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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  August 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney in for lucy noland. that shootout involved people in at least two vehicles, a man was killed. four others were injured. anthony hicks, leonard dough karo, la scharr stouks william and sean stouks and a 16-year-old facing a whole shrew of weapons charges and more charges could be filed. meanwhile police are looking for a pickup truck that may have been involved in the shootings. as they continue to try to start it all out. >> and behind the obvious violence there is a story here. that will make every parent shiver. bruce gordon live at atlantic city expressway state police barracks with that part of the story. bruce? as you know as parent you try guide your children, you support them and then you hope for the best. as an immigrant an single parent, job may be even tougher. the death of the young man inside a nissan maxima that shooting scene on the highway yesterday was a painful reminder to parents of what can go terribly terribly wrong.
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the young man was found with a gunshot wound inside that maxima as part of an apparent shootout. this man was no stranger to violence that. maybe makes his death all the more painful for the woman who gave him life. >> i want my son. i want my baby. >> reporter: marie scott sits in the dining room of the egg harbor township home she worked so hard to create and mourns her murdered son. >> i do everything for him. i take care of him. i give him everything he needs he want but he no listen to me. >> 22 year rosamond octavius death in highway shoot out filled his mother with grief. but not surprise. for nearly a decade she says rosamond had run with a tough crowd, guns and drugs. maria haitian immigrant working two jobs at casino housekeeping had her son arrested once for bringing a weapon into her home. >> i tell my son go to school.
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working two jobs. 16 hours every day, 80 hours week to for my son. i don't want my son be shoot. i don't want my son lose his life. >> reporter: monday's shoot out yao not his first brush with gunplay. mom said he had been shot twice before. >> first time he survived. second time he survive. i tell him you don't stay away from the streets you going to die. >> reporter: facebook photo shows him posing with friends gangster style holding stacks of cash. it pains marie to look at the picture. her story was of a hard working immigrant who built a life, his a tale of street seduction and a violent death. >> i tried to do the best i can to change him but i can't. police can't. nobody can change him. >> reporter: now he's gone. >> yup. >> reporter: he leaves behind a four-year-old son. and a mother who tried but failed to keep him on the right
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path. dawn? >> all right, bruce, so sad. in northeast philadelphia, police are trying to find the man accuse violent sexual assault. sky fox over the scene on the 5100 block of neba street in kressonville. a 24-year-old woman tells police a man forced sim hell into her home, tied up her family and then sexually assaulted her at gun point. the special victims unit is investigating. we now know who will take over as pennsylvania's top prosecutor. state lawmakers voted unanimou unanimously for bruce beamer to finish out his former boss' te term. beamer a former top aid to convicted attorney general kathleen kane. he left her office last month to become governor tom wolf's inspector general. beamer testified against kane earlier this month which helped prosecutors convict her. kane of course convict evidence leaking secret grand jury information and then lying about it under oath. she resigned august 17th. two days after her conviction. governor chris christie said no today to attempt to raise new jersey's minimum wage.
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today the republican announcing that his veto to that proposal to raise the wage to $10 and 10 cents an hour in the next year and $15 over the next five years. christie says it will burden small businesses. democratic leaders say they will pursue a constitutional amendment to raise it. turning to our fox 29 weather authority. here's a live look along the ben franklin parkway tonight. still hot all across the region today. we're waiting to see if the heat wave will continue and we've reached a record this month. meteorologist kathy orr tracking your forecast now. another warm one, kathy. >> absolute, dawn. we are on the cusp of that heat wave. 89 so far and right now temperatures are still in the 80s. we will know win the next half hour if we made it to 99 degrees. you see those fair weather cumulus clouds just a beautiful day but as you mentioned we did reach a record. it is officially the warmest august ever and the records go back to the 1700's. you can see this year the warmest by quite a bit.
