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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  August 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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there investigating. >> let's get out to dave schratwieser live on the scene right now. dave a lot of police activity there. >> reporter: no doubt about it iain. we've been here 20 minutes now. the shoot diagnose not happen here at the wawa. this apparently happened on the atlantic city expressway. check out this ford expedition here riddled with gunfire. all of the windows have been blown out on the passenger side of the vehicle. this happened around three or 3:30 apparently on the atlantic city expressway. four people were wounded that got out of that car. one person is dead we're told. we don't know if that's here or the other person, the other victim found on the parkway just avenue the atlantic city expressway around the same time. but according to police, this happened somewhere on the atlantic city expressway. i counseled at least eight bullet holes in the side of that ford expedition not counting the ones that took out the windows. there's blood all over the front seat of that car, clothes all over the ground. as you can see we talked to several people here in the wawa parking lot. it seems that the truck came here from the shooting scene. you can see the rear tire is
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completely off that car. hit by gunfire and the car kept gone owing. we believe maxima or ultimate. state police are handling this. a spoke man for the state police is on his way here to the scene but they have tweeted out this afternoon that there were five people shot in total. four wounded and one dead. one confirmed dead at this point. no motive on the shooting at this point. we're not sure what touched this off or where exactly on the atlantic city expressway it started but this vehicle ended up here if you know this wawa it's on tilton road right near the atlantic city international airport. it's literally right off the expressway. maybe two or three minutes. big intersection here. this place is always packed. but as we're being told now no gunfire here this vehicle just came here take a look at that vehicle riddled with gunfire all the windows on the passenger side have been blown out and there's at least eight shots that i counted to the side of
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the vehicle some are rather large holes. the other are smaller so may have been more than one gun used in this assault again we'll get more information when the state police spokesman arrives here live from egg harbor township, dave schratwieser, guys, back to you. >> dave, thank you. after a devastating fire only a skeleton of a century old church remains standing to night in west philadelphia. more than 100 firefighters not worshipers congregated today at the good shepherd presbyterian church. >> that fire reached four alarms in total. fox 29's brad sattin joining us from overbrook and brad, this is such a huge loss for so many people. >> reporter: yeah, for this entire community for sure. this fire for the most part is out. i'm going to step out of the way. they are still putting out hot spots hoses going in here at 65th and lansdowne. this church is historical dawn. it was destroyed a landmark in this community after this fire started around 9:00 o'clock this morning. smoke you could see for miles this entire neighborhood covered in chic white smoke for hours
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today. also/power outages. the good news here, despite a close call, no one was hurt. cell phone video captured this mesmerizing scene. what started as a fire in the church basement moved too fast for the 120 firefighters personnel to save a landmark and staple in overbrook. the good shepherd presbyterian church over 100 years old destroyed. rick clem was taking a shower in the building's third floor bathroom when the power went out. >> couldn't see down the hallway at all. , um, felt my way down and somehow ended up in the middle room and ended up finding that window there. it was really hard to breathe. >> reporter: but rescued by firefighters as was this cat hanging from a window. >> as the fire progressed in the basement there wasn't enough water power to be able to if you the fire out. it was -- so the sixth man ordereordered them to evacuate. >> reporter: from skyfox you can see firefighters working on the roof. they remember eventually called
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off as this fire burned out of control. several congregations share the church a devastating loss to so many. >> it's elaborate. had beautiful sanctuary. i was married in this church. one of the the same sex couple that is got married when the just became law in 2014. >> i grandkids go to summer camp there but finished last friday. >> it's well over a hundred years old and it was magnificent inside. i don't know if you ever been in catholic church, but that's what it resembled a catholic church. beautiful altar. just beautiful. glass stained windows. breaking my heart. >> it's sad. >> reporter: and so at this point there's no official cause of the fire it does appear it started in the basement i did speak to the fire commissioner a short time ago. he says they're hoping to have at least preliminary answers in the next few days, iain and dawn. >> brad, thank you. a shootout in philadelphia's grays ferry neighborhood sends three teenagers to the hospital. police say the gunfire broke out about midnight near the area of 27th and tasker.
