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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  August 26, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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neighbors shocked and angry after this beautiful little girl was shot, by a stray bullet. how the eight year-old is doing right now and what we though about the gun man. i wanted to know. every parent wants to know what happened, you want to know how did this happen? >> a grieving father, speaking out after his child is shot and killed. message he hopes brings justice for his son. video is really tough to watch but victim is okay. take a look a local police sergeant standing the street when an suv slams into him. what the witness did next to help catch the driver who took off. it hads been a dry spell for philadelphia sports franchise since the phillies won the world series in 2008, why you should not count us
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out from winning a big championship this year. good day it is friday, all 26th, 2016. >> hi, diamond. >> carlos ruiz, i just need some comfort today. >> it worked out well because today is national doggie day. >> thank you for remember touring bring diamond in. >> hi sweetheart. hi baby. >> hi there. >> she's the best little dog in the whole world. >> when guys do that doggie talk that make them seem like freaks. >> hi, how are you. >> he knows what has been on here. >> dave warren, top that. >> i can try but you will not get me doing that little doggie, hi, little buddy. >> let's talk about the weather, in a manly voice that we can do here. weather by the numbers, we will go from one to ten at about eight today. so not perfect. not all that bad. temperatures will start to
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heat up. you'll feel humidity around. mid to low 70's, not all that cool but drops it down nicely last night. you you might feel mugginess. we have a few showers here. mainly north and west, grab that umbrella because they are moving through. they are not every where. they are ease lated. lehigh valley and one stronger storm east of harrisburg but lightening strikes on there. light show working its way in lancaster county a and there is western berks county. you might see that there. a few showers across allentown. they will move through between now and 6:00, just on is light showers, maybe holding together across south jersey and cumberland county and then we're done with the rain by ten or 11:00 o'clock tonight the or this morning. by tonight it is less humid. that humidity will drop. in the 07's right now. dew point at 70. that is mugginess that you feel. another heat wave, probably. we could see temperatures touching 90 degrees. by 3:00, 92, bright sunshine
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with lower humidity by 6:00. after those showers moving out at 12:00. a few light showers, this morning. bob kelly, hi there. >> i have a helper, a traffic helper. this is diamond. tie monday, i came in this morning and diamond is all nice and comfortable in my desk chair. this morning. so little diamond hanging out with us in the studio this morning. good morning, everybody. tgif. live look at the vine street expressway where the off ramp to the ben franklin parkway is block all due to an accident with an overturn vehicle. they to not the shut down the vine street expressway last night so traffic was opened. i took detour for no reason at all just naturally got off at syringe garden street but if you are crossing town, everything is opened, but the off ramp to the parkway is blocked with that crash. lights out, again, this whole grid here in northeast philadelphia along i-95 is in the dark. lanes are opened but just
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catches you by surprise, something is wrong here as you are driving, with the overhead street lines out. good morning to the gang down in tuckerton route nine, right here near mathieson town road watch for an accident and another water main break. we're up to number six this week with water main breaks in hatfield at welsh road and squirrel lane. otherwise, mass transit looking g chris and lauren back to you. $6,000 reward is offer for information in the shooting that critically wounded an eight year-old girl in camden. >> police say all hand are on deck for search for guy who pulled the trigger. dave kinchen standing by live at coupe are university hospital, good morning, dave. >> reporter: good morning, chris and lauren. we have been outraged by yet another child shot by a stray bullet here. and now we can tell you that gabby, little gabby, as we know her name right now, continues to fight for her life here in critical condition at cooper university hospital as officials post a
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reward for information leading to the suspect, friend tell us that gabby is hanging in there as family and friends stand by her side here at the hospital. she was riding her bike near her home at eighth ain't spruce streets here in camden wednesday night when she was shot, caught in the cross fire of arm suspects aiming for someone else according to camden county police. now since then officers have been pounding the pavement going door to door and stopping cars to see if anyone knows anything about the shooting, while passing out flyers, announcing $6,000 reward for tips leading to an arrest. we are also hearing from the neighbor who says she ran to gabby's aid right after she was shot. >> i have seen the baby and she's breathing and. it is just wrong. it shouldn't have happened. that was an eight year-old baby. she shouldn't be going through this. >> my daughter has been crying all morning, my son telling me
