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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  September 1, 2016 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. right now some nasty weather in the tropics could alter your plans for the holiliday weekend. it's all thanks to tropical storm hermine spinning in the gulf coast right now. good evening and thanks for joining us i'm iain page. lucy is off tonight. that storm causing problems in in order. flooding roads and neighborhoo neighborhoods. here there are already warnings about some rip currents down the shore. meteorologist scott williams is here with your forecast first at 11:00. >> hi there iain. we're keeping tabs on what's churning in the gulf. that is tropical storm hermine. maximum sustained winds are now up to 60 miles an hour and look at the movement to the north northeast at 10 miles an hour. so a lot of heavy rainfall moving into florida.
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that system could spell tropical trouble for us as early as the holiday weekend. we're looking at some wind and also some rain depending on your location. but look right now at the center of circulation. you can see a lot of the heavy rain bands moving toward the tampa area also approaching orlando and central florida and look at the latest spaghetti plots. as we move toward midnight tomorrow, it should be making landfall around the panhandle of florida and then moving toward georgia. the carolinas during your friday and then saturday night take look at the spaghetti plots. a pretty good consensus it will be moving out of eastern north carolina through the delmarva peninsula and somewhere off the jersey shore during the day on sunday. rainfall chances over the next several days, we're talking about a front bringing heat relief tomorrow with scattered showers. friday looking beautiful and then as we move toward saturday, it's cloudy, it's dry for most of the day, but we're watching a
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40% chance for showers especia especially south and east, a 70% chance on sunday. so down the shore this weekend, we're looking at temperatures in the upper 70s to right around 80 degrees and definitely watching the coast for impacts by saturday evening into unsunday but that rip current risk will exist pretty much the entire weekend. beautiful on friday for the temple game. low 80s upper 70s for the up coming weekend. much more on what hermine could mean for the and tire area coming up. iain? >> all right, scott, thanks. you can stay on top of the latest tracks for these storms and keep an eye on how it may impact your weekend just download the fox 29 weather authority app it's free on the apple and google play stores. we are following some breaking news tonight. a deadly shooting outside a community center in philadelphia's mantua neighborhood. police tell us a 29 year old man was shot there three times around 8:30 tonight. police say they do have video that shows the entire thing. the man later died at the hospital. the victim's young son and other
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witnesses were there when it happened. at this point there have been no arrests. we will give you any updates as soon as we get them. the city of philadelphia has already hosted some huge events this past year. now another is on the horizon. the 2017 nfl draft is coming to the city of brotherly love. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in south philadelphia tonight with the details. chris? >> reporter: iain, lincoln financial field won't be hosting the super bowl any time soon, but the benjamin franklin parkway will be hosting the nf last draft come next year. and bringing lots of money along with it. it's billed as the biggest non-sporting sports event of the year. the nfl draft. coming to philly in late april. >> it's become an event. unlike any other of the professional sports. >> reporter: dr. jeremy jordan of temple university's sports industry research center has studied the economic impact the nfl draft had on chicago who
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hosted the event for the past two years. this is what the three-day event looked like. he says the family, friendly football festival may attract more than 200,000 people generating more than $81 million in revenue for the city. and that is not to mention the mode ya coverage. that's hard to put price tag on. >> it will showcase philadelphia. similar to when the pope made his visit. you know, philly was on the news everywhere. this will be the same time thi thing. >> reporter: now, many of the draft details including how much the city had to kick in for this event will be released during a press conference noon tomorrow city hall, iain. >> all right, chris, thanks. to developing story out of city's fair hell neighborhood. the 12-year-old girl who wound up in the middle of the gunfire last night is talking to fox 29. that young girl will begin her seventh grade school year with two bullets still lodged in her thigh. jew deli sanchez was walking out of corner store with her best friend tuesday night.
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when nearby argument turned violent. two men were injured in the barrage of gunfire from an assault rifle and semi-automatic handgun. juju was hit in the thigh and her grand got a face full of gas from a shattered door. >> reporter: silly question how much did it hurt. >> on scale of one to 10 it was a 10. about now it's an eight. >> as soon as we were walking about. she started shooting. >> the glass break on the front door. you got hit with the glass? i'll get that hurt. >> it was glass all in my face. and then there was blood everywhere. the soda spilled on the floor. i slipped. juju slipped. >> sanchez is the ninth child in our region hit by gunfire since june. just last week, of course, eight-year-old gabbie carter of camden died of her injuries. in camden, police say they are laser focused on finding the person responsible for shooting that eight-year-old girl. earlier today police handed out
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flyers to neighbors hoping it will lead to information resulting in an arrest reward of $76,000 is being offered. gabbie hill carter was shot in the head last week aft getting caught in some crossfire of a shoot out police say the community can be instrumental in helping find the shooter. >> and look there is a socio path that feels emblazoned enough to pull out a gun and fire the with children around. he's got our attention. we have a laser like focus on this individual. >> police say grief counselors are being offered to residents to help them cope with that tragedy. tonight residents in south philadelphia are fighting to keep the tradition of parking on the median of south broad street. it's a subject drawing mixed opinions ever sin the dnc didn't allow parking there. fox 29's shawnette wilson talked to group tonight who say they don't want to let that tradition go. shawnette? report roar that group tonight, iain, says they have nowhere to put their cars without the median parking. so tonight they petitioned to
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keep it. members of taking our south philadelphia streets back set up at broad and shunk to save this decades long tradition in south philly. parking in the median along busy broad street. the group is trying to get signatures from residents who support keeping median parking. organizer caleb says when they heard another group wanted the city month crack down they knew they had to save the tradition. >> if they want to end center median parking, technically it's illegal but the city for over zen years has let it go on. >> reporter: michael, agrees there's insufficient parking in south philly even on his street but he's not if favor of median parking. >> it's really not safe. the not safe. it blocks vision. there's been a few incidents around here but it's like -- it's an septembered liability around here because of the spa space. >> reporter: back here live, the mayor's office says before any changes are made they plan to have a discussion with the residents of south philly who would be most affected.
