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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  August 29, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. ♪
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>> ♪ >> what a way to start the show. >> that is how you start a show. >> yes. >> it is not really twerking it is a side twerk. please don't stop that music. >> hoola dancers, just go side to side. >> there we go. >> so that is how you get into a show. >> love it, love it. >> we have been having it on. >> yes. >> yeah. >> that didn't hurt you, did it. >> no. >> it was inspiring, when were you watching vma's last night. >> we start at 9:00. >> let's start it. >> lauren, thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me guys. >> monday august 29th, 2016.
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my daughter jill's birthday tomorrow. >> did you get her a gift yet. >> not yet. >> overnight. >> stars on the red carpet last night from beyonce to blue ivy to kim kardashian hits and misses, we will have it all from 10:00 o'clock this morning. kids are going back to school today. here's the thing. is it too soon. should schools wait until labor day to open their door. >> after seven is here in the studio after 20 years we have new music. they will perform their new music let me know live right here on good day. >> after 7:00 will be here after 9:00. >> yes. >> ready or not. >> yes, and here we go. >> you and me check out this cool bench, you will see this around town. we will have a sit down and, we will be able to snatch pictures, and is that an ampersan, why would there be a red ampersan running around philadelphia? we will explain that in just a second. you'll see it all over town.
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>> cool concept. last night's vma's, yes, we call it mtv video music award. do you remember mtv played music videos. >> yes. >> it feels like 20 years ago and then they invented this show called video muse ache ward to celebrate best videos. >> but people still put out videos on you tube and something like that. >> yes. >> and celebrities walk by and take pictures with the paparazzi. beyonce showed up with blue ivy who has won four now. >> on the red carpet. >> a watch what blue ivy. >> i don't want to. >> watch her. >> why, mom, why. >> why am i wearing wings, mommy what are you doing, lady. >> but a lot of people are talking about this moment on social media, behind the scenes look. what child do you know puts
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their hand up like that. >> what is this. >> seriously mom, why. paparazzi, flashing lights, i cannot thrive in the environment like this. this dress is $11,000 and i'm only four years old. >> that is a mishka dress and it is worth $11,000. >> that is crazy. >> some people feel when it comes to formal events, don't bring the kids especially like weddings, that kind of thing. >> now blue ivy is not a normal kid. >> that is right. >> she didn't throw a fit but she didn't want to cooperate. >> it is too overwhelming. she shouldn't have been there. her outfit is so cute and she looked adorable. all of the cameras, we know, they are shuffling down the line and to take pictures for every different outlet. she's like what in the world. >> it is in of your dang business what beyonce does. >> look at you. >> baby you think of when you are going somewhere and you are like you see how beyonce says wait until we get home.
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>> that is right: >> take high wing off and spank you. >> i took jessica and jill when they were really little to restaurants. we were just put them under the table and they would sleep, as they yelled, we would kick them. >> yes. >> no, if you they like to play with sugar packs. sugar every where all over the floor. >> yes. >> did you bring them to formal events though. >> no. >> i did take my daughter, jessica help she was probably ten to a video music award show. >> you did. >> and what was that like. >> she was thrilled. >> of course. >> yes. >> she's well behaved. >> a snap to them. >> i think we love blue ivy, but i get why they brought her out. she had a red carpet like that, blue ivy is on vacation, paparazzi goes, here's my child, lets take a look. >> i take them at tolulu's garden once you saw beyonce at
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tolulu's garden once. >> and the kid. >> i don't believe you lived in philly yet. it was a sunday brunch during made in america. >> here's where she likes to goy got a call and said you live next door to tolulu's garden. the get over there right now. i ran over there right there. i went up and said i pretented i was a waiter. >> why did you not say anything. >> what would i is a. >> hi beyonce. >> welcome to philly. >> get a picture. >> no, too embarrassed. >> lauren. >> yes. >> what star could you sianni actual a approach them to get a picture. >> i don't know that you would. >> me personally when it is their time, it is their time. there is no one i would do it now you or it is never. >> who are you in love with, celebrities? who are you gaga for. >> i'm not gaga really for anybody but last night when i saw future hendricks i was impressed because he normally doesn't present himself that well.