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4.4 degrees above normal. the second warmest was in 1980. the third in 2001. and 1995. if it felt hot you weren't imagining things because it certainly was. 89 right now in philadelphia. so we'll see if we make it one tick in between the hour to 90. trenton 86. millville 83. in the poconos still very pleasant at 76. this evening temperatures will fall through the 80s into the 70s. clear this evening at 9:00 o'clock. 77. a cool night. 73 degrees by the 11:00 o'clock hour. coming up we will see that heat and humidity finally busted in that seven day forecast. it will be a wet end to that. the holiday weekend weather is a upon us. in a couple of days. we'll look at that and also two tropical systems that we're keeping an eye on that could impact our shore weather. we'll talk more about that coming up with the seven day forecast later in the broadcast. i'll see you then. >> all right, kathy, thanks. first responders pulled a man's body from the schuylkill river today and they say he may
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have been there for several days. police say the victim appears to be in his mid to late 20s and there are no visible signs of any trauma. he was pulled from the river near the 1300 block of schuylkill avenue in grays fer ferry. the man has not yet been identified. tonight police are looking for the person who shot and killed a man in cobbs creek. it happened around midnight on the 5500 block of sansom street. medic found the victim who has not yet been identified shot in the head. they took him to penn presbyterian hospital where he died a short time later. it's not clear tonight who shot this man or why. a 30-year-old man found badly beaten in crescentville on friday died. police confirming that mr. cade dough, lost his fight for life. investigators say they found the victim outside of the adams beer distributor on adams avenue about 6:00 o'clock on august 26th. police say an argument led to this beating but they're not sure who else was involved. tonight the search continues for the killer. a 13-year-old boy shot
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himself and a little girl in south philadelphia last night. both are expected to be okay but local leaders are outraged that people aren't getting the message about responsible gun ownership. bill anderson is here now. bill, what exactly is it going to take to get pebble to start using gun locks? >> reporter: dawn, honestly i wish i knew. i think most of the people in the city wish we knew. this is a gun lock. they're easy to use and in philadelphia they're free. law enforcement and elected officials have been giving them to anyone who asks. so it's not surprising that after two more children were shot allegedly playing with gun last night, officials are appropriately frustrated. it happens too often in philadelphia and it happened again last night. two children, 11 and 13, both end up shot after the 13-year-old was allegedly waving around a gun. >> that gun discharged. we believe accidentally. it went through his hand, that bullet after going through the 13-year-old boy's hand, passed through and then went into the
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girl's right knee. >> reporter: police announced today that the 13-year-old is being charged with various crimes from aggravated assault to possession of a firearm but officials tired of these shootings think there's bigger problem. >> we don't know the specific nature of how that child got that weapon, but i can tell was the child didn't do. the child did not walk in a gun store, show his id, get background check and walk out with that gun. >> we're now going to insert the cable lock. >> reporter: one solution being pushed is gun locks. the city has given away thousands of them for free. but some still doubt they're effectiveness. (inaudible). >> philadelphia law requires guns to be secured. without details of who owned the gun in last night's shooting we can't assign blame but officials say blame isn't what's important.
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safety is. >> if it takes a minute or so to simply unlock the gun the weapon and pull it out, that can save child's life and i think that's something we need to do. >> reporter: luckily the children are both expected to fully recover, but one of them is facing serious charges and there are more possible charges for whoever owned the gun. all over something that officials say was easily preventible. just call the sheriff's department and lock up your gun and dawn, you can do it for fr free. >> all right, bill, thank you. meantime funeral plans are set for an eight-year-old camden girl who died after she was caught in the crossfire of a shootout. gabbie carter will be laid to rest on saturday following a funeral at save holy temple church of god in camden. gabbie was shot in the head while riding her bicycle right near her home at eighth and spruce streets last wednesday night. her killer is still on the loose tonight. a reward has been increased. it now stands at $76,000 for any information leading to arrest.
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>> day after a four alarm fire destroyed a church in overbrook, many will gather for a vigil right outside the ruins. the inferno just burn out of control as more than 100 firefighters tried to save the landmark but unfortunately the fire moved too fast and the good shepherd presbyterian church which stood for more than 100 years was gone. coming up at 6:00 our chris o'connell will have live report as they community tries to move forward. a dream of becoming a police officer comes true today for a very sick five-year-old in delaware. how police say this is a big honor for them. >> new revelations about a pilot who crashed through a mountainside killing everyone on his plane. the red flag lawyers say should have been spotted how it's connected to the us. plus a young woman's warning for every parent and teenager going online. living a nightmare for years, her advice to keep you and your children from reliving her horror. coming up at 6:00 she got you got a fit bit. tired of wearing it around your
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neighborhood. the company is unveiling a feature they hope will lead you ton new adventure.
