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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  August 30, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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one can dream. you can say that again. (giggles) keep on scratchin'! trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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they are perform right now live at fourth and market. >> i love this song. >> ♪ the >> to you like having people around all the time. >> all the time. >> everybody chillin. >> we are chillin with lauren dawn johnson. >> we did this is at dell when we had our block party at the dell. that song stuck in my head. >> getting good play on the radio too around town. >> bunch cooler out there. at the dell it was 612 degrees that day. >> it felt like it. >> what was the humidity. >> the same. >> it is tuesday august 30th, 206. my daughter jill's birth the day as a matter of fact. >> happy birthday. >> you still don't have a gift >> no. >> we are trying to help you, mike. >> she did the hiking, she lives in colorado. maybe i will get her some
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hiking stuff. >> i will see her thursday, it will be fine. >> it takes me back to the delivery room, all these years ago on this date, and she was, it it was going to be a vaginal birth and then boom, complications set in. >> c session. >> i'm in the control room. what though call that delivery room. thank you. and the dude comes in, the there comes in, scrambling, og, we have a little bit of an emergency. i didn't leave before they did the cesarean. >> pop a grape. >> your reaction was ugl. >> sound effects, wonderful. >> yes. >> secondhand school supplies, some parents say, i don't want. what parents are worried about if they buy used stuff. >> i don't know. >> and alycia keys ditching make up she has been doing this for a little bit now but after vma's she's clarify her
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stance on beauty what she says about staying fresh faced. people on social media were blown away. >> why does it matter because she chooses not wear make up. people are mad at her. >> exactly. >> why? >> okay, mike and alex told me it is national toasted marshmallow day. forget smores stand by. grown up version you can bring to your labor day party. >> and you use a blow torch. >> that is unique because you don't need a fire, to hot for that. >> build a campfire and all that stuff. >> this is 2016 camp out. >> we get creative. >> we have lost all of our old traditions. >> yes. >> we can wait for winter and use the fire again. >> we can go to linvilla orchard, the fall festival. >> yes. >> yes. >> we can take a hey back ride. >> i love that kind of stuff. >> okay. >> i love when you headache fun of me. >> i'm not doing that.
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>> hangs out with me. >> sometimes. >> anyway, it seems like there is parents and may not be a good one depending on how ask. let me set this up. parents forget letting your kid walk to the store or spend a day outside with their friend. unattended by parents. parents do not feel comfortable leaving children alone for a short period of time. you might think safety was the main reason. in? a survey says by scientists at the university of california irvine says it is because leaving kid alone on purpose often comes with a fair amount of judgment from other parents. so you have a fear of being shamed on twitter, instagram, facebook, and that is the main reason we don't leave our kids alone anymore because we don't want to be shun. >> it is socially unacceptable among your friend, they say. >> chris murphy, you read this study inside and out. you are a father of two.
