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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  August 30, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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a deadly highway shoot-out brings hundreds of cars to a complete stop in south jersey, who investigators are talking to hoping to solve this mysterious crime. police are searching for answers after they say a 13 year-old boy accidentally shoots himself, and a 12 year-old girl where children were and what they were doing moments before shots were fired. plus this... >> we're devastated with what has happened to take because we have lost everything. >> more than 100 fire fighters battled flames after a fire engulfed a century's old presbyterian church in west philadelphia. no one was hurt. what could not be saved. good day it is tuesday august 30th, 2016. >> well, it is august. >> month is coming to an even. >> heat is not over yet, right. >> no, but it will be a little
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bit less humid to day. after agonizing over the number like i do every day i went with a nine because we don't have too many warm days lefty guess once you see the end of august looming. anyway, nine, one on, we will make it to 89. we will see what happens. i can tell you there is no precipitation on ultimate doppler radar. that is a a good thing i think for most of us, this morning. we have temperatures, in the city, of 74 degrees. look at relative humidity. 57 percent. so, 74 sure feels a lot different when it is not that muggy. northeasterly wind at 7 miles an hour and 6:27 our sunrise time. there is another look at the wind. they have changed direction with the weak disturbance that came through with some cloud yesterday in the afternoon so with a northeasterly win we will get slightly dryer, and, we did that is well above, high of 84 and it will be a
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close call, could be 89 or 90. if we get to 90, we will extend the heat wave, it is a five day heat wave. not as humid, that is it weather authority forecast. we will have the holiday weekend forecast coming up. now time to check traffic, bob kelly on vacation this week and this time of the day, it is we're talking about construction, including i-95 southbound construction near the betsy ross bridge. two right lanes are block, hopefully they will be cleaned up before things get too busy. vine street expressway approaching the schuylkill, a little bit busier now but running smoothly this morning. we have all kind of alterations to traffic patterns because of made in america this weekend. they are blocking two lanes in front of the art museum until 5:00ah and that is in effect chris and lauren until september 6th. >> okay. thanks very much. breaking news out of cobbs creek. >> one person is dead after being shot multiple times. and police need your help identifying that victim.
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execution style shooting happened just after midnight behind the furniture store near intersection 55th and sansom street. police tell fox 29 the victim a man in his 20's was shot four times including once in the head. right now police are combing through surveillance video from that furniture store and homes, near the a area in hopes of finding that shooter. now, a developing story a bizarre shooting in south injuries which evidence spread across two major highways and wawa. >> this ending with one person dead and five others injured, investigators are trying to piece together what happened. steve keeley live at state police barracks in hammington, steve, good morning. >> reporter: since late news a sixth player in all this has pneumonia found but far from the sure scene but up in philadelphia at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania, to get treated for a wound to the arm, now in police custody, and philly police involved and searching for what state police down here in new jersey always thought, all along, another vehicle that have been
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involve, and may also have a lot of bullet holes in it. so this shooting, first seen by police when people at this wawa saw four wounded guys, stumble and somehow survived, this suv, shot up on all sides with too many bullet holes to count. the other cars in all of this, secondly on the garden state parkway is where the dead man was found. he was a passenger in this car, 23 years old from pleasantville that has pleasantville police in on the investigation with new jersey state police and egg harbor township police. >> people are still in the hospital, we're still looking for others who may be connect, we're talking to a number of witnesses. i want to mack sure that the public knows this as far as we can tell right now, were not the just a random act. although we don't have all details we believe that the people involve in this shooting knew each other, that this was not a random act. we don't have a mass shooter on the loose who is targeting
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people at random. >> i think it is scary. like i live really five minutes not even from here and just to hear about it, it the is, just crazy. >> reporter: we're still in the the height of the vacancies on, maybe the most busy week of all in labor day when everybody takes that last week off. when you think about that this could have been so much worse. chris and lauren if there is any good unlike so many other shootings we have sceneries eventually in philadelphia a, no innocent bystanders were hit when these bullets were going back and forth between these cars good that is a change steve, thank you. developing in south philadelphia a 13 year-old boy playing with the gun land himself in the hospital with the 12 year-old girl, both of them were shot when the gun accidentally fired this happened inside the home, just before 9:00 o'clock in this home. police say one bullet hit both children. luckily their injuries are not the life threatening. we believe the 13 year-old was handling, and playing with the gun, when that gun, discharged. we believe accidentally it
