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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  August 27, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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this morning a little girl hit with a stray bullet in her own neighborhood has died. what police are doing to try and track down the shooter. plus, mayor jim kenney's campaign office forced to hand over documents to the fbi as part of the investigation into union boss john dougherty. and the war of words as the presidential election gets closer by the day, how the two sides are attacking each other toda today. from the fox 29 studio, this is it good day philadelphia weekend. good morning, everyone. welcome to a beautiful saturday morning. good day philadelphia, good morning, karen >> good morning to all of you. thank you for joining us. we've been talking, please join us on twitter and facebook.
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>> talking? >> interacting. >> first thing. >> there's the parrot heads in town, across the river in camden, i got to check on that one. how will the weather be. >> same song and dance, this will go down as one of the hottest august on record for philadelphia. we're likely hit 90 degrees again today. a lot of look right now showing the center city skyline, hazy, sunshine, we'll talk about the fryer forecast for the city down the shorn also a rip current risk. but first we want to check in with sue serio and be weekend >> weekend has her oarin town because it's if i'm for the wally lake festival happening in the pocono mountains, all weekend long with music, and open fare market, free sailboat ride, ice cream social. wally lake is the
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website. sound like fun, are we sailing into a good weather weekend? >> smooth sailing there sue serio. the poconos mountains looking like great weather for the upcoming weekend. temperatures likely be in the 80's. but here in center city, it's going to be another hot day, we're looking at temperatures likely topping out around find the but we will see conditions not coyote as humidity, getting break from that oppressive humidity we saw friday. there will also be a rip current risk down the shore, weather the by the number, what about a nine for today? it will be hot but once again, that had my will be somewhat in check. temperature this morning, starting out in the mid 70's. look at that wind. that will draw down some of that drier air humidity right now at 66%. so temperatures across the area for today, we got you covered, 91, hot, less humidity in center city, down the shore, 85 degrees with that rip current
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increasing. lehigh valley in the upper 80's. conditions on the roads? bob kelly has the details. good morning, everybody, nova, we got construction for you here on the campus of villanova, route 30 lancaster i have. watch for lane rerestrictions along route oh 320 mainly during the weekday is when we'll see the big delays during the rush hours. all the subway surface trolley terminating at 40th and market. you use the market frankford and they announced that supplemental bus service. the doesn't start until tuesday the 6th, which is the day after labor day, but it will impact these following lines, we will have the details on fox george the rest of the day. we'll see you back here tomorrow
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morning for good day philadelphia weekend. the desperate search for a killer of an 8-year-old girl continues, gabby card was shot in the head boy a tray bullet in camden. >> police are putting pressure on this community begging them to come forward with the information. jenny joyce is live. >> reporter: good morning, police have been going door to door trying to engage this community and sign some answers. in the mean the an award leading to an as has increased to $12,000. gabby was shot on wednesday as she wassing riding her bike on 8th and spruce, she was transported to cooper hospital and was under going treatment. she was not responding to brain tests. her dad was released from prison
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to see his daughter during this time. her mom nine months pregnant and also at cooper hospital. camden county police tell us they're working on this case nonstop going door to door, handing out fliers, looking for leads in this child's murder. they're looking for potential surveillance footage, there is a $12,000 reward being offered. if your able to give police the information they need to insure justice for gabby. there's also a candlelight vigil tonight at 8th and spruce. a deadly motorcycle accident. it happened about 5:15. you can see springfield and book side road in springfield. we're getting some of the details that involve that vehicle and the motorcycle. damaged in that intersection.
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the driver of the motorcycle was killed. investigators are trying to figure out the cause of a fire. crews were called out before 1:00 this morning, it's the 400 block of north edgewood street. no one was injured. autopsies are scheduled on a west deptford couple who police say were killed by tear own son, 58-year-old edwarding coles were found dead around noon, police say their son, ryan coles was inside the home when they arrived. he still fixed instruments and loved inspiring kids about music. >> he has touched so many lives with his gift, he was kind of known to be able to fix the problems that no one could fix. we're just hoping that we're going to continue through the passion and gift of music
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>> neighbors say ryan coles may have been depressed. he was arrested and taken to the hospital for observation. skyfox over philadelphia's crescentville neighborhood. police say man was assaulted along the 700 block of adams avenue around 6:30 last night. investigators say the victim was just walking down the street when he was approached by three men, and beaten. medics took him to einstein medical center where he's currently in critical condition and employees are still searching for attackers. police have made an arrest of a good kid. they have a woman in custody. it happened last month. here's the supermarket 46-year-old cheryl jennings of new castle charged with murdering 19-year-old malcomb evans. he shot him where he lives. he was simply driving to his part-time job, working hard going to school. evidence shows the victim did in
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the even know the suspected killer. the victim's family gave very emotional speeches at as news conference yesterday. >> my family and friends have spent so many sleepless nights wondererring who and why someone would commit such an unspeakable crime against such an amazing young man. >> with this arrest, the residents can sleep better knowing a murder isn't roaming the streets >> police credit tips from the public with helping them to find the teen's alleged killer. so far police do not have a motive the investigation continues the federal probe into a powerful local electricians union now reached the mayor's office. philadelphia mayor jim kenney confirmed for fox 29 that the fbi sent a subpoena to his
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campaign office, all tied to the widening investigation of union chief john dougherty known as joanie doc. federal architects made a request for documents about two weeks. kenney did tell us most of what was requested was just campaign material and document that is have already been made public. the subpoena comes after etcheds instantaneously raided more than a dozen homes and offices connected to union boss john dougherty including the local 98 union hall and city hall offices. union supporter council henon also was search. they were looking for embezzle meant and extortion. >> the federal government is doing their job, they're asking for information and we're providing them information. >> john dougherty always denied any wrong doing and to make it clear, no one has been charged
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with any crime. a mother goes out to eat with her three children and she gets arcticed with picket pocketer, at the chick fil-a on verizon in bensalem. the mom in yellow is feeding her three kids and the man and the woman in the video take a seat behind her, the man puts the jack over the chair so he blocks the view then he can reach his handbooks on and it was slung over the back of the chair like so many of us do. rifles through it. goes in and out so he can get her wallet >> they see a woman preoccupied with young children. >> you never know who's out there and who's going to target you, especially when you have kids because you're not watching your belongings >> employees say this is the video of them.
