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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  WTXF  August 30, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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ninth time this summer a child was caught in the crossfire w police found a gun. >> a family wedding that couldn't wait. why a local father had to say the vows for his son. your news is next.
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. we're following breaking news tonight. again a child caught in the crossfire. the 12-year-old was just walking from the store when she was hit by a stray bullet one of three people shot when gunfire rang out in north philadelphia. we're told that little girl though will be okay. good evening, i'm iain page. >> good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. one of the weapons used police say an assault rival. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at saint christopher's hospital for children in hunting park where that child is tonig tonight. scary stuff, dave. >> reporter: dawn, no doubt about that. again, another wide open gun fight on the street. a hail of bullets when it was
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over that 12-year-old girl was struck one time in the thigh. she's lucky to be alive. police raced her here to the hospital where she's under going treatment. two others were wounded. one of them is in critical condition. >> it was heavy shells and they said ak47 and a 9-millimeter. >> reporter: it was just before 6:30 when gunshots rang out on the 3100 block of north marshall street. when the shooting finally stopped, two men and a 12-year-old girl had been shot. the girl had just left this corner grocery store that was riddled by gunfire. >> she was walking out of the corner delicates zen getting food, maybe getting a drink probably something she does on a regular basis. >> reporter: it it appears 19 shots were fired from two weapons including a high powered assault rifle and a handgun found in this car on the block. >> preliminarily both of these weapons matched the ballistic evidence that are on the scene. >> it's crazy. i mean we can't even sit outsi outside. >> reporter: this is the
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latest incident where young child has been caught in the crossfire struck by bullets meant for someone else. >> its that's horrible. 12-year-old struck by stray gunfire and that's tragic. we're just lucky she's only hit in the leg. >> reporter: neighbors here say gunfire is not uncommon in this area but lately the violence has escalated. >> three weeks a boy got killed right here in the back of the store. remember that. >> if i had ran the way there might have been holes in me. >> we've had young children. it is the summertime. they're getting struck by stray gunfire. that's a horrible thing. >> reporter: now at least six shots pierced the front door of that grocery store. several others hit homes on the block. police fished those bullets out tonight hope to tie them to the shooters. two people were the shooters in this case they were not arrested the fled the scene. young lady is being treated here at the hospital. to others at temple hospital taken there by police. one them in critical condition with gunshot wound to the neck.
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iain? >> dave, tragic stuff. just the past three months alone nine kids have been shot by stray bullets in our area. nine just since june. that number doesn't even include children hurt playing with guns. among the wounded in the crossfire, children as young as five and six years old. one of those victims is gabbie hill carter. police say the eight-year-old was caught in gunfire last week in camden as she rode her bike. to night they're still searching for her killer. there's a $76,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest her funeral is saturday. residents on a quiet street in lawn crest are shaken up after a gunman terrorize add 24-year-old woman and her fami family. investigators say the home inn vague happened around 4:00 a.m. on the 5100 block of neba street. a masked gunman broke into the two-story home. police say he tied up the woman's family and then sexually assaulted her. some neighbors are so worried they asked us not to identify them. >> this is what happens.
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you can't even leave your window open any more. i lived here 39 years. >> it's evil. that's evil, man. and now we have to keep our doors locked and, um, keep close eye. >> investigators are hoping that nearby surveillance cameras can help them track down the armed attacker. so far there's no connection to any other incidents that have occurred throughout the city. community comes together after a devastating loss. tonight's vigil in overbrook let neighbors lean on each other just a day after losing a landmark. flames tour through a 100-year-old church yesterday leaving nothing but a burnt shell. five different congregations used the building. fox 29's chris o'connell was at tonight's vigil neighbors wondering what's next? chris? >> reporter: well, iain, there's an old saying, a building does not make a church. it's the people that are inside that make up that church. well, there's no bigger evidence of that today after one day after fire destroyed this historic church.
