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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  September 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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noland. the storm isn't only wreaking havoc in the south. here at home that hurricane could threaten your holiday weekend plans and have major impact along the shore. let's head over to meteorologist scott williams with a look at who will be hit hardest. scott? >> hi there dawn and iain. florida's problem right now will become ours for part of the up coming holiday weekend. its name hermine a category one hurricane. look at the center of circulation right now mack mum sustained winds are at 75 miles per hour. if it makes landfall as her cane the first hurricane to do so since wilma back in 2005 moving toward apalachicola for landfall later on tonight. hurricane warnings posted around the big bend area of florida. you can see maximum sustained winds 75 miles per hour movement to the north northeast now at 14 miles per hour and that press pressure continues to drop. but for our area, take look. we're talking about tropical storm watches that have been posted for down the shore.
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also, the delaware beaches for conditions winds in excess of 40 miles per hour. so as we take look at the impacts on labor day weekend, minor as you move far north and west the pocono mountains the lehigh valley, moderate along the i-95 corridor and philadelphia. major impacts the farther you head south and east of philadelphia in fact down the shore. so as we take look at the timing here and that forecast track, moving of moving that was georgia and the carolinas and then it slows the tracks a little farther to the east but could it meander for several days down the shore about 100 miles offshore and that could mean a long duration event as we look at that forecast down the shore tomorrow, beautiful but conditions deteriorate saturday afternoon and evening and linger through at least early on sunday. we could be looking at three to 6-inches of rain possibly down the shore. and take look at some of the other impacts. winds they're going to be gusting saturday afternoon, up to 30 miles an hour up to 60 miles an hour as we move toward sunday.
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in sent city for labor day weekend arc couple of inches of rain not out of the question. the heaviest of the rain right now for the philadelphia area looks to be on sunday. we'll take an in depth analysis of the storm coming up. iain and dawn? >> all right. thank you, scott. skyfox flying over the jersey shore points today. officials are already warning of the rough surf. >> now the question just how bad things will get as that storm moves toward the shore. this holiday weekend. fox 29's sabina kuriakose live in ocean city, new jersey, tonight. so sabina the unofficial last weekend of summer look like it could be a washout. >> reporter: yeah, what a shame iain people can't even enjoy the last few days that they have but they're still going to trifle take look here at the ocean buy behind me. you can see it is the calm before the storm. things not looking so bad the waves are getting a little bit bigger though. you can see the surfers are out. the coast guard right now telling us they want everybody to be on alert. >> we've been waiting all summer.
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>> report roar summer's laugh hoorah darkened by the storm clouds now bearing down. >> a week ago the weather was really nice for this weekend e end. >> not so any longer. hurricane hermine supposed to blast blew the jersey shore, gusty winds and heavy rain. enough of a concern the coast guard is urging swimmers and boaters to brace themselves. not just along the shore but on rivers and other waterways. >> this weekend it could present some difficult challenges depending on the few states. do plan on going out just checking the weather forecast constantly and surroundings and making sure you're in a safe as best you can. >> i'm not going in. i told my 15 year old not to go in or at least far because of the rip tides. i get scared because of that stuff. >> moms are heeding the warnings of rip tides and rough water, high waves and forceful currents. >> i don't let him go where there's no lifeguard. >> one adult with one kid holding by the hand and not go very hard. >> reporter: early birds
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watching the skies hoping hurricane hermine gives them a reprieve. >> we'll watch your weather guys and see what they say. >> reporter: she's got the right idea. take look out here again the surfers out. taking advantage of the waves as they get even higher and again stay with the fox 29 weather authority because we'll stay on top of this storm as it heads into this weekend. iain, we all have our eyes to the sky. >> absolutely. sabina. all right, thank you. here's a look at the shore in brigantine. remember you can always stay a step ahead of hurricane hermine get our fox 29 app you can get live radar car and alerts sent to your phone download it today in i tunes or google play. frightening afternoon at a shopping center in atlantic city after a gunman opens fire. police say the gunman shot another man at the sumi store in the tanger outlets. the victim later died at the hospital. gunman went across the street and shot himself inside a white house black-market store.
