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tv   Chasing News  FOX  August 31, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> now, on chasing news. >> people were actually shooting from cars. 4911 calls started pouring in and they came from nearby. >> this is on the violent weekend. it's a city in crisis. >> an eight-year-old was was killed last wednesday night as she stat on her stupid on eighth street. she was hit in the head by a stray bullet from a shootout. >> i hope whoever did it comes forward. the damage is done. >> of reward for information has grown to $76000. >> is it worth your life? >> i met one of trump's
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reporters on his lawn his sign on his lawn has been stolen for time. >> i'm really rich. >> everybody loves me. >> he needs therapy. >> that's really how i feel. >> the story is really about your sister. but you'll be on i promise. >> will you put me on more? >> she is seven years old, dancing, dancing and singing for the camera. she's a natural. smart, funny little girl, bright light, beautiful spirit. a lot like her older sister gabby. >> she would've been in third grade. she was an honor roll student, loves to read and write. any song that came on the radio, my girl knew every word to every song. >> gabby is it gabrielle the
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eight-year-old who was killed last wednesday night as she sat on her stoop on eighth street. she was hit in the head by stray bullet from a shoot out shoot out from a nearby corner. the unintentional consequences of a careless, reckless squabble down the street. eight years old, what could abby have been? or her folks say she was already writing up a storm. >> she loved it to write. she was always writing. she was going to write the next biggest movie. she she was always writing. >> for eight years old. >> she will sit down and tell you a story and she had a very big imagination. >> well there been candlelight vigils since last wednesday, most of that has moved on.
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police still maintain a presence out front. nothing new on what matters most. gabby is still gone. somebody knows who that trigger man is a. >> i just hope whoever did it comes forward. i mean, the damages done. it's done already. it's done already. stand up and man up. you know what you did. so just come out and before and with it. i don't understand, for an 8-year-old little girl. >> and so while she dances and plays in front of the house, the gofundme account has been set up to pay for her big sisters funeral is called home going for gabby. we were print information is growing to $76000. it will help -- many organizations have helped, but no lead. >> there's always the's attention on these high profile things that happen in the country. these kind of incidents, we heard it last year happen in patterson, happen
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across the country that the city's are so prone to violent acts and they very rarely catch the guy who does it. even though the stats will show not in the favor it doesn't matter. >> i can't argue with a single thing you said. i think my when my met the family was trained to do the best job we could of indicating this was a real, little girl. it's not a story in the paper. it is not a number. yes, she was a kid. i have kids, you have kids. a real kid with real parents and a real sister. it gets to me a little. >> hopefully somebody if they see the story is moved by your telling and moved by the parents to come forward. 76,000 dollars is a lot of money. but in camden, is it in camden, is it worth your life? >> with 40% of the town below poverty, 76,000 $76000 would do a lot for family to get out of that area too. i can imagine race in a family there. >> a bottom-line people do raise families in camden. they raise
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families in trenton, they might not have everything in the world, but at the same point they are still successfully raising their sons and doubters. when something like that happens and now all of a sudden you're not anymore. i cannot fathom. >> this is usually quiet in the city behind me. sounds like a scene out of a scary movie with a violent shootout while driving. people were actually shooting from cars to cars. as they were driving down the expressway with other drivers on the road. exit 12, which is what it looks like, they probably kept driving. >> after that a 911 call was for medical assistant on the garden state parkway around milepost 39 where they found a 22-year-old man was a dead in the passenger seat. then it gets crazy. more
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911 call started pouring in. they came from a near what a trip nearby area would in egg harbor township. four males arrived at the parking lot in a white white ford expedition, riddled with 21 holes in the car. was also missing a rear tire. so it scraped into the parking lot leaving the track. all four have gunshot wounds. state police use canines to track the path of the suv backwards working from. to an undisclosed location where they found three handguns and in a case style assault rifle that was used in this highway shootout. witnesses told police police there is a third vehicle possibly involved, a black dodge ram with plates and police are searching. every suspect is being held on a 250,000 hundred 50000 cash only
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bail. >> this town is known as the blueberry capital of the world that crimes like this. >> lately it has been a heroin of south jersey. >> this is on the heels of a violent we can in egg harbor city. they had a emergency emergency meeting to deal with the violence. on thursday a shooting, another shooting at home on sunday, it is a city in crisis. >> with them driving around the way they were in shooting as many as possible and three cars made of all, i feel fortunate that somebody writing down the road or god forbid get a slurpie didn't get one as well. it happens all of the time. >> it's incredible that this was contained to the people who were involved. >> you are chasing governor christie. you caught up with him at the supermarket. >> that's right bill. it's not everyday you day you find governor christie in the futile.
