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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  August 29, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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killed. by an suv. plus another shoot-out on the streets of philadelphia as least a dozen shots fired and three teens are in the hospital. but it should never have happened. why police say none of the victims should have have been outside in the first place. hey philadelphia we have our own deflate gate. our district attorney seth williams girlfriend surrendered in a tire slashing caper. plus, the big stars take the big stage at the video music awards. >> ♪ >> from beyonce's political message to drake confessing his love. we have it all. you know what, we will celebrate a philadelphia championship, this morning. the philadelphia soul, win the arena bowl over the weekend, and we're throwing a parade. albeit a mini parade. so the players are here, dancers are here, we're here
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and see you at fourth and market. >> do you think anybody will show up. >> we have 45 minutes to get here for this mini parade for the philadelphia soul. >> they will show up. >> you'll be here. >> here's he the thing you have been asking for a championship parade in philadelphia. >> let's do it. it will be in the crosswalk right there it will be wild. >> we should have told police. >> will it that be big of the parade. >> to. >> at least weather is cooperating. >> beautiful daze. >> um-hmm. >> basically just like yesterday where it was hot but not owe rest i havely humid. we are going with an eight, eight and a half out of ten, mild start with bus stop buddy , he is still back to school when philadelphia public schools go back after labor day and we nose there are some schools starting classes today. have your sun screen and dress cool, temperatures in the 60's and 70's right the now nothing to show you on radar so we will head right to the current
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temperature and in philadelphia, that current temperature is 74 degrees. sunrise about a half an hour or so ago 8-mile an hour wind and relative humidity at 76 percent. 92 degrees our high. day number four of the current heat wave which is sixth one of 2015. it is that heat wave that will last any longer, and get your preview of the holiday weekend in the seven day forecast. that is your weather. lets check traffic. we will look at the boulevard at ridge avenue. it is looking good. not a whole lot of traffic on that part of the boulevard this morning. vine street express waste approaching the schuykill, little busier now but running smoothly, that accident still out there, reported with an injury in abington township easton road at moreland, so watch out for that this morning. way up in the mahoning valley at the northeast extension we have two tractor trailers involved in an accident in the southbound side of the
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northeast extension around the mahoning valley exit. the made in america concert we have been talking about this weekend. we have a couple lanes closed at eakins oval and that will be in effect until wednesday, after labor day. also new schedule in effect for paoli thorndale regional rail line, starting today. that is a look at your traffic, guys. >> another shoot-out on the streets of philadelphia. this time grays ferry section of the city. teenagers in the hospital. >> lets get to jenny joyce in south philadelphia on this one. >> good morning mike and alex. we do know all three teens are in stable condition, two were taken to presbyterian hospital and a third was taken to chop. they are expect to be okay. but you police tell us that they should never have been involved in this in the first place it was past midnight and their curfew. shooting happened at 27th and tasker streets in the grays ferry section of the city. three teens were found in various locations, a 16 and 17
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year-old were shot in the leg, a second, 16 year-old was shot in the lower back and he was taken to chop. police say this is a shoot-out, there were two side firing off at least 12 gunshots. >> we don't know right now any of these three victims was the intended target or if they were struck with stray bullets and there is even a pos built that some of these victims may have been involved in the shooting. they may have been firing shots also. we are not ruling that out. that is always a possibility. although no weapons were recovered by the time we got here son could have handed the gun off to someone else. >> reporter: police say no one was arrested. they are still looking for those involved. one of the shooters may have been driving an older model white vehicle possibly a nissan very vague description there and investigators told us that the plan is to go to the hospital to interview the three victims. they also hope that both police and private surveillance video can help them with this case, mike and
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alex. >> let's hope so. >> 7:05 now. >> lets get to a heart breaking story out of west philadelphia where a child runs out in the street in the path of an oncoming suv. >> it all unfolding in front of the family members. horrible. they were outside enjoying the evening, apparently, playing with a lot of cousins were together playing. lauren johnson tell us about it. >> such a devastating source to our community mike and alex and friend and family, mean rory is his name just learning his abc's and one month away from his second birthday. relatives say the toddler was outside playing with cousins around 7:00 last night and in a moment he escape his mother's careful watch. he started out between two park cars and out in the road along 4800 block of merion avenue that same time a chevy trailblazer happened to be passing through but driver didn't have enough time to stop. ameen's cousin watched it all play out. >> they said that he had gotten hit by a car, so i came
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out, i walked in the street and went up there, and i looked at him he was just laying there. he was really bleeding bad from his head. >> by the time that she reached him she really didn't have have time to stop, you know because he was so short, so he, the bumper hit his head, at the end of everything he wound up under the suv on the driver's side, the back, next to the back wheel. >> ameen was raced to children's hospital of fill where he was pronounced dead a short time later. that driver did remain on the scene. and no charges have been filed and authorities are still investigating mike and alex. >> so tough. 7:06. charges have been filed in connection to vandalism at the home of the philadelphia district attorney seth williams. >> so, police are telling us that a would hand confessed to slashing these tires, and surrendered to police. apparently this tire slashing
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happened back in november. >> the thing is, we don't know if it is still his girlfriend but at the time was his girl friend. >> yeah, so steve has been assigned this story outside d.a.'s office outside city hall. >> you can see uncomfortableness all over my face never good when you have to report on somebody's personal life that you have covered publicly for so long. but philadelphia's office of fleet management needed to do paperwork and fill in all of the repair work orders for the four tires slashed on two vehicles used by d.a.'s security detail. they had to notify sergeant assigned to drive and guard the district attorney. it took 12 days until after the tires were slashed last november 11th outside the d.a.'s home for these police reports to be finally filed for some reason. the cost to taxpayers to replace them 845 bucks, 64 cents. ever since that all became public mystery over who slash the tires was not known until last wednesday, when the 47 year-old woman that mr. williams had just identified in his recently
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submitted gift financial disclosure forms has his girlfriend at least in 2012/204, stacy cummings, is one who admitted to investigators that she was one who punctured the tires, yesterday with a lawyer she turn herself into philadelphia police headquarters, charged with criminal misconduct and possession of the industry of crime, something sharp she told investigators from her car that she could not remember exactly what she used, to puncture the tires. this morning, you see it, in the happier moment, smiling on the daily news front page and seth williams make going more front pages then philly daily news this summer then any of the philadelphia phillies and good thing he is not up for reelection until next year, i'd say. >> that head line the whole truth. >> all right. steve. 7:08. reward now sits at $50,000 for information that leads to the arrest of gabby carter's killer. gabby was hit by a stay bullet as she rode outside her home
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on spruce street in camden wednesday night. she was caught in the cross fire of the gang-related shooting. family and friend remembered gabby as a little girl who loved to sing and also loved to read. they are pleading with anyone to help find gabby's kill tore help come forward. serial groper may have struck again in south philadelphia. woman told police she was walking saturday night on the 1600 block of bainbridge street when a man on the bike rode by and groped her. >> police are trying to figure out if it is same guy connected to several assaults earlier this month. one of those incidents was caught on surveillance camera. police say bad guys patrolling for victims since beginning of the movement special victims unit is investigating whether saturday night's assault is connect. similar descriptions of suspects in all cases, and what he is described as between 5-foot four and 5-foot six. any information, give police a call. we know that is not a good description. this is the description but they are trying to catch him. >> it sound like he is around
