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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  September 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> live from center city in
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philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. all eyes are on tropical storm hermine tonight it's already ravaged southern states tearing through north carolina. but it's making our -- its way to our region powerful system already raining on some people' holiday weekend plans. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. blink 182 and florida georgia line concerts have now been canceled in atlantic city due to the impending bad weather lots of changing plans and you can see why on your radar. we're seeing that the jersey shore could take quite a beating. meteorologist scott williams here with your first forecast at 11:00. scott, any news for people heading to the beach? >> it's going to be dangerous situation stay out of the water. the jersey shore, dawn, will take the brunt of the storm and the latest 11:00 o'clock advisory just in. take a look at the intensity and the speed it really slows down right off the jersey shore for much of the upcoming holiday weekend so you can see by sunday morning, 8am, 65 miles per hour storm. moving toward 8:00 p.m. on
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sunday 70 miles per hour storm then ramping up to a hurricane again sunday night into monday evening. 75-mile per hour winds still by tuesday 8:00 p.m. we're talking about a 70-mile per hour storm. so a long duration event several of the model even try and make it curve back toward the shore so that is something that we'll have to watch. so the latest particulars 50 miles an hour storm moving kind of rapidly right now through the carolinas. northeast dawn at 22 miles per hour and as we zoom in, you can see the concern here for the coastal counties into the delaware bay as tropical storm warnings that means over the next 36 hours we could see winds over 40 miles per hour. so take look at the heavy rain moving through sections of outerbanks eastern north carolina right now seeing the brunt of the storm for our area location will be key. major impacts down the shore. moderate impacts inland into parts of interior south jersey. but minor impacts once you move
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north and west of philadelphia into the lehigh valley and the pocono mountains. so several inches of rain down the shore winds gusting over 50 miles per hour. tidal flooding and beach erosion inland impacts it's mainly a cloudy and dry day around philadelphia for tomorrow. some rain moving in on sunday and those wind gusts picking up in around center city on sunday into monday. the extended holiday forecast showing you mostly chowed dee tomorrow. high temperatures around 76 degrees. 74 showers likely on sunday. still cloudy and breezy on monday. slow clearing though as we move toward the middle and latter part of next week. it look like another heat wave could be brewing. dawn? >> all right, thank you. meantime down at the shore it's beautiful night. many vacationers enjoying the nice weather while they can. some people are going to brought lengths to get ready for hermine and others are just winging it fox 29's brad sattin joins us now from the wildwood bore walk. brad? >> reporter: dawn, you did say it best. it is beautiful night.
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firework here about 45 or 50 minutes ago. p infect right now. there's a little breeze as we pan over. the merchandise is blowing pretty good people enjoying it. it's a great start to long holiday weekend but as we know it won't last and preparations to call it quits early are already underway. >> it seems that wildwood isn't alone in wanting to end some are with a bank mother nature appears to have plans of her own. time is running out to get that last nighttime summer stroll on the boardwalk or to drop a fishing line in the water. hurricane her pipe seems to be working hard to cut our labor day weekend short. >> it's supposed to be nasty all weekend that's all i know. rainy. that's why we're here today. >> reporter: in north wildwood residents remember the january flooding from winter storm jonas, some like pat somers are ready to move out on moment's notice. >> i'm ready to go. as soon as the city puts their siren off, i hit the road. >> reporter: boaters also heeding the warning from ma ren nass pull out your boats.
