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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  September 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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tracking hermine, right now she's taking on florida, and marching up the coastline, what does this mean for your holiday weekend here at home? sue has your full forecast straight ahead. thrown 50 feet in the air man on the bike is dead after a hit/run in philadelphia why police are cleared this was no accident. plus tattooed police officer getting unwanted attention for ink on his left arm, some including the mayor of philadelphia is calling this offensive. what philadelphia police are doing after this picture went viral. it is friday september 2nd,
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2016. >> u.s. national hurricane center says hermine is weakening in longer a hurricane moving in southern a georgia. it was first hurricane to hit florida in more than a decade after irk in georgia hermine is expect to move in the carolinas and up the east coast with potential for drenching rain and deadly flooding. >> what will this do for our holiday weekend. could not be worse timing. >> it will not affect to us day at all. we have a beautiful morning. if we could keep this weather going and send hermine packing it would be a perfect holiday weekend. that is not the case. all have the more to even why i today's weather moving down to the south and see eye of the storm is kind of around the border between georgia and florida and heading toward the north east. we will have more details about the the path of the storm coming up but we have tropical storm watch along our coastal counties for the weekend with the possibility of wind and rain, and definitely heavy surf and dangerous rip currents. that is at the shore, very
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tranquil here in the city only 65 degrees with low humidity, your sunrise time is 6:30. about an hour and a half from now. we have 52 degrees, 62 in trenton. sixty-six in wildwood. and, the dew points are down into the 50's. that makes really comfortable. we're getting there in dover. so it is low humidity day, mostly sunny. 84 degrees. i would call this day a ten unfortunately lower numbers as we head into the weekend. so steve keeley if you want to get beach time in for lane are day weekend it looks like today is your day in atlantic city. >> yes, look at where we are, we are in the inlet section we are at old boardwalk that still has not been fix since sandy, incidently and coincidently the last time we had a tropical storm warning here on the coast. you see that fishing boat coming in, to gardener's basin where they are based.
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they are probably louded down with clams that is why it is so deep in water and that looks like a clam both bet and that is exactly what it is that big thing in the back. they take as much on as they can before they sink and that is why it is a dangerous business. but the inlet we are in a relatively you this part of the section here where there is a firm sea wall. they are doing work here. construction equipment every where. very calm here. when we come here in the height of the storms the waves are blowing over my head and holding on for dear life but as pete towns end road in quadfinia the way the beach is kissed by the sianni that is a kiss by these gentle waves. chris murphy is laughing he knows those lyrics. dave warren, this is beautiful heather. i know you are in the weather and traffic business but not much weather event as we like call them right new but we always preview these things and people that have
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businesses here at the shore hate it the because they think we will scar people from coming or people already here scare them back to the shore before they spend money they were going to spend this weekend. if they are heading back you got them covered on the traffic level. >> yes. >> i have the album. >> 1973. >> maybe earlier. >> seventy-six, traffic this morning, not too bad right around spring garden street. it is moving nicely both east and west wound, also, a few other issues. one could be happening shortly tacony palmyra bridge between 5:15, 5:30 that is a look, right now avoid that in the next half an hour about to head out expecting a bridge opening there. a few accidents to talk about, this one came in from him wick, lewis road and bener road, part of the lewis road is blocked there, this is right there in parts of the montgomery county right here near 422, right here near
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limerick. also that issue continues in parts of the delaware this morning, and we have an accident there, and this is a southbound route one right around route 271 so work your way around this one, chris and lauren. back to you. >> thanks very much. >> we have to turn to this and it is traffic delays of course, police investigating a deadly hit and run involving a cyclist. >> jenny joyce live with more details, hi there jenny. >> good morning, live a wrong 5800 block of frankford avenue the road reopened a short time later. traffic is manager through now. police tell us that the victim of the crash was doing everything right, he was traveling in the marked bike lane. he had three flashing safety lights on his bike and half mile from his home when his life ended. according to police just before 12:45 a champagne or silver colored vehicle will nail a cyclist biking on the 5800 block of frankford.