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5-foot five. >> yes, maybe. >> i was to describe him, between 5-foot and 5-foot six, that is called 5-foot five. >> he could be 5-foot four. >> true he needs to get off the streets. what a creep. there are conflicting stories this morning after a off-duty trenton police officers shot and killed a man saturday night. >> the man, 34 year-old alfred toe got in a argument with some than in the 500 block of roosevelt street. police say he returned with the gun and when his brother tried to diffuse the situation he was accidentally shot in the hand. so off-duty officer then stepped in and witnesses say man identified himself as an officer, and help he lunged at the officer the officer fired, killing toe. toe's close friend insist that the officer did not identified himself, and toe never actually reached for the gun. >> how do i know if you you are an officer if you are not identifying yourself, at least put your badge up so we can
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read. >> at no point did you hear him identify himself. >> no. >> he says that he saw the officer drinking beer, earlier in the evening, the officer so far has not been identified. >> it is off-duty, not in uniform. we will stay on that story. >> eleven past seven. >> donald trump will layout his plans for immigration reform as he tries to reach out to a broad spectrum of voters. he has been talking to african americans recently. >> hillary clinton trying to lock down a big lead in the polls while dealing with more fall out, from her family's foundation, the clinton foundation, doug will tackle all of that in a minute and a half. this is unbelievable. hi, doug. >> reporter: and go. donald trump first of all has made immigration reform his signature issue from day one, but that position has been shifting in recent days. he may try to clear up confusion this week. >> what a team. >> reporter: donald trump's
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recent twists and turns on immigration may reach some kind of a resolution this week. yesterday on twitter he announced wow outline his plan on wednesday during a speech in arizona but his policy is so unclear. what he for instance still try to deport millions of illegal immigrants. >> his position will be tough. his position would be fair but his position will be humane. >> reporter: hillary clinton meantime greeting a crowd in the hamptons but largely keeping out of the public sight through weekend while making an impressing fun raising hall at private events in the area. on friday she got good news from the state department which is trying to delay release of her schedules as secretary of state until after the election and a move that could stop potentially problematic disclosures. both candidates meantime preparing for their first debate now less than a month away. >> it will be difficult because you have to prepare for many different trumps, kind of like well behaved modest trump, i doubt we will see that, off the rail trump,
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and a trump who doesn't prepare for anything and based on reports that is how they are doing it. >> i think they are nervous in the clinton camp because he is the unpredictable x factor. she's a scripted hillary clinton that basically needs to memorize lines. >> reporter: trump may be unpredictable but his campaign is becoming more predictable. they are going to spend about ten million-dollar in coming days in ad buy this is nine battle ground states including pennsylvania. mike and alex. >> of course, pennsylvania do we know when debates will take place do we have venues pick out between clinton and trump. >> reporter: yep, venues are pick out, dates are all set, and we have a vice-presidential debate. vice-presidential debate at three presidential debates. >> all right. >> we will give you the list. >> just don't ask dates because i don't know them off the top of my head. >> we have time. >> i figured that one of them should be in pennsylvania. >> yes, because we're such a big state.
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>> maybe right here in philadelphia. do it at my house. >> also lets talk about new jersey. a nail biting moment, did you see this yet? if you haven't, you have to hang around because that dude on top there with the uniform on is a hero. new jersey transit officer had under 30 seconds from the start of the video to save that guy. the guy didn't want to leave the tracks. i think he was trying to kill himself. train is speeding toward them. you can hear the train. he tries to wedge his knee so he cannot get him off. his name is victor ortiz the train is coming, and finally he is off the track and then the train goes by, wow, just in the nick of time. what bravery. would you do that? >> it is amazing. 7:14. all clear in los angeles international airport following report of an active shooting late last night. authorities authorities are confirming what was mistaken for gun shots turned out to be loud noises. but earlier report of the possible shooting triggered a
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partial evacuation of at least one terminal, and massive search throughout the airport. airport police shut down traffic to the terminal area and no flights were allowed to land at the airport. okay. 7:15. we have two philadelphia soul fans, i don't know if we have overhead camera. i told the guy to go across the street and of course he heights behind the bus stop. there he is. there he is, blue cape. >> philadelphia soul are champions of the world. hey cape guy come back over here. >> he is making a phone call. >> calling for more fans. >> we have another one. >> another one. >> we have got three for the parade. do you see this dude right here. >> okay. >> well, look at that. >> you know their #is roll with soul. >> lot him,es a number one chapel beyonds. >> god help me. this guy right here,.
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>> no, right here. >> do you see camera number two. this dude is ready to go, all bearded up. >> i can't see him. >> otherwise. >> keep going keep going. >> now they are coming over on this side again. they told him to come over. >> follow that guy. no beard guy, go with cape guy. we don't have a camera on the street. >> how fitting there is a blue pole blocking our view of the blue cape guy. >> they is. >> fan of the soul. >> well, they are world champions, they won the arena bowl, sue. second time they have done it. we are having a mini parade. >> we want you to come down to fourth and market and join these guys because we don't know if the city will do something sue. >> i can guarantee you the city will not do anything. >> it is a shame because we have a championship team. >> name one player. >> i can't. >> hoist the coach.
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>> i'm ashamed of myself. >> ron jaworski is involved. >> that is right. >> that is all i got. >> i may have for you by end of the month the hottest august on record, we're on track for that to happen. we have had 14 days this month so far of 90 or above. the record for any august is 17 days and we probably won't get to that. anyway phillies are back in town tonight facing washington nationals and that is about 7:05. we gel started. 88 degrees at that point. warm evening. hopefully enjoying wilt a victory. we're tracking tropics. we have hurricane gaston in the middle of of the atlantic ocean as far away as it is, it is affecting us with rip currents and this closer tropical depression could affect us as well as we get closer to the holiday weekend, close proximity of the storm and we are not expecting a direct hit from the storm even if it gets upgraded to a tropical storm but we will see
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rip currents repercussions shall we say at the shore and with this labor day weekend coming up. got to be careful. tropical depression nine, it is in cuba, it will affect florida. next few names on the list hermine and ian coming up. but for us, it is no precipitation to show you on radar. lets get to these temperatures. we will see i am o. we are in the middle of the heat wave to day another day we could get another couple out of this heat wave if we get to 90 tomorrow and wednesday. then a cold front comes in with then are storms on thursday and that will change our weather pattern nicely, yes just in time for the holiday weekend. 80 degrees on friday. eighty-two on saturday. eighty-five on sunday. at least initially low humidity. yeah. that is your seven day forecast, cross your fingers if that forecast holds. here's traffic on your monday morning. we will start with a look at boulevard at ridge avenue, things are looking good there, in problems on that water main
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break. it is getting crowded our route 42 in new jersey, running smoothly this morning, folks coming back from the shore on monday morning as they so often do in the summertime an accident in horsham county line road at belmont avenue, that can slow you down this morning. we will show you down northeast extension southbound approaching that mahoning valley exit, two tractor trailers involve in the accident there and just talking about the holiday weekend made in america concert they are starting to set upright now two lanes closed at eakins oval through september the seventh. the wednesday after labor day, guys. >> that is first day of school here in philadelphia, the philadelphia school district. >> renaissance academy second week of school in phoenixville already. >> nors wood academy jacqueline going off to her first day of school and bensalem high school, they are in class early. >> they are getting a head start. >> we were talking about the soul, and souls fans. >> mass of soul fans.
