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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  September 5, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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hermine, yeah, we're talking hermine is churning up the coast but many breathing a sigh of relief because storm mostly spared the shore. what you still need to watch out for if you are waking up by the beach this morning. we have breaking news from overnight a woman is dead and hand chriscally injured in the double shooting whom police are hunting for right now. hade in america is wrap and now clean up begins. next the surprise in the crowd last night, lauren dawn beyond son will be live along ben franklin parkway on this labor day. i'm chris murphy. thanks for joining us on this monday, fifth of september. so, sue, made in america weather was perfect. down the shore, the heather was perfect. >> not as bad as we thought. there was wind and you still
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should not go swing in the water at the shore because it is, churning up a lot, surf is very rough. we have some cloud along the shore but you see how well off shore hermine is, and we even though it seems hike it is taking a inland turn we don't expect to it get close enough to give anybody, any rain. if you see sprinkles at the shore that might be it but even that is looking less and less like a possibility. all good for labor day holiday, it is a nice cool start, 64 degrees with an 6-mile an hour wind out of the north and 70 percent relative humidity. nice morning. 6:33 is your sunrise time. fifty-three mount pocono. sixty-three trenton. sixty-five wildwood. cool, comfortable morning. checking the wind most of them coming out of the thort, even the ones at the shore coming out of the north, we are not that much influenced by hermine. labor day forecast is, for 60's in the morning.
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78 degrees by noon and a high temperature of 85 degrees. so, even if you do have to work hopefully you cannot have to work too hard on this labor day. that is your weather authority forecast, bob kelly, still on vacation, so lets check and see what is going on the road. we don't expect traffic, of course, right now, schuylkill right by the vine, everybody is moving smoothly there, and everything is running smoothly the vine approaching the schuylkill expressway. that is nice to see, this early in the morning but we do have an accident unfortunately in delaware county, it is at chad forward township baltimore pike route one right there at creek road apparently a vehicle rammed in the pole and so that clean up will be out there for a while as they investigate that accident. little later on we will talk about what closures remain from made in america and we will talk about new septa schedule starting tomorrow. that is all coming up throughout the show good sue, you are wearing two hats, lets
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go back to your first hat which is weather, of course, keeping an eye down the shore, flooding and beach erosion, dangerous rip currents and they are all looming over today, labor day. jennifer joyce live from north wildwood where it is not a good idea to go in the water. is it now prohibited, jennifer >> reporter: well, that is the big warning that is out there, they don't want people in the water because of those dangerous rip current as you have been talking about. a lot have people down here have been a little confuse by hermine because we are not necessarily seeing as much as we expected to see. there is in rain. right now no serious wind. but there are choppy waves that are presenting a danger to beach goers. the also as hermine approaches the coast we are expect to go see tidal flooding, high tide here in wildwood is between ten and 11:00 this morning and a hour later on the back bay, so that is when we expect to see the water levels rising, the wildwood are notorious for
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flooding because barrier island sits so low. when minor storms the street are often times under water. so that could be the case later this morning. in the meantime people are being advised to be extra careful, down here on the beach, this labor day. lauren and chris. we will get back into lauren who is along ben franklin parkway in a minute and we will check with the weather with jennifer throughout the morning. governor chris christie is standing behind his decision to declare a state of emergency in some new jersey counties. even frustration from new jersey store business owners, christie defended his decision, governor still wants those in ocean, atlantic and cape may counties where he declared a state of emergency to be careful. >> even though weather is really nice outside at the moment, it is nice at many parts of the jersey shore right now i urge people to be careful, listen to your life guard, municipal officials about being in the ocean or not because rip currents will get fairly aggressive even
