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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  September 5, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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parkway for the man i had in america festival in philly. now the clean up begins. we are live on the parkway as crews get to work. i still feel i'm riding the high from made in america how amazing it was. >> my ears are still ringing, sue and i still have dust in my hair. >> well, which wrist band was it the for cold play show. >> but they have a special one that rights up with the music and everything and i brought it in so you could see it. >> it is a cool experience. >> i'm glad you had fun. >> good morning to you, september 5th, 2015. >> are you having fun? what will do you? show us your pictures. use the #fox 29 good day and it was good weather for made in america good weather down the shore. >> yes. >> you can take pictures with your burgers and dogs ready to go for later on because the barbecue is on, yeah.
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we've got a good day to day. hermine is still out there and she will still factor in the forecast. you can see the rain from that storm well off shore. not so far that we cannot, like i said, factor her in. bus stop buddy is here to help you. the his family stayed at the shore with the dangerous rip currents which is why he is no the in the water. gusty wind, still out there. rough surf. tidal flooding and beach erosion are all going to be problems at the shore today but for us here in philadelphia we will go with the nine out of ten for labor day. nice one. cloud around. we had sunrise at 6:33. 5-mile an hour wind out of the north/northwest and very comfortable, 63 degrees. other temperatures, it is chillier up to the north, of course, 56 in allentown. fifty in mount pocono. fifty-seven in lancaster. 63 degrees in wildwood. atlantic city international is
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only 59. there it is, the results of the nice healthy apple, fried chicken, burger, corn on the cobb. we have a high of 85, this evening temperatures will be in the 70's. maybe roasting marshmallows on the the grill. sunset time 7:25. we have made a beautiful scenario for your holiday forecast. now lets talk about getting where you are going. i-95 this morning everything is looking fine for a holiday morning, hardly any cars on the roads. disabled truck out there on the northeast extension southbound side right around lansdale the right lane is block there and due to the regional rail services adjustments morning service for market frankford lines will be extended until 10:00 a.m. and evening service levels will run until 3:00 until 7:00 today. >> guys? >> lets go back to the weather. even though remnants of the hermine head ago way from frustrates, it is still
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churning, out there and it will create some dangerous conditions. >> on the the shore, flooding, beach erosion and dangerous rip currents are looming over labor day traditions. something you have to think about down the shore today, jenny? >> reporter: yes, there is a lot to think about down here for sure. we her governor christie say even though there is not a sign of the storm there is no rain, that dozen mean we are not feeling effects. taking a live look at the ocean here you you can see waves are a little bit choppy out here. some beaches have been closed over the last couple of days. another visible impact of this storm, taking a impact live look in wildwood and we have sign of beach erosion here at fourth and beach streets right in front of the acropolis hotel. this is something that shore communities were concerned about but it is also something that they expected to see. the even though we are not the seeing much from hermine because it is so far off shore it is, pretty strong, creating those rip currents along the coast and affecting our beaches.
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another issue that we have been talking about all morning long is potential for tidal flooding, on saturday morning, wildwood were reporting various streets were flooded and today could be more of the same as high tide rolls through later this morning. we are expect to go see that high tide around 10:30 and an hour later is when we would see potential for the flooding off the back bay area. alex ape chris. >> we are looking out for that. thanks for that update. take a look at the what we are avoid being. the storm staying off shore outer banks, came crumbling over weekend. hermine had max sustain wind of 07 miles an hour damaging rooftops, blowing over trees and bringing down power lines. the the storm causing flooding, and beach erosion. >> in florida hermine making land fall as a category one hurricane. some areas still dealing with flooding days later. one of the most devastated communities is new port richie north of tampa. volunteers are going door to door to get people to dry
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ground and safety but some people in the area say they will not leave their home no matter what, total cost from the damage is still being tallied but looking at this, it is going to be high. now to a developing store begin fear eruptness a north philadelphia street leaving two people shot. police were called to the 2200 block of north chadwick street after 12:30 this morning. a 26 year-old woman and 25 year-old man were both shot. women died at temple hospital, male rick tim was shot in the head and is at temple hospital fighting for his life. police do not have a motive at the this time. also, in west philadelphia police are investigating a deadly stabbing overnight. the it happened just after 1:00 on west minister avenues. police say victim is a 30 year-old man. they believe this may have been a robbery, due to the atm being close by. police are current liz working to get surveillance video. in west philadelphia, search is on foreman impersonating police who held up a driver with the automatic weapon. he pulled over an unsuspecting met the wrist at belmont avenue and south concourse
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drive around 8:45 last night. gunman dressed in all black clothing was in a black ford explorer with flashing lights. he hit the driver with the weapon, stole his money and then sped off. developing right now, police investigating a brutal murder in olney. a woman was hit by a car and then driver got out, and he beat her with a shovel. it would hand died there her injuries, this happened around 8:30 last night on west rockland street. the victim was taken to the local hospital where she later died. the driver has been arrested n word on the motive behind this horrific crime. let's go to east falls for this a child was taken to the hospital after an suv flipped and hit a guardrail. it happened on the roosevelt boulevard at fox street around 9:15 last night. police say that the the child was eject from that car during the crash, thankfully, they say that child was ejected and is expected to be treated and released from the hospital. that is some good news. thoughts are there. police are looking for i man robbed two female escorts at gunpoint. the police say the man set up
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a meeting with the two at the hotel just after 2:00 the saturday morning. when he got there and identified himself as a police officer and flashed what appeared to be a badge. he interrogated woman for 30 minutes before eventually stealing their money. if you recognize him, call the police. 7:07. crews are packing up another successful made in america festival on the parkway. >> philly hosted another big event with major names in entertainment. lauren johnson live on the parkway right now. lauren this year, the fifth year, seemed to get better and better. >> reporter: artists get bigger, crowd get bigger and that means clean up gets belling bigger. you can see equipment parked here. we are at a point in the morning where is there schedule change. crews just leaving going home probably after working all night and some new crews just arriving here this morning. this year completes five years of the budweiser man i had in america festival and after any
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big, two day street party, there is a big mess to clean up. more than 60 artists performed on five stages over the weekend. the city estimated about a hundred thousand people would be here on the parkway between saturday and sunday, lot of famous faces were in the city. some performing, others just enjoying the show, rihanna and cold play the big headliners and then other people spotted in the crowds over the weekend. jay z who started the festival in 2011 made an appearance yesterday with his wife beyonce who was also celebrating her 35th the birthday yesterday. we didn't see blue ivy this time around but we did see a big surprise, not a pop star but a politician. >> we got to have our picture taken with bill clinton which was very exciting for us and most have the people around us were so young i don't believe they knew who he was. so it was very, very exciting. he was quite surreal. >> reporter: so bill clinton was here taking selfies with fans. i'm sure that was pretty
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exciting for those who knew and recognized him but more important to his wife's presidential campaign because he was here on the parkway getting people to register to vote. okay. chris and alex, labor day means no trash pick up for people usually get trash pick up on monday but today down at the parkway lots of trash being picked up and a lot of crews working hard manual labor that is to disassemble these stages a lot of work. >> but they are getting it done and testify to do it quickly. it is just ten days to set it up and take it down in a day. >> throwing a big party get all of the dishes dirty and then clean up is worst part. there was a great shot of the parkway right now. you can see all of the work that still has to be done. more changes coming to septa's regional rails this week as more silver liner cars come back into service. new schedules go in effect for tomorrow for eight of the septa regional rail lines. more than a third of the septa's silver liner fleet was taken out of the serve base of
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the cracks in the steel plates in the cars. as cars are fixed they are put back into service which makes sense. by the way you can find the new schedule on our web site at fox 7:10. there are new three weeks to go before the first presidential debate, and likely to be a ratings blockbuster. as hillly clinton and donald trump go at it on stage at hofstra university in new york. >> but as doug luzader reports from washington the two candidates may be taking two very different approaches to their preparations. it is not kennedy/nixon but hard to imagine two more polar opposite squaring off in a debate in hillary clinton and donald trump. >> oh, wow i love this. >> reporter: clinton has spent her entire adult life in politics and her debate preps reflect that. a big staff, flooding her with possible attacks, strategy, and it is likely she will engage in practice debate with the stand in for trump. campaign has enlisted ghost writer behind the art of the deal to figure out what
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buttons to push to provoke trump and trump is taking a much different approach. >> we feel like one piece of our debate prep is going out there and giving these speeches report rorrer forget typical political strategies like mock debate. trump wants no part fearing it would make him come off as not authentic but that comes with risk. >> they are making me do homework. >> reporter: president obama openly complained about having to do debate prep and he even cut his practice short, to visit hoover dam before his first went mitt romney. what happened, widely believed it is he got his clock cleaned before regrouping. trump cannot count on doing what worked so well for his touring his primary debate. >> it is a much different thing. he cannot let four other candidate get into a fight and let him drop back and then come in for the kill like he was able to do over and over again.
