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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  August 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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street. what witnesses saw seconds before the suv hit the little boy. plus new overnight three teens hurt during a shoot-out this grays ferry, why police say they shouldn't have been outside in the first lays. and he is at it again. just days after police warn of the man on the bike groping woman in south philadelphia, another case reported. where police say this time he struck. good day, everybody it is august 29th, 2016. bob has the day off. hi sue. we have double duty this morning. we have a big gusher to start the week. >> we have had so many water hain breaks. >> where is this one. >> this one is on the boulevard, southbound, coming into the city on a monday morning, and, here it is a live picture of that scene, looking at the water cascading down on to the roadway. we have two lanes blocked. this is not a quick fix with the water main.
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so this looks like it will be a problem throughout the morning rush, only one lane getting by, this is roosevelt boulevard southbound right here near ridge avenue. >> bushkill falls. >> it sure looks like it. >> a bucolic picture at bushkill but we're seeing more volume on i-95 southbound in the city around cottman avenue but you can still get by, we have an accident in abington township, this is at easton road, watch out for that april accident that has an injury reported and then way out the pennsylvania turnpike around berks county we have left lane block on the turnpike, near route 222. mike and alex? >> all right. >> thanks, sue. >> 6:01. another violent night in the city of philadelphia when triple shooting land three people in the hospital. >> police say all victims are teenagers. so we have sent our jennifer joyce out, to south detectives, on this one, and not certainly blamed victim in
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this at all. we are not doing that but apparently this is past curfew for these teenagers. >> trend we have seen so far this summer so many young people have been involved in shootings and just terrible thing. >> that is right. >> lets get to jenny at south detective with more on what happened in this triple shooting. >> police say that the three teens were shot overnight and it was past midnight. they should not have been outside anyway, past their curfew. shooting happened near 27th and fast kerr streets, three teens were found in various locations, a 16, 17 year-old were shot in the leg a second, 16 year-old was shot in the lower back and taken to chop, police say this is a shoot-out, two sides firing off at least 12 shots. >> we don't know right now if any of these three victims was intended target or if they were struck with stray bullets and there is even a possibility that some of these victims may have been involve this is shooting. they may have pneumonia firing
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shots. we are not ruling that out. that is always a possibility. although no weapons were recovered by the time we got here somebody could have handed a gun off to someone else. >> reporter: police say no one has been arrested at this point. they are still looking for those involved. police say one of the shooters may have been driving an older model white vehicle possibly a nissan. investigators say they plan to go to the hospital to interview three teens. they are relying on surveillance video in the area of both private, and police cameras. >> keep us updated there, thanks. 6:03. wild night in los angeles. >> all things clear at los angeles international airport following reports of the active shooting late last night. local authorities are confirming was mistaken for gunshots turnout to be just loud noises but earl their report of the possible shooting triggered possibly vac ways of one terminal and master surge throughout the airport. police shut down traffic through the terminal and in flights allowed to land at the airport. >> busy sunday night, wow.
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>> tragedy in west philadelphia when a little boy two years old runs out in the streets. twenty-three month-old ameen rory died after being hit by on coming suv on merion avenue last night. relatives say little boy was outside playing with cousins when he got away from people watching over him. the safety of his hotter just before 7:00 p.m. last night, when this happened in between parked cars. well, he darted in between two parked cars and out in the road of the 4800 block. at the same time chevy trailblazer was passing through but driver could in the stop. he was raise todd children's hospital of philadelphia just a short time later. driver remained on the scene and police are still investigating. 6:04. reward sits at $50,000, for information, that leads to the arrest of the gabby carter's killer. gabby was hit by a stay bullet rode her bike on spruce street in camden wednesday night.
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police say she was caught in the cross fire of the gang related shooting. family and friend remembered gabby as a little girl who loved to sing and read. they are pleading with anyone who can help find gabby's kill tore just come forward. fatal groper may have struck again in south philadelphia. woman told police she was walking saturday night on the 1600 block of bainbridge street when a man on the bike rode by and groped her. police are trying to figure out if it is same guy connect to several assaults this month. one of those incidents was caught on surveillance camera and we have been talking about and told you how he ride his bike, comes from behind and starts grabbing women. bad guy is trolling victims since the beginning of the month and special victims unit is still investigating whether sat the day night's assault is connected to those four other attacks. >> seems like it is. >> similar description of his of suspects in all cases hispanic man between 5-foot four and 5-foot six, any information give police a call. well, coming up at 6:06.