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he just hopes that he can live to be a old man. why are kid, kid shouldn't have to go through this especially because of irresponsible adults. >> reporter: meantime more new information, police telling thaws this shooting appears to be gang-related. investigators are also working the leads that have come in, in the last 24 to 36 hours, since they started to put word out about the reward and so forth. police continue to look through surveillance video. we're told it captures at least part of the shooting, back to you chris and lauren. >> dave, thank you. philadelphia father is pleading, to catch the person who murdered his son. it was a violent week in the city. he want people to know his son was more than just a murder victim. >> let's go to jenny joyce live from philadelphia police headquarters. what is the latest. >> reporter: listening to this interview with this father is extremely touching as the homicide remains under investigation. what we're hearing is that
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this is 21 year-old naster robin son, a son, father, friend and involved member of the community. his family says he ways a boxer and dancer and gave lessons to local children. a life cut short saturday morning when they were dispatched to the report with the person with the gun on the 800 block of east tilt on street. there they found nasil robinson with multiple gunshot wound to his head, neck and face. victim was transported to temple university hospital where he died. nasir's father spoke to our bruce gordon yesterday showing a deeper look into this young man's life. >> he spent time with the kid in the community. he would teach them how to dance, box. he danced, he would box, wow teach them and he had time for everybody. he wasn't the kid who would have shot anyone, like whoever you were, if you wanted to learn his cans move, he had time for you. was humble. he was patient. even the smallest kid who tried to dance like him the babies and he is out there
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dancing with the babies and trying to teach them the moves he toss all the time. that is what he did. >> reporter: nasir leaves behind a one year-old son and second son just days old. nasir's father says he wants to know what happened to his son. he cannot bear to watch the surveillance video. that video has not been released to the media at the this point. police say they have no motive and they have no suspects as this all homicide cases, is there a $20,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest and conviction of the person responsible. the chris and lauren. >> jennifer joyce, thank you. in west philadelphia, crews worked throughout the night to fix a water main break on haverford avenue this was the scene at forty-second street shortly after midnight. they had to shut down that entire area to traffic while they made repairs and cleaned up that watery mess. officials don't know what caused the break but they say that area has been undercover trucks. water main break to the gas leak an entire block evacuated, sky fox was over the scene last night in the 3600 block of g street in
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kensington. police say a large tank was leaking a chemical with the potential to explode. >> chemical process that has gone outside of its normal limits, outside of its normal parameters. we are monitoring very closely, to see what happens with that process whether it returns to its normal limits, or exceeds the parameters, normally specified in this process. no one was hurt, there were no evacuations. fire officials are trying to determine what chemical that effect was. lets turn to this at 4:09. a philadelphia police sergeant incredibly, alive and talking after a car slammed into him in manayunk. >> fox 29 brought this breaking news to you yesterday morning and now officials released video of the incident. we want to warn you it can be tough to watch this happened at 1:00 a.m. on thursday on main street. five five-year old joseph king, junior was talking to an officer who was making a traffic stop abe then a car
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comes in the view and that suggested came out of frame. car hit him so had hard he landed 15 feet away and out of his shoes. the driver just kept going. tow truck operator spotted driver, tipped off police and they then track him down and then arrested him. >> thank god that tow truck operator was in the area to be able to listen to what was being provided over police radio and able to be leather enough that was vehicle and being able to flag down a police officer and be able to stop this individual before he can hurt somebody else. >> police arrested this man, 21 year-old colin murphy of schwanksville who is facing dui charges. he he is in the the hospital in stable condition. authorities released identity of the woman died after falling in the zip lining course. fifty-nine year-old tina werner of felt on died wednesday after she fell 35 feet from the top of the platform. investigators say she was waiting to go down zi .