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today that is exactly what shoppers found at pennington market. [applause]. governor christie holding a press conference here today where he vetoed the minimum wage bill telling democratic legislators the fight is on. >> people will not think down the road about how much more those apples will cost are those watermelons will cost. they want the about it. but they will get angry about it when they come in and the prices are higher. we have to fight this fight now. between now and next november. >> the bill looks to raise the minimum wage to $15 per dollars per hour. in a similar way that new york and california has done. according to christie, the higher wages haven't necessarily lead to positive results. he pointed pointed to a loss of jobs and higher prices with things as simple as a cuppa coffee. >> even something like a cup of coffee, in that per of time time it has gone up 50 cents per cup. since the implementation of this minimum wage. i know that there are folks here, not only --
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others were in the food industry across the state would have personally told me that this will increase the price of food. across the state of new jersey. it is unacceptable. >> democratic lawmakers have made it known that they do not plan to back down with this initiative. they tell voters they will put it as a valid question in 2017. christie urge those to make their voices known and to express hope that that amendment could fail. one thing is clear today, the minimum wage will stay at $8.38 for now. >> why is governor christie to a press conference like this in a food market question are people going to miss the point is circled on the fact that he is in the cookie aisle. at the end of the date new jersey is already the state where businesses don't have anything else. what if they do start paying $15 per hour. it already cost a lot of money to buy things in new jersey.
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workers are not getting paid that much. >> the sad thing is to your point, you cannot live in new jersey and $50 per hour. it's not a sustainable living wage in the state anyway. all you're doing is creating a negative negative for businesses like that. >> alright everybody. a little bit of honest weather from the back porch. that's. that's why we call the back porch weather. the lawn is looking a little brown apart for my own general negligence. it's not getting enough water. it has not rained for a bit. it will not rain until wednesday night in the no guarantee. 40% chance of rain and then clear throughout the week. tomorrow will be clear, be clear, high of 90, wednesday night, lowe's about 70. i wrote 7 degrees which i meant to write 70.
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tomorrow will be clear, highs and 90s and wednesday night lowe's of 70 degrees. new jersey is not far off that same, 40% chance of rain on wednesday night. brown lawns until we get it. highs near 88, lowe's and the high 60s to monitor the tomorrow night. the rest of the weekend into labor day is looking good. new york city, new york city makes me rock and swing. ♪ it makes me happy when i hear the people. ♪ high of 86 tomorrow and new york. a10-mile an mile an hour breeze to cool. don't worry about nutty weather. i just didn't have any good ideas today. good night, i'm going to bed. >> four sisters have a a very rare brain dysfunction. the's pushing their brain into
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the spinal cord. >> we have a headache when we first wake up we have to take medicine. >> there is no cure.
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>> it has been four weeks since karina, the beautiful 34-year-old woman from queens was murdered while jogging on a trail near a trail near her home. one possible lead which her
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father said was a man who went missing, a jogger that he had seen nearly four times per week for several years who disappeared after his daughter's murder. that lead has become a dead end end in the search for karina's killer. he went on a radio show on monday evening and said the jogger he saw at least four times per week for several years should be questioned by police after he went missing. >> now we just want to question him. i just want to question him because i would see him almost every day. now, he dropped off the face of the earth. >> the jogger that pastrana said should be questioned actually hurt himself been identified in the radio show and went to police. this is what nypd said to nbc news. he said the runner heard of the comments about him and went to police to clear his name. the runner's dna did not match the samples found at the scene. the public has been outraged at
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the the trail was dark as well as no cameras, no security. it. it now has eight security cameras near the place where karina was murdered. the reward for the killer keeps going up. it is nearly 300,000 dollars right now. parents right now. parents are obviously still searching for answers. because it has almost been a month, they are now trying to chase every leaf. >> i have to give the father credit. he noticed something. you are talk today that you see something, you say something. if you notice it out of the ordinary. i think it was my. i have to believe that i must've felt shaken up. >> the father is a retired firefighter. he he is very tuned into these details. the way that he described this guy was enough for the jogger to know who he was talking about. and be concerned enough to go to
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the police. >> that was smart. >> i understand the frustration in the community and with the family not having a suspect at. the grieving fathers do not make the best police. firefighters are not policeman. >> let's remember it was green his father found her body after she was black and blue, have big killed and sexually assaulted. he was the first person to see her body in that state. so it is understandable that if you see something and he says something that happens to be wrong, he's trying to help the investigation the best he can. >> thank you. >> take a look at these photos release monday of over 300 rained or that were killed by lightning in norway. norwegian environment agency released the images and said that although it is not uncommon for wildlife to be killed by lightning, this is a large amount. he said that said that animals tend to stay close during storms. that's probably why they were killed. >> your chasing the story about a family that is suffering, four
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daughters with the same brain disease. >> these are the ramirez sisters from pennsylvania. all four sisters have a very rare brain disorder called tre malformation. it's about 40 brain surgeries between the girls and a dozen other from the side effects of this disorder. >> i'm anna and i'm sick. >> i'm breanna, and how old are you? for. >> their daily struggle. take a look at the photos of the scars the girls have a dozens of brain surgeries. where was the boo-boo? >> they have to cut that open so the brain can heal. is that what happened everybody?
