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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  August 31, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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>> go for it, dj. >> keep it up. let's hear some more. >> let's spin, let's scratch. >> wow. >> you know, what i love about this 11 year old? >> what? >> he knows old school, as well as up-to-date. >> that's true. he does. >> ♪ >> a/k/a dj. >> should have a reason to have a party so we can have him come. >> he had a already been for the president's birthday party. >> ♪ >> thank you!
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>> pretty. >> that's real pretty. >> it is really pretty. >> thank you. >> colors popping. >> sure. she is popping. >> thank you. >> you could melt with those lips. >> what are you reading? >> dj here, already getting job requests. >> really? >> ya. >> well, if you want to find his instagram, and twitter, it is we working ent. so we workin, without a g, ent. >> cool. >> two job request that is row. >> what were you doing at 11 years old, mike, besides sitting in that basement in kansas, waiting for someone to throw some bread down the stairs? >> oh, my gosh. >> i just huddled there in my dirty underwear. >> right. >> in a feed al -- fetal position, ya. >> and then look -- >> by the way, saw somebody on
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twitter also said don't worry, mike, this is -- don't worry, mike, i was also part of the bad kids class in school. >> oh,. >> and look at her handle now. wreckless, wreckless. >> she is wreckless. >> ya. >> got to own it, though. >> ya. >> my daughter christina, has been up watching the show since 6:00 this morning, because it is her birthday, and her mothers name is the human barbie. >> oh,. >> i thought were you saying it. you don't have a daughter named christina. >> she has the purple heart because of alex's lipstick. >> my daughter areas birthday yesterday as well. happy birthday jill. >> and you nice timed her? >> i face time her last night. >> how did she like your haircut? >> she didn't think much of it. >> it is different. >> hold on. it is not that short. >> forest gump. >> i love you, jenny. >> jenny. >> it will grow in nicely. >> real quickly?
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just pan around. >> jenny. >> run, forest, run. >> move your arms a little bit. >> run, forest. >> i love you jenny. >> it is like jen-ay. >> probably making everyone at home sick right now. >> well, on a daily basis. >> speaking, first time on national television or local television, let's spin the camera back, doing a tight shop. -- shot. green grapes infused when cotton canned. >> i i'm so excited to try them. >> we like them. >> who, you? >> sue said she would try them. >> black women. >> horrible thing to say. >> should we wait then? >> no. it is coming. >> i don't know about that,
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but -- >> are you ready? >> okay. here we go. cotton candy gaps. i love cotton candy. i have cotton candy wine at home, ya. here we go. and supposed to smell like cotton candy too? i don't know if it smells like cotton candy. but here let's try it. >> you have never tasted anything like that, have you? >> i haven't. it is faint but good. >> ya. >> i'll take it people have been putting all over instagram. normally don't eaton tv but i will try a grape. can't be that harmless. oh, i smell it. >> yes. >> bus a grape. >> bus it open. >> it is good. >> sweeter grape basically. >> i love grapes, one time
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when i was little, i was eating grapes, i kept eating and eating, then i, you know? >> barf in. >> yes. >> i have that memory. >> good grape story. >> did they shoot-out like a machine gun? >> oh, my gosh. no that would be a cooler story, but no. >> remember when the bold and beautiful casting directors were in town? >> yes. >> went onto audition for the bold and the beautiful. >> you heard back? >> i never heard back from any of them, i was complete failure. there must have been 3,000 people at this audition, i took maybe a thousand selfies, right? >> okay. >> one of the selfies was with a woman by the name of betty addison. betty addison. good time to put it up there. is betty right there, the grandmother of a couple of granddaughters. >> okay. >> so he she whispers in my ear, that her granddaughter
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sydney want to meet me. >> you? >> i don't get it. >> how old is sydney? >> she is nine today. >> oh, it is her birthday? >> so betty goes as a birthday surprise, if i bring her down in front of the station and don't tell her that you're going to come out, would you come out and say happy birthday to sydney, because, i don't know what's wrong with this child, if this is something she really wants. >> oh, you're sweet. >> so she don't know we have a camera on her right now. she is holding the pink, whatever that is? >> sign? >> looks like little intoed until. >> little noodle, or maybe poster board. she probably has it rolled up. >> yes. >> so as you can tell right now she doesn't know she is on camera. camera out there for sue's segment. so she doesn't know. >> and maybe speeding her case. >> and it is her birthdate. >> once we are past 9:00 they realize this is not a treat. >> so make your magic happen. >> so she doesn't know we're doing this of course. >> oh, this will be good.