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investigators say impact of the crash, launched the man 50 o two pieces and found 75 feet down the road. police say four three-year old cyclist had severe trauma to the head and upper body. car involved, took off but left chunks of evidence behind. >> there is some debris from the striking vehicle that is going to help them identify specifically the type of vehicle that struck our victim. there are also several businesses and an apartment complex with exterior surveillance cameras numerous cameras. so hopefully those cameras recorded something, to help us with this fatal hit and run investigation. the vehicle jumped a curve, hit the a sign is and took off north bound on frankford avenue. police are urging the driver
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to turn himself or herself in now it will be a better situation if the person comes forward first as the alternative if police come and find you. lauren and chris. in southwest philadelphia a man is shot to death standing outside a daze care center around midnight on south 58th street. police say one bullet hit window of the day care center. right now investigators are trying to find a man and woman last seen talking to that victim. this makes our city's homicide number at 190 for 2016. controversy is brewing over a tattoo on the arm of the philadelphia police officer, and this is the cover of the daily news. >> you can he see it there on his left arm. it has some coming to the defense of that officer. the brad satan has more. >> reporter: angry calls poured into police over an on line article in the philly voice which a picture was pull from the social media post that showed a philadelphia police officer with a tattoo appearing to depict an emblem of the nazi party eagle with
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the word fatherland. police are investigating. >> it is of concern in the sense that we have citizens that interpreted this as meaning something that could be interpreted as offensive. >> reporter: head of the police union was quick to reject any inference that the officer was neo nazi sympathizer claiming he has jewish heritage and never been accused of making racist or anti sematic remarks. >> he is a decorated officer who has been on the police force, department well over 17 years. he has an exemplary record. he has had this tattoo which is just an eagle for over a decade. >> reporter: anti defamation league is concerned but not rushing to judgment, saying some nazi symbols have taken on other meanings these days. >> it is not just nazi eagle it is just a german eagle. we don't know for sure. it is something that should be looked into. >> reporter: brad satan fox 29 news. philadelphia mayor jim kenney released a statement
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railroading this issue. imagery on display is disturbing. i find it incredibly offensive and i know many other do as well this image is offence turf our world war two veterans who for the valiantly to free europe from nazi germany as well as all victims of the nast atrocities we need to build trust not offering messages or displaying images that destroy trust. es from this ecce will be in at 7:10 to talk about this. 5:09. republican presidential nominee donald trump, he will be in philadelphia today to convince african-american voters he is their guy. >> trump is scheduled to attend a round table discussion of african-american leaders of the great is exodus baptist church. that church has been under leader of the former eagles running back herbert lusk the second since the 80's. he is credited as first nfl player to neil in prayer after scoring a touchdown. that event will be held at the view, on north broad street. from philadelphia, to detroit, the new york times has obtained a eight page
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draft script of trump's expected meeting with the black church in detroit this weekend. trump will be interviewed bypass for of the great faith ministries international church. it is supposed to be closed to the public and news media with questions and answered submitted in advance. the since the script was leaked trump advisor says he will address the congregation for five to ten minutes after the interview. president obama will be heading to philadelphia september 13th to stump for hillary clinton. democratic nominee has been busy fund raising, she raised 143 million-dollar in the month of august alone. her best month yesterday. clinton starts off september with more than 68 million to use against her opponent donald trump. >> the made in america festival is quickly becoming one of the most popular musical events in all of the country and final preparations right now are underway. >> lets take a live look along ben franklin parkway this area will be packed with people on saturday and sunday. our cameras caught crews hard at work setting stage for big
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concert, rihanna will take to the stage on saturday as a head liner, cold play, will be entertainment on sunday. there are dozens of others artists, playing throughout the weekend does she go by riri. >> yes, some of her social media handles are bad girl riri. >> bad girl riri. >> which would yours be, good girl lj. >> yes. >> that wouldn't work, trust me. >> live shot, in our sister station, down in florida, that is close to tampa. >> lets see what the weather is doing down there. >> well, we will take a shot, have you been there before. >> yes. >> as we know tropical storm hermine now remnants of it you can see split is moving up the coast. sue has been tracking this but it has been downgraded from a hurricane. by the way first hurricane to
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make land fall since 2005. there is the reporter. good morning to you. even thorough hermine has been downgraded to a tropical storm? will ate affect your holiday weekend? sue will tell you whether hermine will be real mean, this weekend.
