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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  August 28, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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♪ >> this morning on good day, remembering a little girl shot and killed in camden. this morning police are ramping up their efforts to track down the gunman. plus, the eagles taking on the colts. highlights and the low lights plus who the eagles likely will not be facing any time soon. >> want one popular theme park is doing as the threat of the zika virus creeps northward through the united states. ♪ >> from the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. ♪ and good day everybody. thank you so much for waking up early with us on this sunday. straight up 7:00 o'clock. lots and lots of breaking news that has been happening overnight while you were sleeping but first, good morning to you. >> good morning to you, karen hepp. we got a great show planned for you. scott williams, rocking the cool
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bow tie national bow tie day. >> national bow tie day. scott, you should wear a bow t tie. >> we'll talk about this later during the show. >> it's a scandal. >> i wanted to rock the bow tie. i was given the thumbs down but yours looks good. >> oh, thanks. >> i like it. >> you're coordinate. >> nicely done. national bow tie celebration happening down in atlantic city. what's the weather like. >> another hot one but the humidity will stay in check as well. hazy sunshine already on this sunday morning across the delaware valley. taking a life look right now at center city. we'll talk about that entire forecast coming up but we want to check in right now with weekend wendy and sue serio. >> weekend wendy is holding ukrainian flag because it's time for the 25t 25th annual ukrainin folk festival happening in north wales at the ukrainian american sports center celebrating ukrainian are a, music, dance traditions and of course plenty of food there as well. it's absolutely free admission
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and it's from noon until 8:00 p.m. is this weather something for to us celebrate, scott? >> it's actually going to be pretty good, sue. weather by the numbers today will likely be a nine. we will have hazy sunshine if you're stepping outdoors it's going to be another day temperatures will top out near 90 slight break from that humidity but also down the shore there will be a rip current ri risk. so weather bite numbers on a scale of one to 10, for your sunday, we will give it a nine. so once again, we'll have a loft sunshine, high pressure it is in full control so we will stay d dry. take a live look. look at the temperatures. low 70s in philadelphia. humidity pretty high this morning but it will be dropping during the day. 50s this morning in the poconos. we have 67 wilmington. 65 right now in atlantic city. so across the area for today, 90 center city. low 80s down the shore the lehigh valley 87 degrees. what about traffic on this sunday? bob kelly. ♪ good morning, everybody. we got the septa trolley blitz
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underway, and the buses are going to replace trollies on two of our big routes. the 11 and the 36 all day today. buses instead of the trollies and then on the campus of villanova we got that construction along route 30 lancaster avenue right at rout route 320 and then new schedules take effect tomorrow on the paoli thorndale line make sure you grab that new timetable today. we have link up for you on our website at have a great rest of the day. we'll see you bright and early right here tomorrow morning. ♪ we have breaking news coming in right now. there has been a horrible crash police are investigating this crash it was fatal. it is camden county you can see them right now working at the scene. we know that this happened over at sicklerville road and chews landing. that is in winslow township. the car split in half and we do know at least one person has died. we don't know what led to this crash. and we will bring you all the
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breaking information as it becomes available. also, another crash to tell you about. this one another very serious accident. this is in west oak lane second of the city we know a van and a car crashed head on at chelten avenue and lime kill many pike after midnight. to people taken to the hospital. we don't know the extent of their injuries or the cause of the accident. and in olney, a female pedestrian was hit by a car at roosevelt boulevard and rising sun avenue. she was rush to the hospital in critical condition. the crash happened just before 12:30 this morning. and police say the driver did stay on the scene. and philadelphia police are looking for a killer in a double shooting this happened in the brewery town section late last evening. there's the scene. the 1700 block of newkirk street. police say there was a 45-year-old man and a 25-year-old who were shot. that 25-year-old was pronounced dead at about 10:00 o'clock last evening. we don't know the condition this morning of that other man. and in camden, loved ones and neighbors so many trying
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just to make sense of something that is senseless. death of this innocent child eight-year-old little girl who was killed in hail of bullets. there was a vigil last evening for eight-year-old gabbie carter. she was struck by a stray bullet just riding her bike on wednesday evening. she was caught in the middle of a gang related shooting. family members her it's just a child left to do so many thing. look at the tears as they hug. the child left to sing and to read and they are begging if you know anything, please do the right thing and come forward. >> how would you feel if it was yours? wednesday was ours. so again we thank everybody. all walks of life. everybody who came out today. everybody who shows a level of support. >> police are now offering a $24,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. family, neighbors and police officers all came together for another tearful vigil in
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pennsauken this time. they're remembering two-year-old jameel baskerville, jr. prosecutors say the boyfriend of the child's mother 25-year-old zachary tricoche beat him to death. according to investigators, tricoche actually told the child the 29-year-old -- 29-pound, two-year-old to put his hands up and prepare to fight him. he's charged with first degree murder. gloucester county medical examiner has determined a cause of death for a couple allegedly killed by their own son. autopsies reveal 58-year-old edward coles and his wife rosemary died from blunt force trauma to the head. prosecutors charged the couple's son, 28-year-old ryan coles with their murders and police say he beat the two early friday morning inside their west deptford home following a medical evaluation. he was taken to the salem county -- where he's being held on $1 million bail. it was really scary moments there on an airline flight from southwest from one of the engines failed. there were photos taken from the
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plane and posted online showing what it looks like. this partially blown engine. a spokesperson says, there was no explosion. and they're trying to figure out what went wrong. 91 of the passengers or crew were injured. this was original from orlando and head to do new orleans before it was it was diverted to pensacola yesterday morning. happening now getting loose, they're stretching, they're getting ready. runners from across the area are set to pound the pavement. the philly 10k about ready to start. >> it will take people across south philadelphia a great one. jenny joyce is right there in the middle of all the act. what pretty morning, jenny. good morning to you. >> reporter: eighths beautiful morning, karen. perfect weather, and just a wonderful feel runners going through the heart of philadelphia this morning. we've been watching the runners gather here since we arrived at 6:00 a.m. the race starts at 7:30 here at eighth and south streets. it continues through several south philadelphia neighborhoods including bella voice tax south
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passyunk square, queen village and society hill. fox 29 covered the race in years past. it's a 6.2-mile race. that's rain or shine so fortunately the weather is looking pretty perfect sunny and upper 70s throughout the race. there is also a post race festival in the neighborhood with games, food vendors and beer tents to celebrate not only finishing the race but also celebrating our great city of philadelphia in this philly 10k. runners here tell us they love the race environment and they're looking forward to pounding the pavement through out the ept mate streets of south philadelphia. >> most of them go through fairmount park. this is great because it goes through the city streets. i'm looking forward to that. >> as you get out there, you'll notice even with broad street run there's so many people out there who just like cheer you on and you don't even know who they are but they're screaming go, you got this. it's a rewarding experience i would say. >> reporter: and short time ago we did start to hear the race announcement as lot of runners still walking up going
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over to the starting line which is between eighth and ninth street here on south. again, the race will start in just about 20 minutes at 7:30. karen and bill? >> jenny, thank you so much. you run, right? >> fully. >> the whole team runs, i don't run. >> i'll cheer everybody on. that would be cool. >> let's check out this incredible video out of georgia where a driver was pulled from a burning car. we'll get it up and show it to you little bit later. there it is. right before the car explodes an officer on the scene jumps to action and saves a life. and he's now saying why he should not be treated like a hero. more next. plus a movement to change america's oldest village right here. coming up up why some activists want the philadelphia zoo to modify its mission. >> times are changing and things are evolving much also at 7:09, we're listening to little bit of britney spears. >> why? >> i don't know. why we have the vha's tonight.
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a new biopic about her coming up unauthorized. >> they told us in our ear just because you love britney. >> i know. >> national bow tie and national red wine day. bow tie pictures in if you're into that style and karen loves red wine. >> idol you can share your red wine thoughts or any celebration that's happening in your life on this sunday. use the #fox29goodday. ♪
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan.
