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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  August 31, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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news, motorcyclist dead after hit-and-run in north philadelphia. who police are looking for coming up in a live report. and another child caught in the crossfire, 12 year old girl was just walking from the store when she was hit by a bullet. it is the ninth time this summer alone where police say they found the gun. >> plus, a tractor-trailer overturns on i95 in newport, delaware. the traffic headache for morning commuters right now. >> after much deserved break from the heat, get ready for another hot day. it is official. this is the hottest august ever in the city of philadelphia, pennsylvania. >> the record setting high you can expected to. and good day everyone, wednesday, august 31, 2016. >> so today will be the 17th day that we've had 90 degrees of heat in august. >> wow. >> that's why when you were just speaking in the last half hour, i had to go touch up my hair, because the humidity is like knocked all of my curls out. you can't relate, but sue serio, you know how it happens. >> i did put a lot of product on my hair this morning, right. >> looking good, lauren?
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thank you. >> but the struggle is real. joking. eight out of ten is our weather by the number today. we have a chance of a pop up thunderstorm late in the day today. but, generally, you'll have a nice humid day, which is why muggy is back in our bus stop buddy picture this morning, would be a good day to take a dip in the pool. 6-mile visibility, in philadelphia, and really foggy in south jersey this morning. quarter mile down in dover, delaware, as well, so this will slow you down, a lot of this fog there, just depends on where you are. you will drive into the thick fog, then driver out of t but you have to be careful. 73 degrees right now, sticky out there, little bit after breeze out of the south-southwest. 6:28 is your sunrise time this morning. and, taking a look at some other temperatures this morning, here we go, 62 degrees in allentown, 64 lancaster, wildwood is 69 degrees, and 70 in dover did notice dew points going up, as women.
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no rain to show you now, some out in western new york, northwestern pennsylvania, that will get here eventually, but not until late tonight. 09 degrees today. day six every our heatwave, more humid than it was yesterday. that's your weather authority forecast, two minute after 5:00. time to check traffic this morning, big problem has been down in delaware. now, it is the off ramp lanes that are closed, from i95 southbound. basically driving down through delaware, can you not get off at route 141, because that exit is blocked. the accident involves an overturned tractor-trailer, this is a bad scene out there this morning, this is video taken just little while ago, and it is in newport, delaware, where this tractor-trailer overturned, it was, actually, on i its side there, and probably going to be a while before they clean that up. so once again, i59 southbound in delaware, can you not get off at the exit to route 141, chris, lauren? >> thanks so much, sue. we have some breaking news to tell you about out of feltonville this morning. >> this is horrific crash.
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motorcyclist dead after a hit-and-run. search right now on for that driver. jennifer joyce at the scene. jennifer, good morning to you. now, they found the car, but they haven't found the driver in this hit-and-run? >> reporter: that's correct. that's the late that's we got from police. so we do know they are making headway in this investigation. they did finds that suv they believe to be involved in this crash several hours ago, more than five hours after the accident happened, you can see, the motorcycle involved still on the scene here at lowden and whitaker street. police tell us that the accident happened just before 11:30 last night, when officers responded, they found a 58 year old man lying unconscious in the area of lowden and whitaker. the motorcyclist was transported to einstein medical center where he succombed to his injuries. police say the victim's bike collided with a gmc yukon, which launched the motorcyclist 30 feet down the road. renmant of the yukon remained at the scene, but the driver took off. investigators tell us smart police work led them to the
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vehicle. they believe to be involved in this. now, they are just working to identify and track down this driver. >> responding police from the 25th district did a great job. they saw a trail of what appeared to be antifreeze and motor oil. the officer followed this trail about five blocks and he found a gmc with heavy front end damage parked unattended in a rear driveway in the 5,000 block of rorher street. >> police say the yukon was found on rorher street without a license plate attached. police believe the driver took it off in the minutes following the accident to help him evade investigators. police are holding the vehicle as part of a crime scene, and plan to tow that suv to their lot as evidence in the case. in the meantime, police are locating area surveillance cameras, they also tell us that they have a pretty strong witness, to this accident scene. lauren, chris? >> jenny joyce, thank you so