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>> we are getting support. this is a championship in philadelphia take a look at this in collegeville that is great thing about championship everybody comes together. we will show tonight a bit. >> what am i looking at. >> look at the this sign. >> they are world champions. we have a championship here in philadelphia. >> we should i have parade. >> soul won the at rena bowl friday night and we will show you this break. they beat rattlers, they beat arizona rattlers at rattlers home arena. how about that. so if you want to be part of the parade there will be some players here and maybe at least one bowl of the water. supposed to keep you clean but why do so many people find it grubs, the issue many millennials seem to have with a bar of soap. >> you mean shore body wash. >> i hate body wash and i'm a bar of soap man. i think most men should be. >> i hope you explain why
7:21 am
later. >> i will slain. >> we all want to smell like you mike jerrick. >> smell me come on. >> no. >> smell me.
7:22 am
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great thing about good day we're still working to make this show great enduring the show. >> we are crafting the segment. >> we did this together for you. >> we do it for you. >> 7:44. usually a bar, what is this. >> we're not ready. >> oh, are we having issues with new york. >> let's shame her because she will come running in here. can you punch up that full. that is her, she knows she's supposed to be with us in philadelphia. >> oh, no, it was the camera. >> you were there. >> i was here the whole time. i was trying to tease you and tell you i was showering, during this report, but,. >> pan back over.
7:25 am
>> redo, rewind. >> pan back over. >> tell... it is robot department. >> how do they just move it then. >> somebody in the control room. >> you want to us get robo on the phone for you. >> that is a whole other floor there that will never happen. >> how about you duck down and pop up or something. >> let's roll out. >> let's roll out of the frame. >> we're out, you caught us just coming out of the shower. >> i was using a bar of soap. >> and i used liquid soap. >> yes, the body gel. >> body wash. >> i wonder what scent that is. this is a crazy report that comes from intel and it could signal the death of the bar of soap. because apparently half of us think it is covered in germs. it is annoying in the shower because it need a special dish and leaves residue on the shower that you have to scrub off with scrubbing bubbles and the like most americans
7:26 am
millennials the generation that every company is gearing their product towards, we are shunning bar of soap for body wash and liquid soaps, do you believe it. >> i believe it. every women i know uses the body wash, my two daughters when i visit them it is body wash with the stinking pad and you squirt tonight your hand and it is always freezing cold, you squirt it on yourself. >> i squirt it on the pad and then put it on. >> but here's is what great, sometimes when you know people bathroom and you can see stuff on it, hair. >> like the word dove is imprinted on this bar and sometimes there is dirt down in that d-o-v-e. >> dirt in. >> yes. >> that is the thing most people agree liquid soapies better but in the shower hi wrong with bar soap. >> yes. >> exfoliating things in it, and it is all hard.
7:27 am
>> do you think they will stop headaching bar soap? obviously they will not stop headaching it but make less. >> because people like mike careerrick like that. >> but i'm dying off. once my people are dead, you people can then use your gel. >> what do you mean you people. >> you 20 and 30's something's. >> i have used soap occasionally. if i'm out of liquid soap. >> i'm so lazy, lauren, i'm so lazy, you ever get a bar that gets down to nothing and it is real thin an you have to take it. >> it is like a sliver. >> one more. >> yes, trying to get the mascara off it can get really bad. >> yeah, okay. >> do you put it in the water and wet it first and latter it up and then put it on you. some people get it and then rub themselves or do you rub the baron your body. >> i have one minute to shower. i will go right through.
7:28 am
>> rubbing baron your body. >> which part of your body do you wash first. >> do you take shower at night or morning. >> night. >> i don't get nighttime thing. >> why not. >> who wants you dirt any your bed. >> you're darn right i am we will see you tomorrow. >> this has gotten off the rails. >> what do you wash first your armpits. >> me. >> i think it is different every day. i shower at night. i will pay attention tonight. >> a night girl. >> it is easier. >> i don't want to wake up earlier. >> someone tweeted mike, mike has been only one in the world that still uses bar soap. i'm the only one in the world. i'm only one that uses bar soap. >> only one in the world. >> no, i can't be. it is still being manufactured. >> maybe we have a surplus. >> bob you are a manly man standing by camera i bet you
7:29 am
use bar soap. >> dial. >> that is old school, man. i'm so oldy remember my parents buying lava. >> ryan see if you can find a picture of lava soap it is made by volcanic pumas. >> grayish. >> charcoaly looking. >> yeah. >> my dad would work out in the garage and clean his hands with lava. >> yeah. >> rip your skin right off. >> lava. >> yes. >> do they still sell that. >> i don't know if you can buy lava anymore. >> fels nafta. >> that is a philadelphia thing. >> you can get lava, get some lava soap. >> i will get some today. >> it has pumas, mike.
7:30 am
>> you have to exfoliate. >> so, we found this guy colin kaepernick he doesn't stand for national anthem and he has his reasons. do you see this guy right here, that doodies all over the world now and he has gone viral and lives in easton and he is in our studio. are you here? not yet. i know he is in the green room. >> he is coming. >> we will talk to him. for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby.
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toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. big oil polluters. they have a friend in pennsylvania. millionaire pat toomey. toomey voted to protect their special tax breaks.