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line at go ape rope course in the lums pond state park, she died, at the local hospital. go ape released a statement saying would hand completed training instructing her to stay harnessed but participant witnesses have have state that had at the time of the accident, the participant had unfortunately disconnected herself from the safety system end quote. they say their thoughts are with the victim's friend and family. 4:11. new york city paying tribute to italy after a devastating earthquake kills hundreds of people. how big apple is showing support for those victims. it has been a dry spell for philadelphia sport franchises since phillies won the world series eight years ago in 2008. why you shouldn't count us out from winning a champion ship this year.
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meteorologist dave warren in for sue this morning. she will start this morning at 6:00. by that time these rain showers will be pushing through and out. here's north and western suburbs, dealing with a few light showers. is there a heavier shower just north of lancaster about to move in around the board are of lancaster ape berks county. it is pushing east. there is a lot of lightening with it. lightening strikes detect but weakening a bit. this is just north of the turnpike though moving east a few light showers trying to fall across the lehigh valley. this is picked up by computer forecast ape they hold together just enough we could see a few rain drops between
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now and 6:00 passing over 95 and weakening moving in south jersey and cumberland county by 8:00 this morning. then we are done, clear with that rain. it clears out. temperatures will heat up but humidity will drop later on tonight. mid 70's right now, seven day forecast has 90's, today could be a heat wave but does get cooler there on monday. tuesday there is a chance of a few showers and thunderstorms. by wednesday and thursday we are looking at temperatures in the mid 80's, and 90 ease looking better next week. good morning, bob. >> diamond is not as exited to see you as she is to see he. i get a bigger tail wag. we have something going on here. we have a vine street expressway, downtown here, the off ramp to the ben franklin parkway is block right now with an overturned vehicle. right in the middle there. we've got police the scene. the vine expressway itself is opened, they did in the close it last night with construction.
4:16 am
they are working above on the parkway right in front of the logan circle there. so just watch yourself across town, curb side on the freeway, headlights coming toward the city, light volume, and friday, summertime, we are going to be singing on the way to cape may as we go opposite way later this afternoon but in problems there. all of the trolley lines terminating at 40th and market until 5:00 with construction in the tunnel. the chris and lauren, back over to you. concern growing right now in one burlington county area over the quality of the town's water. >> now officials in the community are coming together hoping for some answers, sabina kuriakose has more. >> this is our faucet. >> reporter: this was at zimmerman's last week. >> it was disgusting. >> reporter: thursday, they showed us how mom has been making him skip the tap for filtered trimming. >> over here. >> reporter: people in maple shade in the too pleased with the merky mess making the
4:17 am
clear at tonight's council meeting. >> unaudible. >> why is it coming out of high faucet. >> i have clean water. >> reporter: residents say discoloration has been happening on and off for years. officials telling fox 29 news last week its as a result of the sediment in the aging pipes and it is harmless. yet knit were crystal clear council members admitting they do not know. >> why is it in this area. >> we are going to get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: township utility engineer thinks it may be rusty cast iron pipes among other reasons. licensed water contractor promises that the water is safe to drink. at the zimmerman's the brown tap goes on for now but not the questions. >> what are my children drinking. >> well, i think it is in the good for you. >> reporter: sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. township utility engineers say it is working with water contractors to figure out what
4:18 am
is behind the coffee color water. once they can figure that out they can implement a fix. >> the township does insist the water does meet federal state and safety standard amounts i look at my coffee i don't want my water lah like that right thousand. >> no. police found family of the young one found wandering in delaware county but he is not going back to them just yet. >> officers found the boy walking near septa train traction hack dade boulevard in collindale yesterday morning. clearly, terribly dangerous. department of the youth services took the boy this custody while they investigate what happened. police are crediting a witness who called 911 which helped save him. >> i'm glad that with man stepped up and found him and called 911. gave us video footage, look out, where which direction he came from. it is a win/win tonight. guys in the public won. >> authorities looked into this and they came to the conclusion that his uncle was supposed to be watching him but they don't believe anyone will face criminal charges.