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>> reporter: then there is johnson factor libertarian gary johnson is polling well but still short of the 15 percent threshold the commission on presidential debates requires in five specific polls to be included on the debate stage. but still he is hopeful. >> we're at 10 percent flat on those five polls that is an increase of probably about 4 percent consensus over the last six or seven weeks. so we are optimistic we will get in the debate. >> reporter: he is in the there yet and he is running out of the time. commission will make its determination as to who makes it on the stage for that first debate sometime over the next couple of weeks, in washington, doug luzader, "fox news". thanks, doug. 7:12. on this date 19 years ago mother teresa died at 87. this morning she's saint teresa of calcutta. pope francis formally declared her a saint before hundreds of thousands of faithful at st. peters square yesterday and saint teresa's legacy is
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reveered by christians and non-christians for lifetime of service for the poor and also sick. 73:00. new jersey shore may dodge a bullet when it comes to hermine but for those out on the ocean during the storm, anything but smooth sailing. amateur video from a cruise ship as it made its way through hurricane hermine gives us a look. video shot from the deck of the royal caribbean cruise ship anthem of the seas. shot right in the middle of the hurricane force winds. >> early morning, when the ship started to sway here. >> anthem of the seas left bayonne, new jersey for a trip to bermuda and they ran right into this. >> my goodness. look at those waves. >> all right, sue, good news it is in the nearly what it was south of here. >> but reminder if you are down the shore when it comes to the water. >> somebody has to say this,
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the sea was angry, my friends. >> seinfeld. >> yes. >> anyway, we have a look at the this storm which is interacting with another low pressure system that is out there. not a tropical storm anymore, it is not a hurricane anymore but it is spreading clouds into our area. hermine will bring us gusting wind, rough surf, tidal flooding and beach erosion. we have seen that or you will see more of it, with jenny joyce in north wildwood this morning. the don't forget about those dangerous rip currents we've got a seven for uv index. we will have clouds today but you can still get sun through the cloud. rough surf tidal flooding, water temperature 75 degrees. 81 degrees on the beach. it could been worse had it inched further closer and it is still going to but not close enough to give us major, damage of any kind but at 70 miles an hour wind off shore with this storm and look at projected path over next
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couple of days still factoring in our weather possibly through thursday at least our shore weather especially with some of the spaghetti models they are still all over the place with where this storm will decide to go. tropical storm warning continues in the ocean waters just off shore, we have lifted coastal flood advisory, high tied along oceanfront 10:30 and then about back bays an hour later. you can see clouds, spreading in. we are seeing cloud in philadelphia. sunnies burning through there. that future cast that storm still churns off shore and gets maybe some rain into long island, parts of the new england, cape cod, and maybe a couple of sprinkles at the new jersey shore and then wednesday we may have to factor in a lit built on have rain from another system but probably not. this is another computer model, that one compared to this one still keeps the rain off shore. it looks like a decent labor day.
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63 degrees. cool start there. cooler in wilmington where it is 57 degrees. sixty-three in wildwood. fifty-nine in atlantic city. only 50 in mount pocono. probably pocono mountains, definitely sweater weather this morning but not for long, heat waves, how many have we had? six so far this summer. your we talking about it? because there is another one gearing up. we have had a perfect 82 degrees yesterday, today 58. really nice tomorrow up to 88. in the 90's on wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, and wednesday and thursday, thursday i should say will be the day when we have heat index around 100 back to summer weather not just in time for football season to start on sunday. that is your seven day forecast. lets check traffic on your holiday morning. we will start off with this look at i-95 at the girard avenue. a few cars on the road, everybody is moving along okay. route 42 freeway still running smoothly this morning, that will be a different picture later on this is day, disable
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truck, at the northeast extension, of the turnpike, it is, the southbound side of the lansdale and the right lane is still, block there and the new jersey transit river line between camden and trenton trains will operate on a sunday schedule. on this day battleship new jersey has a special offer for labor union members. >> they can tour the ship for free. battleship new jersey is having its the popular tourist two tour which brings guests down five decks to the bottom of the massive 16-inch guns. visitor can loud powder bags and even pull the trying tore simulate firing of these historic guns. labor day means, of course, our summer go to spots are closing for the season. >> don't say that. i love summer fest at river rink. >> it is closing, yeah. today marks final day for blue cross river rink summer fest, pens land ago tracks featured roller stating, dining, drinking, mini golf, lot more. however winter is on its way in a few months and that means
7:18 am
ice skating at the the same plae which is another busy time at river rink. >> it will be just turned over into winter fest so that is also good. but still they had mini golf, i remember when it first open, dj jazzy jeff was doing roller rink. just so sad that summer is wining down. >> i know, i don't like the cold as much. >> we have a cool weekend a little bit for summer. >> but here we go another heat wave, sue will be talking about that coming up later this week. >> good. some people say labor day weekend is the up official end to summer do you feel that way, unofficial end. >> so when is summer ending, 21st. >> twenty-second. >> okay. after that kids are back to school. most kid will be back in school. it is unofficial end. but its not official until it is official, so we will just say between the second. 7:18. southwest airlines flight attendant find an awesome way to get pass evening tours
7:19 am
listen up, would you listen closely if they sounded like this. >> unaudible. flight attendant is right. to you think so. >> 100 percent. now, loony tunes announcement has been viewed more than 1.7 million times. >> here's the thing, they do flights all the time she has heard that so many times, him doing it, after a while it is
7:20 am
like... >> hundred percent. >> it is cool. >> i of been annoyed after 12 seconds of that. >> but southwest is known for doing different ways to give you the safety checks and stuff. but lets face it when flight attendant goes up and everybody just tunes out, lot of people. people have their headphones in and they are not even paying attention f this is what it takes for other kid to pay attention, then maybe this is what we need. >> just get me there safely and on time spare me the jokes. >> i don't want to hear it you have to do your part, chris. looking to start your career or just need a change, you you are in luck, why 2017 looks to be a promising year for those in the market for a new job. eagles making a splash just before the start of the regular season trading away their starting war back does this mean official beginning of the the carson wentz era. looking at winning lottery numbers.