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saving oil companies twenty-four billion dollars. and big oil polluters have given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. tax breaks for them. campaign contributions for him. pat toomey. he's helping big oil polluters and millionaires. not the rest of us. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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the last monday of august, it is today, and we know some kid are going to school today and some of the suburbs in philadelphia, we will start the day have after labor day when buddy will be back at the bus stop. enjoying the day perhaps, today, off to a mild start temperatures in the 60's and 70's. nothing on radar but a few cloud to the north. current temperature in philadelphia is 74 degrees with 76 percent relative humidity. not a bad morning, not excessively muggy and it will be hot but not oppressively humid today with 92-degree high temperature. day four of the heat wave and sunset time 7:36. that takes care of your monday, looking ahead to the beginning part of the holiday weekend, coming up in a few moments but time to check traffic at 7:33. we will start off with a look at schuylkill expressway right around roosevelt boulevard. moving slowly but at least everybody is moving, and i-95
7:34 am
around cottman avenue, it is a normal morning with slow going, and, into the city, from there. an accident, out in douglass township philadelphia have avenue at montgomery avenue. back out on the northeast extension, we still have two tractor trailers involved, approaching malongeval i out there. that could slow you down if that is where you are traveling this morning. remember at made and america even closures already in place, and, staying there through the weekend and beyond. mike and alex. >> well, lets get back to the controversy out in the bay area san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick doesn't want to stand. >> he is refusing to stand during national anthem at football game. he sat while the star spangled banner played at friday night's preseason game between his gator raid coolers there. >> number seven. >> thinks between 49ers and green bay packers. >> kaepernick had this
7:35 am
response when it has been a huge response positive and negative. asking if you will continue to sit while flag is being raised at games and this is what he had to say to that. >> yes, i will continue to sit. i will continue to stand with the people that are being oppressed. to me this is something that has to change and when there is significant change and i feel like that flag represents what it is supposed to represent and this country is representing people the way it is supposed to,. >> kaepernick's many police involved shootings happening across the country and of course fans have something to say about what he is doing. 49ers, fans are burning jerseys and posting videos on social media. one local 49ers fan released in pennsylvania posted this video that has since gone viral. >> people die every single day defend ago this flag that you refused to stand for. i won't stand for that. this jersey, was the worst $50
7:36 am
investment i have ever had. you mr. kaepernick if you don't love our country get the bleep out of of it, okay, so here's your jersey. >> he throws it in the little hole in the ground there. is that hair spray, nate. we found nate, by the way from easton. he is in our studio. what is the accelerate there. >> apparently not for you. >> i do like to do my hair once in a while. >> yes. >> so what is your beef, reiterate why you have a problem were not standing for the national anthem. >> well, my whole family has served in the military from vietnam to world war two, and, you know, for to think that a professional athlete won't stand for that is bothersome for that and i won't support that. >> let's more about you. what do you do. >> i'm a wellness coach. i help people lose weight, gain weight and get their health under control. >> been in easton your entire life. >> yes. >> how did you get to be a
7:37 am
49ers fan. >> well, my very first football game i watched, joe montana and jerry rice won the super bowl. >> front runner. >> yes. >> we continued through. >> now before this happened were you a kaepernick fan or just in general 49ers fan. >> general 49ers fan. i supported him. he is a tremendous the athlete with amazing abilities. >> fallen off the last couple seasons but he did take you to the super bowl. >> i still think alex smith took to us that super bowl. >> do you understand what he is saying there. >> i get his message. i believe there is other ways to protest that. peaceful ways to protest and you know, you can join the movement. you can take to social media but to disrespect the national anthem and our flag is out of line. i can't support that. >> what do you say that people say it is way to peaceful
7:38 am
protest. he is exercising his right for free speech. >> absolutely, i exercised mine. at the even of the day, for me, with the upcoming generation of kids, he is a role model on a very, very high scale and with the amount of children that are watching, what do that say to them if they don't believe they have to stand for our flag and our country, who will deeven if us. >> you understand what he is saying and his message, but gone too far when he doesn't stand for the flag. >> he did not burn the flag. >> when he doesn't stand for the flag. >> when you don't stand for national anthem and flag for me i think line is drawn and you are crossing the line. >> you say to some people, a lot of people are saying it is racist to burn an african hearn player, jersey. and they are saying that is racist. do you feel that way. >> it has nothing to to with him being african-american.
7:39 am
if alex smith did the same thing as a white quarterback i would have burn his jersey just the same. for me i don't see the color, i see the action there. >> okay. >> you have love for alex smith, too bad he is in kansas city you are not moving. >> you are not a chiefs fan. >> no. >> you know, it is pathetic you are not an eagles fan. to you get that all the time. >> how can you be a 49ers fan and live on the east coast. >> have you. >> and no, i have not. >> no i have not. >> i was just out in california ape season didn't start yet. >> 49ers suck. >> good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you for coming in. >> thank you so much. >> eagles they are three-zero? that is right. they have not lost in the preseason.
7:40 am
it is like taking a shower in the rain coat, kissing your sister. does this mean it is time to get on board, can we get excited now alex? we are three-zero. are you excited. >> i'm excited. here's the thing last night i got excited i was greatly disappointed. >> you are saying year ago right now we felt like we were going to the super bowl. >> don't get too hype. >> g. cobb is here.
7:41 am
i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
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7:43 am
trouble for gabby douglass. the olympic gold medalist was not the mtv music award. you saw final five last night it was final four that took to the stage to present beyonce with the award. they mentioned gabby douglass and fact that she was not there. it turns out she was hospitalized sunday night to to an infection. she could not make the show. people are going on social media of the four of the team. they're where is gabby. we hope she gets better soon. 7:41. almost time to send your kids
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back to will school so how do you get them back on a regular sleep schedule. are they staying up late, wake up up late. we will ensure that they will be well rested for your first day. even if your kids are already in school before we get them back on that schedule.
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payday presents: salty covered sweetness. how can i help you? finally! i've been waiting forever. i've been waiting forever. to meet you! you sweet baby angel! you sound like heaven on earth, on a phone. you sound like love feels. salty on the outside. sweet on the inside. payday. bites! for senate, katie mcginty or pat sweet toomey?inside.
7:46 am
mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. looking at traffic on this monday morning, it is lots of
7:47 am
slow down, and then we will check route 42 in new jersey, coming home from the shore, some folks for monday morning and some just going to work in this traffic and moving smoothly but slowly. back out on the northeast extension, approaching mahoning valley two tractor trailers. they have not cleaned that one up yet nor have have they done the same in horsham county line road at dellmont avenue. avoid that area if at all possible. that is a look the at your traffic issues this morning. we will see if heather is an issue heading in the holiday weekend in 15 seconds. beautiful start to the day but if you are switching at the shore, really all this week, not only just today, but moderate rip current risk, out
7:48 am
there this morning plus don't forget that sun screen but it really is an issue with a lot of tropical systems in the vicinity. 92 degrees the high, that would headache day four of the heat wave, if we make it to 90 tomorrow and wednesday this could be an extended heat wave but things change on thursday with thunderstorms. probably rolling through in the morning. that will take away humidity for friday, saturday and even part of sunday so it looks so far, mike and alex like a nice start to the holiday weekend. >> nicely done. >> 7:48. >> the eagles are undefeated. >> yes. >> it is preseason. they looked good. they also made some surprise roster cuts yesterday. >> yeah, a little bit. let's bring in garry cobb here. g. cobb what did you name your web site. >> g. >> very creative. >> yes. >> lets put up roster cuts here, i guess your head liner would be ruben randall and chris givens both gone. >> they are veteran wide
7:49 am
receivers. >> but, ruben randall i don't know what is going on. no enthusiasm. he wasn't putting an effort into things. i think he is mediocre. neither was a shock if you saw how bad they were doing. >> some people said wide receivers, they are young, they need veterans on the team. shouldn't you at least kept one. >> i would have kept ruben randall, he has shown he can be a star in the league. he can produce but dude doesn't even act like he want to play. going up to him and practice do you want to be on this team? what is going on. lust there is a lot of money to be made. but no enthusiasm, not a lot of effort from ruben randall. >> we have a beckham on the team now, wide receiver named beckham. >> any relation to odell beckham. >> we have scoured internet, no september he is wide receiver. >> doodies play, he can play but you want the effort. so far it has been nothing but
7:50 am
great things. >> he is 6-foot five, about 240-pound and run under a 4.540. that is rare. the guy is a specimen. >> watch this. >> nice touch. >> they are going to want to do that a lot. it is hard up with a guy that fast and that tall. so you can expect to see him this is red zone. they will feature this guy. he has had some problems over the field. >> he has been to a number of schools, missouri was one of them. >> yes, i did get some tweets. >> what do you have to do to get kick out on have have that school. >> once again kansas guy always taking a shot at miss sue. >> we have a good football team. >> josh hough, showed his stuff. >> he sure did. >> touchdown. >> touchdown. >> speed. >> he has been having problems
7:51 am
catching the ball, hanging on to the ball but he was good on saturday night. he was on top of things. they have to get the ball in his hands. >> the star of the team is defense, right. three more sacks in that game other night, interception. >> you don't want to get too excited so early. >> you were sitting here a year ago today after we beat green bay packers. >> everybody was grating. >> yeah. >> people were getting that time off for super bowl because they wanted to go out. >> we thought it would happen. >> oh, look at us. >> packers up there, we are going all the way. >> it is early. teams don't game plan for these games. you can get fooled. we got fooled last year. >> whole city got fooled. >> we won't get fooled again. >> fool me once. >> i will not get into that. >> fool me once, george bush,
7:52 am
wasn't it. let's find that. >> it is true. >> fool me ones and then all of the good stuffy won't do it ever again. >> i screwed it up. >> we won't be fooled again. >> that is a song too by the who, the who. >> ryan whatever you want to do, the who. >> you are on top have of your game today. >> that is right, thank you. >> do me a favor g. cobb. >> what is that. >> we only have three people for our air raid so far, the philadelphia soul won a championship. >> they did, that is right. >> do we see them. >> no, they are on the other corner, sorry, wrong. >> anyway they are down at fourth and market. >> the soul dancers are here and a couple of the players. >> nice. >> quincy harris is here. >> lauren is out there. >> and we have a ground camera now. this is building, excitement is building for philadelphia championship soul parade. you have ten minutes to get
7:53 am
down here they will walk across the staging area the staging area have of this parade. >> behind that building. >> down fourth street there. >> we have a fourth soul fan, no, fifth. >> this is getting exciting. >> please hang around and be part of it. >> this is a championship in philadelphia a. >> i'm getting nervous. >> sixth fan just showed up, lady in the white shirt hugging people kissing babies. here's george bush trying to say what alex wanted to say. >> i know it is in texas, tennessee fool me once, shame on you i will not get fooled again. >> yes. >> won't be fooled again. >> he brought up the who as well. >> things have gotten crazy, man. >> lets go outside time for a
7:54 am
championship parade here in philadelphia. >> let's do it. >> here we go. get over to the staging area.
