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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  September 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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now with all-natural ingredients with vitamin d and 12 grams of protein. oikos, be unstoppably you. >> we're following breaking news right now, see frustrated drivers just sitting in a parking lot on i-95 after a tractor-trailer versus a firetruck, several fire
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fighers have been taken to the hospital. we have a live report just minutes away. >> at least it is not raining, all of the people standing outside their cars, and speaking of that, take a look at the radar, show storms brewing in the tropics that could make a mess of the holiday weekend here. sue has your full forecast straight ahead. >> philadelphia continues to deal with crisis of violence, we talked to a 12 year old who was shot while out with a friend in north philadelphia. hear what she says happened coming up. >> another major event, coming our way. we are talking about the nfl draft, what next year's event could mean for the city of brotherly love. >> good day everyone, it is the first day of september, 2016. >> and, unfortunately, we start this morning off with some breaking news, part of intuit 95 shutdown, firefighters injured after an incident involving a firetruck and a tractor trailer. >> steve keeley on the scene with the latest for us. steve, good morning. >> reporter: the late zest good news, do you believe i have good news in all of this? they just reopened as they do every day at this time the vine street expressway westbound, because all of this traffic that was being
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detoured off 95 southbound, because of this massive shut-down, was being detoured to the vine street expressway westbound. the problem with that is the construction they do on the overnight, all of that traffic was being forced off at broad street. sadly chris you said at least it is not raining out, it is raining now, so that's going to complicate things. fortunately, not raining as heavy as it did around 3:00 in the morning, that likely played a part in this multiple vehicle crash, that may be two simultaneous crashes. greg gill roy, our photographer, who has been bussing his butt since we started our shift, will walk with me all the way over here now. what we will do this wasn't the firetruck involved. these are fire fight that's react today this. we've got troopers over here trying to keep everybody safe and shut everything down, but we will walk and poke around, to the left of the jackknife tractor-trailer. that's where you will see this second accident scene. and further up, you see that tow truck i talked about, we will go beast here, go around, peak around this tractor-trailer, and look at
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the front of t so we will make hard rite here. there is one accident scene, greg, go up here, go around the tractor-trailer. and you will see how bad that tractor-trailer mangled in the front. so they have a big deal trying to get this out. now, why are firefighters, look at that, that's the fuel tank, and they have water truck here in case. see debris to the left f we pull to the left of the curb, to the left, right here, and then you see some of the debris from the accident, then we come over here, where that ambulance is not blocking us, see tow trucks, firetrucks, and more vehicles up there, and that's firetruck with yellow flashing light across. that looks like one of the long ladder trucks. so why would firetrucks pool 95? reacting from previous accident from hydroplaning, that's the problem. you have such heavy rainout here, sue serio, that the weather likely played a part in all of this. and we've got off and on drizzle here at the scene, that always complicates things, but i guess because
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both happened at an overpass, guys reacting and dealing with this are protected from the rain at least. >> right, for the workers trying desperately to get this situation under control. so we can get traffic moving again. but, still, very difficult to tell how soon that will be. here is another view from one of our traffic cameras, of the big mess, of two separate accident, that have become one, basically, in south philadelphia. now, let's go to i believe the map of the situation, and as we told you earlier, steve told you earlier, the vine street expressway is now open again, so you can get off at the vine. see this area of red? that's where the back-up, and it is lenthening, as we get later on in the morning, folks get on the road, they maybe haven't heard before they hit i95 that you should avoid this area. so, basically, it is happening between market street and washington avenue, as you head toward south philadelphia, southbound i-95, avoid it, because it is still blocked, and will be for the foreseeable future. police are pushing everybody
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on to the vine, when they get close to that situation, and the construction around the betsy ross bridge has been pick up, as well. one other accident to tell but, this one just happened in new jersey, it is 295 northbound, near route 541, this is by willingboro, new jersey, and we still have the one out there in chelten help, sandy hill, so watch out for that one, as well. we've got wet roadways out there this morning, rain continuing on and offer as we've been telling you, you can see if you are on ultimate doppler radar, tiny bit of rain around philadelphia, bigger area moving into lancaster county, and berks county, headed toward us. there is some heavier rain down in delaware, as well. we zoom out little bit more, show you the rain that's at the jersey shore, on and off throughout the rest of the morning, have the umbrella with you. if you can find it, it's been a while since we've had substantial rain. 74 degrees, pretty humid out there still. 6:29 your sunrise time.