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>> i know. >> let's see what happens. >> i can't wait to see the reaction. >> probably going to be excitement or total disappointment. >> oh, oh. all right. okay? >> here goes. i think these young girls, their sisters live in abington, and the grand ma lives in mt. airy. >> so let's see. >> here we go. >> hey, whose birthday is it? >> oh, my gosh. >> ahh! >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> you're nine today? >> yes. >> did you receive any presents yet? >> no. >> what would you like? >> leggos. >> you want leggos? i will get you leggos today, okay? >> okay. >> what are you going to make out of it? >> i don't know. >> i'll tell you what to make. how about -- how about my head? my giant head in leggos? >> okay! >> could you did that.
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>> yes. >> where do you go to school. >> abington elementary. >> has it started yet? >> no. >> do you start next week? >> yes. >> okay. you're good student in. >> yes. >> do you want to be in it. v some day? >> yes. >> would you like to take alex's job? >> yes. >> start next monday, okay? >> okay. >> you be here next monday and we will kick alex out. >> okay. >> okay, who is this? >> my sister. >> come here, sister. what's your name? >> lea. >> lea, and whether is sure birthday? >> september 18th. >> there goes big trash truck. september what? >> eighteenth. >> september 18th. okay. and that's grand ma there? >> uh-huh. >> hey, betty, good to see you again. thanks for bringing them by. this is real cute. >> do you want to come in and seat tv station? let's go. come on, let's go. so there you go, alex, lauren. >> i guess this is it. i getty need to get out? >> i know! >> she's so cute. i mean, you know? >> at least for today, at least for her birthday.
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let her have the seat, just for today, alex. let her wish come true. >> you know, never know, at a tv studio, the lights, teleprompters, everyone moving around, they see the cameras, robotic, moving around. >> a lot to see, a lot to see. hopefully they're coming in here. they are probably getting little tour of the lobby area, may have all of the pictures on the wall. oh, locked out. >> oh,. >> i got it. >> here we go. >> all right, so we're here. >> we get stuck at those doors every day. >> thank you. >> and then another double door. there are so many doors. can you make it, if you can make it into the studio you can make it on tv. >> here they come. >> i hear them. >> hi, girls, come on over.
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>> hello! >> hello, ladies. >> you hop up here. >> no, you need mike injury glike taking alex's job. >> here you go, hey, sister. >> happy birthday. >> here we go. >> what does the sign say? >> in case we didn't get it. >> oh, you have to read it, mike. >> in case we didn't get in. what's it say? >> ready? >> do you want to read it? >> my granddaughter is celebrating her birthday today. one of the gifts to see mike jerrick. she a doors mike jerrick and alex. would you come up and say hi and happy birthday to us. that would make her day. she said she would come out to see himment thank you. >> you said you were coming down -- would you climb mount evrest? >> oh, shoot. you didn't keep your part of the bargain. >> what do you like about this guy so much? >> i like him every day on the news. >> do you? >> does he make you flaw. >> yes. >> he is crazy, isn't he?