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the gunman'ings condition is unknown tonight. this happened around noon. police say they still do not know the motive. to developing and tragic story out of the city's mantua neighborhood much police are making a gruesome discovery on the steps of a rec center a father shot several times later died. making the crime even more disturbing it happened right in front of victim' young son. let's get out to dave schratwieser at police headquarters. dave, police think that they may close to getting whoever pulled the trigger? report roar as we first told you at 5:00 o'clock, homicide detectives with quick work they now have murder warrant for muhammed johnson. he is the suspected shooter of 29-year-old pierre burr batch had was gunned down last night right in front of his son. >> really sad, you know, and i'm huring in my heart. >> reporter: clara bush and folk at herman chew what neighborhood were heart broken over the news that 29-year-old pierre burbage was gunned down wednesday night right in front of his 12-year-old son. >> the last time they see their
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father is a murder scene. that is so hurtful. >> 12 years old in front of his son. for no reason. no reason. >> reporter: bullet hole mark the spot where he was shot to death in front of the mantua haverford community center. neighbors and police say he work at the center and had just stopped by around 8:30 to speak with someone there. >> our potential suspect identified as muhammed johnson confronts him outside right in front of his son. they have some type of verbal altercation and without warning he pulls out a gun and shoots him several times. >> he had his children. he took care of his children. he work there at that center, you know, and i just seen him our birthdays the same day december the 21st. >> reporter: people in the neighborhood are used to gunfire but this hits home because the community center is a place where everyone here has connect. >> he was right there where he work at. like he died there right in front of his workplace. >> reporter: there were pull pell surveillance cameras on the community center and nearby apartment building next door
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where neighbors say burbage lived. >> we actually have video of it and the son is actually on his knees kneeling over his father screaming for somebody to come and help his dad. it's very very sad. >> these kids should not have to grow up -- grow up with their last image, memory of their father is dead in our streets. >> reporter: now making matters worse police tell me tonight that burbage took johnson in and gave him a place to stay until recently and then things went bad and that argument last night. johnson is considered armed and dangerous. he is not in custody at this point. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. in montgomery county a man is under arrest in connection with the rape of a teen at a youth center. joel springer charged with rape, sexual assault and other offen offenses. he's cues evidence raping an 18-year-old female resident of the moment county you'll saturday twice on saturday. springer was youth and family advocate at the center and officials from the youth center immediately contacted police after the rape was reported and
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prosecutors say they are cooperating with the investigation. good news for commuters septa is now returning some of its rail cars to service. it comes about two months after it discovered defects in about a third of its fleet. four repaired silver liner five cars picked up passengers from the fox chase station this morning. there's still more than 100 cars to go and each car takes about 12 days to repair. transit officials expect the regular weekday schedule to return in early october and all cars will be back in service by mid november. septa says it lost $2.5 million in revenue in july due to all the problems. well it is the biggest off season party for america's most popular sport and it's coming back to philadelphia. the nfl's 2017 draft will be held in the city of brotherly love and city officials really couldn't be happier. bruce gordon is live at the ben franklin parkway tonight overlooking site of what will be big event. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, of course, the big event behind me preparations underway for made
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in america but we're talking football right now. only a sports league as popular as the nfl could make a televised nationally televised mega three-day event out of a bunch of guys sitting around selecting players, college players who may or may mott do anything as pros. but that's where we are and philadelphia, well, it's now hip deep in the scheme. >> with the second pick in the 2016nfl draft -- >> at this year's nfl draft the eagles landed carson wentz their quarterback of the future. next year's draft the whole draft party comes to the city of brotherly love. announce many was made not far from where this whole exercise got started back in 1936. >> about a post pattern from here 80 years ago the first nfl draft was held. and guess what? we're back! we're back in philadelphia and we're back strong! >> reporter: three-day draft extravaganza will play out next april the 27th, 28th and 29th along the ben gentleman
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in minute franklin parkway. league officials want to incorporate back drops like the art museum and its iconic rocky steps it. >> next generation of nfl players will walk those steps as they start their journey and enter the nfl family and we couldn't be more excited about that. >> reporter: in chicago this year the draft event drew more than 200,000 fans. philadelphia located win driving distance of 9nfl markets could do either even better packing hotels and restaurants. >> it is quickly morph flood one of the biggest events in the country and that's why we're so excited about it. >> reporter: last year philadelphians were excited to hear the promise that the papal visit would not require a dime of taxpayer money. turn out we were on the hook for about 8 million buck. as for hosting the draft, well, when the photo ops ended i asked those in position to know. got conflicting answers. >> you can guarantee taxpayers now there will be no taxpayer dollars involved in this? >> with the budget that we have currently there's no need for taxpayer dollars.