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>> at vma's. >> i think i only saw him on the red carpet because he had a black blazer. so he had a black blazer. very well put together. usually he is just like um-hmm. >> you know what song i like, he does. >> what? >> never ends. >> tell us how it goes. >> my songs are different. >> yes, they are. >> never want it to even, never even, with kelly rowland. >> i don't think i have ever heard that one. >> really. >> find it. >> he mumble is a lot. >> he does. >> exactly. >> okay. >> candy man. >> sammy davis junior. >> johnny mathis. >> i'm sure people on twitter will help you out. >> chances are. >> you know who i like. >> who. >> i'm not gaga. >> ariana grande. >> ariana grande looked good last night. >> her pony tallies extra
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thick. >> it is. >> did you notice that. >> yes. >> and troy lands. >> who. >> troy lands. >> he will be a at made in america. >> oh. >> there is a lot of people at made in america. >> future with kelly rowland, he is right. >> look at you. >> i don't know. >> and it is not dirty, we can play it. >> i think. >> we have to be sure. >> yes. >> all right. i shouldn't push play. >> i wouldn't do that. >> okay. >> all right. >> what did you say. >> try lands. >> yes. >> do you know who that is. >> yes. >> no, no, no, i just like his new song. >> i tried to meet up, power 99, we were hanging out the we heard beyonce was at tolulu's garden. we have to go and say this is our chance. we had our camera. we get out. i started panicking. i said beyonce. well, what willie say?
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you have to do all of the talking. i will not be able to say anything. i started like what willie say, what willie do. i panic. >> she wasn't there. >> the whole place, they told us it was closed. we know what was going on, they closed down the restaurant they wouldn't let us in. i was like, i would want a picture with her but i don't think i would be able to say anything. >> you saw me at the concert. >> yes, ridiculous. >> like she was speaking in tongues. >> yes. >> beyonce. >> let's answer this question because people are responding on twitter, is it too late to go back to school. i know kids that went back to school last monday. second week. a lot of kid start today in the suburbs and philadelphia schools start after labor day. >> it is the way it should be, alex, what do you think. >> well, i have always started, we start before labor day. like august 25th. >> when i grew up, it was always after labor day, tuesday, back then, i think labor day was whatever, was it
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always on monday. >> i think so. >> back in the day. >> i kind of like starting school, you get into school, okay, i'm getting myself together, a week or two in. >> yes. >> my parents say it misses up vacations. >> because you like that extended vacation through labor day. >> you have to come back to school and get busy week before you are getting uniforms ready, and then you have school and then you can get back on vacation. >> yes. >> not that you can do anything about it, toothpaste out of the tube, horse is out of the barn, kids are already out of the house. >> sue serio, we probably can't get it back but what is your vote, after labor day or before. >> totally after labor day. i feel like we go to august and now to the end of the june. it used to be, labor day to memorial day. i think that a lot of times it is because they think we will use a lot of snow days, yeah, i'm just trying to research a little labor day.
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first labor day was held in 1882. do you remember that one mike. >> i did i cut the ribbon at that ceremony. >> mothers day was invented in philadelphia. >> yes. >> a woman, lived in philadelphia a, she created, mothers day. >> yes. >> there should be a holiday for that. >> it was mrs. jerrick. >> give me a second. >> boy, did we have fun. your grand pop was in town. we took him, to two different concerts, penns landing friday night, it was 183 degrees, humidity just as high but i got a picture with pibo brew brewson at the end of the show. i neat a coat. look at how whitey am. >> i need etan. >> etan and a tote like that. >> you do. >> he still sound good. >> yes, he does. >> i'm so into you. >> yes. >> and then feel me ♪ >> i don't know that one. >> you don't know that song.
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>> no. >> ii don't like love ballots. >> and of all of the people hey not now do you like a laden, he did a whole new world. >> that you want to sing. >> and also, beauty and the beast, he did a tail as old as time. >> yes. >> beauty and the beast. >> it was a last summer jazz concert, which is free at penns landing they have every summer. great time out there what does your grandfather think about the heat and humidity. >> he said this is nothing compared to texas. >> go ahead, mike. >> he was having a good time. >> look at that. >> and then next night we went out to the dell their last performance at the dell and i got a picture with howard hewitt. >> make that move right now, baby. >> he closed the show with my favorite sopping right now. >> what? >> say amen. >> sing it. >> it is better then when you sing it.