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♪ >> and starting today with some music to get up and motivated enjoying a beautiful day here on "good day philadelphia". let's take look at a video we were talking about it right before we went into the break. a high stakes rescue caught on camera in georgia. the accident actually happened back in may. but police body camera video shows the aftermath of the crash on the side of athens highway look at this. an officer came to the scene just in time. you see the car burning. officer rushes in and saves a man who is hanging out of the burning car. he comes on the scene makes the rescue. seconds after that, the car explodes. >> it was exceptional. it was mazing. the circumstances that i ended up being in, but it's nothing
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that officers don't do across the country all the time. officers that were just arriving said that there was a big explosion right as i came out and flames went up but i didn't notice anything. >> wow. hum link in saving a life and risking his own. the driver of the car sadly died in the accident and the passengers almost surely would have as well had officer whitney not been on the scene. karen? save a life. this is so important. a difference we can, making right now donate our organs much there's huge event tomorrow. the university of pennsylvania health system would like to raise awareness and we are joined right now by some very very special people. carmella man tis double lung transplant recipient and jackie the wife of an organ donor your hub's name. >> dave. we'll learn about dave in one minute. howard nathan from the gift of life. thank you so much for joining us this morning.
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>> thank you. >> first of all i'll speak with you carmella. the transplant what did it do if your live. >> it changed me from being on oxygen and getting around in a motor ride scooter to enjoying my life. getting out to the zoo, sharing things with family, no oxygen. and just enjoying life again. >> when did you have your transplant. >> i had mine march 14th, 2015. i'm 17 months out from my transplant. and thanks to everybody's wonderful care and love i'm doing great. family reunion, family weddings, hanging out with my girlfriends, going to the mansions in newport it's been wonderful. i can't even say. >> now, you had tragedy that struck your life and you have given your family the gift of life. tell me about your husband. >> dave was volunteer firefighter for weldon, um, he was operations manager for a tree company and the day before thanksgiving 2012 dave unfortunately was hit in the head by tree limb and went brain dead 11 days later but dave was able to donate his heart, his
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liver, both kidneys as well as bone and tissue i couldn't help but thinking hardest time in my life that somebody was getting a call to say they were going to live when dave was passing on. >> he's dad. >> yeah. >> what does it mean to your family ton your kids that he has helped so many other people live now? >> it was -- i always knew dave wanted to be organ donor because edit on his license it fits dave. usually saving people and he was a firefighter, and the kids are really proud of him, and it's been great to work witness gift of life and share -- continue to share dave's story. >> they're five and seven now. >> yeah. >> what is this. >> i wrote letter to dave after he passed away dear dave, i knew that i wanted to write this since you have passed. i knew i couldn't speak in front of everyone but wanted everyone to know about the love were shared. i always felt so lucky to have you. i would often look at you think to myself he is so hot how did i get so lucky. we had so many memories together. i will never ever forget our
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first kiss in shop and bag's parking lot i was so nervous. i remember you spending nights at my mom's house and leaving at 3am to drive home so you wouldn't get in trouble. i remember when you proposed to me on the top of camelback. i remember asking you are you sure? again i felt blessed to have someone as special as you by my side. our wedding was mazing one of the best times of my life. i'm so glad we watch the video again together just a few week ago. i remember when we decided we wanted to have baby and i got pregnant with brook the joy i felt was indescribable. when i thought my love could not multiply any more we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy tamed tyler our love continued to grow stronger. you are always there for me. my best friend. i will miss our conversations about the days happenings at the dinner table and you holding me while i fall asleep. things still don't seem real to me. it feels like you are just away and will be back. i know you won't be my heart hurts. i feel so blessed to have 13 years with you and to have a piece of in you our children. i am so scared about the days to
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come and living live without you but i will because you would want me to. i will never forget your smile, your laugh or the love that we shared. i love you always and forever, hahn. >> have you met any of the people that are the recipients? >> i haven't but i did receive a letter from the heart recipient. >> hold on, one second. carmella did you meet your donor familiarly? >> i sent them letter telling them how grateful i was but i haven't met them yet new york city. >> howard, there's an event. how can get people get involved don the impact we're saving people's lives and giving this gift of life. how can people help. >> right now there are about 6,000 of our neighbors waiting for an organ transplant. so one thing you can do is when you renew your driver's license, you can sign up to be a donor or go to donors and sign up to be on the registry to say you want to be an organ donor to save lives. >> is there an event happening tomorrow. >> there is at university of pennsylvania's presbyterian hospital and actually these two folks will be speaking to create
7:19 am
awareness at the hospital with the health care workers to make sure they understand the importance of organ donation. >> homages. we're running out of time. tell me what does this person say -- >> we wrote to everybody that received dave's organs a 26-year-old i believe from new england because he's a patriots fan. >> we'll forgive him. >> a lot of similarities with dave which is really nice and receiving that letter meant a lot to our family. >> treasures. absolutely. thank you so much for sharing your stories. >> thank you. >> and hopefully maybe people will check that box when we're doing our driver's license. i am an organ donor. i hope you are too. it's something we can do change people's lives. >> thank you so much. we appreciate you joining us on this sunday morning. >> thank you all so much for everything that do you. scott, taking a look out there at trenton. the golden dome. it's going to be hot the heat wave continues. >> yeah, it does, bill. look like our sixth official heat wave of the year. in philadelphia, at least. by this afternoon.
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hazy sunshine right now in trenton. high pressure it's in full control across the area. so we will stay dry. it's kind of humid out there this morning but the humidity levels will be again in check bite afternoon as those dew points will be dropping. 71 degrees right now. winds out of the northeast at three. humidity once again high right now at 90% as we look at the temperatures across the area it's actually pretty comfortab comfortable. low 60s right now in the lehigh valley. 50's in the poconos. 70 wildwood. 65 degrees right now in atlantic city. down the shore temperatures right now 66 ocean city. 70 in wildwood. hammonton checking in at 63. by lunch philadelphia 86 degrees. 90 for that afternoon high temperature. the poconos beautiful weather for today. we're looking at 81 degrees by this afternoon tonight temperatures fall into the low 60s. down the shore we still have that moderate risk rip currents. low 80s today. by tomorrow, 84 degrees. and once again, water temperatures upper 60 toss mid 70s. so the heat goes on in the
7:21 am
philadelphia area once again expected high is 90 and that would make heat wave number six official across parts of the area. the weather authority seven day forecast showing you, sunny, dry today a high of 90 degrees. 91 for monday, hazy sunshine on tuesday. 89. maybe a pop-up storm by the middle of the week but look at next friday and saturday. 80 friday, low 80s on saturday. hey, we'll be right back. 80 friday, low 80s on saturday. hey, we'll be right back. ♪ 80 friday, low 80s on saturday. hey, we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪
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♪ good song. i like i start the day bob your head. take look at the lottery numbers. you could be the big winner. okay. walt disneyworld is now providing guests with free insect repellant comes as threat of zika approaches orlando. disney says its guests will see signs through the park and property talking about mosquito bite prevention and telling them where that repellant is available. >> you knew that had to happen. so many pregnant women go down there with young children that's a concern growing in florida. >> happy it's available and not $37 to get insect repellant. >> this one is like one of those probably bound to happen because all the different, upping, dating apps that are out there. so for some of the more
7:25 am
settlinged in has become a hot place to have people meet each other. >> why the wonky set. >> it's the professional set. because they have some of the couple that is they were showing that actually did meet and are dating and they were wonky. >> pocket protector crowd. >> all those wonky professionals are skipping online dating sights and looking for live in linked in. why? a huge network 300 million users offers critical information about potential suiters where they're from, where that they wept to school want they do for a living and reveals who recently viewed their profile. >> levels of success. >> we have people in the building that have been asked out in work force by somebody else on linked in. they're really cute they like all the same things i do. maybe we worked at the same places. >> the other problem with this, probably the place that people lie more than on dating apps is
7:26 am
their resume. things they're putting online. i'm the president of the compa company. they'll put on linked in you find out they're just me and they work at fox 29. (laughter). >> do your thing. it will become now people exaggerating in linked in to get dates. just another way to lie. how about this is happening -- zoo zoo across th coming. active visits want our zoo to change the way we have our animals there. it's pretty significant. >> look at this. eagles and the colts highlights and low lights plus i never love to celebrate an injury but there's somebody the eagles won't be facing any time soon and we'll tell you about that person coming up. ♪