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target is where they went next racking up $1600 worth of gifts. another day, month re presidential drama. the war of words as the presidential election gets closer and it continues. coming up how the two sides are attacking each other. on the car lot, why one manufacturer is getting heat paw the car that it's selling claiming they're preowned. ladies i have a special treat for you this morning, we're playing the songs because we're going down to australia. we got the thunder from down under. these fine humans will be live in our studios. they will be performing. bill might take something off as well >> two more fine looking humans will join the dance party >> can't to send your pictures of us and your conversations,
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birth days, celebrations. also we had so much fun with dog day yesterday. send in your dog pictures. you have so many furry friend in your life. use the #fox 29 good day 29goodday
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deadly shooting on chicago's south side claims the life of a mother of four,
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32-year-old nakia was pushing a baby stroller. we're hearing this story way too often these days. family says she was headed to a nearby school to register her children when she was shot in the head and in the arm. her child thankfully was not hurt. aldridge is the cousin of duane wade. he tweeted out this statement saying my cousin was killed today in chicago. another act of senseless gun violence, four kids lost their mom for no reason, it's unreal. enough is enough. so far no arrests have been made in this case. political news now neither hillary clinton or donald trump are backing down from saying the other is the worst for minority voters. this comes after pretty wild week for the trump campaign be many saying the candidate has reversed his stance on immigration, but the trump campaign says it has not.
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republican nominee allowed cameras only a moment. hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine continued the attack on trump, calling his values extreme in front of a mostly african-american audience in florida ku klux klan values, donald trump values are not american values and they're not ours and we got to do all we can to fight to push back and win. >> trump's campaign is striking back. showing the first lady clinton referring to young criminals as super predators one auto maker may be able to sell certified preowned cars. consumer advocates are up in arms. federal trade commission granted general motors special treatment saying they can sell them. invest million vehicles per year have been recalled in recent
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there looking at the rain and the flooding, we're almost the opposite end of the spectrum, dry, hot as we, so hot, what is that cob webs? a little dry c the bugs have gone crazy, spiders all over the place, biting me, scott. >> we did that story a couple weeks ago on those cock roaches coming out as well. all of the heat, all of the humidity yesterday, high's was 93 degrees. and we have this big area of high pressure that's kind of set up shop, so we will stay dry, but on the hot side of things for today, but that humidity will thankfully be a little more in check today. look at the temperatures across the area on the saturday morning, 69 in trenton, 68 wilmington. mid 70's already in philadelphia. 67 reading, berks county, allentown, in the lehigh valley 64, 68 atlantic city and look at wildwood checking in at 74. there's a big event taking place in wildwood, take a listen. >> setting up for the 13th
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annual triathlon five kkids race. we have over 1100 athletes. you can still sign up for the 5k as well as the kid race. so scott, tell us, what's the weather going to be look for race morning? >> looking pretty good down the shore. sunshine in the wildwoods, nice breeze by 8:00 a.m. 75 degrees. mid 80's by noon, wind generally out of the east northeast. around center city, 75, wind out on the north, humidity right now at 66%. so hour by hour, we go, hazy sunshine, those temperatures will be heating up into the low 90's, the tropics pretty active right now, gas ton is going to head out to see, we could have
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herme, could into the gulf of mexico early next week. the seven-day forecast showing you the temperatures stay right around 90 over the next several days, looks like the sixth heat wave is likely then break later part of next week. amtrak set to receive a whole lot of money to make major improvements on the busy northeast corridor in our area >> we'll tell you what the improvements are, you'll be seeing them on the dc to boston line that goes, of course right through philly >> some relief could be on the way by people who were affected by super storm sandy. it was announced by governor chris christie. check the lottery numbers. we're continuing with the australian music scene? karen getting excited about >> they have arrived. they're find looking human
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beings standing outside our windows. ♪
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. tar zan day. good morning i'm sean bell. adam morgan on the mound last night. and it was rough. turned into a shrug fest, that's not the type of game, bottom of the fifth phils down 2-1. basis loaded. grand slam, adam morgan got torched, six earned runs, three homers and just five innings, the mets win 9-4. the eagles getting ready for tonight's game. this will be the final dress rehearsal for at the stars. sam bradford, most of the players will likely play into the third quarter. and arena football, fourth quarter. the arenabowl shape championship on the line. dan throwing a 30-yard pass, the
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soul win the arenabowl 56-42, second championship in franchise history. that's sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. . some relief could be on the way for people affected by super storm sandy. >> it was just announced boy the new jersey governor. we'll tell you how you can get a piece of that money if you are affected. >> there are concerns about basing in this video. why teams say they're being turned on to this trend. also we love your pictures and your pets. thank you for sending this one, we're continuing that dog day theme. we appreciate that. apparently there's a community day going on in the northeast philadelphia. maggie's waterfront cafe. this one, got a chance to take a picture with my favorite news pertains. we're so glad that you did. this is my birthday on this from
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yesterday, thank you for second a picture of your son in on his 12th birthday, i believe, hap birthday, se birthday, >> happy birthday and stick with us. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now.