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♪ >> turning to you decide democratic vice-presidential candidate tim kaine is working his way across pennsylvania. this is cane kaine during a stop in erie where he focused on the economy and transparent see in the donald trump campaign. kaine says trump needs to release his tax returns. kaine will make other stops in lancaster and the lehigh valley
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tomorrow. meanwhile hillary clinton and donald trump are on the opposite sides of country as the presidential race approaches its final phase. >> clinton is entire this end -- devoting this entire week to fundraising in the northeast. donald trump is preparing a speech on immigration tomorrow. lauren blanchard is on the campaign trail. >> reporter: backing on the stump donald trump fundraising out west and preparing to talk with voters to night. meanwhile his running mate governor mike pence in georgia rallying support for the republican ticket. >> if you want a president who will cut taxes, grow the economy, squeeze every nickel out of that bloated federal bureaucracy -- >> reporter: hillary clinton taking another day off from the campaign trail, instead stepping out senator tim kaine. >> the trump campaign just feels like trump's next big con. donald trump it's time for to you come clean. release your tax returns. explain your business interests. start telling the truth. >> reporter: clinton's vp pick
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in pennsylvania where the newest monmouth university poll shows keystone state voters prefer clinton to trump by eight poin points. but brand new numbers now show clinton's national lead narro narrowing. monmouth university national poll out has her ahead just 7% taj points. however, despite what the polls find, election experts say the race will come down to just a handful of states. >> we really only looking at 10, maybe 11 states that could go either way. for trump or for clinton much states like california are going to go for clinton. states like texas are going to go for trump. >> reporter: fox has confirmed with democratic source clinton campaign is now using psychology experts to figure out how to best needle their opponent during next month's first deba debate. lauren blank charred, fox news. >> fbi responded to concerns about cyber attackers targeting voting systems as the presidential election approach approaches. fbi director james comey broke down the different levels of
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threats facing the us today. he says state sponsored hacks from countries like russia and iran are the biggest threat. comey's remarks follow reports two state election systems have been hacked with a foreign group. he says at the bottom of the threat list surprisingly are terrorists. >> but what we don't see them doing yet, and i underline yet, is moving towards and developing the capability for computer intrusions but logic tells us that that has to be the future of terrorism. >> officials claim a russian based group hacked the voter registration databases. new castle police fulfilling a wish today for little boy diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. little angel was made honorary officer today. >> it's what he's always dreamed of becoming. fox 29's joyce evans is here. joyce, this was emotional day. >> reporter: iain and dawn, it's heart warming and heartbreaking at the same time. that wonderful make a wish foundation at it again making a
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dream come true. this time with the help of men and women in blue in delaware. the mounted police riding in to place. >> this is just as big of a deal for us as it is for him. >> reporter: on short notice with even off duty officers falling in line to receive a special commander. the big brass of the day arriv arrives. dress for duty. >> i was trying to figure out how he was going to pull myself together and face the little guy. >> reporter: his name is angel samoro he's a five-year-old. >> i thought, well, you have to. >> reporter: he has terminal brain cancer. his dream to be policeman. >> you have to put a brave face on no matter what. if this is really what he wants and we can give it to him, then here we are. >> honorary captain for day. >> reporter: new castle county executive thomas gordon struggles his way through the proclamation. >> i county executive by virtue of the authority invested in me
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here by proclaim and congratulate are order for captain angel de jesus. >> i think the good captain may be getting an opportunity to check these horses out and peak sure they're put for duty. >> little angel feeling especially weak today carries out his duty with the help of his mom. >> it means a lot. i'm sure he's happy. he can't show it but his dream to be a police. every time he saw police he would get excited. >> horses don't like water. they'll drink the but they don't like it. >> reporter: a dream come true thanks to the make a wish foundation and new castle county police department. >> make a wish could have called anybody and they called us. that means lot. >> reporter: it means the world to little angel. his family and the new castle county police who made his day. >> i want to you come back and see us, okay? >> this blessing i couldn't be more thankful or more happier haven't been this happy in whi while. >> good day for them. as you can imagine the struggle for the family it's not only