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>> any tax dollars involved in this. >> yes, probably, yes. >> are you concerned people will look at these and say these are billionaires coming to town and we're expending tax dollars to put a party on? >> people say lots of things. >> reporter: are there merits to that complaint? >> no. behave on the return on the invest many i think we're doing pretty good deal. >> reporter: far be for it for mow to rain to the parade it's worth noting to get carson wentz the eagles traded away their first round draft pick for 2017. meaning on the big opening night of the draft next april, when all the sports world is much whatting, the eagles will also be watching other teams pick. dawn? >> that's kind of a bummer, thanks, bruce. well a statue stolen from a church in port richmond is back where it belongs tonight. it was returned by a man who says he found it not too far from the church. statue disappeared yesterday from the mother of divine grace. it depicts jesus seated with children surrounding him. church officials say the theft was big loss because the statue is an important part of their parish.
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so obviously it was great news when a good samaritan spotted it sitting outside the pizza shop where he works. >> sitting outside on a place card. i said this is. i was going to give it to somebody for their birthday -- for they yard i seen it on the news. so i said i got to call, take it back. >> people come by all day long. they stop at the statues. they pray. they ask for their needs and when the statue went missing the other -- yesterday, it was really upsetting to the people in our parish. the kids in our school. the people in the neighborhood. and so such a happy day to have it returned. >> it is still unclear tonight however who took the statue. we continue to follow the developments the hurricane hermine florida residents already dealing with flooding as the storm makes its way through the gulf coast. coming up we'll have live report from tampa. >> howard? >> well are it's game four of the preseason the starters had not play except one.
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>> welcome back. here's live look at panama city, florida, as hurricane hermine moves into the straight across florida residents are bracing for the impact of the hurricane. the storm is making its way to the state's gulf coast and people are already seeing a lot of flooding there. back here at home hurricane also expected to impact folks down the shore. meteorologist scott williams tracking the impact now. scott? >> that's right as we couldn't to keep tabs on category one hurricane hermon just kind of churning just off of the coast of florida. right now maximum sustained winds are at 75 miles per hour. it should near apalachicola making landfall over the next several hours. but look at those feeder bands the rain continuing to poor into the big bend area of florida. hurricane warnings have been posted there in red.
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category one status winds at 75 miles per hour movement now picking up some forward speed to the north northeast about 14 miles per hour. but as we head up the coast, take a look for our area. down the shore, the delaware beaches, tropical storm watches have been posted because we could see tropical storm force winds over 40 miles per hour in parts of our area. look at the the spaghetti plots you can see pretty good agreement here moving it through georgia through the carolinas. but then eventually out to sea a little farther to the east but it kind of stalls and we'll set up shop for several days meandering and that could mean a long duration event. winds out of the north and east and that would mean beach erosion also some tidal flooding down the shore. moderate to heavy rain as well. so as we look at the official forecast track by 2am on saturday, eastern sections of north carolina, 50 miles per hour storm then moving off of hatteras by saturday afternoon. by sunday, about 100 miles out
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to sea from our coast and we're looking at it lingering into monday so that's why it will be a long duration event especially down the shore. so impacts across our area. minor the farther north and west you head moderate risk along the philadelphia i-95 corridor interior south jersey but major impacts once you move into those coastal communities. the winds they will be picking up saturday afternoon gusting over 40 miles per hour down the shore. that's the tropical storm status with that tropical storm watch. by sunday morning, look at the winds gusting close to 50 miles per hour down the shore. still breezy as you move toward the philadelphia area. we might see some winds gusting upwards to 40 miles per hour depending on that track. so down the shore, looking at that rip current danger all labor day weekend and you can see those winds the height of the the storm gusting 30, 60 miles per hour down the sho shore. tomorrow it's beautiful. saturday not bad for most but we are looking at those showers
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moving in during the day on saturday. a 70% chance for rain on sunday. so how much rain are we expecting out of this system? a sharp cut off the farther north and west you head. so philadelphia right in that bulls eye of one to 2-inches of rainfall. that purple once you move into the red the orange the yellow, down the shore, we could see three to perhaps as high as 6-inches of rainfall once we get off of that scale. so continuing to monitor just the exact track of hermine over the next several days. but impacts across the entire area major to minor temple's game looking beautiful tomorrow. sunshine, low 80s. 76 on saturday. clouds rolling in. showers late in philadelphia but earlier down the shore and then sunday the height of the storm 70 degrees. we'll talk much more tonight at 10:00. howard? well, we got preseason game number four and some interesting developments on who is playing and who is not.
