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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  August 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 11.
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a developing story tonight. fbi subpoena tied to the mayor of philadelphia. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. the mayor confirms tonight his campaign office has been forced to hand over documents. fox 29's chris o'connell here with the new developments to night. chris? >> reporter: dawn, the subpoena is tied to the investigation of union chief johnny dock the mayor toll us tonight there's nothing to hide. >> days after federal and state investigators swarmed several properties with ties to international brotherhood of electrical workers union boss john dougherty, some of those same agents wanted to look at documents for the 2015 campaign to get jim kenney elected as mayor. >> i'm not surprised by the request, and we move quick toll my with what they need. >> reporter: speaking to us by phone mayor kenny says federal agents made a request for documents two week ago. he says his campaign advisers complied. kenney tells us most of what was
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requested was general campaign material and documents already made public. three weeks ago agents raided more than a dozen homes and offices connected to union boss johnny dock including the local 98 union hall and the city hall offices of kenny's supporter councilman bobby heenan. the search warrants were looking for evidence of possible crimes including embezzlement and extortion. kenney says his office has done nothing wrong. >> federal government is doing their job. what's they guessed paid to do. they're asking information. we're providing that information in an toast see this come to some conclusion. >> reporter: dougherty has denied any wrongdoing and to make it clear, dawn, so far in one has been charged with any crimes. >> all right, chris, thank you. turning now to the fox 29 weather authority. it's one of the last weekends of summer. hard to believe. swimmers at both the new jersey and delaware beaches should be extra careful of the rip currents tropical storm gaston is churning up the waters as it moves north in the atlantic
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ocean. meteorologist scott williams here now with your first forecast at 11:00. scott. >> hi there, dawn. we will be keeping tabs on that increased risk for rip currents for the up coming weekend but also monitoring the temperatures. the high in philadelphia today 93 degrees. and it was humid. temperatures for tonight, suburbs 67 degrees. we're looking at low 70s in the city. that humidity will start to drop due to winds more out of the north during the overnight and during the day tomorrow. so for your saturday, we're looking at a lot of sunshine. it's still going to be hot but not as humid it will be more tolerable it will be dry as well. in fact let's plan that day hour by hour. by lunch time 87. 91 for the high temperature tomorrow afternoon. mostly sunny skies and not as humid with winds more out of the northeast five to 10 miles per hour. that extended weather authority seven day forecast showing you hot for the weekend, but once again the humidity will be in check. 91 on monday. tuesday still kind of toasty a
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pop up storm likely on wednesday and much and look at the latter part of next week. temperatures dropping into the 80s as we begin the upcoming holiday weekend. labor day weekend we'll talk about that, also, the tropics still pretty active, gaston and it's the potential is there for hermine later this weekend. >> all right. thank you, scott. little girl who was critically injured after police say she was hit by a stray bullet in camden has died. eight-year-old gabbie carter had been fighting for her live at cooper university hospital since wednesday. that's when stray bullet hit her in the head. there is a $12,000 reward for information that will help police put the shooter behind bars. a gloucester county man is in police custody tonight accused of killing his own parents. we're toll the 28-year-old lived with his parents at home at the home they were murdered. fox 29's brad sattin has been following this story out of west deptford. brad, what can you tell us? >> i can tell that you police actually left the scene a couple
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hours ago. they arrived here at noon. so they were here for about nine hours investigating. tonight we are learning more about the couple and about their apparently very trouble son. >> oh, my gosh, shock. really shock. disbelief. >> neighbors saddened by the news as they watched investigators collect evidence working into the night searching for clues as to what led 28-year-old ryan cole toss allegedly kill his parents. when 58-year-old edward coles and his 55-year-old wife rosemary couldn't be reached last night, a family member came by this morning to find ryan at home and his parents dead. many suspected ryan may have been depressed. >> i thought he might be trouble just the kind of impression. my impression. >> reporter: edward used to own nearby coles music center until he sold it to second cousin several years ago but she says he still worked here fixing instruments and was just here yesterday inspiring kids to love music. >> yesterday was just a normal day.