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iain. >> shawnette, thank you. police are hunting for that hit-and-run driver they say killed a motorcyclist. 58-year-old paul perez -- raul perez died when investigators say that he was hit by a silver gmc yukon late last night on wait to kerr in feltonville. police found the damaged suv five block away but no sign of the driver. the vick testimony opened car wash and was liked by many residents. >> hard to talk because i just seen him -- like i said i just seen him last night. whoever hit him do the right thing because his family will need closure. >> he always had carts. he was out there all the time hanging out there. he does drive it sometimes. >> if you have any information please call police. you decide 2016 tonight donald trump delivers his long awaited speech on immigration. gop nominee laid out his plan tonight in arizona. came just hours after returning from mexico for meeting with that country's president.
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speaking to night trump says he still supports a border wall and that mexico will pay for it. he also toll the rod crowd he plans on adding foo thousand border patrol agents and promised to block funding to sanctuary cities. trump vowing to end catch and release and says anyone who illegally crosses the border will be detained and sent back to the country from when they came. >> rival hillary clinton was in hoy his today where she spoke to veterans at the american legion convention. clinton argued that she is the best candidate to care for the military and to protect national security interests. the former senator and secretary of state pointed to her experience on the senate armed services committee and advising president obama as part of his cabinet. clinton also called out trump for insulting the parents of a deceased army captain who spoke during the democratic national convention. trump will speak to the american legion tomorrow. surveillance video shows this guy reaching in a mom's purse and snatching her wallet. his partner sitting just feta
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way. what police are now saying about the couple. a local 14-year-old stepping up to help an elderly neighbor in need. even that teen surprised by the response. the simple exact of kindness an and tire neighborhood will never forget. meet your area's newest millionaire. she almost missed it. what happened when that was a aa
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♪ this is heart warming story out of overbrook tonight showing the impact of an act of kindsness it all started with lawn that needed mowing and the shocking thing an elderly woman did in desperation. our brad sattin joins us now here in the studio to explain the hero who saved the day. brad? >> really is a hero his name is noble he's about to start ninth grade and his name really does fit his act of kindsness overwhelming a woman in her 80s. it's no surprise to find 14-year-old noble brigham mowing his front lawn but it wasn't his front lawn he was caught mowing on monday. it was a strangers when the call for help came noble lived up to his name. it started with community e-mail from neighbor victor writing anyone have kid with loan mower who wants to make a little cash today when i left my house today
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i saw the elderly wop on the block cutting her lawn with scissors. the lawn service hadn't been showing up the woman took matt matters an pair of scissors into her own hands. the e-mail made it to the young volunteer. >> thighs my idea, yup. i didn't have to do it. but i was happy to. report i mowed the lawn. i had some trouble on the hill. but i, um, the mower died a couple of times because the grass was very high. >> reporter: the woman who was embarrassed and asked us not to identify her tried to give noble 20 buck but over and over he row paused. >> she tried to pay they me, and i said that i didn't want the money that i was just doing neighbor and thing report roar neighborly thing that made mom proud. >> it me feel very proud that he didn't think twice about it. >> reporter: in fact his neighborhood proud now. his mom says that he regularly helps seniors so she reall realy wasn't that surprised. noble said if the woman needs
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another mow, he is ready to go. >> iain. >> brad, great story. great name, too. thank you. a pair of accused of pickpockets scene in this video we first showed you last week are now under arrest. the suspects have been identified as michael grant ham and mary rah miriest. employees say the two tar? >> the cdc sent $35 million to florida and much of that has already been spent. public hell experts say the finding is critical because the gulf coast where the mosquito that transmits the zika virus mostly lives is only halfway
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through peak mosquito season. in camden county many residents observed overdose awareness day hoping to raise awareness about drug addiction. camden county employees wore purple to show their support hadn't moment of silence at 1:29 to recognize the 129 overdose deaths each day in the country. this comes as heroin and yo pee yachts are increasingly becoming a growing more problem with more and more people using the drugs. county officials hope this event starts a conversation about drug addiction. >> there's a stigma out there about those that have an opiate dependency and a drug problem that are addicted that the more you talk about it and the more you deal with it the better you are and sort of resolving it and getting people to the treatment they need. >> camden county lit their courthouse and city hall in purple to mark the day. today visitors got to check out the new adorable addition to the philadelphia zoo. the new baby gorilla greeting her fans at the zoo today. the baby was born last friday.