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♪ welcome back. it is now the bottom of the hour. approaching 7:30 exactly. take look at our top stories making news this morning. we are hearing from the heart broken father of a young man gunned down on the streets of kensington. employees say someone shot and killed 21-year-old nasir bell lamb me as he was walking to the corner deli on saturday. he was an aspiring dancer and he had so much love for life. and he loved to teach all this moves to the kids in the neighborhood. now his dad is begging for help
7:30 am
to find his child' killer. >> not just for our family, not just for his memory but for the general safety at the public at large. this person should not be on the street with human beings. i mean human beings 'cause this person is not a human being. this person is a soul less bei being. >> philadelphia police are not sure of motive in connection with this murder. you've got to pick up the phone if you know anything. please do the right thing. there is a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. in we have philadelphia, animal advocates out on saturday urging the philadelphia zoo to transition to a sanctuary model. what that means is that the zoo would rescue animals in need and provide them with a natural habitat instead of breeding animals they currently do. the philadelphia zoo as i'm sure you know the nation's oldest zoo and has more than 1500 animals. ♪ time now 7:30 on this sund
7:31 am
sunday. weather looking pretty good for today. lost sunshine. the humidity will drop by the afternoon. so we'll give 89 on the scale of one to 10. temperatures right now, we're pretty much in the 70s but by this afternoon the expected high of 90 would make heat wave number six official for the philadelphia area. ultimate doppler it's dry and quiet. we should stay that way because high pressure is in control across much of the eastern seaboard. most of the showers well off to the west. as we take live look outside of our studios, 71 degrees right now. winds out of the northeast at three. the humidity this morning to start is high at 90% but once again it will be dropping by the afternoon. temperatures right now, pretty comfortable north and west. 62 pottstown. 61 in allentown. 57 even in the poconos and we're looking at 70 in wildwood. 65 in atlantic city. so across the area for today, 90 center city. low 80s down the shore with that increased risk of rip currents. the lehigh valley sunshine. warm, 87 for the high
7:32 am
temperature. over to you. >> thank you so much, scott. it's just weeks away. it's time to talk eagles. against the colts last night. eagles some of the biggest problems showed up this one very first play. offensive line can't protect sam bradford and down he goes. second biggest problem something we've been struggling with. there it is. the drops. nelson agholor it ends with the colts. frofrom point things got better. eagles played fairly well. sam bradford went on to another victory. one more preseason game heading into the season g. cobb is here. >> good morning. >> to break it down for. >> how you doing. >> good morning, sir. >> they've been playing great football. if they can continue the way they've been playing could be great year, but we can't get ahead of ourselves. >> that was really not a real game because the teams don't really focus game plan for each other in those games you have kind of get distracted and teams
7:33 am
look better than they are. in this play they weren't ready for that play. that was kind of a trick play they ran with the blitz there. but they got things going and sam was accurate. unfortunately nelson agholor got to catch that football. for the most part they played great games specially the defense. >> defense looked good so far through the preseason. >> yeah. >> some of the things that were real, josh huff needed to play well. he played pretty well. defense was good. some guys are showing they're ready to go. >> defensive line number one, they got some guys that can rush the pass. fletcher cox, vinnie curry, brandon graham those guys up front they got after andrew luck and he never was comfortable. if they can do that all year, we're going to have great year. >> big year. >> a lot harder to do when teams are ready for you they see what you do. they kind of prepare for it. so it could be different as the season gets started but right now the defense is playing as well as they could ever expect them to play. >> the coach seemed pretty happy with the starters right now.
7:34 am
thinks they're all set. what did you think of bradford? he completed 17 of 20? >> he go the in the groove. took him a little bit. but he got in a groove and he played very well. if he can continue at that pace but he had time. he wasn't getting hit. the line, you guys got to block for them up front f they can get time, if he can get time, i think he'll do good job. >> never celebrate an injury. i said this before. that's where we start. >> did he arriving pleasure from others misfortune. >> i would never do that. tony romo is hurt again. could be 10 weeks. a broken bone in his back. >> i don't know if he'll be capable of playing in the league any more. i don't think his body can take it. you see every time he gets hit, it's breaking down. your body kind of tells you when it's that time. it's like knocking on the door. it's that time. so i think he's going to play some the rest of the year but i think he might get hurt again. so this kid zac prescott he
7:35 am
looks very good and i think that's probably he'll be the quarterback for the cowboys. i think they'll have to hand the baton to him. i don't know tony can take the pounding. it is a vicious game. you got these big 300 plus pound guys and, you know, guys coming at you at a february rowers pace. his body can't take it. every time he gets hit he's hu hurt. >> he's done. >> it's time. >> one tiny little note when the arena football the soul that they won on friday. >> champions. >> ron jaworski's team i congratulate them and him. they did a great job. >> here's the thing it love. philly thing hope you make the team because they really just want to play in the nfl. >> two players that are now being look at with the eagles right now. >> yeah. >> invincible. >> it's happened before. guys learn from there and they kind of develop so these guys could wind up having an nfl career. i hope they do. >> one of them is a wide receiver. you're saying there's chance. >> rooting for him. >> we could use a couple of
7:36 am
those. >> always a pleasure. >> my pleasure, go eagles! >> all right. 7:35. you ever run out of gas? >> no. no. , but -- i'm not going to tell on my daughter. >> i am. >> we got something for your daughter. we have something for her because you don't have to do that any more. there's a new app for that. >> this app will help you gas up and go even when you're nowhere near a gas station. they make it that easy. what you will be talking about this one today. there was a wedding last night and this is the father/daughter dance. it is such a special moment. the song my girl. who is singing that song and what happened that shock the heck out of that bride and everybody else there? >> ♪ this. is. everything. honey bunches of oats. it's this, this, this, and this. it is the mother of all cereals. it's that, and that, and all of that. it's the most cerealriffic cereal in all the history and will be for eternity. honey bunches of oats. this. is. everything.
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♪ one of the sweetest moments at a wedding the father/daughter dance. there is a dad from our area who really upped the antti decided to make a tender moment extra special when he took the floor with his little girl because their song is my little girl by tim mcgraw. would you look who is singing with the band? it's tim mcgraw. ♪ >> that's pretty cool.
7:40 am
>> it is awesome. >> that is tim mcgraw surprising the bride and guests. this is the wedding of lisa white and paul over -- v last night. gorgeous up there in spring garden. so she's so excited. she can't believe it. thank you, dad. >> big hugs around and you can hear the cheering from the guests. they were snapping pictures all over the place. this video put up on instagram and then sticks around and continues to entertain the guests by performing and took all of those pictures. look at of one cheering. >> that's pretty cool. how do you put something like that together and nobody finds out? how do you get tim mcgraw into town into the venue. he's chilling in the back. it's time for the daddy/daughter dance and out he comes? all the planning that goes into that, well done, dad. >> exactly. having him in town and then they're regular band was jelly roll one of the great philly wedding, bands.
7:41 am
>> nicely done. >> nice job jelly roll but we're talking tim mcgraw when he shows up. all right. it's the last weekend of august, summer is quickly and sadly co coming to an end. >> but this season is a distant memory let's end it in style. we'll throw a end of the season bash. celebrity party planner david tutera is here with idea that is will blow your mind much he's always phenomenal and he brings it and he will. >> it's true. we have done so many stories over the year about the benefits of red wine. we're health focused today we're celebrating the drink. it's national red wine day. we've got some best buys for you coming up. tell us your favorite red wine. >> cheers!
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
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♪ >> this is all you. >> 7:44 is the time on this beautiful sunday morning. i'm going to call it a nine. how about that? >> go ahead. label it a nine. we can work with that. we'll get to that. scott will give you all the details coming up, but new at the movies this week we find sequel to an action film r rated
7:45 am
horror flick and boxing by op pick that features usher and sugar ray leonard. i think i want to see this one. fox' kevin mccarthy's gives us his take. ♪ hey everybody it's kevin mccarthy here with this week's movie reviews including mechanic resurrect. also hands of stone the boxing film by roberto doran and don't breathe r rated horror film. first up mechanic russert recollection starring jason straight ham and jessica alba. he play as hit man ordered to assassinate three targets in order to save her life. who he just met. listen i may a gigantic act scene. this scene is the best scene in the film. okay? i loved this scene. but they show it to you in the trailer. here's everything you need to see right now. you don't even need to seat movie to get that scene. i love act movies. i grew up watching arnold schwarzenegger my first river action hero all time.