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emotional but it's financial as well. the medical bills, the travel angel needs round the clock care. a gofundme account has been set up in angel's name and more than $4,500 already been raised. so if you would like to help, we have a link on our website dawn, such a -- i tell you i can't even have words for that story. >> i know. such a precious little boy. our prayers are with him. thank you, joyce. police also giving another five-year-old boy a special gift today. you probably remember list william everett, jr. we told you his story last week he saved up all his money to buy lunch for police officers in winslow township. well the officers there showed little william some love. they gave him a mini police car of his own and posted this adorable video on their facebook page. it's been viewed more than 12,000 times already. looks like he likes that car. >> does he like it. a ground-breaking exhibit coming to america for the first time. going to be right here in
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philadelphia. it's about 65 million years in the making. ♪ jurassic world coming to franklin institute. fox 29 got a sneak peek at today's big announcement. guestguests will learn about the prehistoric creatures seeing life size replicas up close. they're also going to get relive moments in scenes from the movie jurassic park. >> jurassic world the exhibition is an immerse seive experience featuring live sized anna ma tron nick dinosaurs some towering 24 feet high set in richly themed environments inspired by the blockbuster franchise. >> the exhibit opens november 25th and you can buy tickets starting september 10th. ryan lochte is speaking out about that ugh the incident during the olympics. how he says he's making things up to one teammate in particular after the robbery controversy. a father lead away in handcuffs after leaving his five
5:21 pm
month old and two-year-old children alone in the car. the shocking thing police say he was doing while the babies were on their own. plus apple hit with more than $15 billion in fines from unpaid taxes. but why the country that's owed that money doesn't want the wind fall. ♪
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for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra.
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this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ the european union demanding apple pay up big time. anti-trust regulators there say the tech giant owes ireland venomil billion dollars in taxes plus about 5 billion in interest. those regulators say ireland gave illegal tax breaks to apple in he can change for creating jobs. but ire land doesn't want the money. they have low corporate taxes and other measures in place to attract foreign firms to establish business there. california based company says it employees nearly 6,000 people in ireland. a devastating new blow today to families who lost loved ones in the germanwings plane that crashed into the french alps. summaries of the fbi interviews with his -- with his us flight instructor show the pilot of that plane had struggled with learning to fly. authorities say that pilot deliberately flew the plane into the mountainside last year. all 144 passengers and six crew
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members including the pilot were killed. according to the interview, the pilot failed a key test of skills during training in the u.s. but he was promoted any w way. in louisiana, health experts say they're concerned about how the remnants left behind from the floods will affect mental health of a lot of residents there. while flood waters are subsiding doctors say the loss and stress that come with surviving a flood can affect people differently. one doctor at tulane university says he knows this is not just because he's a professional because he lost his home during hurricane katrina. dr. lee tine says it's important to watch yourself and those around you for any red flags. >> if you are being down, feeling hopeless, helpless and that begins to interfere with your ability to function, and move forward, take care of your family, do the things that are necessary in the coming days, um, then that becomes more of a concern. >> the doctor says this is not just about people who
5:26 pm
experienced the floods the images people see can also trigger certain reactions. meanwhile residents in colorado are now dealing with severe weather. heavy rain and hail causing flash flooding in colorado springs. this weather left many people there surprised had them scrambling to find shelter. there are reports of some serious damage a number of water rescues took place and self roads were closed. a college dean fed up with political correctness is putting his foot down telling students they must confront challenging topic. what he's doing and the response from other academic leaders who don't like his ideas. young woman's warning for every parent and teenager going online. living a nightmare for years. her advice to keep you and your kids from reliving her horror. kathy? >> we are watching the tropics, iain. to tropical disturbances, one off the coast of mid atlantic. another in the open waters of the gulf. both have become tropical storms and impact our weather especially down the shore coming up this weekend. details coming up when we come
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back. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing.
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we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan.