7:55 am
7:56 am
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7:57 am
well come back everybody. hi, alex. >> hi michael. >> the staging area for the philadelphia soul championship parade here in philadelphia is now along fourth street there. we will get this organized. we're waiting on some of the players. the players called and said they will be here in about five. that was about 30 minutes ago. >> they had a big night celebrating. >> it is friday night when they won championship. >> if i was world champion i would still be celebrate to go. >> why don't we have a green light now, we will start this thing as soon as this green light changes to red. of course, we did not call the philadelphia police department to organize this.
7:58 am
>> no, this is totally illegal. >> let's go and start this thing. so we will get it all staged and next green light we will start the parade. >> all right. >> yes. >> that means in about 30 seconds we have to walk across here. everyone looks organize and ready. >> all right. come on up, come on up, the whole group. hold on, we have not started just yet. >> we're getting close. >> we will have to have wait for this light now but minute this light turns green we will go across. >> hi fans. there it is. >> so nice. >> is what your name. >> what do you play. >> defensive back. >> congratulations. >> thank you, thank you. >> how heavy is it. >> that it is in three, two,
7:59 am
one, congratulations, to the philadelphia soul. >> let's go. >> let's say we want the soul. >> we love the soul. >> world champions of philadelphia. >> oh, yeah. >> wow.
8:00 am
congratulations. so you kind of smoked the rattlers out there. >> yes, we did. nobody believed in us, but our fans did, and we went out there and we won. >> where are you from. >> i'm from d.c. >> is what your name. >> ron. >> dallas. >> where do you play. >> offensive line. >> i had a feeling. >> dwayne, from virginia, db. >> db. >> simmons from mississippi db. >> those are all of the players, is that it. >> yes. >> come on over here, guys. i say you are a lineman. >> no, i'm a quarterback. >> no a lineman. >> is what your name. >> wayne. >> where are you from. >> york, pennsylvania. >> defensive back. >> where are you from. >> north carolina. >> have you learned anything about the city and this win.
8:01 am
>> we have not heard anything yet but hopefully we will hear something soon. >> we want to give you some props. >> you are the first guy here. what is exciting about arena football why should we have more fans at the stadium. >> it is a lot more exciting and less money then nfl and they play their heart out, they play their souls out. >> yes, they don't just play their hearts out, they play their souls out. >> that is right, mike. >> philadelphia has a champion, sports team, it is a philadelphia soul. >> because of the quarter back. >> wow. >> he looks like other other quarterback carson wentz. >> thanks for having us here. >> is what your name. >> i'm dan raudabaugh. >> where are you from. >> dallas, texas. >> where do you go to high
8:02 am
school. >> in dallas. >> congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> thanks for bringing home the trophy. >> yes. >> we are champions my friend. >> right here in philadelphia. >> more of good day fail starts right now. back to school and back to sleep how to get your kids back on track before the the school year begins, how to adjust their sleep schedule right new to make sure they are well rested for their first days of school. a special surprise. a bride in philadelphia is shocked when tim mcgraw takes the mikes at her reception, person behind this heart warming moment and how he hade it happen. and the best of the video music awards. >> ♪
8:03 am
>> beyonce gives a concert, gone for about 15 minutes, with a big message too. the point that she made when her dancers hit the floor, literally. oops, she did it again. brittany spears faking it at the mike, why fans aren't impress by her big vma come back. >> but, it was so exciting. >> that was fun. >> 8:03. 8:04 on this monday morning. here we go. >> we cannot even have the right colored balloons. >> we have multi colored, i just grabbed one. >> it is baby blue. >> maybe somebody will see this and they will want to see something. >> i hope so. >> they work hard. >> philadelphia team. >> that is right. >> beautiful day to day, it will be hot but look forward
8:04 am
to the weekend when made in america comes to philadelphia. >> we will have good weather for that soon. >> we will work on it, basically, today and a repeat of yesterday, not oppressively humid but you can feel stickiness out there. it is eight out of half out of ten with the mild start and bus stop budd which a sun screen today. he will be back at the bus stop waiting for school when philly public schools get started. temperatures in the 60's and 07's right now, nothing to show except a few clouds on the satellite radar and here's current temperature in philadelphia. it is breezy. that is refreshing. 75 degrees, at the moment, and headed to a high of 92, day four of our current heat wave. that is your plan for monday we will tell you when that heat wave breaks and holiday weekend forecast coming up, it is traffic time, five after 8:00 and this is i-95 the at allegheny avenue. lots of traffic but everybody is moving along okay heading in the city. ben franklin bridge from the camden side looking towards philadelphia. that is running very smooth
8:05 am
the liz this morning. in lower gwynedd township montgomery county an accident at gypsy hill road, a car and a school bus involved. we have to understand that no kids were on board there, lower gwynedd township so that will slow you down a little bit and we are still cleaning up that accident on the northeast extension southbound where two tractor trailers had that accident near the mahoning valley exit. we will be checking in more traffic throughout the rest of the morning as we get back, to the accident. >> we will tell you about what happened overnight. three teenage boys are in stable condition at the hospital after being shot in the grays ferry section of the city. >> police say it happened just after midnight around 27th inn tasker street. when they arrived, they found the teen shot in their legs and back. all three are expected to be okay. so far police have not made any arrests. a little boy, run over by an suv, look at this, listen. he is learning his abc's.