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went through his hands, and that bullet after going through the 13 year-old boy's hands passed through and then went into the 12 year-old girl's right knee. the 13 year-old boy we're told, after firing the shot, exited the rear of the property, still carrying the gun. >> both children remain hospitalized in stable condition. officers say that they are still investigating how the teen got the gun and who it belongs to. historic church in overbrook goes up in flames. >> hundreds of the parishioners are searching for a new place right new to worship. blaze i go noted yesterday morning at good shepard presbyterian church raise to go four alarms, dozens of crews got the upper hannan this dave kinchen live from the scene where one church member was trapped inside that building, dave. >> reporter: trapped this is shower, there is apparently a lot of facilities including a day care. no one was hurt the but fire crews will be back out here looking for the cause of this
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massive church fire. it took more than 120 fire fighters and several dozens pieces of equipment, from the fire department to deal with this blaze, that went to four alarms at good shepherd presbyterian church on land down avenue in overbrook. no one was hurt, thankfully but there was a close call for a man on the third floor of the building and had to be rescued. >> i was in the shower and the power went out and water got real hot so i got hot, opened up the door, and could not see down the hallway at all. i felt my way down and somehow ended up in the middle room and ended up finding that window there, really hard to breathe, and climbed out on the roof, yelled down, and guys came up and got me. >> reporter: thankfully fire fighters could get to him once we got to the roof. church is more than 100 years old, it has been home to many congregations along with the
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community events as you can imagine, any church, is a stapel in the community, this one, no exception, by the way, we understand from officials that the fire appears to have started in the basement but it is not clear what actually started it. so investigation will continue this morning. back to you. >> all right dave, thank you. reward has been up to $76,000 for information leading to the person, who killed eight year-old gabby carter. fox 29 has learned that the funeral for the little girl will take place saturday at the church of god and christ in camden. police believe gabby was caught in the gang related shoot-out last week. she was shot in the head as she rode her bike at eighth and spruce streets in camden. >> hard to look at her picture. >> yeah. people living in montgomery county pleading for answers after his of concerns over their water quality. >> last night's meeting comes after officials found contamination in water near two naval air stations. fox 29's shawnette wilson has more. >> i have had cancer. my mother has had cancer.
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many other things that they have mentioned that are problems with high cholesterol, thyroid problems, a lot of auto immune diseases. >> right now i'm drinking bottled water. i'm giving my dogs bottled water i'm so scared. >> reporter: residents packed the auditorium, this evening. they are desperate for answers about a problem with contaminated water hitting their communities for years. the panel discussion was organized by represent brendon boyle, pat meehan and michael fitzpatrick. officials say the water issues stems from the former naval air station in willow grove and naval air warfare center in warminster. >> when they found out the that those chemicals were harmful, they took no meaningful a action. >> reporter: shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. so all three representatives say that they have sent letters to the cdc asking for health monitoring and blood testing for residents in that area. affordable care act also known as obama care needs to draw in more uninsured
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americans if the program will survive according to a new federal report. just over 11 million people signed up as of march, however many enrollees have been sicker than expected and have spent more on health care then insurers predicted. open enrollment starts in november. there are fears more insurer will bail. hillary clinton has no promises to put mental health treatment on par with that of physical health, democratic presidential nominee roll out the her plan to improve mental health care yesterday. her proposal calls for expanding early intervention in mental illness, increasing training for police providing mental health care for non-violent offenders and investing in brain and behavioral research. as for g.o.p. presidential nominee donald trump will clarify his immigration policy during a speech in arizona tomorrow. and this was sad news, one of my favorite comedians growing up watching him on the big screen the world has lost a legendary actor gene wilder. >> yeah, he died at 83.
