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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 2, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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to celebrate labor day. and these customers were just sitting in a bar when two gunmen stormed in where the frightening ordeal happened. keep it here. your news is next.
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♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. after walloping florida, tropical storm hermine is making its way through the carolinas at this hour before setting her sights on the jersey and delaware shores. it looks like it could ruin a lot of holiday plans. good evening everyone, i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. many areas under a tropical storm warning. we have team coverage of this dangerous storm for you tonight including a live report from north carolina as well as our brad sattin keeping an eye on conditions at the jersey shore. but let's start with meteorologist scott williams for the latest path of hermine. scott. >> hi there, dawn. of course, continuing to follow what's happening with hermine as
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it churns through sections of the carolinas. still will be major impactful event along the jersey shore. in the days to come. but right now, battering the outerbanks of north philadelphia. 50 miles an hour storm. movement to the northeast at 20 miles per hour. pressure 9595 millibars. take look at the concern the counties highlighted in orange that includes the coastal counties also the counties bordering the delaware bay for tropical storm warnings. that means winds in the next 36 hours could gust over 40 miles per hour. that will be a concern for power outages, beach erosion and also rough surf. take look at the official path from the national hurricane center. you can see it picks up speed around cape hatteras but watch what happens by the upcoming weekend. it wants to sit, spin, stall and intensify. we could be talking about a hurricane early next week. off the coast of the jersey shore. so take a look at the spaghetti
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plots as well. you can see how it continues to take it out to sea but it does a little bit of a loop dee loop sunday into monday and even tuesday so a long duration event and that will be the concern but location will also be key. the farther north and west you head away from philadelphia the lesser the impacts. moving it to parts south jersey, a moderate impact and then down the shore that's where we have that major concern. so here's the bottom line for coastal concerns. several inches of rain. winds gusting over 50 miles per hour during the height of the storm really ramping up late sunday into monday. tidal flooding. beach erosion will be a concern. moving a little farther inland toward the philadelphia area, for tomorrow it's mainly just cloudy and dry. the best chances for rainfall for philadelphia arriving on sunday. we'll take a deeper analysis of the storm coming up. >> all right, scott, like you said it's all about location. with hermine on its way the holiday weekend down the shore
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could get dicey within the last hour the mayor of atlantic city has already canceled two major weekend concerts. the florida georgia line and bling 182 shows. >> meanwhile in north wildwood, some people are preparing for the extreme weather and othe ots just winging it. brad sattin spoke to people with varying approaches and joins us live now from the wildwood boardwalk. brad? >> reporter: dawn, we can tell you obviously this is summer's last hoorah. good time here on the north wildwood boardwalk in fact fireworks going on behind me, a nice crowd here. nice breeze it feels pretty good on the surface you wouldn't even know a storm was brewing but this area was pounded by a winter storm earlier this year, and behind the scenes, people are indeed preparing. >> if it's true that the fish bite better before a storm, cora roll zone zen's catch should have us all worried. >> you caught a few fish y. >> how many. >> 14. >> is that the move you ever caught in one day.