8:06 am
twenty-three month-old ameen rory, died after being hit by an suv. on merion avenue last night about 7:00 o'clock. >> relatives say that he was outside playing with his cousins when he got away from the safety of his hotter just before 7:00 p.m. he darted in between two cars and ran out along 4800 block, on to the road. at the same time trailblazer was passing through but driver just could not stop in time. ameen's cousin tells thaws she saw the whole thing imagine a family member watching this happen and she described how disturbing it was. >> they said that he had gotten hit the by a car because i came out, and walk in the street and went out there and i looked at him and he was just laying there and he was really bleeding bad, from his head. >> by the time that she reached him she really didn't have time to stop, you know,
8:07 am
because he was so short so bumper hit his head. at the end of everything he winded up under the suv on the driver's side, the back wheel. >> ameen was raced to children's hospital of philadelphia where he was pronounced dead just a short time later. driver remained as police arrived and authorities are still investigating. 8:07. >> we are learning more about the woman charged with vandalism at the home of the philadelphia district attorney seth williams. >> police say she did confess to slashing his tires and that she has turn herself in now. >> we're talking about at the time his girlfriend we don't know if they are still together. >> no, this happened back in november. >> hi steve. >> hard to say who has had a harder summer from seth williams about his ex-wife cut rate rent deal to girlfriend tire slashing city own vehicle also signed to his office, district attorney has learned how being a public official often means your private life
8:08 am
isn't so private after all in the public eye and under so much public scrutiny. so yesterday, the philadelphia police department put out a press release saying that the nine month mystery of who slashed four tires on two of his official district attorney vehicles in november of last year has been solved, 47 year-old stacy cummings, district attorney williams had just identified as his girlfriend and in his late filed financial disclosure forms a couple weeks ago is the one who admitted on wednesday, according to the police paperwork that she was the one who slashed the tires. the cost to the taxpayers to fix them 845 bucks and 64 cents. the cost to mr. williams reputation is still being added up, by the public taxpayers themselves who don't have a say on whether or not mr. williams is reelected until a year from this november fortunately for him. alex and mike. >> wow. >> well 8:08. summer is over for some students in our area.
8:09 am
some kids back to school today. some kid went back last week too. >> a lot of kids are in school, for the first day of school in montgomery county. >> students in the springford school district they start today too and with school comes rules. so, before sending your kids to school with goodies for the class, and bring out cup cakes to celebrate and that kind of thing, cookies. healthy snacks like those, they have been banished buy a lot of schools in the country. if you think that is bad listen to this one school district in illinois they have banned all food from classroom celebration. you cannot even bring carrots, healthy stuff, apples that kind of thing, you can't do it. >> you know what i bet culprit is, food allergies. >> they are afraid. >> is true, if you don't want something to happen. >> apparently don't reward kids with food, considered an reward. >> and some parents they don't necessarily say they are okay with their kids eating something because they don't know where it came from. >> that is true. >> it has come to that.
8:10 am
>> that is a big part in school having school parties when someone's birthday i was so excited. >> cup cakes. >> cup cakes, and cookies. >> yes. >> well, no more. >> kids starting to go back to school, i think we have said that six times but is it too soon? let's start that debate like we did every august should schools wait until after labor day for goodness sake to crack opened the books and the doors. and send your back to school photos using the #fox 29 good day, yes, they are starting to trickle in. your first day back to school pictures are the ones i like. we have to get kids back in the routine. >> look at these three. >> so cute. >> yes, they are cranky. >> why are they cranky. >> because they are going to bed late and getting up late, it is just, girls, i have some tips, i will wake you three up, all right. get you back to school. come on.
8:11 am
for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:13 am
today is stitch and pitch night at the ballpark, for
8:14 am
people bringing their knitting, crow shaying and other craft like this to the ballpark tonight. so hopefully you will enjoy it. it will in the rain on your stitching. stitch and pitch night at phillies tonight much i'm proud have my phillies pillow. not perfect but, you know. we have systems in the tropic affecting our weather, but not our weather but our time at the shore. rip current risk are there, thanks to tropical depression number eight and number nine around cuba, but the names, next on the list are, hermine, and ian, they will probably be by tomorrow, one of of them will have have a name, one of those storms will have a name. ninety-two today. close to 90 tomorrow and wednesday. remains to be seen whether they will be more than a four day heat wave but everything changes on thursday with this cold trent coming through and temperatures in the lower 80's after that, and low humidity, fantastic start to the labor day weekend.
8:15 am
hopefully we will keep that same weather pattern going through monday. that is your seven day forecast, and traffic at 8:15 and we will start off with a look at that accident which is on i-95 southbound, right here near ridley park. we can see sun glare here and you can see where vehicles are on the shoulder there. it doesn't seem to be slowing folks down too much, but watch out there. ben franklin bridge. still running smoothly into the city. backing up a little bit toward mid span and disable prep on the pennsylvania turnpike extension, northeast extension, this is northbound near route 363 the valley forge road exit the right lane is block there and we also have in lower gwynedd township in montgomery county an accident at gypsy hill road, a carvers a school bus, luckily nobody was on the school bus and we don't have any reports of injuries for that. feeling sleepy, mike and alex,
8:16 am
what is going on. >> we are here on the floor, with the girls, and we went to bed late last night didn't we. >> yeah, we slept in. >> everybody going back to school. some kids are already back in school but you have to get sleep routine down. never easy. we have a blogger, parenting coach and you are also called a speaker which is good because this would be a dull segment if you do in the speak. >> yes. >> give back into the routine of getting back to school, getting to pedestrian earlier. >> right. >> first of all, let's meet the team here who are you. >> unaudible. >> how old are you. >> nine. >> macy, i'm 12 and i go to lower valley. >> i'm kate, i'm 12. >> is that your sister on the even. >> yeah. >> do you like her. >> no. >> not really. >> this is your good friend right here. >> yes. >> what time do you go to bed during the summer. >> nine or 9:30.
8:17 am
>> just call it ten. >> in the summer, really late, like 12. >> midnight. >> wow. >> you. >> 150. >> during the summer. >> yeah. >> how do we get them back to going to bed earlier. >> what you want to do if you have the time and i know some kids have already gone back to school and you can play around in the first week of school, everybody is getting used to it but if you can start a week before and starting to go bed a few minutes earlier, waking up 15 minutes earlier because the goalies, as we get to your school time and we are now getting to bed at set time and waking up. if you do it 15 or 20 minutes at a time, we are used to it. >> yes. >> the other thing you want to do is run, through the whole routine? a day or two before pick a morning go to bed at a set time, wake up at a set time and run through your whole routine.