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♪ in camden a man is fighting for his life after a serious car accident. this happened around 2:00 this morning on haddon and newton avenues. police say the driver hit several cars and poles even the porch of home. he's in extremely critical condition at cooper university hospital. it's not tonight why that driver lost control of the car. in wilmington police have charged robert evans in connection with a string of burglaries last month. officers arrested the
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58-year-old yesterday morning after police say he committed another burglary nearby. evans is behind bars in wilmington unable to post $12,000 cash bail. mother nature welcoming the end of summer with powerful storms. two separate systems are expected to impact florida and north carolina all this while hurricane madeleine is set to hit hawaii just as president obama prepares to visit the state. >> fox's laura ingle has more on the threats facing the us. >> the waves are really choppy. the wind is picking up. quite a bit. >> reporter: high surf in northeast florida as massive storm churns in the gulf of mexico. the tropical system is forecast to turn towards the sunshine state later this week. bringing heavy rain and severe storms to the area. >> a lot of mud, like, it gets mixed in you can see it getting washed out. the tide and the current has been really crazy lately. >> reporter: folks in tampa stocking up on free sand bags to keep any flooding at bay and residents in central florida are being urged to have a week's
5:31 pm
worth of searches on hand ahead of the storm's arrival. >> we want to have tools in there. ask a batteries, radio, so that you can listen to the news from local emergency management. non perishable. about a gallon of water per person per day. >> reporter: people further north are keeping a close watch on yet another storm threatening north carolina. the system expected to bring rough surf to the region. and coastal areas could see several inches of rain. >> we're going to keep an eye on it monitor the waves coming in. it will be probably our biggest threat. >> reporter: rough weather threatening pacific state. hurricane madeleine is expected to pass by hawaii's big island wednesday. the white house is monitoring the storm and as of right now, is not expected to impact president obama's up coming trip to oahu. in new york, laura ingle, fox news. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. meteorologist kathy orr tracking your forecast. >> kathy, will these tropical storms systems have any impact
5:32 pm
on our area? >> right now it doesn't look like a direct impact because we don't want anything to spoil the holiday weekend for us. right? >> we don't. >> no. watching the tropics, two separate systems. one tropical depression number eight off the coast of mid atlantic off of hatteras and this is moving out to sea. so that's the good news much this is going to be moving away if it strengthens into a tropical storm. tropical depression number nine a different story. it is in the open waters of the gulf and it it is expected to become a tropical storm by tomorrow in the open waters of the gulf are very warm and that's potential problem that will help strengthen the storm. tropical depression number eight moving toward the north and out to sea towards the northeast accelerating by thursday and into friday it is long gone. but the other system i'm tal tag about to and cal depression number nine you can see in the gulf where you see the red this is 85-degree water. so will be strengthen nothing a tropical storm by thursday afternoon making a landfall somewhere along the west coast of florida.
5:33 pm
this track is a little bit further west heading little bit more toward the panhandle then moving across southern georgia brushinbrushing by myrtle beachy friday afternoon staying close to hatteras and moving toward the northeast. some of the computer models want to bring it even a little bit closer toward the delmarva as we head toward the weekend. this is just something for us to watch this track will be changing as we get closer to the holiday weekend but one thing is for certain, between the two systems we're talking about a rip current risk that will be moderate through tomorrow afternoon and then for that second tropical depression number nine in the gulf, friday through labor day the rip current risk will be moderate, maybe even high. so please be aware of that. we know the beaches will be crowded down the shore this weekend. the surf three to 4 feet at least. easterly swells about two to 3 feet so never swim at a beach that is not guarded and absolutely not after dark. take look at the skies out there right now some fair weather cumulus clouds. guess what? we did it. we made it to 90 degrees and that means this heat wave the
5:34 pm
second of august will be continuing and it could be a record. it has been a very hot august. today's high tuesday's high 90 degrees. the 16th date of 90-degree weather the record is 17 days. that was back in 1995. so tomorrow we are expecting to hit 90. that would mean we tie the all all-time record for 90-degree days in the month of august. more records to be broken this month. overnight 70 in the city. in the suburbs 62. parly cloudy. tomorrow we are going for that 17th 90-degree day in august. none will be the high. mostly sunny, humid again and then we break the heat and humidity. thursday some showers. only 83 degrees. friday 82. saturday and sunday watching the shore. but temperatures will be beautiful. 80 sunday. 82 sunday. monday 85. tuesday back to 90 degrees. and shore temperatures will be warm to start and then we get a little cooler. 79 saturday. 79 sunday.