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let's talk about some good news from the work force this labor day. more jobs and more pay. >> i know what you are thinking. who is hiring. dan knows. he is here right now. >> we will grade this years labor day, it is a solid b. getting better. your first job how much to you make an hour. >> it was so low i tried my best to forget. >> my job in television as a anchorman in california, 17,000 a year. >> yes. >> my first paycheck,. >> yes. >> 1978, 2.30 cents an hour. >> yes. >> that is more than i made. >> alex is right this year things are getting better. let's give this a solid b. it is down to 4.9. employers are hiring 5 percent more this year. 5 percent more. best of all, pay is starting to finally increase, last month, hourly wages were up 2.6 percent and next year
7:25 am
projected to go up 3.6 percent. wages are creeping up. unemployment is down. there are more jobs out there. we have challenges. there is a lot of part-time jobs, folks looking for work because they are in jobs that are below their skill level. we have a lot have of challenges in the labor market but this year on labor day things look better. there should be more jobs next year as well. >> with that unemployment number there is always sort of the red harring effect of this, people just stopped looking for work. >> yes. >> we call them drop outs. folks that have dropped out. there is still a lot of them. labor market isn't yet strong enough to pull them back. we want to see that next year as well. but all indicators are that next year 2017 we will start to see. some of the industries that are hiring, right, some of the ones that have been hiring, hospitality industries, restaurants, bars, things like that. >> people have have more money in their pocket. >> yes. >> you and you are spending more. that has a trickle effect, people get hired. we're still seeing tech jobs
7:26 am
and highly skilled jobs in demand n fact employers say they cannot fill those jobs is there not enough qualified candidates for engineering, computers, science, majors, accountants. >> if you have a kid in elementary school or middle school. >> petroleum and chemical engineering sound they cannot find them. having said that there are still more of thosensry level jobs which we didn't see too many of before but they are back. and that helps people put on the first train car. you have to get the train car in the labor market. it is a simple thing. here it is, you and i, including sue, di, everybody here at fox we decided we were going to wake up, good news, and sell our labor, right, for some hourly wage. that is what we're doing here. >> on labor day. >> it is that i am is many. from the employer perspective it is even simpler. if you are being paid ten bucks an hour employer has to realize that back in value to keep you employed or you will
7:27 am
not stay in employed. that is what is going on at a big level. more employers are saying we need more help because business is pretty good. not terrific but pretty good. therefore they are hiring more of us. next year looks better. maybe we will get an a instead of the b. >> keep going up. >> certainly better then it was in january of 09, after we had -- >> you have to add tour skill set. we cannot be relaxed. you and i as laborers and everybody else watching, we have to add to our skill set so we we come more valuable in the marketplace to those potential employers. >> thanks, dan. happy labor day we're laboring. >> good luck to you. that means good news to you if you are trying to labor. >> thanks for coming in. >> 7:27. donald trump continues his push to win over minority voters but is it working? some local leaders weigh in on what he needs to do to get their vote. third president?
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waves crashing on the j here at northern most corners of the north wildwood island there. that is where the ocean meets the bay. there close there. you can see how rough that surf is today. the it makes a beautiful picture but believe me underneath is quite the rip current as well.
7:31 am
so you have to be careful at the shore but enjoy the view today from many of us last time we will get to experience that this summer. this is what it looks like from our doppler radar and satellite picture you will see cloud spreading from east to west, from the ocean but the precipitation staying off shore. that is hermine. effects at the shore buddy is here to tell you about it, gusty wind, rough surf, tidal flooding, high tide along the oceanfront between 10:30 and 11:30, some beach erosion, we have seen a little bit of that already. nine out of ten for your labor day inland, cloudy start but sunnies burning through here at olde city. 63 degrees with the the 5-mile an her breeze. it is only 50 in mount pocono. mid 50's in other places to the north of us, upper 50's in atlantic city. high temperature later on today of, firing up the grill.
7:32 am
85 degrees is our high today. plenty of sunshine as well. so little bit on the breezy side but we are liking this weather today. that is your forecast. time for traffic as we get started not expecting too much traffic but we have an instant tenth or two lick this disabled car on the schuylkill expressway westbound. this happened right at passyunk. luckily off to the side but we are blocking one lane there. ben franklin bridge from the the camden side, everything is moving smoothly, few cars on the road, disabled truck on the northeast extension, southbound side at lansdale right lane is block there and market frankford line, service levels extended until 10:00 o'clock, this morning. alex and chris. >> thanks, sue. >> donald trump continues his push to try to gain support for the african-american voters over weekend and started right here in philadelphia on friday. >> trump held a private round table discussion with african-american congressional candidates and community leaders at a church on north
7:33 am
broad street. polls show trump is struggling to gain support from minority voters, particularly african americans. some polls have him in the single digits with black voters. trump's focus on friday was to help build a better relationship with those voters. >> this message is that he wants to complete level of inclusion. he wants to have have african americans. he want hispanics, asians, everyone included inside his campaign. >> trump message to philadelphia on detroit where he toured african-american neighborhoods and spoke to members of the inner city detroit church and gave a speech out there for service. for more of trump's efforts to reach black voters we are joined by renee amore, and, also you are deputy chair of the republican party. >> correct. >> we have chad, and celine, who supports donald trump on the cover of the daily news for being someone who supports donald trump. >> yes good thank you for being here.
7:34 am
>> thanks for having us lets start with friday. a surprise that he showed up in philadelphia and herb lusk pass for of the church where he attended evident thely according to ms nbc, didn't even know trump was coming and was out of the country at the time. >> okay, what can i say. >> most pastors to know what is going on in the church. know herb very well, excellent preacher. we were there. there was 15 or 16 people. private heating, where mr. trump, and i think it went very well. >> why did he choose philly. >> i'm's excited, of course he chose philadelphia. he went to wharton. it is a big state this play. wants this state. wants to talk to people of color to see what the need are. he was open, honest, good discussion. >> more listening to some of the issues on how to reach out. >> issues, how to do it and what our needs are and community need and what will we make it work. >> well, for me, having trump
7:35 am
in philadelphia, that is in the the history for he. one party system is issue for me. we have democrats, republicans. both parties have placated individuals, displayed false generosity and also inn grace eighthed themselves. challenge i have with donald trump that those who don't see him who he is at times being a divisive, there is some sentiment he is a polarizing behavior and he is deeply, keeply seen owe phobic. >> but to your two party system, when you heard donald trump say what the the hell do you have to lose as an african-american? he made that speech, with the backdrop of all white people, in michigan, what were your thoughts. >> for me we are looking at economic injustice, macro economic, violence, we are looking at educational apartheid. there is a lot to lose in this election with a donald trump. nothing wrong with the republican party but i think that the republican party
7:36 am
certainly could have put up a better candidate then this mediocre candidate that they have. >> lets get to you. >> i think mr. trump is what we need. we need strong leadership. >> polarizing figure good we have had eight years of president obama, i have always been a democrat but something about donald trump and, go to attitude, he is a businessman, he had created thousands of jobs. that is what america need right now. we need someone to help us rebuild what we have lost. >> for you it is more economic. >> yes. >> he wants to make sure he brings jobs. >> yes. >> look at the economy, we had dan in here talk about unemployment below 5 percent, president obama inherited a mess with the economy, in january of 08. things improved. not enough for african-american. >> secretary clinton will be a third of what we have had, it is the same. i think people in my generation they want to change. they want someone totally new.