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>> uh-huh. >> whether you go to school, is mike jerrick a name at school everybody knows? >> just sydney. >> uh-huh. >> just you. >> cydney, have you ever heard of that cool, did you ever know he's older than you? >> two years older than you. >> dj. >> hey. could you play her a birthday song maybe? >> oh. here is the thing, when it comes to mike, been waiting for this moment. is he just like you thought he would be? >> yes. >> yes? >> is that good or bad? >> good. >> it is good. >> matter of fact. >> she is very much matter of fact. when she says it she means it. >> you keep it real? >> yes. >> what are your hobbies do you have any? >> basketball and dancing. >> should we do a birthday dance. >> yes. >> oh, show us what you got. how about you guys dance together? >> see, i like to get a little crazy. >> okay, go dance. >> ♪ >> , look at this. watch out, lauren?
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sorry. >> i don't know if i can do these moves. >> ♪ >> i can do this one, here we go. >> ♪ >> okay, turn around. >> what was that other one? oh, the chicken dance? >> ya. >> the birthday dance party. >> great to meet you. happy birthday. >> thank you. >> oh,. >> and happy birthday in two weeks, okay? >> okay, nice to meet you. >> thank you for bringing them by, betty. >> adorable. come up here. we have to do a segment together, okay? they are the first of their kind, system to keep your baby cool, and monitor that tracks a sleeping baby using something called a pulse, what
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is it? >> pulse ox. steve, did i get that name right? >> pulse objection empty. you either have to say it or spell it, but i'll tell you what it does in a second. first we start with this. this is my baby's heartbeat bear. you aren't expecting mom. nothing like this sound. can you recognize what it is? i don't know if you can hear it or not, but the sound of the heartbeat from your sonogram. here's how it works. little recording device inside the bear. you bring to your sonogram appointment. they record the heartbeat for you. and then play it back into the air, have nice picture of the sonogram, as well, that way you get to hear baby's heartbeat even long before they ever arrive. next up. new technology, the monday store smart stop. we have video for you. here's how it works, the only baby monitor to use pulse objection empty. what it does is it tracks breathing motion, body position, and sleep, all based on the motion, that you're child makes while it is in its
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crib. the nice thing about this, they will alert mom and dad by a smart phone application, all runs on blue tooth, so you know what baby is up to, and if there is anything that you ever need to immediately address. next up, this is the point where your baby is young enough that they've in the carseat in the back of your car, facing backward, the only problem with that is that the air from the events doesn't really have a way to get back around the carseat. well that's what this product does. you hook up this to the nearest air event, then take this, and put it around the carseat that way you can hang it and redirect the air flow, to make sure that baby gets either the air-conditioning or the heat depending on the time of year. next up, this is called the saddle baby. all about hands-free piggyback ridesment take a look at the video we've got for you. harness goes around your chest, these are the little angle straps to strap baby in, the seat goes around the back of your neck. it allows you to keep your child nice and safe and
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secure, without having to hold onto their ankles while you give them a piggyback ride. of course we always recommend that you use the hands for extra safety, but his is a nice hands-free solution, for dad, as well. this is the my fold. the grab and go booster seat. the cool thing about this is look how tiny it is. so this will fold up, into a tiny little package here, it goes into this pouch, you can pop into the glove compartment. think of grandmom or grand pop, who doesn't have the kids with them all the time, but still want this safety after booster seat. instead of boosting the child up, we've got some video for you, what this does is it real-positions the lap belt and the shoulder belt, that way, it sits nice and low across their child's hips, and across their chess and more proper position. all every these products right now on your station website of course at facebook. com/savemesteve. >> receive you next week,
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steve. speaking of moms, dads, one mom sharing her joyce and pains of motherhood. opened up on facebook about her struggles after sharing a tearful but happy photo. now look at it. >> this is motherhood, says alley brother, mom has two young sons, posted tearful photo how she dot do this point. early morning visit to the super mark, younger son crying, older son knocking things off the display, the shelves, goes on to say people were judging her because they shout she couldn't control her children, she broke down, cried, comments were hard to deal with. >> well, what do you mean? they were calling her a bad mom and because she let the kids run wild in the grocery store? >> right. they were saying she was out of control, couldn't control the kids. and the kids were bad, you know how it is easy for to you look and not knowing the context of what's happening. >> well there is reminds me of the day that our little now a came by for a segment on carseats. do we have the footage of the carseats? are they going wild?