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>> ♪ come with me and you'll see in a world of pure imagine nation take a look and you'll see into your imagination ♪ >> he was best known for playing magical factory owner in willie wonka and chocolate factory. others are young franken steins. >> franken stein. >> franken stein. >> excuse me. >> broadway musical the producers. the actor/writer died late sunday in connecticut from complications to stemming from alzheimer's disease. >> you are too young to remember these films. frankenstein. >> one of the best movies. >> got it. >> sorry. >> maybe you have some watching to do this weekend. >> but i think, when his wife, one of the original cast
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members, passed away from ovarian cancer, lot of people respected how he handled that as well. he was great on screen and off. what a loss. 4:12 the time. fight ago begins oppression in america san francisco quarterback colin kaepernick refuses to stand during the the national anthem and now a eagles rookie diving in the controversy next.
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people in florida are raring forstrom damage as tropical depression nine,
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develops just south the of the sunshine state. it is expect to turn toward the northeastern gulf coast of the united states later this week. >> if it doesn't hit us it is good reminder for everybody to be prepared. >> people hoff been here a long time and experienced a hurricane before we have not had one in a while so complacently is a worry. >> tropical depression nine is what meteorologists are keeping an eye on. folks along carolinas are preparing for tropical depression eight which is currently just off the coast. >> sue, while you were reading if they are tropical depressions they get numbers and unless they are named storms they are just that named storms. >> they get numbers first and when wind get higher then they get a name, wind threshold there of 39 miles an hour, 41, but it is around there. hurricane gaston that is 105 miles an hour wind. here's eight. we will get an update from the national weather center at 5:00 and we will find out if they will get a name.
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we have been telling you hermine and ian is next on the list. eight is off the coast of north carolina. that will come close. the it is expect to strengthen into a name storm. it will be a race to see who gets the name first, there is nine, just entering the gulf of mexico and that puts it on a path where it could also move off the carolina coast. the both storms could affect us, as far as rip currents are concerned, just in time for the holiday weekend. there you can see it moving off cape hatteras on friday, continuing, thankfully, an off shore track but again, with that storm off shore, we could have dangerous rip currents at the shore. monday's high 93 degrees. fifteenth day this summer of 90 degrees or above, or this month i should say. heat waves, now we have two for the month of august when that became official. nothing on radar. little more comfortable, this morning. not as humid today. it is a close call. we may make it to 90 today or
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tomorrow and then we're in the 90's and some showers as well. more comfortable, temperatures, probably lower 80's as we head into saturday, sunday and probably labor day on monday, and we will just, edge into the mid 80's. so pretty nice weather for made in america and everything else going on for this last unofficial weekend of summer. that is your weather authority forecast, time to check traffic. i-95 south near betsy ross bridge. i-95 near cot hand avenue not too many cars. trolley situation for made in america, routes ten, one, 13, 34, 36, will operate on unday and saturday schedule during the festival. center city tunnel will open up on sunday evening. when folks are trying to go home.