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it is called calm before the storm. this is our look at olde city right now. well, this out, thousands of people are without power in florida avenue hermine made land fall overnight after pushing into georgia, hermine is expect to move in the carolinas and march up the east coast with the the potential for drenching rain and deadly flooding. >> the storm is first hurricane to hit florida this more than a decade. what did we say 2005 which is advising based on where you are with your graphics, sue. >> you would think there would be more but it is feast or famine as lauren was describing. there were three in would be year in 2004. so go figure. it is tropical storm hermine with 07 miles an hour winds. the as we look at, you can still see circulation around the eye of the storm, heavy rain extending into southern georgia, carolinas, outer most band in north carolina right now. as we look at project track of the storm a slightly more
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eastward projection which is good for us for your holiday weekend and latest round here but still a very big cone of uncertainty as we head into saturday, sunday and early monday morning but it keeps the the storm well off shore and any rain and wind will be most felt as far as the shore is concerned. but even that it is again a lot of uncertainty but sunday seems to be the worst day of it, whatever we get, that is what we will get. that is when we will get it, i should say. those are spaghetti models, everybody likes to look at those. watch projection of the storm by saturday noon the center of the storm around norfolk virginia, raleigh-durham, north carolina with some of the rain stretching up into southern delaware, and now we have saturday have afternoon and the rain is still kind of in delaware, any rain we will get will be sunday again it looks like that projection hold the center of the storm is still off shore on sunday,
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moves around off shore, through monday, and then we do expect at this point any rain to possibly taper off on monday, but as we keep telling you this change is a lot, because the storm hasn't moved off carolina coast yet and that is when we will determine, where it will go. enjoy this one. energy most of the saturday. it looks like cloud and rain come late in the day at the shore and three to 5 inches of rain is possible in the places closest to the coast, mid 70's our high temperature, on sunday and monday. so cool weather in addition to the possibility of impact from this storm. mid 80's today with mostly cloudy skies on saturday and sunday we don't get out of the 70's and any tropical impact is here in the city we will feel on sunday but we will not get a lot of rain like they will at the shore. it is looking at this point and then tapering off on monday, that rain at least we hope so we do see a big old
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warming trend as we head in the middle of next week. just because it is september we are seeing possibility of being in the 90's is not out of the question. >> big question is how much impact will that weekend forecast have on the traffic? change your mind? people try to leave early or try to get down there. after spending a day at work 95 at cottman looking good, all clear, north and southbound lanes. in major issues there. we could have an issue on the tacony palmyra bridge moving nicely now but seeking an opening. should be happening any minute within the next ten or 15 minutes easily could see that bridge opening and avoid and work around this heading that way, shortly expect ago this bridge opening. northeast extension little issue here well north of pits town pennsylvania, turnpike northeast extension that southbound off ramp is closed because of the tractor trailer accident. they are working to clean that up but this i just want you you to be aware of this morning well to the north.
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also this issue, continues in delaware or limerick, sorry, lewis road and bener road is an accident part of the lewis road is block. that is just in limerick north on 422 in the area. work your way around that one. chris and lauren, back to you. lets get to this developing story out of juniata park a child is in critical condition after being hit by a car in the 4200 block of elm street. police say four year-old girl was standing or taken to st. christopher's hospital around 7:00 last night. she's expect to survive. we're told the driver did stay at that scene. homicide detectives have issued a warrant in the murder of a 29 year-old father who was gunned down in front of the her 12 year-old son. police are searching for johnson who is person who shot pierre burbage in front of the community center air he exited the building with his son on wednesday night with their kid, this is the second
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incident i heard that a young man, with their kids, their kids, that is under 18, they got to see their father at the murder scene. that is so hurtful. >> police say crime was caught on camera and also captures victim's son kneeling over his father screaming for help. police say mohammad johnson should be considered armed and dangerous. now to atlantic city where police are trying to determine why a gun hand shot a man and then himself this a popular shopping center, this happened yesterday at the tang theor outlets. so the company now says that the man killed the store's manager, prosecutors identified him as 26 year-old christopher romero, police say after he was shot, the gun man, 56 year-old lewis messnet went across the street and shot himself at another store. bizarre story out of ac. by the way, other guy is in critical condition. penn state university facing some backlash this morning. >> that is after the school's athletic department announced the special tribute to joe
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paterno the school is plan go to commemorate 50th anniversary of paterno's first game as head coach scheduled to be september 17th on temple university. many say this should not happies specially after paterno was fired after reports surfaced accusing the coach of covering up jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. paterno coach at penn state for 46 seasons. former stanford swimmer set to leave jail today, he was quick of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman and only spent three months behind bars. brook turner's kasich nighted a national debate after being criticized his six month sentence as being too lenient. he only served half of that time because he was giving credit for time served as well as the for good behavior as is typically the case in the state of california. >> colin kaepernick refused to stand last night for national anthem but this time the san francisco 49ers quarterback did drop to one knee instead. >> it happened last night on military night at qualcomm
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stadium in san diego. you can see there he has grown out his hair in the spot there. >> and he was not alone. he was joined by teammate eric reid, the crowd boo kaepernick and continued to boo him throughout the game. this comes less than a week after kaepernick sat during the national anthem for a preseason game against green bay packers week before athlete says his actions are protest of police violence. kaepernick faced new criticism for something that happened a while ago, okay. take a look at his socks. this video shows him wearing socks with pictures of the pigs dressed as police officers. according to sports illustrated video fridays august but story only just started coming to light and on line yesterday. okay, new concerns about the water for student heading back to a local college campus why the school is urging people do not drink anything
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that flows from these faucets.