9:18 am
>> one month from his second birthday. turning the car apart. is this one -- no, so,. >> can somebody come over and help? >> trying to show a two year old to put in a carseat, never gets in. >> he's wig link, everything. >> finally -- >> then want to drive the car off. he was never buckled in. took three minute, never got in the carseat. >> never. >> this went all over the country on the internet. and tori, mom, tori, did you get grief from people around america? >> i d i good lot. and i agree with that mom. it was very hurtful because i had people at one point call my son a crack head babe. >> i what? >> that means i'm crack head. i had people call me a bad mom. they say i should have beat him, live on tv.
9:19 am
>> what? >> and that you know, i don't discipline him, every day, clearly not used to ride nag carseat, which also implies that i'm horrible mom. >> what? >> of course not. absolutely not. and it is to is very hurtful because, you know, two year old, three year old, constantly having tantrums, do you feel like oh, my god if i could just, you know, crawl into a ball and just cry on the floor because i'm embarrased. people do look at you like lady get control of your kid. i'm trying, i promise, i'm trying. but when they're having a tantrum, only so much you can do. and it is, it is a shame. it is a lot of parent, too, like shaming you on social media, and stuff, and it is just not right. it is not fair at all. >> and a lot of people who don't have kids. you and i have this conversation a lot where she is like oh, you just wait. you don't understand. >> it is, it is, and it is just so, i totally understands what shear is saying, friends, family like hey, i am getting
9:20 am
to fight in the comment section, stop trying to defends you, i'm like hey leave her alone, she is a good mom, he is a good kid. and it is just like it was that day, you know, had the cameras in his face, he didn't like rear phasing, went crazy, and look at her laughing. like what else do you want me to do? i can't stop and cry on tv that would would just not help the situation either. >> no, that was up to me, to do, which i did. >> exactly. can we just assure everybody out there this woman, i've known her a long time, tori, one of the best mothers i've ever met. >> thank you guys. >> you do a great job. and your child, noah is wonderful. >> and we love you call him your prince? >> yes, he is my prince. and he's just going through a tough time. trying to find his way, to get control of his emotions. >> now in terrible two's. >> those terrible two's. >> tori, we love you. >> thank you, love you guys. so it is about to happen. probably going to happen just
9:21 am
after 10:00. be? our viewing area is about to win a million dollars from publisher clearing house. >> i used to love those. >> reaction from people? they open the shnewer. >> the al boones -- balloons, big check, jenny joyce, jenny, what neighborhood are you in? >> i'm soree? >> where are you? >> reporter: oh, i'm not going to tell you yet. i'm not going to tell you which state i'm in, pennsylvania, delaware, new jersey, i could be anywhere in our area. someone about to win a million dollars from publisher clearing house. we will will be right back.
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for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs.
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pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> hey, it is 9:24. oh, he's amazing. >> djd-ill. >> how would you like to win a million dollars? that's a stupid question, i know, of course you would. somebody in our viewing area, secret location right now, will be a millionaire within the hour. >> so they're getting ready. get the checks together, make
9:25 am
sure all of the zero's are on it. >> and the comma's. >> the silver hair guy right there is famous, we've been watching him 20, 25 years doing. >> this hey, jenny? >> hi, like a million dollars, inside this envelope. i'm peaking, oh, this person is so, so, so lucky. i told you, i'm not going to tell you which state we're in, right? no clues, no clues. i'm here with how i and dave from publisher clearing house. what can you tell us about this? what can we let people know about what we're about to do? we give million dollars prizes away quite often. >> like it is nothing? >> i've given away $258 million myself. and i've been doing this for 30 years or more. so, you know, we've seen just about everything. we don't know what we will see when we get there. we don't even know whether the person will be home. >> we don't know if the person is going to be home. but we are going to drive up there with you, and hopefully we will be live on the air tonight deuce to you this winner. >> really just amaze to go
9:26 am
make someone's day, show up literally hand them money and they just go crazy, i mean, it is so
9:27 am
>> where are we headed? >> where are you going? >> maybe people can tell from her backgrounds? >> notice, didn't tweet us. >> i know. >> we have a feel. we have a field. >> oh, okay? >> general area? >> we're close. >> that look like new jersey. >> doesn't it? >> yes, new jersey. >> i'm going to guess delaware. >> okay. >> yes. >> ♪ >> can he come every day? right? >> remember yesterday, it makes the boys happier, happy music. >> okay, i've agreed, i don't know if it will happen or not, physical yesterday. i'm jump out of the airplane with the golden nights. >> oh! >> too old to do it? >> i know somebody who is 96
9:28 am
who will do this, and they're learning thousand do it with chris murphy. hey, chris? >> guys, check this out. where i'm flying in king of prussia. this is insanity. would you ever try such a thing? how about at the age of 85? this is franny here. how about trying it at the age of 96? this is, here, helmet, ready to go. are you ready to try this,er? >> sure. >> he was in the navy in world war two. he can take on anything. after the break!