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regional rails will run on regular weekend schedules as well, and probably add a few extra cars just in time for that concert. fail police looking for shooter or shooters who sent three teens to the hospital. we broke this story yesterday morning. gun battle erupted around midnight yesterday in the 27th and tasker where police found a victim, 17 year-old and then two, 16 year-old boys, we're told all in stable condition. authorities are investigating whether the teens were involve in the shoot-out or hit by stray bullets. police say one of the shooters may have been trying a new model white knees a maxima or altima. authorities in schuylkill county need the public's help. they are looking for a man beat a woman who threatened to kill her and her four year-old child. christopher irwin benjamin beat the victim over a two day period in a wooded a area. three two-year old said he would kill her if she left with the child. that woman was able to make it to a road where neighbors
4:19 am
called authorities. wife of the former congressman anthony weiner said she has had enough. >> huma abedin has announced she's separating from her husband and father of her child. yes, the announcement comes after new york post report about weiner getting caught sexting a woman. when will he learn? he sent a photo of him laying in bed in his boxers as his son slept next to him in his bed. this is not first sexting scandal weiner was involve in. you will remember five years ago in 2011, another incident forced him to quit politics. so, long time aid for hillary clinton release aid statement after a long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, i have made the decision to separate from my husband. anthony and i remain devoted to doing what is best for my son. during this difficult time i ask for respect for our privacy. coming up at the 4:20, controversy over a 49ers player now hitting home,
4:20 am
friday night san francisco quarterback colin kaepernick sat down during national anthem. see him there on the bench as everyone else is standing. see him right near gator aid coolers. so he said it was a statement against racial oppression in america. >> well now an eagles rookie is diving in the controversy. our chris o'connell spoke to eagles fans about mike tarvarez who just hours after saying he would sit out national anthem, said he will stand with his teammates. >> reporter: he may not even make the team but eagles rookie mike tarvarez made a bold statement taking the lead of 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick, by refusing to stand during the national anthem on thursday night, when the eagles take on the new york jets. eagles teammates reacting to the controversy. >> a lot of people get upset when you use that stage to speak about things outside football but at the end of the day it is a stage that we have and we have learned. >> reporter: hours later a
4:21 am
after pressure from his agent undrafted linebacker had a change of heart. agent corry williams telling me over the phone tarvarez does not want to be a distraction for the eagles and he will be standing during thursday's game. over at chickie and pete's fans were buzzing. >> i feel like he has a right to choose not to stand or to stand because that is true american life. >> it bothers me. i think national anthem stand for the peoples, black, white, hispanic, that for the and died for the country and the right. >> we had jim brown, bill russell, muhammad ali. >> reporter: chad lastiter founder of black men of penn school and social work said social statements from super star athletes is nothing new but what matters is what comes next. >> i think he has taken a stance but i want to see what he will do beyond that because it is beyond the signs and symbols, is he go to go come to the community and do the things that need to happen in the community. >> reporter: chris o'connell,
4:22 am
fox 29 news. new eagles head coach doug pederson following the nfl stan, in the statement he respects history of the national anthem but will respect an individual's freedom of expression. eagles play their final preseason game this thursday and couch doug pederson shares if carson wentz will be on the field coming up in sports in one minute. >> but first your lottery numbers.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. eagles play their final preseason game thursday night against new york jets at the link. eagles will in the play many first string players, wide receiver, dor ohio green beckham will play some, jordan matthews will in the play until season opener september 11th. player and fans want to see is the quarterback carson wentz. after listening to the head coach doug pederson it is obvious he will not be playing in the final plea season game. >> he had a ct scan done, and it came back, you know, he had the two ribs there so the tenth one is completely healed, 11th one still shows about 60 percent. so there is still some injury there. >> does that mean he won't play on thursday. >> he is 60 percent with that rib, probably not. >> i didn't know there were 11 ribs. not much offence from the phillies last night. citizens bank park jake thompson the pitcher and the only run that they need in the two run first. home run in the first inning,
4:26 am
washington beats phillies four to nothing. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> all right. 4:26. hi steve,. >> reporter: well, people on the busiest roads around the jersey shore busiest time of the year, and here every night in places like camden, chester and philadelphia.
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amopé. love every step. one person is dead after being shot several times in cobbs creek. the latest is straight ahead. plus bizarre deadly highway shoot-out brings hundreds of cars to a complete stop in south jersey, imagine being stuck in this. >> investigators are talking to hoping to solve this mysterious crime. >> more than 100 fire fighters battled flames after a century old presbyterian church goes up: one person was trapped inside, after the aftermath of the fire. world of comedy has lost a legendary actor how celebrities are remembering gene wilder this morning. good day everyone it is tuesday august 302,016th. if today happens to be your birthday here's your gift. happy birthday. >> we're so silly. >> thank you.