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one starter which is interesting one mayor is not. we'll talk about it with dave spadaro coming up in sports. katie: on crime, pat toomey's attacks on me are shameful.
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we know what can happen. pat toomey put our safety ahead of partisan politics. toomey crossed party lines twice, first to support background checks, and now to stop gun sales to suspects on the terror watch list. no wonder pennsylvania cops endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ all right. it's game that the starters except one that i know of will not play. but here to talk about what we can look for tonight is dave spadaro. all right. first let me say that sam bradford is not here. wasn't going to play any way because his grant father passed away. lane johnson will not even may which i thought he was. i don't know if that makes any
6:24 pm
difference because he's not probably not going to play for the season. >> we don't know allow lane johnson. the eagles are now preparing to have lane johnson there against the cleveland browns on september 11th. >> when i look at the starters i just saw the starters on defen defense. michael kendricks is starting. yet no other starter is starting. does he have to play well or is he in the doghouse? >> well, he's not particularly playing great football. but a lot of that is because he had an injury and he didn't play in the first two preseason games, and then last week the eagles played a lot of nickel and he wasn't on the field. >> if you had to pick two or three players that might be playing for their jobs tonight, one way or the other, who would you look at. >> i would certainly look at paul turner whose been outstanding. i still think he's on the outside looking in for 53 man roster spot. there are some young offensive linemen nobody cares about the linemen. the cornerbacks cj smith played a lot last week with the starters. he and eric row are battling for that fifth cornerback position.
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big game from smith and a bad game from row could the eagles possibly cut second round pick from year ago? he's been buried on his depth chart. starter last year. we don't hear much from eric rowe at all. >> what worry looking for the eagles are looking for players not to get hurt. >> yes. >> and guys may be playing their last game in the nfl. >> slutly. you're looking for players who you can rely upon on both teams. to be on the practice quad squad. 10 player practice squad announced sunday and monday as you know in the nfl howard more than the 53 man roster. you have to develop some of these players. >> okay. dave, thanks. it's the last game before we do it for real on september 11th. back to you guys in the studio. >> all right, howard. thank you. >> let's get check of that weather. looking at the tropics. >> still watching hurricane hermine nearing landfall along the florida panhandle. as we take look at the forecast for labor day weekend beautiful for friday but conditions go downhill saturday afternoon. several inches of rain possible also that dangerous rip current
6:26 pm
concern. now, in philadelphia, clouds increase, most of the day is dry on saturday. but afternoon, evening, showers start to move in from the new york. the height of it for philadelphia would be on sunday with some heavy rain and some wind. a couple of inches possible as well. lingering clouds, breezy as we move toward labor day. so it's still threat on your holiday weekend across the area. we have new computer information and models coming in. we'll have that tonight at 10:00 and 11:00 so make sure you tune in and follow mow on twitter as well scott fox 29. >> all right. kind of a bummer. >> yeah. >> we'll make do does exactly. >> last weekend kind of a washout. that will do it for us tonight here at 6:00 g we'll see you back here at 10:00 and at 11 alcohol. have terrific night. inside edition is up next. thanks for watching. ♪
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>> exclusive. mariah carey's troubled family. her sister just busted, crying out for help. >> mariah, please don't abandon me like this. >> now mariah's brother speaks out. >> mariah doesn't care about anyone except herself. it's always been that way. >> and. >> the quarterback who won't stand for the national anthem. his return to the big game. father accused of deliberately crashing his car to kill his little boy. >> ness a body cast because his father didn't want to be a dad anymore. plus, grease fire in the kitchen. what you need to know to prevent


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