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>> yes. >> this is your best day ever. >> um-hmm. >> north wildwood pounded by winter storm jonas back in january. the water came up right up to pat summer's door. lesson learned as he packs away chairs his days of taking chances are over. >> i'm ready to go. as soon as the city puts their siren off i hit the road. >> reporter: area marine nass are add advising boat owners to get their boats out of the wall. advice jim boyle is taking. >> strapping it down and hoping for the boats. >> reporter: commercial boats starting coming out today many private boat owners aren't moving quite so fast. >> haven't seen anything from the people panicking yet, right, i think they're waiting until tomorrow to see how this storm is going to track. >> reporter: utility vehicles are getting into place and emergency evacuation trucks have been brought in ready to go if the water comes up. and places that always seem to flood like this parking lot will likely again be underwater. >> it happens every time it storms. that's live. >> reporter: for now business as usual for sunrise nails the
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tv's are tuned to all weather all the time and sand bags are stand by behind the building seeing them made janine now nervous. >> i guess we'll be buying sand bags tonight. >> reporter: the winds seem to be pick up the surf getting recover. it's the calm before the storm still a real day at the beach. now a night at the beach as the firework connell here. cape may county office of emergency management held a conference call with local towns just to ensure that all local municipalities were prepared. certainly a fun night on the boardwalk. the concern is will it last through the labor day weekend? it doesn't seem to be but at least chris and dawn we're having pretty good night tonight. back to you. >> absolutely. thanks, brad. right now hermine is dumping a whole lot of rain on the coast of north carolina. >> that could lead to some serious flood conditions. let's go now to fox 29's joel waldman in kitty hawk, north carolina tonight. >> what's it like there, joel? >> reporter: chris and dawn, i can tell you we got here about
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4:00 a.m. this morning and we were all like, what storm, but over the last hour or so, conditions really starting to deteriorate. you can't really see it but behind me trust me is the mighty atlantic and i can hear the roar of the waves crashing down. now, they're expecting about 10-inches of rain with hermine here in the outerbanks. also, about a one to 3-foot storm surge and upwards of 50 miles an hour winds so you combine all of that, that equals a lot of times flash flooding coastal flooding. so officials here really asking everyone to be overly cautious. there is one pocket in the outerbanks that evacuated tourists it's the southern most little island that sort of off the outerbanks. this is barrier island that we're on with the atlantic on this side and the sound on the other side. and of course, it is obviously labor day weekend. it is a big money maker typically for a lot of the businesses down here. but about a third of the tourists were staying in the
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hotels here have apparently canceled their reservations and that is a big economic bust for this entire community. when people don't go to hoe tells they go to restaurants and don't go to shops and so it is going to hurt them economically, of course, this as word that the storm is heading north and could potentially pick up steam and head into places like philadelphia and new york city. dawn and chris. >> joel waldman joining us live now from the outerbanks of north carolina. thanks, joel. we'll have more on tropical storm hermine coming up but if you don't have it yet download the fox 29 app it's the perfect tool to have as the storm approaches. you can get live radar and breaking news alerts right on your phone. in other news tonight, scary moms for some bar customers in east germantown after two men with guns walk into a bar and tell them to get on the floor. police say one of the robbers told employees at the charlie d bar to open the catch registers while the other demanded customers to get on the ground and take out their cash.
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both men got away with unknown amount of money. no one was injured it happened last night around 11:30 on the 100 block of east chelten avenue. if you recognize the men, please call police. >> police released new surveillance video tonight in hopes of catching a violent criminal take a good look. police say this guy right here shot a man back on august 7th on the 100 block of callowhill street. the victim was hospitalized in extremely critical condition but did survive. police say before the shooting the suspect robbed the man of an i pad he later sold it. if you recognize this guy call police. a bicyclist is hit and killed while riding along frankford of a overnight. police say the driver left the scene of that violent crash. >> the impact was so strong authorities say it through the 42-year-old victim over 100 feet. fox 29's dave schratwieser has more. >> it's a sad situation. >> reporter: police say this is the badly damaged car involved in an overnight hit-and-run crash that took the life of 42-year-old matthew matson in a violent crash along the bike lanes of frankford
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avenue. >> it is dangerous. i pray for anybody. i pray for the guy that got hurt. >> it could have been anybody. god bless. it could have been anybody and nobody was here to see anything. >> reporter: according to investigators it was around 12:45 friday morning when matson was riding in the 5700 block of frankford. his bike warning flash schers may have been on when he was struck by this busick century in the bike lane. the car may have been traveling at a high rate of speed. matson's bike was split in two. >> 114 feet away from where he's struck, we don't know if he's thrown that far or more than likely he rode a distance on the vehicle before he thrown off the vehicle. >> reporter: police say the driver of the buick century turned himself in two septa officers later friday morning and told them the car was parked on van kirk a dead end street not far from the accident scene. >> he left the car last night. he came up to the cops this morning. >> reporter: this woman says she was the victim of a hit-and-run several months ago
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in the same area. she says the driver was never caught. she hopes this case gets solved and matson's family gets justi justice. >> it's dangerous. they should have more lights out here. with this park. at night it's real dangerous. >> reporter: corey graham rides his bike along frankford every day. he says this stretch of roadway can be dangerous. >> i think people that driving cars need to be more mindful of the people that's walking or ride ago bike. ya'll should be more mindful of them. >> reporter: dave schratwieser fox 29 news. and police searched for surveillance video that may have captured the car before or after the hit-and-run. they would not say if there was any evidence that the driver was inn tock indicated. no charges have been filed at this point. the couple who authorities say gifted their daughter to a buck county man has waived their formal rain many. the couple appeared in court this week but were not are a rain. leonardo dicaprio plan the man police say the couple gave their daughter to did the same. all three of them pleaded not guilty.