5:35 pm
by monday 80. 81 is on tuesday. that's a look at your seven day forecast. >> all right. miss kathy, thank you. ryan lochte is speaking out about his ugly olympics incident. how he says he's making things up to one teammate in particular after the robbery controversy. a father lead away in handcuffs after leaving his five month old and two-year-old kids in the car alone. the shocking thing that police say he was doing while the babies were on their own. and coming up at 6:00 o'clock, all these backpacks will soon be on the some lucky student's backs who are heading back to school. the challenge that made this all possible.
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(giggles) keep on scratchin'! ♪ in binghamton new york a dam cash rolling at the moment of a 10-car pile up. police are using the video to help identify the people who saved a woman from her car that caught fire. investigators believe a tractor trailer faulty brakes cribbed to the crash but was not the cause. fortunately no one was killed. in michigan a father's arrested after authorities say he gambled not only with his money but with his kids at well.
5:39 pm
>> 25-year-old accused of leaving his two young children in a hot car while he went into a casino in detroit. police say montez left his five month old and two-year-old covered in a blanket with the windows up and the car locked. good samaritan happened to see the children in the car and reported it to casino security. employees were able to smash the back window and rescue the children. the young boy's mother took the children home. police charged the father with child neglect. ryan lochte isn't saying whether he'll go back to brazil to face charge of filing a false police report. in an interview with good morning america, lochte said that his legal team is dealing with that situation. he does admit that he lied about having a gun held to his head while in rio for the olympic. he and 33 other swimmers stopped to use gas station restrooms and officials accused of of swimmers of vandalizing it and lochte says he's offered to reimburse swimmer james feigen for nearly $11,000 fine that feigen paid to resolve those legal issues. meanwhile lochte was named as one of the contestants on
5:40 pm
dancing with the stars. she lived nightmare for years now local young woman's warning for every parent and teenager going online. >> i fell disgusted and embarrassed and really a shamed. so that's part of the reason why i never spoke up about it or told anyone about it. >> her advice to keep you and your children from reliving her horror. >> and more possible legal trouble for chris brown. why police were called to the star's home today. howard? >> the eagles have jobs up for grabs this week and signed new player today. and tim tebow, he work out for the major league scouts today. a look at how he did coming up in sports.
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♪ >> ridley park woman is talking about a horrifying experience that she had online when she was a teenager. a man posing as young boy using several different screen names convinced her to do something she says she'll regret forest of her life. >> our shawnette wilson sat down with the young woman who was the victim of sextortion. ♪ we were chatting with kids we thought were our age. >> reporter: sitting in her father's basement in ridley park, delaware county, 22-year-old samantha can openly talk about a gnawing secret she kept for four years. it happened in this very room where we're sitting. >> we were just fooling around having fun laughing, um, until one of them dared us to flash our chests over the web cam. which we complied with merely two seconds and then we just continued throughout our night just talking and having fun. >> reporter: samantha a sixth greater then had been on social video chat site called six cam
5:45 pm
which no longer exists she and her friend thought no more of what they had done and never heard from the boy again who was on the other end instant messaging them with only a picture for his profile. but he could see video of them. >> that was the end of it for about like six months. >> reporter: then one day six months later a cryptic message on my space. >> the initial message read, i have this picture of you, and if you don't go on stick cam and do what i tell you to do i'll send it to all your friends. at first i didn't believe him. i was like oh, you're lying. >> reporter: but the face less person quickly responded. >> he responded with, the picture itself proving to mow he did have a picture of me and my friend. >> reporter: that picture of samantha and her friend flashing their breasts had come back to haunt her. >> he just kept saying if you don't do this, then i'm just going to send it out. think of what everyone is going to think of you. >> reporter: what samantha
5:46 pm