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what did you think. >> i was also a child. >> yeah. >> boy, this has all changed in our lifetime, right. little kid growing up in the 70's all of the parents left kid all alone all summer it seemed but this study is interesting now. it has to do with how we judge everyone else, in the neighborhood. >> okay. >> right. so they did five different scenarios as they did this poll, four of which were planned absences, you have to leave for work, you have to volunteer, maybe to go have an elicit affair type thing. the other scenarios, the fifth scenario was an unattended absence from the child, separation from the child like a car crash, or lost of consciousness. the interesting thing here is, everyone polled thought that the planned separation from the child were more dangerous for the child, where the unintended one, the the accident was less dangerous. but that would be the opposite, right? if you are planning to be away for under an hour thinks all scenarios like 45 to 50
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minutes you would make sure that the neighbor might be on alert or child had a cell phone. but if the parents had a car accident that is not planned that is shore at risk. so rational the scientists found was it is all for everyone else watching from the sidelines to put moral judgment on other parents. that is why we feel like it is more risky, to leave it alone when not planned because we are trying to make ourselves feel better about being so judgmental. >> so, all right be honest here chris murphy. >> yes. >> so, did you ever think about what the neighbors would think when it comes tour kid. >> absolutely. high wife and i a lot of times would take a walk around the block knowing my goodness if we get seen by neighbors will they judge us. we have to know if we did run into another couple walking their dog or something we have to say oh, yeah well neighbors over will are on alert and watching. they are coming at you, you see them approaching you, you are coming up with excuses. >> our kid are at neighbors
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house, seriously. >> how about you guys. >> chris, thank you. >> 9:07. a lot of moms and dads are sending back to school supplies and clothes over the last couple weeks. would you ever buy used stuff instead of the new stuff to save money. >> i'm going to to. >> i think would i too. >> what about clothes. >> that is tricky. parents say yes, they would but when asked why they say they were too embarrassed to buy secondhand. a lot of parents said they want their kids to be popular and wear those brand names over a third of the parents, 30 percent of their income on their kids, inn that includes day care. the new report comes from offer up a local marketplace app that connects individual buyers and sellers to things. people try to get rid of things. i talk about that over the weekend her baby is two. one of our other cousins her baby is four. her baby wears hand me downs.
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he doesn't care. he said look at my new sneakers. these were conners. he was happy. he does president care. but i think older you get more kids are like they are cruel, they are mean. >> especially in high school and cool kid and everybody wants the latest styles and that kind of thing. >> do you remember adidas shell toes. >> it is the shell toe. >> it is a white sneaker but you front has a groove because it looks like a shell, limes. popular. probably back when alex and i went to school. so asia and brooke turned 12. >> your nieces. >> my nieces. and they were like we have to have brand new shell toes because that is what everyone on school is judging everyone off of do you have the shell toes. >> i know. >> parents have pressure to keep up. >> well, you don't want your kid to have trouble when they walk into school. >> because kid are cruel. >> not everyone can afford shoal toes. >> that is a shell toe you cannot see it. the front sort of looks like a
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shell. >> i see it. >> okay. that is a big deal now. >> that is a big tiehl in seventh grade in the suburbs of atlanta. >> shell tops. >> there they are lot at shells there. >> it is always something. not everybody can do that. i remember, you half to have different schools to match different colors and different outfits. high parents are not having it. we will not buy you different shoes, different outfits. what i would do is i have shoes and change shoelace toes match all of my outfits. i worry pink, what am i wearing and change the layses. >> yes. >> i have to do something. >> yes, i was not popular. you have to be creative. >> were you home coming queen at the your high school. >> it doesn't mean you are popular. >> just answer the question. >> yes, i was. >> the vote was split because there was a popular girls the cheerleader and you have the ones who all of the guys like they didn't know. >> so i was left.
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>> were you the cheerleader type. >> i was a track, i was a track, choir. >> yes. >> council president. >> you cannot sing. >> no, i can hold a note. i can hold a note. i'm not tone deaf. >> thank you, lauren. >> yes. >> you know when he sings, it is the same. >> mike, sing that. >> chances are. >> exactly. >> don't come to me i can't sing. >> do you want me to sing alycia keys song. >> what was my favorite when i used to pretend she was talking about me. >> at the coffee house. >> yes. >> you don't know my name. >> you don't know my name. >> megan, can you find that. the music video. there is nothing dirty, but she was making phone calls. >> and so sultry. >> yes. >> yes. >> and the guy that she called, the guy that she was falling for his name was michael. >> can i speak to michael.
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>> to michael. >> yes. >> this is the waitress. >> it is help she makes the call. crank it up. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> she makes a phone call. >> yes. >> oh, yeah. >> listen. >> can i speak to michael. >> hey, how are you doing. >> it is okay. >> this is the waitress. >> what do you look like. >> the one with the braids. >> yes. >> i will see you on wednesday all the time, you come in every wednesday for your lunch break. >> what do i get.