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mess say daniel told them and he and his wife he can changed their then 14-year-old daughter to kaplan for financial help. kaplan is facing sexual assault charges. authorities say he fathered two children with the teen girl. the total of 12 girls were found inside his feasterville hole. the trial is set for november. police in new jersey are looking for a pair of thieves who stole from two vending machines. take look at this surveillance photo this woman kept a look out while the man owned of opened the vending machines and stole the cash inside at the fork river service area off the garden state parkway in july. if you recognize this duo police want to hear from you. a convicted rapist is back home tonight after spending just three months behind bars. what's next for the former college swimming star? >> children and parents are on edge tonight after a boy was chased by a man he says had a knife. what that van was wearing that's right out of a horror film. plus disturbing new evidence about the number of recent
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crashes of navy fighter jets. why the pentagon says shortage of planes is to blame. and nothing can stop this 90-year-old. she is still on the go. >> got to do something if you're 90 you can just sit still. so much that needs to be done. >> why this feisty senior is walking more than 1400 miles to the white house.
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big oil polluters. they have a friend in pennsylvania. millionaire pat toomey. toomey voted to protect their special tax breaks. saving oil companies twenty-four billion dollars. and big oil polluters have given toomey seven hundred thousand dollars in campaign contributions. tax breaks for them. campaign contributions for him. pat toomey. he's helping big oil polluters and millionaires. not the rest of us. lcv victory fund is responsible for the content of this advertising. it's going to be frustrating holiday weekend for drivers in pittsburgh. a major city bridge is closed there after it catches fire. tonight authorities are investigating just how a fire ignited on the liberty bridge. broke out just after 1:00 this
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afternoon. as you can see, the flames center a thick cloud of black smoke into the air. investigators say construction crews were using a blow torch to cut steal on the bridge when sparks from the torch ignited nearby tarps. fire crews got the fire under control about half hour later. no reports of injuries. frightening scene in the city's bustleton section. skyfox over the 10,000 block of jamison avenue. that's where car smashed into the deck of a home it somehow missed going into that pool. this happened about 3:30 this afternoon. fortunately no reports of any injuries. new tonight, new jersey governor chris christie says he's pulling the garden state out of an income tax agreement with pennsylvania. that result likely means thousands will see their taxes increase. the 1977 agreement allows residents who work in either state to pay their home state's income tax rate. either governor can pull the state out of the deal. well christie says he was forced to do so because democratic lawmakers did not find
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$250 million in health care savings. if lawmakers can find that money elsewhere he'll reconsider pulling out decades old agreement. in 2016, you decide, the fbi released documents today related to its investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. among the revelations clinton told investigators she cannot recall any training on handling classified information and she did not remember every detail of her transition out of the state department. fox's mike emmanuel has more for us now from washington. >> reporter: as millions of americans were starting their labor day weekend, the fbi released a summary of the interview the agency conducted with hillary clinton on jul july 2nd. it was based on this interview that the fbi recommended to the justice department not to indict the democratic presidential nominee over an e-mail scandal dating back to her time as secretary of state. >> i would certainly chalk up to -- chalk this up to
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bureaucrats who get rid of something at the end of the weekend and then leave town. everybody is done. they'll drop it off and and go gone. >> reporter: despite denials from clinton there's been growing evidence clinton sent or received classified information via unsecure non-governmental server and retained total control over which e-mails would otherwise have belonged to the government. >> donald trump back in the swing state of pennsylvania held around table event in philadelphia just as the clinton document dump took place. trump who's trailing clinton in pennsylvania has seen an up tick in his overall poll numbers since making changes to his top staff. the fact that it's dripping will likely continue to depress her numbers. i think that's part of why we've seen this closure i mean it's really not been trump moving up as much as it's clinton moving down. >> reporter: trump come under fire for hard line stance on illegal immigration is also trying to court african-american