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♪ ♪ how long do you think it will be before someone jumps in that fountain? >> half an hour. this is a request from brian park. thank you for second this one in. you requested it and we played it for you. let's take a look at some of the stories making news. new trains and fresh tracks heading to amtrak for our area, joe biden in wilmington friday with the amtrak officials to announce the deal. he has been on millions of miles of rides on amtrak. the federal government will loan lucy noland $2.4 million. he has a long history with amtrak, the wilmington station bearss had name. faculty at pennsylvania 14th university are scheduled to vote on whether to authorize a
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strike. the union members say they won't fair it negotiated fairly. it wants to reach a fair contract. classes are scheduled to begin monday and the administration has assured the system's 105,000 students that classes will start on time. faculty members have been working without a contract since june of last year. chris christie says homes devastated for super storm sandy will be able to apply for reimbursement. this can help to reimburse for expenses they incurred right after the storm. we're talking about jumping in fountains ways to cool off low 90's today but a will you be of relief because it won't be quite as humid as it was yesterday. we'll tack what we can get.
7:32 am
also keep in mind if you're headed to the store, we're looking at a rip current risk due to gaston, which is well out into the open waters. you can see movement to northeast about 15 miles per hour ands this could intensifies into a dpoer 2 hurricane as the moves to the east of bermuda but we'll see some the of those large swells. keep that in mind. if you're headed to the shore, temperatures today in the mid 80's, 84 degrees as we move towards early next week. back to you. >> thank you so much. we have an important recall to tell you about right now, strollers from safety first step and go travel systems are affected in this one. take a close look at the site. part of the folding mechanisms can disengage. so far there have been no injuries but they do want to recall these right now, if you have one please contact safety knives to get your repair kit,
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even if you've never had problem. celebrities are jumping no the discussion, actress sarah jessica parker is cutting ties with the company that makes the epipen this comes after the price of the epipen twin back cost more than $600. she was disappointed and saddened by the company's actions. the drug maker did announce it would offer discounts for patients in health plans who do face higher out-of-pocket costs. ♪ . i'm anthony mongoluzzi and this is your test bite. previously we show you did great back to school items under 50 bucks, we're going to double your budget and give you awesome items for under 100. first the biolight similar pad. we're always worrying about charging getting into the wall but were you're on a field trip or outside at recess, this
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researchers say it's not nicotine but the flavors, especially young people the teens are looking for. 2/3 of teens say they v, a pe, using nicotine-free flavors, somehow they're questioning the findings. this has coincided with steady line in teen cigarette smoking >> i'm far from a teen. i don't understand the whole vaping thing >> certain flavors get kids especially into cigars. a struggling community improved just by bringing neighbors together >> why one couple was motivated to do something positive. boy did they ever in camden. >> the hit show off right now, empire will be coming back soon. once again, slapped with a
7:36 am
lawsuit. we'll tell you why a group of inmates say the show empire caused them psychological damage.
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♪ ♪ ♪ .
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karen talks about it and the next break here comes the song >> this is my favorite lisa lisa song. she's down there with expose tonight. she's in concert one of the stadiums >> 90's flashback? all cried out was the song. >> this is my song. thinking about entertainment, there's a lawsuit just hit our big hit show. empire? inmates at the chicago juvenile detention center filed a class action lawsuit. several scenes were shot in that facility. they're claiming the inmates were put in locked with no access it's all about the money earned from those episodes fighting psychological damages. fox is our parent company and is
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named in the suit. empire returns on september 21 it's. ♪ . i'm jen fred and this is mom-o-log, if your telling me i'm lazy in the fashion department, i have been. one of my favorite stylists is alisa and she's going to help us get back on track. >> first and foremost, do not give up. it might be the end of summer but not the end of summer fashion >> talking about those shorts >> i think easy. once in a while athletic short or your work-out clothes, this is white shorts, immediately ramps up your outfit. >> i've been putting on the flip-flops to go get the paper. >> i know it's easy and comfortable. i always like to tell everybody why not choose a cure the flat. a nice little slide.
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♪ is this an erin or karen suggestion? >> mary pop ins came out on this day many years ago. 1964. >> makes sense, ties in. take a look out in center city. things look great. it's time to introduce you to the athlete of the week and this morning making her first appearance on good day. ashley from temple university. good morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me >> what do you got. >> this week athlete of the week is a star hurdler. she's done something many people her age can say they've done before. take a look. entering her senior career of high school, 17-year-old cheltenham runner is considered one of the top hurdler, in the country. consider, chanel has only been
7:45 am
running 18 months, and she qualified for olympic trials held in you'll and made it to the semi finals >> it was such a great experience, i want to be look them. >> shanel, has been running since 19 years old. her coach suggested she give hurdling a try. >> i said if you take the speed and translate to the hurdles kwlur going to kill it. >> she has been compete midnight less than 20 races but still made her mark. during junior year, she made multiple state records, she led both of other 2016 teams to state championship and tied a 1979 record as the third faster time by a high schooler yi'm blown away. i still cannot believe that i have as much success, i wouldn't really have thought that i would
7:46 am
be here years ago. >> while she still compete in sprinting events and is a sprinter first, she is officially a hurdler, she was recently named the gatorade track and field athlete of the year and that isn't her only award. on behalf of all of us on fox 29, congratulations on being athlete of the week. >> you got to know a little bit about her while spending time. >> i sure did. something interesting that she had told me she keeps a posted board above her bed and writes all of her personal records on it. it's kind of a motivation for her potential in the future. so of course i had to ask her about possibly competing in the next olympics and she said 2020 here i come. >> good stuff, good first story, we'll see you again soon. maybe you'll have someone you'd like to nominate, just use
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the #fox29goodday. what else is over your bed? you have posters up there? >> i have a vision board in my house, in my office. hater. beautiful day in store for this day, it's going to be hot. scott williams, what do you think the high temperature will be. >> top out around 91 degrees in the center city area, but temperatures made it into the lower mid 90's across the area, but take a look at the weather by the number on a scale of one to ten, we'll give today a 9. it's going to be hot but it will be less humid than it was yesterday. have the shade, have the sun screen, stay hydrated across area, ultimate doppler dry and quiet. we should stay dry because we have this big area of high pressure that's set up shop. you can see most of the showers toward the midwest, so we'll stay dry and there will be a will you be of a breeze helping us out during the day today.