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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♪ >> so, how is sue doing out there. i do not have faith that she could make a turtle out of the the water melon. >> now they are attaching the a pen age to the tooth pick. >> when turtle is on the back, it cannot flip. >> yes. >> yes. >> and this is fitting, the song, lights, camera, action. >> yes. >> let's put lights, camera action on some action in king of prussia. we are about to see a 16 year-old human prior to jump out of an airplane. >> ninety-six. >> yeah. >> got to practice. >> here we go, chris. >> okay. hi, chris. >> hi, good morning. we are here, yes. we are at i fly king of prussia. this latest amazing. basically simulates sky diving and the first participant this morning is bill, how are you, sir. >> i'm excellent. >> reporter: you are 96 years old. >> ninety-six. >> reporter: you have never done anything like this before. >> no, i have not. >> reporter: you are very
9:33 am
active: you still teach middle school. >> yes. >> reporter: what do you teach. >> technology, mechanical drawing. >> reporter: still ride a bike. >> still ride a bike. >> reporter: how many miles a day. >> unfair question but it is around ten. >> reporter: unbelievable. you have been joined today by some of your friend here at the -- >> young people. >> reporter: wesley enhanced young people. >> yes. >> reporter: you're from doylestown. you have a friend with you. your name is what, fran lock. >> yes. >> reporter: fran, you are 85. >> yes, i am. >> reporter: have you ever tried such a thing. >> no. >> reporter: are you nervous. >> no. >> reporter: not at all. >> no. >> reporter: let's fire up the machine. >> no. >> not nervous. >> reporter: you for the in world war two. tell us about your service, you are an intrepid soul. >> destroyer sailor, four main battles, iwa jima, and typhoon which was worst of all.
9:34 am
>> reporter: you have been through it all and seen all kind of crazy things in your life. >> quite a ride. >> reporter: here's another ride at 96 years young, here we go, ladies and gentlemen, bill gunn, are you ready, sir. this is going to be awesome. guys, i don't even want to go in there, okay. are you going to stay back with us because i'd like to talk to you real briefly. are you going in right now. here he goes. go ahead, in, ready, here we go, guys, about to take flight. this is really a cool place. >> what is your name. >> my name is casey. >> reporter: you where i fly. >> yes. >> reporter: how long does it take to learn how to do something like this. >> it all depend on the person, you know, the answer is you really to well when you come in here but anybody there age 103 to three years old can fly. >> what is bill feeling right now for the first time.
9:35 am
>> the feels the exact same thing that you do if you were really to yum seven from an airplane. free fall feeling, it isn't a falling feeling, weightless feeling. he is feeling exactly what you would feel jumping from an airplane. >> reporter: is it dangerous at anyone's age to try something like this. >> this activity is relatively safe, any activity has some risk but this one is one of the safees. >> reporter: he is helping him to get his sea legs a little bit. he is a former sailor. >> yeah, this is probably, situation that is new to him. he is trying to get the feel for it. after a few minutes in there anyone can fly. >> reporter: are you inspired. he is 96. >> i am for sure. >> reporter: you are one of the acrobats in the area at i fly. >> yes. >> reporter: what does it cost to do this. >> first time package you can fly for the first time for $69. >> reporter: okay, cool. thanks, appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> reporter: this is cool guys, mike and alex what do you think.