7:46 am
i loved predator, interpret nader two, loved commando i'm not comparing arnold and jason straight ham. there's a way to make an action movie right. the script doesn't need to be great but it has to be cheesy one liners and you also have to have the great stakes in command dough with an he's trying to save his daughter and that makes perfect sense. here i didn't care that straight ham wanted to save alba's character it wasn't built into the story enough for to us actually care as the audience. there was some horrible editing. horrible direction. there's see dent action that scene you just saw in the trailer is the best seen the movie. there's no point in seeing it in my personal opinion i gate 1.5 out of five. very very cheesy and very very poor editing. next up don't breathe now this is a film very tough tore vow for me. here's why. it's brutally relentless, there's great film making, it's intense, it's also scary, and well acted. but i will never ever watch this
7:47 am
film again in my life. it was one of the most disturbing experiences i've had in a theater there's one particular scene i think is always going to stay with me. i know that might intrigue you to go see it but for me personally, i left pretty shocked. and not in a great way. i mean this movie is produced directed by the guy who row made evil dead and it does work. it's about three friends who r robbing a house that possibly has $300,000 in it and the man who lives there is blind. played by steven lang. he's a 93 nominal actor. he was great in avatar actual the only good part of of a have a tour. for me i just didn't find the film kind of left entertainment and went into just brutal relentless violence. and i'm not saying horror movie can't be violent there are times when it take it so far over the top it really just kind of affected me. so i gave 84. i think a four solid review. eighths good film by all film making standards. i just felt that i'll never watch it again.
7:48 am
it's very very brutal. very scary. very intense and steven lang does a great job in the move z4 out of five. next up hands of stone about roberto doran starring robert deniro he had war rah miriest and usher. my review is available on that's i will say it's very cool seeing robert deniro is boxing movie again obviously we know him as raging bull the classic film all grudge match with sylvester stallone. i loved seeing him again in these trailers and the review is on my name is kevin mccarthy, fox news. ♪ i want to see all three of those movies what just got me kevin seems like he didn't like the horror movie because it was scary. isn't that kind of the point. >> he likes scary. he said there's seen that is disgusting which means i think it's repulsive. i don't know. who knows what it is. it was so disturbing he rarely
7:49 am
gets disturbed. intrigue you to see it. >> rarely disturb. scott, heat. you got it. in both eyes by the way. >> national bow tie day. bill you said i wouldn't wear one. i have on bow tie. on this sunday morning for national bow tie day. how about it? as we take live look outside. you can see the custom house looking pretty g lot of sunshine around 90 again today. a slight break from that humidity. and we're talking about a rip current risk all because of gaston well out into the open waters of the atlantic. high pressure is in control. so we'll see that sunshine across the area for today. 71 degrees right now. winds out of the northeast at 3 miles per hour. humidity still kind of high this morning. but the humidity values will drop during the day. seventy one philadelphia. 66 millville. 50s pretty comfortable right now in the pocono mountains. 71 in dover and 65 in atlantic city. so as we go hour by hour if you're stepping out for brunch, hazy sunshine don't forget that sunscreen. we're looking at temperatures by
7:50 am
lunch 86. 90 by this afternoon. weekend wendy, she is going to the pool later on today. she has her sunscreen. water bottle, temperatures are going to be heating up near 90 degrees. hey, it's big move in day in glassboro rowan university temperatures will be heating up by 2:00 o'clock. 86 degrees. by 4:00 o'clock, 85. and what about an event taking place in hammonton, new jersey, the second annual touch a truck it's free downtown. temperatures once again in the mid 80s with a lot of sunshine. stay hydrated and also don't forget that sunscreen. the poconos for today, beautiful weather. 81 for the high. and by tonight, temperatures will dipping into the upper 50s. down the shore we have that moderate risk of rip currents. 83 for the high today. 84 on monday. so looking at the tropics. we have hurricane gaston a category one well out to sea and this could become hermine we'll talk about that later in the broadcast. back to you. thank you so much, scott.
7:51 am
bill -- >> yes. >> why did you run out of gas. >> because, you know those computers on your car that tell you how many miles you have left? i was going to the gas station and it went from 17 to dash dash. so i ran out of the gas right on vine street going to the expressway and had to get out and push and steer. >> when it's below 25 you need to go. >> i was going to the gas staying. >> i should sue them broken computer. >> that won't happen in the future because you can get gas now. >> there's new app that will help you gas up and go even when you're nowhere near a gas station. problem solving for you. >> also we know britney spears will be at the vma's but taylor swift is not going. usually cleans up. you will not be seeing her. why it is believed she's not going. ♪
7:52 am
at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
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7:54 am
♪ >> it's time now to introduce to you one of our junior reporters. she's actually been here madison elliot from lasalle university. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> off cool story for. >> i do. it's really fun peace this morning. so everybody at home is going to meet a young philadelphian who is taking networking to whole new level. justice trying to meet 10,000 people and spend an hour with each of them. >> in a city like philadelphia
7:55 am
it seems impossible to meet almost everyone. but 25-year-old rob wants to meet 10,000 and spend an hour with each of them. >> when i was a student at penn state, i was involved in bunch of different clubs and activit activities. so it was easy for me to walk down and the street and see people i recognized. i enjoyed the feeling about asking them about their day. if i get to know everyone around me i'll be able to recapture that feeling. >> after gaining recognition on social media, people began reaching out to him asking him to meet up or he'll strike up a conversation with a perfect stranger and set up a time to get coffee, drinks or just hang out. since november of 2015, he has met over 200 people and began to create that sense of community once again. >> one of the girls andrea i met with and she plays the violin professionally i hadn't seen her i was actually meeting with someone else at the time and she came in and was like hey rob what's going on? i was like so
7:56 am
good to see you. >> he meets three to four people every day and met famous philadelphians along with the like the creator of the philadelphia magic gardens and other citizens who have their own story to share jacob an immigrant from see err ya leone and 63rd of 65 children in his family. rob wants to meet everyone and everyone and just hang out. >> some people see it as an interview. other people see it as like a way to make new friend in the city. i see it as just a way of hanging out with people. >> rob and i sat down for our hour together and i found out he's a norristown native and was a financial consultant at dee lloit. he has plans to start traveling with this project and connect people worldwide over the span of 10 years. >> after graduation i wanted something to work towards other than just climbing the latter until retirement. so this is kind of just like a personal project that i took on that i knew would provide me with personal fulfillment. >> that's a commit many.
7:57 am
>> tell me about it. >> an hour, 10,000 people. how is he going about meeting these people. >> he's going through his social media accounts, instagram, facebook, if anybody at home is interested in being a part of this project check out rob 10k friends. >> we should bring him on. >> we should. >> five or six more people he could meet. >> where is he now. >> he's almost at 300 people. he's in 293 around there right now. so he's getting up there. >> good. >> is he trying to date people? has he dated any of these people? good going out for an hour. has he had -- >> causing a scandal. >> i don't know yet. he didn't tell me and i did ask who knows? maybe he'll meet that special one through this project. >> you're shady, karen. >> great story. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> good to see you. >> if you have any other send them to us. always looking for your suggestions. use our #fox29goodday. we'll be right back.
7:58 am
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♪ >> this morning on good day remembering a little girl shot and killed in camden.
8:00 am
this morning police are ramping up their efforts to track down the gunman. plus, terrifying moments on southwest airlines flight. what happened that led the plane to make an emergency landing. ♪ >> from the fox 29 studios this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. and good morning. your good sunday morning continues. we're glad you decided to start with us. good morning, karen. >> good morning to all of you. we're also pretty good this morning. i think. >> good every day but especially today. >> what will bring us in terms of weather. >> we have gaston picked up some more energy again? >> gaston is now a category one hurricane but that will bring an increased risk for rip currents down the shore. heat wave number six official. a lot of weather to talk about, karen, on this sunday morning. 8:00 o'clock right now. hazy sunshine as we take live look at center city, and we'll talk about the entire forecast for the city down the shore, the poconos coming up but right now we want to check in with weekend wendy and sue serio.