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voters and visit predominantly black church tomorrow in detroit. in washington, mike emmanuel, fox news. coming up later in the broadcast we'll have much more on republican nominee donald trump's visit to philadelphia today and the reception he received in the city of brotherly love. an exciting night at the linc as temple kicked off its football season. coming up a off great year the owls return to the field to take on army tonight. the excitement started hours before the game as fans got pumped during a pre-game party. fox 29's joanne pileggi outside the linc with more how fans are hopefully celebrating to night. joanne? >> reporter: well, i'm not going to give that one away just yet but the game is over. it ended just a couple of minutes ago. it was really big night here at the linc. thousands of temple fans on hand to see the owls open their 2016 season against army. ♪ >> reporter: what way to usher in the new season. the temple marching band, color
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guard and cheerleaders welcoming fans and the team to lincoln financial field. >> get to feel temple pride at its core. and -- >> 10,000 student tickets sold. >> about a ton of students here. more than the past. more than the big games this will be great opportunity for new students to get out and enjoy this experience. for alumni to come back and enjoy this experience as well. >> reporter: it was tailgate time in the parking lot with lots of food and beverages. fans doing the pre-game warmup on a perfect summer night. diehard fans with legacy status for the temple owls. >> me and my body mark and rick they're alum and i have two kids and a freshman an sophomore at temple. we've didn't doing this season ticket holders for while. but the stupid hats for thee years now. (laughter). >> reporter: it wouldn't be a temple tailgate without the a mobile tailgate truck
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compliments of temple grad josh peter. >> i feel like we tried to out reach the seniors of last year to bring them in. they're all back this year. we brought everybody back in. the ambulance has stood a test of time. >> reporter: the army black knights had their legal of tailgators, too. >> we're having great time. go, army! >> it will be a tough game today. we know that. but we hope they pull it out. >> reporter: fans without tickets to the field enjoying the game on the big screen at chickie and pete's. >> looks good so far. temple just put six on the board. we're looking for a victory tonight. >> reporter: um, still not going to give it away. let's just say temple fans weren't so happy leaving the stadium tonight. you can find out all the results and highlights in sports a little later in our show. dawn? >> all right, joanne, thank you. gun companies reporting record profits over the last few months. what they say is behind the
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surge in gun sales. and some people, you know, they just share way too much on social media. what this genius did that helped lead police right to them. and we are continuing to keep our eye on tropical storm hermine as it makes its way across the carolinas before heading north. exactly when it will threaten our shores still ahead. now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening. i'm dave warren with look at the traffic issues this weekend. first of all in atlantic city we have a concert there. florida georgia line 3:00 o'clock saturday likely some issues there if you're heading down to atlantic city for the long weekend. also, this will be continuing because of the made in america festival we have 22nd street near logan square there's just down to one lane between pennsylvania and the ben franklin parkway. and this is until monday at 5:00 o'clock in the morning. remember to get the latest weather and traffic on good day starts tomorrow at 7:00.
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them. votevets is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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today, guns can be bought or at a weekend gun show. and if the wrong people get a gun... we know what can happen. pat toomey put our safety ahead of partisan politics.