7:48 am
64 right now in allentown. 68 wilmington. 68 in wrightstown. temperatures this morning, look at avalon, 73, 77 beach haven end, 77 in cape may point. center city 91, 85 down the shore with an increasing rip current risk. the lehigh valley 88. the poconos mountains looking good for both today and tomorrow. low 80's across the area. and look at the tropics, we're watching this area of disturbed weather around the southern bahamas. over the next several days, it could head into the gulf of mexico perhaps intensifying. we'll watch the latest kind of coming into a better agreement toward taking it towards seconds of the gulf of mexico as early as next week. in the meantime that seven-day forecast showing you kind of hazy, hot but not as humid for today or tomorrow.
7:49 am
but keep those temperature around 90. take a look at the later part of next week, 86 thursday, low 80's as we move towards friday and looking ahead to the upcoming labor day, looks like temperatures will be in the upper 70's and low to mid 80's across the entire area. back to you. i feel like scott your weather, i'm learning, some sitting here listening and talking about spaghetti plots as they go across the screen. >> i'm getting hungry though now. >> i didn't know what a spaghetti plot was. >> i'm thinking about football. eagles playing tonight. it's basically here. time to tailgate and get out there early. >> how about this segway, we're going to talk about food. guys you're going to like this, bringing a feminin side to the football because if the women are happy, we are happy. . re
7:50 am
>> ladies you're going to add something to the tailgating time. >> a special treat this morning. come on. you got this one. >> thunder from down under, these men are live in our studio. in fact, they're already in our green room. we're having them here because they're performing in our area, first performing right here on good day. >> seriously going on with my producer to take the man card. the crew just chilling. fox 29 good day >> here's me and my buddy pierre from the good old days >> lillian in ocean city new jersey, the stand sand tastes good this morning >> keep your dog pictures coming. use the #fox29goodday.
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resorts. i'm be preparing cracker crusted jumbo lump crab cakes, i have all ingredients. you want jumbo lump crab cake? i prefer them because it is these are the largest, you'll see there's claw meat and lump crab meet but jumbo lump is the largest crab and you can see how nice and big the pieces are.
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this is a half cup of cheese. this is two table spoons of dejohn mustard. here we have chives and parsley. put those in as well and i just want to -- these are all the binding ingredients. you'll see this crab cake has no filler, there's no before he did crumbs, no flower. it's just eggs and cheese and you'll see i'm mixing the in the bowl. salt, pepper. now, we have the ingredients mixed together now the crab, two pounds. i'm folding the in. i'm not beating it, marking the, not breaking it up because you want to mant that lovely texture
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of the crab meat. i put it in the refrigerator at least an hour, it will set up be get firm er, that's what the you want to do. this is what makes the cracker crust, these are a ruffle style potato chip. we have something like ritz crackers. i take them and mash them with my hand. you want the texture so that when you make the breading, it's in the crab cake and you can taste the flavor of the cracker. this is about a three ounce scoop. this is the prize i like to use to make the crab cake, you can make them smaller, bigger, up to you. put them into the flower. coat them in the flour, pack them a little bit in your hand so that it forms a ball, egg
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around, now they go into our cracker crust. i lift up a big handful here and i lace it in the center. then just crust it. i pretty them just a little bit. you don't want th you want to press them too hard. we put in ca nola oil. you can always pan friday if a pan with about two inches of oil in it. these will friday about a minute oh a minute and a half. there we are, see that? that's nice and gold and brown. the other fried golden brown to be sure they're warm, i keep them in the oven about to minutes. now we have our crab cakes and nice and warm. we'll place them up with the
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pure ray. we take the acacado pure ray, throw them on the plate, take the crab cakes and position them in the center, slap on tarter sauce. you can put anything you want, any type of salad. these are watermelon, which are really lovely. these are celery leaves, one of my favorite, hearts of celery, leaves. and then i just put a little more herbs. let's give it a taste. really great. so the point i'm getting is the texture of the crust, the crackers and the chips, and the jumbo lump crab is really lovely with the sauces.
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this is your fox foodbite.