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>> you are special. >> special, fried fish. >> i'll be in wednesday. i don't know, i'll see you then i think you are kind of special too. all right. bye-bye. >> what did you say, in the crescendo, thursday is perfect, man. >> yes. >> boom. >> alycia see that was back in her make you have wearing days and new she lets her hair out. she talks about celebrating her natural beauty don't could have that up. >> did you see her at vma's. >> she has been doing this for a while. i love it. you heard her new single. >> um-hmm. >> it is good. >> once i did i said go, alycia. >> she's not wearing make up. >> and she has been doing that. >> but she took to the vma's, she came out she gave a nice speech and sang acapella and then came social media.
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social media had a lot to say. this is an award show why are you looking like that. >> you have to be glam. >> exactly. >> so now she's coming back out addressing why she has already said why she's not wearing make up. she wants to go make up free. not that she's running errands. she wants to do this all the time even on tv. she's at voice. she's not wearing make up on the voice. >> your people mad. >> she posted a comment y'all me choosing to be make up free doesn't mean i'm anti make up. do you. she's blowing out a kiss and her husband, says this morning. >> he defend her he said why are you guys worried about what she's doing on her face. not your face, her face. >> let her do what she does in the morning. >> i don't understand why everyone does this, i don't get it what difference does it make in their lives what she's doing. >> when they say be your self, you should put on make up and when someone tries to be their
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true self and then they trash them. >> she tries to lower the bar women are always held to a high standard of beauty, all about make up, hair, extensions and lipstick. she's like let's lower it. then she's getting criticism. people firing back at her for what. >> she wants to celebrate natural beauty. >> what is wrong with that. >> here's the thing. >> she looks darn good. >> she does. >> she's a beautiful skinned. >> her skinnies a nation. it is like a natural glow. >> glowing. >> perfect. >> you have to give it to her. when people say, you know, fact that she's not wearing make up. she's brave. way to go. it is unfortunate. it is true. if you to have deal with that, people trashing your name and say, people were saying we don't want to look at that, put something on. >> i have to see what those people look like, who are trashing her. >> we had this discussion a couple days with a woman friend of mine. what women go through is amazing. you get one salon for a certain type of hair do,
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weaves, extensions, whatever. then she knows woman who go to a different nail salon for the hand and as opposed to your feet. >> yes. >> it is a lot of work. >> one place to get your eye brows threaded, somewhere else to get your eye lashes if you want your extensioned, hair straightened at one place, different place if you want extensions in. some people do great with your nails but they are not good with your toes. >> it is a lot going into this. >> like beyonce says, well, begins what beyonce says we do not wake up like this. >> we really don't. >> guys shower and come in. >> you know what i like to say if y'all complain do you like finished product. >> i sure do. >> don't complain. >> all right. >> by the way it is national toasted marshmallow day. i never toasted a marshmallow with a blue torch. >> i'm scared. >> mike and a blow torch is never a good idea.
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>> we always toesed our marshmallows on the grill after my dad would cook out in the summer night. >> yes. >> come on over, you will walk right in my camera. >> i have done some tv before. i was waiting. >> i was hoping you would come through. >> yes. >> so this is the point i was getting to great night for barbecues because it is not too hot to stand outside. it will be 90 degrees, at least some of it for today. so not as humid as yesterday. still warm and possibly 90 again tomorrow, and then thursday, it is our transitional day as we start to think about the holiday weekend, showers, thunderstorms possible on thursday, especially late in the day, some of those days could pop up with the cold front as a result of the cold front coming through is cooler air moving in, so highs only in the lower 80's, friday, saturday, and sunday. inching in the mid 80's by labor day on monday, but all and you will, we are looking at, at least at this point
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excellent weather, for the holiday weekend. lauren? >> okay sue a local dj has some serious, skills and now he is get something national attention from the white house. check this out. >> ♪ yellow submarine >> that is not the video we were wanting to show you. >> that is more cartoon then djing skills. anyway 11 year-old dylann curtis rocked out at a dj at a white house state dinner. we will get video at some point. he got the gig after being a dj at the dnc here in philadelphia and wawa welcome america and other local events here in our city. so kids stayed in there in july and he even got a chance to meet michelle obama, we have pictures from that event
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we will try to pull up and show you. there they are. little dylann right there. isn't that cool to be so young to be able to walk in the white house, hang out, and look hang out with the first dog. how cool is that? >> we have to get him on the show so we can find out how his dj skills stack up. mike and alex, are you guys outside yet. >> we will make toasted marshmallow ice cream. >> okay. >> we will do it the now. >> yes. >> we're celebrating toasted marshmallow day. we are very excited. we have a chef from continental in atlantic city. >> doing great,. >> morning, philly. >> i heard today was toasted marshmallow day, been perfect with our theme. we will toast marshmallows. >> dominic i love continental at caesars in atlantic city. >> yes, it is great. >> all right.