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the baby and her family have been kind of chilling out in their own bedroom and they were just ready to greet well wishes today. so that was a fun sight. all right. here's scott williams now with check what's on your radar nig night. scott. >> hi there, iain. lot to talk about. of course, august will go down as the hottest in philadelphia's history, but the heat wave is coming to an end because a front is moving through. clouds some scattered showers across the area for tonight, even some thunderstorms down in maryland. so that front will continue moving through overnight with rainfall chances and then again tomorrow so have the rain gear the umbrellas for that thursday morning commute. you can see some areas of potentially heavy rainfall 5:30 moving toward the area around 8:00 a.m. as well as that front continues to kind of move through so tomorrow it will be cloudy an little unsettled. speaking of unsettle the take look what's happening in the gulf of mexico. of course, we have tropical storm hermine. it's pick up some intensity. it could actually make landfall
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thursday night into friday morning around the panhandle as a category one hurricane. then it will weaken a bit as it moves no georgia and the carolinas but them take look at the track. by 8:00 p.m. on saturday. 45-mile per hour remnant low around the delmarva peninsula. continuing to move toward cape may, atlantic city, remnant low again we're looking ought about 50 miles an hour gust out of that system down the shore. so we'll continue to monitor things carefully and take look at some of the rainfall totals expected. where you see the yellow, the red and orange color that's over two to 3-inches of wayne fall. potentiapotentially out of thatm fit continues and that same track. so as we watch the extended forecast, clouds, scattered showers around tomorrow but cooler. 84 degrees for the high temperature. low 80s beautiful friday is the pick day of the up coming holiday weekend. saturday clouds start to roll in late showers and then the best chance for rainfall is overnight saturday into sunday.
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then that system will pull away what's left of it the remnants of hermine for your labor day gradual clearing warming back up to 85 degrees. 90 degrees though again iain as we move toward the middle part of next week. all right, scott. thank you. so what happened this morning to one chester county couple changed their lives forever. our good day team joined publisher's clearing house live on tv as they approached the west chester home of diane. in their hand was a check for million dollars. no one answered the door so they went around back to find her husband greg in the middle of some yard work. >> are you greg. >> yes. >> hi. i've dave from publisher's clearing house. >> are you kidding me. >> we're not kidding. >> a million dollars. >> i don't know what to say, man. this is real, writ. >> this is 100% real. >> oh yeah it was real. crew later did go to die app
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noses workplace to drop off the check. >> what's coming up in sports. the government is their friend. (laughter). >> tonight it's the end for me, well, sort of. i will have a comment.
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♪ it's never easy to say thing that you don't like to at times and move on, but as i said earlier i made really difficult decision, and decided this will be my final newscast. now i was happy really happy to be on the first 10:00 o'clock news here at channel 29 that was back in 1986. now a part of the first 11:00 o'clock news at fox 29 this august. i've always liked challenges and ways to keep it fresh and new. change is the essence of life
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and important in the pursuit of success. so i will be doing more radio, parts radio wip and with eagles coverage and eagles broadcast. you will also see me on tv but i want to do cut down those 15-hour days to 12 hours. thanks to everyone at fox 29 especially those in the newsro newsroom. late broadcast bill campbell would say, good night, good sports and taking a line from charles, i'll see you on the radio. >> ♪ last night's concert at metlife stadium ended four hours aft it started making em street band longest us show ever. previous record was set last thursday also at metlife stadium springsteen longest show ever was four hours six minutes in finland back in 2012. springsteen played citizens bank park next wednesday and friday nights.
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♪ and in the crowd last night new jersey governor chris christie. someone caught him clapping along to dancing in the dark even dancing a little bit himself. (laughter). >> did he pay for the tickets. >> we don't know. (laughter). >> all right. >> exactly. all right. any news on this tropical storm that will affect our holiday weekend. >> it actua actually could maked fall in florida as hurricane now. latest advisories in and worry looking at potential impacts for our area as early as the weeke weekend. rip currents dangerous. rainfall could be heavy the times saturday night into sunday. we'll watch it. >> all right. thanks, scott. appreciate it. more entertainment news cupping up on fox 29. tmz and dish nation, goodbye to howard eskin, stay tuned for chasing news and the simpsons. we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for fox
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>> live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. busy morning following breaking news for you right now, tractor-trailer versus a firetruck in south philadelphia, several firefighters taken to the hospital. a live report in minute. >> on your radar, storms brewing in the tropics. what's that meaning for our holiday weaken here at home? sue has your full weather forecast straight ahead. >> dealing with the crisis of violence, their a 12 year old girl shot while out with a present in north philadelphia. her heartfelt message coming up. >> another major big announcement for a huge event coming to philly. this time, it is the nfl draft. what next year's event could mean for the city of brotherly love. >> did you say major news? >> major, huge, awesome, good day everybody, it is the first day of september, 2016. that means it begins pediatric cancer awareness month, which is why weea


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