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. a little girl hit by a stray brut in bullet in her own neighborhood died. what police are doing to track down it's shooter. mayor jim kenney's office has now been forced to hand over documents to the fbi in this widening scope of the investigation, surrounds that union boss john dougherty a struggling community comes up with a plan to improve, bring neighbors together, why one couple was motivated to do something positive for the local children fox tonight studios. this is good day weekend thank you for waking up with us and sharing your lives and pictures. we love them. good morning, bill >> first hour down because we are having so much fun. good morning, scott, looks like a nice day, if not a little
8:01 am
bit too hot. it's been one of the hottest august on record. a little bit of relief hazy sunshine, we'll talk about the forecast in the entire area coming up. time to check in with sue serio and weekend >> today is the 17th annual sixers beach bash, celebration with the philadelphia 76ers. two of them will be there in person, weekend is so excited. joel embiid and ben simmons among oh, plus the flight squad, the dancers, franklin the mascot. it's happening in avalon new jersey at jack's place on ocean from 3:00 until 6:00 p.m. are we going to slam dunk this
8:02 am
forecast >> definitely, looking pretty good in avalon, we'll have sunshine a sea breeze as opposed to yesterday but don't forget to go to stay hydrated and remember the sun screen. temperatures still going to be hot for the weekend, just not as humid with the humidity values, the due points will be dropping and down the shore there will be an increased risk for rip current. high pressure in control. most of the showers and storms well off to the west around the chicago land area. that activity will stay to the west and we'll stay high and dry. temperatures right now across the area 76 in wilmington, we're looking at low 70's, and trenton 74 degrees right now in atlantic city, upper 60s in the lehigh valley. we've got you covered across the area, in center city, temperatures top out in the low 90's, hot not as humid, 85 degrees the high down the shore, upper 80's in the lehigh valley. what about roads that is weekend? bob kelly good morning, everybody. nova, we got construction for
8:03 am
you on her on the campus of villanova route 30 lancaster avenue for the next couple months. watch for some lane restrictions along route 320 right there at spring mill road. mainly during the weekday is when we're going to see big delays during the rush hours, the weekend trolley blitz continues today through early monday be all on the subway surface trolleys terminating at 40th and market. septa doing work in the tunnels. use the market frankford line into downtown and they announced that supplemental bus service. it doesn't start until tuesday the 6th, which is the day after labor day but it will impact the following four lines, we have the details on our website enjoy the rest of the day. we'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning for good day philadelphia weekend. we have the latest on the search for the killer of an 8-year-old girl. she was shot in the head in camden last evening lost her
8:04 am
life >> police are putting more pressure on the community to come forward. fox 29 jennifer joyce is live in camden this morning with the search for the shooter. good morning, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, employees are hoping that the community helps them with this one, hoping that they're enticed to come forward with information to help bring justice to little bit gabby carter. carter was hit and shot by a stray bullet wednesday as she was riding her bike through the neighborhood in the area of 8th and spruce, she was transported to cooper and undergoing treatment until she died yesterday. family members tell us she was not responding to brain tests. gabby's dad was released from prison to be able to see this daughter at this difficult time. gabby's mom is 91 months pregnant and also at cooper hospital right now. camden county employees say that they're working on this case nonstop. going door to door, handing out fliers, looking for leads in this innocent child's murder.
8:05 am
police tell us the shooting was gang related. they're looking for potential surveillance footage now. there is a 12,000 reward being offered in this case. if you're able to give police information they need to insure yaz for gabby, additionally there is aly candle vigil for gabby going to be held at 7:00 at 8th and spruce streets. >> of course the candlelight vigil we will be there when it happens at 8:00. a deadly motorcycle accident in delaware county. it happened around 5:15 at springfield and brookside road in springfield. the motorcycle and a damaged car in the intersection right there, the driver tragically was killed. >> investigators are trying to figure out the cause of a fire in philadelphia's haddington neighborhood.
8:06 am
crews were called you don't have the before 1:00 this morning to the 400 block of north edgewood street. autopsies were scheduled for a west deptford couple who police say was killed by their own child, 58-year-old edward coles and rosemary were found dead in their home. we don't know how they were killed. investigators haven't said yet. employees say it was their son, ryan, who was 28 who took their lives. he was still in the home when they arrived. edward used to own the nearby coh, les music service, he still would go there all the time to picked instruments and he loved inspiring children about muck. >> he has touched so many lives with his gift. he was kind of known to be able to fix the problems no one could fix. we're hoping we're going to continue through the passion and gift of the music >> neighbors say the suspect may have been struggled with
8:07 am
depression. he was arrested and taken to the hospital. at 8:06, skyfox was on the scene at philadelphia's crescentville neighborhood. man was assaulted along. the victim was just walking down the street when he was appropriated by three men and put beaten. medics took him to i understand medical center where he's in critical condition and police are still searching for the attackers. police in delaware have a woman in custody accused of killing a delaware state university student last month. 46-year-old cheryl jennings of new castle is charged with murdering 19-year-old malcomb evans. police say jennings shot the student near the entrance of the rutledge community while he was driving to his part, time job. the victim and jennings didn't even know very much and the victim's family gave an emotional speech at a news conference friday. >> my family and friends have
8:08 am
spent so many sleepless nights wondering who and why someone would commit such an unspeakable crime. re against such an amazing young man. >> with this arrest, the residents can sleep better knowing a murder isn't roaming the streets >> police are thanking the public with helping find the happened killer. so far police have no motive for the shooting. that federal probe has now gone to city hall. the electrician union has been under investigation, jim kenney confirmed the fbi has certain a subpoena to his campaign office. this is all tied to that now widening investigation of that man, union chief johnny dougherty, federal agents made a
8:09 am
request for his mayoral office. most of what was request what you did general campaign materials and document that is have already been made public. this subpoena came after agents instantaneously raided more than a dozen homes and offices with connections to union boss john dougherty including the local 98 union hall and city hall offices of his supporter councilman bobbie henon. the searches are looking for other. including. >> they're asking for information, we're providing information in an effort to see this come to a conclusion. >> dougherty also denied any wrongdoing and to make it clear, no one has been charged with any crime. take a look at video we got for you. a mother is out to eat with her three children and becomes the target of a couple. pick pocketers. surveillance video says it happened at that chick fill
8:10 am
fillet in been salem. she's relaxed trying to enjoy herself. you see the man take a seat, put a jacket, using it as a cover as he reaches back into had he purse. you can't sit down to get something to eat. she had her purse slung over the back of her chair. he quickly grabs her wallet >> these two creeps walk in and eyeing up the place looking at who would be a great woman and they see a woman preoccupied with young children. >> you never know who's out there and target you especially when you have kids paw you're not watching your belongings >> bad enough they pick pocket her, they then move on and use the mother's credit card to rack up $1600 worth of gifts at a nearby target. a deadly shooting on chicago south side claimed the life of a mother of four.