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before you see any other type outward manifestations of the storms. >> okay, to jennifer joyce is talking about the state parks, such as island beach state park will open up at 9:00 this morning but swimming is not permitted. governor christie says he is not ordering any evacuations. delaware governor jack markell lifted the limited state of emergency in sussex county. for those out in the ocean it is anything but smooth sailing. amateur video shot from the cruise ship as it made its way through hermine gives us a look at the effects of that storm this was shot the from the deck of the royal caribbean cruise ship anthem of the seas shot in the middle of hurricane force wind. >> we pulled out early morning when the ship started to sway here. >> so anthem of the seas left new jersey friday for a trip to bermuda, look at the that weather. don't forget as always stay ahead of the wet ther
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with our fox 29 app get live radar and breaking news right on your phone. lets get to breaking news. gunfire erupts in a north philadelphia street leaving two people shot, police were called to the 2200 block of north chadwick street after 12:30 this morning a 26 year-old woman and 25 year-old man were both shot. woman died at temple hospital. male victim was shot in the head and is at temple right now. police do not have a motive for shooting at this time. lets go to west philadelphia where police are investigating a a deadly stabbing overnight this happened just after 1:00 on belmont and west minister avenues. police say victim is a 30 year-old man, they believe this may have been a robbery due to an atm being close by. police are working to get surveillance video from that atm. now to a brutal murder out of olney, philadelphia police say a woman is dead after being hit by a car and then beat when a shovel this happened at 8:30 on west lockland street investigators say a driver hit her and then got out of the car and beat
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her with that shovel. victim was taken to the local hospital where she later died. the driver has been arrested, and no word as to a motive behind this. east falls, medics, taking a child to chop after an suv flipped and hit a guardrail. it happened on roosevelt boulevard, and fox street around 9:15 last night, according to police the condition of the child is unknown. 4:07 on this monday morning. atlantic city police officer remains in the hospital in critical condition shot while stopping a hold up, the shooting happened around 2:30 saturday morning after the officer saw three men trying to rob three others, in a parking garage at caesars casino. when police tried to stop them is when gunfire started. authorities say armed robbers started to shoot at police, officers shot back, killed one suspect, 25 year-old jerome damon of camden. other two ran away from the scene but were arrested a all right time later. nineteen year-old martell
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chisum of millville and dimitri cross of bridgeton face attempted murder and robbery. the officer shot by at least one of the suspects is in the hospital, his name has not been released. back to west philadelphia now. search is on for a man impersonating police who held up a driver with the automatic weapon. he pulled over unsuspects motorist at belmont and south concourse drive around 8:45. gunman dressed in all black clothes was in the black ford explorer with flashing lights. hit the driver with the weapon, stole his money and then sped off. in a separate case man posing as than under cover cop robbed two escorts at gunpoint in king of prussia authorities say they are searching for this man seen in the hoodie hard to make him out in this pictures. set up a meeting at a hotel early saturday morning. when he got there he identified himself as police and then flashed what appeared to be a badge. armed men interrogated would
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the man and then took off with their money. crews packing up after another successful made in america. philly hosted another big event with some major names in entertainment. lauren johnson there was a special a lister as well, as well in the crowd. >> reporter: that is right. we will talk about that in a second. chris murphy after two big days of partying you can see here on the parkway they are trying to clean up. that is the stage off in the distance but big 18 wheelers here to break town stage and get arc way back to normal. more than 60 artists performed on five different stages, early estimates put it at hundred thousand people on the parkway both saturday and sunday. so many famous faces in the city over the weekend, some performing like rihanna, cold play, who were headliners and others just in the city for the fun and music. jay-z who started back in 2011 made an appearance with his wife beyonce, who also happened to be celebrating her 35th birthday yesterday and as
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you mentioned chris murphy a big surprise not a pop star but a politician. >> we got to have our picture taken with bill clinton, very exciting for us and most of the people were still so young i don't think they knew who he was. very, very exciting. he was very surreal. >> so we're told bill clinton was taking selfies with fans but more important for his wife's presidential campaign he was getting people registered to vote. so back out here live labor day means no pick up for those who see it gone on monday but there will be a lot of trash pick up here on the parkway. for party quoers here for two days for music and memories here in philadelphia. >> lauren, backup, all right. who are those people who didn't know who bill clinton was? are you serious. >> reporter: maybe some of the millennials but they are young. >> i don't care if they are young.