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much. >> meantime 5:04, more breaking news, this time out of kensington, where a man has been rushed to the hospital after being shot multiple times. the shooting happened just before 2:00 this morning, on clearfield street. police say the man was shot several times in the back while riding a bicycle. he has been taken to temple in critical condition. police right now looking for two men possibly connected to the shooting. >> another child caught in crossfire. this time, north philadelphia fairhill neighborhood. >> this is so sad. since june, nine kids have been shot in our area. these are just a few of these victims, we're showing you here. the nine does not even include children who were hurt while playing with guns, among those hurt, children as young as five years old. >> and just last week eight year old gabby hill carter was shot in the head. she died a few days later. let's get right out to steve keeley who is live in center city with the latest details. hi, steve. >> yes, you almost wish this summer would just get over with, get these kids back in school, and have the sun stop staying out so late, because
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the kids seem to be able to go out even as this girl did last night, just after 6:00, while still daylight, going down to the corner store like everyone every us can probably remember doing in the summertime to get a popsicle. look at the corner store. bullet holes through the window. outside the corner store, is where you saw police, go down the street, and for somehow, some reason, look into a toyota camry and find assault rifle and a semiautomatic handgun that they say were the two weapons used to fire at least 19 shots, at two adult guys that were also hit, one guy in the neck and in critical but alive, because the cops rush him to temple in the back of their patrol car. other guy hit in the ankle. >> this poor little 12 year old girl shot in the right thigh. >> three people shot. >> tragic. we're lucky she is only hit in the leg. i hate to say only hit in the leg because she is still shot in her leg but it could have
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been a lot worse. we know there were probably a lot of young adults, a lot of teenagers a lot of children out here in this neighborhood that are absolutely lucky they weren't hit by gunfire, 19 shots were fired, ten from assault rifle. well, the positive, everyone has survived this so far. although the critically wounded man shot in the neck, the likely target, was barely alive according to the police, at last check. and they do have those two guns, and they do have the owner of the toyota camry, and talking to him, now, look, if the car was unlocked, somebody could just throw guns in the back. but if that's his story, police will certainly try to verify it. but somehow, maybe he is connected at least police have a beat on solving this one unlike a lot of other shootings. let's hope so, steve keeley, thank you so much. we have some breaking news to tell you about involving chris brown, the singer, has been released on jail on $250,000 bail. now facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon, and this
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all stemmed from an incident yesterday. >> police say a woman called 911 saying she needed help at around 3:00 in the morning. she says the singer pointed a gun at her. police say several people were escorted from brown's home after search warrants were served. it was all after brown's hours long stand-off with police. brown has been in repeated legal trouble since 2009. remember the felony conviction involving assault to his then girlfriend rihanna. >> i just check instagram, he was ton yesterday. now ray jay, apparently at home at the time of the incident post interesting chris brown's page saying this is all a big miss understanding, some evident of the people inside the home say he was asleep when this alleged incident happened, now will all play out in court. >> as it has before. 5:08 the time. new jersey state police say they found this truck, they say, it is tied to a deadly shoot-out on the a.c. expressway. >> here are the men charged. after the deadly violence, officials say the fifth person in custody is a teenager.
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one man was killed when the bullets started flying in south jersey sunday. four others were hurt. >> bruce gordon spoke to the mom of the man who was killed. >> i want my son. i want him. i want my baby. >> marie scott sits in the dining room of the egg harbor township home she work so hard to create. and mourns her murdered son. >> i do everything for him. i take care of him. i give him everything he needs, he wants, but he just no listen to me. >> twenty-two year old rosemont octavia death in a highway shoot-out killed his mother with grief. but not surprise. for nearly a decade, she says, rosemont had run with a tough crowd, guns, drugs, marie, haitian immigrant, working g two jobs at casino housekeeping, had her son arrested once for brink ago weapon into her home. >> i tell my son go to school. i work in two jobs, 16 hours every day, 80 hours a week,
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for my son, i don't want my son being shot. i don't want my son to lose his life. >> monday's shoot-out was not roseman's first play out with gun play. mom said he had been shot twice before. >> first time he survived, second time he survived. i tell him, you see, stay away from the street, you're going to die. >> a facebook photo of him shows him posing with friends, gangster style, holding crash t pains marie to look at the story. her story was of hard-working immigrant who built a life. his a tail of street seduction and violent death. >> i'm trying to do the best i can to change him, but i can't. police can't. nobody can change him. >> and now he's gone? >> yep. >> roseman leaves behind four year old son, marie scott took a look at the facebook photo the one of him holding stacks of cash and said now i must find the money to bury my son. at the atlantic city expressway barracks of the new jersey state police, bruce