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tonight prayers to rebuild this community landmark. >> amen! >> reporter: they came from different backgrounds from different parts of the city. but they had one thing in common. the loss of their beloved chur church. >> so many memories. >> reporter: member churches like cheryl ross and her daughter are still shaken up over yesterday's four alarm fire that wept through the good shepherd presbyterian church on the 6400 block of lansdowne avenue in overbrook. more than 100 years of history up in flames. home to countless baptisms, weddings, funerals and other important family events. >> my first date i had here. it means a lot to me. >> honestly heartbreaking. >> the granite and lime style gothic style structure built in 1912 is more than just a building. what makes this church so unique its home to five different congregations of different did he nominations. 16 years ago, pastor jd adams
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opened the doors to congregations other churches would turn away. >> we still don't know what the cause is. they've just board up the church which make it even more difficult to get in. >> reporter: as fire investigators try to figure out the cause torque night was all about looking ahead and rebuilding both physically and spiritually. >> the church is a bed rock of this community. it's an anchor. losing this will be devastating to this community but we will rebuild. >> reporter: the group of pastors from churches prayed together as one that some day they'll all be back under the same roof. >> the church is the anchor that forms the community. so what does that tell you? if we don't have an anchor then we probably don't have a community. >> reporter: now these congregations are now in the process of making arrangements with other churches to house their congregations. in fact one church has already stepped forward offering three of the five congregations new places of worship as far as a
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cause philadelphia fire investigators say it may be weeks before they determine that, dawn? >> all right, chris, thank you. on your radar tonight, what's now the hottest august ever on record. taking a live look at wilmington tonight after our fifth day of 90-degree temperatures and it is not over yet. people out in old city trying to enjoy some of the cooler temperatures after the sun went down. but kathy, i have to say i was out earlier and it was still pretty steamy and we have one more day left of this heat wave? >> absolutely, dawn. more humidity. did you feel that as well? pretty sticky out there. yes, very hot august indeed. another 90-degree day. that makes it the 16th 90-degree day this month. the record is 17 and we could go for that tomorrow. the last day of august. reco the warmest august ever. this year with temperatures over 4 degrees above the norm. you can see second to 1980, 2001 and 1995 some hot augusts as
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well but we shattered that record. right now in philadelphia 78. you can see in the poconos a cool 61. down the shore, temperatures in the 70s, 75 degrees right now in dover. coming tomorrow morning we'll wake up to some warmth and humidity in philadelphia 69 to 70 degrees at 7am. 71 in millville, atlantic city and wildwood. even in the poconos waking up to temperatures in the 60s. coming up we'll talk about how long this heat wave is going to last. the stormy end to the heat and humidity and tropical impact we will see down the shore this labor day weekend. growing concerns as the track of this new tropical depression begins to shift. i'll have that later in the broadcast. >> kathy, see you then. moving life to reading right now taking the weather authority with you as easy as the fox 29 weather app. you can find it in the apple and google play stores. new tonight, new jersey state police say they have found this truck tied to that dealed shootout on the atlantic city expressway. here the faces of men charged after all the deadly violence.
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a fifth person in custody just a teenager. one man was killed when the bullets started flying in south jersey yesterday. four others were hurt. >> fox 29's bruce gordon spoke to the mom of the man who was killed. >> i want my son. i want my baby. >> reporter: marie scott sits in the dining room of the egg harbor township home she worked so hard to create and mourns her murdered son. >> i do everything for him. i take care of him. i give him everything he needs, he want, but he just no list stone me. >> reporter: 22-year-old rosemond active yous death in a highway shoot out filled his mother with grief but not surprise. for nearly a decade she says, rosemond had run with a tough crowd, guns and drugs. maria haitian immigrant working two jobs at casino housekeeping had her son arrested once for bringing a weapon into her home. >> i tell my son go to school.
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i working two jobs, 16 hours every day, 80 hours week to support my son. i don't want my son being shoot. i don't want my son lose his life. >> reporter: monday's shootout was not rosemond's first brush with gunplay. mom says he had been shot twice before. >> first time he survived. second time he survived. i tell him you don't stay away from the streets you going to die. >> reporter: facebook photo of rosemond shows him posing with friends gangster style holding stacks of cash. it pains marie to look at the picture. her story was of a hard-working immigrant who built a life, his a tale of street seduction and a violent death. >> i'm trying to do the best i can to change him but i can't. police can't. nobody can change him. >> reporter: now he's gone. >> yup. >> reporter: rose mon octavius leaves behind a four-year-old son. marie scott took look at that facebook photo the one of him holding the stack of cash and said, now i'm must find the
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money to bury my son. at the atlantic city expressway barracks of the new jersey state police, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. scary moments inside this liquor store when a car barrels through the front. a worker forced to run out of the way as wine bottles crash around him. what happened behind the wheel that put lives in danger. and told he has weeks to live a local man wanteed to just one thing. marry the love of his life. >> i walked him down the aisle and up to the altar and i said the vows because he can't speak because of mouth and throat cancer. >> the inspirational move by friends and family to make that wish come true. >> arrested and accused of leaving his baby and toddler in the car alone. so he could go gamble. just how far police say he went to make sure no one new. and a high school senior's photo shoot gets an unexpected visitor. the pictures are going viral. what's happening hyped her that we can't even show you on tv.
