >> wine and cheese bar. >> wine, cheese, they have really wonderful beer program too. so basically whatever your thirst is. >> okay, i like that. >> mike, casually dating. >> but i want to spend more time with them. >> you want to keep them around. >> this might be too up scale but i like t tolulu's garden washington square in the nice weather, they have a garden tables out in the garden there, or go inside. food is fantastic. it is just a beautiful atmosphere. >> for you it is all about atmosphere. >> there is a trend. >> food could taste like dog food, i don't carey want
9:35 am
atmosphere. >> my gosh, mike. >> for the final one, you are committed, you are like hey, this is something worth, you are exclusive and i want you to know i feel for you. all right. what would your recommendations be. >> the ultimate philly date is instant and you have to plan in advance. you have to land getting the tickets, they sellout, it is limited, it is a limited experience. >> there is a lays over on spruce between 15th and 16th i can't remember the restaurant but he does that. >> a lot of people do that. >> all of the best chefs do it. >> it is telling personally expect to be with you by the time this class happens like next season we should be together. >> yes. >> it is in the movie hitch, they did it there. >> okay, mike. >> what is yours. >> well, i cannot commit so i don't have any-- no, i'm kidding. >> as he looks down at his
9:36 am
notes. >> barclay prime, again, 18th and rittenhouse. >> yes. >> i have never had a bad meal. >> food is fantastic. would i serve caviar. >> how is atmosphere there because you love at the months fear it is a beautiful room, green banquets and walk over after the meal to the logan hotel. >> yes. >> you go to the hotel after, really. >> no, to go to the roof top, one of the best views in the city. look down the parkway to the art museum, very romantic. this is during the day but at night it is especially nice. >> yes. >> so you guys can pick your poison. and, take mike or ana's advice, if they love your advice where can we fine more about it, yes. >> yes, an a where my rating is. >> good luck with the guys.
9:37 am
>> yes. thank you. >> let us know. >> yes. >> you better be watching. >> yes. >> what is his name. >> his name is mike? pretty sure it is not you. >> oh, well. >> do you like them short. >> how tall are you. >> 6-foot one. >> how tall is he. >> 5-foot five. >> i know. >> it makes things interesting. >> that is this weeks alex around town. we're doing breakfast with bob. >> you know it, we are coming live from south philadelphia where it is a alyssa's tenth birthday. >> yeah. >> the ponzio family is here in south philadelphia keeping those ponzio recipes going. wait until you see this spot when we come right back.
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good morning, everybody. coming to you live from south philadelphia. unless you have been living under a rock you know the name ponzio's, well, here we go. rest of the family here in south philadelphia. have been give a wave. we're talk over cafe v, which stand for victoria, victoria grew up in the family food business. you know, the big old restaurant family name ponzio's, of course, south philadelphia you know we're eating good over here. victoria thanks for inviting us out. >> my pleasure. >> i always said, dad does the building, and the rest of the family does the cooking. >> he does all of the work. >> so dad tell us about the design have of everything here. >> i helped, i was in canada at the time on vacation and she sent me a sketch and said make me a place real fast. i said windows around lets make counter round, we will put the lights and you'll have
9:42 am
a great place. >> your relationship to the upon te'o's in south jersey, what. >> it starts way back in 1935 my mother opened a restaurant in the rooming house in atlantic city. there was eight children. i was number eight. genes were good. i cooked well but vicky got it. my mother 100 percent. she was famous. >> i'm in charge of the cooking. my children made me do this. >> so show us what we have here. we're right on south street just off of broad. so south and juniper. my goodness. >> banana bread homemade french toast. we have pulled pork breakfast sandwich which ace macing pulled pork, fried eggs, cheddar cheese. >> half for breakfast and lunch. >> thinks a salmon bendik, wonderful with, saute on the bottom. >> okay. >> we have spinach garlic and parmesan egg white omelette. >> yes. >> one of my favorites is the french toast. >> my favorite too. >> it is called elvis, banana. >> the elvis.
9:43 am
>> the elvis, bananas and peanut butter on french toast. >> it will put to you sleep after that, we will neat a nap. it is also alyssa's birthday. when i came in she said i have a big birthday i am a double digits to day. >> how old. >> ten. >> let's sing happy birthday. >> happy birthday to you. >> live from south philadelphia a, back to you guys, in the studio. >> okay, thanks very much, bob. i have been waiting for this moment. finally here. because, sheila e is here, come on in, sheila e. so good to see you. >> wow. >> talking to her before she takes the stage at the dell tonight. >> hi. >> it is so nice to meet you. >> yes. >> welcome to philly. >> welcome to philly.