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temperatures are still in the 70s, everywhere else, but they're not going to move whole lot today because of the cloud cover. and because of occasional rain. we've got some visibility issues, especially, out to the west in lancaster county. so the showers, thunderstorms continue this morning. mostly cloudy skies, throughout the day, maybe a peak of sunshine or two, but more thunderstorms popping up later on in the afternoon and evening, as the rest of the cold front comes through. high temperature around 84 degrees today. it is 5:06. chris, lauren? >> 5:06, bridges us to this breaking news, sue, out of south philadelphia for you this morning. >> delaware river port authority officer has been injured in a car accident. that accident happened just before 3:00 this morning on the 2200 block of penrose avenue. officials tell us, two cars were involved in that wreck. the officer was taken to the hospital, with minor injuries. and in bucks county, we're hearing one person is hurt in a early morning fire in warminster, that blaze started inside a row home, on the 1500 block of charleston place around 2:30. >> victim rescued and taken to
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the hospital for smoke inhalation. more information on this story of course we'll pass it to you. meantime, man gunned down right in front every his young son. now the search is on for the shooter. this happened about 8:30 last night outside community center in the mantua neighborhood. victim shot three times, taken to the hospital where he later died. police tell us the shooting was caught on video, at this point, no arrests, when we get update, again, we'll pass them along on this story, as well. >> in new jersey, officials recovered a body during search for missing swimmer. state police say that body was found last night in the delaware river, in delanco township. marine unit from new jersey and pennsylvania were scouring that area after notified by a friend of the missing swimmer. state police say they can't confirm the identity that far body found. >> 5:07 the time. four people recovering this morning, after being injured in a late night accident, the wreck happened just after 9:00 last night, at lincoln drive, and gypsy lane, northbound lanes were shutdown while rescuers work to clear the scene. all lanes have since reopened. the victims were rushed to
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temple university and einstein hospitals. no word on their conditions. >> police hunting for the hit-and-run driver, they say, killed a motorcyclist, this happened late tuesday night, on whitaker avenue in the feltonville section of the city. fifty-eight year old raoul perez died when investigators say he was hit head-on by silver gmc uconn. police found a trail of fluid and debris from the damage's suv to track it down five blocks away. the driver, no where to be found, the license plate removed. authority are now asking that person to come forward. friends, neighbors, say the victim owned a car wash and was well known and like by many people in his community. >> it is hard to talk about. seemed like i just seen him last night. who ever hit him, just do the right thing, because his family will need closure. >> all the time, hanging out there, you know, he does drive it every once in a while. >> horrific, body in the middle of the road. >> if you have any information on this deadly hit-and-run, you are asked to call police. police continue to search
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for the person who opened fire on philadelphia street hitting a young girl. >> the 12 year old girl hit by two stray bullet, walking home from the store with a friend. bruce gordon spoke to the kids about this terrifying night. >> reporter: the city street, roaring down the 3100 block of sheridan, thon day after. but it could not wipe away the stain of violence. nearly claimed two more young lives. >> i was crying. she was crying. >> it was around 6:30, monday night, when 12 year old judeli sanchez, they call her juju, and her friend, leaving grocery store at cleveland and marshall, when nearby argument turned violent. nineteen shots fired from assault rifle and semi-automatic handgun, but the girls caught in the middle. juju took too -- took two shots to the thigh, and her friend, shattered glass to the face. >> silly question but how much did it hurt? >> on scale of one to ten it was like a ten.
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it ached. >> you got hit with the glass? >> it was glass all in my face. and then it was blood everywhere, the soda spilled on the floor, i slipped, juju slimmed. >> violence all too common on this block, just few feet away from monday shooting scene, sits memorial to 24 year old murder here at the end of july. >> feel like you can go outside and play if you snap. >> yes, when nobody is shooting. >> when nobody is shooting. >> reporter: as for juju parents, they're grateful she is still alive, but tired of the violence on this block. violence that does not seem to dif ender ate between the guilty and the innocent, between the gun toting aggress or and the tiny bystanders. >> how do you feel as a parent? let your kids go out and play? >> can't do that around here, at times we could have, not no more. >> too dangerous? >> too dangerous. >> time to move.