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♪ a man is fighting for his life after this crash in camden. this was the scene early this morning near the intersection of haddon and newton avenues around 2:00 this morning. police say the man driving the red car lost control and hit four other parked cars a utility pole and the porch avenue home. we don't yet what triggered this wreck. terminally ill man from philadelphia said i do this weekend in tennessee. the ceremony was planned for october. >> yeah, but dadly doctors advised the couple that they may not have that much time left. shawnette wilson got unique look
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into this love story and she's here now with more. shawnette. >> reporter: dawn and iain, doctors say that christopher ford may only have two to three months to live so this weekend family and friends made a wish come true for christopher and the woman he loves. >> one of hiss wish to be married to his best friend. >> reporter: bob ford gets emotional talking about his son christopher's wedding to the love of his life. >> my heart was just overjoyed wedding took place in nashville, tennessee last weekend. >> it's special because bob's son christopher is 26 years old and is dying of cancer. doctors recently told him he has two to three months to live. might not make it to the wedding the couple had original planned for october. >> it's been very very hard emotionally. >> bob who lives in warminster says his son moved to nashville where his mother amy lives so she can care for him full time. christopher was diagnose with
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stage four mouth and throat cancer last year. he beat it but it returned and had spread to his lungs. >> they had told him they couldn't do any more treatment because he was too weak. >> christopher and nicole have been together three years. they have a four-year-old daughter maddie and one-year-old son tristan who are both in the wedding. and bob played a bigger role than he imagined. >> i said the vows because he can't speak because of his mouth and throat cancer. >> reporter: christopher's uncle joe says it's bittersweet but in a way the wedding has given christopher new life. >> you look at chris, and you see him fighting with all his will and heart and he's doing it for his family and his kids. and when you see that, it just it bring out everything in you. >> reporter: just as amazing the family says that people who heard about his wish jumped to action. the wedding venue florist photographer all donated. also a go monday fee page for christopher's family has been
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set up. you can fine it at dawn? >> all right, thank you, shawnette. you decide 2016 with pennsylvania slated to be an important battleground state in november it's expected to see a lot candidates in our area over the next few months. tim kaine campaigned today in erie to make sure his ticket stays on top in the polls. he's heading to bethlehem tomorrow. meantime hillary clinton was off the campaign trail today. she was focusing on fundraising wrapping up three days of events in the ham tons. clinton tending several different lunges and dinners where donations range from 1,000 to $100,000. a final event tonight is expected to include a performance by both jimmy buffet and john bon jovi the money going towards the hillary victory fun. donald trump on the other hand holding events on larger scale today. speak tack rally right now in washington state. his running mate mike pence spent the day campaigning in georgia.
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trump is scheduled to deliver a major speech on immigration tomorrow in arizona. gop candidate previously supported deportation forces to remove the millions of undo you meaned people in the united states, but trump has since softened his tone. pennsylvania lawmakers voted unanimously for bruce beamer to make over as the state's top prosecutor. he's a former top aid to convicted attorney general kathleen kane. left her office last month to become governor tom wolf's inspector general. beamer testified against kane earlier this month which helped prosecutors convicted her of leaking secret grand jury information and lying about it under oath. beamer will finish out kane's remaining five months. it look like new jersey's minimum wage will stay at $38.30 an hour. he'll veto -- vetoed that proposal to raise the wage to $10.10 an hour in the neck year and then to $15 over the next five. christie says it will burden
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small businesses and democratic leaders they'll pursue a constitutional amendment to raise it which will not need the governor's approval. >> one montgomery county high school is cans selling its varsity season. they don't have enough students signed up. athletic director of the springfield township school district making that announcement today. he says they don't have enough players to safely play the 201 2016-2017 season. he adds the decision was put off until now with the hope that more students would sign up but that just did not happen. today in strawberry mansion fbi took break for some fun on the baseball field and it was all to spread an important message. fbi's philadelphia division and the strawberry mansion all star baseball league faced off to encourage safer neighborhoods. this is the tenth annual step up to the plate and strike out violence game. dash cam video captures the moment that started a nasty chain reaction crash on a busy highway. 10 cars and trucks smashed. but it's what happened what