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[inaudible] when they are growing their brain is growing and it is pushing their brain into the spinal cord. >> some of them have to wear braces on the wrist, ankles ankles and knees because their joints literally fall out at times. i asked about what they're going through. >> we have a headache when we first wake up we have to take medicine. >> to get headaches in school? >> yes. >> are they from the teacher sometimes? >> no. >> is trying to trick you. >> we have the best teachers. >> breanna has over 20 surgeries by herself. give give me the number how many? >> 25. three, zero, and six. that is a lot of surgeries for little girls. >> there is no cure. they're hoping once they stop growing it will slowdown because in the brain -- everything is
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estopped pretty much. >> these girls are inspirational and they tell me what they love, softball and track, nice catch and the youngest didn't want to play catch. >> she doesn't want to play catch but she's going to be a camera woman. let me show you how to do this. >> this is not child labor. >> now the walk across america is a walk that occurs in all 50 states on the same day every year to raise money for research. it happens september seventeenth, the ninth annual walk and they want everybody to come out and participate, donate your time and money. >> are they doing financially? i can imagine the burden it must be. >> i can even imagine having four children that have rare
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medical. she says insurance has been really good. you get what you need. we met at the park because her home is like a hospital. >> it puts our bed day and two's perspective. >> i like donald trump i think you would make a good president. in front of his property he had a huge make america great again side. it has been stolen four times. >> he wanted to spam with deputy 40 and watch people try to pull them out of the yard. >> that's a great idea.
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them out of the yard. >> that's a great idea. >> coming up next. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me."
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vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. >> guess what. you have snakes on the beach, my god. check out this video from avalon new jersey. it's it's way too close to home. this video comes to us from
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7-mile -- woman by the name of susan connors gave -- the next thing you know they start slithering away. this is the second time in the same amount of months that we have seen snakes on the beach in the avalon. >> when most people drink they order a late-night pizza, dance like nobody's watching, but not these guys. check out. check out the video out of the netherlands. taken on a beautiful august day. this is what happens when a bunch of drunk guys it decide to build a swing out of a motorcycle. the motorcycle is attached to an extension and it becomes the most dangerous swing ever in my eyes. >> i'm chasing two garden
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queens. i met of trump's most fervent supporters in front of his property he has a huge, trump make america rate again side. is it supposed to be a trump supported supported these days? >> it's on the verge of impossible when you're in a place that is so left-leaning as new york. florida it's much easier and better for me. i'm a resident of florida, my trump signs have not disappeared from my florida property. >> it has been stolen four times. this is despite the fact that on his lawn there is a sign that says guns are welcome. >> thieves has still managed to steal the side. so he installed security cameras and a light sensor that captured the picture of the suspect the fourth time. he printed the picture and created posters and put them all over town.
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>> i have a right to say, i like donald trump and i think he would make a good president to. >> i am really rich. >> as medevac, borderline great. he may he may be our next reagan. >> everybody loves me. >> he needs there'd be. >> that's really how i feel. i think he says what he means. i think he doesn't change his speech. >> on, i don't remember. >> well that started a war with neighbors. >> there is controversy about putting the signs on the trees, what are your thoughts? >> will i see signs on trees all the time for lost dogs and things of that nature. if it is illegal to put signs up on a tree, we we should be aware of that. we should not do that. if it's illegal. but this is a neighborhood in the neighborhood can look after each other. and try to capture criminal. >> i kind of suspect that the
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vote for hillary signs might still be up. >> are you up with a backup? >> i'm checking to see if it's legal to put up if it is i will put them up, if if not i will not. >> he used wd40 and after they stole once or twice no one touched his yard signs ever again. >> keep the security cameras going and that's comedy. >> i love it. >> that is the greatest idea. >> another eviction tail. this one involves trolls. >> i know as final my rent. she was out on the street with her hundreds of trolls.
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for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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