4:19 am
this is the second boy found wandering all along in collindale this year. >> scary moments. charges expected to be filed against a man accused of killing an east tennessee police officer this man 44 year-old brian keith stale inn, shot and killed a police officer, it was yesterday afternoon. police have not released the name of that deceased officer they say yesterday the officer responded to a domestic call about a person with the gun. after they secured stale inn's father the victim in the incident stalen opened fire on the officer hitting the deceased officer in the neck killing him instantly. >> not too far from there in mississippi authorities say motive is unclear in the death of two catholic nuns found dead inside of their home. officers found the two women thursday after they failed to report to work that day. medical examiners are looking for a cause of death. so far we know that they were not shot. the both victims were nurse practitioners, one was a members of the the sister of charity in kentucky. other was a member of the sister of st. francis in
4:20 am
milwaukee. a tribute in the u.s. to the victims of had devastating earthquake in italy. >> take a look at new york city here, world trailed center was lit up with the colors of the italian flag, green, white, red ray eighthed from the landmark overnight to honor those who lost their lives as well as to she support for the survivors. wednesday's earthquake killed at least 250 people and in amatrice in, nearby towns, after shocks continue to add to their despair and anxiety there. rescue crews using sniffing dogs to search through the ruins. they are in the giving up hope that more survivors may be found trapped underneath. some two hup people have been pulled out alive from the rub until just the past two taste. in central indiana resident are recovering after a series of tornadoes ripped through the area. storms did major damage in a star bucks in kokomo indiana was leveled on wednesday this was one of the does tones hit the state. indiana governor and republican vice-presidential nominee mike penc o toured the destruction yesterday. national weather service is
4:21 am
reporting a massive super settle produced at least eight tornado with wind of 165 miles an hour. authorities say, the authorities say it injured about a dozen people. all right. he is really one of the best players in phillies history, a fan favorite, carlos ruiz though, going to the dodgers. another phillies star, from the 2008 team going to the dodgers, following j roll, chase utley. much more in sports in one minute. we have lottery numbers as well. we will play diamond dogs from david bowie on this national dog day and we will show you a talk named diamond, lauren's dog.
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good morning i'm tom sredenschek just one member of the 2008 world series championship team is still on the current phillies roster and that would be ryan howard. yesterday carlos ruiz trade to the dl dodgers where he is reunited chase you the thely and joe blanton. chooch, a part of the organization for 17 years, 11 at the major league level here in philadelphia only three catchers caught more games in the phillies uniform and in his career he caught four no hitters n exchange phillies get 35 year-old catcher aj ellis and minor league pitcher
4:25 am
tommybergjans. as far as regular season is concern, matthews has 1,000 . >> i say that, you know, every running back's bench mark to top that. you know, but you have to be healthy and play the whole season. that is my main goal right now just to make sure my body is ready and i'm ready mentally and physically to go do the punishment that we take as a running back and i feel like i am that is ports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek. ladies and gentlemen. >> yes. >> i'm all ears. >> here's a tip, there is a day philly could win a sports championship do you believe this. >> it is under the radar because it is not flyers, sixers, phillies or eagles, we're talking about the philadelphia soul. yes, we have an arena football team in philadelphia and they are darn good. they will play on the arizona rattlers, tonight in the championship game. rattlers have won five arena
4:26 am
bowl games including two against our philly soul team. the soul has only one won championship thus far, the same year we had our last championship with the phillies in 2008. of course, that was the year we won the world series, kick off at 7:00 o'clock tonight live on espn, go soul. >> do you want to do another ladies and gentlemen. >> when you do it like that. >> i like that. >> when you can tell everyone this is stand tonight cheering for the soul. >> and arena bowl but not philadelphia soul. >> none in stop action. >> and you see those guys flip over the back of the boundaries, they are different there. >> yes, padded walls and the whole thing. >> 4:26 is the time. we have to turn to serious developments overnight. dave kinchen is on one of those stories from cooper hospital in camden, dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you it is where an eight year-old girl continues to fight for her life after being shot, in the head, and struck by a stray bullet, after the break, we will tell you how
4:27 am
police are reaching out to the community, trying to find the shooter. that is after the break.