8:18 am
>> you heene even like dress. >> you have props. >> i always have props. >> okay. so dress them like that in clothes they like where. >> absolutely. make sure your time line, dry erase board. >> i'm elderly. wake up at a certain time. brush their teeth. dress them up in what they will wear. this is a week in advance maybe. >> day or two in advance. >> breakfast. >> yep. >> get the shoes on. >> you bet. >> put that backpack and get them out of the door. >> right. >> faking it because you are not going to school. >> you don't have to get to school but make sure time line is in your head and time line that actually works. it takes kids a lot longer to get dressed and out the door then we think or we hope they would. sometimes parents 30 or 40 minutes when kids need an hour or so. >> thinks all easier said then condition. they will be like this one here macy, she went to bed at midnight last night. >> yes. >> would you be willing to do that a week in advance, start
8:19 am
to go to bed earlier. >> yes. >> you would. >> we have been planning to do it. >> really. that is good. she's behaving. >> you even say put the backpack by the front door. >> right, one thing you can do to make mornings easier for rest of the whole year is plan things the night before. you want to pack the lunch, pack the backpack put the clothes out, and even take breakfast order if you have small kid that will fight you on that. i even had client sit at breakfast table the night before. >> yeah. >> if you do as much as you can the night before you can kind of grab a few extra z's in the morning and won't be running around or stressed or fighting with your kid, you won't be saying where is homework. >> do we have a shot have of the big feet, what are these. >> they are slipper i know they are slippers. >> what are they dine saucer. >> polar bear. >> you don't even know, do
8:20 am
you. >> pink polar bears. >> come on. >> good tips. >> we will see how it works. >> we will see how it works with your kid. randy, thank you. >> have you guys eaten breakfast yet. >> no? are you hungry. >> maybe brandy will take to you lunch or breakfast how does that sound. >> good. >> all right, ladies, let's go. >> thank you for that. >> ready for what is this traps situation. ready for zika? nobody wants zika. what, the virus. >> well, i know that what are we talking about. there is a theme park ready to take care of this? is it in florida or is it around here. >> we will show you. >> it is a a tease mike i cannot give you answers right now. >> do you have answers. >> i think we do. >> i want the truth. >> but first one woman found something gross inside her food at a local hospital, what she found and what she wants from the hospital, now.
8:22 am
8:23 am
[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason.
8:24 am
they're setting up for made in america. >> busy at republicans. >> rihanna will be there. >> big weekend. >> rehand, cold play. >> yes, usually when a maid in america happens jay-z comes and i wonder if beyonce will be there and maybe blue ivy. >> probably so. >> by the way we have a blue ivy update don't we. >> we do. >> from the vma's. >> blue ivy was on the red carpet did you see this how she was acting in the red carpet. >> i'll have to google that how old she is. >> three. >> maybe. >> so you go to a fast food hamburger joint. >> she's four. like i said, i knew that. >> fast food hamburger joint here in philadelphia. now to eat a burger you probably need a good set of teeth, right. >> and then gum to it death, i guess but teeth always help when eating a hamburg are.
8:25 am
>> that is true. >> what if you found a tooth in your hamburger. >> was it one of your teeth because you bit into a burger. >> the tooth belonged to someone else. >> a southwest philadelphia woman is suing after allegedly finding a human tooth when she took a bite out of her burger. her name is alexandria and she claims she was at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania, in november, when she bit into her patty, and felt something hard. she believes it was a tooth that once belonged to a human so alexandria is seeking more than $50,000 for severe personal injuries. >> it would be disconcerting, wouldn't it. >> yes. >> you need teeth to eat hamburger but you want it to be your own teeth. >> you don't want extra teeth to help you out. >> trade the truth. >> well, she applauded it. >> maybe under her pillow and get some honey. >> do you get money from the tooth fairy, it is not your
8:26 am
tooth. >> questions that need to be answered. >> can you fit $50,000 under a pillow? >> multiple questions need to be answered. >> i have never tried it. >> check form. >> that is right. >> write a check. >> we should not be making light of this. >> apparently i'm now going to have to apologize to the philadelphia soul organization for our parade. we wanted to do something at least do something ape it came off as making fun of the team which is exactly the opposite of what we were looking for. >> yes. >> i want people to go out there to see it. i go to aloft soul games. they are exciting games. >> we asked fans had make this so great, they explained it, we have talk to the layers. >> it is world championship to philly. we were thinking we didn't know if the the city was doing anything. >> apparently on wednesday it will be declared philadelphia soul day that is great and they will have a rally at city hall. we will update you to go and support this team because they are world champions of arena
8:27 am
football. >> so it is philadelphia soul day. >> only tv station talking about the philadelphia soul and we had dancers on all the time, we have been very supportive. >> yes. >> that is right, exactly right. >> other station does they preview the games. >> i don't watch the other stations. >> i watch everything. nothing gets by me. you have eyes the back of your head too. >> i do, look. >> yeah. >> i need trimming. eye lash back there is thick. >> best of the the video muse ache ward from the mtv, yes, mtv is talking about playing videos again. so beyonce had a 20 maybe performance last night that was big time, she was on point but there was a point when dancers fell to the floor. what was she trying to say there. we will play it. and we will discuss top moments with quincy.
8:29 am
big oil polluters. they have a friend in pennsylvania. millionaire pat toomey. toomey voted to protect their special tax breaks. saving oil companies twenty-four billion dollars. and big oil polluters have given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. tax breaks for them. campaign contributions for him. pat toomey. he's helping big oil polluters and millionaires. not the rest of us. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:30 am
8:31 am
oh, yeah. >> guess who i saw, perform saturday night. at the dell, one of my favorite places on earth. >> okay. >> after 7:00. >> oh, yeah, i love this song. >> so i asked them, would you like to come into "good day philadelphia", our studios, and perform? they have a new single, let me know. no, that is not what i said that is the name of the single, let me know. >> they did let me know, they're here. >> i love, it, ready or not. >> yes. >> here i come. >> beyonce brought last night blue ivy there at video music awards at the red carpet. look at how cute that kiddies. >> adorable. >> she's four. >> do you think it goodies idea to bring kids to formal events. >> she wasn't having it.
8:32 am
beyonce her mom wanted her to take pictures for paparazzi, she didn't want to do it. >> we have red carpet video to see. every parent has this moment. >> yes. >> you can certainly relate to it. sometimes weddings too they say please this is an adult only event. >> when i was growing at church there was something called cry rooms. do they still have cry rooms. >> they have children's church, where they say time for surmon so if you have anybody under 12 take them out back. >> okay. so mtv video muse ache ward, the vmaes, that is what the kid call it, last night met at madison square garden. she performed for 15 minutes, beyonce. >> ♪ she had hot sauce in her
8:33 am
bag no question bit. >> that is how we felt watching. we felt knock over. this part was very amazing. you can see her dancers getting shot there falling down and at one point, hand in the black hoodie came up and wrapped her arms around her. >> representing being shot. >> gun violence and falling falling will in the pool of blood and red lights. >> okay. >> then she went back, she did a lot of her songs from lemonade and at the end there was a girl power message and she ended up with a symbol for a woman. that was also a big moment. all of the big songs from her album, she did. >> it was a big pitcher of lemonade. >> were you drinking lemonade. >> things are all good at your house. >> everything is fine, things are good. >> got me down because, she's like michael jack son i think she shown herself.
8:34 am
that is like 15 minutes. and personal for beyonce. >> basically vma's set up for something. >> yes, we're okay. >> let's talk about kanye west. >> oh, this guy. >> he came out. do you want to set this out. >> he is known for ranting. he always has something to say. he was just grabbing in the air last night. i have to figure out something to say to feel big. >> because there were long pauses. >> yes. >> well, here it is. >> it was an expression of our now, our fame right now us on the inside of the tv, you know, just audacity to put anna winter right next to donald trump.