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happens next that has group of strangers being called heroes. and brand new playground destroyed. $100,000 worth of damage. why police are now saying this was no accident. and a local cop quickly building a fan base in west philadelphia. the wrap that's starting to blow up online. ♪ >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. sue serio taking over for the week while bob kelly is on vacation. we're seeing more alterations in the art museum area thanks to made in america which is coming up this weekend. so eakins oval is a couple lanes closed there and a couple more in front of the art museum that will be closed starting tomorrow and then everything will open back up very early on tuesday morning. of course, you are encouraged to take public transportation if you're going to the made in america concert. and we've got the trollies operating on saturday and sunday schedules and they're going to open center city tunnel for trolley service on sunday evening. so make your plans now and get
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all the information you need starting at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. ♪ for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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big oil polluters. they have a friend in pennsylvania. millionaire pat toomey. toomey voted to protect their special tax breaks. saving oil companies twenty-four billion dollars. and big oil polluters have given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. tax breaks for them. campaign contributions for him. pat toomey. he's helping big oil polluters and millionaires. not the rest of us. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ a california man is lucky to be alive after car plowed into a liquor store and caused hundreds of wine bottles to fly off the
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shelves. the bottles came crashing down as the employee was stocking the shelves. you can see him running for his life and escaping the impact of that lexus just in time. the store manager says that the person behind the wheel was a woman, 77 years old, who seemed to be in shock. >> the guy ran away and luckily he passed all the bottles that fell. anybody in between those aisles before that one it will be no injuries. it will be there. >> authorities say the elderly woman mistook the gas pedal for the brake pedal and was unable to react fast enough to correct her mistake. one of the master minds behind the islamic state terror group has reported been killed. islamic state reporting that the terror group's spokesman and top strategist died during some kind of operation in cira. isis run news agency reporting the death but exactly how he died is not yet known. he previously released several tapes urging followers to kill people that support us efforts again the terror organization.
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police arrested singer chris brown tonight. >> lapd says brown was picked up on suspicious of assault with deadly weapon. authorities say a woman called 911 saying she needed assistance about 3:00 in the morning she told the los angeles times that the singer pointed a gun at her. police say several people were escorted from brown's home after search warrant was served. it was all after brown hours long standoff with police. in the meantime the pop star posted videos on social media declaring his innocence saying he was never barricaded in his home. >> when i call the police for stalker people that are endangering my life they don't come until the next day. somebody make bleep bleep allegations about me, the whole bleep swat team bleep, i'm innocent. >> the singer has repeatedly been in legal trouble since 2009 since his felony convict of the his then girlfriend rihanna.
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>> tropical storm churning up the atlantic. here's video from north caroli carolina. kathy orr now something that could impact our holiday weeke weekend. >> absolutely. right now we have gaston which is hundreds of miles off the coast of bermuda but creating long period of swells during the eastern seaboard. tropical depression number eight. number nine you name it. the tropics are getting very active. we'll talk about how this storm in particular could impact our holiday weekend coming up. >> all right, kathyly. arrested accused of leaving his baby in and a toddler in a hot car all alone so he could gamble just how far police say this dad went to make sure no one new. coming up new at 11:00, we introduced to you this local five year old who you've his allowance to treat his police department to lunch. the incredible way they said thanks today.
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♪ still develop tonight questions about how a 13-year-old got his hands on a gun. you saw this as breaking news last night at 10:00.