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neighborhoods like this, time to move. >> you have had enough? >> yes. >> juju sanchez reports to first day of seventh grade next wednesday. she will bring to school with her a horrifying tail of a near death experience. and the proof, couple of bullet still lodge in the her thigh. at police headquarters, bruce gordon, "fox 29 news". okay, in camden, police say they're lazer focused right now on finding the person responsible for shooting and killing eight year old gabby hill carter. yesterday police handed out flyers to neighbors, hoping it will lead to information resulting in an arrest. a reward of $76,000 is being offered, gabby was shot in the head, last week, after getting caught in the crossfire of a shoot-out between gangs. >> let's get back to breaking news right now, i-95, at washington, in south philadelphia, shutdown in the southbound lanes, steve keeley have much more on this breaking news, where a tractor-trailer collided with a firetruck. >> and you can see now, chris, people coming out of their cars, wondering what do we do
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and how do we get out of here? tropical storm developing in the gulf of mexico. could produce near hurricane force winds. more on the triple weather threat set to hit part of the golf coast, southeast and hawaii.
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>> we have i95 southbound shutdown completely here in philadelphia, the shutdown,
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the accident, i guess, location, between market street and washington avenue, and this is a situation that it looks like it will be out there for a while. because, as you just saw, the tractor-trailer is perpendicular to the roadway, kind of wedged in, there and who knows how long it will take to get out of there. but, basically, all lines are block, the two separate accident, as you heard steve tell us a little bit earlier, one involving that jackknife tractor-trailer, so police are pushing all traffic off southbound i-95, north of this accident scene, on to the vine street expressway. we've cleared up construction on the vine, and if you are coming eastbound, on the vine, say, from the schuylkill, then can you not get onto i95 southbound, because that accident, that exit, is closed, as well. so they're trying to clear as much around the scene as possible while they work on clearing up all of the vehicles from the accident. another one to tell you about,
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on the new jersey turnpike, this accident happened northbound, approaching the pennsylvania turnpike, so that has the right lane block, as well. that's another picture of our accident scene on i95 southbound, and, that's going to continue to be our lead story all morning, such a major roadway, right through philadelphia, impacted, early this morning, but probably lingering into the rush hour. rain might have been a factor, too early to tell on that, but we do have more rain moving through the area. so we zoom in, show you where. to the north of us, own a and county around jackson, new jersey, around toms river seeing downpours, around river view, delaware, just south of dover, we're seeing some heavy rain this morning, some around middletown, new castle county, and more rain moving into lancaster, berks counties headed toward chester, montgomery count ills. future cast shows more rain showing up through about 8:00, 9:00 maybe even 10:00 this morning, a lot of cloud cover, midday, few peaks of sunshine here and there, and more pop up showers and thunderstorms,
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and any time after 2:00 this afternoon, so grab the umbrella if you can finds it, and keep it with you for the rest of the day. as far as the tropics are concerned, this storm now it is a tropical storm, official, hermine, in the gulf of mexico, expected to strengthen to a hurricane, and move up the east coast, and the track of this storm has changed dramatically, since we were together yesterday, and we thought it wasn't going to really give us that much of an impact on our weather over the holiday weekend, now looks like it is, now, we have to see what happens after it moves, say, back out into the atlantic ocean, but there is a pretty good chance not only of rip current ramifications, but also, of some rain for all of us, on sunday, so the rip countries being, mod cat to hi, rain arriving saturday night into sunday, at the jersey shore, greater chance of them getting rain, than we will here in the city. but any effect we get from hermine will be on sunday, nice start to the weekend though, sunny skies on friday, and some clouds on saturday, but it should stay dry
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throughout the day. again, this is an early forecast, because it is a tropical system, chris, lauren, could change again. so make sure to stay tuned. >> yes, tropical storm hermine is causing problems up and down the east costes sue just showed us from the map. heavy rain, right, and should change people's plans for labor day. this is the worse possible timing, lauren. >> meantime, people in florida bracing for hermine as it heads toward that state. fox news correspondent jacky inch and owes has more. >> reporter: it is like up to here. yes, actually, they're coming up to me, and underwater, actually to up here in water. >> reporter: flooding forcing many from their homes in florida there as tropical storm hermine barrels toward the sunshine state. the system could become a hurricane before making landfall. but it is already having an impact with heavy rain, and strong winds. >> they got it block off. so i'm just their just get some closure, just right over by the water mark so it never goes down. >> some kids using the flooding as an opportunity to
5:19 am
have little fun. but neighbors aren't too happy about it. >> when it gets more serious i hope they slow down, because it will make waves and come up in the house. >> florida governor rick scott says it has been a while since the state has seen a hurricane, and warning people to be prepared. >> potential for tornados, if you look where this is going, this part of the state could get the most, could get the brunt of the rain because it is on the east side of the sent of the storm. >> meantime, two storms are moving toward hawaii. >> we've been working with the governor, and fema, to make sure hawaii has everything it needs to keep folks safe. >> national weather service downgraded mad line from hurricane to tropical storm. that isn't stopping folks from the big islands from being prepared. >> came home early so i can take care of my dogs and animals and my kids. >> hurricane left about thousand miles from the hawaiian islands, expecting to be downgraded, as well. in new york, fox news.