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>> just go. >> yes. >> all right. >> get it. >> we get it. >> you are so cool, mike. >> here's the thing, who did you go to concert with. >> i went with your mom and dad. >> is that sad. >> really. >> thanks, a lot. >> i love them. >> how did you get to the concert. >> we got in the car and alex dropped us off at the dell. >> talk about role reversal. >> i was driving the rental car, my parents and mike are in the back and i dropped them off at the dell, have fun, kids. how late will you be out, make sure you are home before 11:00. >> it was your mom, contacted me in the back and your grandfather. >> no, he didn't go. >> we went on our own, we had a tait night, we took them out to dinner. we said you kid have fun. he said he wanted to get the to the concert he said i used to take my aunt. last one i went to was michael jackson which is good but i'm good.
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>> but he enjoys pibobryson. >> yes, he was up on the stage. >> by the way, she dropped us off backing out on to kelly drive. >> you had me do back entrance which is very dangerous. >> she pulls out, and her grab father is in the passenger seed, so long, suckers. >> leaving us alone at the dell. >> is what you wanted. >> it is a big kiehl to get out, and cross four lanes. >> kelly drive. >> i had to say something. >> so long, suckers. >> where is grand pop. >> this is at the summer jazz series, and this is our first date night. i just want to say to philly thank you so much for all of the love we showed my grand pop. we will would walk down the street and say thank you grand pop. he said i feel like the celebrity. some people even call my grand pop sexy. >> you know what, he looks really good. >> yes, he does. >> he is 86.
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>> dry sense of humor. >> you weren't here on friday. i was talking to my grand pop, we had him on the show. people said one thing. they were like if you do anything, do not, do not have your grand pop, around mike jerrick. it is a bad idea. don't do it. don't do it. we had mike with my grand pop at a restaurant cuba lynnra. >> this is a after five minutes. he is doing silly faces. occasionally he has his moments. well, he is there. >> yes, he showed up, and multi ego. >> that is after five minutes were being with mike jerrick. >> do you want to know after being with mike jer rick all night, apparently the pelvic thrust. my grand pop doesn't even dance and he had him doing that. >> doing the pelvic thrust. >> ♪ >> my 86 year-old grand pop
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wouldn't dance with me but doing pelvic thrust. >> your dad in the middle there he started it by the way. >> yes. >> his little kaine. >> my goodness. >> big daddy kaine. >> so, it really was a great time. he was very exited to meet you. thank you for taking time on your day off to meet us. people saying let us know when your grand pop makes it home. he did make it home. he posted a picture. and this is his favorite chair. my parents said even when he is gone he wanted to be surrounded by you. you can see pictures of me in fourth grade, graduation picture in college. >> great guy. >> he is back home. he got home at 2:00 in the morning but he was very excited. great trip. i said grand pop, i hope to come back. i said no, no, no, i will come back. we will get to come back. >> it was an honor to spend the week went him. >> that is my heart, he is very sweet. this is a highlight of my life. >> i love to hear that.
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>> spending time in philly with you. >> he gave me two thank you card. various such the sweetest person. >> two years i have only seen you cry twice this could be the third. go a on. >> you want to see more pictures i have more pictures on my instagram so thank you you. >> i miss him already. >> what did you do. >> i was home because my nieces asia and brooke turned 12. i hung out with them. they got iphones. so they can call me. then i went out with my mom for her birthday. one big birthday celebration. >> very nice. >> i hope your weekend was fantastic. >> that is right. he is handsome. >> mom and granny, and me mom and justin in the bottom right. >> i have met your brother. >> yes. >> is he single. >> he is single. >> i had a lot of not comments but side heads.