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gordon, "fox 29 news". >> such a sad story there. meantime 5:11, surprising news on the campaign trail. donald trump is headed south of the border later today, trump took to twitter yesterday confirming his trip to meet with mexico's president, the republican presidential nominee said, quote, i have accepted the invitation of president enrique pena nieto of mexico and i look very much forward to meeting with him tomorrow. which is today. enrique pena nieto's office also tweeted confirmation saying the two men are meeting for a private chat. the talk is set to happen just hours before trump will attempt to clarify his stance on illegal immigration during the speech in arizona. trump has made immigration as you know his call for a wall on the us mexico boards era centerpiece of his president a.m. campaign. we'll see if he also talks about having mexico pay for that wall. meanwhile, portions. fbi investigation into hillary clinton's emails from her private server could be released today. file to be released under the freedom of information act,
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likely to include a summary of clinton's fbi interview. >> this comes as a state department says it found new, unreleased clinton emails, on benghazi. fbi director james comey said back in july that the investigation in his opinion did not warrant criminal charges. and today democratic vice presidential nominee, tim kane, will be in bethlehem pennsylvania, with pennsylvania slated to be an important battleground state in novas it always is. expect to see a lot of candidates in our area over the next few months. yesterday, he spoke to supporters in erie, about economic issues. >> talking about jobs, growing this economy, and making it work for everybody. that's what we're going to keep talking about, that's what is most important thing on the america's mind. >> rally will be held at hanover township community center. the event begins at 1:30, lauren dawn johnson. >> coming up: florida battening down the hatches, tropical depression 9 inches closer to shore. what people there are urging everyone to do ahead of the
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>> this morning we continue to monitor tropical weather, three different storms threaten the us on both coasts. people in florida already prepping for tropical depression nine, as it inches closer to the shore. volunteers filling sands bags in anticipation of the flooding to come. authorities are urging everyone to prepare their own homes for the storm ahead. >> we are going to have rain, we're going to have storm
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surge, potential of tornados, we have rip current. we have to be careful. >> forecasters say the storm could then move north toward north carolina. >> we'll keep an eye on that for sure. meantime sue serio, humidity back for us. >> we do. and we just have the 5:00 update from the national hurricane center. neither the storms that we're watching has gotten an name yet. soap, here's number eight, tropical depression eight, that is headed out toward the sea, it is off the coast of north carolina, we showed this to you yesterday. still, with 35-mile an hour winds, still the possibility of strengthening, but this is becoming less of a factor in our weather, 99 is the one we're watching, still with 35-mile per hour winds, once it makes it to 39, and we still predict that to happen in the open waters of the gulf of mexico, then it will get a name probably hermine, before all is said and done, unless eight gets the name first, then it will be ian. but the point is and you just heard it, a lot of rain in florida then we will have to
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closely monitor this storm after it heads out and starts to hug the coast here because you see it sort of taking a northerly turn, still, expected to be well off shore, but we will have to watch out for rip current over the holiday weekends. meanwhile, we don't have any rain to show you right now on radar. these are the temperatures, as you walk out the door, and you will notice that it is a whole lot muggier this morning, than it was yesterday. 73 degrees in philadelphia, 63 in reading, 69 degrees in wildwood. for us here in philly, we are headed to another high of 09 degrees, another day of our heatwave. eighty-three tomorrow with chance every thunderstorms in the morning and then another chance possible in the afternoon, but then we clear out nicely. we could use some rain, but happy not to have it over the holiday weaken. we start to warm up again back to the 90's by the middle of next week. that's your seven day forecast. time to check traffic once again we go down to delaware, had this problem on i95 southbound, it is the off ramp to route 141, where this tractor-trailer overturned. actually on its sides. we have some video to show you
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that far accident scene. taken probably about an hour ago. so the off ramp is still blocked. you can't get off i95 in delaware at route 141. let's go now to feltonville where we have an accident there. at whitaker avenue. this accident happened at east lowden street. police are on the scene. they say it should be cleared up shortly. look at the schuylkill, at spring garden, all the traffic is moving shootly, still early, route 42 freeway in new jersey also running smoothly, but there is that fog we were telling you about earlier, that could slow you down little bit, chris, lauren, this morning. >> okay, sue, thank you so much. developing this morning, search is on for the man accused of terrorizing 24 year old woman and her family. >> investigators say a home invasion happened yesterday morning, on the 5100 block, mask gunman broke in, he tied up the woman's family then sexually assaulted her, investigators are hoping nearby surveillance cameras can help track down the arm