8:35 am
i put ray j in there pro. this is fame, bro. i see you amber. he said bro like a million times. >> okay. he is talking about, i'll sort this out. he did bring up his music video. everybody talked about earlier this year the fame video where he had famous where he had people that he has work with, people that he has been enemies of, everybody was naked this is big bed. >> he just put a exhibit of that in los angeles. >> they did. >> i mean kanye is just saying bro, grabbing. >> this is what i do, bro. >> here's the thing, this is what i want to ask for people out there. >> when it comes to kanye west, isn't it the fact that we like kanye west rants that is unexpect.
8:36 am
you just can't put kanye over on the corner and say okay, right now only amazing when you expect something, and of course unexpect and goes on for 20 minutes. you cannot just put them out there and say this is what is about to happen. >> by this time we are already expecting him to say something crazy. he said something about ray j and amber and moments after that. >> that was the moment. talking about all these people, i mean think of that, he has got ray j who was dating his wife and has a video, sex video that launched her career basically but he is willing to bring it up, mention him and amber rose he was with amber rose. >> gave a shout out to his wife. shout out to the fact i have my wife here, she loves me to do kind of stuff like that. >> reason they are able to do this because it makes money for the family. talk about things that will make you money. >> when he said they give a shout out to amber rose, that
8:37 am
is big. then we saw kanye west video, for fame, my gosh, i think this trumped putting myself on the cover. >> i went out to the kitchen to get a drink and came back. >> had a baby less than that. >> i almost had a baby watching ity could not figure out what it was, sit exercise video. >> it shows her body. i don't know what is going on here. >> let's see this. >> wow. >> now, drop it. she just had a baby. that is more impressive thing. this lady just had a baby. >> she's talented. >> can y'all be quiet. >> look at that.
8:38 am
>> that was great. >> i was literally sitting on my couch while stuffing my face with a cookie and i put cookie down and said i got to get my life together. >> that is a motivation for card yes i have never seen anything like that. >> and let's be honest her music career. acting career but girl you better take this and ride that wave. >> she has a baby from imam from the cleveland cavilers. >> everybody is like he is a lucky man. >> he is. >> they are engaged. >> yes, i mean she bounces back like that after a baby, you have to keeping. >> she has to do a work out video. >> if you don't make this your moment and take this and do something big with, girl, you missed an opportunity because everybody is talking about you today. >> she should have music right now released right now.
8:39 am
>> yes. >> yes. >> we need a little bit. >> give her until ten. >> after that, something else will happen. >> so, i want to play the drake mention of rihanna. >> okay. >> is it rihanna or rihanna. >> rihanna. >> some people say rihanna. >> i heard her say it both ways. >> she has no idea who she is. >> we will take a break and come back. >> can we play the drake comment please after the break. >> yes. >> after the break.
8:40 am
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first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan. if it can only be so simple. welcome back. the let's talk about drake, his comments with rihanna or rihanna. >> people have been saying are they wondering are they dating, is there chemistry on the stage. >> they have been going for years. >> it has been off and on. he put a billboard up congratulating her on the vm. who else can he have.
8:43 am
>> i'm just saying beyonce is married, nicki minaj is with meek. he need somebody huge. she is the one. >> i like them together. i always have. >> he introduced her. here it is. here's what he had to say. >> she's someone that i have been in love with since i was 22 years old. >> one of my best friend in the world, all my adult life i have looked up to her even though she's younger then me. living breathing leg ace any our industry. recipient of the michael jackson vanguard award for 2016, rihanna. >> applause. >> i just think that she not
8:44 am
into him. >> i'm afraid of her. >> nicki minaj is a savage. >> i don't want the word savage in my relationship. >> reroll that kiss back. >> yes. >> is this what you are talking about. >> play by play. >> swerve. >> that is a curve and a swerve. >> i think it takes a second. >> here's the thing. >> he always is showing love to her, right. she put up a billboard, congratulating her on the vma, she put it on instagram and said when he is extra. but she's not, she's not like gushy about this guy out. >> look at what he did to me. >> her body lack wage was like yeah, just stop. >> have have you seen this before, i think maybe that wasn't the place. not now, boom. but she wants it. >> they make great music. they have great presence. i think if they go on tour together it would be great. an album, great.
8:45 am
>> let's move on. >> real quickly though someone tweeted out she has been in love with nicki, rihanna, serena and playing i have been in love with this person. >> yeah, she was looking away. she wasn't even looking at his eyes. >> this is just for right now for her. >> she might have been caught off guard. >> he said i love you on stage. >> we have a lot more vma stuff we will do that later in the show. what about brittany? we will talk about brittany spears. they dent have a host. >> i like the idea of no host. i like what they did. we will talk about that too. >> did you see what happened in philadelphia at this woman a's wedding. groom was there too. did you see who showed up. that is tim mcgraw and that is over on broad street i'll tell with you they're happen.
8:46 am
8:48 am
my first attempt at making something like this, it is stitch and pitch night at the phillies game. yeah. so phillies face nationals tonight starting at 7:05 and weather looks good. it is a hot one. we will get to a high of 92. we will be in the upper 80's
8:49 am
by the time the game begins. look at what happened as we get closer to the holiday weekend. check this out. ninety-two today. eighty-nine. close to 90 on wednesday. we could have a five or six day heat wave. thursday with the cold front coming through, things will get more comfortable as we get in the weekend. high of 80 on friday. saturday's high 82 and 85 on sunday. looking good, alex and mike as we head into the holiday weekend. >> love it. >> yeah. >> so a bride gets a special surprise at a wedding. hi, good to see you you. >> i'm lauren johnson. >> welcome to the show. >> i love your hair today alex. >> i love this dress. >> thank you. >> quincy told me it was regal. >> it is. >> in color and neck line. >> i'm getting like kate hid will ton. >> i'm getting pippa. >> yes. >> they were both brides. >> yes. >> i have not been one yet. >> no, you haven't. >> come close. >> no. >> this happened on north broad street 500 north broad a
8:50 am
bride gets a special surprise at her wedding reception during the father/daughter dance. >> that is right. >> yes. beautiful bride was serenaded by country superstar tim mcgraw for their father/daughter dance. >> ♪ he performed there. people were in on the surprise at the wedding was her father. >> so to do something nice. >> do you think he got paid. >> no, probably was like a favor. >> really. >> i thought you had to pay for appearances like that. >> you know how mike is i'm met this person and do a small
8:51 am
favor. >> have you ever had a celebrity show up, do you do that for people. >> i'm sure people ask all the time. >> he is a celebrity. >> i have been asked. >> if i ever get married, you know who i would like to have sing, jeffery osborne. >> i would love that. >> singing love ballots. >> yes. >> yes, not ozzie osborne jeffery osborne. >> not ozzie osborne. >> jeffery. >> we don't need ozzie coming in bite off a bats head at my wedding. >> no. >> i'm sure it is megan is couping it up. >> ♪
8:52 am
>> right here, here we go. >> ♪ well, let's all sing the song before the end of the show. >> yes, seriously toward the end then. >> no, it need to go toward
8:53 am
the end. >> this is a live version. >> ♪ >> yeah. >> take a bow. >> yes. >> ♪ >> no, no, no. >> here it comes. >> ♪ >> nothing. >> this is what we have much more than this. >> ♪ >> that is beautiful. >> i love that song. >> all right. >> musical sailings of "good day philadelphia" i'm jeffery osborne.
8:55 am
8:57 am
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