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that boy shot himself and 11-year-old girl last night in south philadelphia. fortunately both are in stable condition today but it's prompting local leaders to again emphasize the importance of gun safety. >> there's very important tool they want all gun owners to have. fox 29's bill anderson explains. >> reporter: it happens too often in philadelphia. it happened again last night. two children, 11 and 13, both end up shot after the 13-year-old was allegedly waving around a gun. >> that gun discharged. we believe accidentally it wept through his hands, that bullet after going through the 13-year-old boy' hands passed through and then went into the girl's right knee. >> reporter: police announced today that the 13-year-old is being charged with various crimes from aggravated assault to possession of a firearm but officials tired of these shootings think there's a bigger problem. >> we don't nope know the specific nature of how that child got that weapon, but i can tell was the child didn't do. the child did not walk in a gun
10:31 pm
store, show his id, get background check and walk out with that gun. >> we're going to insert the cable lock. >> reporter: one solution being pushed a gun locks. the city has given away thousand of them for free but some still doubt their effectiveness. (inaudible). >> reporter: philadelphia law requires guns to be secured. without details of who own the gun in last night's shooting we can't assign blame but officials say blame isn't what's important. safety is. if it takes a minute or so to simply unlock the gun the weapon and pull it out, that can save a child's life i'm that's something we need to do. >> reporter: you can hear in his voice council president clark was frustrated but not not discourage they do have gun locks they want the public to know they're available. all you have to do is call the
10:32 pm
sheriff's department and find out where you can pick them up. i'm bill anderson, fox 29 news. new tonight wife avenue former trenton police officer is charged with murder. after investigato investigatorst she smothered him sin side a hospital in florida. 61-year-old january so allow ski arrested for the may death of her hub hen reach the couple lived in daytona beach. according to investigators, henry had back surgery but because of complications became unresponsive and was on live support. authorities say his wife disconnected his objection jenn laid on top of him and pushed a button to give him more pain medication. autopsy results revealed that he was likely smothered. she's facing second degree murder charge. her lawyer says they'll dispute the allegations. a michigan dad is in hot water tonight accused of of leaving his baby an toddler in a hot car so he could go gamble but it gets worse. fox's tara explain the extra steps police say he took to make sure those children were hidden.
10:33 pm
any sort of explanation how you could do that? gambling more important than your babies. >> only on fox two the arrest of 25-year-old man who was accused of leaving his five month old and two-year-old boys inside this car for 30 minutes while he went inside detroit moat city casino to gm bell. police say he attempted to cover his children with a blanket so no one would notice they were in the back seat with the doors locked and windows rolled up. it was it was an observant patron who noticed the babies alone in the car inside the covered parking structure and immediately reported it to casino security. employees were able to smash the back window of the ford focus and rescue the kids from inside the hot car where temperatures were estimated around 120 degrees. the father of the boys nowhere to be found. police you've the casino surveillance video to track him down.
10:34 pm
they found him on the floor still gambling. we found him at his apartment. >> they at my house and he not coming in. >> reporter: you left your kids in the car. >> you can come in here. why why did you leave your kids in the car. >> why are you here. >> yes, they at my door. >> why did you leave your kids in the car with blanket over them. >> my the mother was called to the casino and took the kids but police only issued him a ticket. for contribute to go the delinquency of a night more. he was allowed to leave. a mistake detroit police admit and corrected later monday. eventually hauling him away in handcuffs. want to talk to us how montez? about why you left your kids in the car? how could you do that. >> with sheriffs deputes assisted detroit police arrested him. police say he will now be facing charges of child neglect. >> what do you got to say then? any sort of explanation of how
10:35 pm
you could do that? gambling more important than your babies? >> that was fox's tara asher reporting. casino is praising the quick of its employees who helped save that two young children. >> dash cam video catches the moment a chain reaction crash on a busy highway. 10 cars and trucks smash. what happened next that has group of strangers being called heroes. >> a children's playground destroyed $100,000 worth of damage. why police are saying this was no accident. in the fight of his life this local five-year-old battling brain cancer much his one dream to become a police officer. the heart warming and heartbreaking way a delaware town made that dream come true.
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>> the exact moment of a dramatic crash is all caught on a car's dash cam.
10:39 pm
this amazing video out of binghamton, new york, shows the 10 car pileup on route 17 but tonight police are hoping the video helps them identify the bystanders who saved a woman from her car that caught fire. you can see it right there. it's a fiery rescue. investigators believe a tractor trailer's faulty brakes actually contributor to the crash but was not the cause. fortunately no one was killed n your money tonight landmark decision against apple it could cost them billions. anti-trust regulators european union say the tech giant owns ire land $15 billion in taxes and about 5 billion in interest. those regulators accuse ire land of giving illegal tax breaks to apple in he can change for creating jobs but ire land says they don't want the money. they've got the low corporate tax in place to attract foreign firms to do business there. california based company says it employs nearly 6,000 people in ire land. >> well, fit bit will soon be launching new future that can take you all kinds of places sort.