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that's where police found the victims, 17-year-old boy and two, 16-year-old boys. we're told all are in stable condition. police say this could have been prevented if they had followed the curfew rules. >> they have to adhere to the curfew rules and they should have been in. they should have been home. these curfew rules protect people not only from committing crimes but protect individuals from being victims of crimes. such as these three juveniles. >> no arrests have been made. police say one of the shooters may have been driving a newer model white nissan maxima or ultima. >> the fbi has just upped the reward for any information leading to the person who killed an eight-year-old girl. the reward now is at $70,000. multiple agencies putting money in the pot hoping to find gabbie carter's killer. police believe that she was caught gang crossfire in camden last week. someone shot her in the head as she was riding her bike. police are investigating a after driver in west philadelphia hit and killed a toddler last night around 6:45.
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30-year-old woman was driving on marion avenue towards 49th street when she hit the child who was a month shive his second birthday. police say the child ran into the street. the driver did stay on the sce scene. we don't yet if any charges will be filed. new details about the woman accused of flattening tires outside district attorney's seth williams home. >> financial disclosure statements identify her as williams girlfriend stacey cummings turned herself into authorities yesterday. delaware county da champed the 47-year-old woman with criminal mischief and possession of an instrument of crime stemming from the november incident. police say the car that cummings is accused of of damaging some of those cars were part of seth williams security detail. mayor jim kenney was asked to weigh in on the charges today. >> she shouldn't have done it. she apparently admitted doing it. she couldn't have done it. really has nothing to do with me. and we have a lot of problems we're dealing with in the city on a regular basis including kids being shot in the street
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and people trying to get work and people trying to get their lives in a better situation. that will play out with the district attorney's office in delaware county as very little to do with me. >> status of the seth williams and stacey cummings relationship is unclear. on to your fox 29 weather authority now. the sixth heat wave continues as temperatures once again climbed into the 90s today. you could definitely feel it when you stepped outside. how long is this one sticking a round. >> for the answer we turn to meteorologist kathy orr. steamy out there again. >> it certainly is. for many people the answer is too long. we are going to be seeing more heat in the seven day forecast, but then a big break that will be very refreshing as we head into the month of september. can you believe it? take look at center city philadelphia. this is old city. fifth and market. a busy afternoon with temperatures once again getting into the 90s. 93 degrees. the normal high is 84. so nearly 10 degrees above normal.
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winds out of the north as a cold front moved through and drier air will be moving in. the high today of 93. makes it the 15th 90-degree or greater day this month it could be one of the theft augusts of all time. 93 in the city. 88 in pottstown and allentown 77 in the poconos. none in trenton and wrightstown even at the airport in atlantic city it is 93. this evening temperatures will fall through the 80s. it will be muggy into the evening. but then mild and comfortable late night at 11:00 p.m. 78 degrees. so coming up we'll talk more about that heat, when it will break, it will be a stormy end to the heat and humidity looking toward the holiday weekend and watching the tropics and howed that they could partially impact the shore this holiday week and. i'll be back with the seven day later in the broadcast. >> kathy thanks. car crash in camden county claim the life avenue 59-year-old man. police say ricky dawkins of bridgeton is the man who died when his car hit a curb and then a utility pole it happened at the intersection of chews landing road and sicklerville road. that's in winslow township yesterday morning.
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we're told the driver was going too fast and the impact split his car in half. traffic on roosevelt boulevard is moving again tonight but it was a different story earlier today. skyfox over the scene of a water main break. this is on the southbound lane approaching ridge avenue. only the lower lane was getting by. crews are working on that break and it should be completed tonight. happening tonight, residents in horsham need to discuss a water quality issues in their township. representatives pat meehan, brendon boyle and mike fitzpatrick along with representatives from health and federal agencies will all be there. this meeting comes a mid questions about water contamination around the willow grove and john'sville naval air stations. we have a fox 29 news crew that will be at that meeting and of course we will have full report for you tonight at 10 and 11:00. in mercer county, new jersey a church a damaged after a car slams right night. skyfox over the scene this afternoon on south mill road in west windsor township. you can see the damage on the side of the building there.