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toomey crossed party lines twice, first to support background checks, and now to stop gun sales to suspects on the terror watch list. no wonder pennsylvania cops endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ the man convicted of sexua sexually assaulting a unconscious woman a walking free after serving three months of his six-month sentence. brock turner leaving the santa clara county jail today a jury
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found the former stanford university star swimmer guilty of three counts of felony sexual assault. but the judge in the case departed from the minimum sentence of two years in prison citing his youth and clean criminal record. tonight that 21-year-old is returning to ohio to live with his parents where he must register as a sex offender for life. >> we notified the neighbors where he lives, where he's going to be living that they have a tear three sex offender living in their neighborhood and he will be required to come in and check in with us every three months. >> meantime large protests in california over this case. demonstrators are calling on the attorney general's office to investigate judge aaron persky who sentenced tougher kerr to just six months in jail and allowed him to move back to ohio with his parents. if you were trying to stay off the radar of police, you probably shouldn't use a wanted poster with your face on it as your facebook profile.
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authorities say that's exactly what a 42-year-old man mack year wood from in order today. the citrus county sheriff's office released the poster back in objection. he was wanted for battery. investigatorinvestigators say ye the poster his facebook profile pick. he's under arrest facing a list of charges. >> not too smart. >> now to a story out of ohio straight out of a horror movie. a creepy clown chases a teenager with a knife in his hasn't. the 14 your old boy claims the clown chased him we'll walking to the bus stop in the morning. it was dressed in all black wearing a lawn mask when he ran after the young boy. he ran to nearby bus stop. parents in the columbus community are on high alert and keeping extra safety measures to keep their kids safe. >> he was like a scary clown. he was like it's not even october. >> i said was it a kid. >> no it was an add dull because he was tall like me. >> more concern should be given to children's safety.
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there were other creepy clown sightings recent until south carolina with a man in a clown mask reportedly trying to lure children into the woods. republican presidential nominee donald trump made a stop in philadelphia today just days after making a major immigration speech. why his visit to the city of brotherly love was anything but loving. plus disturbing new evidence tonight about the number of recent crashes of navy fighter jets. why the pentagon says shortage of planes is to blame. and our scott williams tracking trop cap storm hermine. scott? >> right now it's moving through the carolinas, chris. you can take a look at the satellite/radar showing all the clouds moving all the way into parts of the northeast and new england. also, coming up, we'll talk about a big area of high pressure building to the north of hermine that will likely block its trajectory and keep it sitting and spinning out in the open waters of the atlantic. as it slows and stulls stalls will have major impacts down the
10:28 pm
shore. a long duration event and it could potentially intensify back to a hurricane. we'll talk about the timing and the details you need to know coming up. technology.
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donald trump visited the city of brotherly love but wasn't feeling much love attend add private meeting with african-american leaders. >> although the north philadelphia event was not highly publicized still brought out scores of protesters. fox 29's jeff cole has more. we're out here to let donald trump know he's not welcome here. >> reporter: demonstrators were loud and relentless with their attacks on the republican nominee. >> we want the world to know trump is not welcome here in our community. >> reporter: they seemed offended trump had come to north philly and was use space affiliated with a local baptist church. when a trump supporter raised his pro mexican wall sign there was pushing and shoving. this woman claiming to be the daughter of political gab fly milton street says she was
10:32 pm