8:01 am
>> this time weekend wendy is holding a jamaican flag. why? because it's time for the philadelphia jerk festival. yeah, celebratin celebrating ths and spicy flavors of jamaica. music, food and culture all happening today in fairmount park from noon until 6:00 p.m. it's going to be great time. go to philly jerk for more information. as far as the forecast is concerned, scott, is every little thing going to be all right? >> every little thing is going to be all right, sue. we're looking at hazy sunshine. the going to be hot but the humidity values will be dropping during the day. temperatures will top out once again right around 90 degrees and we'll talk about that rip current risk a little later in the broadcast. now, weather bite numbers scale of one to 10, today not that b bad. we'll give it a nine. it will be nice, going to be sunny but once again little hot but that humidity will be dropping. ultimate doppler dry and quiet. high pressure is still in full control across the area. that's why we have a lot of sunshine. those temperatures will respond
8:02 am
and heat up pretty rapidly. 75 degrees right now. winds out of the north northeast at 3 miles per hour. humidity at 82% this morning it's 72 degrees in atlantic city. 73 in wildwood. 67 pottstown. 66 right now in allentown. so across the area in the city, 90 degrees, hazy sunshine. we'll keep that rip current risk elevated because of gaston well out to sea. low 80s down the shore. lehigh valley a high this afternoon of 87 degrees. let's talk about the traffic on this sunday with bob kelly. good morning, everybody. we got the septa trolley blitz underway, and the buses are going to replace trollies on two of our big routes. the 11 and the 36 all day today. buses instead of the trollies and then on the campus of villanova we got that construction along route 30 lancaster avenue right at route 320 and then new schedules take effect tomorrow on the paoli thorndale line.
8:03 am
so make sure you grab in new timetable. we have link up for you on our website at have a great rest of the day. we'll see you bright and early right here tomorrow morning. ♪ we do have breaking news that is coming in right now. we know that police are on the scene and they are investigating this deadly crash it happened in camden county. that's the scene right there. sicklerville road and chews landing road. it is in winslow township. there's there is a car that is very very severely damaged. split in half. we know this is a fatal accident one person died. we do not know what led to this crash but our reporter is getting there to the scene jenny joyce and she'll be bringing us a life report in just minutes. right now police investigating another serious accident in the city's west oak lane section. a van and a car crashed head on chelten avenue and lime kiln pike it happened right about midnight and two people were taken to the hospital. we don't know how badly they're hurt or what cough the accident. roll into a female pedestrian was hit by a car rose vest boulevard and rising sun
8:04 am
avenue. this woman was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. this all happened just before 12:30 this morning. police say the driver did stay on the scene. and philadelphia police are looking for a killer in a double shooting. it happened in the city's brewery town late last night along the 1700 block of newkirk street. police say a 45-year-old man and 25-year-old man were both shot. the 25-year-old was pronounced dead around 10:00 o'clock. and the conditions of the other man is currently unknown. in cam, loved ones and neighbors are coping with the death of an eight year old girl killed in a gun battle. vigil was held last night for eight-year-old gabbie carter. gabbie was hit by stray bullet as she simply rode her bike on wednesday night. she was caught in a gang related shooting and family members remembered gabbie as little girl who loved to sing and read. they're asking anyone please come forward and help they're trying to find her killer.
8:05 am
>> how would you feel if it was yours? wednesday was ours. so again we thank everybody, all walks of life, everybody who came out today, everybody who showed us love and support. >> police, friends, family all believe that somebody must know something and they are begging for you to please come forward. they're offering a $24,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest. so many really difficult stories this morning. this one even hard to read family neighbors and police coming together for a tearful vigil in pennsauken. remembering two-year-old jameel baskerville, this poor child, prosecutors say it was the boyfriend of the child's mother 24 years old who beat that baby to death according to investigatorinvestigators actuae child to put his hands up and prepare to fight him. he's now charged with first degree murder. and gloucester county medical examiner is now determined the cause of death for couple whose allegedly killed by their own son.
8:06 am
he beat them to death. autopsies revealed 58-year-old edward coles and his wife rosemary died from blunt force trauma to the head. prosecutors have charged that couple's son 28-year-old ryan coles with their murders. police say he beat them early on friday morning inside their west deptford home following a medical evaluation he was taken to the salem county jail where he's being held in lieu of a million dollars bail. intense moments on board a southwest airlines flight when the plane's engine actually failed. these photos take look were taken from the plane and posted online. showing what looks like a partially blown engine. but airlines spoke person says there was no explosion and they're trying figure out what actually went wrong. now, fortunately, none of the passengers or crew were hurt. the flight originated from orlando and was headed to new orleans before it was diverted to pensacola yesterday morning. >> the time right now is 80:00 sick promise we have lot more great. we have david tutera coming up
8:07 am
on the show. he bring the most amazing ideas. big parties because the the end of summer. labor day weekend parties. he'll have things that will all your guests totally wowed. >> i might have a party. we should throw a party. >> good day party. >> good day weekend have a block party right in front. >> maybe it could happen. >> you and dave start planning that. >> running out of gas it's happened to bill, probably happened to all of us, it's even happened to meche it's true. coming up -- >> it happened to meme i wish i had the new app that will let you gas up and go even when you're nowhere near a gas station. >> we do watch the vma's it's so much fun. i love to see what their clothes are and all the different performances, if anyone is talking shade. taylor swift usually get the moon guys. >> moon men. >> but she's not going. why it's believed she's not attending. >> maybe she's had enough of kanye. she just said enough of that. look at this. karen, congratulations to my brother on his new house. house celebration. sent in from kenya. >> i want that house with the pool. also, one of our viewers very
8:08 am
faithful bill perez journeyed down to florida for 10 days. thanks for watching from the sunshine state. >> nice and kathy, good friend of show, says good morning, all have a good day beautiful out. >> that's the truth. >> we'll be right back.
8:09 am
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8:11 am
karen trying to clean the lense. we see cobwebs or something as we take look out there. still beautiful day. a little bit hot but thanks for starting your morning with us here on good day. we've been telling all stories all morning when i actually ran out of gas. you've been laughing atomism it doesn't have to happen again. are the days of the gas station over? they could be because of a new app that's taking out the middleman and bringing gas straight to you. so joining us this morning tony darden ceo of gas hoppers. >> gas hoppers usa. >> who else is with us. pat darden and mom and business partner. >> mom. >> william caldwell family friend and business partner. >> everybody is involved. >> yes. >> tell me how you came up with this. >> i was watching tv with my sister ashley we literally were watching a regular tv show had nothinged that with entrepreneurship and this idea
8:12 am
came in my head and i'm trying to sleep at night and it would not leave my head. i could not think of anything else. i did a bunch of research and tried to just think of other things other than this business because i already had my life planned out. it had nothing to do with it. >> live plan. >> nothing to do with it. >> mom, she has live plans. >> right. >> we'll hear all about the family involvement. what is gas hoppers do. >> gas hoppers usa free app on both ios and android, and what we do, you order just like uber you go on the app you order the time, the place and we come to you. pop the door and go and have fun. enjoy the rest of your day. you can be at work, the mall, the movie theater anywhere. >> mobile gas for your convenience. >> how excited are you guys about all of this. >> oh, my god. >> getting out there are being an entrepreneur problem solving. were you excited to get involved, too? >> yes, yes, i am. i mean, she had no plans to do this. she was supposed to be in california. >> okay.
8:13 am
>> so this dropped in her lap and she's going for it. and she came up with the idea and i said let's try this. let's do this. >> any of you actually run out of gas? >> you have. >> yes. all the time. >> you look like you have. >> you don't want to admit on tv we're all friends here. >> men we tend to be too stubborn to get it. >> exactly right. >> it happened to you. you see this as solving a problem. >> most definitely. most definitely. great idea. very go getter this girl -- this young lady is go getter. she's great. >> what's the next step? we all download it it's ready it's up and running. >> it's not ready yet. we're launching in februar february 2017. >> okay. >> so it's coming up. we're still in the like the development stage. so basically what we're doing now is just making sure the app is perfect. easy to use. easy to view. we have our website up gas please visit it follow us on facebook gas hoppers usa. >> this is the guy developing all of that.