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police say the driver was taken to the hospital with some minor injuries. no word yet on what caused the crash. police are looking for this man who they say burglarized a home in philadelphia's society hill neighborhood. authorities say this guy broke in a home on the 5700 block of spruce street and stole a mac book computer an bicycle. it happened earlier this month and as you can see, it was in broad daylight. if you recognize this man right here, give police a call. authorities in schuylkill county need the public's help tonight looking for a man who they say beat a woman and then threatened to kill her and her four-year-old child. pennsylvania state police say christ cher irwin benjamin beat the victim over a two-day period in woode wooded area. the 32-year-old allegedly said he'd kill her if she left with the child. that woman was able to get to the road where neighbors called an ambulance. she's now in serious condition. if you've got any information, please call police. it looks like a philadelphia eagles rookie won't be sitting during the national anthem. at the next preseason game after all.
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word that he was going to follow 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick caused quite a stir. the 49ers qb ignited a fire storm. he was by racial raised by white parents in northern california but he won't stand for flag or country that quote oppresses black people and people of color. fox 29 spoke to the agent for mike did you various a short timing mike will be standing during the anthem at the game later this week. it's been two years since philadelphia decriminalized small amounts of marijuana. the change pennsylvania's governor wants for the entire state. >> children and one parent apartment complex say there's really creep fee behind one of their building. >> some golfers in colorado are not too happy about having to share their course with geese and the mess they leave behind. the solution golf course found to send those geese packing. coming up on fox 29 news at tonight a 6:00 a robbery in a
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local cell phone store caught on camera but police say the accused robber behind the counter was not acting alone. how investigators say his partner in crime helped him pull off the whole thing. ♪
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some sad news to pass along tonight. actor comedian gene wilder has
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died. he was known around the world for playing the total role in the 1971 children's classic willie wonka and the chocolate factory. you may also remember him for his rolls in blading saddles and young franken tine. he battled alzheimer's and died at his connecticut home today. gene wilder was 83 years old. >> new jersey transit police officer is being hailed a hero for pulling a man off the train tracks and saving his life with just seconds to spare. authorities say officer victor ortiz followe followed man at sw cuss junction saw him jump on the tracks. he kept saying "i just want to die" but ortiz did not give up pulse him away just as the train was barreling into the station. >> panic in los angeles after two security scares at the city's international airport. one of them reports an active shooter and it follow as similar false alarm at new york city's jfk airport two weeks ago. >> fox's adam housely. >> reporter: chaotic scene at the los angeles international airport reports of a gunman
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prompted the evacuation of several terminals sunday evening lax describing the situation in statement reading "airport police began receiving reports of an active shooter in terminal a. word spread quickly through the word of mouth, social media and additional calls were need airport about an active shooter in other terminals. ensuing panic caused more than two dozen flights to be diverted as well as cancellations and delays. >> all of a sudden there was a flood of people that came running into the bathroom saying, there's a shooter. everyone is in huge pap nick. >> we got off the plane and were exiting and saw just a mob, a crowd running towards us, and we immediately started running. >> reporter: airport says about the same time there were reports of a masked man armed with a sword and dressed as the character sorrow. police later determined that sword was plastic. >> no charges or nothing like that. um, they said i was cool, severing clear. it was a misunderstanding. >> reporter: the situation at lax follows recent terror tax in
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belgium and turkey and another false alarm of shots fired in jfk international airport in new york earlier this month. los angeles police say last night's shooting fears were caused by loud noises. >> besides the obvious terror concerns at airports across the country lacks has dealt with attacks in the past the most recent until 2013 when a man opened fire and killed a security agent. in los angeles, adam housely, fox news. in new jersey, politicians on both sides of the aisle coming together to better fund local offices of emergency management. the new bill would give millions of dollars in state assistance they're would it help the state prepare for dangerous storm. the bill creates a program under the department of law and public safety that would distribute aid annual toll counties based on their risks of natural disaste disasters. hurricane sandy still fresh on the minds of those sponsoring the bill. >> every dollar that we've put into being prepared for storms is going to be well rewarded we learned from sandy a few years