dumping trump because they wouldn't let her in. >> this visit to philadelphia today, it is a sham and renee' street is here to tell you it's a sham. clinton is not the answer but trump is definitely not the answer and we need answers. >> reporter: trump met with several supporters in around table along with candidates for congress. this man was one. >> he wants to create complete level of inclusion. he wants to have african-americans, he wants to have hispanics are asian, everyone included inn sigh his campaign. >> reporter: police presence was significant. cops on bikes and in plain clothes and full uniforms were everywhere. not far from the trump meeting union leaders gathered to attack the republican. >> he's going to rob us like he rob the workers of atlantic city of their pensions like he stiffed the contractor that is work very hard for him. >> reporter: trump's motorcade rumbled in and out of north broad without a glint of the man
10:33 pm
known as the donald. it is clear that donald trump is trying to build support in urban centers but misery apps here on the streets of the city of brotherly love today showed no love at all. in north philly, jeff cole, fox 29 news. there's another great reason to head to cape henlopen park in delaware. officials opening the article tillery park at the fort miles museum joined by tom carper, and governor markell. it will feature might tow mow's gun mounted on the uss missouri. fort miles was the east coast combat ready post during world war ii. >> i can't tell you how many people that have lived in delaware their whole lives and come to this park have no idea how much of this park is underground. there's bunkers everywhere. every little bump you see there's some kind of underground
10:34 pm
structure. park officials have been working on the project for more than four years now. now to the crisis in military aviation. we have alarming news about how many navy jets can apply and how many cannot. plus new details about a story fox broke on the dire conditions of the marine corps air neat. fox's lucas tomlinson has new fox news exclusive. >> reporter: 36-year-old marine major sterling norton was killed when his f18 crash just six weeks ago. his wasn't 3f18 fighter jets that crashed since october. killing in all two marine pilo pilots. sterling's commander office called him one of his best. major norton's mother told fox news quote i want to wait for the investigation report. however, these jets are too old and should not be flown any more. head of marine corps aviation seems to share her concern. >> i worry about my young aviators that aren't getting the
10:35 pm
number of hours they need to. it's the mishap that looms that we don't see coming just now. will they have the experience to keep that bad thing from happening. >> reporter: fox news investigation reveals that overall, the entire u.s. military saw a 48% increase in non-combat aviation crashes between 2014 and 2015 compared to two years prior. nine more crashes already this year, four were navy jets. admiral in charge of naval aviation denies there's link between the crashes and the age and redness of his branches lane plane. >> i wouldn't characterize it as a crisis. do you attack it to redness and lack of efficiency and in view of the mishaps i can't make those connection. >> according to the navy data only 21% of model f18 hornets can fly only 50% of newer super hornets can due to shortages and critical spare parts and maintenance and congressional leadersare taking notice of the increasing crashes. >> they're going up partly because they're not getting the
10:36 pm
training they should get. they're going up because maintenance is harder and harder to accomplish. they're going up because the airplanes are getting older and older. >> other branchsare under the same pressure as the navy only two of the marines 12f18 hornet squadrons neat their flying hours. >> in order to get the 25% mission capable i need 366 airplanes. >> right now of the marine's 273f18s only none can apply. hits to the military's readiness keep coming since 2009 the defense butch has been cut. the high tempo of combat operations hasn't slowed. >> when the president sends more people to afghanistan, more people to iraq, he doesn't ask for more money. the costs just come out of the training, the maintenance and the -- and the readiness our force. the problem is getting worse. >> reporter: the pentagon disagrees in a statement to fox
10:37 pm
news "we have look at our data and have not observed an overall treen in the increase of mishap due to reduced training hours. nip creases we have deserved and over two short duration to categorize. f18 were designed for 6,000 flight hours but have been extended to 8,000. the head of the marine corps aviation tells fox news he'd love to buy new jets faster if he could but the money is not there. at the pentagon, lucas tomlinson, fox news. gun companies are reporting record profits over last few months what they say is behind the surge is gun sales. >> but nothing can stop this 90-year-old. she is still on the go. >> got to do something if you're 90 you can't just sit still. with so much that needs to be done. >> why this feisty senior is walking more than 1400 miles to the white house.