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iso let me tell you what i knowe about senator pat toomey.. my mom was the principal at sandy hook school in newtown. she died that day protecting the young children in her care. when it came time to vote on background checks, pat toomey crossed party lines to do the right thing. that's who he is, and i'm grateful. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> testing. iron in the water. iron is causing discoloring. >> i'm really concerned about it. >> right now, we're still in the testing mode. in the residents halls we have asked drink water and we're supplying them with water. just bottled water to brush their teeth and be able to cook. >> running water doesn't have discoloration. >> yes. >> the officials say lead is not absorbed through skin, so students can safely, shower, wash clothes, and clean cooking utensils using campus water. seriously. they say it will take months to complete testing. >> i mean they are saying it is safe to wash with it, but i wouldn't though, it is lead. this is not good for anyone attending rowan university. >> we have problems every where. i hope they have that
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situation cleared up soon. hermine is now back to the tropical storm, still heading, kind of our way, and it will have some sort of a effect on our holiday weekend, mostly what we will get we will get on sunday and we will get you more details coming up. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
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right now, bearing down on florida, and southern georgia, what the storm could mean for our holiday weekend here at home. >> thrown 50 feet in the air a man on his bike is dead after a hit and run in northeast philadelphia, what police know so far as they continue to investigate. >> donald trump continues, during a campaign stop here in philadelphia. where he is, scheduled to appear, at least to take. good day it is friday september 2nd, 2016, labor day weekend is upon us. >> so about an hour ago hermine was downgraded to a tropical storm from category one hurricane, made land fall, overnight, it is weakening moving into georgia this morning but yesterday in, florida, some people who were living in tallahassee already lost power as the storm approached land there. an outage map shows power has gone out in various locations all around the city about 40 miles from the gulf coast. >> so sue this is same storm
5:31 am
affecting us this weekend down the shore, right. >> well, that is true, in fact, any impact will be the worst at the shore because we expect this storm to actually stay off shore but there is still possibility of wind and rain from this storm, throwing happening right now, really looks good out there. there is hermine expected to retain its tropical storm status as it moves through georgia, south carolina and north carolina but all those places are getting rain right now. we are not just yet but we have a tropical storm watch in our coastal counties in our viewing area. tranquil in comparison this morning. sixty-five? lower humidity. thanks to the cold front that brought us rain yesterday. 6:30 is your sin rise time. that is coming up in an hour. very cool there. sixty-two in trenton. lancaster at 61. dover 63. wildwood 66. dew points are town in the 50's which means there is very comfortable weather out there.
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we will give you out of ten, and the best day of the holiday weekend with no impact from hermine. 84 degrees, sunset time 7:30. your pal bus stop buddy is already at the shore, temperatures are in the the 50's and 60's, so you kind of need long sleeves this morning. you know holes is at the shore in atlantic city to be exact is steve keeley and anticipating a storm is a lot more comfortable then being in the middle of it, right. >> reporter: i know you don't only watch me but i necessity our competition does because my favorite spot to go since 1983 was here in the inlet section. whenever you are here for a storm this gets hit the hose because it is thines part of the island northern part from brigantine where you see sunrise first, get your closest shot of the ocean and we're on a brand new sea wall. this is where the old part was damaged. still being torn down. they are building a sturdy sea
5:33 am
wall. sunrise at 6:30. you can make outtive rent colors in the nighttime sky and very gentle little tiny waves kissing the beach here where you can see the beach in the light. look at this sea wall. this will give you an idea how high water will get. when we ever come back here in the middle of a big storm because we are about 10 feet above sea level here. they have this build because they want this to withstand and stop water from flooding the roads. check this out, dave warren, before sunrise and for sure before the storm there is construction going on a big backhoe that you can sianni here digging up sand and trying to pile up a temporary dune right new where this sea wall isn't finished constructed but they want any kind of ocean what the their will flood in here during the height of this tropical storm possibly hitting here. you can see backhoe piling up a dune in the darkness.