9:18 am
>> yes. >> and dot, dot, dot. >> it is jay johnson still single. >> is jay johnson. >> here. >> so, make a love connection. >> make a love connection. >> single will ladies, around this building. >> yes. >> what is his name. >> johnson. >> maybe he should marry a johnson. >> you know. >> yeah. >> one model mom has come up with an interesting idea to help her son, she says, that she uses not a nanny, but a manny, which is a male nanny. >> i like the idea. >> explain it. >> victoria super model, said she has not lifted in ten years. she had a 18 year-old, 13 year-old sigh, they live in miami. they said their daddies so active but wanted to headache sure they have a positive male role model so she hired male
9:19 am
nanny because it is important to learn about their heritage and all that, from australia and new zealand. >> okay. megan, can you put up that picture of the wide shot of who are all these people. >> her sonnies a good looking kid in the middle. >> um-hmm, i think so, the oldest one. >> the nanny is no the in that picture. >> the manny is not. >> no. >> we don't see the manny. >> no, she has all of those kids. >> i didn't know it was that many. >> the dude in the middle looks like her. >> yes. >> we have a male role model. >> you hire one. >> what does the a nanny look like. >> yes. >> we don't have a picture of that. >> it could be just like that. >> probably so. >> elle mack fear son. >> the nanny. >> would you like to me make an attempt at forming noodles. have have you ever gone to chinatown to watch them make
9:20 am
noodles by hand? you never have have. >> i have not seen that. >> maybe we should roll footage. >> it wouldn't be so hard to explain. >> that is you. >> no. >> but could i do that. >> if you tried. >> i will try and see that attempt, we will tell you where to go and watch these noodles being made.
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mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. we know that mike eats in our area but this week he is trying to make the food. >> lets see if he has what it takes to draw noodles. >> i am in the heart of chinatown for this you got a try this segment. i'm over at a place dawn nan hand drawn noodle house. this is jasmine. she's daughter of the owner. how long has this place been here. >> three years. >> thirteen years. >> yes. >> i am going to eat. i am not just here to eat but i want to make noodles because
9:24 am
it is dramatic, isn't it. >> yes. >> how far back does this noodle drawing go. >> about 150 years. >> in a region of china. >> yes. >> it is in china. >> yes. >> your daddies from that area. >> from around that area. >> so here it is, lets cut to the dramatic footage of noodles being made and lets see if i can do it. so how does it start. what is this. >> so that is just a mixture of like flour, your basic ingredients. >> so i just chop it. >> yes, chop it into little chunks. >> then he starts to pulling it, hand drawn to get it thinner and thinner and thinner. >> yes. >> can i try. >> yes. >> roll. >> and then take both end. >> take both end and pull. >> and bring that other one over.
9:25 am
>> pull. >> yep. >> pull it over. >> pull, over, pull, over. >> he thinks that is funny. he is shaving noodles. >> i will not even try that because there is a knife involved. what am i doing wrong. >> he said it is not easy. >> not easy. >> how long does it take to learn. >> you need a to months. >> you need a few months to learn how to do this. well, i give up. darn it. >> look at how thin he can get it. >> that is beautiful. >> it is like angel hair. >> ♪ >> so wow, man zhou almost means wow. you have to try this because i
tv-commercial tv-commercial
9:26 am
will try this over and over and over again. thank you very much. >> pretty cool. >> yes. >> look at that. >> i know. >> leave it to the professionals. >> we will just eat the food. >> really. >> 9:26. stunners on the red carpet from beyonce to blue i've toy kim kardashian to what was they wearing. we will talk about that. hits and misses from the vma.
9:27 am
9:29 am
okay, fashion at the vma, who looked holt, though did not. we have our fox panel panel, of course, fashion blogger who is here, solace anthony enter son, our star expert, tori
9:30 am
williams, giving us tori's picks. >> yes, first up, you have to start with beyonce, the queen bee, and blue ivy. what do we say? >> should have been in bed, first of all, but she looked amazing. >> so do we think hot or not? >> well, hot. i would say my favorite couple honestly. >> really? >> yes, gorgeous, totally makes a statement. >> anthony, what's going on? >> i don't know, a not for me. she was like an angel that went wrong. >> and it was a hot for me. beautiful, with the blondes hair, she had italian designer on, just hot off the runway, i loved it, loved it, loved it. different from what what you wa. >> new designer but can't always be new. >> i need it. you don't want her boring. >> perfect. >> very cute. >> do you have do this, every time i see blue ivy. >> i know. >> me and nicky. all the way from philly, they're there. kim and kanye first. so give me, kim and kanye, what did you think?