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he came in to work. and, you know, everything seemed normal. nothing was out of the ordinary we're shock. we're just hoping that we're going to continue ed's legacy through the passion and gift of music. >> reporter: at this point police are not talking about a motive. we do know the son was taken to the hospital after his arrest for observation and we also know autopsies on the couple's dawn will be done tomorrow. >> all right, very tragic, thanks, brad. police in delaware have a woman in custody accused of killing a delaware state university student last month. 46-year-old cheryl vince new castle is charged with murdering 19-year-old malcolm evans. jennings shot the student near the entrance of the rutledge community in bear while he was driving to his part-time job. police say evidence shows the victim and jennings did not know each other. the family of the victim gave emotional speeches at a news conference today. >> my family and friends have
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spent so many sleepless nights wondering who and why someone would commit such an unspeakabse crime against such an amazing young man. >> with this arrest, um, the residents of rutledge and our family can sleep better knowing that a murderer isn't roaming our streets. >> police credit tips from the public with helping to find the teen's alleged killer. so far though police have no motive for the shooting back on july 9th. police say unsuspecting mom out to lunch with her children fell victim to a pickpocket and they say another woman was helping make sure that he didn't get caught. police say the pair sitting close to the woman behind this. investigatoinvestigators is he e big purchases once they got their hands on the woman's credit card. let's get straight out to sabina kuriakose live outside bensalem police headquarters. if you look at the video this chick-fil-a is full of people.
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the couple made bee line for the mom all because she was feeding her kids. >> scum bags. >> she has kids. like, i have kids. like, i just think it's terrible. report roar this surveillance video was taken inside chick-fil-a on horizon boulevard wednesday after 3:00 in the afternoon. fred haron says that ordinary task is what made her vulnerab vulnerable. >> these two creeps walk in. basically, and they're eyeing up the place looking to see who would be great victim and she see a woman preoccupied with young children. >> watch as the man and woman take a seat behind the mom. police say they put a jacket over the man' chairs to use it as cover as he reaches into the victim's purse that swung over the pack of her chair. he rifles through as his alleged accomplice acts as look out quickly he grabs her wallet. >> this is not the first day of the rodeo. they obviously have done this before. this is well set up. >> we work hard and, you know, bring your kids to chick-fil-a
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it's a family oriened place you don't think you'll get robbed. >> reporter: police say the suspects didn't waste any time. apparently they took those credit cards and used them at the target down the road to buy about $1,600 worth of gift cards. now if you recognize them, call bensalem police. dawn?, back to you. >> sabina, thank you. just in from septa police brazen rob before he to happened tonight during rush hour. take look at this guy. he walks right up to the woman at the girard station of a market frankford line. he pulls out a gun from his backpack and makes the woman give up her purse. this happened on the westbound plate form around 6:00 15 just when other passengers were flooding in. if you see this guys police say call 911 and if you know who he is, call septa police. skyfox over philadelphia's crescentville neighborhood tonight. that's where police say a man was assaulted along the 700 block of adams avenue. it happened about 6:30. the vick testimony was walking down the street when he was approached by three men and beaten up. medics took him to einstein
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medical center where he's listed in critical condition tonight. police are still searching for the attackers. a car accident in north philadelphia sends one person to the hospital tonight. sky fox over that scene about 7:00 o'clock. this is the intersection of west lehigh avenue and west sedgley avenue. one car has front end damage. we're told two of the thee cars were involved. it's unclear exactly what caused the crash. no word yet on the extent of injuries. you decide. donald trump and hillary clinton both say they're the better pick for minority voters. it comes after an interesting week for the trump campaign many accusing him of flip flopping on immigration. the trump campaign says that is not case. the republican nominee allowed cameras only for a moment before speaking privatel privately witc leaders behind closed doors. today in nevada, while hillary clintons toes running mate tim kaine couldn't toddling time to white supremacy group. trump campaign attacked clinton
