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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  September 1, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> we will build a great wall along the southern border. >> the republican nominee laying out his policy on immigration, after meeting with mexico's president yesterday. but there is some dispute over who is going pay for the wall. >> and, it is almost official. and it is almost official. philadelphia will be the center of the nfl universe, next april. hosting the nfl draft, what will another high profile event mean for the city? >> firefighters hurt, big accident, big story, but we also have to keep track of the rest of the weaken, sue, with hermine. look how big she getting. >> a huge difference overnight in the track, what we were saying 24 hours ago, and still, a lot of uncertainty with that forecast. >> okay. more on that, that's straight up 7:00 this thursday, now, it has been busy morning, alex. >> yes, because firetruck tractor-trailer accident caused major problems at
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3:00 a.m. steve keeley has been on this story, from i-95 south. jenny joyce, five firefighters injured at hahnemann hospital. and she is thereto update us on their condition. we start with steve keeley. >> it looks like he is on the bridge to martin street. >> reporter: the people just joining us action at 7:00 like so many do, have avoided all of the bad news, so we start with good news for your thursday morning. which is a rarity in this news business. you see traffic knowing smoothly. those headlights are nine southbound, drivers, and they are able to drive for the first time since 3:00 a.m. southbound, because they were forced off at the vine street expressway all night, and all morning, because of this accident. so, the accident happened under the chestnut street bridge, and then went to the next overpass, and so, you saw a jackknife tractor-trailer, under this bridge, for three plus hours, so they were able to remove t and then in front of this accident, of the
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jackknife tractor-trailer i had pictures taken of the previous accident, this tractor-trailer stopped when it hit that wall under the under pass. but, it rearended apparently ladder 16, the firetruck, that was reacting to a previous accident, with two cars here, right before the columbus boulevard exit. and the split up. so you can see, ladder 16 is one of the long ladder trucks, where you have two drivers essentially, 1n front, and you have the one in the back. and you can see the damage in the back in that driver lucky that he essentially is okay, because, when you are hit by a tractor trail here knows what could happen. so he was elevated, that probably helped when damage is mostly at the bottom. look at the firetruck close up, you can see it, got hit really hard because firetrucks are made of reinforced steel and you're seeing that steel bent. so, everybody, okay. and traffic now okay for the first time, now we do have some rough weather. sue warned us, the rain would be off and on, off and on, and
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little on again. greg, come on over here for a second. and we look down, we're at the market street overpass right now. gave you a look, free weather shot as a bonus. there is the skyline. you know the psfs building. city hall, comcast building all lost in the low clouds, as we get to more rain and hopefully no more traffic trouble, because of the rain. everybody take it easy. learn your lesson. that the people overnight didn't driving too fast for conditions, and that's why we had these accidents. >> and the building that's also obstructed, hahnemann hospital, that's where jenny joyce is right now. sure, all of these firefighters stable? >> reporter: yes, all five firefighters in stable condition. that's according to a philadelphia fire department captain who came out, maybe about 45 minutes ago, to give us that update. he went back inside with the firefighters. he told us that actually none of the five has even been admitted to the hospital. they were brought here, as a precaution. i know that steve showed you that photograph of ladder 16
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on this scene with the smashed rear, the truck was hit in the back. and the five firefighters actually were on board of the firetruck at the time of the accident. they've been dispatched to that area to be on stand by after a previous two car crash, they were going to try to provide a buffer to make sure that traffic going through along southbound i95 would not get in the way of that accident scene. captain gale yan can give us a better sense of what they were trying to do at the time that they were struck by the tractor-trailer. >> accident scene, ladder company, parallel just like you see police officer doing, with the lights on, hopefully oncoming traffic will see that and start moving over, for whatever reason, still under investigation, the tractor-trailer struck to do that and struck the apparatus. >> reporter: we do know that ladder 16 was dispatched at 3:11 this morning. they were hit by 3:20.
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so we believe that they had been hit just a short time after arriving on scene. and they were all again all five firefighters were on the trek at the time of the accident which we can only assume was a good thing that they had not gotten out of that truck when that tractor-trailer came pomeling through. >> un ream. boy when you hear tractor-trailer slams into the back after firetruck you think a lot of people will be severely injured. >> thank goodness they're okay. >> the queen of traffic cameras is coming up next. her name is sue serio. >> all right, traffic camera number one shows, look at that, everybody, is moving through the area pretty smoothly. it looks like all lanes are open, although i do see some lights there. in is i95 southbound, right? >> southbound. >> where we are, is this northbound, bridge street? oh, that's the bridge street accident. that will what we are looking at. i95 northbound accident approaching bridge street. i think that's what we are looking at right now. as far as the rest of what's
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concerning us this morning, is the vine street expressway, that took a lot of traffic off of i95, but now things are moving a lot better. we have the usual back upcoming off the schuylkill and going eastbound on the vine. but westbound vine street expressway much improved, was pretty stack up, while we had that closure of i-95. so, as far as traffic, improving little bit. but the weather still pretty bad. as steve keeley was telling us earlier this morning, it is potentially the reason for that big crash that we had on i-95, lesson for all every us, slow down, take it easy, because you see more heavy rain moving in from the west. we look at the bigger picture, you can see, the clearing is all the way up in northwestern pennsylvania, but that's hours away from us, because we expect slow progress of this frontal system. here is bus stop buddy with his rain gear on. you will need it today. if you can fine your umbrella, it has been a while since we needed it. 63 degrees mount pocono, 74 in
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philadelphia, 71 in lancaster, 74 degrees in wildwood. still on the muggy side out there today until the cold front comes through. 84 degrees our heatwave over, scattered thunderstorms throughout the afternoon make part of the evening. holiday weekend forecast, the latest on tropical storm her mine. all coming up in a few minutes. >> to bucks county at clock 07. one person hurt in a early morning fire in warminster. the blaze started inside after re home, 1500 block of powelton street, charlton place actually around 2:30, victim rescued, taken to the hospital dealing with smoke inhalation. >> man shot and killed in front of his child outside community center last night, it happened in philadelphia's mantua neighborhood. police tell us, a 29 year old man was shot three times, his young son, and other witnesses were nearby, and later died at the hospital. cops say they have area video
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that shows the whole thing, and at this point there are no arrests. >> new jersey state police have snot yet identified a body that was pulled out of the delaware river yesterday, crews had been searching the river, after a man went missing. the body was found last night, it is unknown if it is the body of that missing swimmer. it is believed so. 7:08. police asking driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run in feltonville tuesday night to turn themselves in. fifty-eight year old rue eel perez, while riding his bike, hit by silver gmc yukon found few blocks away with no sign of the driver. anyone with information should call police. >> should finds out more this morning about the status of silver liner repairs, in july, over a third of the fleet was pulled off the tracks due to structural defect. at 8:00 a.m. the company held a press conference, at at bensalem. penndot responsible for making
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or -- replacement beam for the tram. passengers can have a better idea scheduling moving forward and when the silver line cars will be back on the tracks. remember first talking about this, had the long lines, they say expect it to last a while at least until the end of the summer. now summer starting to wind down, school starting back up, should have an update. >> i remember they said we'll be up, and the cars back by what november? maybe it will be faster than that. >> at love people will be relieved to hear that if that's the case. >> always fun to go to the nfl draft. now you can take maybe the orange line or walk over to the ben franklin parkway, or take a trolley. you know, get there anyway you can. >> don't have to watch it just on your tv. >> go watch it because it is in the sit of brotherly love, sisterly affection, the draft will be here 2017. >> they have to make it official first. so that will happen today. but the venue will be on the ben franklin parkway, just like chicago did in the past