told me next paint add vivid picture of the torture this then 13-year-old endured. >> i had to do what he told mow to do which was really intense sexually ex plus seive things for 13-year-old to do. things that 13-year-olds don't even imagine things that, you know, you would see in a pornographic video, um, of adults just sexually violating myself for about five hours straight. >> reporter: five excruciating humiliating hours. i was complying with everything that he wanted me to do. i was thinking now he has this on me now, too. now he has this on me. this picture is worse than that one was before. >> reporter: there was one more disturbing thing samantha says he did. >> he was saying oh i can make sure this never happens to you again. like you need to do this and that and this and that. like block all your social media pages. i don't want anyone to do this to you again. which is really like confusing and manipulative.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: after that night, samantha struggled to get back to her normal life. >> i fell disgusted and embarrassed, and really a shamed so that's part of the reason why i never spoke up about it or told anybody about it. >> reporter: what were you her life like then before this happened? >> i wanted to be -- i played the clarinet. i was in acting. i sang. i played lacrosse and volleyba volleyball. ♪ >> reporter: music was and still is something she loves. >> ♪ >> i was in band. i was in pink employed led zeppelin cover band. when i was 13 that was my life as 13 year old. >> reporter: how does a little girl with so much zest and talent involved in so many activities follow victim to an online predator? >> i wasn't getting the attention from boys at school because i just wasn't popular enough or cute enough. so i turn to the internet and when someone was giving me and
5:48 pm
my friend attention, we were -- we jump at the opportunity for someone to compliment us and made us feel better about ourselves. >> reporter: for years, samantha struggled with depression and thoughts of suicide after what happened. but somehow managed to block it all out. >> i kind of just let it slip to the back might have mind for about four years. >> reporter: then in 2010, samantha came home from school to find fbi eighths at her mother's house. they caught the guy who did those things to her years ago. >> i'm like holy crap i forgot. like i didn't even, you know, it kind of -- i slip it to the back of my mind, repressed it because i didn't want to think about it any more. >> reporter: she remembers her mother crying historically. i think she was more confused more than anything. just kind of wondering why i wouldn't tell her. >> reporter: the other bombshell, that person samantha and her friend believed they were talking online with that night --
5:49 pm
>> this skater kid with hair in his face and like a mere pick with skinny jeans. >> reporter: not so. fbi agents say it wasn't the 15 year old boy she just described but 26-year-old lucas michael chancellor in jacksonville, florida. >> i realized, wow, this is serious. this was messed up. this isn't right. >> reporter: it turns out samantha is one of several hundred victims the fbi had identified at that point. in fact i reported on chancellor's arrest back in 2014 when the fbi announced they were looking for more victims and making parents aware of what they call sextortion. >> he had over 80,000 images of child pornography on his computer. he had extorted approximately 350 victims in about 26 states, canada. the extortion specifically involved either threats to the family, demands for money but typically they want more pictures. they want more images. but more often than not what we
5:50 pm
sought extortion involves threats to post those images on the victim's, you know, friend list he was on sharing my picture. >> reporter: investigators tracked down chancellor after another girl's parents found message on her computer and contacted them. samantha met some of the other victims when they went to florida to testify during a sentencing hearing. >> he got up and he said he was sorry for what he did. which was very emotional for all of us. to think that one man could do this to so many girls it was pretty scary. ♪ samantha has since decided to become an advocate for victims of online child predators. >> don't do anything you wouldn't want your parents to see. don't send that picture. don't -- don't fall for the tricks of people that you don't know on the internet.
5:51 pm
>> even though chancellor is serving a life sentence she knows the nude pictures of her may still be out there. >> the internet is becoming a bigger place and the more younger kids that's correct you know, know about technology they're getting better with it each day the more scarier and easier it is for a pedophile to reach out to them. >> reporter: in ridley park, shawnette wilson fox 29 news. chris brown is in hot water tonight after a woman called police from outside his los angeles home. officials say that woman needed assistance when she called police about 3:00 in the morni morning. a police lieutenant on the scene told reporters that several people were he is cor cored froe residence after a search warrant was serve served. no arrests were made. meantime brown posted videos on social media declaring his innocence and dismissing reports that he barricaded himself inside his home. college dean fed up with political correctness is putting his foot down telling students to just deal with it. what he's doing and who is giving him a rough time about it. coming up tonight at 6:00 o'clock it was local
5:52 pm
landmark, now all that's left is charred walls. what is next for this community now that the fire is out. and if you wear a fit bit get ready to run or exercise in new places. the new feature that will take you on a new adventure.