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attacker, prosecutors charged 13 year old boy who police say accidentally shot himself, and 11 year old girl, in south philadelphia. police say the teen was waiving around a gun, when it went off, fortunately, both of those young people who were shot are expected to be okay, but the shooting once again has elected officials reminding the public the gun locks are available for free in philadelphia. and they can save lives. >> the child did not walk in the gun store, shore its id, get a background check and walk out with that gun. so some adult somewhere got that weapon and made it accessible to that child because they didn't responsibly keep that gun in a place where that child couldn't access it. >> you say you're surprised. >> bill anderson asking the questions on this story. city officials are asking anyone who has a gun and would like a free gun lock to please call the philadelphia sheriff's offers, they will tell you locations throughout the city where you can pick one up. it can save a life. >> florida native, rapper,
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died after being stabbed to death in florida, 23 year olivia on glover fatally stabbed outside a wallgreen store where she work. now survived by her two year old child. he posted this picture on instagram asking for anyone who knows about her death to please step up. in texas black teacher suing the city of austin after being thrown to the grounds by a white officer during a traffic stop. >> she said she was then told by another police office their, quote, black people have violent tendencies. yes, filed suit yesterday. she is seeking damages that most probably exceed $1 million. king arrested after being stopped for speeding last summer. her case garnered national attention after patrol car video was released in july. austin police chief has publicly apologized and has launched departmental investigation. masterminds behind the islamic state terror group has reportedly been killed. reportedly that group's spokesman, and their top strategist, was murdered during some sort of innocence
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in north syria. the group has suffered string of defeats in recent weeks including one turkish troops and allied rebels drove them out of a town in syria. >> all right, so, more truck news coming from chipotle. you know the food scare, right, they shutdown for a week to try to figure it out. how about this? why nearly 10,000 workers are suing chipotle, how fast-food company is responding. winning lottery numbers. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
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if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch. big oil polluters. they have a friend in pennsylvania. millionaire pat toomey. toomey voted to protect their special tax breaks. saving oil companies twenty-four billion dollars. and big oil polluters have given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. tax breaks for them. campaign contributions for him. pat toomey. he's helping big oil polluters and millionaires. not the rest of us. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> nearly 10,000 workers are suing chipotle blaming the restaurant cheated them out of their pay. current and former employees claim the company made them work off the clock. lawsuit claims chip ito claims hourly paid workers to punch out, then keep working until given permission to leave. chipotle denies any wrong-doing, says the case has absolutely no merit. >> okay, no clowning around here, first full tile professional training school for circus artists in the u.s. is set to open right here in philadelphia next year. >> it will be a three year, secondary vocational school, where students can own their -- hone their skills, in acrobatics extra app arts, juggling, that's about all i can do. and then aerial acts like estimate. this is it where they have those things, those clot things, those are crazy.
5:25 am
you can walk around on stilts, too, i'm sure. america home to more than 200 recreational circus schools. what's that? >> trapeze. >> golfers listen up. golf courses coming to our area. oh, this is awesome. all right? it is opening its second location, this one in mt. laurel, exact location on the southeast corner of marne highway and center ton road. new course will be 65,000 square feet, golfers will be able to hit some balls, all while enjoying good food, drinks, new entertainment golf complex, by the way, this is seriously fun for everyone, not just the golfer. >> i was going to say, this is the spot in atlanta that all of my friends hang out at. so group text, hear them chatting about meet ups, meet you at top golf. tell me why? >> it will open in 2017. it is like a bowling alley, only a really nice bowling alley. >> okay? >> so golf. so you have your stalls, right, like would you have your lanes for bowling. >> yes? >> and then they give you all
5:26 am
of the clubs you need, the balls, and you hit the target, right, but here is the cool thing. like little computer chip. >> microchip? >> in the ball. so it knows where it lands, and it keeps your score, much like the bowling alley, with how many pins you knock down. >> i like that. >> it is really fun. >> even if you don't like to golf you can go with friends, hang out, it is like a sports bar, too? >> more women than men typically there which is casino every fun. they have the big screen to watch all of your sports, they've got full bar food. i'm a huge fan of top golf. i should invest in top golf. >> you missed out though. >> what do you mean? >> but can open more location. >> true, you could be an investor somewhere else. >> i just gave them a free advertisement, didn'ty? >> did you. so from something fun to something really serious we have to get to at 5:26, jennifer joyce following breaking news in north philadelphia. hi, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and chris. motorcyclist is dead after colliding with a gmc yukon. that suv took off from the
5:27 am
scene, later found by police, however, the driver is still out there. we will be right back.