5:34 am
you never see construction going on around the clock unless there is an emergency. that gives you the sense of the urgency, dave here at the shore with the little construction traffic for you as you go into the philadelphia area traffic situation today. >> yeah, traffic is moving nicely just like the roadways are this morning, that could be changing though, weather permitting, of course, people still have a lot of plans to head down the shore, along i-95 and cottman looking good north and southbound. just added volume. we could have an issue here on a bridge here, to kobe palmyra bridge is expecting an opening here in the next few minutes but not seeing much just yet so things looking good there. there are some traffic issues, one or two accidents to talk about, first one in cheltenham washington lane and township line road, there is a crash there, familiar with that area work your way around this one this morning. also another issue that we have to look at is in
5:35 am
delaware, southbound route one, northbound route 273, so that route one right around that area there is an accident been watching that for a while still in play this morning. might want to work your way around that this morning. chris and lauren back to you. police in mayfair need your help finding a driver who killed a cyclist. >> jennifer joyce at the scene with the very latest on this, jennifer, good morning. >> good morning, chris abe lauren. two days ago i was on a similar hit and run involving a motorcyclist, this one involves a bicyclist. in this case the man is dead. accident scene was brutal and car involved is mia according to police just before 12:45 this morning a champagne or silver colored car nailed a man on the bicycle on the 5800 block of frankford avenue. the impact of the crash launched the man 50 feet, his bike split into two pieces and was found 57 feet down the
5:36 am
road. four three-year old cyclist has severe trauma to his head and upper body. he died a half mile from his home. apparently the man was taking precautions but yet three safety lights on his bike and traveling down a mark bike lane when he was struck in what police are describing as a nasty hit/run crash. >> this was a very violent crash. the bike that the victim was riding was broken in half. the victim's body was launched about 50 feet north of where we believe the initial point of impact was. >> reporter: investigators say after striking the cyclely vehicle jumped a curve hit a sign and went northbound on frankford avenue. there are pieces of the car on the scene that investigators will collect and use to determine make and model of the vehicle involved. we do know car involve has a
5:37 am
missing left side mirror. it also has front end damage. if you see the car involved or if you have any tips give police a call. >> thank you. southwest philadelphia a man is shot to death standing outside a day care this happened midnight on south 58th street. philadelphia police say one bullet hit window of the day care center. investigators are looking for a man and woman last seen talking to the victim. do you want to talk politics. >> yes good democratic presidential nominee her name is hillary clinton. she has been busy fund raising ? how busy? she raised 143 million-dollar for mountain of august alone her best month yet. the clinton starts off september with more than 68 million-dollar to use against opponent donald trump. president obama will be in philadelphia, not this coming week but the week after the 13th of september, and that would be a tuesday to stump for hillary clinton. republican presidential nominee donald trump will be in philly today convincing african-american voters he is
5:38 am
their guy. >> trump is scheduled to attend with african-american leaders of the the greatest exodus baptist church. church has been under leadership of former eagles running back herbert lusk the second since 1980's. reverend lusk is credited as first nfl player to neil and prayer after scoring a touchdown. private event will be held at the view in north broad street. milan a trump suing britain daily mail and u.s. blog over false statements about her. >> at issue daily mail publishing a report alleging the modeling agency that once represented the wife of donald trump also operated an escort service. that report was pick up by u.s. blog, tar play which is also being sued for a total of 150 million-dollar. daily mail has since retracted their story. 5:38. in the final preseason game before the real thing on september the 11th, at home against the browns. >> check out that return. >> isn't that nice. >> we want to see more of
5:39 am
that. >> how about this, doug pederson is four-zero as eagles head coach. >> nice. >> of course, it is preseason. much more coming up with sean bell in sports in one minute. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
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that's my plan.