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few years, it will be outside in tents. from the pope to the dnc, to this weekend, the city has hosed its fair share of events. >> we know how to do this. >> so what should the city expect with this latest one? >> showcase philadelphia, similar to when the pope made his visit, you know, philly was on the news everywhere. >> i think it is a real big deal. >> it is a big party. i mean, we know how to party here, don't we? >> we know how to party, but are we technically invited to the party since we don't have a draft pick? >> well, ya, we r2 hundred thousand people show up for this event. >> that's pretty cool. >> isn't that ridiculous? >> could have $81 million economic impact on the city, and the announcement will lab today at noon at city hall. kind of like having a house party, at your house, but you don't have any control over the food or what's going on, because you don't have the pick. that's what it will probably
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feel like. >> locked in the balesment, can't get upstairs to the chips and dip and the booze. >> exactly. at least we're hoe g the party. >> cleveland has our pick, pretty sure it is cleveland browns have our first rounds pick. darn it. well, it is fine. did the gamble pay off? did you see donald trump go to mexico yesterday? meet with the president of mexico? and then finally delivers his speech in arizona last night. immigration reform was the topic. just as new polls show the race is tightening between donald trump and hillary clinton. >> doug luzader has the details from washington. what actually happened naphtha meeting between trump and the president of mexico? >> ya, it is a good question, hearing some conflicting reports, and it was behind closed doors, so it is tough to say. we start real quickly with these new pole numbers. these are interesting. new fox news poll. just out showing if you factor in third party candidate, libertarian party, green party, all the sudden down to
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two-point race initially between hillary clinton and donald trump. and that does not take into account everything that transpired yesterday. >> donald trump taking the stage in phoenix to talk immigration. serving up the kind of red meat first put him on the path to the gop nomination. >> we will build a great great wall along the southern border >> and mexico will pay for the loss. >> that's hard-line, a day began with a meeting between trump and mexican president, enrique pena nieto. where the tone was a little friendlier. even from enrique pena nieto who once compared trump to hitler and motion lean i. >> see, might disagree on several issues. but your presence here, mr. donald trump, shows that we do have funds mental common grounds. >> we are united by our support for democracy, a great love for our people and the
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contributions of millions of mexican-americans to the united states. trump's campaign no doubt hoping to benefit from the optics here, with trump appearing presidential on a world stage. and while trump tried to clarify his immigration policies, speaking in arizona, left unanswered what to do with the millions of illegal immigrants who haven't committed other crimes. hillary clinton meantime tried to win over veterans in ohio, attacking trump over his visit to mexico. >> and it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insult, insinuations, by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours and flying home again. that's not how it works. >> and as far as this issue every builds ago wall and having mexico pay for it, trump says that the issue was not discussed, that the meeting with mexico's president, president says that he made it clear from the get go that mexico would not foot the bill. >> well, i'm not picking up
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the check. you can pass it all around the table, folks, i'm not picking up that. >> how do people come out after meeting with two completely different things? >> no include. we'll see you tomorrow. let's stay in south philadelphia right nowment one local community doing all it can to keep a south philly tradition alive whether it is legal or not. >> during the dnc remember you were not allowed to park along the median on south broad street. some people saying hey we should keep it that way. i knew this would happen. once people try to make this a permanent change you have to have the other side coming out wait a minute, lauren? >> group taking south philadelphia streets back, broad and shunk, trying to get signature of support. many people in the neighborhood know that the park something extremely limit in the south philadelphia. so several are in support of keeping median parking. one organizer says she heard another group in the city wanted to crackdown and they wanted to save that tradition, but not everyone agrees. >> if they want to ends center median parking, technically,
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it is illegal, but the city for over 07 years haslett it go on. >> it is not safe. it blocks vision, there have been few incident around here, but like it is a liability around here because of the space. >> so the mayor's offers tells us if any changes are made, plans to have discussions with the people who live there, mayor kenney says, those people are the ones who are most affected by the median parking so their opinions matter the most. mike anal next. >> i would think so. all right, thank you, 7:15. okay, our weather will be affected this weekend, supposed to be beautiful memorial, look, labor day. >> labor day. >> memorial day is in may right? >> yes. this is labor day. >> so the ends of summer basically. >> gosh, can't believe it. >> no more white. >> looking to florida to check on the weather. i know it sounds weirds but in other words and other areas along the gulf coast, powerful tropical systems are threatening people in both
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eastern, what? oh, ya, right. we have strong moving in toward hawaii now. man storms all over the place. >> florida governor declared state of emergency for more than 40 counties, says tropical storm hermine is gaining strength along with hurricane madeline. another state that could get hit hard harks we owe. public school there will be closed today in anticipation of strong winds and flooding. >> okay. >> makes a plan, know where you're going to do to evacuate, when would you have to evacuate, know your zone. finally be inform, pay attention to local media. they'll keep you updated. >> okay. i saw the east coast, people in the carolinas also bracing for this severe werth. soap hermine, and she is mean, she mean better grammar?
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she mean. >> who come up with the names again? the national weather service? >> couple every guys smoking cigars. >> national hurricane center. and girls. so yes, and hermine expected to strength friend tropical storm to category one hurricane. you can see in the path of the storm here, it has got 60-mile per hour winds now, here is the projected path of the stone. call this is the cone of uncertainty here, see it hugging the coast, south and then north carolina, and then, it is a lot of uncertainty as we get toward the second half of the holiday weekends, and it is still proves to be an off shore track, in most of the computer models. but it could move a little closer to the coast, it could move a little off shore. basically get any effect of this at the shore it, looks like it would be on sunday, maybe some clouds, lingering into monday. that is the way it looks right now, but again, there is a great deal of uncertainty with this hermine forecast.
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but rip current danger is just about certain. ocean water temperature between 69 and 75 degrees, now, let's talk about what's happening out here right now. lots of rain moving through the area. there is our heavy downpour, from philadelphia all the way across the river to new jersey, that's where that heavy rain is moving, and that's how they pop up, they go away, around reading seeing heavy rain, millville new jersey some heavy rain, and now heavy rain has come back to the jersey shore, and sea isle city all the way down to wildwood and cape may. future cast shows the rain continuing, next couple of hours, little built of break in the action, midday, not done yet, because the colds front doesn't come through until tonight. so, we have more pop up showers and thunderstorms later on, and maybe about ten, 11:00 when we finally see the clouds clear, and some decent weather in here. right now 74 degrees, in philadelphia. 70s just about everywhere else, except to the north of us, but high of 84, because of all of the clouds.
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the possibility every thunderstorms, that again, for the weekends, looks like clouds now on saturday and saturday night into sunday the latest from hermine. see how much it changed since yesterday. it will probably change again. that forecast. >> i might go to that game tonight night, temple-arm. >> i right. let's take a look at traffic now. >> like i said. >> what's the traffic going to be there? >> i know. just go to a map or something. and iand i'll talk about it, kid of hazy out there, because of all of the rain. there was a disable vehicle, just cleared, on the blue route, southbound, near saint david's villanova. now everything running smoothly again. so just check couple of areas for you. i95 cottman avenue. that's moving pretty smoothly. actually looks little better than normal weekday morning. we have very slow going on the schuylkill, average speed only 14 piles an hour, and on the vine street expressway, on
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whopping 8 miles per hour there. guys? at least on the westbound side. >> people already tweeting me oh, there goes my weekends. >> oh. >> a lot of stuff, i mean, labor day, do you a lot of stuff outside. >> this is it, final weekend. >> soak it in, really do it. >> well, you're going to soak it in. when does it ends? recent trend of children becoming the victim every gun violence has some scared to play outside. we have assemble a panel of community leaders, what's the cause and what is the solution? six voices weighing in. >> plus, veterans backing a controversial quarterback. why veterans are coming to the defense of colin kaepernick, in droves. >> well, some are. droves?