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listen, i was than the around when abraham lincoln was president but if i saw him i would recognize him. it is ridiculous. >> reporter: you need to talk to some of the history teachers. >> seriously. lets do the math here. if you were born in 1994 while bill was two years into his presidency, year and a half, you would be 22 years old right now, you would be just a kid but wouldn't you know bill. >> you should move on. >> i'm moving on. >> 4:11. thousandsness cash and hundreds of packets of heroin makes a drug bustt right an i-95 in delaware. what troopers noticed about the car that got the at tension in the first place. she dedicated her life to the poor and now mother teresa is officially a saint, we will take you to her canonization
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is that still the sound of cold play in the air even though they finished singing a long time ago. successful from all account, made in america concerts. labor day is today. now hermine as you heard has moved off shore but we want you to know there is still
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impacts at the shore and we are not getting a way completely scott free. dangerous rip currents being among them, gusty wind, rough surf, tidal flooding as jenny told you earlier between ten and 11:00 this morning high tides for most of the shore places and some beach erosion which means winter will be spent replenishing beach that wears away. now there is rain shield from this storm, well off shore, as we mentioned and even if it the takes that little bit of the turn there is post tropical hermine with 07 miles an hour wind almost hurricane force wind but well enough off shore we are in the getting brunt of it but do you see future effect we will show you this way, the future cast for this is showing a little bit of the turn toward the west toward the coast but even then it is not that close. so keep an close eye on it the as we always do even spaghetti, the worst of them don't take it for a direct hit for new jersey shore.
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most we're getting now are clouds at the shore. when you wake up this morning it will be a gorgeous sunrise because of the mix of sun and included and in rain. as we look at the future cast we don't see any for us in the future in new england, cape cod they will get rain but not even a sprinkle on this particular computer model. that is the deal with that until thursday when we have another system that may affect us. wind gusts, could get up there, especially tomorrow, to windy times at the shore but if that is the worst we got away pretty well. coastal flood warnings in effect for kent and sussex counties in delaware and coastal counties including cumberland county in new jersey because of the proximity to the delaware bay and tropical storm warnings continue but only for ocean waters not for land for tropical storm winds off shore. 64 degrees in philadelphia right now, cool, comfortable morning. fifty-three mount pocono. sixty-one in dover. sixty-five in wildwood.
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we have had now six heat waves and still technically summer even though today is unofficial end of the summer, blah, blah, blah, 82 degrees today. eighty-two yesterday. the average high. we were perfect yesterday. now we will start warming trend. reason we mentioned heat wave we could get another one, number seven of the season, starting on wednesday with a high of 93. ninety-seven on thursday and extending into saturday but while it is here, by the time we get to our first home game on sunday 87 degrees. it will be a warm one. lets look at our traffic as we start off our labor day morning and traditionally there isn't traffic in the morning it is usually coming home but we have an accident on the northbound roosevelt boulevard we are looking at here you see flashing lights. it is at wissohickon off ramp so that will slow you down this morning. let's check i-95 in delaware county near highland avenue
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traffic moving smoothly there, septa bus routes are operating with detours until 5:00. bus routes seven, 32, 33, 38, 43 and 48 are detouring this morning. and until 5:00 o'clock this morning logan square spring garden street between pennsylvania avenue and ben franklin parkway still closed until 5:00 o'clock as they continue to recover, chris murphy from made in america. >> made in america. another success. 4:18. police are looking for person shot and killed a man early under the el. police found victim on the 3100 block of kensington avenue around 1:00 this morning. the allegheny station of the market frankford line. medics transported 359 year-old victim to temple university hospital where he was pronounced dead less than 30 minutes later, so far no suspects. fbi is teaming up with the plymouth township police department in hopes of the catching two bank robbers. take a look police say they
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hit a td bank on west germantown pike sat the day, and, and undisclosed amount of money if you recognize them call police. a drug bust in delaware take a look that is nearly $8,000, cash, and 1500 bags of heroin. troopers pulled the driver over for speeding on i-95 outside of new castle, troopers said they smelled pot after checking troopers learn the driver's license was suspended and they found the drugs in the floor board and cash in the glove box. both driver and passenger were arrested of course. patient whose use medical marijuana in the state of delaware say they are struggling to get access to the drug legally and they pay high prices when they do it. many say they must drive hours from a legal dispensary, others say they purchased marijuana from drug dealers in an effort to treat their pain and other debilitating issues. delaware's only dispensary is in the sit irv wilmington there has been a lawsuit
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against delaware to open up more dispensaries. >> 4:20. septa announces changes to the regional rail schedule starting this week as more silver liner cars come back in the service. new schedule comes back in effect tomorrow and impact eight of the septa regional recall lines. a third of the silver liner threat, and crack and, cars are fix, they are put back in service. find a new schedule on fox president obama meeting with leaders of the top authorities at final g20 sum tonight china on the side line u.s. is meeting with russia and turning toy discuss an end to the civil war in syria. u.s. officials say they are closer to an agreement with military cooperation and could have a deal in place by even of the summit. leaders say the g20 should be a mechanism for long term global stability instead of responding to crisis at the moment. this date 19 years ago mother teresa died at 87.