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>> me, this is the mike. >> with this mike you talk to mike and then i talk in the mike abe talk to chef dominic. >> you should stand over here and i can do this easier. >> what is that called. >> this is our smores cheese cake. >> smores cheese cake. >> yes, cheese cake we toasted to order, chocolate cause, graham cracker crust, graham cracker on the top and highlighted is toasted marshmallow ice cream. >> that is key. >> what do you do, toasted marshmallow ice cream. >> with the toasted marshmallow ice cream we have toast marshmallows get them dark to get that smokey flavor. >> yeah baby. >> it is a flavor. we add it to the ice cream base, mix it up, strain it, and then make all of our ice cream in the house, and then for those who do not have have an ice cream machine at home, you can also toast marshmallows and then fold tonight to a premade ice cream. >> ice cream you get at the grocery store and let it melt into a bowl. >> yes.
9:20 am
>> and fold it in. >> let's fire up these marshmallows. >> with the blow torch. >> why are you giving him the blow torch. >> go right in the middle. >> there you go. >> oh, yeah. >> nice and toasty. >> how dark. >> i like to go dark to get that flavor. make it feel like a campfire at home. >> look at that. >> let me do some. >> you do some. >> can i. >> yes. >> just have the torch, there you go, and then get them real dark. we have a little squeeze bottle and toward the actual. we do a great show. >> we will put this out. >> we have a fire. >> we have marshmallows to the ice cream base. one cup of marshmallows. mix it up. and then let that melt in there. usually make it a day ahead let it sit. >> will marshmallows dissolve.
9:21 am
>> the more you toast them that is if you like to toast them a lot. >> nice and mushy. >> yes, kind of blend in when you make ice cream base, it is hot, marshmallows are hot and they melt inside. >> well, here's the cheese cake. >> yes, to order, we torched the top. it gets nice and carmelized. >> is that made out of all that. >> it is carmelized sugar on top. >> yes, carmel and sugar. add graham cracker. so marshmallow, and then we do a little chocolate sauce around. >> like a cheese cake smore. >> yes, smore cheese cake. >> hold this thing because i'm lost. >> when does marshmallows come in. >> this mixture of ice cream and marshmallow that. >> no, this is actually this. this is a toasted marshmallow ice cream. so, to order. >> oh, man. >> so right on top we put
9:22 am
toasted marshmallow ice cream. >> now i get it. >> we have a little bit of ice cream scoop that we put on top, that is smores cheese cake. >> carmelized cheese cake, chocolate sauce, cannot go wrong. >> that is on the menu. >> yes, menu at continental in atlantic city. also in the menu in philadelphia midtown. >> midtown. >> okay. >> hold this. >> just take a taste. >> you get toasted marshmallow feel to it. and then all together with the cheese cake and chocolate sauce it is like biting right into a smores. nice and gooey. how is that? >> that is fabulous. >> great. >> it taste like a smore. >> lauren, you would want some of this. yes. >> you said one thing i will eat on tv is it is cheese cake and ice cream. i love those two conversations.