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>> i can't believe it but i like it, 7:23, wal-mart put out list of 25 toys they think will be the hottest sellers for christmas, so i have two
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grandchildren. let's go. i look at this list, lauren, i thought i was back 30 years ago in this throw back thursday. >> i know. >> star wars? again? >> reporter: well, electronic r2 d2. that's wal-mart trying to make good on a huge success of the disney film. but you probably notice, ninja turtle, disney princess dolls, some barbie sets, this is an old school list. but there is a big but here, there is some stuff i've never heard about, such as numb numb splish splash truck and hatch machines mal. it is like an egg that you take care of before it hatches. oh. >> and like new version like the kami gotch a things? >> i have i'm not there yet. we play with the wooden spoons. they do so every year, kids test it from 18 years to 12
7:25 am
years old, often times, used toys, sell out. because become best sellers. >> as a result, you can order them, and also, pay with them with lay away. >> lauren? >> reporter: yes? >> we can't do all 25, apparently we don't have the list. so, give me your top five. do you have it in front of you? >> yes, i do. okay. the drone, the sky viper streaming drone, numb numb truck -- >> slow down, number four was numb nuts what? >> ya, that's what it was, the numb numbers. >> numnoms. numnoms. >> can you try to find that? numnoms. >> lip gloss? >> truck? >> lip gloss truck? >> filled with lip gloss. what else? >> i'm going to pull it up too. did i do the r2 d2? >> got that one.
7:26 am
>> okay. >> the barbie rainbow cove princess castle play set. >> these names are so long. >> geez. >> i know. >> barbie still popular. >> another one? >> hatchinimals. >> takes care of an egg. >> we have a picture of the numsnoms. >> i do. i can pull it up here. >> it is a little van filled with lip gloss. >> looks like -- interesting. i don't know. >> i don't know. hey, lauren? i follow you on instagram. >> how old is teddy? i love that name, by the way, ted. >> i teddy joy is five. i'm going to see her tomorrow. >> when i punch you up on instagram now, i can zoom in on your face. >> isn't it awesome? you can see all of my wrinkles, i love it.
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>> completely. >> i know you guys know, like your mother or someone who doesn't use instagram, they try to like -- >> and they wind up liking them. >> hey, lauren, you can't see this, but see i'm in love with one of our producers called meredith cassidy. do you want it see which one she was? i could not do this until yesterday after innocent. >> because it is a group shot that he's showing. >> look. >> oh, gosh. >> all right have it. >> it won't stick. >> won't stick. you can zoom in but do you have hole your fink their to look. >> see? >> i have to take a picture with your camera and send it to me. >> he can accurately. people are clamouring for this. they also have instagram stories like snap chat thing, your story disappears in 24 hours, instagram. >> i can't tell you how many times mike has tried to zoom
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in when scrolling instagram, trying to see stuff. it is quite entertaining. >> you're like my mom. >> is monday the last day i can wear my white pants? >> let's get all of the fashion rules out there. talk about rules with labor day. jen? >> reporter: we will talk about fashion rules, also talk about having fun, whether you are here, in the philadelphia area, or you're going away. we have all kind of amazing things, by the way we're in a really cool new spot. check it out, jasper's backyard, in conshy. mike, a bit from the bushes from you. katie: on crime, pat toomey's attacks on me are shameful.
7:30 am
he's making it up. of course, anyone who commits a violent crime needs to be prosecuted -- and put behind bars. narrator: katie mcginty will keep us safe -- more police on the streets, better training and equipment, and take on the gun lobby for gun safety laws. katie: i'm the daughter of a police officer, and the mother of three. i'll stand with law enforcement to fight crime, and protect our families. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
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>> messy thursday morning, you can see plenty of rainout here on ultimate doppler. plenty more to come. so, couple of more hours of this morning round of rain, bus stop buddy has the rain gear, spoiling your day, maybe little bit. sixty-three mourn pocono, 74 in philadelphia, and wildwood, and 72 degrees in dover, and still on the muggy site out there this morning. , we do need the rain, 84 the high temperature today, and 66, our overnight low, few scattered thunderstorms, about that is your weather authority forecast, we will talk about tropical storm hermine in just
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a few minute, right now accident to tell but in aston, delaware county. noll ton road, allendale lane, somebody reported injuries in the scent. take a look at the schuylkill expressway eastbound at girard, the vine approaching the schuylkill expressway, busier right now than westbound side, pretty slow, and the road speeds real quick check on that for you, only 11 miles an hour on the vine, schuylkill averaging about 18 miles an hour so typical rush hour situation there. mike anal next. >> everyone agrees that something has to be done about the balance in our area. but the question seems to be, how do we go about it? the police need evidence to make arrest, and without help from the public, their job gets a whole lot harder. meantime, innocent children are getting caught in the crossfire. >> police in camden eight year old murder victim gabby got caught in the middle of gunfire between rival gangs.
7:33 am
still no arrest in the case even as reward continues to grow. nine children, in our area, have been caught in the crossfire, this summer alone. on tuesday, juju sha shot in the arm while getting smacks at a grocery star. >> it makes me sad because this used to be a better place. >> shattered glass, cut up her friend's face. >> this is all glass in my face. then it was blood everywhere, the soda spilled on the floor, i slipped, juju slipped. >> in june 5 year old mark injured in drive by shooting in chester. >> i didn't want to get shot again. i don't want my family to get shot either. >> children have way of putting information perspective. juju has this to say who thinks violence is the answer? >> you're hurting people bad. god don't like that. >> so we have invited six individuals who are heavily involved in anti-violence initiatives in their neighborhoods to join us for
7:34 am
discussion about what can be done. because keep having these stories all summer, we wanted to bring you guys together to talk about how can we stop this? what needs to be done? we know there are different things going on separately, but we're trying to bring everyone together. so, rash rasheed, first, you say you've known about 100 people that you have lost to gun violence, what's been going through your mind this summer keep reporting on these stories and situations in. >> first i think about my latest victims, and i think about the youth, it hurt my heart, because we can do something about it, because a lot look up, i feel like if i do something, i stand up a lot of guys follow behind me, just be like painful, these babies dying at a young age, not get to go experience life. >> what do you think needs to be done? >> people need to stands up. right is right. wrong is wrong. a lot of these guys, big influence on the youth. a lot every guys need to stand up, be held accountable for
7:35 am
what they're doing. >> okay, and rene, you lost two nephews. and other workers, other people lost some family member. what's the summer been like for you then for you guys? you have been working out trying to get this do. you know what it feels like. >> exactly, yes. i have lost two nephews. to gun violence, mothers in charge, organization of women, all lost loved ones, and, our mission, of course, advocacy and he had to stop the violence to bring attention to the vie len, on the front lines every day, work this is the schools, work in the prisons and as far as resolution, we need to work together bringing panel like this together and always be out on the street, making sure we get the message out that you are not alone, if you have issues of problems, come to someone, talk to someone, and we need to stoop the, i would
7:36 am
say, no snitching. there is a small number of people on the streets that are creating the problem. for the most part, philadelphia is a safe citiment we do have a great police department who wants to help us, but we have to work together and we have to help them. >> okay. i want to get with you next, three people we have sitting in front here, they work with this organization called philadelphia cease-fire. and campaigns to stop the have i lens, so are we missing here something here then, still snapping what do we need to be doing? >> i think what we are missing is the violence, public health issue, and can be prevented. that's what we believe. we believe it is a disease that transmits from person to person. and what we're trying to do interrupt the spreaded that far disease. we believe that young people, who are making poor decisions, can change their behavior by working with one of our outreach workers lycra heed here. they spent significant time, three telephone calls a week, staying in the ear of these young people who are engage in the high risk activity.