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charges have been filed in connection with the vandalism at the home of the philadelphia district attorney seth williams. >> woman accused of slashing tires on two city vehicles, did surrendered to to police. hi, steve. >> reporter: mike, when you are district attorney in one of the biggest cities in america you expect to be in the head lines for news but seth williams will tell you not like the kind of news and headlines he has made this summer. when you are a public figure your personal life becomes public that is the case again with the district attorney this morning. seth williams personal life again in the head lines and again on the front page of the philadelphia daily news, this time mystery of who slashed four tires on two of his official, district attorney vehicles in november outside his house last year has been solved. last wednesday, and the 47 year-old woman that mr. williams identified in his recent financial disclosure forms as his girlfriend at least she was in 2012, 2014 help she gave him gifts is
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stacy cummings. she told investigators nine months after the fact that it was her slashed the tires and again we don't know if this is just current girlfriend or not but both seen smiling on the front page of the daily news to bay and you can bet those smiles were wiped off both faces when they saw that trent page as they have seen it so far today. alex and mike. well, driving around the ben franklin parkway, i was actually around ben franklin parkway yesterday. >> a lot going on. >> all these tents are already up. it is easy to see that the made in america concert preps are underway. look at the all of the tents, road closures start today and continue through labor day, which of course is next monday. crews have started to set up for two day festival on saturday and sunday. most roads are expect to be back opened for the morning rush on tuesday september the sixth. big headliners there last night's vma's rihanna and cold
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play is going to play. you can find out full line up on our web site at fox even though construction going on by the free library, is that connected? that is something different. >> well, it is right next to the franklin institute. >> you don't think that is just the road they are redoing. >> it is, my point with that, there is that and we have up there made in america stage still a lot going on. >> sometimes in that area moore college of art has their graduation ceremony. i don't think that would take up space. >> these are like fences. >> like pope stuff. >> no like construction fences. >> well, they are working around the logan circle that has to do with the vine street expressway bridges that are getting put in. >> i see. >> maybe it has something to do with that.
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>> 608 here. off-duty police officer opened up fire in trenton some say he saved lives, others say they are demanding some answerness this case. what witnesses say happened in those moments leading up to the deadly shooting. lets get back to it thely as clean up continues in italy especially central italy from last weeks huge earthquake. investigation is underway. why some are wondering if fraud contributed to the large number of death.
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there are conflicting stories after an off-duty trenton officer shot and killed a man saturday night. >> investigators say the man, 34 year-old alfred toe, got in the argument with someone at a home in the 500 block of roosevelt street. police say he return with the gun and when his brother tried to diffuse the situation he was accidentally shot in the hand. off-duty officer stepped this and witnesses say he identified himself as an officer and when toe, the man lung, the officer fired killing toe. but toe's close friend did not fight himself and toast never reached for his gun. >> how do i know if you are an officer or not if you do the in the identify yourself, at least put your badge up so we can read. >> reporter: at no point did you hear him identify himself. >> no. >> he says he saw the officer drinking beer earlier in the evening. officer owe far has not been
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identified. coming up at 6:12. he is hailed a hero, a local officer jumps on to the track to save a man's life, why it was such a struggle to help him. >> wow, wow. clearing the air or trying to on immigration, when donald trump says he will unveil his now official final plan after being accused of flip flopping last week.
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our big traffic issue this morning, it is the water main break at roosevelt boulevard southbound near ridge have avenue. and it looks like the cascading water has seized for right now but we are back to just one lane being blocked, and actually as we look at this picture from sky fox, traffic is getting by just fine in those two lanes, for right now but we will keep an eye on that situation. now we will check i-95 this delaware county near highland avenue it is getting brighter out. traffic moving fine just there in the lehighton pennsylvania the turnpike northeast extension southbound approaching, mahoning valley we have two tractor trailers involve in the accident on that part of the turnpike in the lehigh valley.