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4:29 am
neighbors in one local community are shocked, ramming gray after this beautiful little girl was shot by a stray bullet. how the eight year-old is doing right now and what we
4:30 am
know about the gun man. a father plead to go catch the person murdered his son, cash reward for information leading to his arrest. if you thought ryan lochte drama was over you better think again. new charges a begins the the olympic swimmer and how much prison time he could be facing. brazilian authorities want him back in brazil to talk to him. we will keep an eye on. that big international story, on this friday, finally friday, tgif, out there, it is august 26th, 2016. >> big weekend plans you know what i will do i will get in my car and drive north on i-95 to massachusetts. my parents are both from there and i have family up there and i will spend sometime up there. >> tell them all i said hi. >> you will go the opposite direction to the atl. >> do you know why. >> because today asia and brooke my nieces their 12th birthday. >> they are so spoiled. >> really. >> oh, yeah. >> should i tell them you said that. >> yes. >> i know why they are spoiled. let's put it that way, aunt
4:31 am
lauren is very generous. dave warren good morning to you. >> i will go east to the big ac. >> you have the shortest trip. >> i have the shortest trip. chris, you will get there by sunday maybe. >> stop every 2 miles. >> every 2 miles. >> yes. >> you know what today is, national dog day and national cherry pop sickle day. two things that go together perfectly. warm, muggy start, heat and humidity don't go together, 70's is the temperature. we are keeping an eye on this area of rain and even a few lightening strikes there, holding together moving right east along the turnpike now just about to push into lancaster county there is one or two showers to the north as they are moving across the lehigh valley. future weather computers shows these showers will weaken moving east but maybe holding together enough so right around 95 between now and say 6:00 o'clock in the morning you may see a passing shower. air quality alert because of
4:32 am
the sunshine and light breeze, up and down new jersey, just a code orange, just watch for that this afternoon where the poor air quality really peaks. seventy's right now. heading for a heat wave, because temperatures are climbing in the 90's. do you want to see a bitch do the traffic. it is the definition. the real world. >> speaking of diamond. this is little diamond, lauren's little pup. diamond is so cute hanging out today. it is national dog day, and we have some problems here on the vine street expressway, on the westbound side, the off ramp, to the ben franklin parkway is block. here's the deal. an accident involving a vehicle and within of the street sweeping trucks. really process in the cleaning up of that construction. parkway itself is opened east and westbound. they didn't close it last night but off ramp to the parkway is still block as they take care have that crash.