7:37 am
and we know because this particular program is being replicated in 52 cities across the united states with eight international countries, and every state proven to be effective if in fact we get in there, identify the individuals certainly at high risk and engage in the high risk activity can make a difference in the their lives. >> i want to ask you, you said it is not about we do news news investigatement, report on these stories also say okay, let's get the guns off the streets. you are saying it is more complicated than that. why is it more complicated? >> because our babies are dying now, our babies f we're not paying attention, god is trying to tell us something. our babies is being shot down in the streets, like, you know, it is no justification for that. you know, you don't get pops for. that will that's not gangster, these babies, six
7:38 am
years old, shot ten times with a ak47. they all have names, they all have families. the carelessness of bringing guns around the youth. no one emulate everything they see. you play with guns, you think it is this, you think it is a game, you put your gun irresponsibly on top of, you know, the dresser or thinking you're hiding it, they finds a way to get it. but we are burying our babies now. over in camden, we went they have to support our brothers and sisters over therefore the walk every peace. it is heart wrenching. but it is not just camden, it is philadelphia, look at the statistics. what is god trying to tell us? what we node to do is protect our innocence. we lost our innocence. go out there and shoot you like an animal, i don't look at you as having a family or a
7:39 am
purpose in life. the police can only do so much. let them do their john. we have a responsibility. specially as black in the community, stand up shall specially when it comes to protecting our women, and our children. >> when you are saying stands up, do you mean by the fact people aren't coming forward? somebody knows something? >> not even about that, police, family, that i'm accountable where my son is at. i'm in his life. protecting the innocent means that we got to a duty to do. we got a job to do. and men first. you can't couldn't stanley look outside the community to help up do for me what i am capable every doing for myself. but we need to create jobs, we need to do a lot of things for these young men on the corner. it is two fold. let the politicians do what they do. let the police do what they do. but men in our community, we have obligation, in order to preserve our families. it is in not, when you look what's going on.
7:40 am
>> now, colin you make great point about starting with the family. you feel that way, as women. there is an event coming up putting together trying to get the father the men in these communities to come together. >> yes. well, what we're trying to do, we want our men, people like here, to get together and find a young person, and walk that young person to school, whether it is a nephew, brother, whether i just happen to see a young man, or young lady, and if someone is incarcerated cannot particularly participate on the first day of school. right. we want you to walk with a father to that -- so that child is not alone. we find out this three things, one it, improves parental involvement in the schools. we found through the when a father is involved in the school, children do much better. second, the child feeling security and inspiration, third thing we want to happen is for the young man to get
7:41 am
the manny pledge, something we put together so a person can show that they're not going to get involved in violence, not going to encourage violence, and they're going to try to do what's best for the community based on the kind of sacrifices people have made for the community over the years, even back when we weren't allowed to go to school. but violence and the gang problem, a study was done first. what we want to do find out why children are killing each other in the city of brotherly love. we went out, i went out to where ever they were, because i used to be in a gang, ask them, find out, what's your problem. why are you doing this? >> what did you finds? >> one of the main things we found out the difference between a gang, the bow is so scout, was recognition. we noticed this because we found that our young people because starve of a chance and recognition in family would
7:42 am
take people killed, hurt in a very bad way, hold these people up as heroes. so the first thing we have to do is reverse that way of thinking. in other words, they got to get recognition for do possible pursuits. >> positive reinforce (. >> yes. and we want everywhere, our young people, were held for, cross raided for violence and for homicide, and we talk to. >> this all of them, every saturday, by this time young men, young gang members lives with us, we took them too. some relatives we found in these prisons and places and we asked them should black people continue to kill black people, based on history and struggle? and most of them said no, shouldn't. then i said well then do you have help us to stop. >> this because we are not participating. but we will help you. and say if you have somebody out there you care about, sends them to us. we will take care of them for
7:43 am
you. all we want you to do is to help us to convince your friends to stop fighting and sign the man i pledge. >> more information off that on our website. before we go, you mentioned something that was great. talking about the stop snitching culture. i want to ends with you, because you have served time. coming out here saying it takes one person to come forward and show the way. what do you think? a lot think it is the gang culture, doesn't want to get involved, scared, what about those people who don't want to be bothered with them? >> do what what you got to do. show people you aren't afraid. don't lose help. don't give up on yourself. stand up for what's right. you were young, young mother, you know, do you have talk to your siblings, be there for them, show them positive actions. >> were you able to do it. what made you and able to do it. >> my little brother, work up to me, i am a talented kid. i like singing so other than violent things i would go write music when i felt angry or something. so i, you know, didn't give
7:44 am
up, co-workers stayed in my ear, like you can use your actions in a positive way. a lot of people look up to you. and i started going to schools, talking to kids and i fell in love with t. >> hopefully then thank you so much, to all of you coming, hopefully all here together, these different things you guys are doing in your communities, we can help, and get this conversation going. we want to continue this conversation, something that we're not going to take lightly we thank all of you today getting it started, hopefully this will help someone who is watching. thank you so much we'll take a break and be right back. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know
7:45 am
more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
7:46 am
for senate, a clear difference. katie mcginty: for background checks, for banning assault weapons, and banning high-capacity ammunition clips. and pat toomey? against an assault weapons ban and against banning high capacity ammo clips like those used in the orlando massacre. listen to pat toomey brag: "i have had a perfect record with the nra." pat toomey gets an "a" from the nra. he's not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
7:47 am
>> 7:47. accident, noll ton road, allen down lane. taking a look at the schuylkill expressway at girard avenue, typical slow down there. and, route 42 freeway, in new jersey, pretty stacked up there, slow going into the sit, roads averaging 18 miles per hour on the vine, on the vine itself, only about 16 miles an hour, even slower, as you're approaching the vine
7:48 am
on the schuylkill expressway. so that's a look at your traffic situation. what about the weather, and when about hermine? we'll answer those questions coming up in 15 seconds. >> it is official, tropical storm nine for couple of days, and now it is hermine. we are expecting it to strengthen into category one hurricane, as it approaches the panhandle of florida with 6-mile per hour wind right now, it is 250 miles south-southwest, and we have a loft rain off shore, little bit on shore, but expecting a whole lot of rain in florida from this. what happens after that? key question for our holiday weekend. and you can see, the cone of uncertainty with this projected track of the storm,
7:49 am
really widening, as it gets close to virginia, the delmarva, and of course the the jersey shore. so, it looks like sunday is when we will be able to factor this in. as you look at the spaghetti models, a lot of disagreement, none of the models has a direct hit for us from this storm. but we will see what happens. so if you are going to the shore this weekend it, looks like friday's kind of okay. sun and clouds on saturday. then we watch the situation for sunday, if we get any rain from the storm, it will probably be on sunday, that's not only for the jersey shore, but for here, as well. so, as we prepare for the holiday weekend, let's see what jenn fred is doing on this thursday morning, hi, jen. >> reporter: hey, sue, you know,ing it going to be a little un settle. these ladies to the rescue, whether down the shore, in the suburbs or in center city they have you covered for your labor day weekend fashion. come on back to jasper in conshy, pretty cool.
7:50 am
big oil polluters. they have a friend in pennsylvania. millionaire pat toomey. toomey voted to protect their special tax breaks. saving oil companies twenty-four billion dollars. and big oil polluters have given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. tax breaks for them. campaign contributions for him. pat toomey. he's helping big oil polluters and millionaires. not the rest of us. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising.
7:51 am
7:52 am
>> i don't understanded this, i have one pair of light jeans, they're tight. >> you love those light jeans. >> i wear them repeatedly. >> you also like when others wear white jeans. >> kit can kline, she wears white jeans. what's the rule, what should we bewaring, labor day and beyond?