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it's that, and that, and all of that. it's the most cerealriffic cereal. in all of history. yeah, it's that good. honey bunches of oats. this. is. everything. >> motorcyclist dead after hit-and-run in north philadelphia. who police are looking for coming up in a live report. >> it is the ninth time this summer, a child has been shot,
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what the 12 year old victim was doing one week before being hit by a bullet. >> plus, with just weeks to live, a local man wanted to do just one thing, marry the love of his live. the irns rational move by friends and family to make sure that wish came true. >> good day, it is wednesday, august 21, 2016. guess what did i yesterday? after living in philadelphia for two years, i went and got my drivers license. >> first you shouldn't admit that stuff. >> i know, 60 days the rule. >> you scoff law you. >> anyway, i went and got it yesterday at the dmv in south philadelphia, he can accurately one hour and 20 minutes. >> of waiting in line? >> from start to finish. >> did they preclude you from having your cell phone? >> i was like tweeting people in there, everyone was like you're not supposed to have your phone, well, there are no signs, no one said that. >> really? >> when go to center sit and have to pay a ticket or argue a ticket, there is no phones, they'll yet at you. the ppa is the real --
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>> anyway, sue, inside for hour and 20 minute. >> is that where you are going with all of this? >> basilica of saints peter and paul the way congratulations two years, becoming official resident of the state. >> thank you chris murphy. >> congratulations. >> yep, air-conditioning would be good option for today, too, transition to the number of the day, eight out of ten, because it will be more humid. few pop up thunderstorms possible later on in the day. but generally just hot and humid day. and i think you'll have another day where we hit 09 degrees, plus this morning, fog could slow you down, especially in south jersey, and southern delaware, looks like that is where we're socked in with some poor visibility this morning. we have a muggier day today than we did yesterday. 73 degrees, and 6:28 is your sunrise time. other temperatures, 58 in mount pocono, there is your pleasant spot. 69 degrees wildwood. sixty-six wilmington, delaware, lancaster has 64 degrees. we're not showing any rain yet but again by this time
5:32 am
tomorrow, and even earlier, like in the overnight hours tonight into tomorrow we could get some showers and maybe pop up storm. 90 degrees today, that will be day six of our current sixth heatwave of the summer, and it is the last day of august. a 32:00 the time. we have a look at traffic for this morning, and that accident on i95 southbound, in delaware, still out there, it was a tractor-trailer that overturned, and now it is blocking the off ramp to route 141. so, southbound on i-95, this is the reason you can't get off, at route 141, because of this accident with the tractor-trailer. so we will let you know when that clears up. meanwhile feltonville, whitaker avenue, accident at east lowden street and whitaker. police on the scene, hoping to clear that up shortly. we checked the schuylkill expressway, right around spring garden, since 15 minutes ago, volume has pick up considerably. route 42, in new jersey, feet way there, running smoothly, but once again, very foggy out there this morning, a lot more
5:33 am
moisture in the air. chris and lauren? >> sue, thank you. to the breaking news, out of feltonville. >> search on for driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run accident, fox 29's jennifer joyce, joins us live from the scene. jenny, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and chris. we know several hours ago police did track down the suv they believe to be involved in this hit-and-run. how much, no update on whether or not they have the driver, at last check, they did not. this is the motorcycle still remaining from this crash scene here at lowden and whitaker streets, police tell us the accident happened just before 11:30 last night, when officers responded, they found a 58 year old man, lying unconscious in the area of lowden and whitaker. the motorcyclist was transported to einstein medical center, where he succombed to his injuries. police say the victim's bike collided with a gmc yukon which launched the motorcyclist 30 feet down the road. renmant of the yukon remained at the scene, but the driver took off, according to police,
5:34 am
investigators tell us smart police work led them to the vehicle, they believe to be involved in this, now they are just still working to identify the driver. >> that gmc when police found it did not have a license plate attached, so there is a possibility that the driver removed the license plate in order to he will leud capture from police. but that gmc had heavy front end damage, both airbags deployed, and they were actually able to follow the trail of fluid right to the location. that's where the trail of fluid ended right where the gmc yukon was parked. >> police say the yukon was fawn on the 5,000 block of rorher street. again, without a license plate attached. police are holding the vehicle as part of the scream scene, plan to tow the gmc as part of evidence in their case. police are rounding up surveillance video, also they have a witness to this accident. lauren and chris? >> jennifer, thank you. meantime more breaking news, philadelphia police want to