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has it been 19 years? this morning saint teresa of calcutta is what we're calling her pope francis formally declared her a saint before hundreds of thousands office faithful at st. peters square yesterday. saint teresa's legacy is reveered by christians and non-christians for her lifetime of service to the world's most poor and sick, of course. lots of big changes in the eagles organization, sam bradford out, carson wentz, may be the starter in week number one we will break it down next in sports in one minute.
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good morning i'm sean bell. phillies have lost six straight in eight out of their last nine. team can't hit, pitch or close out games, right now, second half of the season is looking real, real bad. hat math kemp has been great since coming to the braves right here solo shot, off jake thompson. thompson had a pretty good game going seven innings giving up just one home run. in the eighth freddie freeman, adding on some insurance, another solo shot, phillies could this is do any offense only five hit, braves win two to nothing. phillies just swept against the second worst team in the baseball.
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now, howie roseman has been making great decisions but you have to question this one. eagles released wide receiver paul turner, by far, the mvp of the preseason. only wide out who was consistently making plays including that 71-yard punt return? eagles, i don't know, i question it. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. and cutting paul turner was one of the many roster moves eagles made none bigger than the quarterback position, sam bradford was traded to the vikings for first round pick, in 2017. and a fourth round inner 2018. that means when nfl draft is here in philadelphia, we will get a first round pick. that is pretty cool. it also means carson wentz could start sunday verse cleveland at home if his ribs are healed up. he had that hairline fracture in his rib in the first preseason game. other cuts defensive end taylor hart and cj smith. cuts were made to get roster down to 53 players.
4:26 am
they had to do that by 4:00 p.m. saturday. eagles signed five players to the practice squad. after battering florida and southern east coast hermine is making its way north, however does it have have the same punch? jennifer you are down the shore. where are you right now, jen. >> good morning. we are live in north wildwood where we are happy and relieved to report that hermine did not present any major problems down here at the shore. you can see mine offer wind and certainly some choppy waves but people down here are dry on labor day we will be right back. katie: on crime, pat toomey's attacks on me are shameful.
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all eyes on the radar and hermine churns up the coast and heads towards our area we will look live from jennifer joyce. there is her live picture from north wildwood waking up this morning to what? we will let you know. sue's standing by. violent night in philadelphia, woman is dead after a brutal murder what police believe happens to her after she was hit by a car. clean up begins now that made in america is officially over in philadelphia, we will be live, with lauren dawn johnson to tell us who, and, not even a performer. thanks for being with us
4:30 am
on if and we are. >> i guess it ace pope eighth then. happy to be here, on your monday morning, to tell you, that hermine is far off shore and the only effects we're feeling as far as this satellite radar picture is clouds. there are other effects being felt the and we will go through that in a few minutes but it looks like clear skies for most of us this morning, including philadelphia where it is 64 degrees. we have 70 percent relative humidity, breeze out of the north and sunrise official at 6:33. 53 degrees mount pocono. fifty-seven in reading. it is a cool morning in many places, 61 in dover. sixty-five in wildwood and checking wind they are coming out of the north so this means a low humidity day in northwesterly wind as well and nothing extreme not even at the shore as far as wind are concerned, so for your labor day we're working on a decent forecast, high temperature 85 degrees. sixty's this morning, upper
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70's by lunchtime. all and all a good holiday break out barbecue grills you have our permission. that is your weather for today, seven day forecast is heating up. let's check traffic on your monday, holiday morning. we will start off with a look at that vehicle crash and a accident on the northbound roosevelt boulevard, and this is at the wissohickon off ramp. we showed you this last time, one car turned sideways with front end facing the curb there so they have got work to get that out of there. i-95 in delaware county, a check there shows everybody is moving along just fine, a few people that are on the roadways, this hour of the morning on a holiday and as far as the regional rail lines are concerned operating on a interim weekday schedule today, and, actually until further notice, due to the silver liner car malfunction, weekday service is expected to
4:32 am
return by early october. we will have a schedule for you on fox chris? >> sue lets go back to the weather a 49:32. is what lefties heading away from the east coast but still posing a threat. shore bracing for flooding, dangerous waves and rip currents. the jennifer joyce live from north wildwood. jennifer is keeping an eye on the surf of course. >> reporter: we are. yesterday morning i was live in cape may and with the surfers who said they were expect to go see a little bit of rougher surf but i think that change as the day went on. we did see reports of the increased rip currents. a lot of people down here at the shore have been confused wondering what hermine was going to bring because we really didn't see any rain and right now, no serious wind but there are choppy waves that are presenting a danger to beach goers, also, as hermine approaches the coast we are expect to go see tidal flooding, so that high tide here in wildwood will hit us