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ago. so i'm really appreciative that senator vitally and some of these other speakers here today to actually talk about how important it is to plan proper properly. >> the money in the bill would be used for a variety of storm preparations including buying supplies and staging for rescue operations. federal officials have issued an emergency order for zika screening the test can now be used to screen patients showing zika symptoms who meet the centers for disease control's criteria. they include fee, rash, joint pain and red ice. last week in the united states there were over 2500 zika cases reported. and because of the zika virus disneyworld, bush gardens, sea world and universal all offering free mosquito real rhee pell atlantic to guests. they want to protect people from mosquitoes that might be spreading the zika virus. repellant being given out at various locations across the parks. so far 43 people have gotten the zika virus from mosquitoes in florida. >> donald trump is getting ready
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to give major speech on immigration plan and hillary clinton is facing more backlash over new reports guarding her e-mails. lauren blanchard is in washington with the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: trump hoping to make up some ground this week during a highly anticipated speech on illegal immigration. wednesday in arizona, he's expected to lay out his policy that scene the republican candid shifting. >> number one and this is important the signature piece of his legislation in his campaign has been build wall. that has not changed. build a wall. no amnesty. no citizenship. no more sanctuary cities. >> reporter: trump's campaign is busy figuring out what stance they want to take, the clintons are still facing criticism for the way they're family charity accepted donations while hillary clinton was secretary of state. republicans pointing to clinton's dropping trustworthiness poll numbers. but analysts say at this point, voters won't be swayed. >> i think you see democrats arguing that her, um,
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untrustworthy numbers are so high in some polls higher than donald trump's but she's still ahead of him because people have cemented that she's not to be trusted but that she's preferable to donald trump. >> reporter: new monmouth poll out today shows historically high number of voters have unfavorable view of both the democratic and republican candidates. more than any other election in recent history. the poll also shows clinton still with a commanding lead but the gap closing by a few points since earlier this month. >> voters if you vote for hillary clinton this is what you'll get low level or even maybe bigger level of corruption. >> with two days to go until the next deadline both campaigns are pushing hard to bring in money as we head into the final tepp weeks of the elections. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. as we approach election day a new warning from the fbi. they are telling state officials to increase security and they're voting systems. this comes because evidence that hackers have breached data systems in two states.
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the fbi is not commenting on their alert but yahoo news is reporting that the fbi has advised states to scan their systems for specific signs of hacking. air force helicopter makes an emergency landing in an unusual place. a middle school in maryland. folks person for joint base andrews says the helicopter landed just after 10:00 this morning at the school in brandywine. so 8 miles south of the base. according to preliminary reports the chopper's tran mission warning light came on forcing the pilot to land immediately. pilot and a co-pilot were the only people on board and no one was hurt. woman in her 80s is pepper sprayed by police inside her own home. who investigators were actually looking for when it happened. >> and major pharmaceutical company is changing the way it sells the epipen. how it's planning to help people afford this life-saving drug. and we're just a few weeks from the season premier of fox's hit drama empire. the well-known tv mom who is joining the cast.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my
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first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan. pennsylvania governor tom wolf says the state needs to
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decriminalize small amounts of marijuana possession in a systematic fashion. still he remains guarded about the kind of recreational legalization in place in several western states. the governor says the state should act because too many people are still going to prison for marijuana possession and that's clogging prisons and hurting families. philadelphia decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana nearly two years ago. 11 years ago today, hurricane katrina exploded into one of the deadliest and cost lee yesterday hurricanes to hit the united states. the northern gulf coast was decimatedecimated parts of alabd mississippi saw storm surge of 30 feet. people found cars from the coast six to 12 miles inland. but then the unthinkable happened. levees of the new orleans broke and later analysis determined that 80% of the new orleans flooding was because of those broken levees. >> in oklahoma an investigation is underway after police pepper spray an 84-year-old woman and they weren't even after her. investigators say this all
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started while they searched the woman's home for her son. police say he ran a stop sign, refused to stop and then darted into this home. police tased him but then out came his mom. police asked her to turn around after about 40 seconds she was hit with pepper spray. that woman says police were wrong to do that. the chief of police says the department is working to try to resolve the situation. >> this is very important issue. there's lot of miss information out there. there's a lot of pre judgment going on much there's a lot of concern. >> the department says it released the video to be transparent. no word on whether the officer who pepper sprayed the 84-year-old is still on duty. former new york congressman anthony weiner is no stranger to controversy and today his wife announcannounced they're splittp the reason she says she's leaving. >> some fisherman near the border of mexico have border patrol agents on high alert.