5:35 am
know who shot a man riding a bicycle there is happened just before 2:00 on clearfield street in kensington, authorities say the man was shot multiple times in the back, while riding the bike, he's been taken to temple hospital in critical condition. right now police are looking for two men possibly connected to this shooting. >> this june speaking of gun violence, nine kids have been shot in our area. these are photos of just a few of the young victims. >> another child caught in the crossfire of bullet there is time the city fairhill neighborhood. steve keeley has been covering several of the shootings and he has the latest with the most recent. hi, steve. >> reporter: viewers are thinking the worse kids in the summertime had to go through was maybe summer school. not emergency rooms with bullet wounds. but here we go again with another philadelphia child, going to the hospital, because they got in the middle of a shoot-out. and this 12 year old, the third child this week, with bullet wounds, you have the
5:36 am
two kids shot, playing with a gun, in south philly on monday night, the 13 year old boy firing a gun through his hands, hitting another 12 year old girl, now, this 12 year old girl, out on the street, just after 6:00 at night, still summertime, so they're going to go down there, get ice cream cone or popsicle at the corner store, after dinner, and who cares if a little 12 year old girl is in the way when thee guys, with assault rifle and semi-automatic weapon close by are going to fire at two other adult males also shot last night. and you can tell, scott small, the philadelphia police inspector at the start of his shift with a very busy shift, you heard him in jennifer joyce's story, here he goes again at the start of his shift with more on this. >> reporter: it is horrible. any time anyone gets shot, it is horrible. but when it is an innocent victim, hit with a stray bullet, that makes it even worse. but when they're just 12 years old, we've had some young children, it is the summertime getting struck by gunfire, that's horrible thing.
5:37 am
she was walking out of the corner deli, probably getting some food, maybe getting a drink, probably something she does on a regular basis, where you assume that you're very, very safe. when she gets struck with a stray bullet. and we know that that bullet was either from assault rifle or a large caliber semiautomatic weapon. >> and how sad is it, chris, lauren, that no child with assume they're safe any more anywhere from the little girl gabby in camden, killed playing on her street riding her bike to now this, just going to the corner store, for a popsicle. >> all right, we have just learned chris brown has been released from jail on $250,000 bail. he's now facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon, all of this stemming from an incident yesterday morning when police say is a woman called 911, saying, the singer pointed a gun at her, they say, several people were escorted from brown's home after a search warrant was served. it was all after brown's hours hunk long stand-off with police. >> that video from yesterday.
5:38 am
all right, donald trump heading to mexico today. so he took to twitter confirming his trip to meet with mexico's president. the talk is set to happen hours before trump will attempt to clarify his stance on illegal immigration during a speech in arizona. >> meanwhile, portions of the fbi investigation into hillary clinton's emails from her private server can be released today. the files likely to include a summary of clinton's fbi interview. >> this comes as the state department says it found new, unreleased clinton emails on benghazi. >> today tim kaine will be in bethlehem, pennsylvania, to talk with supporters. yesterday he was talking about the economy in erie. the rally will take place at the hanover township community center at 1:30, pennsylvania is slated to be an important battlegrounds state in novas it has been in the past several elections. the phillies struggling during last night's game against the nationals, not so highlights coming up in sports in one minute. katie: on crime, pat toomey's attacks on me are shameful.
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he's making it up. of course, anyone who commits a violent
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crime needs to be prosecuted -- and put behind bars. narrator: katie mcginty will keep us safe -- more police on the streets, better training and equipment, and take on the gun lobby for gun safety laws. katie: i'm the daughter of a police officer, and the mother of three. i'll stand with law enforcement to fight crime, and protect our families. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
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this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin. eagles play the pre-season game, most of the starters won't play. >> appreciate, looking pretty good, obviously starters can focus their attention on cleveland. and, you know, backups, some of the younger guys, still have one more game here, but starters and everybody, they get a chance to relax little bit.