4:33 am
good morning to the freeway heading down the shore later today, remember magic hour is 2:00 o'clock, you want to be up and over that walt whitman bridge age on your way by 2:00. otherwise pack some snacks, juice box and fishes for kids and treats for the dogs because that is when they start build up. we have a fire location in the neighborhood kensington avenue between erie a and venango. coming into philadelphia on the walt whitman we have a new traffic pattern with the three lanes up the middle there all block due to construction. chris and lauren, back over to you. $6,000 reward being offered for information in the shooting that critically wounded an eight year-old girl in camden. >> police right now are on a search for this person who pulled the trigger. dave kinchen standing by live at coupe are university who are within doctors are fight to go save this girl's life i understand, dave. >> they are working incredibly hard here at the hospital, she's still in critical condition. we are talking about eight year-old gabby, we now know her name thanks to friend of
4:34 am
hers who are certainly overcome with emotion right now. meantime officials posting a reward for information leading to a suspect. friend say little gabby is fight to go stay alive after getting struck in the head by a stray bullet while riding her bike near her home at eighth and spruce streets in camden wednesday night. she was caught in the cross fire of armed suspects, aiming for someone else according to camden county police and it is those same officers pounding the pavement going door to door and stopping cars to see if anyone knows anything about the shooting while passing on the flowers a announcing a $6,000 reward for tips leading to an arrest. this morning we are hearing from a neighbor who says that she ran right to gabby's aid right after she was shot. >> gabby don't deserve this. she was the greatest little girl. she got straight a's, like obviously everybody is her friend. there is more kid out here then adults. >> when you hear an eight
4:35 am
year-old girl gets shot in your head in your neighborhood what goes through your mind. >> it has gone too far. >> she didn't deserve that at all. she didn't deserve that at all. >> i have a granddaughter myself that is six years old, she's not allowed outside at night. >> reporter: meantime police continue to look for surveillance video and review video of this incident. we can also tell you that police tell us that this appears to be a gang-related incident. they are going through tips that have come in over the last 24 to 36 hours, since they have gotten the word out, about this case as they continue to investigate. chris and lauren. dave kinchen, thanks very much. 4:35. in west philadelphia, crews work through the night to fix a water main brake or half for avenue this was the scene at forty-second street shortly after midnight. they shut area down with traffic while they made repairs and cleaned up this mess. father pleading for your help to catch a person who
4:36 am
murdered his somebody during a violent weekend here in philadelphia. police say gunman killed 21 year-old nasir robinson as he walk to the deli at corn are of g and hilton just before 1:00 a.m. last sat take. the robinson was an inspiring dance shore loved teaching his moves to neighborhood children. he leaves behind a one year-old son and another new born son that was been just four daysing before he passed away. it hurts. it hurts that he is not going to be knowing his dad or that person, just hear bit. we will make sure he hears about it. he will never know the warmth of my son. my son was a loving guy, hum. , loving young man. >> a $20,000 reward is for an arrest and conviction in the case. turning to the latest, olympic swimmer ryan lochte. he is now facing charges, brazilian prosecutors have charge the gold medalist with filing a false robbery report. >> a conviction could mean as many as 18 months in prison.
4:37 am
so far lochte not commenting on those charges. during the olympics he says a robber targeted him and three fellow swimmers a the gun point but authorities showed it was instead a confrontation with security guards after lochte, vandalized a gas station bathroom. 4:37. this teenager has never been able to attend classes with kid her own age, very good reasons that she's been home schools, her entire life. >> um-hmm. >> look at that. >> so hard.
4:38 am
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preparing shore child for a first day of of college. >> yes, she's 14 years old. folks's math the math spoke to this impressive young laid toy see how she pulled off this amazing accomplishment. >> few people at any age can solve a rubix cube this fast. so it might not be surprising that 14 year-old, danielle carson is starting her freshman year at stetson university. >> i have enjoyed math. >> reporter: her mom mindy says mateen just was solving college level equations when her peers were learning addition. >> by first grade she was in algebra anal algebra. >> she was forced home school her. >> from third to seventh grade, they would not take her. >> reporter: until she went to stetson.
4:41 am
>> it was just to have an expert to teach her to always know the answer and stay ahead and knew exactly what they needed. it was just such a blessing. >> reporter: more than just a professor that helped but her classmates too. >> really nice, to be with other students, i mean, you know, i could finally get, the education that i'm supposed to be getting, with other people. >> reporter: danielle is attending stetson on a partial scholarship. >> whether she wants to or not she's breaking stereotypes about what you can do at her age. that is great if we can be part of that. >> reporter: she hopes to go to mit for her ph.d., after that the sky is the limit. >> engineering orifice innings, i'm he in the sure, anything in math field. >> reporter: for now she's right where she wants to be. she's even talk with her new friend about starting stetson's first blackjack club, matt, "fox news". one of the first competitive ax throwing
4:42 am
facility in the u.s. is right here in our area. >> that looks like dangerous. >> true.