8:14 am
he's doing our website and social media. >> for someone like me, we were telling the story earlier, karen was laughing at me, i actually ran out of gas on vine street and then tried to steer and push. >> you don't have to do that any more gas hoppers. >> could you help me out in the moment? if i didn't schedule for additional gas you could come and get me there? >> yes, we definitely can. >> it's going to be a 30 minute window. >> okay. >> when you call, 30 minutes later a truck will pull up put gas in your can and you'll pay for it on the app. >> everything is through the app. you don't have to speak to anyone. you don't have to talk, see anyone everything is through the app. pop the door and go about your day. >> you don't have to be there. if you order gas here -- >> i ran out of gas. i'm stuck there. >> oh yeah. >> in that case -- >> i got no place else to go. >> let's check it out. i want to see the website much here's it is as it's coming together. you can start downloading to be in preparation for it. >> not yet. >> not ready yet. not ready yet. >> it's in construction right now. the website is in construction.
8:15 am
we're in a developing stages. we're hoping to launch by february 2017. >> you guys are all excited. >> i am. >> i thought i can join the app today before i go home. i thought you brought the truck out front i could go ahead and get gas. >> it's coming. >> it's coming soon, guys. i'm a perfectionist i'm making sure the app is perfect before i send it out to everybody in the world. >> we will be following you. i definitely will be a customer. >> great. >> i know karen will as well. we'll download it. congratulations. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. isn't we're very excited about this. karen, they have solved the problem so i will never run out of gas and give you something to laugh about ever again. >> take live look in the peck notice. what were you supposed to be doing in california. >> what was the life plan you're not doing any more. >> i was a english major. i was supposed to be writing. my mentor at that time gave me a job and i had to call her up and tell her i could no longer take the job because i'm doing this crazy plan. >> that's the way to make your
8:16 am
own live plans. >> let's talk about this weather. the heat is not running out of gas. it's going to be another hazy, hot and humid start to the day. but the humidity will be dropping later on this afterno afternoon. in the pocono mountains it will be beautiful day. we're looking at high temperatures right around 81 degrees. and look at the temperatures for tonight in the poconos. dipping into the upper 50s. the heat in philadelphia will go on. we're talking about an expected high temperature by this afternoon and 90 degrees. that would make heat wave number six official and we're looking at the hottest august on record for the philadelphia area. dry and quiet, high pressure will stay in control. temperatures heating up. we have 75 philadelphia and dover. low 70s right now down the shore. 66 allentown and the poconos. so hour by hour, headed to church, headed to brunch we're looking at sunshine. don't forget that sunscreen. 86 by noon. 99 degrees for the high this afternoon. as we go hour by hour, you can see hazy sun philadelphia 87.
8:17 am
90 degrees at 4:00 o'clock. but once again the humidity values will start to drop so it won't feel as oppressive as it has. we had 93 degrees for the high temperature yesterday. take look at the tropics. we've got several things kind of flaring up. the far right side of your screen we're talking about hurricane gaston a category one hurricane. the swells will increase the rip current risks down the shore and take look at this flare up much this has about a 40% chance now of developing into something it's offshore from the carolina coast and then that disturbance moving toward the florida straits could eventually head into the gulf of mexico as early as next week. so we'll zoom in little closer on that. and you can see some of the computer models over the next several days will take it into sections of the gulf of mexico. but you can see the margin of error is very wide with this. go back into florida or it could go all the way back to texas so we'll continue to follow that over the next several days. the heat will roll on, but take look at the latter part of next week headed into labor day
8:18 am
weekend. 80 on friday. 82 on saturday. beautiful weather for labor day weekend ahead. back to you. >> thank you so much, scott. we continue to follow breaking news now in camden county. police are on the scene of a deadly accident. let's get right to jenny joyce whose there. jenny, what have we learned. >> good morning. one officer we talked to on scene described this as one of the nasty yesterday crashes he has ever seen. crews are still on scene here at chews landing and sicklerville roads. cleaning up, continuing to investigate. it looks like that honda accord that's involved in this crash is about to be towed from the scene. according to investigators, the driver of that accord slammed into a utility pole here on chews landing. the roof of the car was ripped off and the man inside was ejected and ultimately died. police responded and pronounced the driver dead on scene. officers say they believe the man behind the wheel was speeding down cross keys road to chews landing where the crash happened. little after 4:00 a.m. while they know speed was factor
8:19 am
investigators are still trying to determine details of this crash. at this point police have not identified the victim. they haven't even determined potential age range of the driver. there is still a lot to sort out at this gritty and gruesome at accident scene. we are hearing that the cam county prosecutor' office will be involved in this investigation. karen and bill? >> jenny, thank you so much. thank you forgetting those latest details on that one. we'll get more later. thanks. absolutely. thanks so much, jenny. all right. last weekend of the summer. >> um-hmm. >> people are settling in. summer is ending. >> time for little part. >> it is. so we're going to bring in a party planning expert i mean he's been on tv all the time. got his own show. we're talking david tutera to throw a stunning end of the year party that will have your friends talking all the way to next summer. >> we've done so many stories over the year about the benefits red wine it's good for you. that's our story and we're sticking to it. today we're celebrating red
8:20 am
wine. national red wine day. break down the bottle. some in the $10 range, $20 range and $30 range. >> bill range. start from $10 and go from the there. happy birthday shania 29 celebrating her 51 birthday. >> happy day to you. >> jack black so much fun i love his movies 47 years old. >> and honey boo boo. >> honey boo boo is 11 and we're using the term celebrity very loosely as we say happy birthday honey boo boo. enjoy your day. ♪
8:21 am
david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family,
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♪ fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning i'm sean bell. eagles in their final dress rehearsal are before the regular season. sam bradford will not play in the fourth preseason game. after shaky first series, josh huff got them going. huff used in ton of different ways this season. on sweep at the 9-yard touchdo touchdown. eagles take a 10-three lead then later in the second beckham this is what we brought him here for to be a big red zone target. he goes up and gets it.
8:24 am
that's another td. and third quarter bradford had one possession and he made it counsel. 3-yard touchdown pass to tray burton. bradford went 17 for 20. 167 yards and two touchdowns. eagles win, 33-23. phillies and mets starting pitching has been awful lately and it continues. three run bomb off jeremy hellickson he went four innings giving up five runs. the phils fall 12-one. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. ♪ i was just thinking i'm still wanting to go see a phillies game. i have not gotten to do that yet. it's not too late. >> you can go. >> i'll be down there. >> i'm scheduling all of these road trips. block party, phillies game it's all good. >> road trip philly style. >> speaking about philly style philly girl from our area will certainly claim her taylor swift, you know what, you're not going to see her tonight at vma awards. >> why is she not going. >> i have no idea. some are saying because sean
8:25 am
nominate. they're saying she's pouting this year. because sean nominated. wildest dreams and out of the woods 1989 were both eligible. last year swift won four of the moon men including video of the year. we don't know if this is 100% true. but the rumor more is she's not winning she's not coming. >> maybe she wants to avoid all that drama there. >> if she's not winning there's no drama she won't be on stage to make acceptance speeches or whatever. sit there and support your friends. i don't want a taylor hater f that's the reason why she's not going that's a little shady. >> missing all the good parties. right now, a lot of people talking about this big issue it came up friday night maybe that was the first time you saw it nfl teams are trying to pick who will be on the team. there's one player whose on the bubble. what he did that is getting so much attention. >> one quarterback under fire. we'll tell you about it. make sure you stay tune. there's the guy. but we'll tell you what he did, and michael owens waiting for
8:26 am
their son coming soon much this is the outfit ready for him. >> seriously. >> you're that people that had that outfit. it is all adorable. >> rocking national bow tie guy. >> so cute. we hope that baby comes soon. we'll be right back. ♪
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪ >> i'm bruce gordon. it's been rough stretch for elected democrats in philadelphia. congressman chaka fattah awaiting sentencing after a federal corruption conviction. city councilman bobby heenan saw fbi agents raid his city hall and district offices cart away box after box of documents. city controller alan butkovitz accused of former mayor michael nutter of operating a slush fund for his part nutter called butkovitz a liar and a snake and hypocrite and then there's district attorney seth william. he's under fire these days for be lating reporting $160,000 worth of gifts given to them by friends and associates since he's been da. $160,000 over six years. that's a lot of gifts. the list includes free sports ticks, free stays at vacation homes, even a free $45,000 roof job for his home. here's the thing. a closer look at that list,
8:30 am
suggests williams may have under stated the value of some of those freebies. for example, several seasons worth of all access side line passes to philadelphia eagles games, no face value. yeah. williams may face a hefty fine from the city's ethics board for failing to report those gifts in timely fashion but here's the thing. the normally media friendly da has been ducking reporters looking to ask questions about those gifts for days now. yet on monday, he e-mailed identified supporters of his 2017 re-election bid an author of sort of explanation. in the e-mail he admits he's required to fully disclose all gifts and takes full responsibility for failing to do so. it wasn't exact al full blown mia cull pa at least it was semblance of owning up to the mistake that's what supporters get. as for the rest of us regular philly taxpayers who may be anxious to fine out whether those gifts may have altered williams decisions on who to
8:31 am
prosecute, how vigorously nothing, silence. there you have it. if you're on the list as a political supporter, you get some semblance of answer from an elected official. if you're just a random taxpayer, you know, the kind of folks who pay the salaries of those elected officials, you get bump kiss. i'd like a gift as priceless as those eagles side line passes. how about straight answer? only in philly. ♪ we have a trip for you. would you look at this. david tutera the extraordinary planner of just about everything absolutely fabulous. >> we've been talking about parties we're talking about throwing parties and summer is about to enzo if you'll do that, you bring in the best. >> it is the end of the summer oh, my gosh, i can't believe it but i've got great simple tips how to throw a party. how to keep it super inexpensive and make it easy to do. i'll start over here. >> okay. >> these are all flowers that you can find during the end of the summer which are great and also durable doing the heat.