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disabled car in gladwynn on the schuylkill expressway westbound there, right at the conshohocken curve. so, that might slow you down as well, although things seem to be fine. the abington township accident is easton road at moreland, watch out for that, and an injury reported with that one and in lower merion, manoa road we have an accident there. watch out for that one as well. that is what is going on with your traffic this morning. quite a few issues. but weather is in the one of of them, unless you are swimming at the shore. you have to watch out for these moderate rip currents especially, during the day, if you have kid at the beach, in the starting school until next week and this is your vacation week, be careful because we have a couple of tropical issues, that have really rip currents kicking up. uv index is an eight, surf temperature 77. land breeze at the shore this morning. phillies back in town,
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88 degrees at game time. the pretty pleasant night at the ballpark especially if we win. these are tropical issues we are talking about. a lot of issues this morning. we have depression number nine down here by cuba we have number one, number eight, which is off the north carolina coast and then gaston, hurricane that is a category three as far away as it is, it is causing those moderate rip currents. next two names on the the list if we get named storms is hermine, and iain and all could affect the holiday weekend. we are watching things very closely there. nothing to show you at the moment on ultimate doppler radar. just a few clouds to the north and future cast showing the very slight possibility of some showers popping up later on in the afternoon. but possibility is very slight. as we head in today four of the current heat wave, it is 92 degrees today, and less tomorrow. cold front comes through
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saturday and look at the what that does to the holiday weekend, excellent forecast so far for friday, saturday and sunday, low to mid 80's. >> saturday and sunday concert. >> yes, made in america, sue, thank you, thank you, thank you. >> in past years you sweat your face off out there. >> and if it rains, one year it rained. >> you got to have perfect weather. >> low 80's. >> this will be perfect for saturday and sunday. >> let's hope it stays this way. >> it will be great. >> i trust sue. >> my first mistake. just kidding. 6:18. this is video of the week and i know it is only monday morning. it is hard to top this. do you see this guy just sprawled himself out on the tracks, he doesn't want to get off the track. look at this, a police officer struggling, trains coming, he those train is coming. he does in the want to get off the track. he is trying to kill himself. don't know what is going on there train business to come.
6:19 am
look at this, his name is officer ortiz, incredible bravery, my goodness, wow. >> unreal. >> new jersey transit train. >> wow. >> 6:19. italian authorities say they will investigate whether people met with inn following building codes after devastating earthquake in central italy last week. 290 people have died and rescue crews are continuing to look for survivors and bodies underneath ruble. pope is planning to visit and meet with those people difficulties praised from their homes. thousands are now homeless. republican presidential nominee donald trump says he is planning a speech on wednesday, on illegal immigration. trump tweeted out yesterday that he will deliver a speech in arizona his position to deport estimated 11 million immigrants here, has been unclear in recent days. >> that is for sure. >> meantime democratic leaders are coming to the defense of hillary clinton about so-called, pay for play
6:20 am
allegations. critics say clinton's foundation donors, were given special treatment by the state department while she was secretary have of state. certainly had access it looks like to her. donna brazil, a democratic strategies says it is not unusual for supporters and activist to seek out private meetings and that there is no evidence that clinton did any favors on behalf of the foundation donors. republicans some are calling for a special prosecutor in this case. political stance or career suicide, colin kaepernick opens up about why he refuse toss stand for national anthem before football games, as fans go to extreme length to show their support or non-support for colin. lottery numbers.
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i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself,
6:22 am
do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
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good morning i'm sean bell. phillies starting pitching has been awful, lately. before yesterday they gave up
6:24 am
44 runs in the past five games. vince velasquez trying to regain his form and stop the bleeding. velasquez hasn't won since july 8th, the phillies have lost their last seven games, where he started, luckily, velasquez would change his form went five innings giving up one run and had seven strike outs. phillies got their biggest runs from their new guy, that is right aj ellis stepping up with the double to left bringing home two runs. phillies hold on to a five-one victory. to the little league world series, new york taking on south korea for championship two-one. south korea with the chance with two runners on but ryan, shuts him down. new york with the win, getting the little league world series title the first for u.s. since 2011. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. more sports. >> yeah lets talk eagles. they made roster moves
6:25 am
yesterday. they cut their roster down to 07 players ahead of tomorrow's deadline. two big names on that list receivers chris givens and ruben randall and both signed as veterans free as but disappointing throughout training camp and preseason. you see another names there nick perry, andrew gardener, denzel rice, mike party not too bad. >> well, it is when you you they're close and get cut at the deadline. ♪ >> we have champions. >> philadelphia has a sports championship. it happened friday night. you don't know about this. >> you should know if you don't know. >> you better tell somebody. >> philadelphia soul won arena bowl 29 friday night beating arizona rattlers, 56-22 on the rattlers turf in? it/teams second championship. we will throw throw them a mini parade and do i mean mini at fourth and market. as a matter of fact lets roll
6:26 am
this parade. maybe jaws will show up at 7:55. get here 7:45 if you are a soul fan and a soul man. several players will be here. i think i called in at least one dancer and at least one of the dancers. >> okay, to celebrate the big win. >> this might be some celebrating. >> that is true. >> think bit, we have a championship here. >> come on. >> just to celebrate. >> what else do we have. we have nothing. >> we have something. >> we have tikily, hi steve. >> reporter: probably beach boys most famous album was double album called endless summer an for district attorney seth williams summer of 2016 is likely even less summer of just awful headlines and frontages. jenny? >> reporter: well, steve we have another awful head line for you three teens were shot overnight they are all in stable condition, ape now police are trying to determine whether or not they were a part of this shoot-out or they were innocent bystanders
6:27 am
caught in the cross fire.