4:43 am
4:44 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. i do know them. >> yes, they necessity how to whip and nana. >> that is asia and brooke my nieces turning 12. i will go out hang out with them in the atl. >> i was exciting because this is probably last birthday i will be cool enough to happening out, they will be
4:45 am
like aunt who. >> they have been smart and they will always be cool hugh hand accounts to you at every stage. >> i love it. i'm excited. they are like aunt lauren to you want to hang out. >> let's hope they don't become teen brats. >> dave warren, this is what you have to look forward to having a daughter. >> what does per coach us mean. >> you are more advanced at a young age. >> okay. my kids are not that. >> they try to be. they height be watching. >> yeah, right, what time sit 5:00 o'clock. yeah, they might be. seventy's. warm start this morning. mid to low 07's. humidity increase aid bit. ultimate doppler radar watching a few things. one or two showers through lehigh valley, poconos and within other shower. heavier now into lancaster county. this will slide east along turnpike and weaken. they are not seeing lightening strikes that we had but heavier rain right through berks county. this will hold together moving through chester, montgomery
4:46 am
county and pottstown. it may be just a passing shower pick up by computer forecast, at 6:00 and gone by 11:00 this morning. there is that wind that will pick up from the northwest, bringing in dryer air. humidity drops. especially in the northern suburbs. and, bright sunshine, tomorrow, and that dry air is here for one take so it is still pretty hot the but humidity will drop a bit. look at the heat index to take, it will be close to 100 degrees but not that hot tomorrow. seven day forecast has some cooler temperatures, eventually. might be dealing with the heat wave here 90's, today, tomorrow, sunday, and a few cloud on monday. the showers and storms come in tuesday, wednesday but clearing out by thursday, with a mix of sun and clouds, so temperatures dropping back down in the upper 80's but not after this weekend. it could be a hot one, bob. 4:46 on this friday morning, tgif, early morning accident here on the vine street expressway. it is actually off ramp from
4:47 am
the westbound vine to go up above on to the ben franklin parkway a vehicle and one of those street sweeping trucks collided earlier this morning. vine street expressway is opened, this did in the close it last night, with construction. you don't have to worry about taking that detour over the, you know, through the morning commute. on air button there, hit that on air button, boom, keep the happens coming up there on the vine street expressway. coming up and over that walt whitman bridge, watch out for that new traffic pattern we have got three lanes block there as we come on into philadelphia we have 15 lanes or so but three are blocked because of construction over the next couple days. and now causing some confusion for folks coming back from the cher on sunday. so keep that in mind coming toward the city right now headlights in the bad working your way in through bellmawr and mass transit looking good with to delays. chris and lauren, back to you.
4:48 am
we have good news for commuters relying on septa after labor day transit the agency will start a express bus service during morning and evening rush hours. >> new routes designed on give riders more travel options while crews repair silver liner five train cars. this will give you flexibility and more frequent services. route starts september 6th and regular transit fares will apply. you have an iphone. >> i do. >> well, here's the deal, apple was quick to put out a security update for devices and this is a good idea. apple issuing a update after researchers discovered powerful spying software targeting a human rights activist iphone in the middle east. it takes advantage of the the three previously undisclosed weaknesses in the apple's mobile operating system. experts say they have never seen anything like this before. spy wear could compromise an iphone with the tap of the finger. apple says it has fixed it immediately after learning about this. so, if you are looking for
4:49 am
a new adventure maybe an activity. >> yes. >> there is now ax throwing here in philadelphia. >> okay good do you want to stand behind the line, okay. urban axes, it is gearing up to make history by opening up first u.s. competitive ax throwing facility. >> so they say it is like darts but only bigger and more satisfying. apparently all of the rage in canada. owners say they are serious rules. anyone who wants to throw a ax will be supervised by an ax expert. all axes get locked away at the even of the night. it opens up on east boston street in east kensington september 13th but i get the pleasure. >> yes, um-hmm. >> to try it all out during the 9:00 o'clock hour. i guess they felt like i needed to get some aggression out. >> let me ask you a question. >> ask me a question. >> you have to make sure you don't have any of that lotion you like to rub on your hands before you go do it. lets just use this little dog
4:50 am