7:37 am
they don't want clinton or another bush. >> they want bernie sanders. >> that is what he was saying. >> people do not want establishment, is that what you were saying i heard what you are saying with you bottom line is people voted him in. we have to respect that. i'm glad you didn't say anything bad about republicans. but the bottom line is that is who we have, that is what we have to deal with. and we have to work with him. the message gets out. sometimes it is not what he says, it is how he says it. >> let me be real clear about that. >> we definitely necessity donald trump has appealed to that darker side of our democracy where he is very divisive. we cannot sit here and not reach consensus the fact that he is a demo going and engage necessary racially divisive behavior. that is who donald trump is. america does not the need that. what america needs and this is not a ideal war thinks both
7:38 am
end. what america need is a national dialogue on how we can respect people and be more tolerant. not donald trump polarizing. >> e-mail scandal. >> i'm not here to defend hillary clinton but what i'm here to simply say toys sit here and act as if donald trump is not dividing america, to sit here and say donald trump. >> he is waking up america. >> i think he is to go. that lets he make that clear. >> what do you say renee to some people feel in the beginning he was making comments and statements and people were offended by. it seems like a witch has been flipped and now he is going to the black church, being with people, he wants to listen and hear what do you say about some people saying he wasn't saying this from the beginning and new we are closer to the election, now things are changing. >> a lot of folks only say, black communities will not get votes. we will not go there. that is what happened.
7:39 am
let me be real clear i ran tom ridge campaign and he wasn't here in the beginning. then he came out and started walking in the communities just like donald trump is doing. same thing with president bush when i ran his campaign as far as african hearn person. they tend to do it. they are not going to vote us anyway because they are democrats. i'm trying to teach them no, it is not about being democrats. you have to come out for all people. if you don't think we will vet or not still give us the message. >> last thing here what has trump said specifically about policy and the economy that has you excited about him as president. >> just the fact that donald trump, among african-american men 18 to 30 is up. >> what platform has he presented. >> about making american companies responsible, stop building factories in mexico, chine, making american companies responsible with the tax cuts as far as them getting reductions and then keeping jobs here in the you
7:40 am
had. >> he needs to be clear about how he will do it so people will understand it. he did have a message for us with substance. he told us how wow do. it was with a smaller group. he need to expand that. >> i agree with that. >> i'm glad you agree good this is my point, but for me i cannot sit down with a rush bill because or donald trump. >> i know who they are. >> there is so much more to come, in the election. >> i cannot placate, false generosity. >> election day is in eighth. >> we thank you all for being here, so we can have this conversation. he is starting the conversation. we will continue it right here. >> happy labor day. >> yes. >> all right. 7:40. we will take a break and then we will talk eagles. >> to you want to stay around and talk about carson wentz are you fired up about eagles season on sunday.
7:41 am
>> not really. >> we will be right back. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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pork roll is not the just a breakfast it the is now a beer. they have released pork roll porter beer. also, exit seven, it is in celebration of the brewery's 20th anniversary. the porter is made with pork roll and spices, in the brew kettle. the beer aroma featuring cocoa and hints of mapel and smoke. when we get new information on this story, new developments, we will pass it along to you. >> i can't imagine. >> yeah. >> we are following the sam bradford trade but eagles made another move that has people talking. paul turner, right, he was outstanding in the preseason. he is gone. >> all right. we will have more on that.
7:45 am
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get your free credit scorecard at even if you're not a customer.
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taking a look on this labor day morning at somebody laboring to get this disabled vehicle off the schuylkill expressway. westbound, it is on the shoulder, but, the official vehicle is keeping follow action way from that. that is at passyunk avenue by the way. eastbound on the schuylkill. ben franklin bridge from the camden side looking really good this morning. hardly anybody on the road. regional rail, the situation we will continue with this
7:48 am
interim weekday schedule even after it is back to reality day septa is expect normal weekday service, to get more trains back on the road to continue, by early october. that is a look at traffic this morning at 7:48. we will have weather in 15 seconds. so here's hermine, churning off shore. we're get something of the clouds from this storm. we will get gusty wind, rough surf. not a perfect day at the beach but not a complete wash out either because we are not expecting rain. beach erosion, yes, tidal flooding, yes, dangerous rip currents for sure and rest of the shore cast is for uv index of seven and high temperature of 81 degrees.
7:49 am
big headlines after today and after we're not talking about hermine anymore is heat wave is coming. in fact, 96 degrees is our high temperature for forecast. record high for thursday is 96-. we can have rorrer setting temperatures and a four day heat wave by the end of the week, guys. okay. thanks very much, sue. eagles making a shocking move, trading starting quarterback sam bradford to the minnesota vikings for first round pick in 2017 and fourth round inner 2018. general manager howie roseman was saying the offer was too good to pass up and they are trying to recover from this. lets he break down what this trade means we have sean brace, of philly influencer, and matt lombard owe of 97.5 the fanatic. when you posted this people on social media were freaking out. what happened? what is going on. you are pretty surprised too,
7:50 am
right. >> this doesn't happen all the time in the nfl a week before the season starts. starting quarterback gets dealt this doesn't happen that often. >> i like your story, how did you find out. >> i saw that the eagles and vikings were talking but could not come to a deal. i go away and see sam bradford traded, sam bradford traded. difficult read it wrong first time. i said had happened. >> no deal and then deal. >> eight dates before the season start you will move a starting quarterback but i give howie roseman credit for this. there were a lot of teams that were in talks with the vikings. a lot of gm offer shot sad you asking for pro bowl caliber players and first round picks back. howie rose map used their trade chip which was sam brad forward one of of the only reasons they resign him to get not only first round pick but that fourth round pick, all of the vikings need to to was adrian peter, great defense
7:51 am
and now sam bradford. they just need to make playoffs that fourth round pick becomes number three. >> easy to say he is a genius. >> it is a great move. he answered the phone and set a price. he didn't wheel and deal. >> when they suggested a second round pick. it need to be a first or non-starter. >> he fell into his lap. we cannot just talk about one pick. you just talk about byron maxwell that contract, moving him, demarco murray and moving him. howie roseman has had an amazing off season this was a great move with bradford. cookie owe maxwell and byron maxwell was good move. lets see how it pans out. >> that is a good point. >> basically acquired carson went for sam bradford and third round pick. >> yes. >> this was a guy out of office this year and comes out out of the basement the and then he is running. >> also a guy that signed wide receive their they cut before the season starts.
7:52 am
he corrects his own mistakes and corrects chip kelly's mistakes before making great moves that pan out well. >> hold on, fellows. another big question is who will start on sunday. by default chase daniel is our starting quarterback but people are saying no, it will be wentz. is wentz ready. >> sean? >> well, look he is as ready as he can get right now. they will throw him in. he is injured. he cannot come back injury. once he is hundred percent healthy they will put him in there. do i believe that. eagles are happy with had they saw in one quarter of play in that first preseason game on top of what he has done throughout the course of the training camp. they like what wentz is doing. heck of a lot more than chase daniel than he has been able to do. >> he is so young, so green, can he take this on. >> clearly eagles wouldn't have made this move if they didn't believe carson wentz was ready to play in the nfl. something happened. he didn't practice since that tampa bay game when he got hurt. something went on behind the scenes where they said even
7:53 am
before that first round pick we're comfortable enough with chase daniel and carson wentz. if it were me would i play wentz first couple weeks just to get carson wentz, some minutes. he hasn't taking a single ra rep all summer and all spring. get him a couple reps. they have a bye week after week three. play daniel first three games, get through by week and week six after the bye, in detroit i would start carson wentz. >> i wouldn't start wentz right away, would i start daniel and work went in like they did donovan with doug in 99. >> we will see, press conference later today. let's talk paul turner. fans are upset by the on it come because they wanted him to make the team that was disappointed. that was why i question howie roseman's judgment. they brought in a guy from san francisco who sprain hits mcl in the second week of the preseason. paul turner led the nfl in receptions. he had a great punt return you are showing right now. he earned a spot on this team.