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how they're able to effort less track the rio grand. >> tracking the tropics. rough surf as we head into the holiday weekend. i'll show was to expect coming up with our seven day forecast.
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♪ we are continuing to follow breaking news out of new jersey this evening. new jersey state police are investigating a shooting that left one person dead and four more injured. it happened in egg harbor township along the garden state parkway. at least a dozen shots were fired into an suv. police say some of the victims
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went to a wawa along tilton road as new details emerge on this police investigation and this deadly shooting of course we'll bring them right now. just into fox another increase to the reward for any information to help put the person who killed an eight-year-old in jail. little gabrielle hill carter was shot in the head in crossfire last week in camden. she died a couple of days later. the reward is now up to $76,000. the fbi and the 76ers adding to it today. italian police are investigating whether negligence or building code fraud played a role in the high death toll after last week's devastating earthquake. so far 2290 people confirmed dead. >> rescue crews continue to search for bodies underneath the rubble. meanwhile the pope plan to visit the area and meet with those who lost everything. >> the death toll continues to rise after last week's devastating earthquake in central italy. rescues continue to go who are
5:31 pm
fox survivors and bodies underneath the rubble demolis demolishing buildings that are dangerously close tocology falling down. >> translator: you can see behind me our firefighters working with the mobile ladder trying to remove roof tiles that are loose and a chimney that is not stable. >> 6.2 magnitude earthquake destroyed several towns. thousands are displaced from their homes with many living in tents or their cars. >> translator: all these days i've been living in a car down near the river toronto now the bishop will speak to the civil protection and give me a tent and in the tent i can put holy sacraments. >> the pope now planning to visit the region and meet with those devastated by the loss of their homes. >> translator: the readiness of when which the authorities, police, civil protection and volunteers are operating demonstrates how important solidarity is to overcome such painful trials. >> at least one town is grateful they didn't see more damage. in central italy near the
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epicenter of the quake but saw very little damage due to government program that strengthened buildings. >> translator: if the project did not take place in norcia we would probably be in the situation like the people in amatrice now. >> museums across i it willy wil donate all tick sales from sunday to the rebuilding effort. in florida, people are preparing heavy rain this week from tropical depression. it's expected to dump up to 5-inches of rain through wednesday in the southern half of the florida peninsula and the florida keys. people in miami spent much of the their weekend stocking up on sand bags and other storm supplies. that storm is gaining strength as it moves into the gulf of mexico. and back to your fox 29 weather authority now. a tropical system is increasing the risk for some dangerous rip currents along the jersey shore. forecasters say the risk will likely continue through wednesday and then increase again over labor day weekend. if you're headed to the beach be sure and swim near a lifeguard. >> always a good idea.
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kathy orr joining us now with more. >> yeah, a lot going on with the tropics and it definitely will be impacting the shore. here at home we're talking about more heat and then a break in the heat as we head toward the holiday weekend. you can see our cameras shaking a little bit as we look at center city philadelphia. breezy in the wake of a cold front that moved through but not so cold behind this but noticeable decrease in humidity. our sixth heat wave rolls on friday, saturday, sunday in the 90's today any 93. so four days in a row the normal high is 84 for this time of year. and today is the 15th day at 90 degrees or greater for the month of august and of course this is our second august heat wave. right now 77 in the poconos. 88 in pottstown. millville 89. atlantic city at the airport 93 degrees. on the boards 85 way nice sea breeze ocean city still sitting at 91. avalon the temperature 87 degrees. our dew points are lower to the north. comfortable with dew points in the 50s in the poconos. in allentown drier air beginning
5:34 pm
to move in, still muggy in philadelphia. oppressive through millville and dover these numbers will be going down as we see a refreshing air mass tomorrow but still warm temperatures. as we eye the tropics we have tropical depression number eight. that's off the coast of cape hatter mass tropical depression number nine this is the one that florida is bracing for. could make a landfall right here along the gulf coast or the panhandle of florida within the next couple of days. it will be becoming a tropical storm. tropical depression eight moving out to sea but will create as well as for us and a rip current risk over the next couple of days and also as we head toward the holiday weekend. so two systems to watch. so i'm not really terribly threatening as far as land is concerned but for us we are talking about a rip current risk. down the shore the rip current risk will be moderate to high over the next couple of days. warm and breezy for your tuesday. hot again wednesday. temperature 91 and of course over the holiday weekend high surf rough surf again. in the city overnight.