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>> hundreds of students in
5:56 pm
camden now have new backpacks to start the school year thanks to generous donations camden mayor dana redd wonder officials distributing the backpacks and school supplies. cooper foundation collected more than 900 backpacks. they were full of supplies during a drive this summer. dean at the university of chicago takes a bold stand against political correctness on campus. he's warning students you don't have the right to save spaces. >> he's trying to keep students engaged in challenging discussions. fox's james rosen shows us how this professor says he's taking a stand for free speech. >> reporter: as if parting the heavens this mild looking academic jane ellison dean of students at the university of chicago has struck what champions of free speech on college campuses regard as the biggest blow of the decade against the stifling effect of political correctness run a muck. in letter to the class of 2020 ellison touted the university's commitment to academic diversity warning freshmen rigorous
5:57 pm
debate, discussion and even disagreement may challenge you and even cause discomfort. in an era when liberal students across the country have sought and received the creation of save spaces, zones where they can be shielded from ideas they regard as hurtful to their psyche and demanded trigger warnings advanced notice from professors were they're curricula could prompt adverse emotional response the ellison letter served notice that the university of chicago isn't having any of it. we do not support so-called trigger warnings. we do not cancel invited speakers because their topics might prove controversial and we did not condone the creation of inter leck wal safe spaces where individuals can retreat from ideas and perspectives at odds with their own. this is actually one of the best steps i've seen a university take to say, you know what, this -- education if done right will actual be uncomfortable. university of chicago leading the way when it comes to academic freedom and free spee speech. i think every school in the country should adopt these principals. >> empire of academia strikes back. michael roth president of
5:58 pm
wesleyan university told the new york times the ellison letter was publicity stunt designed to quote coddle donors and writing at the daily beast a rabbi in lgbt activist who teaches at the chicago theology seminary accused of of hell will he son of suppressing free speech in the name of free speech. >> he's creating a safe zones for homphobe ya, sex i on his college campus. >> administrators at the university of chicago said they're embrace of free speech does not confer on anyone the freedom to threaten nor harrah's and they pointed out the professors there retain quote broad freedom and how they address concerns their students may have about the curriculum. in washington, james rosen, fox news. ♪ >> right now at 6:00, self under arrest less than 24 hours after bullets fly on the atlantic city expressway. the gunfire injured four and left another man dead. that man's' mother is talking to fox 29 how she desperately tried to get him on the right path.
5:59 pm
trouble churning in the tropics. we're tracking not one but two tropical systems that could impact the holiday weekend. i'll show was to expect. >> arrive from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. a day after a four alarm fire ripped through a local landmark neighbors are wondering what is next? good evening i'm done timmeney this is all that's left of the good shepherd presbyterian church. >> thanks for joining us i'm iain page. right now neighbors are gathering offering support for one another and now that their church is nothing more than ashes. fox 29's chris o'connell is live outside that church tonight where neighbors are meeting right now. chris? >> reporter: good evening, iain, dawn. members of five congregations that filled the pews here at the good shepherd presbyterian church in overbrook gathering back here a day after a four alarm fire gutted this historic church. you're looking at the aftermath right now. they are gathering here for a
6:00 pm
vigil that is going to start here in few minutes just feet away from where their church was destroyed by a fire. this is all that's left the good shepherd presbyterian here in overbrook built more than 100 years ago back in 1912. the fire broke out yesterday morning more than 100 firefighters battled the blaze on the 6400 block of lansdowne avenue. you see flames were shooting through the roof. luckily no one was injured in the fire. but the fire did cause obviously some major damage. there's still estimating the entire damage here and perhaps more importantly displaced hundreds of church members but most say this historic church in one way will rebuild. >> when you look at the structures around here or the buildings even the school, this church was here before all of that, and so the church is the anchor that forms the community. so what does that tell you? if we don't have an anchor then we probably don't have community.


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