4:33 am
later this morning between ten a and 11:00. an hour later on the back bays, wildwood really bad flooding typically because of the island sitting so low even with minor storms the streets are often times under water. so that is expect to be the case later this morning. in the meantime people are advised to be extra careful on the beach this labor day, chris? >> thanks, jen. governor christie is standing by his decision to declare a state of of emergency in some new jersey count ace mid frustration from new jersey shore business owners. christie defended his decision. governor wants those in ocean, atlantic and cape may counties to be careful where he declared a state of emergency. >> even though weather is really nice at the moment and is nice in many parts of the jersey shore right now i urge people to be careful, listen to your life guard and municipal officials about, you know, being in the ocean or not because rip currents will get the fairly aggressive even before you see any other type
4:34 am
of outward manifestations of the storm. >> state parks, including island beach state park will open up this morning at 9:00 but swimming is not permitted. christie says he is not ordering necessity evacuations at this point, delaware governor jack markell lifted limited state of emergency in sussex county. stay ahead of the storm with our fox 29 app, find it and put it on your even if to get alerts sent to you anytime anywhere. breaking news now gunfire erupts on a north philadelphia a street leaving two people shot. police were called to the 2200 block of north chadwick street after 12:30 this morning, a woman and man were both shot month. man died in the hospital. male was shot in the head and at the hospital fighting for his life, police do not have a motive. now to west philadelphia where police are investigating a deadly stabbing overnight. this happened just after 1:00 on belmont and west minister avenues.
4:35 am
police say victim is a 30 year-old man. they believe this may have been a robbery due to atm close by. police are looking at surveillance video. now to a brutal murder out of olney, would i man is dead after being hit by a car and beaten by a shovel. this happened 8:30 on west lockland street. investigators say a driver hit her, got out of the car and beat her with had shovel. victim was taken to the hospital where she later died. the driver has been arrested. we will find out by way of the investigation what the motive may have been. in east falls medics have taken a child to chop after an suv flipped and hit a guardrail. it happened on the roosevelt boulevard and fox street around nine collette five last night, according to police, condition is unknown. 4:35. that is a wrap. crews were clearing the streets after year five of made in america, lauren johnson is live along the parkway. is it a mess or have they done a good job cleaning up thus far. >> reporter: i think it is
4:36 am
organize chaos, chris murphy if you ask me. lots of equipment to still in the streets but year five brand up and you know what that means any big two day party means there is a big mess to clean up. not a lot of trash but more than 60 artists performed on five different stage that is they have to break down over the weekend. early estimates the put it at hundred thousand people here on the parkway both saturday and sunday. lots of famous face where is in our city. i was scrolling through instagram to see who was here in philadelphia, some performing like rihanna, cold play, headliners and others were in the city to enjoy the labor day holiday and fun with the music and fun at the festival. jay-z who started this festival in 2011 made an appearance here with his wife beyonce. she was also celebrating her 35th birth take yesterday but the biggest surprise was not a pop star but a former president. >> that is huge. even in my hotel i saw people
4:37 am
from ill noise, everybody comes out for one event for two days, crazy. >> we like to do it as a tamly because music is such an important topic of our lives. they both play in bands. they love seeing different artists, and different types of music. >> reporter: those fans were describing the festival both saturday and sunday but bill clinton was here headaching an appearance taking selfies. that is pretty important to his wife's presidential campaign because he was also getting people registered to vote. we hear malia obama was here we cannot see any pictures, but we will try to find some if we can. trash pick up for monday for people at home will in the happen because it is labor take but here on the parkway it is definitely happening as they break downstages, fencing and everything else related to made in america. big question is,cy it coming back because it was a five-year contract and now five years has already wrapped
4:38 am
up. >> but each year has been better, and better with huge acts as you mentioned with riri and cold play. real quickly there was surprise to have bill clinton there, of course, was this more of a campaign type thing or is he just a fan of the music. we know pennsylvania is hugely important by way of being a winning state. >> reporter: i sort of thing he used it as a venue like this when you have a hundred thousand people over course of two case. you say i will come by, enjoy music but i will work a little work hard and play harder. >> and it turned out to be huge and he turned out. by the way everybody here in the studio hises having you in the studio this morning. >> tell them i will be back later see you tomorrow in the studio. bye lauren. 4:38. more fall out over colin kaepernick's national anthem protest what police are now threatening not to do during 49ers game. good luck with that, chip.