7:54 am
what kind of precedent are you setting with a guy who came in undrafted, work his butt off, made the team, played well and then you cut him for a guy who basically hasn't proven anything. >> i agree with some. i think paul turner earn a spot on the roster. he is number four, number five receiver. he is probably 51st player on the 53 man roster. eagles are trying everything, in this wide receiving core. they have traded dario green beckham. if rasheed bailey i bet paul turn are would have been out of here two or three weeks ago. they see the kid, they brought in, bryce, he ran a 4.49 in the combine. averaged 22-yard per catch at cal. they want a burner. thinks just them working with the bottom of the roster. unfortunately paul turner was price to pay. >> we will see what happens. a lot of people were hoping for something. my gosh. thanks, guys. we will see what happens. also on sunday. sam bradford, how much do you want to bet he will have a
7:55 am
great career in minute so the a they will go to the playoffs. >> that would be a good thing. >> yes. >> i won't say all that. >> thanks, guys. >> 7:55. sending an e-mail is about of every day life. how do you know if your e-mail is secured? we will show you a web site to allow if your e-mail has been compromised. trust me you will want to see this. third president?
7:56 am
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7:58 am
7:58 is the time. the beautiful day on tap here in the delaware valley. sending an e-mail is part of every day life but how do you know if your e-mail is secured. there is a web site that can check this out, tech experts anthony mongeluzzi is here to talk about this new web site that is going to help us out. anthony, thanks for being with us. >> pleasure. >> what do we do? we put in our e-mail here and they let us know what. >> we will go to the web site, have i been pwned, hacker way
7:59 am
of saying owned, they switch zero with the p. you type in your e-mail address and user name you would use on line. i will type mine in. and let's hope the internet is work well because it is a little slow here today and it is not working. >> no. >> we will try again though. so basically what this does as we are type this in here it will let you know any web site that has issued. >> catastrophic failure. >> but basically i will come up and have have a linkedin issue because i was hack on linkedin but if we had proper working internet in the studio here, not the studio, up there it would actually list all of the web sites here. i did a search on e e-mail address. you were good. >> so when we prep for this segment on friday. >> there we go.
8:00 am
>> there we go. >> this was what will show, oh, no, pwned. so this says linkin hack me or you in this case. >> what this means this e-mail address i have was registered with linked in when linkin was hack. so if i used the same pass word for linkedin, lets the say for amazon or e bay or other sites like that, my data has now been sold on the black market. i need to change those pass words. >> that is the moral of the story here change your pass word for every different application you have. >> two morals, other thing is, you have every day life to get in your car, to get in your home and you would not use the same key, to access all of those things. but people go on line every day, and they utilized the aim pass word for their banking information, for their sites, for amazon. >> i have not the only been pwnned and schooled. >> we want to say
8:01 am
congratulations to anthony because he just had a baby, and he still came into work on labor day. we love it. >> thanks very much. happy labor day to you. it is monday september 5th, 2016. tracking hermine, the storm appears to be sparing new jersey and delaware beaches after some were fearing the worst. >> wow, the waves are pretty ridiculous. >> reporter: what you still need to watch out for if you are spending labor day down the shore. plus, nba player devastated after finding out his pregnant wife is diagnosis with a brain tumor and how former sixers star jrue holiday is proving love is bigger than basketball. it is labor day which means we are firing up the grill, the cook out tips guarantied to make your holiday meal a hit. it was a star studded
8:02 am
festival marking the unofficial tone summer from killed play and rihanna to celebrity sightings in the audience, big names spotted a at made in america. >> it is monday september 5th, happy labor day. we mentioned the baby. >> talking about labor. >> yes. >> anthony, how long was the neighbor. >> about five or six hours. >> yes, real labor day. >> yes he said this is his second child and he says he is done. she is's adorable. congratulations. because it is labor day we want townsend us pictures of what you are doing. are you going to have barbecue, muse snick we have music out there. >> if you are in labor go ahead. >> we are having a labor day party. we are having a barbecue. we have, dj kevin kev and other dj's outside giving us a great cook out tips. what are you doing. use the #fox 29 good day and let us know. >> i know what sue's doing keeping an eye on the radar.
8:03 am
>> we are watching hermine. one thing you cannot see is alex is wearing white pants for the last time because you cannot the wear them after today. well, that is what they say anyway. well, there she is, hermine churning off shore moving further inland but not far enough that we have to be concerned about rain from this storm. now we will get the clouds. we will get rough surf. in fact lets show you you what we will get with bus stop buddy and his last day at the beach before he goes back to school and that would be tomorrow. bus stop buddy tells but dangerous rip currents, gusty winds. surf is rough. tidal flooding, at times of high tide which next one is roughly around 10:00 o'clock, 10:30 this morning. beach erosion we have seen some. there are the cloud spread nothing to philadelphia with 66 degrees, it is lovely outside, very comfortable, almost sweater weather to the
8:04 am
north of with us mount pocono at 55 degrees. fifty-eight in allentown. down in millville 61. 63 degrees in wildwood. so your labor day forecast, the barbecue is on, summer's last gasp and high temperature should be about 85 degrees with plenty of sunshine. that is your weather authority forecast, we will talk about big warm up in the seven day but lets take a look right now at disabled vehicle on the schuylkill expressway westbound at passyunk avenue. the police carries providing protection there, so, nobody gets into that shoulder. very small shoulder on that part of the schuylkill. i-95 in delaware county near high land avenue moving very smoothly. the few cars that are on the road and that disable truck is still on the north east extension southbound at lansdale with the right lane block there new jersey transit river line between camden and trenton trains will operate on a sunday schedule today, chris
8:05 am
and alex. >> sue, lets get back to your shore cast, shore keeping an eye on this of course. >> flooding, dangerous rip currents looming over labor day traditions. the jenny joyce is live from north wildwood. >> reporter: good morning, guys. all morning we have been out here in the area of fourth and beach streets in north wildwood and in the last maybe half an hour or so we can really see waves are picking up in intensity and coming closer to shore here. i'm joined by kathy and maureen. you guys, you live here. you are from here. this weekend you were not concerned about hermine. were you not leaving or evacuated. >> not leaving anything, all difficult was move my car off the island and that was it. >> reporter: were you expecting to it would be worse. >> but they said don't worry, we're fine they have a system where they will call us and let us know. >> reporter: they told you you would be fine.
8:06 am
>> fine today. >> look at you one tough cook any short sleeves, it is a little chilly, windy but really not bad at all. >> no, it is a nice morning. beautiful. the island is pretty desserted so we are enjoying peace and quiet, beautiful morning, can't complain. >> so labor day weekend do you feel a little bit bad for people who decided to take off early. >> we went out off the island and then coming back the traffic jam and we thought well, all those people, you know, lost what is one of the nicest weekend at the shore. we did feel bad. >> chris and alex, a short time ago we saw or assistant news director maryann vaughn and she telling us her mom took off saturday, five hours of traffic, she sat in getting home, a lot of people if they were going to go home a lot of people made that decision on saturday because weather was still glummy and five hours of
8:07 am
traffic. so greg gillroy and will be heading back to philly, not sure what we will expect to see traffic wise but fingers wise it will be okay. these people here, pretty happy to see hermine was in the the horrible storm that some thought we would get. >> my house sits the ground so we flood easily. we spent saturday putting everything up on cinder blocks and happy to put it all back down on dry floors and set out and enjoy sunshine. >> and everybody safe. no cleaning up to day. that is got thing. we will send it back to you guys. >> jenny, check with us and let us necessity how long it the takes and how traffic is coming back to philly. >> we will, we will do that. we will be safe. >> other part of this storm not being as bad as we thought it might be, that was very good news for whoever went to made in america, fifth year that they had this. >> lauren johnson is live on the parkway this morning because it was great weather are great crowds and then a
8:08 am
great clean up in the crowd to take. >> that is right. opposite of what is happening down the shore with jennifer joyce. check this out crews just got here as i was telling you earlier they were switching out. now all you hear is condition trucks cranes, heavy equipment disassembling those five stages. they hosted 60 different musical acts over two days at budweiser made in america festival this marked year five. it seems like it got bigger and better every year. this year cold play and rihanna were big names but there were other performers that drew big crowds to the parkway. city thinks maybe around a hundred thousand people. with that many people out here it was a lot to be cleaned up but honestly, not so much trash. the crew is here just focused on this big heavy equipment that makes up the stage, making it big. what about the big names that made appearancing here? first, jay-z and beyonce were on hand. jay-z responsible for cure rating the concert.