9:36 am
>> hey chris, are you going to get in there and try it. >> reporter: should i. >> yes, at some point. videotape it. i want to see it. >> put it on facebook and instagram. >> wow. >> wow. ninety-six. >> amazing. >> i was watching some video yesterday, of a young woman, she had a braid, she had braid sticking out at a hair salon, the stylist comes over and takes a flame, like a blow torch and burns her split end off. >> really. >> this is a trend and jen knows all about it. >> okay, mike, it is called candle cutting and there is a good reason why you would do it, okay. she's nervous about it because you she once lit her hair on fire. >> whole other story. >> rose will not do that this morning
9:37 am
big oil polluters. they have a friend in pennsylvania. millionaire pat toomey. toomey voted to protect their special tax breaks. saving oil companies twenty-four billion dollars. and big oil polluters have given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. tax breaks for them. campaign contributions for him. pat toomey. he's helping big oil polluters and millionaires. not the rest of us.
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lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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he's making it up. of course, anyone who commits a violent crime needs to be prosecuted -- and put behind bars. narrator: katie mcginty will keep us safe -- more police on the streets, better training and equipment, and take on the gun lobby for gun safety laws. katie: i'm the daughter of a police officer, and the mother of three. i'll stand with law enforcement to fight crime, and protect our families. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
9:40 am
when we're trying something, ridiculously awesome and good morning to you, rosa. >> good morning, jen. >> we are at the salon rose a we saw this on the internet during olympic. candle cutting. they do it in brazil, why. >> mainly to seal the end, cutecals from going up and up. once you get one it will travel up to the the root. >> they want to keep the length and get rid of the damage. >> they want shine. their hair is used with curling irons, flat irons and running brushes and things through their hair. most of us know, you know, to brush our hair from the bottom and work your way up but not everyone does know that. doing that it will cause a lot of split end, damage. so, candle is what seals the deal. >> so susan is a perfect candidate.
9:41 am
as we mentioned before the break she once lit her hair on fire with the grill. >> right. >> she's not scared at all. >> yes. >> show us how this works. >> right. >> so the way we do it the we twist the hair as tight as possible. you can see all of the little split end that start to lift up. >> okay. >> once you get it pretty taunt, and do not do this at home, by the way, this is just left up to the professionals and then you just light thely raise the heat and start to see split end seal up. >> you are caughter ice it in a way. >> are you doing this not, and it is starting to come back again, and it is important, and also, to to it right now this time of the year, at the end of the summer, and beach hair, you know, and it is a great thing to to, we definitely will be doing here in the salon. >> we shake those off. >> i'm sorry. >> your hair looks better.
9:42 am
>> and that way you would condition it and it would seal right in. >> we would do these sections throughout the entire head and once we pull the deadened off we will no lodger exist there we will do deep conditioning treatment, blow it out, nice, smooth, silky. >> and then again don't this at home. >> do not do this at home. >> i love that, thanks so much for your help. >> thank you. >> that is pretty cool. >> do you know what today is. >> what? >> it is national match maker day. so i have a psa for this show but would i like to say to all you married couple and people in relationships you you are always trying to set us up but there is a right way to do it. there are rules for this and levels. we will lay it out when we come back.
9:44 am
9:45 am
that is a shot of our news vehicle following the publisher's clearinghouse van. they are about to give up a million-dollar, this should happen just before 10:00 o'clock, and it kind of looks like new jersey to me. >> can you guess where they are going. >> i'm guessing people are guessing on twitter. >> people will be a millionaire in the next ten or 15 minutes. >> wow. this is national what day. >> national match maker day. >> thus the hearts. >> exactly. >> exploding with hearts here.