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>> what color is my shirt. chris is color blind. sometimes he will satisfaction what color? >> it looks like a muddy mustard. >> good job. >> he is good right. >> don't hold it up today. we have a nine out of ten in heather by the numbers today because humidity is down and that is so rare, in august. we have nothing to show you on radar this morning, so we will get right to the temperature as you walk out the door right now 74 degrees, but 57 percent relative humidity, that is pretty low for this time of the year. could be heat wave day number five if we get to that high of 90 but today it is a close call but we will have plenty of sunshine and your sunset time is 7:35, so that is your tuesday forecast, get you through the holiday weekend coming up. right now lets take a look at traffic and mess of the traffic problems this early in the morning is construction related including what is going on, i-95 southbound right here near the betsy ross
4:31 am
bridge exit. we are blocking one lane here, but they are starting to pick up that construction, and it should be all lanes opened pretty soon, and i-95 in delaware county. we will see a lot of headlights, just a few though. everybody ising ago long fine near high land avenue. accident on the new jersey turnpike, northbound, just after route 206, so, up a little further are north from frustrates there and, we have got that trolley situation, for made in america this weekend. routes ten, 11, 13, 34, 36 will operate on the saturday and sunday schedules all through the weekend. center city tunnel will open up for trolley service on sunday evening, when foulke are getting ready to go home. one more about made in america, regional rails will be on their regular weekend schedules. most lines operating hourly and septa will be adding or extending several trains saturday and sunday because they encourage you you, chris and lauren, to take public
4:32 am
transportation to made in america this weekend. >> makes sense. >> yes. >> let's stay in philadelphia for this. breaking news out of cobbs creek. one person dead after being shot multiple times. shooting happening just after midnight we had a furniture store at the intersection of 55th and sansom street. police tell fox 29 the victim was shot execution style at least four times, including once in the head. right now police are combing through surveillance video from the furniture store and homes in the area and hope to see the shooter and identifying the victim. now this story involving a deadly shooting scattering evidence all across south new jersey. >> one person is dead, five others injured, investigators are trying to piece together what happen. steve keeley is on this, good morning. >> reporter: nuts, just nuts is how one witness described the scene layout on the busy atlantic city expressway in one of the busiest weeks of the year at busiest time of the day, 3:00 in the afternoon this could have been so much worse. state police said they were looking for a third car
4:33 am
involved, in this shoot-out, because people, called in at 3:00 o'clock, telling them that this was going on, outside their windshield. they were pulling over and trying to stay out of the way. well, since the late news last night what could be a seventh player, turned up, at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania, with the bullet wonderful to his arm and is now in philadelphia police custody and new jersey troopers who were looking for a third car, may be looking for that car now with the help of the philadelphia police up in philadelphia. the other possibility is that this guy was the driver of the car the on the parkway where victim was kill. either way what an investigation going on right now, and again, no bystanders that we know of has been hurt, none of the cars even shot, so these guys must have been shooting at each other, at close range because the expressway was shut down, you can see traffic in the dark, headlight just stopped for nearly an hour because police went back to the scene where all of the witnesses say this shooting had played out, and while it was dark out they
4:34 am
were still finding plenty of evidence. guns. bullet shells. and pieces of the vehicles involved. look at this suv at the wawa on the black horse pike near the airport, and down in atlantic city airport, real airport, big one in pamona. both rear view mirrors were shot out, pieces were found on the street, same with that back wheel, that was blown off, parts of the rubber from that discovered by the investigation. so now, we have got at least three cars involve, maybe as many as seven guys involve and one guy killed. >> state police on the garden state parkway came across another vehicle just north of the intersection, with the expressway, and the parkway, and around the exit number 38 on the parkway. that vehicle was pulled over, it had a driver who was uninjured but unfortunately it had a male pass evening shore was fatally injured. >> it is a disgrace that we have to go through all crap like this, the world is gone.