9:31 am
>> i thought it was hot. >> tori, a not for you? >> i'm just over her. she was too just looked like she walked out of the ocean soaking wet or something, it was just simple, but i just didn't love it. >> isn't the wet look in sometimes and they? >> yes, but she should stay in the doctors office, the clothes, the bod. >> i just too much. >> kim cards ash yan we're talking about, folks. >> kim kardashian, and i like that they're going with the minimal trends. i think it works and shows off her beauty honestly. >> sure gave her a loft close ups. >> of course. >> we'll talk about meek milan nicky minaj. >> now, nicky, whew. >> she killed it in the blue. >> talk about cut outs. >> sexy, and classy, altogether, and she normally doesn't do that well. she did it well that night. >> you said wow. >> i completely agree, the hair, the make up, body, flawless, sexy but not over the top. >> the hair was good. i thought it was not classy, i
9:32 am
thought it was too much with all of the cleve around out. but it did fit her perfectly, it looked beautiful, the color, and everything. i do like that it fit everywhere, even though she had a lot out it, fit, but just over the top for me. >> from not a lot out to really covered up, alicia keys, anthony, what did you did you think? >> a fire drill that went wrong. she needs make up. get some make up. >> i did not like her. i think the best couple. >> i did. >> , because you know what, i like that she has a message, stands by her brands, really beautiful. >> she is hot but not in a good way. >> oh, i like that, too, i thought the print and everything, very simple, cute. >> if i looked that good without make up, honey. >> you do, you do. >> thank you. what about britney spears in she is supposed to be a big moment, ten years, back at the vma's to deliver. tori what did you think? >> cute. julia mcdonnell, it looked beautiful on her, her body crazy right now sick gorgeous. so i thought she looked great.
9:33 am
i mean, you know, did she look like this is my big come back, i'm getting ready to own the vma's, no, but she looked great. >> it was a nicks for me. i heard she was lip-syncing. >> you heard? >> you did hear that? >> fine. >> okay. haley baldwin, giving us little pants suit. >> hot. favorite of the night. gorgeous, such a statement. >> yes, hot for me. >> what are we seeing here? >> like shear beaded black jumpsuit. she had like the black underwear underneath. shoes on, beautiful, the tayloring, everything on that outfit. she was my best dressed of the night. >> yes. >> gorgeous. >> i'm with you. for most of these, what is up with this wig, what's going on here? >> the hair was awful. she has a bottom line blazer on. i wish she would have at least but the orthopedics it, the gucci pants were beautiful, they fit her perfectly, the gucci clutch was gorgeous, but it just -- the hair, everything, just completely through it off. >> agree. >> did anyone see about the
9:34 am
wig? >> i have no idea, vma's, people like to do crazy inch. >> right, so we can talk about her. >> okay, i wonder if her and ditty? what about naomi campbell? like a towel, bathroom robe, out of the shower? you didn't love it? >> wrong color. >> really? >> ruth. >> i. >> i loved it, the see foam fell vet, o beautiful on her skin tone, dark mix, the lipstick. >> stole the show. they kept doing close ups. >> beautiful, the hair, you know? >> yes. >> but i thought it was great. i thought the little mini dress, beautiful, the high slit. i liked the color. >> yes. >> and next, serena williams, i love this because she is such a great athletic body, she knows how to make it look really feminine. another lbd that worked. i thought she looked good, definitely one of the best looks i've ever seen her in, her hair on point, which is often not the case.
9:35 am
but she looked great. i thought. >> okay, then we move onto ashley gram, see through, jesse, did you like her? >> i loved this look. i thought she looked flawless in it, such beautiful details on this outfit, show stopper. >> full figure it, see through like that, i mean, she killed it, one of the best dressed for the night. >> beautiful, and confident. >> yes, and everything fit. >> which was great. >> her undergarments and the dress, gorgeous, very, very nice. designer, beautiful. >> i love the hair, the make up, everything. i love the pail look today. very positive. >> we are. everybody looking hot. thanks so much for to our fox fashion panel. will the 35, you and me, let's check out this. where you can find this bench going around philly, is right outside right now. we will tell you how you can sit down, snap a picture, how it will help a good cause.