10:40 pm
the company release agnew feature and its app monday called adventures it will track the distance you have walk and map it out against famous trails like yo simi mitty national park. you'll be able to choose from other destinations like the new york city marathon. one philadelphia police officer had someone of his own while working a block party this week. >> he grab the mike and just stole the show. >> ♪ >> 5-foot nine --, ♪ >> officer andrew prosser showing his rap skills joining in on the fun. he was working a party with steven holts. holts recorded the moment in west philadelphia. we're hearing his encore performance. i wonder what he did first if that was the encore. all right. high school senior photo shoot gets unexpected visitor the pictures are going viral. what is happening behind her that we can't even show you on tv. >> kathy orr tracking your forecast. >> that's right. heat and humidity for at least another day. then the heat and humidity
10:41 pm
breaks as we head toward the holiday weekend plus tracking a tropics. we'll take look when we come back. 'back. david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them. votevets is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. ♪ it's photo bomb one high school girl will not soon forg
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forget. a man apparently walking his dog naked shows up in the corner of jillian henry's photo shoot. the girl from oregon was taking her senior photos and she shared the shots to twitter. captioned with, love my senior picks an smiley face. these pictures have since gone viral. more than 37,000 people retweeting them. no word yet on who the guy is. in georgia playground is not crime scene after a fire destroyed the expensive wooden structure. it happened in the atlanta suburbs. firefighters arriving to type this playground on fire. investigators believe it's the work of an arsonist and they have person of interest already under arrest. teachers and parents are upset and wondering what to do next. >> i'm in shock. it's horrible. and now we're going to have to find some place else to play. >> it's really really sad. it's depressing honestly. at least he got some play time here. but a lot more good play time to be had on this play ground.
10:45 pm
>> city official says it had likely cost $100,000 to rebuild the may ground. new castle police fulfilling wish today for little boy battling terminal brain cancer. little angel made an honorary officer today. >> it's what he's always dreamed of becoming. fox 29's joyce evans with emotional look at this very special day. >> reporter: the mounted police riding into place. this just as a big of a deal for us as it is for him. >> reporter: on short notice. even off duty officers falling in line to receive a special commander. the big brass of the day arrives. dressed for duty. >> i was trying to figure out how i was going to pull myself together and face the little guy. >> reporter: his name angel s somaro. he's a five-year-old. >> i thought, well, you have to. >> reporter: he has terminal brain cancer. his dream to be a policeman. >> you have to put brave face on
10:46 pm
no matter what. if this is really what he wants and we can give it to him, then here we are. >> honorary captain for day. >> new castle county executive thomas gordon struggles his way through the proclamation. >> i county executive by virtue of authority vested in me do here by proclaim and congratulation are order for captain angel de jesus. >> i think the good captain get an opportunity to check these horses out and make sure their fit for duty. >> reporter: little angel feeley especially weak today carries out his duty with the help of his mom. >> it means a lot. i'm sure he's happy. he can't show it but it's been a dream to be police. every time he saw police he would get excited. >> do you know horses don't like water? they'll drink it but they don't like it. >> dream come true thank to the make a wish foundation and new castle county police department. >> make wish could have called anybody. they called us and that means a lot. >> reporter: it means the world to little angel.
10:47 pm
his family and the new castle county police who made his day. >> i want to you come back and see us, okay? >> it's a blessing. i couldn't be more thankful, more happier having been this happy in awhile. >> reporter: as you can imagine, the struggle for the family is not only emotional it's financial. medical bills, travel and angel needs round the clock care. a gofundme account has been set up in angel's name and more than $4,500 has already been donated. you can help and find a link on our website joyce evans, fox 29 news. >> another hot night in the city, kathy. >> it certainly was. some heat and some humidity with your weather authority forecast. in old city philadelphia market street we're still at 78 degrees. the high today 90. winds out of the south at just 5 miles an hour. expect more of the same during the day tomorrow. we have 61 in the poconos. 78 degrees in philadelphia.