toy here. >> you see that video we just showed you? the people standing behind the ax thrower about to throw. >> wrong way. >> hopefully i'm there alone though because i'm a novice. >> tell them to stand next to you and not behind you and certainly not the in front. >> i will tell them that. >> now an update about a young lady who was first met with lauren johnson. >> back in april we met rachel grace, manager of the girls basketball team at north penn high school. her acceptance into college remember she read that letter, it went viral. >> you are accepted into the program. >> i got in. i'm going to college. i got in. >> rachel was accepted to east stroudsburg university in the learning and living studies
4:51 am
program. she spoke at montgomery county down syndrome inclusion conference just a few nights ago. they featured our story on rachel. here's a little will snip it when they asked her to speak. >> just job applications and go on interviews and travel places, help me get ready for my next which is to go to the career independent living ape learning in stroudsburg university. i'm leaving for college tomorrow. >> that is great. >> i watched the speech. i was all teary eyed at the even. one thing about her she says nothing will stop her. she is going to the independent living program. she gets a roommate. her roommate has down syndrome
4:52 am
is a senior. they will show her the ropes and she says three years later she hopes to be on her own doing fine. >> east stroudsburg university is that is in west pennsylvania. >> that is confusing. >> she has a little drive ahead of her but how much fun to move in and get ready for first day of college. >> so exciting for her. >> congratulations. we will have some fun, it is eight to 10:00 at clementon park in splashing world in clementon, new jersey. >> if you donate five new items you can get a 15-dollar admission to the park, that is about half off, a little more than half off the price of admission. you can meet our quincy hard his will be their life all morning licensing there 8:00 to 10:00 this morning. >> okay. >> makers of the epi-pen are in the budging on the price in the next hour what they are doing to help customers after the life saving drug.
4:53 am
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spreading on line and social media. non-believers in the house are suing the house speaker, and five lawmakers over opening prayers. the lawsuit filed yesterday in harrisburg says that non-believers are treated like, a disfavored my north who can be discriminated against. group involved in the lawsuit consists of five peak and three organizations and they are asking that a judge prevent them from being forced to stand during prayer. $600,000 is how much authorities say a bucks county man stole in vehicle parts from septa properties.
4:56 am
montgomery county prosecutors have charged kyle allen with felony burglary, receiving stolen property and other offences. they say allen stole hundreds of batteries, converters and other electronic components and parts and sold them. they say he started doing this back in january of 2015. so a little more than a year and a half this has been going on. have you ever taken a train at 30th street station? you know the sound of, you know, letters flipping over on the old school departures board, kind of the throw back that is cool, right? well, soon that classic sign will be a thing of the past. amtrak says that they are removing that sign which has been there for decade and replacing witt a board digital board you see anywhere else. new board is still been design and in word when it will be taken out, the old one. amtrak said they will take out old one to make it easier for passengers but darn it, that is so neat. solated things from the past. it has been 100 years,
4:57 am
since national park service has been taking care of the country's most spectacular landscapes. of course, philadelphia is part of the celebration. the independent national park is one of the parks across the can country that the park service looks after all in olde city. park service celebrated by sending a time capsule not to be opened for 100 years. lets get to dave kinchen at 4:57. you are in camden now and you have an update for a girl who is fight fog -- fighting for her life though. >> reporter: family mens and friend are certainly emotional while police continued their efforts to find a shooter. we will tell you how after the break, general i. >> reporter: good morning, dave. from camden to gun violence here in philadelphia a, the father of a 21 year-old murdered over weekend speaking out the about his sones life to show people he is more than a philly crime statistics. we will be right back.
4:58 am
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neighbors this one local community are shock and angry after this beautiful little girl was shot by a stray bullet. how the eight year-old is doing right now and what we know about the gun man. i wanted to know, every parent wants to know what happened, you want to know, how did this happen. >> a grieving father is speaking out after his c


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