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>> better to take out they're not responsible for it. >> reporter: many aren't ready to jump quite yet. really haven't seen anything from the people panicking yet, right? i think hair they're waiting until tomorrow to see how this storm is going to track. >> reporter: emergency responders say there's as ready as they can rue utility positions are in position and evacuation trucks and parked and ready to go if the flood waters hit they likely will in the usual spots like this parking lot where businesses have sand bags ready to go. convincing residents maybe they need to do the same. >> i guess we'll be buying sand bags tonight. >> reporter: pretty good advice. emergency management officials held a conference call with other municipalities in the county trying to make sure everybody is on the same page and looking like now that the emergency operations center may actually get going at 8:00 o'clock on sunday morning of course that can change with the storm. but at least for the moment, dawn, it is certainly a pretty nice night here tonight. back to you. >> it is and lots of people out
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and about. all right. brad, thank you. some scary moments for people in east germantown after two men with guns walk into a bar and demand everyone get down on the floor. police say one of the robbers threatened employees that the charlie b bar to open the register while the other demanded everyone get on the ground and hand over their cash. both men got away with undisclosed amount of money. no one was injured. this all happened last night about 11:3 11:30 on the 100 blof east chelten avenue. if you recognize these two guys call police. police hoping that new surveillance video will help them catch the suspect in an old city shooting. take good look at this guy. police say this man shot another man back on august 7th on the 100 block of callowhill street. the victim survived the shooting but he was critically injury. police say before the shooting the suspect robbed the man of an i pad. he later sold it. if you recognize him, call police. and skyfox flying our regi region. a fatal accident in newark, delaware that crash happening on
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i-95 southbound between rout route 273 and exit one. state police say a pedestrian was hit and killed on the road about 8:00 tonight. the not clear why the person was on the road but state troopers are advising commuters to take alternative routes tonight as an investigation into this particular tragic accident continues. a driver has turned himself in in connect with a violent hit-and-run that killed a bicyclist in mayfair. less say the driver struck and killed 42-year-old matthew matson while he was riding his bike in the bike lanes polling frankford of a overnight. the impact of the crash was so strong, police say it through the 42-year-old victim over 100 feet and split his bike in two. neighbors say that stretch of the road can be very dangerous. >> i think people that's driving cars need to be more mindful of the people that's walking or riding bike. >> it's dangerous. they should have more lights out here with this park. because at night it's real dangerous. >> police have not yet
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identified the driver but they say he is cooperating. so far no charges. and tonight in you decide, donald trump visits the city of brotherly love without feeling much love. the republican nominee attended a private meeting with african-american leaders and although the north philadelphia event was not highly publiciz pd still brought out scores of protesters. among them, black lives matters demonstrators and immigration reform advocates. trump met with supporters in the exodus baptist church. the latest real clear politics poll has donald trump losing by six points in the stay of pennsylvania. today the fbi released a summary of their july interview with hillary clinton regarding her private e-mail. the ap reports the summary reveals that hillary clinton row lied on her staff not to send her classified information to her private server. it also claims she was unclear about a classification marking on documents meantime on the campaign trail clinton running mate tim kaine will be in
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cleveland on monday at a labor day festival. temple football has gun. the owls returned to the field tonight for the first gale of the season coming off successful year last year the owls took on army at the linc tonight. the excitement starting hours before the game as fans got all pumped up during pre-game parties. fox 29's joanne pill had he gee live outside the stayed whim with more on how fans are dealing with not such a good turn out, joanne. >> let me put it it to you. temple fans pre hiv game really excited. post game not so much. after a 28-13 loss to army. still in all a really great night out here at the linc. temple fans getting really excited to open the 2016 season. the temple marching band, color guard and cheerleaders ushering in the new season. welcoming fans and the team to lincoln financial field.
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>> get to feel temple pride at its core. and -- >> 10,000 student tickets sold good a ton of students here. more than the past. more than the big games. so this will be great opportunity for new students to get out enjoy this experience. for alum -- alumni to come back and enjoy this experience as well. >> reporter: it was tailgate time in the parking lot with lots of food and beverage. fans doing the pre-game warmup on perfect summer night. >> after the success last year continue to that. first game labor day weekend, kick off, army, it will be great time isn't we like to consider ourselves the best tailgate in the american athletic conferen conference. total and we're really pushing for it. there's lot of good tail gates out there but we think we have it lock up. >> reporter: in a sea of cherry red the army black knights that their league of tailgators too. >> we're having great time. go army. going to be a tough game today,
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we know that, but we hope they pull it out. >> reporter: fans who didn't make it to the linc enjoyed the game on the big screen at chickie and pete's. >> looks good so far. temple just put sick on the board. ira going for the extra point and looking for a victory tonight. >> just didn't happen but there is always next week. live at the linc, back to you, dawn. >> all right, thanks, joanne. local elementary schoolteacher gets a big surprise. the gift she received that will make back to school a whole lot easier for her students. and you think those bacterial soaps you're using are really killing germs. think again. why the company has companies pulling antibacterial soap from store shelves. a recall for samsung customers. potential danger found in the galaxy note seven smart phone. for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies.