7:53 am
>> first of all if there is anyone that can actually answer the question, we have the expert, weaver kate and fran, good morning. >> good morning. >> okay, mike wants to know about the white rule. will you still wear your white pants after labor day. >> absolutely. >> and you agree with that. >> in. >> yes, cashmere and white look fabulous. >> so you guys own pretty amazing boutiques, here in conshohocken, you own men angry. bo hoe look. come up. pretty cool. so if you are in a party atmosphere, tell me why this is amazing. >> very casual, very comfortable, silk, easy hat for the sun, of course, gorgeous pendant, just casual but sheik. >> yes, she looks sheik she didn't try very hard but she has all of the right things in her closet? and very comfortable all day. >> i love it. i'm have you go over here. then we have this speak he can of sheik we have like nighttime sheik? >> this is the updated max i buy our favorite unni kim. just little bit flare-ish.
7:54 am
it really doesn't need any accessories. just this dress, the earrings, it pops, and go. >> i like, i decided to go black and white, we can go all white, but like saying i'm still having a labor day party but not wearing all white? >> absolutely you don't need to wear all white to say labor day. >> from menajarie. casual look, from ellis grove. looks amazing yet could wear it this weekend and beyond right? >> yes, she could. she could wear it they can weekends, modern tie die, and just cute little shift dress with pockets. >> not to mention the shoes, are those from you? >> those are from me. i have hard time pronouncing it, from paris. >> very cool. >> and also she has tote she can throw all of her stuff in it. >> again, she doesn't look like she is trying but looks effortlessly sheik. >> yes. >> i ends with one of my
7:55 am
favorite models. alley was an intern for us years ago, so happy to see you again, nighttime look could certainly translate to anywhere you might be going. >> y? where you are going could you wear there is of course it looks great on alley, because she has the long new boot cut jeans on. and the new top we just got in, it is kind of transitional thing, could wear it all year long. >> i love it. always my favorite part about hanging out with alley. high. alley is in flats, right? and i've got a little bit after heal on. and, thank you, alley. thank you, you guys look amazing, more from jasper's backyard in conshohocken. you guys look great. happy labor day. >> they do look great. sheik. and yet cash. >> 7:55, update, five firefighters hurt about 3:00 in the morning, firetruck slammed into by tractor-trailer. we'll get the condition from hahnemann hospital. things looking pretty good.
7:57 am
mr. brady, we've been expecting you. will you be needing anything else?
7:58 am
not a thing. beautyrest black. get your beautyrest.
7:59 am
>> what a morning it has been. we had a tractor-trailer slam into a firetruck on i-95. >> track tracking the tropics. what the storms mean for your holiday weekends. oh, could it get in the way? >> her mine, mean for doing this stuff. >> and inspiring little girl, teen vogue honors local change maker. why the recognition keeps oncoming for marlie. she is in our studio. live like a president. >> how much would it is you -- cost to you live in the white house, why the walls make the
8:00 am
price sky rocket. >> you agree it would cost me? my applied. most people just rent the white house, right? can't buy it. but if you could, it is an astronomical price. >> so good to see marlie again, has been all over the country now, just tweeted this out. this is where it all began, she says, for her, i'm glad we're a part of her life. she making, boy, big inch roads in america. >> wonderful to see. so we're glad to have her back to recap what's been going on. hi, sue. >> hi, messy, messy out there this morning, we prepared you, it would be rain today. this is our trans neighbor l day from the heat, humidity in our six day heatwave to cooler weather. unfortunately, our weekend forecast is now little less than perfect. but, it is raining here in philadelphia. delaware county, new castle county, in delaware, south jersey, lot of thunderstorms, popping up this morning. this is a precursor to the cold front coming through later on in the day, so bus
8:01 am
stop buddy has you ready with his rain gear, and temperatures in the 60s and 70s, and there is 74 in the sit, 72 in lancaster, 72 in dover. and the 60s up in the mountains, expect high of 84 today. so the heatwave is definitely over. maybe sunshine popping through this afternoon, but another round every showers and thunderstorms, as well, maybe lasting into the this evening, overnight low 66 degrees with possibility of stray shower or storm. then we get to labor day weekend, the latest on that, and the factoring in of tropical storm hermine . >> accident in aston, looking at 422, just past route 363,
8:02 am
approaching trooper road. everybody moving along, okay, on both sides of the roadway there. but, it is not so great on the ben franklin bridge, as we look from the camden side into philadelphia. things are getting packed as we like to say, one of those traffic cliche's. >> that's right. >> on the ben. >> i 8: 02 now this thursday, if you've been earlier, where have you been? where have you been since 3:30 this morning. we've been like that on 95 south, until what, about 2:00, hour and a half ago, finally cleared up. now. >> free flowing traffic on 95, not after what happened at 3:00. at 3:00 this morning, there was tractor-trailer zooming down southbound 95 near penn's landing, slam into dollars back after working firetruck slam in the back of a firetruck, tractor-trailer jackknife, clogged traffic,
8:03 am
people stuck three hours, and five of the firefighters taken to hahnemann hospital. >> all of this happened around 3:30 this morning, near the chestnut street overpass there. >> we felt like people were sitting there in the beginning, sleeping in their cars, make pokemonday go, they couldn't move. some cars sneaking through, everything being cleared up. >> but, the important thing now that it is clear, how are the firefighters doing? let's check on their condition over at hahnemann hospital where jenny joyce is. >> he told us fire fight remembers in stable condition, here, a short time ago, we did hear that an information, public information officer, with the philadelphia fire department, would likely be out at some point, later this
8:04 am
morning, to give us an update. when we had talked to the fire captain, he did say that none of the five firefighters have been admitted to the hospital. they were brought here for precautionary reasons, he explained to us, that these five firefighters from ladder 16, they were headed to the area of i95 southbound. >> they were here for safety zone for existing two car crash, well, in the process of doing that, that's when they got lit by by the tractor-trailers. >> see what happened, they were there, just for this reason, a lot of the companies taking care of this accident scene. this providing buffer between them and traffic. unfortunately, hit the tractor-trailer hit it. >> all firefighters still inside the firetruck at the time of the accident.
8:05 am
told they had just arrived on scene, they were dispatched at 3:11, the accident happened at 3:20, all still inside, when they were nailed, in the rear by the tractor-trailer. so, again, all five brought here to hahnemann, more so, precautionary reasons, and told they're in stable condition. hopefully we will get an update later this morning. >> speaking of updates, how the silver liner cars are doing, press conference about to begin at the bensalem. well, nobody showed up. >> refresh when this first started out? >> car by car, few weeks ago, looks like we might have all 120.
8:06 am
>> interesting in what we're finding out the latest on most of the cars back, when will they all be back? just, you know, after they fix the cracks. so waiting for some septa folks to come out, our microphone, cameras there, the minute we hear, we will tell you. all right, 8:06. the 2017nfl draft is coming to philadelphia. and about 200,000 people will show up. >> so, last year's draft, when the eagles took quarterback carson wentz with the second pick. so the venue will be on the ben franklin parkway. and just like in chicago, it will have tents. made in america this weekend, we know how to do it on the ben franklin parkway. >> oh, yes, set up the tents. >> so we have our fair share events this year, when it comes to the nfl draft, what should we expect with this kind of big event? >> show skies philadelphia, similar to when the pope made his visit. you know? philly was on the news
8:07 am
everywhere. this would be the same thing. >> it is a big deal. i think really big deal. gets note or eye at this to the fans here. it is a big party. we know how to party here, don't we? >> we know how to party. that's for sure. and it will be a party. of course, it will be national -- nationally televised, espn, nfl network will probably have it live. again, specking about 200,000 people, to generate about $80 million for the city. >> why do we care about what channel it could be on when you can watch it right here in filly? >> very good point. >> i don't care what channel. >> forget i said that. >> yes. >> that was stupid. >> of course it will be coverage here on fox 29, as well. >> yes. only down side. >> oh, here we go. >> finally get the nfl draft, and then we don't have a pick in the first rounds. >> we can't draft. we have the draft. but you can't draft. >> then it would be like 30, 40,000 people, eagles fans out there. uh-huh. >> then nothing.