8:09 am
his superstar wife was here on her 31st birthday. the power couple was spotted laughing and talking with bill clinton. he was scene snapping selfies with fans, getting people registered to vote for his wife's presidential run. speaking of presidential, there is new video of sascha and malia obama the at festival. malia sporting an harvard hat, a white t-shirt that said smoking kills on it and cut off denim shorts. her sister also spotted with friend at the concert. it the is all over. no more sound coming from the stage in the form of music, it is all street sweepers, lots of metal, construction equipment and beeping from those cranes to get the parkway back reopened here in the city, guys, back to you. >> a lot of people here. a lot of people. we will have a recap during the show, throughout the morning. thanks, lauren. we have some breaking news president obama just said that
8:10 am
san francisco 49er colin kaepernick is exercising his constitutional right to not stand for the national anthem at football games. this is while he is over in china right now. >> so white house spokesperson josh ernest when this broke a week ago said kaepernick's views were objectionable but protect. so, we will see, more from the president, and trying to get sound from him, from his trip overseas. colin kaepernick gets support on the soccer field. >> yes, u.s. soccer star megan. >> rapnot. >> she need sunday night before the seattle rain took on chicago red stars. rapnot's protest was done in solidarity with kaepernick. rapnot helped u.s. win the world cup last year and laid in the olympics. recently i think we had a picture of her on the field taking the knee. we shield that a little bit
8:11 am
earlier to you. all right. speaking of sports, somewhat an nba player devastated after finding out that his pregnant wife is diagnosed with a brain tumor. how the former sixers star jrue you holiday is proving love is bigger than basketball. do you hear that brain music. you are listening to dj kevckev. we are barbecuing, celebrate trying on you had side our studios. how are you celebrating. use the #fox 29 present.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:14. hermine is not a tropical system anymore but a big whole mess of clouds. it is still an organized system but just called post tropical now still giving us gusting wind, rough surf, tidal flooding, beach erosion at the shore and most dangerous of all, rip currents there. so it is a seven out of ten for your uv index. water temperature if you wanting to ankle deep, 75 degrees today. eighty-one is height temperature on the beach. there is post tropical hermine
8:15 am
with 07 miles an hour wind. it is 300 miles away from the eastern tip of long island and we do see a bit of the westward movement. they call this retro grading. it gets closer to the shore which means we will get high tide flooding but there is another look at the cone of uncertainty as we said as this thing will probably put some rape into area of new england, maybe by tomorrow northern new jersey might get a drop or two but high tide between 10:30 and 11:30. we will sigh a live look at the storm churning off shore and clouds it is throwing back to the west from the center of the storm. we expect to be in the 80's. we were jed with 82 degrees. warmer today and then this is the beginning of the real warming trend, getting hot again by wednesday, don't think you turn off your air conditioning, oh, no, by thursday, we are in the mid 90's, by friday we are still
8:16 am
in the mid 90's with the possibility of heat wave number seven for 2016, still hot, on saturday. eagles game on sunday first real season game, 85 degrees sunny and warm. that is your seven day forecast. time to check traffic at 8:16. we will start off with a look at the disabled vehicle still out there. this isn't rush hour like a normal workday so not causing any backups there. this is at passyunk avenue on the schuylkill, westbound. i-95 in delaware county hardly a car on the road maybe five or ten. vine street accident, no, vineland, new jersey, vineland, new jersey sheridan avenue is there an accident there. this is sheridan near south east boulevard and we have a disable trouble that has in the been cleaned up just yet. northeast extension southbound at lansdale the right lane is block there. chris and alex? >> thanks, sue. 8:00 156789 former sixers all-star jrue holiday
8:17 am
is taking a break for basketball for personal reasons. >> his wife former u.s. women's soccer team member lauren holiday has been diagnosed with the brain tumor at eight months pregnant. her brain surgery will be six weeks after the birth of hear baby daughter in mid-october. this will be couple's first child. two met while they were at ucla. >> jrue is starting point guard for new orleans pelicans and expect to miss start of the upcoming regular season. jrue was drafted 17th overall in 2009. he left the team in 2013 to head to new orleans. he will be reportedly paid during his absence. good for his new team, in paying him for that very trying time, of course. >> certainly thinking of his family as help go through that. >> i just can't imagine. going to put off surgery until she has the baby because they thought we don't want to compromise. i can't imagine. how can you focus on basketball. >> he has the opportunity, to be able to stay home and be
8:18 am
that support system enough to to this. >> absolutely. it is labor day. we want to know what are you doing to celebrate. pamela sawyer posted this picture. >> you have to get the family together. >> and barbecue, if you can. >> use the #fox 29 good day as pamela did as you did see at the top of this. >> we will put it on tv. leslie jones is back on social media after her web site was hack earlier this month, how the comedian says she's feeling right now and message that she has for her fans. later in the show millions of americans will be celebrating labor day to day, but do you know what the holiday actually means? quick lesson in american history and more of your adorable labor day social media picks straight ahead. sawyer.
8:19 am
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8:22 am
freddie mercury in 1977 when this album came out, and rock the air waves, from the news of the world album. he would have turn 07 years old, a life lost much, much too early at the age of 45 he died in november of 1991 from aids. he would have been his 70th birthday as we said. a lot of people said we wish he would have led america and world know he was suffering from aid because he was first diagnosed evident thely in the mid 1980's as aids epidemic started around 1980, 81. he was second most notable
8:23 am
person to die from aid. i remember rock hudson was the first and then freddie mercury and then thankfully there have been so many advances in medicine when it comes to hiv, and awareness and the drugs that can extend life but freddie mercury lost too young. he would have been 70. probably still performing because queen still perms. 8:23 is the time. >> leslie jones returns after a web site hack. >> that hack is under investigation by home land security, her first return tweet thanks to all of my fans and friend. i'm so okay, really. i will always be funny. been through a lot in my life. i always get backup. >> it is great she's returning with a positive message. people were worried about her. the last in her personal web site just was hacked to show explicit photos and personal information. in addition to publishly displaying personal icloud photos, passport and driver's license, hackers posted a picture of her gorilla on her site. soon afterward the site was
8:24 am
taken down and this comes from another time when people were, i guess bombarding her, calling her on twitter and, sending her pictures of gorillas. she tack off twitter for a while. she comes back. people showed her love and support. then this happened. the having. now she's back again. great that she haze taking a positive look through this. >> good for her. i think it is great, social media everyone has a voice. but when the voice is one that is just being a jerk, keep it to yourself. >> they go to social media to express that. they let it out because they are hiding behind a computer. >> yes. >> just like this. >> yes. >> 8:24. labor day marks unofficial end of um is are. families celebrate with barbecues and parties but it commemorates a important time in u.s. history. >> labor day was first created by the labor movement in the late 1800's, day came as major changes were underway in american manufacturing people, people work two hours a day, seven days a week. kid as young as five work in
8:25 am
factories. can you you imagine. on september 5th of 1882, 10,000 workers in new york took time off, without pay to participate in what is believed to be the first labor day parade in history. thankfully work place injuries are way down after osha came about as well. by the way, speaking of labor day how are you enjoying the kay, right? so many people have the day off. i mean a fraction on of us to have work today. >> that is what it feels like. the here's the deal, folks, we have gotten some tweets. we want to know what you are doing. we have have have not had one tweet since i have been here, well, we had one. one tweet. >> everybody is sleeping. >> come on wake up with us. we want to talk with you. we are having a barbecue, party outside. let us know. use the the #fox 29 good day. if you are down the shore let us know how the weather is down the shore. >> here's how i know a lot of people are sleeping. when i came in the middle of the night tonight, people were
8:26 am
out in the streets of philadelphia maybe it was like the after effects of made in america. what are we fifth and chestnut is the franklin hotel. there was a bride there in a, i wish i had taken a picture, it would have been dark with grooms and guys hanging around. it was 3:00 in the morning. they are still out and up. >> that is how i people people know i have the day off. later in the show it is one of the america's favorite foods. we're talking pizza. but could eating pizza offer more than just comfort. how having a slice could affect your productivity at work. speaking of labor day. we're firing up the grill, out here on fourth and market. cook out tips. look at that. >> what? >> it looks good. >> this will make your holiday a hit. we will being telling you this is how i do it. >> yeah.