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forget whistling while you work, blast your happy music what song you should be listening to that makes you a much better employee. >> ♪
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big oil polluters. they have a friend in pennsylvania. millionaire pat toomey. toomey voted to protect their special tax breaks. saving oil companies twenty-four billion dollars. and big oil polluters have given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. tax breaks for them. campaign contributions for him. pat toomey. he's helping big oil polluters and millionaires. not the rest of us. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ we all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine ♪ >> oh, this song. >> yes. >> i think so. >> makes you happy. >> i think so. listening to music at work makes you a better employee like songs like yellow submarine were part of the story at cornell. research are played music to observe how music shapes workers behavior. when you listen to happy songs you are more likely to cooperate and contribute to the theme. >> we should play happy songs around here at my desk. >> before you get here sue can attest to that. she's doing her make up. she will see that. >> is that luther or is that whoever. >> yes. >> happy songs. >> happy songs. >> yes. happy songs. >> at that hour you have to
9:27 am
wake up by something, right. >> true. >> always music to wake everybody up. >> i have now, my daughter, gave me one of those alexa, whatever you call those things. >> yes. >> that thing if you are to say you play music out of that, i disagree. every time i'm over your house. he goes alexa, you ask her to play a song and what does she do. >> i cannot find it in your librariy she will play a sample you cannot get a full song. >> yes. >> and who is alexa. >> she's this woman, that has been hanging-- no, who makes it. >> amazon. >> amazon. >> it is a black little column and you yell, you say her name. >> yes. >> that is not your iphone a separate siri on her own and it is a speaker. >> megan, bring it up. >> yes. >> echo. >> is that her name there. >> you say alexa. >> you say alexa but it is
9:28 am
amazon echo. >> but you call et al. ex-a. >> app is echo. >> this is too much work. >> i had a friend over. he says, i was talking to alexa, and she comes on. >> what do you want. >> there she is. >> i have yet to see it be helpful. >> i use it every day. >> it acts up when i'm around, because it doesn't work. >> she's not real updated on current issues. >> no. >> well, there is that. >> people just hit play. >> laying on the couch, alexa. >> he likes the idea of calling out for something. >> yes. >> she does it. >> like sue google. >> sue. >> your happy song what was the song you told us he was driving in the rental car and you and i were like that is your happy song. he said he started to crying, because he was all by himself. >> i was than the crying. >> did that make you sad.
9:29 am
>> so somebody at home remembered, you went to kansas or somewhere, you went to the car. >> right. >> were you driving by your parts, and remember your song was that you put on and alex said that is your song. >> that is not my song. >> you said it was your happy song. it is what makes her cry. >> i know i was, it was -- >> well. >> i can't remember. >> no, it wasn't that. that makes me cry is bonnie rait i can't make you love me if you don't. >> i can't make your heart feel something it won't. >> yes. >> it was a barry white something or something else. >> i only know the barry white song. >> that kind of stuff. >> yeah. >> secret garden. >> i will figure it out. >> parents. >> thank you. >> are your kids in college. i know that is a personal question?
9:30 am
you know they are going to party, don't you. but how much. it depend on the school. here it comes survey comes out every year, the top five party schools in america, for the love, two of them, two of the top five are in our viewing area. >> yikes. >> oh, no. for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice.