8:11 am
the victim is 32 years old, nakia, all ddridge. she's in the cross fire of appears to be a gang related shoot-out. was struck in the head and arm. her children were not hit in the gunfire. turns out she's also the cousin of a famous basketball player, the chicago bulls star dwayne wade. he tweeted out this statement saying my cousin was killed today in chicago. another senseless act of gun violence, four kids lost their mom for no reason, unreal. enough is enough. so far no arrests. it's been nearly four years. four in november since super storm sandy, but some relief could finally be on the way for people who were affected by that storm. >> the program just announced by new jersey governor chris christie. a struggling community is improved you don't have the by bringing neighbors together.
8:12 am
we'll tell you why one couple was motivated to do something positive for local children. they crujust wanted to make a difference. my babies watching fox weekend. thank you. >> from andy, our be loved rescue. >> he missed them when they're gone to the rainbow bridge. he's forever in our hearts >> if you're looking for a if you friend, they're doing no charge adoptions, continuing on. >> it was so successful yesterday. they're continuing on. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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. ♪ . a special screening last night of a documentary film about an idea that blossomed into reality and hope. hope and chains in north cam at pine point park. crowd settled in for a movie and the neighborhood and what it looked like before the park was built. before the kids in the community had safe place to play baseball. the north camden little league was started five years ago. he made a documentary about it
8:16 am
and hard work they put into the years' long project >> one of my favorite quotes from brian who started the league is if you turn a diamond, a baseball diamond on its axis it becomes a square, and that's what he saw it, a place for people to come together >> good for them. parents had big praise for the league and pine point park giving their children an opportunity to play and have fun. they were pleased to see the film about positive change in they are community. let's go outside and see what's going on. hey, karen. >> we're so excited for this one, normally the domain of the grill can be the man world but i got maria who is an award winning blogger. good morning. >> good morning. so great to be here, a beautiful day out here in philly >> it is beautiful. you brought it is sort of a girl grill. why is this more phelps in him yit's a smart grill.
8:17 am
it detects the doneness of the meat, the thickness and also when the meet is done automatically. you can let it choose by choosing one out of the buttons there for meat, poult ry, fish, you can decide when it's done but it senses the thickness of your cut of meat. >> i'm cooking fish. now you brought us this thing, it's got an interesting design to it. what is it? >> that is an errian easier to meat grinder >> fire trucks. we are right by the fire station. oh, ambulance. ok. >> he said easier to use to tenderize meats and designed for all cuts of meat. all thickness of meat. it's very.
8:18 am
it's got a higher burning upon the, it's not going to burn like some of the other oils were used on the grill. >> so it's hot and sweet. >> yes >> what about people that are lazy chefs >> if you're a lazy chef, that's from a copy called you can put them right in your bag and take them to your tailgating party. no mess, no fuss. >> this is a mexican style. you can make your guacamole in there and serve it in there also. beautiful, granite >> i think it's so classy when they do that at restaurants. i like that. >> good morning. good morning.
8:19 am
that's philly strongest out there. a trash truck going by. lastly, what are these. >> this is for our drinks, obviously drinks are really important at a tailgating party. this is our ice, and this comes that dust flavors and colors. it's called ice. >> is that alcohol >> no, it's carbonated natural beverage. gluten-free a lot of antioxidants in it and vitamins. >> that's the way to upgrade from the beer to regular wine to santa mar ago rita perseco. where can we find this information's tips >> you can find information on my blog at maria >> we'll put a linc on our
8:20 am
website as well. thank you, i am already so hungry, bill, back inside >> if you can keep the ladies at the tailgate happy that he didn't guys will be happy. maybe karen will whip us up some guacamole. >> good advice, bring us some food and some of that ice in as well. weather by the numbers on a scale of one to ten, actually not that bad. hot but not as humid, we'll give it a 91. high pressure will remain in control, so high and dry and you can see most of the clouds and showers well off to the west and it will stay that way, however, the tropics kind of heating up, we have gas ton, it will stay out to sea but increase the risk for rip currents. down the shore for the weekend. it's going to be hazy sunshine, temperature top out around 85, 84 for tomorrow, a moderate risk
8:21 am
for rip current, high u v index. zooming in closer, poorly organized but more convection trying to develop with that disturbance in the southern bahamas. and looks like the computer models want to move it through florida straights and into the gulf of mexico by early next week. temperatures 77 degrees already in philadelphia. 74 in atlantic city. upper 60's right now in allentown. so the forecast for today, you can see those temperatures climbing up, 91 degrees, so it's going to be hot but not as humid and we are talking about temperatures in the category of some relief as early as next weekend. talk about the numbers. this saturday, 91 degrees. by next saturday, yeah, we could have i temperatures in the upper 70's. back over to you. >> i love it. i will wait forward. look forward to that. amtrak set to make major improvements to its northeast
8:22 am
corridor lines. the improvements you could soon see on the lines goes from dc to boston and of course, right through philadelphia. and karen has been waiting for this all day, a special treat for the he ladies. take a look. the thunder from down under they're already here, they will be live in our studio coming up momentarily. karen trying to get scott and i to jump in on the dance party on the thunder from down under, check with us. check your lottery number. you could be the next big winner.