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>> one local community doing all they can to keep the tradition of allowing drivers to park along the median on south broad street. >> so during the dnc they did not allow that. they don't want that to become a permanent change. the group taking on south philadelphia streets back, set up along broad and shunk, trying to get signatures from people in the neighborhood to support keeping the median parking. one organizer says when they heard another group wanted the city to crackdown, they new they had to save the tradition, but not everyone agrees. >> if they want to end center median parking, technically it is illegal, but the city, for over 70 years, has threat go on. >> really not safe. it blocks vision. there has been few incident around here. but it is a liability around here because of the street. >> i was out there live talking with someone trying to get rid of the tradition. and the big concern he had was that not only the safety
5:21 am
issue, but lauren, also, if you have expired tags and that kind of thing, the ppa won't enforce it if you are park on the median. like double illegal. >> the mayor's offers says before any changes are made they plan to have discussion with the people who actually live there. >> all right, next, what a world war ii vet is doing to prove he is truely young at heart. >> but first, your winning lottery numbers.
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>> worlds war two vet, isn't letting his age stop him from doing anything. that's awesome. >> were you there yesterday, right? how old was he? >> ninety-six. >> man, so he took on new adventure, chris was thereto watch it all happen. >> in the navy, in a submarine, in world war ii, he proved his bravery. >> hiro jima, gulf, all of these, worse every all. >> now more than 07 years later at the age every 96, setting his sites on a new challenge. >> all of us, whatever age, need to drive to john our comfort zones to make the most of what you have. >> running group of much younger friends, in their 80s, from enhanced living in doylestown, would he go it alone? >> we're excited. >> he credit genetics for his
5:25 am
vitality, soon, his mind is sharp testifying middle school full time. he keeps fit by biking, 10 miles a day. did i mention he's 96? here is the thing. i'm half bill's age. and i'm scared. >> with 100 miles per hour winds whipping, and really around the tub nel king of prussia, i thought to myself, there is no way bill really enjoyed this. specially all of that wind blowing up his nose. >> like a clothe dryer. >> if he didn't already have your spirits soaring, listen to this. >> what's next for you? >> what's next? well, i guess sky diving. >> the real thing? >> the real thing. from about 20 feet. >> (laughing). >> he's an inspiration, right? >> words of wisdom. do something every day, step outside of your comfort zone. how was it? wind blowing up your nose? >> want to see more video? do we have more video of me
5:26 am
getting air shot up my nose. >> here we go. really, i hate philadelphia, to be honest, i'm never jumping out after plane. if this is what it feels like, it shoots up your nose. >> as you notice, bill had like face mask on, i just had goggles. so watch my face just go flapping in the win. isn't that a good look? that's attractive. and air shooting up my nose, like at the beach, water goes up your nose. >> there you go, on your own? >> fly up really hi, whip around. >> does can it hurt your tummy? >> up at this the only thing didn't hurt. it was actually kind of cool. now, i had no idea what he was going to do, so if we hold the video here, if we have time, we go flying up in the air, till around, ready, here come. >> he's going to kind of hold onto me, watch how hi, all the way up. >> oh, wow. >> that was awesome. i was freaking out.