8:08 am
>> nothing. >> nothing in the first rounds. >> no. >> because cleveland has the first rounds pick. >> should we be as loud then for the rounds that we can draft, what rounds -- >> the second rounds? >> second? >> that won't be, probably won't be on live tv. >> oh, well, yes, probably will be, but it would be the second day. maybe late their night. >> at least we have it. at least connected somehow. >> heck with that pick. >> mention our name. if it wasn't in philly no one would have any reason to say philly at all. >> 200,000 people blowing cash left and right. >> rich people in town. expense accounts. >> future nfl players, they'll be banding to spends and celebrate. >> i should know this. i should know this. staff, what month is that in? >> april, may. >> may? >> i knew it was spring. >> next may. if we're still here, we will cover it for you. >> us? >> we may not be here? oh? >> is it april?
8:09 am
staff? we'll figure it out by the time they're here. hey, last minute appeal by one family in the nfl concussion case. >> well now delaying payoffs for several months to other former players. >> a lot of money here, the son of the late carlton cookie gill crest, who was a fullback for the buffalo bills wants the federal appeals court to revisit the debate over the brain injury known as the cte. he says, it wussier rational that a philadelphia judge excluded future pay outs from the settlement. i was surprised by that they came to, you know, compromise on this, came to decision so quickly. the $1 billion settlement covers more than 20,000nfl retirees over the next six a years. who could develop brain injuries potentially. >> a lot of the nfl players say they left too much money on the table just down the
8:10 am
street here in philly. christmas already? >> we were just complaining about hermine, you know, now talking christmas? >> the list is already out t came out yesterday afternoon. the new list of the toys your kids will want this year. so you can grab them before they're all gone. >> and an inspiring little girl. teen vogue honors a local change maker. why the recognition just keeps oncoming for our marlie. >> so it is marlie and me? and you. >> yes.
8:11 am
i absolutely love my new but the rent is outrageous. good thing geico offers affordable renters insurance. with great coverage it protects my personal belongings should they get damaged, stolen or destroyed. [doorbell] uh, excuse me. delivery. hey. lo mein, szechwan chicken, chopsticks, soy sauce and you got some fortune cookies. have a good one. ah, these small new york apartments... protect your belongings. let geico help you with renters insurance. big oil polluters. they have a friend in pennsylvania. millionaire pat toomey. toomey voted to protect their special tax breaks. saving oil companies twenty-four billion dollars.
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8:13 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> any impact we feel will be on sunday, changed since
8:14 am
yesterday suspect it will change again, but the possibility of it moving closer to the coast, and just us a much of a possibility, moving off shore. so keep close eye of course on her, mine, but shore forecast court on rip current, rain, saturday into sunday now, we talk about potential rain, wind, with the storm, looks like good day, monday we should see things clear out hopefully stay tuned for more changes in the nor cast, raining in philadelphia, and many of our surrounding suburbs, see, steady rain rain around west goshen, upper providence, and montgomery and chester counties, we go to new jersey and salem county rain at the jersey shore that's lighten up little bit future cast shows it will continue
8:15 am
throughout the day little break around lunchtime but showers and thunderstorms really possible any time today. 84 degrees today, friday, looks great. looks like the best weather day so far of the holiday weekend. 84 degrees. saturday night, into sunday, when we are expecting some rain. at least that's what the forecast is now expect more changes when we get closer to the weekend. >> i'm certain you'll recognize our next guess. >> given a he has done, someone, if you haven't recognized her already someone you should recognize. >> also someone you want to remember. >> it was back in january we first introduced you to marlie, at the time, the 11 year old new jersey resident told us she was on a mission to collect 1,000 black girl books. this after in the willing none of the books she was assigned to read in her gift grade class ever featured little girls, that looked like her.
8:16 am
after appearing on our show, marlie's push caught fire. before we new it, everybody was tweeting about this very special young lady. >> hip hop russell simmons talk about her drive on his facebook page, while ellen de jen very invited marlie on her show and presented her with a big check to buy on mower books. >> if wasn't long after that that marlie was on the cbs morning news, black girl rock. and several other shows, plus, all sort of newspapers and magazine, and look who is back on our show. hi, mommy. hi, mom. >> hi, how are you. >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> i remember the first time you came on the show, you want add thousand books. what are you up to as of today? >> as of today at 7,000 books. >> oh, 7,000: great. >> thank you. >> are you going to keep going.
8:17 am
>> yes, would like people positive keep donating go to the website www.grassrootscommunity look atmore information and the place you can send the books to. >> where did this all begin, marly? >> it all gannon fox 29. >> let's go back. >> eight months, seven months. >> we mentioned, were you on the ellen show. >> yes. >> got check for ten grand, morning news on cbs. >> did you put in the bank? >> some of it and the rest went to the scholarship funds so other girls of color can have an education and using their gifts and talent like did i. >> i saw you on the interview kind of fun. >> i yes. >> bt black girls rock, that was good. let's see what else, charlie rose. >> yes. >> that was pretty cool. >> essence interview. >> yes, essence. >> but then, the coup de grass, meeting first lady of the us? >> yes, very, very, very fun. i was speaking at the united
8:18 am
women with sophia bush, great experience, it was the first united women ever, i was very happen that i i was able to be there, and able to speak about my university there. >> my gosh, not only the first lady, you met oprah? >> i met oprah. >> what did you say to her? >> i said hello oprah. very nice to meet you. happen i hug her and i got a selfie foreign is that gram. >> we see it here. did she say anything back? >> she said thank you, for what you are doing, i really appreciate. >> jen? would you raise me? i need help. so, are you surprised by this? >> i'm overwelmed by it. probably not surprised. i'm surprised that like the media, but i'm very, very pleased by the idea that people are taking this issue, like she has brought to them so seriously, really support it, and showing that you don't
8:19 am
have to be an athlete, that a girl who loves books can actually rise to national and international attention. >> teen vogue, the latest thing to happen, you're in teen vogue. >> yes. >> oh, so how did that go? what did they say? >> i met elaine, the editor. >> first black editor. >> yes. >> of vogue. >> then i had learned she was very nice, then i went to do the shoot with her, and i didn't -- it was four girls by girls, photographer was a girl, hairstylist was a girl, make up artist was a girl, all women, all made by women for girls, and it was very fun experience. i wish i got to meet all of the girls i was featured with, but i'm very happen that i i was able to be a part of that, especially considering that all of those girls are my age, and i didn't even know that some of these girls. >> so they pick up 21 girls, right. >> yes. >> all have to be under 21, scattered across the country. >> yes. >> were you one of 21 women, young ladies, pick out across america. >> yes, very happy for that.
8:20 am
>> what now? what next? >> next is baton rouge, atlanta. so we have started, start in the washington it, c. >> hold on. doing -- 1,000 black girls book. >> a book party, in every place that we can go to. so we started in washington dc. we want to be to baton rouge, and we want to go to atlanta next. >> i'm going to the wawa in conshohocken later on. what do you think that far? that's casino every into. >> and please tell us howell you are again? >> i am 11 years old. >> eleven years old, people. >> where did you go to school? >> going to roosevelt middle school next year. >> how proud are they? >> or this year. >> in four days. >> four days real. >> i how are you going to ball all of this, school, book tour, all every these appearances, collecting books. >> well, i just do my best. if my best isn't what i expect it to be, i just need to keep trying until it is what i want
8:21 am
it to be. >> i heard that. >> maybe you should come to super camp, mike? >> i need, i need something. i need something. >> i need to sign up too. marlie, keep doing what you are doing. >> thank you. >> amazing. since it all started here we've been watching you, we've been following you, my gosh, he is shear, oh, she is doing this. she is everywhere. we're so proud of you. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> thank you, thank you. >> tremendous job. >> what she didn't mention, marlie will be writing a book. >> well you have to write your own book if you are collecting books. tell us about this book. >> the details are kind of in the works right now, but black gives lives and black girls stories. >> can you be weaving a white guy into it, i mean? >> not as a main character, but -- ya, you can be supporting. >> just like i am on this show. i am supporting alex. >> okay, we appreciate it. >> you are so cool. >> we appreciate it.