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for making similar accusations and accuse accused hillary clinf drying to distract people from the clinton foundation scandal. >> she's trying to find way to change the narrative and frankly i think what she did yesterday is sad and what is exactly wrong with american politic today. >> queue clacks clan values, david duke values, donald trump values are not american values. they're not our values and we have got to do all we can to fight to push back and win. >> donald trump released a video online today showing then first lady clinton referring to young criminals as quote super predators. afternoon commute turns to panic when septa rider has a heart tack. septa officers rush in to help but they weren't the only ones. and putting the brakes on big trucks. the newest aimed at slowing down big rigs and preventing deadly crashes. ♪
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♪ two septa transit officers and a good samaritan are being hailed heroes tonight. the trio jumped into action thursday afternoon when a middle-aged man suffered an apparent heart attack aboard the market frankford line near 30th street station. the officers did chest compressions while a fellow passenger 22 year old daniel cordero helped the man breathe witness help of a portable device that he just happens to
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keep handy. >> i always have pocket mask which is what it's called on my person or at least in my backpack, um, we have i can just because you never know when a scenario you'll need it. >> and he kneaded it. he's a certified emft with cpr training. the unidentified passenger was revised and said nobody good shape. inspiring story out of camden county tonight. showing how one community drastically improved just by bringing neighbors together. it all started when one couple was sick and tired of all the drug dealing going on in local park. so they took action and did something positive for the children. joanne pileggi shows us camden is celebrating to night with spacial documentary report roar the park has cleared out. there was special screening of documentary in many about an idea that blossomed into reality of hope and dreams for this north camden community. at pine point park the crowd settled in for movie about the
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neighborhood here in camden. and a neighbor where kids had little to do before this park was here. >> the north camden little league started five years ago by brian morton. >> when wafers began, you know, all we were hoping was just to have a couple, you know, handful of kids being able to play. and the momentum that began after the first season, you know, just couldn't be couldn't tape. >> in five seasons the league grew from 80 to 800 players. giving kids in this urban community alternatives in summ summer. a local film maker made a documentary about it and the hard work brian and his wife fell leisha put into the proje project. >> so that's what, you know, the movie gets to capture the effort that it took on the part of players first of all. >> one my favorite quotes from bryan who started the league is "if you turn a diamond, baseball diamond on its axis it becomes a square arc community care and that's what he saw this.
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a place for people to come together. >> reporter: parents have praise for the league and the park. >> it's actually a big impact on my kids. it's a lot of kids on the streets that gets in lot of trouble and brung a lot of kids together. >> the park used to be overrun with crime and drug dealing. now it is an urban field of dreams. memorialized in film. in north camden, joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. new jersey governor chris christie announced a program that had help local governments impacted financially by super storm sandy. christie made the announcement in toms river. local governments and the nine garden state counties that were most impacted by the storm will be able to apply for reimbursement from the state. it's part of the non federal cost share or match program. the governor is hoping that these funds will help the smaller municipalities from raising property taxes to pay off money that they had to use to clean up from the devastating
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storm. in your health, critics of vape having argued it's just another way for users to get a nicotine fix, but new study says otherwise. researchers from the university of michigan say it's not nicotine but flavors that teen users are looking for. it showed that two-thirds of teens said they vaped using nicotine free flavors. some health officials are questioning the study's findin findings. the it's coincided with teen cigarette smoking. in your money federal reserve chair janet yellen hinting at raising interest rates. yellen says the case for rate hike strengthened in recent months in light of a solemn job market improve outlook for the us economy but she's stopping short of signaling any timetable for the next rate hike. she told bankers inflation is are unking below the feds 2% target. >> the government wants to put the brakes on how fast truck and