5:27 am
it was like a roller coaster ride right there. >> here we go up again, watch. >> this would you ever do there is lauren? i know you throw axes and do all kind of fun stuff. >> and roller coasters, but i don't know if i could do that. >> i would never jump out after airplane ever in my life. some people do this, and they say my gosh, now i have to do, that which is the real thing. pretty cool. high flight over in king of prussia. >> 5:27. steve keeley following breaking news on i95, where lots of people are stuck in stranded and just sitting inside their cars. hi, steve. >> reporter: yes, they wish they had airplanes right now. so, thank goodness for lounge chairs, because straight ahead you have the jackknife tractor-trailer, and another accident scene. so we are looking at shutdown of 95 southbound, two hours and counting, with two crash scenes, and they're not even beginning to deal with the tractor-trailer yet. so everybody's outside their cars, lounging in their cars, hey, two hours of sleep, and counting for this lady in the passenger seat, we're waking up the driver sadly with our tv lights, i guess, but sorry,
5:28 am
but boy, it could have been worse if they got involved in this. so thanking their stars even then the firs ones to come across the stone and being stuck in the longest so far. more when we see you next. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
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>> two hours and counting of this mess i95 southbound, tractor-trailer versus firetruck in south philadelphia. several taken to the hospital. live report minute away. >> on your radar, storms brewing in the tropics. man, that could mean mess of holiday weekend. sue has your full weather forecast straight ahead. >> another major event coming our way, talking about the nfl draft. what next year's event could mean for is the city of brotherly love. >> set a -- septa set to release information about is repairs, when passengers can expect a faster train commute. >> good day, it is the first day of september, 2016. >> means the first inning of the month, especially if you're on i95, southbound, through the city. let's go to steve keeley now with the very latest for us, steve, good morning. everybody is just waking up, what's going on on 95. it is so hard to explain to people, because you have two crash scenes, and you've got the one, that you see the most, emergency vehicles around, what is involved, a firetruck, and who knows what else right now.
5:32 am
but, that's where the five people, that needed to be hospitalized were taken away, fan there was a firetruck here, chances are there was previous accident to that. what happened for you people just waking up, at 3:00 this morning, torrential downpour coming down, cats, and dogs, is as the expression is, and whenever that happens on 95, we have the hydroplaning, especially when you have these hi, 3-foot high concrete walls, that make 95 a swimming pool, same with the schuylkill expressway. now, greg will shimmy to the right around this water truck that's here, to clean up the road surface once it is all done. and there is the other accident scene, closest to us, a jackknife tractor-trailer. was this involved in the accident further up? who knows. or was this guy a secondary accident trying to stop and swerve? probably little little of both, smashed up tractor-trailer and the tractor part under the trailer look you notice there is gas tanks there, that's why the fire department was keeping very close eye on any potential fuel leak out of there, because, that's where
5:33 am
the damage s's that thing is wedged real good against the wall that will be tough job for tow trucks, that gives you a sense how far away we are from any potential re-opening of 95, southbound. now, look, we turn around here. traffic is backed up for miles on 95, when we first arrived already way past the ben franklin bridge, and the callowhill exit. and if people could get to the right, they were being detoured to the vine street expressway, which thankfully reopened as it does through the construction zone, where everybody was being forced off earlier at broad street. so, at least, it is smooth sailing, smoother sailing down the vine street expressway westbound for all of the traffic now being detoured, and they can find their way back to 995 down the schuylkill expressway. but these people around here that we see sitting on the median to the right, and then greg will spin around, 108 degrees, where we have seen people asleep in their vehicles, outside their vehicles, and in the headlights of the tractor-trailer, you can see, a little drizzle falling, sue serio, and you mention, going
5:34 am
to rain off and on. so the rain likely for sure played a part in causing this accident. and now, at least, cooling things off for people who have been stuck in this heat, humidity, and wondering how long it will be before they can go. the first guy we talked to over here, he's on his way to washington dc. thought i'll get up early and beat the traffic. look at him sitting in his suv. waiting with another two hour drive once he finally can get through here. >> happened so early, i'm sure everybody has a story about what they were doing on i95 at that hour. but all kind of stuck right now. we will take another look at this accident scene. from one of our traffic cameras, this morning, and it is kind of merky here, once it is a little lighter out, we will be able to get better view of what's going on. but, in essence, i95 is just blocked, right there, in south philadelphia. annual very to avoid it at all costs, just tuning in, maybe just woke up at 5:30, that's what's happening. you can see from this map that
5:35 am
we already have a back up, little further to the north of that, on southbound i95. so avoid that at all costs. we have police of course pushing g everybody on to the vine street expressway, who is on i95 southbound, coming from the north, say, bucks county, or even from cottman avenue, so that's going to end up backing up the vine, as you can see, things are starting to get a little slow onto the westbound vine st. expressway. another accident to tell you about this morning. happened on the new jersey turnpike, northbound, approaching the pennsylvania turnpike. right lane block, happened near mansfield, doesn't seem to be slowing folks down whole lot this morning. so we will keep you updated on that i95 situation, because things are changing all the time. we do have more rain out there this morning. the lighter rain, falling in philadelphia, right now. but some heavier rain down to the south. and there is a look at the bigger picture, so you see more rain coming in from the west. the clear skies are up in northwestern pennsylvania.