8:32 am
i took a glass contain sliced lyme's and lined the inside of the container. >> really simple as add a lot of color. zinnias. fresh mint popped in so it smells beautiful you can recycle cans from your home from coo cooking. great during the heat. very on trend right now. >> this is like my sauce jar. >> yes. >> jar force your sauce. >> clean it out add it on the table put a series on your table on your bar or inside your home. one of my favorite flowers are sun flowers. they make me smile. they're everywhere right now for the summer season. >> they're this big. i was taking picture everyone is they're all over. >> i have sun flowers in my house right now. >> you do. >> my girlfriend is on sunflower focus it doesn't look like that. >> why? >> there's glass vase and sun flowers. start off smiling then there's kind of bent over. >> keep them smiling lemon slices on the outside gas jar on the outside. there's a little bit of chicken wire that louse the sun flowers
8:33 am
which are top heavy to stay up because you're going to protect phlegm from falling over. >> see. >> very easy. >> this is good stuff. >> this blows my mind. how gorgeous and i've never seen it like -- i love when there's an idea you've never seen. this is fabulous. >> how do we do it. >> take the top off and spray the color we chose purple. we hollowed out the pineapple and then the inside of the pineapple is not being wasted we'll look at that in second and use it for your fruit salad stake a zinnia and add it with dahlias and put it as centerpiece. using two for one because you'll create a fruit sal sad and a centerpiece for your party. >> you know what i love about this you are really impressing people and it doesn't have to be that much work. >> no. it doesn't. >> they look amazing the way you're describing it's not that hard. >> nobody has time to entertain everyone thinks it takes so long to do it and they think it's expensive. this shows you how easy fast and affordable it can be to make something. >> cans and pineapples. scooped out or pineapple watch are we doing to make fabulous.
8:34 am
>> it's heat and want to be able to have abundance these heavy glass jars also affordable keeping the jar lid on keeps the flies out. take the top off allows to you access the food and really looks beautiful by being able to seat entire design and we layered the fruit salad the pass is a looks great. salad looks beautiful and again, just on the table and let people access the food when they want to access the food. >> it's brilliant because the flies they're on the food in second. >> second. >> been disgusting this year and gotten more than i feel like ever. >> absolutely agree they're everywhere. after we do all of this, we're now ready to chill and relax. time for us to have a nice cocktail. what do we got? >> start off the party with a cocktail and end the party. >> in real life. not just tv life. >> this is pr prosecco and it hs your peach ice in the inside. just lay it there. >> it's popsicle. >> it makes it fun. >> it's po pop popsicle in pros.
8:35 am
>> that's good. >> isn't it off the charts. >> cheers! >> we can all these tips today. >> while i'm in philadelphia have a wedding experience i'm back again for third time in philadelphia because you have all opened your hearts up for us in philadelphia. and we'll be giving brides and couples and grooms the ability to really learn how to plan party, plan wedding, and get so many bits of information on the experience unique. >> 10 to 4:00. you can get tickets at the convention center. whenever you're on the show i'm getting tweets right now people saying i'm going to come down and they'll come see you. they love -- >> it's going to be great today. >> i still want to believe you came to see us. go see him there after he spends some time with us. thank you much this is awesome. get my party planned. we'll be right back. cheers, guys! >> weather. >> solder scott, i forgot about you. >> put the popsicles down and that wine. great day for backyard barbecue
8:36 am
or headed over to that event. a loft hazy sunshine. it will be hot temperatures once again top out right around 90 degrees. that would make our six many heat wave official for the philadelphia area. a slight break from that humidity by this afternoon. if you're headed down the shore watch out for a rip current risk. all because of what's happening in the open waters of the atlantic. so weather by the numbers scale of one to 10 for your sunday we will give it a nine. so looking pretty g it will be hot but not quite as humid. we're dry, quiet across the area we'll stay that way with high pressure in full control. for much of the eastern seaboard. but we still have that on shore wind down the shore. that water kind of piling up increasing that rip current risk. 66 in allentown right now. 66 in the poconos. 72 in atlantic city. the high today topping out around 90 in philadelphia. it stays hot but by next weekend, we're looking pretty good. we'll be right back. ♪
8:37 am
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♪ 8:39 welcome back. i'll let you explain this story about what happened on friday. >> it's a controversy brewing. san francisco 49er quarterback colin kaepernick is coming under fire for what he didn't do during the national anthem. kaepernick sat on the bench while the rest of the team stood for the national anthem before friday night's preseason game. in an interview with kaepernick said i "quote i'm not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that
8:40 am
oppresses black people and people of color. to me this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way ". >> kaepernick acknowledge it's the not first time he didn't stand up during the national anthem it's just the first time that somebody approached him asked him about it, and he largely in his words was forced to actually explain it. so a lot of people have gotten upset about it. the other side of it is, people are saying, listen you may not agree with his stance, but he has the right to do it. the right to express himself if he's willing to take and deal with the consequences. >> he's done this before. >> he sat down during the national anthem several times before. he's never made the statement publicly about why. >> oh okay. >> the nfl doesn't require to you stan during the national anthem. >> i think the nfl commissioner did force somebody else to stand in the past. they can possibly make it happen. they'll have to make that decision but angelo cataldi from the radio he put out a tweet
8:41 am
saying chip kelly is the coach it there now. chip should fire him for this. it's unzestable. and he's all fired up angry about it an lot of people are being you will don't support our troops and our country. >> here the problem with that. although i don't agree with his particular stance on this one in paining with such a broad brush and blamin blaming the entire c, if you suppor support that, yout the country and his right to have an opinion and to take a stand even if you don't agree with his opinion much that's kind of what the national anthem is supposed to stand for. you have that right but people don't necessarily have to like what you're standing for. >> you have that right, but you may not have that right in an nfl uniform. you have a right as person in the private citizen but you may not always when you're represe representing a group or organize. we'll throw this out there to you. we want to know what you think about this and what happened. should this quarterback kaepernick have stood during the national anthem? let us know your opinions. come to facebook, twitter we'll continue this discussion because we want to know what you have to
8:42 am
say. use our #fox29goodday. ♪
8:43 am
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8:45 am
let's check in political coverage you decide. drum many campaigning in the heartland hillary clinton attends a big meeting. fox' peter doocy has the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump is kicking off the weekend at annual road and ride veterans bikers event in iowa and he isn't mincing words. >> hillary clinton thinks she's entitled to be president her criminal conduct at home and her failed interventions overseas simply make her unfit, she's unfit to serve in the oval office. >> reporter: trump is working hard to clear up any confusion about his immigration policy after critics implied it might be softening. >> on day one, i'm going to begin swiftly removing criminal illegal immigrants from this country. >> reporter: trump also stirring up controversy on twitter after the murder of nba star dwayne wade's cousin trump tweeted quote dane weighed's
8:46 am
cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in chicago. just what i have been saying. african-americans will vote trump! >> part of his campaign message is inner cities are dangerous and people that live there are looking for someone to come and clean things up. on the democratic side of the aisle hillary clinton spent saturday morning getting her first national security briefing as her parti' nominee. donald trump had his first briefing earlier this month. the meeting comes after the clinton campaign got some good news from the state department announcing that logs of all her meeting as secretary of state won't be fully released until december. well after the election. this comes as her campaign is trying to get back on message attacking donald trump. releasing this new tv ad. >> you can't make america great again if you don't make things in america isn't we are now less than one month away from the first debate when trump and clinton will face off on the same stage for the first time. in desmoines, iowa, peter doocy, fox news. >> this week on fox news sunday,