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69. the suburbs 60. tomorrow lower humidity very close to 90 degrees. but we could end the heat wave with high of 89 as you plan your day we start off in the 70s. in the 80s by lunch. afternoon temperatures in the upper 80s and still 84 degrees tomorrow evening. on your extended forecast from the weather authority. into wednesday afternoon. with chance of storm. morning shower thursday. 85. friday 82. saturday 82. and look at the rest of the holiday weekend. sunday 83. labor day 85 the perfect end to a comfortable weekend. shore temperatures similar. hot the next couple of days and then back in the 80s for thursday onward. if you're going to get a jump start on the holiday weekend, so far so good. >> that's the very latest from the weather center. we'll zen it back to you. >> all right, kathy, thanks. you want to celebrate the philadelphia soul's big arena bowl within head to city hall this wednesday at noon for a rally to celebrate the team's second championship all the players, coaches and soulmates
5:36 pm
will be on hand for the big party. children and parents in one apartment complex say there's something creepy behind their building. what dozens of children say they see lurking in the woods. >> and we all know sitting in traffic can cause stress but what other damaging effects can bumper to bumper traffic have on your health? plus police issuing a warning about potentially deadly batch of heroin it's hard to see but there's actually a marking on it that authorities want you to know about. they say it could save life.
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♪ what's that?! a bird? no, it's gus, the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania! have no fear, wonder gus is here! wonder bucks! whaaa... wonder bucks, the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery, with top prizes of $300 grand! one can dream. you can say that again.
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(giggles) keep on scratchin'! ♪ the maker of the epipen says it will now make a generic version available this comes as the company mylan faced criticism over high price. mylan says the generic injectable medicine will cost $300 for a two-pack that's about half the regular price. it will be available in both 1.5 and 1.3 milligrams. the generic version is expected to be available in the next few weeks. it will still be called the epipen. parents in greenville, south carolina, on high alert tonight after children there reporting
5:40 pm
clown sightings in the woods. the property manager at fleetwood manor apartments issued a letter to people who lived in those apartments. they said they've gotten complaints of a person dressing up as clown trying to lure kids into the woods. one woman there says she thought her son was making things up but soon dozens of children were saying they saw that same clown. >> i thought my child was, you know, seeing things, and the next day i had about 30 kids come up to me and say did you see the clowns in the woods? >> the property manager says that the county law enforcement will be conducting daily patrols because of those reports. former new york congressman anthony weiner is allegedly at it again and his wife is leaving him this time around. the new york post reports the 51-year-old is been sexting a woman for the past year and a half. one photo even reportedly shows him in his underwear in bed while his son sleeps next to him. weiner tells the post he and the woman are just friends and the
5:41 pm
conversations they had were quote private. and appropriate. weiner's wife of six years and hillary clinton aid announced she's separating from her husband after this latest revelation. some fishermen near the border with mexico have border patrol agents on high alert. how they're able to effort leslie cross the rio grand. and just a few weeks from season premier of fox's hit drama empire. the well-known tv mom who is joining the cast. howard? >> eagles head coach doug pederson has all but made his decision on whether quarterback carson wentz is going to play the final preseason game for the eagles on thursday. we'll hear from the head coach and from carson wentz. also, malcolm jenkins has chimed in on the 49ers colin kaepernick not standing for the playing of the national anthem. that's all coming up in sports.