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tax breaks for them. campaign contributions for him. pat toomey. he's helping big oil polluters and millionaires. not the rest of us. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> the witness: the necessary essay what he was doing before he was hit by a car. another shoot-out in philadelphia, grays ferry section, three teenagers in the hospital why police say they shouldn't have been outside on the street in the first place. charges filed in an unusual incident at d.a. seth
6:30 am
williams home, she slashed tires on cars. >> good day everybody it is august 29th, it is a monday, of course. we have a mess, that is clearing up though, on the boulevard. >> and sue is working on this for us. >> yes. >> and the water main that is broken is above the boulevard, but the mess was extending down. this is ridge avenue at southbound roosevelt boulevard. one lane is still blocked while they work on that but as you can see traffic is getting by pretty well, at that point, and it is monday morning, so we want to make sure to allow plenty of time. next we will go out to the schuylkill expressway and this is 676, the vine, and everything is moving okay, although we're getting more volume. the northeast extension of the turnpike we have a tractor trailer accident, southbound
6:31 am
near lehighton, way out there, and an accident in abington township easton road at moreland avenue, reported with an injury, watch out for that, and a new schedule for regional rail paoli thorndale line starts today, so make sure you you are there at the right time, for the train there and there is more that will go in effect after labor day coming up, so make sure you are up to dayton your schedules because regional rail has been a semi nightmare all summer long. bus stop buddy is ready for maybe last week of vacation. we know some kids are going back to school in the suburbs. philly schools go back after labor day. we have temperatures in the 60's and 70's, grab that sun screen once again. if you like yesterday you'll be fine today. very similar day just a few cloud around out to the west, and gorgeous, sunrise, happening, 6:27 was the official time so it is kind of happening right now. 87 percent relative humidity.
6:32 am
73 degrees at the moment. sixty-six to the north. sixty-four in millville new jersey. close to 70 in wilmington delaware. high temperature today will be around 92 degrees, and mike and alex that would make it heat wave day number four because heat wave became official, official. >> are you telling me we have had six heat waves this summer. >> yes, this is day four of number six. >> yes. >> weekend, that will be fantastic. >> three teenage boys are expect to be okay after being hit with bullets in the grays ferry. >> police say shooting happened around midnight near 27th and fast kerr where jenny is, hi there, jenny. >> reporter: good morning. police tell thaws the three boys as you said are in stable condition at the hospital, and police were headed there to get some information from them. at this point they don't know if they were involved or innocent bystanders. the shooting happened in the area of 27th and tasker streets. the victims were found in various locations, and...
6:33 am
>> her mike was breaking up because we have another situation to tell you about, tragedy in west philadelphia when a little boy runs out in the street, 23 month-old ameen rory. died after being hit by an suv on merion have avenue last night. relatives say little boy was outside playing with cousins when he got away from the safety of his mom, just before 7:00 o'clock last evening. horrible. he darted between two parked cars and out on the road in the 4800 block and at the same time a chevy trailblazer was passing through and the driver could not stop in time. ameen's cousin tells us that she saw the whole thing and she described the disturbing seen as it unfolded. >> he said that he had got hit by a car. so i came out and walk in the street and went up there and i looked at him and he was just laying there, and he was really bleeding bad from his head.