4:35 am
it just keeps going on. >> reporter: dead man 23 years old from pleasantville was a passenger in that car. you heard lieutenant jones describe on the parkway. that was stopped 5 miles from the shooting scene, the car at wawa, suv all shut up, that drove 2 miles from the shooting scene. amazing they were able to drive and also amazing that the four guys in that are alive. chris and lauren. >> truly amazing. >> thank you, steve. developing in south philadelphia a 13 year-old playing with the gun lands himself in the hospital with the 12 year-old girl, both shot, when that gun accidentally fired. this happened inside a home on eden terrace just before 9:00 last night. police say one bullet hit both children. luckily their injuries are in the life threatening. >> we believe the 13 year-old was handling or playing with the gun when that gun discharged. we believe accidentally, it went through his hands, that
4:36 am
bullet, after going through the 13 year-old boy's hand passed through and then went into the 12 year-old girls right knee. the 13 year-old boy we're told, after firing the shot, exited the rear of the property, still carrying the gun. >> both children remain hospitalized in stable condition, office are say they are still investigating how the teen got the gun and who it belongs to. this is a loss historic century old church in overbrook up in flames. investigators trying to determine what caused it as hundreds of parishioners are trying to find a new place to worship. good shepherd church on land down avenue, now just charred ruins. it is gutted. fire ignited yesterday morning around 9:00 rage to go four alarms and took more than 120 fire fighters much of the day to put this out. no one was hurt thankfully but there was a close call for one church member trapped on the third floor, crews managed to rescue him and they rescued a
4:37 am
cat. the reward has been up to $76,000 for information leading to the person who killed eight year-old gabby carter. fox 29 as learn that the funeral will take place saturday at the temple church of god and christ in camden. police believe gabby was caught in the gang-related shoot-out last week, she was shot in the head as she rode her bike at eighth and spruce in camden. she dies days later. a car crash in the auto own store in south 70th street last night after some sort of a pursuit. one person was rushed to penn presbyterian. police have not given an update or why police may have been chasing him. initial reports show the chase may have started in yeadon delaware county but no one else was hurt. world of comedy has lost a legendary actor. >> gene wilder died at 83. he was best known for playing a magical factory owner in the willie wonka check late factories. other movies are young frank
4:38 am
stein. >> frank stein. >> and wilderes nephew said he died sunday in star forward, connecticut from complication from his alzheimer's disease. >> you mentioned a couple hoff is, but you have to look for blazing saddles, which is one of the greats, silver streak and stir crazy, one of the best movies whenever richard pryor. lets get to the tweets. many celebrities are speaking out about gene wilder's death. man behind mess of wilder's films mel brooks posted this message to twitter, gene wilder, one of the truly great talents of our time. he blessed every film we did with his magic and he blessed me with his flown ship. jim carrie said gene wilder was one of the funniest, sweetest energies ever to take a human form. if there is a heaven he has a golden ticket. richard pryor's daughter, tweeted this picture with a message that read forever a great comedy film duo, dad and gene wilder. yeah, they were awesome.
4:39 am
four will 38. coming up a i am is many hand gesture with a big message, the meaning behind this okay symbol, trending on social media.
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criticism over high costs. generic version is expected to be available in the next few weeks. >> that is good news. pediatricians say they are encountering more parents refuse to have their kid vaccinated. >> survey conduct in 203 for american a contacted hi of pediatrics 87 percent have of pediatricians say they have encountered vaccine refusals, increase from 75 percent from the the survey last taken in 2006. most common reason for receiving vaccines was provided by about three out of every four parents was that vaccines are just unnecessary because it is easy to prevent have been wiped out in the u.s. >> a lot of pediatricians will disagree with these parent as this debate rages on. 4:42. next up, a simple hand gesture however with a big message. the meaning behind this okay symbol trending on social media.