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♪ in your health today sitting in a traffic jam could make you sick. researchers say the pollution gathered in the cars and traffic at red lights much higher levels than that found in moving cars so that means cars that are stopped could have as much as 40% more pollution in them. good news, though, scientists say there's way to reduce all of that when possible. they suggest keeping those windows closed and the fans on recirculating the air. pediatricians say they're encountering more and more parents who are refusing to have their children vaccinated. in a survey conducted in 2013, for the american academy of pediatrics, 87% of pediatricians say they encountered vaccine refusals and that's an increase from 75% when the survey was last taken back in 2006. now the most common reason for refusing vaccines provided by three out of every four parents was that the vaccines in their minds were unnecessary because
5:46 pm
the diseases they have preven prevented -- wipe out in the united states. in new york lawmakers are pushing for a bill that would collect data about firefighters diagnosed with cancer. >> they would collect that information from firefighters across the country. senator chuck schumer presented the bill for the national firefighter cancer registry yesterday. researchers would gather information from firefighters diagnosed with cancer and then track where they battled the fires. the data would help determine if the buildings had harmful materials inside and help officials see if there's a connection between the rate of exposure and the rate of cancer diagnosis. >> if there were 10 cancers that came about from a certain type of fire they'd no to look into it. they'd know something was the matter when there usually wouldn't be any cancers of that type. >> proposed registry would be voluntary an non muss and managed by the cdc. >> local football fan is outraged after 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick decided not to
5:47 pm
stand during the national anthem before a pre-season game. kaepernick said he chose to remain seated as a statement against racial oppression in america. 49ers fan nate hash shack says he burned kaepernick's jersey to push back against the message. >> he spoke with good day's mike and alex holley this morning. >> reiterate why you have a problem with not serving. >> my whole family served in the military from vietnam to world war ii. you know, for -- to think that a professional athlete won't stand for that is very bother some to me i won't support that. >> the nfl released a statement over the weekend saying "players are encouraged but not required to stand during the playing of the national anthem". >> sad story out of norway. free lightning strike kills more than 300 reindeer. this video could be tough to watch it happened on friday during a thunderstorm that battled telemarket area.
5:48 pm
norwegian environmental agency says 70 of the reindeer killed were calves and five other has to be put down because of severe injuries. officials believe that this many animals were killed because they were standing close to each other when that lightning struck. >> so sad. new federal rules for commercial drone use go into effect today. they'll make eight little ease your for people who use drones for their businesses. you no longer have to be licensed pilot to fly drone for commercial use. you can get a remote pilot certificate you have to pass a online test and be vetted by the fta. >> felicia rashad is joining the show of empire. actress many known as the beloved mom from the cosby show set to play another matriarch. she'll reportedly have a recurring role as the mother of the character played by taye diggs. another famous face will also debut this season mariah carey will be playing singer named kitty.
5:49 pm
season three premieres on september 21st. oh limb mick gymnastics star gabbie douglas taken to the hospital because of an infection. 20-year-old gym nast fought on going mouth injury that led to serious if he can. according to her publicist, douglas was admitted to the hospital after experiencing swelling and some adverse reactions to the medication she was forced to miss an appearance in new york at the mvt video music awards alongside her us olympic teammates. officers in california community are reaching out giving hugs to help strengthen ties to the people they serve. fox's felicia martin says stopped by one hug a cop event over the weekend. >> reporter: hugs are changing the relationship between law enforcement and the community. teaching little ones not to be afraid when they see an officer. >> we saw the hash tag hug a police and they say can we stop to hug a police and i say yeah. >> monica polo and her two boys are among dozens sunday who came out to the first ever hug the
5:50 pm
police event in vista. >> police are nice because they -- they give us stuff. >> they make the world a better place. >> this is the 16th event since hug the police started in oceanside in july. allowing different agencies across san diego to participate. >> this gives a chance to meet people in the communities that we serve. they get a better understanding of real who'll we are. because let's face it, a lot of people only have interactions with california highway patrol if there's involved in collision, if you know, they're getting a tick. >> reporter: from young children to adults, the events help bridge the gap between the community and law enforcement changing negative views often seen on television. >> looking at the police officer than just like stopping people. >> with everything hats that's going on in the world they do get a bad wrap. it's a dangerous job. it goes with the territory. >> reporter: one hug at a time people show they do recognize
5:51 pm
their sacrifice and appreciate their commitment to serve and protect. >> they're also like us. they have families and they care about us. >> reporter: next hug the police event will be wednesday august 31 is san marcos with the sheriffs depth. good out and get to know your local law enforcement. in vista, i'm felicia martinez, fox news. >> two pennsylvania universities seem to party more than others. lehigh university ranked number four for the top party school in the country. and bucknell it placed fifth much that's according to the princeton review which surveyed 143,000 students. university of wisconsin madison is dubbed the top party school. n new hampshire a man catches a black bear red handed as it tries to steal a bird feeder. >> no, no, no. hey, hey. >> jason alexander shot this video of the bar running off with the feeder trying to eat the seeds inside but after he
5:52 pm
kind of gets scolded the bear just drops it. the homeowner says the bear stood there for while but eventually snacked on a few seeds in the driveway. >> big guy there. some golfers in colorado aren't too happy about having to share their course with some geese and the mess they leave behind. the solution the golf course found to send those geese packing. >> coming up at 6:00 back live at the scene avenue church inferno in overbrook. how firefighters rushed rescues of people who were inside the church and as it filled with smoke. >> police are issuing a warning about potentially deadly batch of heroin. there's a marking on it that's hard to see but authorities want you to know about it because they say it could save life. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch.