6:34 am
>> by the time she reached him she really didn't have time to stop, you know because he was so short, so he, the bumper hit his head. at the end of everything he wound up under the suv on the driver's side next to the back. he was pronounced dead a short time later. driver remained on the scene as police arrived, authorities are still investigating. 6:34. search is on for teen connect in the shooting last week, take a good look at this photo on the screen, police say 18 year-old brian finata is wanted in the shooting in bridgeton new jersey. happened on august 25th, police say he fired several shots from the shotgun at residents injuring five people sitting on the front porch of the home. if you know where he is, please call police. we have mike fixed, south detectives, three teens shot, jenny, what do you got? >> reporter: we know they are in stable condition but at
6:35 am
this point police are trying to sort out details of this shoot-out. they said two sides were firing back and fourth, what they do not know is whether or not three teens were involved in the shoot-out or whether or not they whereby standers. its shooting happened last night around midnight at 27th and tasker streets, the three teenage victims were found in various locations, i 16 and 17 year-old were shot in the leg and taken to breast bye tear yan hospital. second, 16 year-old was shot in the lower back and was taken to chop. police say two sides, firing off at least 12 gunshots at one another, what police don't know if the teens were directly involved in this shoot-out investigators say they shouldn't have been out identify in the line of fire in the first place. they are under 18. it was passed curfew. >> they should not have been out this late, shooting happened right after midnight, should have been home, curfew. we don't have a motive for shootings at this time, south
6:36 am
detectives is on location, processing the scene and they are trying to get copies of the reports, real time crime cameras and as well as driving cameras. >> reporter: police say they are still looking for those involved. they tell us one of the shooters may have been driving an older model white vehicle possiblery a nissan. thirty he lease tell thaws no arrests have been made, mike and alex. >> 6:36 on this monday morning. all clear in l.a. >> this is following reports of an active shooting late last night at los angeles international airport. local police are confirming what was mistaken for gunshots just turnout to be loud noises. the false alarm triggered evacuations and massive search throughout the airport. someone wearing a sorrow costume was detain during chaos but it is unclear if the person had any connections to the evacuation. investigators are still looking at the cause. >> it is always a mess on sunday nights at los angeles international airport, so crowded, everybody coming home and then that happens, and then sorrow shows up.
6:37 am
>> yes. >> isn't that true. >> yes. >> it is with the z. >> yes, i got the z out of there. >> 6:37. >> we are learning more about the woman charged in connection with vandalism at home of philadelphia district attorney seth williams. >> not a good summer for the d.a. police say she confessed to slashing tires over at his home. here's steve. >> if anyone else girlfriend got so upset with their guy that they slashed their tires it wouldn't get a philadelphia press release yesterday from the police department and another philly daily news front page today. but when you you are the district attorney of philadelphia, in the sum are of summer meets personal life headlines, questions and investigation, tire slashing becomes a nine month mystery to the local media and when it is woman described by d.a. as his girl friend at least she was in 2012,/204 when previous embarrassing head line story of his late filed financial disclosure forms about
6:38 am
$160,000 in gifts mentioned here that makes a tire slashing front page news in philadelphia. forty-seven year-old stacy cummings seen on the daily news front page with the d.a., admitted wednesday to the tire slashing, turns herself into philadelphia police yesterday released on her own recognizance. the cost is $845.64. the cost to the d.a.'s reputation still being tabulated. mike and alex. >> that is for sure. >> 6:38. controversy is surrounding the san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick, he doesn't want to stand up. >> he is refusing to stand during national anthem at football games. now he sat while star spangled banner played at friday night's preseason game between 49ers and packers. you see him there. >> they is i see him. >> last night kaepernick had this response when asked if he will continue to sit out while flag is being raised at games. >> yes, i will continue to sit. i will continue to stand with the people that are being oppressed. to me this is something that has to change.
6:39 am
when there is significant change and i feel like that flag represents what it is supposed to represent in this country, it is representing people the way it is supposed to then i'll stan. >> oppression he is talking about is police brutality. he spoke at many police involved shootings that made headlines across the country. he is getting lots of support from his teammates many who grew up in areas they have seen first hand police brutality. of course. >> getting support, backlash to this as well. >> this guy is not a fan. used to be. many 49ers fans your burning their kaepernick jerseys, well, or. they are posting videos like this guy. we are looking at one example of an angry fan upset over the quarterback hot in the standing for national anthem. he pulls out you the a kaepernick jersey, he said he spent 50 bucks on it. he pulls out a lighter and sets it on fire. 6:39. lets go to the vma's from last night beyonce takes the stand for about 15 minutes and sends
6:40 am
out a political message how she used her performance as a protest against gun violence. and it is almost time to send your kids back to school, some kids are already in school. how do you get them back on a regular sleep schedule. we have tips on how to ensure they are well rested on the first day. if you are back to school i want to hear bit. some suburban schools are going back today. are you up and at it already? twitter.