8:22 am
>> hey, i'm going to a football game tonight. yes, college football. i love college football season, and temple so, good last year, let's keep it going against army at the linc. tomorrow night. katie: on crime, pat toomey's attacks on me are shameful.
8:23 am
he's making it up. of course, anyone who commits a violent crime needs to be prosecuted -- and put behind bars. narrator: katie mcginty will keep us safe -- more police on the streets, better training and equipment, and take on the gun lobby for gun safety laws. katie: i'm the daughter of a police officer, and the mother of three. i'll stand with law enforcement to fight crime, and protect our families. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
8:24 am
especially when it comes to snacking.g new. with the laughing cow's nine flavors of creamy cheese, there's no end to what you can discover. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
8:25 am
>> somebody cue the band. 8:25, thursday. ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
8:26 am
>> float note. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> yes, what's an owl do? >> who, who, who. >> hey, temple owls, welcome! >> that's just a subtle way of saying, temple opens their season tomorrow night. right? >> at the linc. >> who are we going to beat? >> who are we going to beat? army! >> are we going to win. >> yes. >> last year was fantastic. great season. let's keep it going this year. what do you say? best team in philadelphia. >> who are we going to beat. >> army. >> army! >> what time is the game.
8:27 am
>> 7:00? okay, bring home a victory, please. >> yes. >> let's stars start it off with a win. see you tomorrow night at the linc. tanks for getting up early for one minute of your time. >> let's go. >> three, two, one, boom. go. >> note note. >> ♪ >> for the double a yankees, right? pitch night at the ballpark for the big new show on fox. it is going to be this coming sunday. in advance of that, some lucky numbers of the third best softball team in the world. the robin ville all stars are here. good morning.
8:28 am
we will will be right back with a preview.
8:30 am
[ fly buzzing ] did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason.
8:31 am
>> do you hear at all? >> my ears are still ringing. >> why don't we show you christmas gifts, for 2016. a new christmas list is out, best toys, grab them before the shelves empty. >> and it is time for another alex around town. of course we are talking made in america. it has happened this weekend. and if you don't have tickets, you may not be getting tickets, don't worry. there is still a place where you can get a good view, and also, use the music for free. >> you know who i want to see on here? on saturday, this tori lane guy i like. >> i'm glad you got his name right. >> troy, think of rougher guy, by the name of troy aev. have you ever heard?
8:32 am
>> i have not. >> play on tv. >> okay, i want to see rihanna. >> do you? >> dj -- long list. >> hi, sue? >> let me say this about that. do not cancel any plans yet based on the forecast, even though there is some rain in the forecast, because it is a tropical system, and they're very changeable. and it is way down off of florida now. just saying, keep an eye on things all through the weekend. thunderstorms popping up to the south of delaware. around ocean city, maryland, some of the delaware beaches. we've got rain in our area, as well. zooming into philadelphia, we're seeing rain of the steady variety, and it is on and off, throughout the morning, and throughout the rest of the day, bus stop buddy has his rain gear, had to blow the dust off of it, because it has been so long since we needed an umbrella. 64 degrees mount pocono. seventy-four here in the city. reading has 72, same for wilmington, and dover, wildwood has 74, high of 84 today. heatwave is over. some scattered storms throughout the rest of the
8:33 am
day, and even through the evening before our cold front comes through. next we'll factor hermine into the weekend forecast, we will talk about that, hermine, i should say, into the weekend forecast coming up. i knew i would do that at least one time. traffic time right now at 8:33. and we start off with a accident, westbound, schuylkill expressway, right around route 202, and this is mostly off to the side of the road. but that could slow you down. route 42 freeway, in new jersey, lots of cars running along at a slower pace, hopefully everybody is slowing down today because of the rain. we have accident around trenton, route one northbound, at perry street, the left lane is block there. mike, alex? >> by the way, if you are a fan of music, good girl philadelphia's girl good, will be performing in the 9:00 hour today on our show. they are getting to be big time around america, back to the performance, i forget
8:34 am
which night it is. hey, this sunday, fox will premiere its, is it this sunday? i thought it was late in september. >> it is coming. >> the 22nd? >> not this sunday. the 22nd of september, new show on fox called pitch. it is about baseball, young lady who becomes the first woman to a at the present time tonight get into the major league baseball fraternity, and sore at this at this. >> need a sneak peak of it? >> why not? >> start a new pitcher. >> you okay? >> ain't done nothing yet. >> i've been ready my whole life. >> a woman is joining our ball club today boys. we're going to treat her like any other player. >> jenny -- >> oh, we know what it is, it is mo'ne davis story, right,
8:35 am
chris? >> that's exactly right. the inspiration, too, could be right here, the third best team in the world, the robinsville all stars, we will talk to them and their manager in just a minute. first we want to talk with jeff hurley the general manager of the team here in trenton, the double a team for the yankees, the thunder and you're partners with major league baseball to premiere pitch. >> real excited about this event, have the premiere of pitch played after our game sunday against the reading phillies, and we're looking forward to it, it lab 30 minute premiere show, followed by fireworks after. it will be our biggest fireworks show of the year, called thunder blast, which is bigger than our fourth of july. we will do dollar hotdogs during the premiere, free popcorn and free soda. so it will be a cool event. >> how fun is that? okay, so, basically, 40 minute, that means the hour show without the commercials and you get to see it what two and a half weeks before it actually airs on fox. which is really cool. actually about two weeks before. all right, jerry, need your help. we have these promotional bats for pitch to give to the girls. when we talk to the girls,
8:36 am
we'll talk to the coach, john, congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> you guys just got back from portland oregon, play teams from all over literally the world, netherlands, you name it. thirds best team in the world. tell us about this team. >> oh, great bunch of kids, they work very, very hard to get here, and one thing we didn't realize, coming into this, we learned along the way there are eight a hundred little leagues world-wide. we didn't know that coming in. so, the odds were stacked way against us. and then, as a result, we ended up third best in the world. so there is pretty good odds to overcome. >> awesome. john, i'll give you tickets then to hands to your team. >> all right. >> pass it around. who wants to talk about the team real quick? >> really? great players. what's your name? >> bryn. >> what position do you play? >> i pitch. >> what was it like to go to portland oregon and compete against the best players in the world, bryn? >> it was really fun, just an experience to see everyone and know that there is like softball everywhere. >> yes, what about this show
8:37 am
pitch? it is kind of like the mo'ne davis story, you followed monet, right? >> yes. >> does it inspire that you a girl could some day work her way up to be the first major league pitcher? >> yes, really cool. >> what about you? you're all smiles. >> nothing? (laughing). >> jut put you on the spot. pretty cool, right? third best in the world. so come on out to the ballpark, in trenton, on sunday, for the premiere. should and lot up. >> that would be a good time. you know, they packed that house. i know it is the stinging yan east, but the love for trenton. >> definitely the stinking yankees, you look around the clubhouse, do you see babe ruth, but you also see a lot of jeter stuff, i know, being actually, andy pettitte, you know, alex rodriguez jersey. what could be worse than a rod? >> eww. >> anyway, thanks, chris. the trenton supports that team, so well.