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today, guns can be bought over the internet, or at a weekend gun show. and if the wrong people get a gun... we know what can happen. pat toomey put our safety ahead of partisan politics. toomey crossed party lines twice, first to support background checks, and now to stop gun sales to suspects on the terror watch list. no wonder pennsylvania cops endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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in your money tonight gun sales are on the rise. gun manufacturer smith and wesson reports that sales increased by 40% from may to july. the company made more than $207 million in that period and earnings are more than doubled from a year ago. rival gun maker stern ruger also reports a big increase over year
10:41 pm
to year. mass shootings and challenges to law enforcement could be pushing up those sales. a texas woman is about to make a 1400-mile journey on fo foot. >> how about this? she's 90 years old. her journey starts in fort worth and will end in washington, d.c. she plans to cover 10 miles a day when she arrives at the nation's capitol she'll demand that june teeth be a national holiday. it's considered by many to be a day that slavery ended and while it's recognized by many states lee wants it to be a national holiday. >> you got to do something if you're 90 you can't just sit still. there's so much that needs to be done and june teeth positively needs to be a holiday. a national holiday. >> lee expects the journey to take more than 20 weeks. in her words, "if the lord stays the same and the creeks don't rise". coming up at 11:00-a local
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elementary schoolteacher gets a big surprise. the gift that she just received that will make come back to school preparations a lot easi easier. and do you think those antibacterial soaps you're using are killing germs. think again? why the government has companies pulling antibacterial soaps from the shelves. >> scott williams has the latest on the path of troll cal storm hermine. >> scott. tropical storm 50 miles per hour, chris, but coming up new information about those tropical hour, chris, but coming up new information about those tropical storm warnings. playing the new million in an instant gamethan with top prizes of a million bucks? winning. on the spot. (cheers) play million in an instant from the pennsylvania lottery. and you could win... on the spot! keep on scratchin'
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well this is the image we're all watching to night. state and local officials along the east coast keeping their eye on hermine ahead of the holiday weekend as this storm chugs north along the shore. >> fox's joel waldman in the outerbanks with the latest on the storm right now. joel? >> reporter: dawn and chris, good evening to you. we had little lull a few moments ago now that rain and wind sta starting to whip up again. atlantic ocean just behind me obviously you can't see it because it is nighttime out here but i can hear the waves roaring over that ocean water, and they're expecting about 10-inches of rain which obviously could create some major flooding as hermine
10:46 pm
continues to barrel up the eastern seaboard. her mine continuing north weakening passion it travels over land along the coast. but it is expected to regain some strength overnight. those here in north carolina bracing for the brunt of the storm. >> we want this thing to move out of north carolina as quick as possible, and we just hope that again we are over prepared and underwhelmed. >> in florida where the storm made landfall as category one hurricane this morning, officials are ramping up relief efforts after heavy downpours and strong winds caused flooding, debris and downed power lines. >> i think come out pretty good but it was scary 3:30 in the morning it was -- i was afraid. >> hermine is expected to continue heading north affecting coastal states from virginia to new york over the holiday weekend. dampening many travelers plans for labor day. >> don't know how bad we're going to get the rain and the wind. i hear it's going to be 45,
10:47 pm
50 miles an hour on the wind. it could be -- could get nasty around here. >> we had plans to go to carter's mountain tomorrow but we're going to stay home and keep an eye on the storm. our yard tends to flood so we need to keep an eye on that. >> reporter: and the eoc are emergency operations center is open here in the outerbanks. meanwhile, officials here are urging caution as this storm is expected to worsen overnight. dawn and chris? >> all right, thank you, joel. meteorologist scott williams is back now with more on the impact hermine is going to have right here in our area. scott. >> hi there, dawn all going to come down location across the delaware valley and down the shore for the up coming holiday weekend. take look behind me you can see moving through the outerbanks of north carolina we're looking at that center of circulation just outside of hurt pell beach a lot of rain to the northern part of this system the cloud cover also streaming toward the philadelphia area but we'll stay dry for many of the day tomorr
10:48 pm
tomorrow. however, watching the tropics, watching those tropical storm warnings posted for all of the coastal counties and the delaware bay counties and you can see that includes delaware city moving into all of delaware really and all of majority of south jersey. so watching out for tropical storm force winds in excess of 40 miles per hour in the next 36 hours. so take look at the official track from the national hurricane center. it continues to move kind of rapidly toward cape hatter mass but as we move toward sunday, monday into tuesday, it really slows and it also intensifies upwards to a category one hurricane as we move toward monday afternoon at about 2:00 o'clock. so we have a big blocking high building to the north. that will keep hermine kind of locked in just outside of the jersey shore a couple of miles hundred miles offshore. but take look at the the spaghetti plots as we hut things into motion. you can see it trends a little farther out to sea but look at
10:49 pm
loop that it does early next week so that's the long duration event. take look at the european model on the precipitation. you can see start to go really move in down the shore as we move toward late saturday night and then by sunday, we're still looking at some of that heavy rainfall down the shore. the heaviest will be out to sea but then some of those bands move back inland during your sunday even toward monday so the system we really have to watch it carefully. those winds they will be gusting tomorrow morning over 30 miles per hour down the shore. then watch what happens as we move toward saturday night. tropical storm force wind gusts atlantic city down to wildwood as we move toward your sunday. they couldn't to ramp up sunday night at 8:00 p.m. gusting to 60 miles an hour so power outa outages will be a concern especially down the shore with those winds gusting at or above that tropical storm force status through the latter part of the upcoming weekend.