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good morning i'm sean bell. starters didn't play in the final game against the jets, the pack up getting the work. few guys making a strong case to make that 53 man roster, paul turner one of them. it is impossible to cut this man after a couple great catches, he caps it off with this, makes a move, and he is gone. 71-yard punt return for a touch town. turner was player of the game. he played absolutely flawless football. former penn stater christian hackenberg he had a terrible game taking off where he left off at penn state, throws an interception to ed reynolds. he takes it 90-yard the to the house. eagles win 14-ten finishing the season, four-o. he did not stand last night after a 90 minute conversation, and, green barrett/former nfl layer he chose to neil during the national anthem, his safety
5:43 am
eric reid also need with him. i'm shawn bell.
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all right. here she is, this is now tropical storm hermine, the eye of the storm a little less defined but still holding together as a tropical storm as it continues a inland northeasterly movement with 07 . it is 50 miles north east of tallahassee. it made land fall at 1:30
5:46 am
close to tallahassee and now heading through georgia, south caroline, north carolina rain band extend that far north in the out are banks where they are getting rain now and that will continue through tomorrow for them. the storm itself will progress and hold together as a tropical storm and as it moves off shore on saturday and you can see there the cone of uncertainty really widens after that happened. but we do expect this storm to stay off shore, not a direct impact but there will still be impact. the most of our spaghetti models are agreeing everybody likes to look at spaghetti models. mostly agreeing on a off shore track for this track as it gets close tore our area. looking at these win gust as long the shore we have tropical storm force win gusts as early as sat the day and then especially on sunday where by sunday evening we could have 50 miles an hour win gust as along the coast and wind inland as well. we could see 30 to 35 miles an
5:47 am
hour wind gusts that is impacting us as well. so late day showers with 20 to 40 miles an hour win gusts on saturday and sunday. if you get rain and wind it will be heaviest then with the 30 to 60 miles an hour gusts then. lingering showers possible at the shore on monday with winds gusting to 20 to 30 miles an hour. so any rain that we get could be as much as three to 5 inches, high tied nine to 10:00 a.m., nine to 10:00 p.m. generally along most of the new jersey shore points. in philadelphia it is a beautiful morning. our tropical storm warnings by the way continue along the east coast. rye now though we have 65 comfortable degrees in philadelphia mostly other temperatures in the 60's. the 50's to the north of us. average high temperature 83 degrees, we will be right around that. eighty-one yesterday. eighty-three, 84 today and then 70's on saturday and sun take, with quite a few included on saturday.
5:48 am
we will see the rain, until saturday night, until we get any and any tropical impact we will get in the city on sunday and it all depend as you well know on final track of the storm. >> close enough to impact the area, impact of the roadway 76 eastbound 202, work around this one here, there is a crash here with the lane blocked and car on the shoulder, cars are getting by but slowly. lanes are block eastbound on 76 just past 202, out toward king of prussia tacony palmyra bridge there is an opening this morning. seeing that happening shortly or happening now but might to have work around that this morning because the bridge is expecting to see that opening and it should happen here any minute if it is not already occurring. few issues on other roadways in pottstown route 23, ridge road near pottstown pike,
5:49 am
might have to get around this one. slow in the area. right around route 23, and we have the issue there in delaware route one north bound at route 273 crash still impacting the road around newark, road is closed so watch that one this morning. the chris and lauren, back over to you. tropical storm hermine rocks golf coast with strong wind and heavy rain, storm headaching land fall with 80-mile an hour wind. >> here's the latest from fox's patricia starks. >> we will ride it out. >> reporter: hermine makes land fall in florida bringing heavy wind and rain. >> we have been raring for this for quite a while. we have been watching this for quite a while. everybody in the state has got to get prepared. remember this is life threatening. >> reporter: storm taking down trees and power lines with thousands of homes without electricity. >> power goes up we are here. >> reporter: many out trying to buy gas and stock up, ahead of the storms arrival. >> all other gas station where is busy. i heard they have a line out
5:50 am
the door at public and there is no water any of the public. >> reporter: another scrambled to protect their homes with sandbags from the floods. >> we purchased sand for the public so they can come use it at no cost to them. >> reporter: flooding prompting evacuations before hermine made land fall. >> get our valuables out and some stuff that is irreplaceable. >> reporter: others chose to ignore warnings and will stick it out. >> we are wait to go ride it out. you riding out hurricane. >> yeah, i guess so. >> reporter: storm is expected to arrive in the northeast by saturday. emergency management teams in new jersey have been getting prepared. >> we want to make sure residents and visitors know there is a storm coming. there will be potential impact and to make preparation that is they need. >> reporter: hermine is expect to weaken and well reach carolinas in new york. in new york patricia starks "fox news". labor day weekend is here. people will be celebrating because it is unofficial end to summer. >> do we have any big plans.