8:38 am
no question about it. >> good for trenton. >> live like the president. how much would it cost to live in the white house? here is a better question. how much would it cost to you buy the white house? come on, to buy it. >> to buy it? you want to put up an offer? >> please do. >> i don't know. >> i'll talk to my broker. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now.
8:39 am
the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan. the new family feud what's minstant game playing with top prizes of a hundred grand? survey says... (ding) winning. on the spot. play family feud from the pennsylvania lottery. and you could win... on the spot! keep on scratchin'
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8:41 am
have you ever wondered how much it would cost to buy the most well known house in the country, the white house? you should start wondering. you should wonder about things, mike, it passes the time away. royal institution of charter surveyors every london have taken up the task every putting imaginary realistic value on 1600 pennsylvania avenue. that's the white house
8:42 am
address. >> thanks. >> they're saying it would set you back. amenities first then, 132 rooms. >> okay. >> 18-acre property, how much would that go for? >> is 132 rooms. >> how many bathrooms? >> because that's key to me. >> yes, oh, yes. got to have how many private baths? >> how many in the white house? do you malea has her own bathroom? >> so you have to have bathrooms for the general public to come in. >> yes. >> there are 35. >> thirty-five bathrooms. >> thirty elevators. >> how much did you put on that, mike? >> it has to be --
8:43 am
>> any day now. >> the sun is setting. >> $100 million. >> $250 million to buy it. uh-huh. and 72 million of that is because of the artwork that's inside. so you get all of the artwork. >> oh, the artwork comes with it. >> fully finished. >> oh, fully furnished. artwork furnish. >> would there be, like utensils, plates, stuff like that? >> that dow not know. >> fine china? >> you can't just be in the white house eating on paper plates, like you can't do that. >> can i bring my own bed in? because i'm kind of particular about my bed. like in the lincoln bedroom, would i have to use lincoln's bed? >> i'm sure his bed is not very comfortable, i'm sure. >> why not? >> back then? >> didn't have those ones where you have the automatic -- >> or the tempur pediatric i can. >> or the once with two
8:44 am
controls. it saves marriages, you know. you should work for century 21. >> the clothing store? or the realtor? >> realtor. >> it is not realtor, it is realtor. >> who says reali-tore? >> it sounds like a raptor. >> realtor. >> yes. >> all right,. >> jen, we were talking fashion, now time to eat. labor day food. >> it is time to eat. and here's what i have to say. i've been stumped many look at this guacamole. you, in particular alex, for the first time ever, ingredient there there, that i would have never guessed was in there that i would have never put in there. go to twitter. tell me what's in there. and it is not the tree sticking out.
8:45 am
today, guns can be bought over the internet, or at a weekend gun show. and if the wrong people get a gun... we know what can happen. pat toomey put our safety ahead of partisan politics. toomey crossed party lines twice, first to support background checks, and now to stop gun sales to suspects on the terror watch list. no wonder pennsylvania cops endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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8:47 am
8:47, pretty active radar situation this morning, until this cold front comes through. and it is going to be slow progress throughout the day, which is why we had rain in the forecast, pretty much for the rest of the day, here in philadelphia, we're still seeing many areas, of steady rain, it is even heavier, as you look out around west goshen, chester county, upper providence there, lancaster, still getting some heavy rain, down in southern new jersey,
8:48 am
weight witch township, clearing up at the moment for the shore, but more coming. so have that umbrella nearby, all day long, most of our temperatures in the muggy 70s this morning, it is muggy, when it is not raining. we have more thunderstorms possibly popping up later on in the day, tomorrow looks like nice one. and then, saturday, into sunday, it is the current thinking for influence from tropical storm hermine, with temperature in the 70s, both days, quite a difference from our heatwave that ended yesterday. hoping for some clearing on monday, but alex actions an of we and been telling you very changeable forecast with the influence of tropical storm hermine, toward the end of the holiday weekends. >> a lot of people have outdoor plans, okay. we'll celebrate labor day, people have the day off, want to get together friends, family, and already made plans, let's be honest. so let's talk about the food. you have to have good food,
8:49 am
jen. >> here at relatively new place, called jasper's, in conshohocken. you guys do a lot of barbeque type stuff. but also a transitional menu. would you say that? >> absolutely. >> so before the tease, i'm going to do this all backward, right? i know you've made very pretty thing here. but before the commercial break, i said that this guacamole, which i tried, has very unique taste, what's it in it? what's the secret ingredient? >> we put fresh jalapino's, rice wine vinegar in it just to pick it up little bit. >> little kick, just makes it little bit different. >> and the tree? >> corn shoots we just use as a garnish. >> pretty cool. so the other thing is there is some barbeque stuff. he said just do little salt and pepper here. >> the look of this stuff like a barn? >> little rustic feel, in the garage, capacity about 70, especially over labor day
8:50 am
weekends, great spot to sit. >> so if people can get inside, economy outside, got the little twinkle lights, and and it is literally someone's garage back there, with some high tops? >> yes, we have about seven high tops out there then insides, wiser for tv, music, great time to come in, enjoy our food, enjoy the specialty cocktails. >> got to have cocktails. i have to say i told people to come here. they didn't know where you were. we have to tell people you're behind the cvs. now, fancy pants chef. that looks all cute with the guacamole and everything, you say with the burger keeps it simple, and growing, what is your biggest piece of advice? >> season everything. everything needs little salt and pepper even vegtables, even if i'm making salsa or something fruit in it, just pinch of salt. just pick all of the flavors up. >> what's this ridiculous thing next to it? >> our conshy fries we do with morenay sauce, parmesian cheese, monterrey jack, and
8:51 am
lump crab meat of course. >> loot government food scientist to my right here knows all about that. >> kin with a, actually all eight amino acids. >> are you studding this kind of thing? >> then we have this, amazing pork taco. >> cook our pork every night for about nine hours. >> overnight, lever them in, take them out whether we come back in the morning. >> i think you guys did well. i hate to wake up restaurant people so early. congratulations on the new spot. i love it. so this is where it is out. i lover the tip about the rice wine vinegar. never heard that before. but it is good. >> give it an extra kick watch street are you on? i want to go to this place. >> on like seventh and, what's this street? >> what is it? >> harry. but mike, you know how you like to get over here, harry. this is not down near where the other places, are this is up a little bit, and tell your
8:52 am
uber driver it is behind the cvs. >> oh, behind the cvs. all right. thank you, jen. >> okay? >> lovely. >> good girl, making national news, now on america's got talent, and man, they survived the week after week. >> going to perform since the first national show, here in philly. i'll tell you when, where, and they'll perform for us. >> ♪
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> showing you the accident on route 202, this is southbound, right there, at town center road, i believe, in west chester, so, yes, really tying up that intersection. 202, and town center road, avoid it. route 42 freeway, slowly, but
8:56 am
shootly this morning, and one more accident, up in trenton, on route one, northbound at perry street, we have the left lane blocked there, this morning, alex? >> thank you, sue. for this week's alex around town, we'll play another guessing game, here is a photo i took yesterday. and you know, made in america is happening this weekend, and it happens on the parkway. if you don't have tickets, don't worry. people say there is a spot where i'm standing in this picture, where you can see the great view of the parkway, hear the music and you can get up there for free. people want another hint? also be able to get food and drinks in this spot. so tweet me alex holley fox 29. go on instagram, alex holley tv can you guess where i am standing at this week's alex around town. then christmas already? stores are getting ready for the holidays. the new list of toys your kids will want this year, we'll get you ahead of the game.
8:57 am
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9:00 am
>> performing new single. >> they always wow us, too, it will be great to see them, get caught up. good day, it is thursday, sue's here, september the first, 2016. >> something big will happen. i brought in my -- what's this called? >> chain saw? >> parent, rush fed up with the amount of school supplies you need to buy every year? well, why one teacher


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