8:27 am
8:28 am
discover card. customer service! ma'am. this isn't a computer... wait. you're real? with discover card, you can talk to a real person in the u.s., like me, anytime. wow. this is a recording. really? no, i'm kidding. 100% u.s.-based customer service. here to help, not to sell.
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8:30 am
well, there was a star studded festival marking unofficial end of summer from head liner cold play, rihanna and, that chance the rapper we are looking at there to celebrity sight goes, all kind of celebrities were in the audience. look there, a little queen b, big names spotted in made in america. we will do a big ray cap. no matter how old we get most of us still need our parents. why one writer said she talks to her mother three times a day, sue, how often do you talk to nia, to be honest. >> not that many and i don't talk to my other hotter, my own mother that much but often but not that often. but here's hermine. churning off shore throwing back clouds on shore. these are the issues. the bus stop buddy is here to present you with gusty wind, rough surf, tidal flooding,
8:31 am
peach erosion and dangerous rip current. we're joking around a little bit but hopefully you have gotten the message it wasn't as bad as it could have been but to still problems at the shore you need to watch out for. here in philadelphia it is a beautiful morning. 66 degrees. the northerly breeze at seven. we have got some clouds out there but it is almost a little nip in the air 55 degrees in mount pocono. fifty-nine in reading. fifty-six in pottstown. in wilmington delaware at 63 degrees. sixty-three in wildwood as well. here is your labor day weekend forecast. burgers and dogs on the grill and 85 degrees. priests kicking up every once in a while but all and all a beautiful day and that is your forecast today. wait until you see how hot it gets in the seven day coming up. we are not finished just yet, that is just ahead right now lets take a look at the road sit ways. we have an accident in vineland new jersey sheritan avenue near south east
8:32 am
boulevard. now we are showing you disabled truck that is still out there on the north east extension luckily not slowing anything down even though right lane blocked near lansdale. lets see if that disable vehicle stilling out there, schuylkill westbound at passyunk avenue, alex. >> thanks, sue. people are starting to tweet us and let us know. i was wondering if you were out there what they are doing for labor day. we know it is unofficial end to summer. people like to be outside, soak up the has of the sun. you are probably going to the barbecue or having one. we are getting great tips. >> we're with the the good folks from bridgeport rib house, you guys are what just a couple miles -- from king of prussia plaza. >> next time at the mall go check you guys out. >> yes. >> what are we checking out. >> we have nice baby back ribs good these are pork. >> yep good do you do beef. >> no. >> just pork. >> what is beef ribs in the as good. >> i'm in the saying that. it is good but we're all about
8:33 am
the pork. >> lets start with what you do to the pork. >> you soak this in vinegar. >> we soak them, two to three hours in water and white vinegar. and then put a dry rub on them. >> what does vinegar do the meat. >> tenderized them. >> fifty to one. >> what do you to with the dry rub what do you start with. >> we have brown sugar in here, a little bit of brown sugar, paprika for some coloring, some salt. a little will pepper and garlic. >> mix up that with your hand. >> you rub it on. >> not much at all. >> you don't want to take it caked on there. >> show us how much. >> you want to rub it in the meat. >> nice and even there. >> you don't have to have have it sit for any length of time. >> we marinate them for 24 hours. >> we slow smoke them three to
8:34 am
four hours. >> if i don't have have a smoker like this at the my house what will suffice just the barbecue. >> you won't get same product but you will get a nice product. >> do you set it at le temperature. >> low and slow is way to go. >> so what temperature roughly would you you want to get it. >> 222, 225 is good for a ribs. >> when are they done. >> are these falling off the bone bone. >> not there they are but here they are. >> these are falling off the bone. >> just about. >> we have a good general manager from bridgeport. you guys have, while i eat. >> what is your name. >> my name is melissa. >> do you want to tell us what is going on as well. >> we have live music six nights a week. we have a rib special every single day of the week. >> these are excellent. >> do you have corn bread. >> we don't have corn bread but we have mack and cheese,
8:35 am
corn on the cobb, sausage stuffing, great baked beans, potato salad which we will show you how to make in the next hour. >> alex holley is from texas, they make ribs, brisket and everything else. tell just this is better than anyplace in the state of texas. >> because owner, of the bridgeport rib house decided to take a drive all around the south and he wasn't coming back until he found the best barbecue recipe. it took him six weeks but he came back with this recipe. >> so take that, alex. >> this is place to go. >> you have to get in the car or uber or head near king of prussia and go to bridgeport rib house to check things out. >> they are good. >> now that i know what they are talking about. >> i will go out there too and we will make some potato salad. you need potato salad at a barbecue. lets go over these messages. you are telling us what you're doing. dianne says well, we're doing football practice. both boys.
8:36 am
i have been up since 5:00 a.m. wow, i feel you girl. she says this is one of my aunt, thinking of driving to the country to visit my god mother in browns mills. miss tameika says i'm up getting rod i for work. lucky i get to work from home. if you have to work today at a holiday at least you good it to work from home. that is good way to look at it. the send us some pictures, tell us what you are doing, talk with us, we want to talk with you use the #fox 29 good day. next up one of the america's favorite foods but could eating pizza offer more than just comfort? how having a slice could affect the productivity at work. >> um-hmm.
8:37 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan.
8:38 am
8:39 am
jeff seized says, camping at the shore, it is 66 degrees.
8:40 am
celebrating debbie an "s" perth the day. happy birthday, debbie. that is from jeff. labor day fun with the kid down shore on the rides. they look like they are enjoying that. and ray says my daughter waking up, what is in that cup, is a coffee or tea. thanks for waking up with us, ray. we appreciate it. you are listening to dj deafykev and don will, they are helping us gut our party here. you are not the only one having a party. send us your tweets and your photos, use the #fox 29 good day. >> i got a text from someone watching named mike. not mike jerrick, saying yeah, on labor day i'm watching labor. thanks, mike. >> if you are at work we are not only ones there are other people working. the do you have trouble staying focused. forget cup of coffee, you may want to grab a slice of pizza. >> what is this. >> new study done by a proves air the duke university test productivity and in the study workers are promised one things to get their work done.
8:41 am
prepizza, cash or complimentary text message. well done, from the boss. well, pizza was top motivator on gay one increasing productivity by 7 percent. but biggest motivator was compliment with the boss. they like that little text says well done. do you like getting texts. great job. >> never, never, never had one. >> yeah, me either. >> well, what would you prefer, pizza. >> pizza. >> of course. >> pizza. >> a text from the boss, like that is something you can keep forever. >> really. >> are you okay? did you get enough sleep last night. >> annual review, wait a minute, you sent me that text, you said i was doing a great job. >> 8:41. i was just told to check my text. >> hold on. >> here we go kitkat kline says great job. >> let my he see if i got the same thing. >> i feel so special.