8:23 am
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8:29 am
town. new trains and fresh tracks are soon headed to the amtrak rails by president joe biden in wilmington friday. the federal government will loan amtrak $2.4 bill for upgrades. it go to make track improvements. the wilmington station even bears his name. faculty members at pennsylvania 14 state universities are scheduled to vote on whether to authorize a strike. their union's president says members don't feel the same system has negotiated fairly. the state system of higher education says it would like to reach a fair contract but there are financial strains, classes are scheduled to start monday and the administration has assured all of the 105,000 students that classes will start on time. faculty members have been working without a contract since
8:30 am
the june of last career. chris christie says towns devastated by super storm sandy will be able to apply for reimbursement. they could apply to get a share of $42 million in funds. it help reimburse for expenses from after the storm. scott what's that sound? i hear thunder. >> i do hear. it's a quiet thunder in the is it your testimony but as we take a live look outside of our studio, we're looking at hazy sunshine, 77 degrees, wind direction will drop the humidity. temperatures by lunch, 87, 91 by 3:00 this afternoon, weekend as the right idea with high temperatures topping out near 90's. she has the water bottle, sun screen and the shades and she's going to step in the pool.
8:31 am
temperatures across the area right now, upper 60's, allentown. 74 atlantic city, 76 degrees right now in wildwood. we have 76 in wilmington as well. so once again, it is going object hot with the temperatures topping out in the low 90's in philadelphia. down the shore, a sea breeze but a danger in the water, moderate risk for rip current, 85 the high temperature today, 84 by tomorrow. the poconos beautiful weather, both today and tomorrow, dry, warm, not a lot of the humidity as well and as we talk a little bit about next weekend, we're looking at temperatures only in the upper 70s, so heat relief is on the way. once again, looks luke our sixth highchair as early as tomorrow. we're going to go to send things over to you, karen, to talk more about that thunder i think in the studio. right? >> we got the thunder from down under in town, we've been talking about this all morning long, the hunky guys in town this weekend.
8:32 am
performing if you want to check them out. before they permanent this evening, they're right here to perform on good day this morning. we have a whole bunch of these guys who have come in. thank you for waking up so early. how are you doing. >> doing well. we had a show last night. >> are you really from australia? you're not jake from cleveland? what are you thinking about when you're performing >> having a good time really, how good is this really. >> what are the ladies like as you guys are doing your performances >> the girls love it. they go nuts, we try and make everyone happy with the snow, everybody walks out with a smile >> how many years have you guys been doing this >> varying times we've been doing it, we all come from backgrounds, laborers or sort of stuff. bring this.
8:33 am
>> you're kidding me. >> we're legitimate we could be the laborer that's digging your hole. you never know who's out there >> you look good this morning. >> i'll let you take it away and bring us performing before we go, perform to go the valley forge casino. still tickets left. >> yes plenty >> this is our hard news, as we like to say. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:34 am
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>> wow, thanks guys, valley forge casino. we'll see you then. we'll be right back. we'll see you then. we'll be right back. and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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8:37 am
controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
8:38 am
♪ ♪ i don't even know how to follow that. i'm not sure i have ever seen karen that happy. >> you were blushing. >> you can't even looking i'm trying to be look professional like, you know, >> i wish they had cameras facing the other way in the studio. you would have seen scott and i. scott was over by the water >> i can't add anything >> he's like i got nothing. >> moving on. >> 8:38. >> it's a family show. >> how about at his one? this is woman lived an amazing life and she thinks this is me when i'm 105. it's her birthday, she is re she says he said my birthday, i want
8:39 am
a really hunky firefighter to please bring me a cake. >> she asked for her birthday cake to be delivered by a hot fireman. a senior home in england arraigned for it happen. there was an argument who was actually going to climb the ladder and deliver it so she got the whole crew. >> she gets what she wants? 105? i actually agree. >> 105, you can ask for whatever you want. or when you're 25. >> that brings us to our poll can we go this morning, do you get what you want for your birthday, use #fox29goodday. we're celebrating some birth days today. paul ruben, better known as
8:40 am
peewee, her man. >>. sarah chalke. >> and aaron paul turns 37 today. breaking bad. right? there you go. happy birthday everyone. and the pictures coming in, this is kendall. and boomer. >> look at tobin mac to sending us this one. what down the shore under a couple of pillows looks like. i'm bill at fox 29, karen at fox 29. i'm going to tweet out a couple of the photos sharon was eyeing in the studio.