9:36 am
big oil polluters. they have a friend in pennsylvania. millionaire pat toomey. toomey voted to protect their special tax breaks. saving oil companies twenty-four billion dollars. and big oil polluters have given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. tax breaks for them. campaign contributions for him. pat toomey. he's helping big oil polluters and millionaires. not the rest of us. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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let's chat about the new social experiment with a purpose, the you and me bunch whether it is couples, friends, siblings, the bench intends today spends positive vibes between people, right outside our studio where mike and alex are trying it out. what's up, guys? >> it will be all over town, there it is, the you and me bench. get it? so, you and somebody get together, sit on the bench, with the and in the middle. >> the bench about bringing people together, so many issues pulling people apart, we want to create something that brought people together. so we have this bench, the and, naturally bridges thinking together. >> so would it be strangers
9:40 am
sit down next to each other. >> strangers, friends, couples of course maybe. >> maybe a couple going through strive, you can sit down, hash it out? >> hashtag it out, we want them to share their stories, opportunity for them to share their story about, you know, when they first met, what is important to the other person, a chance, opportunity, to really explain what that persons means to you. >> what happens when that do that to you. >> you can go on there and see all of the stories from all of the people that -- >> what do you hope to happen? people do this, a thought people coming together to sit on the ben snatch. >> i hope it bridges people together, kind of celebrates the power of relationships similar to the love statue but interact with it. >> great idea. you are totally into philly, aren't you? >> i love philadelphia. born and raised, i have a tat on my arm. >> what's it say?
9:41 am
>> from philly with love. >> so what would you like to ask alex here at the bench? you just met her. >> yes, i would like to ask her if you would join me at the night market on thursday where we can get some food and have a good time. >> all right. >> you heard it. >> wait. >> that would be great. >> we all come together. >> and we have -- pretty sure that coming off as a date, right? >> oh, i agree completely, night market we get together and enjoy great stuff. when is it? >> it is thursday, it is going to be at front and snyder. >> okay. >> thursday night. and then after that it will be at parks on tap, philadelphia water works, 7:00 to 11:00. >> for the rest of the summer or the rest of the year. >> summer almost over, we'll be moving it around throughout the fall hopefully by winter finds permanent spot. >> oh, i know where it is, on twitter? >> twitter, instagram or go to you and me bench. com. we will always have updated.
9:42 am
>> is that spelled out uand mebench. com. breaking news this monday morning, what is it? >> that's right. skyfox live over two alarm fire in overbrook, on the 6400 block of lansdowne avenue. so far no injuries have been reported, that's the good news, of course, we will continue to keep you updated as more information becomes available. you can see there, it is burning out of control we'll bring updates as soon as we get them in. after 7:00 is here, and after 20 years, we've got new music coming to you. they'll perform their new single let me know live on good day, coming up next. >> but first, your winning lottery numbers.
9:43 am
i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no. [bill o'reilly sighs]
9:44 am
9:45 am
>> breaking news to tell you about, skyfox live over two alarm fire in overbrook, we understanded a church on the 6400 block of lansdowne avenue. no injuries have been reported right now, but you can see, it is still burning, and it is an intense fire there. you still have flames, lots of heavy black smoke, we of course will keep you updated as soon as we get more information coming into our news room. >> that's horrible, a lot of people in overbrook know that church. oh, third alarm now. this is horrible. yes, a lot of people know that church for sure. we drive it every day there in overbrook. >> people have been messaging me on instagram, twitter talking about this, we'll for sure keep you updated because
9:46 am
it looks bad. >> horrible. we'll stay on it. so, saturday night, i'm at the del, and after 7:00 performed, look at them. let's crank it up a little bit. >> ♪ >> how old is that song? >> guys? >> twenty-five -- 89. >> yes. >> still sounded good saturday night, guys. >> thank you. >> looking good. your silver suit. >> they were rocking it. >> go ahead. >> common in, mike. >> welcome to philadelphia. welcome back. you are here all the time. >> where are you all from? >> originally from indianapolis, indianna. >> our eagles beat you. >> we d did you watch that? >> yes, but it is still pre-season. >> he knows, especially when it comes to us.