10:50 pm
so down the shore, we're talking about several high tied cycles to be on the look out for between 10:00 a.m. and noon and 10:00 p.m. and midnight. storm surge two to 4 feet. three to 6-inches of rain possibly down the shore with hermine for labor day weekend. that extended weather authority forecast showing for the city tomorrow 76 degrees. showers breezy on sunday. cloudy still breezy on monday for the city then slow clearing and warming up. back over to you. >> all right, scott. keeping busy. sean bell here busy with a look what's coming up in sports. yeah. temple fans feeling sick already. all the optimism from the end of the season may already be gone. heavy favorites over army. 14 points at that. the owls have disappointing start to the season. see if they can pull it through next in sports. big oil polluters.
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♪ college football is back and temple looking to have back to back historic seasons. last year, they upset penn state to start season. they went to seven straight wi wins. this year they're trying to do the same thing. take it to the next level but they ran in some issues against army. temple was supposed to win this game handily but the second they
10:54 pm
will get the punt punt block that leads to field goal to give temple the lead but army would grab the lead and add on to it. tyler campbell gets the rock and puts it in 12 yards out. running game -- now 2113 with about three to go. temple trying to make last ditch effort but that was his third interception on the night. army would capitalize off it. look at this. army had over 329 yards on the ground. four guys ran for over 60 yards. owls comin coming in with all ts hype get knocked down in the season opener. phillies lost three straight seven out of their last nine nothing working for the phils. today tow tried to get back on track against the second worst team in baseball the atlanta braves. bottom second phils up one-zero. ellis pre diving since he came over in that trade.
10:55 pm
that a three run bomb. phils take a four-zero lead but, well, the phils are the phils. they would let it right back up. phils up four-zero. ellis son gives up a three run bomb. that's centerfield. that tied the game. now to the ninth, gomez trying to keep it tight. hold things together but the rbi double from freddie free man gives gave the braves a five-four lead. they would tack on three more. braves within eight-four. phillies four straight losses. to the eagles this time tomorrow the team will have made all their cuts, the roster will be down to 53. a bunch of guys on the bubble hoping to avoid the coach's office. a bunch of guys have played their way on the roster, though, this preseason. one of those guys is actually marcus smith he's been one of those type of guys that's been really disappointing much first round back back in 2014 has unbelievably bad his first two years. only sack and a half but saw
10:56 pm
glimpses this preseason so he's not only not worried about his spot on the team but he thinks he can do pro bowl like thing. >> stopping the run is going to be a big thing when it comes to rushing the passer. you have to stop the run first. if i can be good at that sakes will be able to come. that's what i want to do. i want to be a 10 plus sack guy. once again we showed this earlier but to show it again. look at this. western kentucky. what are you doing? running out on to the field and tripping all over each other. these are supposed to be athletes. this is the first thing do you. run on to the field. they won 46-14. what did i know? >> it only counts if you win the game. >> hate to see about those owls. i know you'll be busy that does it for us at 10:00 o'clock. dawn timmeney standing by with what's up at 11:00 dawn. >> labor day weekend is normally a time to celebrate as the final weekend of summer but major storm we've been talking about could ruin a lot of people's
10:57 pm
plans. we'll have the very latest on the track of hermine coming up plus all the latest headlines in the first five minutes and don't forget your mega million drawing is next.
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