10:48 pm
71 in millville and right now in atlantic city 74. not much of a difference at the airport in ac and the board wack. temperature actually warmer at 77. ocean city 74. those warm ocean water temperatures still in the mid to upper 70s. so we will watch a clear sky tomorrow with heat and humidity building a cold front approaching from the west. helping to guide this tropical depression out to sea. bringing drier air behind it for the holiday weekend. and then all eyes on this. a tropical depression number nine that is anticipated to become a tropical storm as early as tomorrow. so here's the one that's off the coast that area of low pressure moving toward the northeast. could become tropical storm tomorrow. but moving away from the mainland u.s. we really don't have to be concerned with that. the one that i'm watching carefully this tropical depression number nip could become tropical storm by tomorrow. making a landfall possibly along the panhandle of florida definitely the west coast by thursday afternoon then crossing southern georgia, brushing by
10:49 pm
hurt pell beach by friday and then moving off of cape hatteras. the question is, how close does it come to the delmarva and the jersey shore? the track has been shifting a little westward. now it seems it's a little bit east war. so we'll keep a careful eye on this. nevertheless it will be impacting our shore points with the risk of rip currents and rough surf over the course of the holiday weekend. the surf three to 4 feet. southeastern swells at about two to 3 feet. i think the beaches will be guarded longer because of the holiday weekend but never swim at a beach that isn't guarded never alone and never at night. in the city, 70 overnight the suburbs 62. partly cloudy and mile. tomorrow the high 91. we continue our heat wave one more day. this would be the sixth day and also be the 17th, 90-degree or greater day for the month of august. for 2016 and that would tie a record set back in 1995. another record. mostly sunny tomorrow and humid again. and then we break the heat. tomorrow night into thursday morning we have some showers maybe a few thunderstorms. thursday only 85.
10:50 pm
friday 82. saturday 80. sunday 82 for your holiday 85. and then it's back to 90 degrees by next tuesday. shore temperatures pretty much the same. quiet warm and then cooling down over the weekend warming up again next week. that's the very latest from the weather center. we'll zen it over to you, howa howard. >> okay. tim tebow well he can't make it in football any longer so today he tried out for major league baseball. he had a big audience and eagles also get ready for thursday. and the phillies are making runs struggle. maybe they are who we thought they were. that's coming up in sports.
10:51 pm
10:53 pm
♪ thursday night still big night for some of the players still on this eagles team. most of the decisions on players really have been made but some players can help themselves with this game here against the new york jets on thursday. most starters won't play but how how does doug immediate sop plan to use the players he will play.
10:54 pm
>> we still got young guys in the back end of the secondary. still taking a look at. receivers are the same way and we've got our offense. i mean really this is a great challenge for all the players in this football game you know to get one last substantial amount of reps, um, and to really put themselves on tape. >> the starters will now be two weeks between games. fans also wonder if the starters have enough playing time. >> three pre seasons game offense clicking pretty g starter which is focus their attention to cleveland and, you know, backups and some of the other guys have one more game here now the starters and everybody they get a chance to relax. get their legs back under you and really focus for couple weeks here on cleveland. minnesota vikings had a devastating injury today. their starting quarterback teddy bridge water suffered dislocated knee and torn acl in a non-contact drill. according to a message from eyewitness i received, his leg
10:55 pm
snapped and his knee was meetly flailing around. so ugly the vikings canceled practice. phillies continue struggling scoring runs ton night no different. they are who we thought they were. to the ballpark. they really are. all right. it's up two to nothing. washington up two to nothing. max ciarrocchi struck out 11 in eight innings gets a sacrifice bun which scores a run. three to nothing the same inning the phillies actually had some goodie fenn. aaron altherr in right field gets the single throws to the plate. collision at the plate. but rupp holds on so it's -- no more runs but bottom of the sixth the score thee-zero. galvis got the first hit against scherzer in the sixth inn and he gets picked off. this team, dorks they have mind sometimes? not good baseball. bottom of the seventh with the phillies down three to nothing. this is their third hit. ryan howard gets the fast ball, three-two. makes the score and that's the way it ended the phillies lost
10:56 pm
to washington the score three-two. tim tebow was not close to good enough for a team in the nfl to sign him. so today he had a workout for 28 major league baseball scouts. i don't know why they wasted their time. he wants to play baseball. let's go to la. there is the workout. this probably was better for tim tebow than the real work out. twitter killed him. they killed him today. but this is the workout. so here's the deal. he was below average offensive offensively. below average with his arm. and average with his speed. that doesn't get you into triple a baseball let alone major league baseball. this guy just doesn't know when to say when. >> got a lot of confidence. >> he's a great guy but enough, tim. (laughter). >> thanks, howard. that will do it for us at 10:00. iain page with what's coming up tonight the 11:00. >> another child the victim of a stray bullet when gunfire rings
10:57 pm
out down her street. where police found the gun plus your wake up weather and your seven day forecast. that's in the first five minutes. remember, your mega millions lot row drawing is up next. we'll see you at 11:00. i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn
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