9:46 am
>> lovely. >> yes. >> and so mike, when you think of hatch headaching isn't there, of course, a seinfeld clip. >> everyone of our segments relates to seinfeld. i think george is getting set up here. here's george? what? >> well, he has got a lot of character in his face. he is short. he is stocky. >> fat. >> he is not fat. >> powerful. >> he is powerful. >> he can lift a hundred pound, right up over his head. and, what else? oh, well, he is kind of... >> that is george's friend's lane, elaine is trying to help her friend george get a date with that woman. probably doing all everything wrong. >> doing it all wrong. >> this really speaks to me, you know, i have something i would like to say. this is for all of you married couples and people in relationships, happy
9:47 am
relationship as a single person, we see you, um-hmm, we see how you look at us, we see when you walk in and we see those eyes and steady plotting and planning on hooking us up. you say i have just the person for you. oh, those word when you hear those word. the let me tell you, you are doing it all wrong. you need some work. as a single person i'm telling you, you need work. we're here to help you out. i believe there are do's and don't's when it comes to match making and i want to put it out there. just put it out there. if you do not believe me, i have an expert. >> yes. >> hello. >> what would you call your self a master match maker. >> yes, a master match maker. >> kim. >> so if you want to leave it to the pros, we all have those friends. >> well, let's rare notes, do's and don't's. >> my first note, it is, get our permission first. >> let me know you will hook
9:48 am
me up. the just don't do it. >> when you get permission don't tell the person you are trying to hook me up with that we will try to get your opinion. >> hold up, you meet somebody at a restaurant, a friend, abe then they bring a guy along. >> hey alex, we have somebody for you. what do you think. oh, i don't know. and it is embarrassing. has that ever been a good idea. >> never, never a good idea. always ask permission. you do not want to create an uncomfortable scenario, especially for your friend. if you are already telling him about her, and then she declines, it can be very uncomfortable for everyone involve, if you bump into each other, especially if it is a friend of a trend. always ask permission. >> what is right way to do it. and ask your friend. >> yes. >> and then you bring him in. >> yes. >> number two. >> just skip the sales pitches, okay.
9:49 am
you know, he is a unique personality. he will make you laugh. >> what is wrong with that. >> well, what do you think. >> certain things are subjective, attraction is very subjective. who i think is good looking you may not fine good looking. intelligence, also subjective. so those are topics you really don't want to get involved in. you can talk to speak to his character, integrity, core values, qualities, things that you feel like you will connect with, otherwise you do not need to give a sales pitch to your friend. >> you always know how good it is when they say i have somebody for you, i think it is such a great personality. >> well, what you think is funny she may not. >> a roided the looks. >> that is the thing with george, he is stocky. >> yes. >> yes. >> all right. number three, be clear when you come up to us, let us know how you know him, is this your best friend, cousin, pastor
9:50 am
son we need to know what we're getting into because i don't want to hurt your feelings, you know, the single person doesn't want to. >> it is best to be up front, how well do you know this person. is this someone you went to school with, high school, college, is it a merely friend of friend. is it somebody you work with or just met at a networking event. >> how long has he been out of prison. >> or did you guys used to date. >> yes. >> yes. >> oh, yeah. >> and all of the single people. >> okay. >> and so for the fourth ones, only interfere if there is confusion after the first date. you said you have to go there and they call, text you setting up the table. how did you go. do you like him? will you go again? are you going to get married. is it marriage material. >> it is not a good thing. do not intervene unless there is confusion after the first date. >> what do you mean by confusion. >> maybe you say we had the
9:51 am
best time but i'm not quite sure if he is interested. meanwhile maybe he has already told me he cannot wait to see you again. maybe you send out mixed signals so i can jump into clear up confusion. >> that is messing with you. >> well, what if you just said flat out no way. >> i'm so into him. >> i have to be honest if they are my true friend. you have to deliver that news, certainly. >> do you remember another seinfeld clip, you can help me with this. >> sure, i can. >> elaine went out with one of jerry's comedian friend. >> i cannot help you out. >> so i'll be jerry. elaine, how did it go. >> he took it out. >> he took it out. >> he took it out. >> he took it. >> out. >> yes. >> any owe they need to know
9:52 am
how can they find you. >> master match makers to the come if you want to leave it to the professionals, otherwise follow tips, if you can't follow the tips, then don't get involved. >> you admit these are good tips. >> these are excellent tips. >> expert says it, people. >> the expert says it people. >> this is not about me i'm speaking for single people trying to help you out. >> nobody is buying that, alex. >> well, you do it all the time, so if anybody is looking it should be you. >> i have never been, i have never used match maker, on line dating. >> hooking people up. >> yes. >> so, follow the rules. >> sometimes. >> we may be giving away a million-dollar soon. >> this is live. >> jenny, can you tell us where we are. >> we're going up to the house now. we are in west chester. >> west chester, pennsylvania. >> about to do a door knock here. we have the check ready to go. they have the balloons.