8:47 am
it's still august but the presidential race hits new lows. as donald trump and hillary clinton trade blistering accusations of a race. trump' knew am cane manager kellyanne conway on the effort to keep the candidate on messa message. libertarian presidential nominee gary johnson on his push to get on the stage for the presidential debates. and our power player of the week after dominating in rio what's next for katie ledecky? all this week on fox news sunday. ♪ >> lots to talk about. let's talk about the forecast because it is so nice today. it is sunny, gorgeous as we take look at wilmington. scott williams. >> i think weather by the numbers, karen, it will be nine on that scale of one to 10 but it look like the sixth heat wave it's going to be official today in the philadelphia area. with the expected high of 90 degrees we had 93 friday. 93 yesterday. we'll hit 90 today. that would make the sixth heat wave official across the area. ultimate doppler, for your
8:48 am
sunday morning, it's a lot of sunshine out there. we'll stay dry because high pressure is parked just off to our south. but we do have winds coming in off of the ocean. so that rip current risk will continue down the shore. those temperatures warming up already mid 70s in dover. 67 pottstown. 66 in the pocono mountains as we head down the shore the boardwalk already 78. 78 in wildwood and also cape may point. so as we take look at the tropics we have hurricane gaston a category one hurricane. 90 miles per hour winds. movement toward the northwest at about 6 miles an hour. it should intensify but stay east of bermuda by early next week but we'll have the on shore winds, those large swells so that will increase that rip current risk if you're headed down the shore. let's take look at those temperatures. 80 for today. 84 for tomorrow. just watch out for the increasing rip current risk the poconos looking beautiful for today. high temperatures around 81. upper 50s boy tonight. hey it's a move in day down at
8:49 am
rowan university in glassboro. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. also, events taking place in hammonton. the second annual touch a truck happening downtown. by 2:00 o'clock 86 degrees an big event taking place in camden. daily park it will be heating up giving away backpacks. it's looking pretty hot and warm. the weather authority seven day forecast showing temperatures over the next several days right around 90 through at least the middle part of the week but look at thursday, 85. 80 by friday headed into labor day weekend, karen, is looking fantastic. >> wahoo! thank you scott williams. popular man. let's go around the house right now. you thinking about putting your house on the fall market there are things to do much you should do it pre inspection. so we brought in an expert on this one sarah moyer is joining us on the pulitzer winning realtor berkshire hathaway. >> good morning. how are you. >> good. if we have home that has stucco what do we need to do with that? >> stucco first and for most is
8:50 am
typically the most expensive issue that sellers don't know. there could be problems. and you see here is what it looks like to have your stucco tested. >> okay. >> stucco if it's not installed correctly can have moisture issues. >> sure. >> behind it and we see in real estate market that sometimes people have to rip all of the stucco off their house and redo it. >> you just have to do it because the buyer will demand it any way if there's an issue so it's just good to go ahead and get this done before you put it on the mark? >> absolutely. take the guess work out. >> all right. next up to me i know this is big one the liner issues can be people don't have a liner they don't know about a liner. war the issues with the chimney. older homes have masonry chimneys. make sure the clay tile is still intact. if it is not replace the with clay tile or you can do more popular now are stainless steal liners insulated, and they help protect the house from fire hazard and carbon mon knock si side. >> another big issue, mold. what do we have to look for here
8:51 am
and what's the problem. >> sure. mold i mean obvious places would be wet basement. people don't realize it can also grow in your attic. if you don't have enough -- there's basement, of course, that's easy to see. however, if it's in your attic it may not be as obvious. if you don't have enough insulation or if the attic isn't getting proper ventilation, you need to have that looked into for sure. >> all right. let's go up to the attic and take a look. what if there's an issue with asbestos. >> asbestos typically we find in older homes on pipes. >> okay. >> asbestos was popular in 20th century construction. it's only a problem if it looks like that which means it's frying which means it's crumbling and it can become airborne. so you either two options would be to cap sewell late it or to have it removed by a licensed certified environmental company. >> all this stuff sounds expensive. let's get to wiring much this is really important. some of the unglamorous bones of
8:52 am
the house issue. nobody and tube what's the issue with you. >> nobody and tubes is how homes were electrified up until 1930. if you live in a home before 1930 you have this in your house somewhere. some people to have the whole house rewired which is a good thing because nobody and tube can be a fire hazard. and it being a fire hazard it's nearly impossible to get homeowners insurance. so there's maybe one insurance company out there today maybe another one but it's a fire hazard. >> so you're saying all these things we need to fix before we put them on the market? >> yes, because these are the things that more than likely could be deal breakers. and they're expensive. >> you'll pay for it one way or the other. >> right. things that you're not going to be looking at every day. so it's important to be aware of it. >> great tips much sarah, thanks lot. >> appreciate it. >> come back again. i will. >> we will be right back to celebrate red wine day. stick around.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
♪ good morning. you know while we're playing that '40s song with red red wine because red wine day and i hope you celebrate with us all day long. post your pictures using our hashing to fox 29 good day. we're celebrating right now. joe roberts good morning to you. >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> national red wine day, we're
8:56 am
celebrating, learning and all different price ranges what do we got. >> the first one is around 10 bucks. >> we like that range. >> i like that. >> yes. >> i like to get people into what i call younger rio hot wines from spain. a lot of great bargains going on right now this one, they've been around for 150 years. they know what they're doing by now. really nice introduction to that region does. great with cheese. >> supposed to have an after you've had a few sips. >> don't mind karen. >> continue on. >> you get some oak spice nodes. a lot of bright red cherry fruits. great with cured meats. >> and cheese. >> all right. got that plate going on before meal. >> the next up this one may have you open -- show you what it is. what is this one? >> this is from can telly call called -- from the southern italy. for under $20, native grape
8:57 am
varieties red wine especially in italy are a great bargain right now. further south you go, seems the better the bargains are. in this case, you get a lot of juicy robust red fruits. some good structure. great with burgers. >> it doesn't have to be expensive, right? you go 10, 20, 30 but the cost isn't going to relate how good it is? >> no. definitely not. >> let's skip to the 30 one. i'm too cheap much this is my range. this is what i want to be drinking. open this one up and tell me waits. >> under 30 i've got francis ford coppola direct's cut. >> you should have heard of fran kiss ford copy pole la. peppery notes, great reds in. dry creek is an area i love in sonoma county really firing all cylinders right now if you have spare ribs this is what you want. >> come on in. we got to wrap as we sample the wines. thank you very much for coming in. >> thank you guys. >> thank you for starting your
8:58 am
day with us, have an mazing day. have a good day. see you tomorrow morning. ♪ hey, honey?
8:59 am
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i'm chris wallace. it's still august, but the presidential race hits a new low as donald trump and hillary clinton trade blistering accusations over race. hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes. >> he is taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over the republican party. >> today donald trump's new campaign manager, kellyanne conway, on clinton tying trump to the alt-right and the effort to keep trump on message. then the libertarian party's presidential nominee, gary johnson. [ applause ] his push to


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