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4:45 in new jersey politicians on both side of the aisle came together to better fund local offices of emergency management. you this bill will give millions in state assistance hoping it will help state prepare for dangerous storms. bill creates a program under the department of law and public safety that would distribute, aid annually to counties on the risk of that are disaster. so right away you are thinking of say atlantic county or along the coast. hurricane sandy still fresh on the mind of those sponsoring this bill. >> every dollar that we have
4:46 am
put into being prepared for storms, is going to be well rewarded. we have learn that from sandy a few years ago. so i'm really appreciating, some of the other speakers here to talk about how important it is to plan presently, critically important. >> monday would i go toward things such as preparations, including purchasing supplies, staging for rescue operations. we saw that. what was sandy now, we're coming up on four years. >> 2012. >> it will be october 31st of 202, so that was four years ago, my goodness. they are still doing reparation work. >> some folks never recover really. let's hope they never need those emergency fund but we will keep an eye on the tropics, tropical depression number eight and nine hi will find out at 5:00 if we will get names for either of these storms from the national hurricane center. they issue an update every morning at 5:00 o'clock.
4:47 am
meanwhile both of these storms mean, plus gaston in the atlantic mean we could have problems with the rip currents and with the popular shore weekend at new jersey and delaware shore, rip current risk through wednesday and then again over holiday weekend thanks to the storms we have just showed you. there is nothing going on radar right now. looking at the future cast we will see a try day to take, we will see a few included around tomorrow, and it is tomorrow night, wednesday night into thursday we will start to see a few shower popping up overnight hours. a to shore with the cold front come through on thursday, thursday is our day with showers and thunderstorms, possible, and once that cold front comes through we will clear out. we will have low humidity and lower temperatures. so in danger of the heat wave over weekend at all. seventy-four this philadelphia. sixty-six in lancaster. sixty-nine in dover. seventy-one wildwood. cool 53 in mount pocono. look at these dew points in the 50's and lower 60's just about every where. that makes a big difference in your comfort, this morning.
4:48 am
we are now working on a four day heat wave, yesterday's high was 93. today we will go with 90. we could only reach 89. close call today and tomorrow but those then are storms with the cold front on thursday. cool things off. look at the that holiday weekend. low 80's. mid 80's on monday. that is your seven day forecast. time to check traffic, and we still have that construction on i-95 south at the betsy ross bridge but it is going on and new they have cleared that up. smooth sailing there. route 42 this new jersey, running shootly at the moment. we have a report though of an accident in montgomery county in perkiomen township at pennypacker road, all lanes are blocked there because of a pole being down thanks to that accident. trolleys, situation during made in america. we have got everybody operating on a saturday and sunday schedule routes ten, one , 13, 34, 36 and that
4:49 am
center city tunnel near the venue will open for trolley services on sunday evening. regional rails, regular weekend schedules but they will add a few extra trains all made in america late night regional rail information available, guys, on >> well, thank you, sue. we now say it will come, as call eye can rejects an offer by atlantic city main casino workers union that would have saved the casino. icon responded saying casino will shut down as plan, nearly 3,000 workers will be out of a job. a large turtle being cared for down the shore after she was apparently hit by a boat. >> staff at the marine mammal stranding center found the 140-e oyster creek nuclear power plant in brigantine. now she was unable to use her back flippers. now as she recovered local fisherman and voluntarily
4:50 am
dropping off about a dozen crabs for the turtle to eat, each day. staff tells us that the lagger head turtle may never be able to return to the ocean, however. >> she can survive but not in the wild. in order foresee see cutter toll lay eggs they have to climb up on the beach, dig a hole and then deposit eggs. she cannot use her rear flippers so she could not to that. >> federal government is looking for a permanent home that can accommodate this turtle. we're told she could live another 40 years. 4:50. lets get to breaking news. up investigators on the scene in the violent crash in camden, new jersey this happened at ninth and haddon avenue knew. we are hearing a car crash in the utility pole and several parked cars. two porsches are also destroyed. our dave kinchen is heading to that scene. we will have a live report coming up. a simple hand gesture has taken on a important meaning across social media. >> we are familiar with people meaning okay, right. if you see it in selfies like that one there they are trying
4:51 am
to save lives part of the #it is okay to talk campaign. they are encouraging conversation with mental health and suicide among men, they are hoping it the reduces the stigma that prevents men from seeking up about their struggles. it is okay to talk. >> that is okay to be a man and have emotions. >> not only that men are reluctant to get medical treatment, to go for checkups for physical well-being but their mentallal health is something different all together. a lot of men would never bring this subject up. >> i can commend a man who can please talk to someone instead of keeping it all bottled up an then you just explode one day. >> that is why we connect. i get it out every day good every day. >> and not only do you encourage it. >> yes. >> i think you draw it out of me. >> good. >> no, not so good. >> you know every little secret ape detail about my life. >> do you give me good feedback and advice.