5:51 am
>> where did summer go. >> we got through it, right? bunch of phillies games. >> where are we going with this. no matter what your plans everyone knows the worst parties getting there, right. >> true. >> so airlines are expecting 2.23 million people to travel this weekend, that is up from 4 percent from last year. carriers are offering more flights and lower rises this year. today is expect to be busiest travel day. >> where are you traveling. >> i don't know. turf work for mike, mike's off today and monday. >> all six hours you have to anchor today. >> all six hours. >> he is so dramatic. >> look who is behind you. >> sue. >> all six hours. >> yes. >> sue does it every day without complaining. chris complains the whole morning. >> yes. >> she's a stronger, better,
5:52 am
smarter human being. >> it is true. now it is official the biggest off season events of the nation's most popular sport coming back to the philadelphia. >> for first time since 1960 national football league annual college draft will take place right here in the city of brotherly love. it is actually the professional draft, right? where they draft a lot of players out of college. after two years in chicago the three day event will take place on the ben franklin parkway and expected to draw more than 200,000 fans, league will pick most of the cost to the stage draft. it is in the clear how much tax dollars will be spent. former eagles quarterback ron jaworski who is a event co chair seems to be very excited about the draft coming to philadelphia. >> about a post pattern here, 80 years ago the first nfl craft was held. guess what? we're back. we're back in philadelphia. we're back strong. >> ironically eagles trade for
5:53 am
quarterback carson wentz cost their their first round pick in 2017 so as things stand they will be watching the opening night, lunch. >> and not picking. >> carson wentz, he played what, a half in all of the preseason because he got that injury in the first game. >> hairline fracture. >> yes. >> looking ahead to have some fun with the family this weekend, come on out to trenton's arm and hammer park september 4th for pitch night. game starts at 7:00 p.m. if you have a ticket to the trenton/reading game stick around for a screening of the pilot pitch. if you see it before everyone else does because pitch premiers right here on fox on thursday september 22nd at 9:00 p.m. paying tribute to the hollywood legend, good day how you can catch gene wilder's biggest hits in theaters this weekend.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
we're taking a live look at olde city. thousand in the fifth year made in america festival quickly becoming one of the most popular music events in the country and final preps are underway for that huge holiday party. take a live look along ben franklin parkway, this area will be crowded when it comes down to saturday and sunday. our camera caught crews hard at work setting stage for big
5:57 am
concert, rihanna is saturday head liner, cold play on sunday and there are dozens of other artist from his different ge rres throughout the weekend. 5:57. hermine us downgraded to a tropical storm. will ate affect our holiday weekend here at home or down the shore? sue has your full forecast coming up. from 50 feet the in the air a man on the bike is dead after a hit/run in northeast philadelphia, what police know so far as they continue to investigate. katie: on crime, pat toomey's attacks on me are shameful.
5:58 am
5:59 am
he's making it up. of course, anyone who commits a violent crime needs to be prosecuted -- and put behind bars. narrator: katie mcginty will keep us safe -- more police on the streets, better training and equipment, and take on the gun lobby for gun safety laws. katie: i'm the daughter of a police officer, and the mother of three. i'll stand with law enforcement to fight crime, and protect our families. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
6:00 am
hermine is now a tropical storm after headaching land fall overnight. pounding florida's golf coast with 80-mile april hour wind. we're tracking the storm all morning long with the latest from the hardest hit area. plus new jersey shore expect to feele techs of hermine, of course, worst possible time, right. it is weekend of the holiday weekend labor day weekend and we have bad weather down the shore. there could be good weather saturday. sue has that. violent hit and run claims a life in mayfair. victim thrown 50 feet in the air, car police are looking for right now. good day everybody it is september 2nd, 2016. we have hade it to friday. >> so lets take some video, and show it to you from florida, overnight. look at this. >> oh, boy. >> that is not the case r


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