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the u.s. coast guard is monitoring a sand bar that is on the border of mexico and the united states. extremely low tides have exposed the sand bar at the mouth of the rio grant. now spokesman from the national weather service said it's the lowest the tide has been in years and it could actually remain that way for several da days. reports of mexican fishermen using the sand bar to move freely between the two countries have caught the attention of the us border patrol. they are increasing manpower to
5:57 pm
keep that area secure. well golf courses in one colorado city are turning to i love this man's best friend for help. >> they're calling in the dogs to chase away growing problem that's flocking to the courses. fox's ashley michaels shows us unique way they are dealing with the geese. >> reporter: game of golf is different. >> some days you play great. some days you play poor. >> reporter: but at twin peeks golf course in long montgomery one thing is always the same. every round comes with an audience. >> yeah. the winged variety. >> reporter: regulars tell us they don't mine the geese. >> for the most part they stay way from us and we stay way from them. >> reporter: we they do mind their leftovers. >> they like to leave things behind when they walk on the course. >> reporter: so many feathers you can't find your golf balls. holes where they ate the fairway and this. >> this if you're the greens that's kind of a nuisance because you don't want your ball landing in the geese poop. >> reporter: luckily there's a local hero taking care of the
5:58 pm
problem. and she comes complete with a cape. >> every time we open the gate, she knows to go chase the geese. >> reporter: this golden named katie just one of a team of volunteer doing whose job to scare the birds away for golfer. >> we'll let her off and she'll just keep running report the geese hate it. they run and fly into the lake. in exchange the city let's these dogs run off the leash on the golf course any time of day. making eight perfect job for dogs who have a lot of energy to burn. not all the golfers like it. >> not too big on that. we'll have dog pat on the courses if they don't clean up the dog poop. >> each dog has to be approved for the program. they get little confused once we first come out. once they see what we're doing they're okay with it. >> it's a win/win for everyone except the geese. >> ♪ right now at 6:00, flames and billowing smoke billing the air in overbrook a church goes up in flames.
5:59 pm
>> opened up the door and i couldn't see down the hallway at all. >> the terrifying moments insi inside. what firefighter doctors to get everyone out. and a man goes into a local cell phone store threatens a worker and demands money but he wasn't work aig loan. what someone else was doing just steps away. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. we begin night with breaking news out of atlantic county, new jersey. skyfox over a shooting scene in egg harbor township. so far we know at least four people are hurt and another has died. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. right now investigators are trying to piece this altogether. let's get straight out to our dave schratwieser who is live in egg harbor township. dave, what do you know? >> reporter: dawn, crime scene investigators now on the scene here. you can see this white ford expedition suv riddled by gunfire. sick shots through the front windshield and perhaps eight or
6:00 pm
nine more along the side of the vehicle. all of the passenger side windows have been blown out. according to state police here's what they tell us at this point. this may have started with a shooting on the atlantic city expressway involving two vehicles, a second vehicle was found on the garden estate parkway just past the ramp off the expressway in the northbound lanes. there was one victim found there shooting victim. four victims in this suv and again as we just reported one of those victims we're told has died so five shooting victims one fatality. four people were wounded by gunfire. crime scene investigators now on the scene here trying to figure out exactly what happened. there is money, clothing and blood all over the place here in the parking lot at the wawa the shoot diagnose not take place here. the victim drove to this parking lot. the back tire of that suv as you can see has been blown out. we spoke to several customers who walked out and saw this seen a few minutes ago. >> it's scary.


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