5:36 am
and eventually that will make its way here. so bus stop buddy has the rain gear on this morning. we have clouds, and some more rain in our weather future. and for us, it is still a little bit on the mucky side this morning, 91% relative humidity, and 74 degrees, we'll have our sunrise off initial about an hour, temperatures mostly in the seven's, 60s to the north of us, so we won't get rid of the mugginess until the coal front comes through. see some fog and reduced visibility in lancaster, and pottstown this morning. undoubtedly because of the rain. so showers, thunderstorms on and off throughout the rest of the morning, bit of break, around midday, but we will still have mostly cloudy skies, woe may see few peaks of sun later on in the day, but also, more pop up thunderstorms, high temperature today, 84 degrees, big changes, chris, lauren, in the holiday weekends forecast, tanks to new tropical storm. >> yes, and change is not good either. all right, thank you. 5:36. more breaking news, this time, out of south philadelphia for you. >> delaware river port authority officer has been
5:37 am
injured in a car accident. it happened just before 3:00 this morning, it was on the 2200 block of penrose avenue. officials tell us two cars were involved in that wreck, the officer was taken to the hospital. suffering minor injuries. >> and in bucks county hearing one person is hurt in early morning fire in warminster, that blaze started inside a row home on the 1500 block of charlton place around 2:30. >> the victim rescued then taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. more information as it comes in, of course, we'll share it with you. meantime a man gunned down right in front of his young son. now the search is on for the shooter. >> this happened about 8:30 last night outside community center in philadelphia mantua neighborhood. the victim was shot three times, again, in front of his boy. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. police tell us the shooting was caught on video, and at this point, there are no arrests, when we get more information on this one, we will keep you updated. >> in new jersey officials have recovered a body during their search for a missing swimmer. body found last night in the delaware river. marine units from new jersey
5:38 am
and pennsylvania were scouring the after heard after missing swimmer. state police cannot confirm the identify i at this of the body found. >> good news, 2017nfl draft is coming to philadelphia. >> the official announce. , expected later today, when a news conference will happen. this is video of last year's draft, when the eagles have the first round pick of carson wentz. venue for the draft will be on the ben franklin parkway, just like in chicago, last year, it will be outside, in a bunch of tent. by the way, from the pope, to the dnc, to made in america this weekend, the city of brotherly love is on a roll right now, hosting events, right? what should the city expect? attract 200,000 people. this is huge, right? so what's it mean? it means big influx of cash, in fact, expecting $81 million economic impact on the city from this nfl draft. okay?
5:39 am
so, today's announcement about the draft coming to philadelphia will happen around noon today. of course we will be there, keep you updated on line, as women, just go to >> how about the eagles? playing final pre-season game today. how players are hoping to make the team. howard eskin with more on sports in a minute. first out to i95, south philadelphia, it is shutdown right now, steve keeley have more on the breaking news where a tractor-trailer jackknifed there, but not before colliding with a firetruck, some firefighters were injured and taken to the hospital. more on this coming up in a live report.