8:41 am
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♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ ♪ ♪ it's hot it's we're hot down the shore, all the great amazing things happening. we got whitney allman here today. >> one of my favorite events is the stone harbor sidewalk sale. we get the big deals >> when can you get really great deals in stone harbor but a sidewalk sale is going on today and all of the great vendors is
8:44 am
going to be putting out bargains. wildwood has the triathlon today, other things are happening >> the convention center is the annual sports card and collectable show. you can get comics. if you want to know anything about your sports people. check them outlet. bring your cards buy something new. >> tropicana has a lot going on, he is a night life innovator. he has a new night club called kiss kiss a go go. it's like a trip down the rabbit hole to the neon of bangkok. it is a lot of fun, sexy flirty. it's a cool club. check them out at tropicana >> who goes there >> all kinds of ages and demographic, go after midnight. >> tropicana is also a sponsor
8:45 am
of this segment >> magic is also, is going on until september 9th. illusionists and show girls and you can find out more information and get information. >> jeffery >> i will be there at 4:00, he's not only an culinary chef, he's going to be doing a culinary demonstration at 4:00 p.m. of there are still tickets. it's at 4:00. check him out. >> can you cook as well with this. >> i don't cook when you mean but i'll probably be comment at-- ing with him >> we had fine looking men. brings to mind another group of men, it's bow tie day >> sunday is national bow tie
8:46 am
day and we're going to celebrate bow tie day. the mayor done guardian will be there and he's known for his bow tie and his check, mr. peanut, mr. money bags will be. it's going to be held at the noise arts garage at atlantic city at noon on sunday. >> great events at the shore. the dress is on fire >> thank you, it's my first time wearing it. >> look i can there's flames coming out. >> there we go. >> speaking fiery shot temperatures there, scott. >> we're talking about a high today in philadelphia right around 91 degrees by this afternoon but it won't be quite as humid. hazy sunshine taking a live look right now in wilmington, delaware, so let's they know a little bit about the weather headlines across the area for your saturday and sunday. it is going to be hot but once again, not as humid. weather by the numbers scale of one to ten, today, we will give
8:47 am
it a nine. looking pretty good. once again, it's going to be hot but not as humid. high pressure is in control. so most of the showers and storms off to the west around the great lakes and chicago. folks out and about on this saturday morning, kind of walking around and also those temperatures 77, winds of the north. that means lower due points and the humidity will be dropping throughout the day. the temperatures right now across the area, upper 60's, allentown, upper 60's. 74 in atlantic city. so area be wide, 91 in center city. 85 down the shore. 88 warm sunny in the lehigh valley. down the shore, once againing we're talking about that risk for rip current. due to gas ton, the long wave swells, have the sun screen, the water.
8:48 am
the poconos looking good today and tomorrow. weather authority, seven-day forecast showing you high temperature, in center city 91 but the humidity not that bad. 99 tomorrow. we keep things right around 90, 91 monday into tuesday, wednesday, best chance for storms, behind the front on wednesday, temperatures drop to 86 on thursday. low 80's on friday. it looks look next weekend bug labor day, high temperatures, bill and karen could be in the 70's. a nice break for the unofficial end to summer. any love it. i love it. 88, 80, great sleeping weather. i'm a fan. thank you, scott. >> players are gearing up for the start of soccer season at universities across the country. >> at syracuse they're using their heads, quite literally to make certain they have a winning team c mid field liam callahan. can he make it all the way
8:49 am
around? how many times can he do it? 23, 24, he's making his way all the way around, trying to -- that's pretty cool you would get that far. he caps the choreographer, making it around to the last couple. i wonder how many times they did this? can they do it all the way around? into the can, nicely done and the celebration begins. guys, guys shouldn'ting doing that all that towels in the locker room. what is going on here today? that was a very cool -- performance. talent soccer skill, that was outstanding, there's a theme going on right here, i'm going to have to talk to management. >> when the baby sleeps, moms and dad's -- i have my
8:50 am
composure. this baby is off the charts. look what she has done with this baby. how cute. she's made all these amazing costumes and arrangements, using the bake as the doll. all different characters, peak chew, the mom is asleep. that's the star wars one right there. creative and really cute. >> so cute. all the different costumes and out fits. . >> here's sue >> we already did that. you're phased today, we got things going on, pictures going around people with their shirts off cute babies. speaking of cute baby, michael owens he's coming a little
8:51 am
brother. that's kia, and he could come like today >> the bug watch this morning. absolutely adorable. >> look at this, my sister in law, missy mcgregor made it for national doing day. >> impressive >> there it is, karen smiling like i don't think we've ever seen her smile before. this is why i told you you should be following me on twitter at bill a fox 29. you get behind the scenes look. a big smile you got going on there, hep.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
♪ >> scott been talking about the great weather and all the things you can do outside as we take a look at the parkway, crack a beer, have barbecue and talk about barbecue week. karen celebrating segment what we have here with us. >> tasty >> she's got john and teddy uptown beer garden. where we are i don'ting, it's a zags going on all week, kind of wraps up this week, what do we
8:55 am
got? >> it's the end of the summer, figured what can we do, let's put on a barbecue and pop some beer. throw a little finally. >> what are the specials we're going to have? what are we going to be eating. >> we have ribs, we cook all these on our big wood smoker grill. we can get a half or whole rack, comes with cole sl aw and corn before he did. >> we got the ribs and housemaid cole slaw. >> we have chilly dogs, backyard burgers. the rib, everything is -- it's berger style. >> what are my price >> beers are all specials, $5,
8:56 am
doing a take over with half yeager, carson, it's a huge brewery in upstate pennsylvania, they have rare beers and doing one big bank everything is $5. the hot dogs are >> brisquits, nine, 14 for harmful rack and 24 for whole rack. >> there's a partnership going on with the beers as karen eats. are there certain beers or do you go out and kind of experiment. >> i would say experiment. they're probably pretty versatile >> karen, how is it. >> amazing, there's cheese in these dogs inside. >> there is, it's not inside, cheese on top. >> that's not cheese inside? >> no. >> go with it. >> scott williams is generally the foody of the bunch and he's not here, we got to see what scott thinks about all of this as we have a beer.
8:57 am
anybody who wants to come by, barbecue wraps up, come in and spend it. >> have fun. >> barbecue week is all week but there's there's no our finally tonight. try them with the beer, with the barbecue, and >> we got all the information up on screen for everybody who wants to come out. karen, would you never know this by watching the show, i generally don't drink that much beer. this is really good. ythank you guys so much for joining us, it has been a wonderful saturday. we have great weather. go eagles tonight. we cannot wait for the game. we're going to have a great show tomorrow. thank you for joining your morning with us. let us know whatever you did on this saturday when we see you tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. cheers. have a great one. have a good day. flu
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
alex: coming next, helping migratory birds. plus, a rider is trapped under her horse. and finding a dog in a house fire. this is "animal rescue."


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