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dale earnhardt junior said he would not race for the rest of the year, a crash at michigan international speed way back in june is believed to be the cause of his head injury. earnhardt junior says he has gotten much healthier in the last few weeks and noticed a
4:42 am
significant improvement with his vision. >> i struggled with my eyes for a while, i'm starting to see improvement there which i was thrilled to wake up one day and feel a difference and start to see improvement there. >> earnhardt junior says he is hoping to return to racing next year but will to have wait for the okay from his team of doctors. as we know his father died in the crash about 15 years ago now. we're down the shore preparing for hermine and while we may not get much damage, same cannot be said for people living in the south, this morning video of what people are waking up to.
4:43 am
4:44 am
4:45 am
now, to the latest on hermine plenty of flooding, in places like north carolina still say the storm could have within much worse, north carolina got any where from four to 12 inches of rain depending on the area peak win gusts, with 55 miles an hour at the peak while some parts recorded winds have of about 07 miles an hour close to the outer banks. lots of cleaning up to do in virginia. streets a wrong the coast, still flooded, remnants of hermine coming through as a tropical storm. remember got downgraded after it assed through florida. the governor there warned of 8-m surges reaching 4 feet, cars are forced to travel through wash out roads as homeowners say they are trying to make the best of this.
4:46 am
virginia has not reported any serious injuries, two people did die in florida, during hermine and sue's been tracking hermine for us and sue, where is hermine right now and how does it affects. >> luckily for us it is far off shore. there is dramatic 3-d satellite picture. you can see a few clouds, pretty much, all we're getting if anything, new england and cape cod, and other parts of the let's say connecticut, road island will feel more effect from his hermine then we will but there is an indication it may move closer to the coast but the impact at the shore will be there. dangerous rip currents being prime among them. gusty wind, rough surf, tidal flooding and beach erosion which is never fun at the end of the season. we have a rain shield from this storm and edge of it is way off shore, so we don't worry about that as we look at the post tropical her mine now
4:47 am
with 07 miles an hour wind. close to hurricane force wind, moving northerly and only 3 miles an hour. this is friday we were talking about the fact it would would be he will off shore and that is what is happening, it moved further out then we had originally anticipated hang goodness. so best thing to do is prepare for the worst and hope for what we have now even when it moves further west ward it will still be well off shore. we will feel effects once we just described even our closest spaghetti model doesn't put us that close to the shore. so clouds looking at our satellite radar, future cast shows the storm still swirling off shore and gets closer, bringing some rain to parts of new england, part of the long island but it doesn't look like it will rain here at least according to this model. the that is the situation for next couple days. wind will pick up especially a at the shore as that storm gets closer to us, tropical storm warnings continue off
4:48 am
shore, the atlantic ocean, delaware beaches and new jersey shore beaches. we have our coastal flood warnings in effect lower two counties of delaware, coastal counties of new jersey. temperatures walking out the door right now are very cool, comfortable, that little taste of the season to come in the air. 64 degrees in philadelphia. fifty-three mount pocono. sixty-five in wildwood. as far as heat wave, and you may be working on number seven, it the is just in time to say unofficial end here comes heat and humidity, with wednesday and a high of 93, upper 90's. maybe even in the 90's on saturday, back to the 80's on sunday for our first real season game for the eagles, for this season. that is your seven day, forecast lets check traffic on your holiday morning. >> we have to start with a look out on that multi.