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>> continuing with our breaking news, five firefighters injured in into accident, along i-95, been telling you all morning, four have been taken to hahnemann hospital. jennifer joyce, is headed there, and will be live with the latest updates in just a few minute. >> avoid i995 southbound if you can right now. >> to howard eskin and sport. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin, eagles will be playing their final pre-season game tonight against the jets at the linc, eagles are three and zero so far in the pre-season, to make this point, back in 12, eagles four and zero, in the season ended up four and 12, pre-season means nothing. game important for some players however. few of the players trying to make this team. soap, are they nervous? josh hoff has some advice. >> relax that's the biggest
5:43 am
thing for me. you've been playing this game since were you young. nothing changed from the time growing up until now, as long as you're having fun with the game you love, everything else will fall in place. >> phillie just can't hit. to the ballpark. jayson werth first inning, he can hit. two homeruns in the series there is one in the first inning, 453 feet. two hit in the game, herrera, phillies lose it two-one, lose the series. >> that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin.
5:45 am
5:46 am
>> 5:46 this morning, we continue with breaking news, all firefighters injured in that accident along i-95 are at hahnemann hospital. >> jennifer joyce raised over to that scene to give us the very latest. jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lauren, chris, just minutes ago we did talk to captain gilliam of the philadelphia fire department, and he did confirm all firefighter from the accident were brought here, to hahnemann hospital. all firefighters are in stable condition he brooke thomas down the scenario for us, according to captain gilliam, these firefighters from ladder 16, were coming to the area of i95 southbound, in the market street vicinity, for a two vehicle crash. were providing a buffer to prevent traffic from getting if the way of that accident scene. they had just put up on scene all firefighters were still in
5:47 am
that firetruck at the time of the crash, report to go captain gilliam. that's when they were brought here. essentially only on the scene for couple of minute before that tractor ill contrary -- tractor-trailer struck the firetruck. here at hahnemann we were expecting a traffic scenario here as well. when we look down at 676, how much, we noticed that traffic traveling westbound, we thought it was going to be back up with all of the traffic being diverted off of i-95, however, it look like your standard rush hour traffic. we know that prior to 5:00 a lot of traffic naturally diverted off because of could be struck sean, off ton broad street. but here you can see, in the area of broad, 676, traffic is pretty normal. so, from that observe tent, everything is going okay. and again, we will continue to stay in touch with captain gilliam. he went back into the hospital, keeping ion those
5:48 am
firefighters. i asked if he could give us an example of the types of injuries that they received. he said co-not at this time. but again, confirmed, all fire fighters stable condition. sue, we cost it to you with traffic. >> okay, so to reiterate where this accident happened, and we will take live look again at the scene, from one of our traffic cameras, we could actually call this the penn's landing area. it is southbound on i95, right after market street, and before you get to washington avenue. so that's where the accident is. and back up isn't too far back from that, definitely to the vine and girard avenue, after that, because of these two separate accidents, we're hearing now from officials, that they think maybe another hour, maybe little more than an hour, there is a tow truck on the scene, trying to take care of that tractor-trailer, and got to get the fire vehicle out of there, as well. so, maybe another hour or so as far as this situation is concerned before they can open
5:49 am
up i95 southbound again. still kind of a mess there, but not as bad as if this had happened maybe closer to rush hour. so, we will keep an eye on that situation, just avoid that part of i995, avoid 95 southbound, if you can. >> as far as what else is out there, this morning, we have that accident on the new jersey turnpike, right around the pennsylvania turnpike, and septa will be holding a press conference, at 8:00, to announce rail car related updates, because we're headed into the holiday weaken, and school is back in session, after the holiday weekend, they're going to need more trains out there, we've had that situation with damaged rail cars, all summer long, so press conference at 8:00 from septa on that. rain continues throughout the area. let's zoom in, and see, where some of it is, we did have some in philadelphia, that's moved across to new jersey, around cherry hill. we have heavier rain, moving into lancaster county now starting to edge into the chester county, go down to
5:50 am
delaware, very heavy rain around middletown, that area, of southern new castle county, and some more heff heavy rain moving into central delaware around kent county. still rain up around lack wood, around that part of the garden state parkway in new jersey, and some of the jersey shore is going to get some more rain. we see downpour that just moved off the avalon coast. but there is more on the way. throughout the rest of the morning, we think, on and off this rain will continue, over the next couple of hours, we get break around midday, more pop up showers and thunderstorms, later on in the day, before everything is out of here probably by 10:00, 11:00 the skies will start to clear up. we get better weather at least to start the holiday weekend. the problem is we now have tropical storm hermine in the gulf of mexico. about 250 miles away in florida with six off mile per hour winds expected to strengthen to hurricane, and then continue up the east coast, lots of rain with this storm. and the wind, as well. but the rain will be the major
5:51 am
impact in florida, as it hits as a hurricane, that's the prediction, georgia, south and north carolina, virginia, then the track very uncertain, but we do think that any impact that we get will definitely be with the dangerous rip current over the weekends, especially saturday night, into sunday. if we get any wind ann rained from the storm that's when it would be. going to the seven day forecast, we've got the sun, little bit of sun, but showers, thunderstorms, on an off. 84 degrees today, very nice day on friday, dry at least early on saturday. and then saturday night, into sunday, we expect to have those effect from the tropical storm, the temple game by the way is on saturday, they start their football season, labor day itself, hoping, we will see some clearing by then. but much cooler temperatures than we had last weekend, when we were in the middle of a heatwave. welcome to september, guys. >> jep, you mentioned the temple game, delaware blue hence opens today. let's hope the weather holds.