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mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. you love summer but it's tough on your feet
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>> tropical storm hermine is dumping heavy rain along the coast of north carolina. meteorologist scott williams will have the latest on the track of hermine and how it affects coming up in just a moment. while many schools are getting prepared to welcome students back next week, there's a fourth grade teacher in camden who got quite the surprise today. karen pearl la is teacher at forest hill elementary school much she's also the winner of the 2015-2016 teacher of the year award. to make things easier for her she gets ready for her students to return, wal*mart surprised
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pearl la today with a $490 gift card. why $490? studies indicate that's exactly how much teachers spend out of their own pocket every year to get their classrooms ready. pearl la has some ideas on just how she's going to spend that money. >> we're just talking about making those great benches for our libraries and i was going use those old milk crates over there. now i can -- i've been to wal*mart and they've got beautiful colorful milk crates and fabric and thing. now i can really take up a notch and get what i really would like to do to make it more colorful inviting for the students. >> sounds terrific. karen pearl la has been a teacher in the district for 11 years. >> big decline in chicken pox cases. health officials say cases of the disease have steadily declined since doctors began recommending a second dose of the vaccine. report from the centers for disease control and prevention finds an 85% drop in the chicken pox since 2005 to 2006. the decline is the greatest among children between the ages
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of five and 14. the cdc says vaccination helped pre vent more than 3.5 million cases of chicken pox. 9,000 hospitalizations and 100 deaths each year. the food and drug administration says manufacturers can no longer market antibacterial soap. it says companies have failed to show that the soaps are safer or more effective than regular old soap. research has found that antibacterial soaps that contain try glow zone have been found to be no more effective at killing bacteria than soaps that don't have the ingredient. manufacturers will one year to eatery formulate their products or pull them from the market entirely. a teacher in millwork key, wisconsin goes above and beyond the call of duty to help save the life of an eight-year-old student. little natasha fuller was very sick and needed a kidney transplant. her fighting spirit and spared her teacher to give her a kidney nine months ago. after transplant surgery in may
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and some recovery time third grady they are jodi schmidt says the take away lesson here cannot be found in a textbook. >> my students have a different awareness of kindness and giving and it doesn't have to be an organ but just for the greater good of humanity. >> she cares about kids and she wants -- is he wants them to be healthy so she helps them. >> aww doctors say more than 100,000 people are on the kidney transplant list open year but only 14,000 actually get one. in your money you're going to want to take note of this recall. samsung is recalling gallon lack see note sevens right now after finding that some of the batteries are exploding and catching fire. smart phones are being pulled from shelves just two weeks after the product's launch. customers who already bought note sevens will be able to swap them out for new smart phones in about two weeks. back to the fox 29 weather authority. it's the calm before the storm
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in trenton right now. there's a bit of a breeze as we look life at the new jersey state capitol but things are only going to get downhill at least along the shore for people in new jersey and delaware. scott williams tracking it all. >> right now, dane, as we take a look at 11:00 o'clock advisory from the national hurricane center you can see it continues moving on off up to the north and east but it will slow and then it will intensify likely back to a hurricane as early as monday just off the jersey shore. so it will be a long duration event. as it sits it spins and we're talking about major coastal problems rip currents, beach erosion and we'll have to watch those high tides cycles look at the spaghetti plots taking it out to sea but then it stalls, it sits and spins for several days for that long duration event. mack mum sustain winds at 50 miles per hour. it's moving pretty rapidly now to the northeast at 22 miles per hour. but as i mentioned hit slow down and intensify and tropical storm warnings posted for all of the