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toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> full performance coming up in just a little bit. we're trying to help you lose some weight, especially if you're with child or just had
9:34 am
a babe. >> i so a lot of people are looking forward to the tails and secrets. soso i got this tweet, someone sent us a picture, and her name is jennifer, just had a baby, so i'm watching and recording today's show. you look good, girl. what a cute babe. >> i pressure on for jennifer fred who will help this woman out. >> good morning, okay, we've moved on, we're basically behind the art museum with a brand new business, physio fit. good morning. >> hi,. >> you guys are really unique people, in terms of the fitness industry. who are you? >> yes, so, my name is doctor tito sole on smith, physio fit, and also consierge pt. physical therapy, exercise phese old gist cents and dietitions. so we bring the jim to our clients, we go to people's homes, their offices and fitness center in today at 11:30, you guys have free class for new moms or expecting moms? >> we do. the class is supposed to be geared toward moms to be, but anyone can come and work out with us, we are supporting the
9:35 am
maternity care coalition, and we're collecting diapers, anything new moms would need, they're a great organization, support moms, and new kids, from zero to three. so just trying to support them, as well. launch grand opening event. >> what's the biggest struggle do you think for new moms and moms to be staying fit? >> well, i think people are scared to work out. i think they don't know what they should be doing, so we're here to kind of dispel some of the myths, it is generally safe for you to exercise, always want physician clearance first, but we're just trying to promote more physical activity. the better and healthier mom; the better and healthier baby is. >> i remember working out during both pregnancies in laying on the couch. you are with the maternity care coalition. >> yes, i am. >> and you say these are good examples of what you always need. you need donations of diapers and cash? >> diapers and cash, always helps. we work with low income moms and their babies. we want to make sure that everybody has a great beginning, and a healthy
9:36 am
start. and so diapers, we know, babies always need, but also we need the resources so we can bring programs like these to women who can't afford to go out and get this kind of support. but they need help in staying healthy, too. >> i love it. so the class today is free. >> yes, free, at 11:30, from 11:30 to 12:30 today. >> how do they sign up? >> no need to sign up. beautiful day, keeping you ladies in the shade, we've got water, so we're excited. >> i love it, and ideally when do you physio fit, how many people do you identify deally have in a class? >> so usually one-on-one session. we offer memberships. so the thing that makes us unique, work with people who don't have medical conditions. we also work with people who do have medical conditions, who maybe are able to exercises elsewhere, so, all about making exercise feasible for everyone, making it less intimidating, come to you provide one-on-one experience. it is basically in-home, fitness training. just provided by experts, provided by a pt or exercise
9:37 am
phese old gist. >> and they're all adorable. you guys are all adorable. i hope people come out and help you guys, as well, moms, you are looking good. guys, back to you until the studio. >> so out behind the art museum, free. >> and a nice place, right? >> and i know your kids are going to college here, and the list is out of the most partying schools in america. oh, no. >> too late now, though, school already started. >> well, two of the top five, yes, they're already there. two of the top party schools in the area are in the area. >> at least be more aware. checking in on them. >> probably should. >> get to class! >> up next.
9:39 am
9:41 am
okay, so the list is out of the top party schools in america. princeton review does this. two pennsylvania schools in the top five. but let's go with the top ten. number ten, colgate university considered a great school. >> in new york? >> up in new york state. number nine, tulane, down in new orleans, of course. syracuse, great journalism school. >> and number eight. then south, university of mississippi taking the seventh spot. university of iowa, at number 65. >> the hawk eye's. >> let's go local. >> look at number five, bucknell, bucknell is number five party school. lehigh university, not far away, ranked number four, lehigh, bucknell. >> wonder if they party together? >> probably should. >> you want to know the top three in america? >> yes? >> university of illinois at champagne, urban a, champagne.
9:42 am
number two, the mound and ears of west virginia university. but number one party school in america, the university of wisconsin. >> wow. and i hear that's a huge school. >> it is gigantic. >> someone i know played football there, they would give them scooters and golf carts to go to class. it was so massive. >> trying to find your school on the list, alex. >> do you see the top 100? princeton review. >> now, somebody in the olympics was going now to the university of wisconsin. who is it? >> oh, it is my girl from last week, yes, sierra. she's going. >> party. >> she will be living it up. >> okay, here are my medals. >> so she was worried she was like oh, she was telling me about being tall, challenge of being tall, i have a chain of being tall at five-eight, that he, girl, what's up, six-four. she said it would be hard, a
9:43 am
guy meet you, he's instantly inch tame -- intimidated by you. >> , you're an olympian gold medal. >> her mom said you would never believe she is 20 years old, never been on a date before. this will be her fun time in college. >> yes. >> i met a woman the other day, she is 28, has never been kissed. uh-huh. >> well, by choice? >> by choice. >> like religious choice? >> yes. >> good for her. >> very nice young woman, yes. wow, kendrick family soul is here. >> i love the saxophone. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> they'll play your new song for you after the break. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> do you have it in your hands? >> i have it, it is still hot, because it just dropped. >> talking about kendrick the family soul, six studio albumn, called legacy of love. >> is that the two of you on the back? that's cute. good to see you. good to see you. >> hi, how are you? so, talk about -- >> wonderful, wonderful.