8:42 am
>> maybe this works. >> i got a text from mike jerrick. >> a group text. >> you got the same thing. >> you can do better than that. >> thank you. >> can you try a little harder, each of individual ones at least, not to be picky. >> i with put it up there but her phone number is on there. >> great job. >> thank you. >> so sweet. >> how biggies your font. >> i need a bigger one. >> cover the top of it. >> that is it. >> look at how big his font is. are you okay. do you need your eyes checked. >> a little bit. >> 8:42. lauren, great job. i will send you a text right now, i'm working on it. >> please do, you are having way too much fun. these guys behind me not having that much fun because they have to do the hard work which is disassemble all of the stage is here at made in america musikfest till. we will have sites, sound, music and memory after year five coming up after the
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
no longer a tropical storm or hurricane it is hermine. look at bushkill falls in the much falling today. it is lack of rain in the
8:46 am
poconos? we could use some rain. we didn't really get it over weekend. we wouldn't have in the poconos anyway but that is what is going on there there she is post tropical hermine located 295 miles south east of eastern tip of long island. expect to move a little bit further west ward meaning a little further to the coast but not close enough that we expect any rain from this storm. we do expect clouds which we're getting right now and high surf and the rip tides and everything that goes with that including the coastal flooding. it is probably a couple hours away, high tide. 56 degrees in pottstown. fifty-five mount pocono. sixty-one in lancaster. sixty-three in dover. the nice morning. now we have had six heat waves so far this year in 2016. one in may 3, in july, two in august. why do wably this up? there is another potentially on the way. eighty-five today. eighty-eight tomorrow.
8:47 am
by wednesday we are back in the 90's. back in the humidity. by thursday back in the 90's. eat heatwave friday and maybe even saturday. three in a row is all we need for an official heat wave. we have the official start of the eagles season on sunday for that as well. the nice and warm for that chris and lauren. >> chris and alex. >> what did i say. >> we will go to lauren right now. >> here's the thing, first, i want at made in america all weekend, in made and america getting the dish and this is my second year. no, third year. even though it has been here five years. this year there was one thing that seemed different. it has gotten bigger and bigger, but the crowds were intense this year. i want to show you something, this picture, look at this, this is line just to get through security. where is the line. it was hard to figure our on the line because there were that many people trying to get through to go through security. next one was going through and getting your wrist band scanned. >> how many levels did they have good i will send you a
8:48 am
picture to show you. once you get the through that line, security, then if you bought your ticket on line you have to go will call line. >> look at that. >> how long did it take to you get through security. >> that had to take at least 30 minutes. >> then you say i'm in. >> then you go he to will call and line thinks long. >> several blocks. >> how long did it take to get the through that line. >> it took a lot. once you are in then i have made it, i have accomplished something, it is worth the line but just, a line that long. does this show how big this festival is, bigger and bigger and now more people are coming. they expect hundred thousand people. here's he the thing when you have that many people in town, you have a house party, they leave a mess. sometimes they don't clean up after themselves. trash every where. is there cleaning up that need to be done. lauren, you are taking care of that. >> hi lauren. >> i'm watching them take care of it. like you said that is why i didn't come back after 2014. those lines were so long then
8:49 am
and as you mentioned they are growing every year. for two days you could not hear anything down here because there was nothing but music. our excuse i have producer could not sleep because she was part of the cold play concert from her bed. this morning the only sound are crews working to disassemble these stages, hosted 60 different musical acts over two days at budweiser made in america festival this year was year five. it seems like artists were bigger and better every year. cold play and rihanna, lots of other performers due big crowds here. the city of philadelphia, thinks maybe a hundred thousand people over the course of the one days. with that many people out here there is a lot to be cleaned up but the streets are not too dirt which trash. it is more so that the crews are focusing on heavy equipment that makes up these stages out here. speaking of big? what about big names that made surprise appearances? first jay z and beyonce were on hand. jay z is responsible for the concert being here in philadelphia his super star
8:50 am
wife was by his side. it was her birthday. you could hear fans screaming happy birthday to her. they were spotted laughing, talking with bill clinton. he was snapping selfies with fans. he was getting people registered to vote for his wife's presidential run. speaking of presidential, is there new video, sascha and mallalia at the fels till. malia sporting perfect harvard hat, white t-shirt that said smoking kills and cut off denim shorts. her sister was spotted with a few friends at the concert as well. it is all over thousand. it is monday morning. your typical monday morning, it is a holiday. labor day a lot of people not out and about but these guys are putting in some serious manual labor, getting everything broken down here for the parkway, can get back to normal. school starts this week. we need these streets wide open for these buses, parents dropping kid off every where. >> parkway back to normal you have to put in context.
8:51 am
the whole parkway has been ripped up for months it seems. it hasn't been normal for a while. >> one good point someone was making people who live down here might in the love the concert as much as people who come to see the shows and then leaves because it is a big mess and a headache for them. >> true, hughy dylann has been tweeting this. he said this is after day one they didn't feel like it was as loud as compared to past year. i don't know what they did different but he said that on saturday. i can't peak for sunday. >> that is good news for people living in the fair mount neighborhood for sure. >> all right, lauren, as always, thank you. >> 8:51. in the next hour of good day no matter how old we get we still need our parents. why one writer said she talks to her hot three times a day.
8:52 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
one. i just realized i was not copied on the good job text. >> i'll forward mine to you. >> you can have mine. >> it says the same thing. >> i will do this mediocre traffic job. >> you can take mine to the job too. >> yeah, sure, i won't be putting an addition on my house with that one. here's i-95 at girard. we can laugh because traffic is not an issue on this holiday morning. not too many incidents, i-95 at cottman doesn't look like it will tomorrow at this time meaning crowded, it nice, smith going there, in vineland we did have an accident sheridan avenue at south east boulevard, and, so, that might slow you down living in vineland and new jersey transit river line between camden and trenton, trains operating on a, sunday
8:56 am
schedule, today. >> okay, thanks, sue. >> sue? >> yes. >> great job. >> amazing. >> in one can do weather and traffic like you can. >> yes. >> the best. >> no sue, really. >> all right, stop now. >> it is over. >> so how do you celebrate labor day? watching us fools? well, please send us your tweets. >> we have some that we will read right now. jesse says making some home guard than fresh salsa this morning. >> that sound good, jesse. share. >> larry says happy labor day alex and chris celebrating my grand sop's 14th birthday. >> what to 14 year-old want. >> that is true let us know. >> ray said he is drinking something waking up. >> he was waiting for olivia to wake up. and, there he is. >> he had a coffee cup from an earlier tweet. now he has his daughter. >> and then son carter says
8:57 am
watching you and chris, with mr. s dot willie and this little guy. so cute. an then trish says you this watching fox 29 good day without kids interruptions. you are really even eyeing that then. natalie says just relaxing and possibly go swimming. >> not in the ocean though. we have had issues with the the water down the shore. go in the pool. >> and that was the last one. i thought we had one more. >> rhetorically what do 14 years old want and you said video games. my sonnies 12. he is in to no man sky. >> i never her of that. >> supposed to be the new thing. >> keep send nothing #fox 29 good day. the lets talk about made in america. star studded festival marking unofficial end of summer. happy birthday beyonce to cold play's musical life experience. i will share my top moments, from this weekend's made in america, and the top five
8:58 am
moments we will talk about. we are still having a party outside with the dj's. rihanna was head lining what is that, play rihanna. >> work.
8:59 am
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