6:42 am
6:43 am
we love the roosevelt boulevard looked like bush kill falls earlier with that water main break but this is real bush kill falls in the pocono mountains and that situation is improving you can still see where water came down from the overpass there. this is southbound roosevelt boulevard right here near ridge avenue one lane still block on the right there but it appears that the other two lanes are getting by just fine. we will go to i-95 right around cottman avenue starting to slow down on this monday morning and the turnpike, we had this tractor trailer accident, two tractor trailers involve, northeast extension, southbound approaching man honing valley, abington township an accident still out there at easton road at moreland avenue and at the art museum, area, it is where we
6:44 am
will have a lot of slow downs and lane closures, all the way until the wednesday after labor day, because of the made in america concert. we will have have much more for you, including your forecast, right after this. so over the weekend in case you missed it we got our fifth heat wave of the season but we are watching tropics. things are active with hurricane gaston in the middle of the atlantic ocean but it is a powerful hurricane. it is a three. it does affect rip current situation at new jersey shore over weekend and delaware beaches as well. we have tropical depression eight off the coast of north carolina, it hasn't become a tropical storm yet with 35 miles an hour wind. same situation for number nine which is in cuba but we have
6:45 am
to watch both storms as they are expect to strengthen, so, one of them will get the name hermine and 1ian when that happens. we will see what they have in store for the holiday weekend. but if you are spending this week at the shore, or at the beaches in delaware just make sure you watch it with the swimming because moderate risk of rip currents. as we look at rest of the afternoon we will see clouds building up around three or 4:00 maybe a stray shower or two, very small chance of that happening but chance is there as weak frontal system comes through. it will not cool us off a whole lieutenant tomorrow but will be cooler then today. 73 degrees today walking out the door in philadelphia. sixty-nine in reading. sixty-six in mount pocono. sixty-five in wildwood. dew point is still in the 60's so it is not oppressive humidity just yet as we mentioned we got to heat wave number six officially yesterday with that high temperature of 90 degrees. another day in the 90's, close to 90 tomorrow and wednesday
6:46 am
and then cold front comes through with the shower or thunderstorm in the morning on thursday, giving us lower temperatures just in time, mike and alex, in time for the holiday weekend. >> yeah. >> so the garden, new york's madison square garden, was place to be last night as the mtv video muse ache ward. >> biggest headlines, lot of big headlines, came from beyonce, making a statement, this is one she did her performance. she re-did lemonade which is her music video, musical that she released in april. >> that is right. >> i went on for 15 or 20 minutes. >> it started off with this. >> ♪ each one of her dancers being shot in the pool of red
6:47 am
light. >> and then as she walked up, black man in the black hoodie started helping her with her outfit there. he wraps his arms around her which is symbolic. then she did her hits and did form haitian and started dancing. she won an award for formation. >> she did, she won eight moon men trophies bringing her lifetime totallal to a record 25. a lot of people were talking about this. is there hoodie and it touched on headlines from police brutality, girl power and, yeah, so then the performance her dance ended with a pose in the symbol for girls. >> that is right. >> and gun violence was topic at the, well, throughout the mtv video music award. probably people communicate in the news room. ceremony took a serious tone when kanye west took the stage last night and i wouldn't say rampled long.
6:48 am
>> he ranted. >> one kid came up to me and said three of my friend died and i don't know if i'm the next. you have to think like help you are a senior and last month that you just don't feel like doing anymore work? if you feel like you are seeing people dying right next to you you might feel like what is the point? like life could be starting to feel worse in a way. >> kanye also a dressed issues of poverty and announced to the audience that he loved all of us. >> when talking about all have of us, kanye is from chicago, so all of the violence happening is really meaning a lot to him and strikes a cord. but he touched on a lot of things which is what kanye talks about. >> he talk about the same and called out all sorts of the people that he has known in his life. >> all of his x's. >> he even brought up, ray j. >> yeah. >> in front of his wife.