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coastal injuries seashore communities, it's, the counties that touch the delaware bay. talking about winds over the next 36 hours getting as high as 40 miles an hour so the power outage index very high along the outerbanks of north carolina. but we have a threat for parts of south jersey into delaware through sunday for damaging winds and power outages. look how those gusts really start to ramp up as we move toward saturday night. 8:00 o'clock. winds gusting over 40 miles per hour. we continue to is he those winds picking up in intensity as we move toward sunday night. look at this. 60 miles per hour in parts of south jersey, central and southern delaware so heavy rain still to the south. cloud cover across the philadelphia area will likely stay dry for much of the day tomorrow but watch the clock as that rainfall starts to move in from the south. a lull for parts of the area north and west of philadelphia. but look at what happens. sunday into monday, we start to
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see some of those rain bands move a little farther inland toward the i-95 corridor. and the system is going to linger with the rainfall showers down the shore. so we're talking anywhere from three to 6-inches along the immediate coast. lesser amounts an i or less around philadelphia. lighter amounts once you move toward the pocono mountains. so as we take a look at the forecast down the shore, clouds tomorrow. evening rain, rain and wind through monday at least. and once again we're looking at the high tide to watch. 10am to noon and 10:00 p.m. to midnight for several days. back over to you. >> all right. thank you scott. sean bell here now with look at what he'll be talking about in sports. sean? >> dawn nfl season week away. fans are excited but the eagles faithful to probably control that are enthusiasm. we'll tell you why they should sort of expect something different this season than what they usually expect. that's coming up next in sports.
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nfl season about to start. all teams will finalize their roster over the next 24 hours. the eagles getting ready for the regular season and all i can say to fans is, be patient. i know it's a hard thing to do when you're eagles fan but if you expect play off team you're going to be real real upset. new head coach, new schemes. this team isn't close to being a real contender and i don't care how bad the nfc east potentially this year has about developing and finding guys that can be here in the future. seeing some of the high draft picks we need to actually see them play and produce. last chance for marcus smith. you don't produce in they had year you're done. probably the last shot for row and ago agholor. they had to flash something great this season or have to go. we have to give guys like paul turner is chance. eagles lack play maker on the offensive side of the ball in a bad way so he has to be one of those guys that you absolutely
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keep and barner regular season touches. you have to see what that guy can give you. giving young guys a chance to show what they've got eventually eventually seeing carson wentz. the future could be bright but we have to give guys a chance to shine. >> all right. thank you sean. chris brown's attorney now speaking out about his client's alleged assault with deadly weapon. turn mark garrow goes says the woman brown is accused of assaulting lied and is retaliated. she was threatened with gun geragos says police found no guns and says witnesses say nothing happened. >> the story that was conveyed to me by the witnesses there is that nothing happened. that this woman got irate when she was asked to leave because she was acting in an erratic manner and specifically was told that you have to leave. >> the woman reportedly told police that brown threatened her when she complimented another
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man's jewelry. that will do it for us tonight here at 11:00 o'clock. more enter taken many news straight ahead on fox 29 with tmz and dish nation then stay tuned for chasing news followed by the simpsons. we're back here at 7:00 a.m. for "good day philadelphia" weekend with the very latest on hermine as it gets closer to the jersey and delaware shores v great night and thanks for watching. ♪ katie: on crime, pat toomey's attacks on me are shameful. he's making it up. of course, anyone who commits a violent crime needs to be prosecuted -- and put behind bars. narrator: katie mcginty will keep us safe --
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>> today on tmz --. >> pictures prove it. sam hunt has a girlfriend and he looks different. >> he shaved his head. >> he ruined it. he's like balding. >> now he is like a normal dude. >> this is not the same hunk we fell in love with. justin bieber showing off for sofia richie. he at one point got on stage to show off his drumming skills. if i'm on a date i don't want him to get up and perform for everyone. >> she grew up with lionel richie. wouldn't that be great? my god. justin beerer does lionel richie. >> that would be great. >> no. her vagina is going to shut down. >> just like kanye. he has his baby yezzys on. retail value $130. >> you're exactly right. socks until age


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