5:42 am
get your legs back on again, and really focus for couple of weeks here on cleveland. >> the phillies they continue to struggle scoring runs. phillies down three-nothing, against matt, struck out 11, struck out ryan howard twice. gets two run homer here in the seventh. struck out two times earlier. but, doesn't matter. phillies lose it three-two to washington. tim tebow, can't play football in the nfl. now he wants to play baseball. he conducted work out, 28 major league scouts showed up. whales of time. word is average or below average in everything. it is it is way past the time to stop. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. he can run but can't hit or throw. >> yes, but that's some good running. >> so what? then he should and track star. >> you go race him then. >> i'm not going to race him. aim in my late four's, i'd pull a hamstring. >> ya right. youyou know, selena gomez, you can appreciate her, right? >> yes. >> stepping out in the spotlight, say for very
5:43 am
personal reason, needs a break, we'll tell but it after the break. >> okay.
5:44 am
hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
5:45 am
>> ♪ van morrison. >> they've been doing this in spain. this is basically about
5:46 am
20 miles, are you okay? >> i'm sorry. >> every year they do this, and it is this time of year, the last wednesday of august, that they do this, the last day of august. it is basically a bunch of rich millennials that can afford to go to spain for the summer and throw tomatoes before they go try to get a job. >> they're wasting a lot of food. i like tomatoes. oh, well. >> hi, sue. >> and they would probably look good on you, too. we've got a look at ultimate doppler radar picture, which doesn't show any rain. we really don't even have a lot of clouds. you can see up to the north and west cents there is something coming. so let's look at the future cast, see what we've got for you. a dry day for the most part today. it really isn't until later on, that things start to cloud up, north and west of the city, but i still don't think it will rain by 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, maybe 7:00 when we start to see our first pop up showers and thunderstorms ahead after cold front coming through.
5:47 am
now, in the overnight hours, we could see an isolated pop up maybe strong thunderstorm with a heavy downpour, 2:00 in the morning, maybe another round moving through our area. so it does lock like that could happen. and then, later on in the day, couple of pop up showers and thunder storms, with a cold front, of course, cold front means cooler air is coming, just in time for the weekend. but it is muggy out there right now. 73 degrees in philadelphia. sixty-four lancaster. fifty-eight mount pocono, 70 dover, 69 in wildwood. checking the dew point, they're starting to go up. now we have 70 degrees dew point in philadelphia, dover and trenton, and that's why it feels a little muggier today. and it will be humid all day. i think we'll get day six of the heatwave with 90 degrees, transitional day tomorrow, with the colds front coming through, chance of pop up thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow. late tonight, i should say, and tomorrow, friday's high 82, very nice, how about saturday? 78 degrees. last saturday high 93, 80 degrees on sunday, and starting to warm up by the
5:48 am
middle of next week. that's your seven day forecast, from the weather authority. checking traffic on wednesday morning, once again, i95 southbound in delaware, that off ramp to route 141 still blocked because of a tractor-trailer accident. and this is the video from a while ago, maybe hour, hour and a half ago, from the tractor-trailer on its side. so that's going to be out there for a while before they can put it upright and towed out of there. meanwhile, we go to feltonville. whitaker avenue and east lowden street, we have an accident there, with police still on the scene. a look at the platt bridge, in south philadelphia, as we anticipate our sunrise, looks like it will be a pretty one. that is also looks like traffic is moving just fine. ben franklin bridge looking from camden, into philadelphia, everything running smoothly there. and that's a look at traffic, chris, lauren? >> sue, sad news for some young local athlete. one montgomery county high school says the varsity foot because season is just not
5:49 am
going to happen. at let connect director of springfield township not enough people interested to play for the season, decision put off until now. were hoping more kids would sign up. that will wasn't the case. now there is no football there. >> there are the 52 miss america contestants here on the ac boardwalk. the hopefuls were welcomed to kick off two weeks that will culminate in the crowning of 2017 miss america on september 11. the contestants from all 50 states, the district of columbia and puerto rico met the public in front of the board walk hall. these are s pictures the contestants posted on twitter. >> cool. >> yes. >> i didn't go to ac yesterday, but i did go over to the new church, the new temple. >> do you have some picks? >> i do so you can't take any pictures inside. >> we've seen the outside, on the vine street expressway. >> sorry, that's all i got for you. but i do have one cool picture where you have to put, mike jerrick, you better stop it, put these things on your feet
5:50 am
to protect your feet? >> protect your feet or protect the tell be? >> you're right. don't want to bring all of the dirt in, so we had to put our little feet covers on. >> wow. >> so was it beautiful inside? >> you know what i'll be completely honest. i think i was expecting a little bit more. i thought it was going to be like marble, and i don't know, i was kind of like oh. >> really? after spending all that money. >> just being honest, people were asking on twitter what did i think about it, maybe my expectations were little too high. it is nice, and marvelous, magestic, you know, but i kind of thought it would be different. >> this is what we should do. >> okay? >> did you take a camera with you? besides your little cell phone? you are not allowed. >> did they frisk you, make sure you don't have your phone you? >> no, they know you have it, they say do not pull out your camera or take any photographs. >> what if you did? >> ball of flames?