6:49 am
>> he said, she's cool because i can say this kind of stuff. amber rosie can see to. >> he hinted at taylor swift things but he said that is why when he talks about famous, fame and that is why i made that even if call, he told her he was going to have those lyrics and he knew. >> he mentioned the same video too. >> we used to be all at each other throats and now we're all in the same bed. >> literally in the same bed. >> literally. >> what? >> enlightening and yet disgusting all at ones kind of like my life. then brittany spears was going to have a big come back on the stage. >> they were teasing this and it was a big deal. she has had a ten year hiatus and she had a new song. >> sound equipment was back. >> ♪
6:50 am
>> brittany sang a new song, and it is called glory. all though many could not wait to see her perform, many commented, yes, that they are just little people, mini people, many commented on they are lip syncing, on this controversy. is that a controversy that she syncing. >> i missed the beginning part but i did see the part where guy came in and they had a due it, he was twirling her, that is where it was noticeable. not when the shadow was there he comes out. >> really cool. >> i like her outfit. >> i wonder if there is a video playing or big light in front of the big light. my question was answered. >> it was a live big light in the on tape. >> it was a tribute, now i
6:51 am
know. >> yes. >> i could use a big light behind me head so i'm back lit and you can't see me. >> love to do the show in the silhouettes, wouldn't that be nice. it would be traumatic. >> do you are in where lights are. >> go get them. go get them. >> he wants you to turn off the lights. >> let me tell you this, you know this group dnc e. >> yes. >> cake by the ocean. >> yes. >> he likes them. >> they were winners last night took home award for best new artist have you ever had cake by the ocean. >> you. >> a few times. it is not good because there is sand every where. beyonce won vma for video of the year for formation, drake won for best hip-hop video for his song hot line bling. >> yes. >> that is not the same song. >> i was hoping he would win for that. >> maybe. >> calvin harris won for best
6:52 am
break up of the year. >> he won for best male video and it was video he wrote, this is what you came for, his deal with rean a but taylor swift wrote the lyrics but he didn't thank taylor swift. i wonder if he should have. >> he came but left without her. >> don't i look a lot better in silhouette. >> no, i look better. >> the problem is if we do it we have to be more dramatic so people necessity we're talking and stuff. >> we have to do like vogue. >> like bunny rabbit or something. >> let me see if i can to that >> much better. >> we are the champions, my friends. anyway. >> put on the phone. >> now they don't see it, cell phone light. >> darn it. >> all right. we're talking about the sixers. sixers having some fun in the
6:53 am
sun with their fans over the weekend. find out which players showed no mercy while playing one on one with a child. >> my god.
6:55 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. the sixers participated in their 17th annual beach bash over the weekend in avalon. the event was full of games,
6:56 am
entertainment, food, bunch of kids came out. fans were able to see their favorite players. well, that is the point of the thing. it seems like joel embiid, came to play. >> do you see his cross over he blocked this shot. >> my goodness. >> wow, he is ready. >> he had no chance. >> in response to the video he says on twitter, don't worry little man we have the same amount of nba games played. >> nice. >> what do they have in common? they have both not played in the nba. >> all right. >> 6:56. >> typical kansas jay hawks. >> you guys don't matter to he. i'm just kidding. >> i went to miss sue. >> big rivals. >> almost three minutes 47:00 on this monday, seth williams back on the front page of the daily news, here's steve. >> talking about his love life. >> reporter: los angeles a kim an can jay, beyonce and jay-z
6:57 am
in new york, we will have to settle for seth and stacy and we will fill you in on the latest. for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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ithere's a race going on right approve tnow.message. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be
6:59 am
germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan. a two-year old dead. >> by the time she reached them she really didn't have time to stop. >> what witnesses told police this little boy was doing moments before he was hit and
7:00 am
killed. by an suv. plus another shoot-out on the streets of philadelphia as least a dozen shots fired and three teens are in the hospital. but it should never have happened. why police say none of the victims should have have been outside in the first place. hey philadelphia we have our own deflate gate. our district attorney seth williams girlfriend surrendered in a tire slashing caper. plus, the big stars take the big stage at the video music awards. >> ♪ >> from beyonce's political message to drake confessing his love. we have it all. you know what, we will celebrate a philadelphia championship, this morning. the philadelphia soul, win the arena bowl over the weekend, and we're throwing a parade. albeit a mini parade. so the players are here, dancers are here, we're her


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