9:47 am
>> talk about legacy of love. what's this albumn mean? >> oh, this is about us really embracing all of these years doing this our sixth albumn, fans over the year have said hey you guys really speak for us, you really represent those times in our lives that are most important, we want people to know that no matter what, that we're willing to represent that. this is our legacy. so our gift. >> and you really represent the family unit. because you're married. you talk about marriage, and being in love with each other still. you talk about that also, on this albumn? >> absolutely, absolutely, but culmination of not just our marriage but other people's relationships around us that we see, and all of the observations of the world at this present moment. >> we love you. >> so last time at the del you guys sang all of the people around me. now what are you going to sing today? >> we're singing welcome to my world. >> let's hear it, welcome to my worlds. >> ♪ #. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ #
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. having fun with the family this weekend, come on out to trenton's arm and hammer park for pitch night. the game starts at 7:00 p.m. and, if you have a ticket to the trenton running game, you will be able to stick around
9:55 am
for something special. because, after the game, there is going to be a screening of the pitch, the show that's on fox, premiers on thursday, september 22, at 9:00 p.m. but if you go to this game you get to see if first. >> so many people were wondering why was taylor swift not at the vma's, that's why i tuned in to see her on the front row, singing and dancing to all of the songs. >> some people thought maybe bass she wasn't nominated. other thought bass it was heavily publicized kanye west would be there speaking and didn't want any parts of t but she says, no, i was just in nashville, i had jury duty. >> oh, come on. >> okay, this is taylor swift at the met gala. >> i never had jury duty like this. >> no, not that gala. so they put out these pictures of her at jury duty, talking to all of the jurors. so here is a picture. this is in nashville. so she was able to get out of
9:56 am
serving eventually. >> of course she did. >> yes, she said she was already involved in a sexual assault case in colorado. >> and that's where the case was, in nashville. >> here is the thing, jury duties are on monday starting 8:00 a.m. the vma's were sunday evening. night. >> and she has a private jet. >> so some people are saying does that really count. >> so because she wasn't nominated she didn't want to go? >> we don't know why. she said she had jury duty. maybe she wanted all of her faculties about her. >> here is the thing, if you haven't figured out to get out of jury duty by 2016, get out of my face. >> i went to jury duty last friday. >> you haven't figured that out? >> first like the pokemon go game with all of the signs, go here, go here, go left, go across the street, go to city hall. >> didn't you say working in the news business you're out? >> no, i said that when i walked in just because i was wondering, because everyone always says that, she said that's not an excuse. >> oh, i've been doing it for years. >> well, you get a way with a lot more, mike, let's be
9:57 am
honest. >> talking about naomi campbell. >> and all of the other people? >> what list are we talking about. >> paper mack released the list of what 1,000 beautiful people. >> wow. >> and she is one of the covers. >> i didn't make a thousand -- >> not -- look at black china. of course, you can see her, she is pregnant. i don't know how many months she is. >> i was trying to remember that. >> so black china was on there, fergie made the cut, right? >> yes. another one, major, major, secure the bag, mike. >> my bag's been secure for years. >> oh, ya. >> what's that? >> really cool issue, called paper magazine. >> a lot of people. >> all thousand pictures are in there. >> must be a thick magazine. >> maybe next year we'll make it, mike.
9:58 am
i'll nominate the both of you. >> and i nominate you, lauren? too late for me.
9:59 am
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