5:51 am
not sure what would happen. but we can't take our video cameras? there? >> we can't. not allowed. >> what's going none there? >> i don't know. >> do you think they would let mike in? >> probably not. >> this is my rsvp. >> no. >> talk about selena gomez real quickly or are you going to talk about her? >> who created the mormon church? >> all right. >> ask the smith family and ask them. >> if you're loud? >> before you talk quickly, we just have to tell you real quickly, she will sam some time off, has depression, anxiety, panic attacks, going through a lot, so her physical and emotional problems, taking the forefront. needs to battle this,. >> good for her. >> concert dates are scheduled but she says she doesn't know if she'll goes to cancel them but for right now she is taking a break. >> you are the one that went to the cons setter, chris. >> i think she is adorable.
5:52 am
>> and good singer. >> pretty good actress, too, seen her in a couple of moist movies. do you follow chris brown on instagram? you. >> know he is a good follow. yes, he had this message for you yesterday. >> when i call the police for stalker people that are endangering my life, they don't come in the the next day. make somebody make a beep allegation about me. oh, ya the whole beep swat team comes beep everybody. >> the whole team here, my whole swat team here. so he's in and out and back home apparently. but more on that rant and what happened in los angeles yesterday afternoon with chris brown. we have a 11 year old dj from philly on, who is so good, that he's going to play throughout the show for us, like bump shots we call them. he ended up at the white house meeting the first lady and president obama. >> really? >> yes. >> and we have pictures of that. you'll meet that dj, 11 years old, also meet a 96 year old human who wants to jump out after airplane.
5:53 am
>> so chris? >> i'll meet her, i'll do this, mike. >> talk to her? >> i'm going to talk to her, and i'm going to jump into that contraption, and fly like an eagle. >> i fly. >> would you jump out after plane with her? >> never in a million years. >> never in 96 years. >> i've agreed to jump out after plane with goal end nights parachute team, army's parachute. >> you're going to do that? >> i don't remember the day, but i had a physical yesterday in preparation for it. >> with doctor mike? >> ya. >> three finger doctor mike? >> ya. and afternoon with doctor mike is amazingment i can barely walk. >> all right. >> and he took pictures, which i thought was very weird. >> okay. family fun this weekend, come out to trenton arm and hammer park, starts at 4:00. if you have tickets, stick around afterward, there is a
5:54 am
screening of the pilot pitch. to premiere. >> told he had just weeks to live. local man wanted to do just one thing, marry the love of his life. the inspirational move by family and friends to make that wish come true.
5:55 am
♪ ♪ the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. ♪ ♪
5:56 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> twenty-six year old dying
5:57 am
every cancer, he and his girlfriends nicole have been together, they have a child together. the doctor said he has three months to live the the couple decided to get married, bob who lives in war minister says his son moved to nashville with chris' mother so they could care for him of the the proud father said he had bigger role in the wedding than he imagined. >> i said the vows because he can't speak because he has mouth and throat cancer, un he wanted his last wish to be his best wish to be married to his best friend. >> go fun me page to help with any expenses you can find it on it is the ninth time this has happened this summer. a child shot, much more on this latest case, plus the search is on for the driver in a deadly hit-and-run involving a motorcycle. straight ahead.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> a 12 year old shot in the cross foyer again. knocked off his motorcycle and killed. right now the search is on for a driver, in a deadly hit-and-run. the big piece of evidence police have in their possession. when i call the police for stalker people that are endangering my life, they don't come


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