9:47 am
for you guys specially, being here in philly, how was the mood that night, saturday? >> wonderful, every time we come to philadelphia, we, really, at the del, it was beautiful sold outhouse. >> it was. >> and it was a great time. we had wonderful time. >> also recently you guys had some connections to philly. judges man sullivan is from philly. you guys of course your song let it burn, sample your song, we played, ready or not. >> ready or not. her song was let it burn. ours ready or not. so she got a chance to use a little bit of the foundation of our song, and -- >> let it burn. >> you guys did it together, soul train music awards. >> great collaboration between the two of us, great time, there as well. >> speaking of make being music you guys now 20 years later coming out with a new albumn. >> indeed, october the 14th, we release new albumn entitled timeless. we are very excited about it, you know, to be away for 20 years and to come back and i feel like it is some of the
9:48 am
best work we've done yet. >> what made you want to come back? working with baby face, too. >> well, it wasn't so much our desire, maybe embed in the our hearts, but baby face who kind of planted the seed that we should come back, bringing melvin back, jason's father, intricate composite. >> he mentioned my father, the other, original member, and he and devon are members. >> new video we're playing right now. >> oh, what's the message of this video? >> it is about communication. it really is. no matter what your situation is, it is about being open and letting every person know what's going on. and if you are able to do that, you can work it out, talk about it, be about it. >> i like the video. >> how about they do it here live, mike? >> are you ready? >> you guys ready? >> ready or not. >> let's do it, and i will not be singing with you, i'm sure. they told me they wanted knee sing. >> you sing.
9:49 am
>> no. >> group back in the day. >> really? video, have to pay me a lot of money for that. let me know. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:50 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ ♪
9:51 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> yes!
9:52 am
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for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice.
9:54 am
senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. this fire looks horrible. >> you're about to see it from skyfox, live shot, what do we have here? a lot of flames still, up to three alarms now, at this very well known church in overbrook, 6400 block of lansdowne avenue. no injuries as of yet. we're send ago grounds crew there now. cameras about to get there. >> you can see emergency responders and firefighters there, really working on this one. three alarms.
9:55 am
>> three alarms, horrible. any structure, but specially a church. so important to everybody in that neighborhood. >> all right, on much lighter note, britney spears, she went back to the video music awards last night in new york city. so everybody was oh, she's back, she's back. >> after ten years, supposed to be her big come back. >> here we go. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i don't care, i don't care, i don't care, she can't dance, can't sing. >> you're over her? >> she's all right. >> some -- all of that dancing and everything, isn't it hard to sing and do all that. >> is that dancing? >> look at you. >> hey, what did you think of the host? they didn't have somebody come
9:56 am
out and do stand up routine and all of that, they look like almost disc jockeys. >> supposed to be like commontators, they have, i think it was either for the show or maybe commercial, where they did it, and everybody like it, hey, why don't we dot whole thing, have you guys come in, do commentary on what happened. hold on. if you didn't watch it, something that happens, come in, what should we tweet about, talk about what's the hashtag, how you would react on social media. >> impromptu. >> know. done. there are no tweets. no, how do you tweet that? how do you tweet that? i mean, real quick. oh, my gosh. (laughing). >> i agree with them, what can you say after that
9:57 am
performance? speechless. >> beyonce, yes. but after every other one they would normally say hashtag, and it was a joke, everything they were sending out. >> who is calling? >> my meeter. >> oh, do you have pay the meter outside. lets december this fast then. >> if you like it, would you rather have traditional host for the vma's or did you like they did it differently? >> you thought it sucked. >> i liked it because it was different. >> that's true. i can vouch for that. >> okay, so, we are famous good day philadelphia for making fun every brian lochte olympic swimmer. but jimmy, stealing our thunder. >> of course michael phelp's reaction. >> there is michael phelp. wants to take a picture, oh, my goodness. >> yes. that was vma's. >> at the vma's last night.
tv-commercial tv-commercial
9:58 am
>> okay. okay, let's go back to bed now. not a good day. see you tomorrow. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili
9:59 am
could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch.
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live from new york city, it's e"the wendy williams show"! >> with all due a row expect. have a seat. >> my girls have always turned out. >> announcer: now here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: ta-da! welcome


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