4:52 am
>> the best. >> sometimes it is not what i want to hear. >> all right. are you looking to have some fun with the family this weekend? come on out to trenton's arm and hammer park, september 4th, it is pitch night, game starts at 7:00 p.m. if you have a ticket to the trenton/reading game you will be able to stick around after the game for a screening of the pilot of pitch, pitch premiers on tax, on thursday, and september 22nd, the at 9:00 p.m. >> when we saw ads we thought, who else, hoe in a, right. >> yeah. >> had to be. >> totally did. >> inspired by her life story. >> inspired by. >> in the next hour of fox 29 morning news scouts for major league baseball will have their eyes on tim tebow today but does former footballer already have an offer. >> when i look at that winning, i don't think so. >> don't be a hater.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
get the knack out, a live look at olde city for you on this tuesday morning at the 4:55. lets look at your head lines on line and on social media, west deptford couple that was found dead in their home last friday died of blunt force head trauma death of the 58 year-old edward cole junior and his five five-year old wife rose marie had been ruled homicide. twenty-nine year-old son had been charge with the death. reward has been upped to $76,000 for information,
4:56 am
leading to the person who killed eight year-old gabby carter. fox 29 has learned that the funeral for the young girl will take place this saturday at faith holy temple church of god and christ. police believe gabby got caught in gang cross fire last week. she was shot the in the head as she rode her bike at eighth and spruce streets in camden. controversy over 49ers layer is hitting home on friday night san francisco quarterback colin kaepernick sat there in the foreground right there by the gator raid while rest of the teammates stood for a national anthem. he said it was a statement against racial oppression in america. now this rookie is diving in the controversy. he is with the eagles. just hours after saying he would sit out for the national anthem mike tarvarez said he will stan with his teammates. now to a philadelphia kid getting national attention, meet 11 year-old dylann curtis, yes, here he is, a local dy, even playing at some high profile events such as the dnc here in philly and
4:57 am
wawa welcome america. well, it seems he did such a good job the white house called him up. dylann got the chance to dj at the white house for a state dinner for kid. this is in july. this is a picture from the event. how cool is that. steve keeley, good morning to you in new jersey this morning for us. >> reporter: we're on the atlantic city expressway. we're usually here for labor day week because it is known for high volume of traffic not high volume of violence.
4:58 am
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good morning we have breaking news we are following for you, a violent crash in camden, new jersey. a car takes down a utility pole and several parked cars, dave kinchen racing to the scene to give us very latest. also developing on fox 29 a bizarre deadly highway shoot-out brings hundreds of cars, to a complete stop in south jersey. who investigators are talking to hoping to solve these crimes. police searching for answers after they say a 13 year-old boy accidentally shoots himself and a 12 year-old girl, where the kid were and what they were doing before the shots were fired. plus this... >> we're devastated with what has happened today because we have lost everything. more than 100 fire fighters battled flames after fire engulfs a century old presbyterian church in west philadelphia. but no one was hurt but what could not be saved. >> we are looking for another place to worip


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