5:52 am
>> today, how about free tokens the day to get them. mcdonald's will be handing out walnut locust sections, for the big game between the eagles and the jetsment mcdonald's is a sponsor of the nfl so between 4:30, 6:30, will give out $5,000 worth of tokens, the game starts at 7:00. >> good way to go, especially with all of the traffic we'll see this morning. how about this? philadelphia eagles chairman, ceo, jeff lurie has announced $1 million donation to autism support programs, research at children's hospital of philadelphia. chop, the entire eagles organization, including players and coaches, were therefore the announcement, the donation comes from the eagles charitable foundation. philadelphia public schools start next week, chris murphy. >> it is back to the groin stone. that means it is time for another million father march. >> so on the first day of school september 7th, fathers across the sitly take their children to school, it is part of national campagne to get fathers involved in their
5:53 am
children's education, ninth year in philadelphia participates, one of 800 cities across the country taking part in that big event. >> looking to have little family fun in weekend? come on out to trenton's arm and hammer park this sunday september the fourth, for pitch night. the game starts at 7:00 p.m. so if you have a ticket to the trenton reading game, you are going to be able to stick around after the game for screening of the pilot pitch. pitch premiers fox thursday, september 222, at 9:00 p.m. >> coming up: while donald trump says he will be flexible when it comes to immigration. >> he's kind of reverse that little bit after last night's news conference. >> there is one policy he says he'll stand firm on. can you tell us more after the break.
5:55 am
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>> this is steve keeley live on 59 southbound, some good news, even though 95 is not cleared, you still see that tractor-trailer, jackknifed. they were allowing some of the traffic that had been sitting out here, for pushing now three hours to go around this jackknife tractor-trailer, just to let these people get through. and at leave ate some of the massive back up. now back to girard avenue southbound on 95, and of course, as soon as we come on, bad luck for these folks who were next in line to get through. they stopped it briefly. but they did allow several vehicles to get through, greg will spin around again, and show you, 95, and you'll see
5:57 am
the ben franklin bridge towers, blinking, in the background, to gave you a sense exactly where we are. so, we had ladder 16, five firefighters, big ladder truck with the second steering wheel called a tiller in the back. that was rearended by this tractor-trailer, that vehicle smashed up, was responding to a two car crash, in the driving rain around 3:00 a.m. so, that is the story for now, we'll update you every minute, but traffic was at least getting through briefly there. >> working today, guns can be bought over the internet, or at a weekend gun show. and if the wrong people get a gun... we know what can happen. pat toomey put our safety ahead of partisan politics. toomey crossed party lines twice, first to support background checks,
5:58 am
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straight up 6:00 this thursday morning, we've got some movement. and if you're just joining us, just flipping on the tv, this is a big deal. we have cars that have been sitting for over three hours on 95, in old city, basically, by penn's landing. they've been sitting there over three hours, finally moving. howie late dollars are these people? they can finally go. but if you fly through the penn's landing area on 95, especially 59 south for your morning commute, you're going to be stuck, stuck, stuck. it will be slow all morning long. i'll tell you what happened. a tractor-trailer slams into the back of a moving firetruck, that was headed to a two car accident on 95 south. and this is the result. look at that jackknife truck, in a area, you know so well, basically, penn's landing by 95 south. more on


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