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bus drivers can drive on highw highway. they'll electronic cap speeds. regulators are considering a cap of 60, 65, or 68 miles an hour. the government says capping speeds for larger vehicles will reduce fatal crashes involving heavy trucks. on your radar tonight a humid one out there but hopefully it will be breaking for the weekend, scott. >> it certainly is. we're looking at that humidity, dawn, lowering for the upcoming weekend but it will still stay hot across the delaware valley. so as we talk about those weather headlines, hot this weekend. high temperatures around 90 but not as humid but also there's a rip current risk if you're headed down the shore. temperatures right now, 79 in millville. 77 in atlantic city. after a high there of 96 degrees today. 74 in pottstown. along with allentown. so for tomorrow, philadelphia a high of 91 degrees. not as humid the winds will be out of the northeast five to
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10 miles an hour. let's talk about the tropic. we have tropical storm gaston it's going to intensify likely into a category one possibly a category two storm but stay well out to the east of bermuda but we will see a large fetch we're looking at on shore wind a long wave as well as will increase the risk current rick he is the second last weekend into early next week. so if you're headed down the shore, of course, keep that in mind. swim where the lifeguards are present and also during the daytime. temperatures down the shore tomorrow 86 degrees. 85 on sunday. increasing rip current risk water temperatures upper 60 toss mid 70s. this is the disturbance that has about 50% chance over the next several days to develop into hermine. it could move into the gulf of mexico by early next week. the poconos looking good for the up coming weekend. the weather authority seven day forecast showing temperatures tomorrow none. 90 on your sunday. so that sixth heat wave is still
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likely. 91 on monday and tuesday. 90 still by the middle of next week. but look at the latter part of next week we're looking at temperatures dropping by friday into the low 80s. sean, back over to you. >> sixers made move today that was probably a good move but it reminded me of a sam hinkie thing to do. i just can't stand that i just said that. what they did and what makes it feel so wrong coming up next in sports.
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♪ the 76ers made a small move that was way too familiar. they traded away kendall marshall to the jags for a second round pick. kendall marshall one going get any burn i get it. trade him away. get something for him that may have a small chance to contribute in the future. but this seems way too familiar. trading a bunch of second rounders and center. yeah. sam hinkie that's was think of.
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i know brian co al jell-o knows what he's doing. come on the last thing the sixers fans want to or be remained sam hinkie bringing another center to fill. that's all we have is centers especially one that's not even going to play. plus what's the obsession with second round picks? this isn't the nfl or any other sport. second rounders in the nba usually don't amount to anything. especially guys that are picked in the late second round. we need first rounders. impact players. especially at the guard spot. again i trust brian compan cola. can we please stop picking centers in second round picks and actually get something that will come over here, play and contribute right away? dawn? >> all right, sean it appears there's good news now for battled u.s. swimmer ryan loch lochte. while four major companies dropped him.
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pine brothers endorsed him. they should give lochte a second chance. this comes as brazilian filed him with filing a false report. richard branson says he thought he was going to die after recent bike crash that happened in virgin gore today and caribbean islands. he hit a speed bump and thrown over the handlebars and hit his head on a concrete. his creek and shoulder -- his cheek and shoulder took most of the impact. he's bruised but he says his helmet saved his life. how about that? >> wow! >> that's scary looking. >> that is it for us tonight at 11:00. more entertainment news straight ahead on fox 29 with tmz and dish nation then chasing news followed by the simpsons. we're back here at 7:00 a.m. for your good day weekend. get the latest on traffic and weather covered all morning long. ♪
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: so we have unlocked the secret with a smiley face. demi lovato has hooked up with luke rockhold. >> they've done doing these secret messages on instagram where they post little smilies on their pinkies. they're a new couple and it's so surprising because she broke up with wilmer valderrama. whatever his name is. >> that was a tough one though. [laughter] >> j.lo's in new york filming the next four months. guess who just showed up in new york? harvey: casper smart. >> casper smart saying they're still talking and acting like they're still together. they're together in new york. >> where is he staying? harvey: a hostel or something. >> we got justin bieber on the "tmz" celebrity tour. harvey: seriously? >> and sofia richie was driving the car.


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