4:49 am
this happened at wissohickon off ramp flashing lights from our traffic camera, within lane is block, and ramp has been reopened and still get off at wissohickon, you have to be careful there. i-95 at cottman avenue everything normal, we won't get the volume we do later on in the day and once again our regional rail lines are operating, until further notice, including starting tomorrow, once labor day is over but we still got that situation with the silver liner cars that are out of service so we do expect to be back to normal according to septa by early and bus routes, detouring for a couple more minutes until 5:00 o'clock. seven, 32, three three, 38, 43, and 48 detouring, why? >> made in america. >> great job. >> doing both duties this morning on labor day. >> you did a fine job. >> wonderful.
4:50 am
>> police union representing officers there san francisco area is threatening a boycott over colin kaepernick's national anthem protest. union says its members won't police 49ers stadium if the quarterback is not punish. santa claire police officers association made their demand in the letter to the team saying kaepernick's protest has threaten the relationship with the 49ers, about 70 officers from the santa claire police department, patrol levi stadium when 49ers play this. this comes after kaepernick does not a stand as a way to protest police brutality. the team says it supports kaepernick's right to protest. meanwhile, how about this, sales of the kaepernick's jerseys have skyrocketed this is wake of this which he says is a protest against america's treatment of black people and even though he is only a backup at this point kaepernick has moved to fifth overall among nfl jersey sales according to
4:51 am
some fans however reacted by burning his jersey and other memorabilia on social media in the wake of the news breaking about his protest. 4:51. labor day means summer closing, but today marks final day for blue cross river rink summer fest, pens land ago tracks featuring rolling skating, dining, drinking, mini golf and much more. with winter on the way that means the river rink is going to open up soon and it will be freezing, freeze looking, freezing cold. empire fans, there is word of a new love interest for one of the lie ons, jamal lion end of the last season he was suffering from ptst after being the shot his new boyfriend is military vet their philip who runs a support group that jamal says and new guy doesn't care but just generally cares for the singer. >> empire returns september 21st right here on fox. former sixer as we go back
4:52 am
to non-fiction is stepping away from basketball, and it all has to do with his wife we will explain next. eddie mercury would have been 07 years old today. third president?
4:53 am
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welcome back. at 4:55. former sixers all-star drew holiday is taking a break from basketball. his wife former soccer team member lauren holiday is pregnant and need brain surgery. this will be the couple's first child, daughter, he is starting point guard for new orleans pelicans and expect to miss the start of the up come regular season to serve as caretaker for his wife, and new born. they have delayed surgery on her, as long as she's pregnant. on this labor day battleship, and labor union members. yeah, they can tour the ship for free, battleship new jersey is having its popular tour which brings guests down five decks to the bottom of the massive 16-inch gun perth so visitors can load power bags and pull the trigger, and, it is significant. we have former crew members come back and
4:56 am
especially guys on the ground we have stories from guys that were in vietnam at the time and tell about how new jersey supported them. >> battleship new jersey was built in 1942 right after the attack on earl harbor, it is america's most decorated battleship. all eyes on the radar as our area prepares for hermine, lets get to jennifer joyce now, good morning, jen. >> reporter: good morning. we are live from north wildwood where things are calm, fairly calm, perhaps biggest impact on our area we have seen thus far beach erosion, lauren. >> a lot of people here in center city excited because did in the make its way to philadelphia because we had a a two day music festival that was a big hit. new clean up is underway in center city on this labor day. we will bring you here, tell you all about the sights, sound, music and memories from made you in america after the
4:57 am
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tide. number one rated. hermine churning up the coast but many breathing a sigh of relief, what you need to watch out for waking up by the beach. we will have a live report. we have breaking news woman dead and man critically injured in the double shooting, who police are hunting for right now.
5:00 am
made in america is a wrap, and now the clean up, begins, next up, the face in the crowd surprising people last night. you'll be shock to learn that some of this crowd didn't know who this former president, even was. good day it is monday september 5th, 2016. lauren johnson will talk about made in a america in a minute but first what is this? my favorite theme song. 1976. lead song off the album, lead singer there freddie mercury who would have been 07 years old today. >> hard to believe that. >> he died of aid in the early 90's. 1990 or 91. what a loss. >> but how has he music lived on? i mean, everybody still, you know, front and center with freddie mercury and queen. still playing too. nine out of ten, in weather by


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