9:45 am
9:46 am
it is just an honor, we are geeking you the. >> sheila e album. >> one of the greatest drummers, singers of our time, she is sheila e. >> put your hands together for a good friend of mine, miss sheila e. >> ♪ >> sheila e. >> ♪
9:47 am
>> i think i'm in love. hi, sheila, welcome to philly. >> thank you very much good do you get here often. >> it has been a while you are a friend of patty, patty labelle. >> yes, momma, momma patty. >> i told her to tell her where is my pie. >> she goes out the to the dell all the time on thursday night. >> no, really. >> i'm not kidding you. i bet she's there tonight. >> she better be. >> she better be if she's in town, absolutely. >> you are kind of always forever link to prince where did you first meet. >> we meet in oakland san francisco bay area. >> your birthplace. >> he was doing his first record, and i met him, first
9:48 am
time he played the bear in 1978, 77, 78. we have been friend since then. >> you have a picture of him in your room. >> i did, which was so crazy. i heard about prince recording his first record. my dad was playing with santana in the same studio and then i heard about the record that was coming out. my friend worked at a record store. i saw poster. i said he is fine, i'm going to meet him. >> so what was it like. >> it was amazing. i went to see him play. and then, i walk into the theater and i didn't notice it was him because it was actually the base player that looked like him. it was kind of weird. i met him backstage, pretty cool. >> you mentioned your dad, pete, one of the best drummers in the world. is that where you learn just watching daddy. >> yes, he is the cutest ever. >> he is. >> does he still play. >> yes, we still lay. we're playing in a couple
9:49 am
weeks. the whole family. >> yes, we all play to go still together. >> do you still go out on tour. >> yes, we're out on tour. >> wait a minute, lets get a wide shot the because one thing i love about you, you are playing the drums, right, and then you kick the symbol. >> don't split your pants now. >> do you still do that. >> you will do it tonight. >> i will kick that symbol at 7:00, you bet are be there. >> at the dell. >> bam. >> i just pulled a hamstring. >> don't hurt yourself. >> no. >> all the time, are you kidding, yes. >> really. >> i'm always getting hurt. >> you make it look so effortless. >> you know, i don't know i hurt myself until i get off stage and i slam my finger or your arm. >> the adrenaline. >> the adrenaline. >> is it exhaust continuing. >> it the is, absolutely, yes. >> of course, this is part of the show, but are you going to do something for prince tonight at the dell. >> i have done. we have been playing his
9:50 am
music. we have written and recorded so much we will do something. >> when i think back to the most recent bet awards and did you that tribute how difficult was that to get up there. >> it was challenging. yes, it was hard because it wasn't soon that, you know, that we decided to do that listening to his music and trying to figure out what i was going to play i could not even look at a picture of him let alone music. >> every day, i still do cry, absolutely. >> have you been able to listen to his music now. >> we're playing it. we added a few songs. adding a few songs, like ah. >> which song gets to you. >> everyone of them even the ones we have written together. i just hear him in my head and hear him singing or bring back a memory of how did we write that song, where were we? there is tons of memory, 38 years of memories. >> when you listen to the lyrics you were doing this or we were here. >> absolutely.
9:51 am
>> are you going to make me cry. >> yes. >> i think so many people, and it was so sudden and we are all feeling so close, you were really close to him. people are still going out the to paisley park and the fact that they have announce that had they are doing those tours of paisley park. do you think, i mean it just happen. >> too soon. >> do you think it is too soon. >> yes, yes. i was just there last week and it is still hard. i don't think it is time. >> i know when elvis died it was five or six years before they let people into graceland. we should do the same thing. >> i think they should wait. >> the guy on the hand held camera, do you want to wave this around a little bit. >> i know bill. >> yes. >> he loves you, big fan. you signed his album. >> i did. >> do you still have this outfit. >> i do. >> i can't wear it but i still have it. >> i got the clothes like that too. >> so you signed it to bill.
9:52 am
>> i did. >> do you always sign everything backward. >> why is that. >> when i said i was going to be solo artist in 84 i said how willie sign my name. i said i will sign it backward. i have been writing backward most of my life. i was being bused going to school and we would be bused from the ghetto community where i grew up to the better schools and the bus when it got really hot we were in the back and got steamy in the back from a lot of the kid sitting back there i would write messages on the windows so people would read it going by. >> what messages would you write. >> jussie love you, can you read this, back off. >> then you passed notes, and writing backward. >> yes. >> just turn it around. >> put that little mirror up, can you read it. >> it says, to bill, god bless, love sheila e. and then is that peter 4/16.
9:53 am
>> what does that say. >> you have to read it. >> if i tell you, you won't go look it up. >> better thaw look it up. >> i will look it up. >> i will see new a few hours. >> i hope so. >> 7:00 o'clock tonight. >> thank you. i want to real real quickly. and the crew, on a ship 2,000 people, and come on the cruise and we will have a tribute to prince, michael jack son. >> where are you we can go. >> miami, cocoa kaine, new saw and back to miami. three days and no sleep. sound amazing. >> three days with sheila e. >> go get your tickets. it will be sold out before february. >> yes. >> okay. >> see you tonight. >> see you tonight. >> where are we going? >> let's just take a break i need to soak this moment in and take sometime. >> take sometime. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
9:54 am
9:55 am
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a couple minutes from the wendy williams show here. speaking of going to the the dell tonight did you ever hear about when they have award shows, you know, out in hollywood especially is there a celebrity ceta signments. so apparently if you want to be seen on tv what you want to do is try to get your butt in a next to taylor swift because they always take shots of her. >> she's always winning. >> true. >> that is way to go. >> that makes sense. >> it looks like it is close to her. >> would i rather next to gigi, then taylor. >> nick jonas. >> who would you like to sit next to. >> beyonce, of course. >> that is true beyonce. >> i would like to sit next to halle berry. >> i would say wendy williams because she would be so fun to dish w sitting there commenting, girlfriend in your head to comment on the starsy want to go to the after part which wendy and recap everything together. >> after party is always better than the the custard.
9:58 am
>> have a great day, we will see you again tomorrow for "good day philadelphia", see you then. >> bye-bye. .
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> live from new york city, it's the "the wendy williams show." >> how you doin'? >> the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> with all due respect. >> my girls are always turned out. >> i give it to you straight. ♪ shout it out. >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] >> that's funny. here we go again. ♪ >> wendy: yes. thank you for watching our show. [ applause ] say hello to my co-hosts, my studio audience. [ applause ]


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