9:53 am
how are you feeling. >> we're fine, we're hoping somebody is home. >> i saw the garage door opened so lets hope that they are. we may have to go around side. >> get around the side of the door. >> they might see the balloons. >> 9:53 i might still be naked. >> i don't hear any dogs barking. >> sometimes they have to get out of bed. >> he's an expert. >> he is giving away 58 million-dollar in his career. what a fun job. >> no, i can't see. >> all right. >> it is dark inside. >> we're peeking and it is a a little dark. >> run around in the garage good do you want to go to the
9:54 am
garage. let's go to the garage. >> someone was here not too long ago. plan b. >> plan b. >> he knows how to do this. >> there is a car there. >> here's the weird thing. >> they could not be away on vacation and leave the car door open. >> there was just somebody in the back. >> i see a neighbor. is that their property too. >> somebody gardening in the back. >> having coffee on the back patio. come on. >> it might be him because i have a feeling this looks like, hold back a little bit
9:55 am
media. i think that might be, i saw evidence of some gardening having been done over there. >> hi. >> who are you. >> he is gardening back there. >> put that thing back down there. >> get off my pratt. >> are you the man of the house here. >> i'm getting punk or something. >> is dianne here. >> she's at work. >> we're looking for dianne. >> she's at work. >> is that near by. >> it is about 20 minutes a way. >> are you greg? >> hi, i'm dave from publisher's clearinghouse. >> are you kidding me.
9:56 am
>> we're not kidding. >> we have a big surprise. >> go ahead, show it. >> dianne won one million-dollar from the publisher's clearinghouse prize patrol. >> are you serious. >> you have seen this on television. >> a million times but this is like i'm cutting my grass. >> a million-dollar. >> i don't know what to say, i guess this is real, right. >> you have seen this on television, right. >> yes. >> i don't jump but i'm happy as could be, i think it is real, i hope it is real. >> it is very real. >> i thank everybody. >> you are live on fox 29. >> i am. >> say hello. >> hey, how are you doing. >> do you believe it yet. >> i guess, i guess, yeah.
9:57 am
i believe it? we have a little will down payment you don't have to open it but this is just to show you are real. >> this you can put on the wall, yes. >> that is first payment. >> but now we need to go find dianne, can we go to her work. >> you seriously want to get to her work. >> well, she works at a surgery center in king of prussia, she sits behind the desk. >> when does she ordinarily come home. >> this week she gets home early week four, ten after 4:00, something like that. can we call her. >> yeah. >> but you don't want to tell her what happened. >> no, no, no. so we're better off going to her place of work. >> okay. >> we will follow along and go to the location and we will play that at 5:00, 6:00 and at
9:58 am
ten. >> amazing. thank you. eleven years old. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
10:00 am
if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili >> now, here's wendy. ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] . >> thank you for watching. here we go. my cohosts, my studio audience. how you doing?


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