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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  September 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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were expecting today and we've got continuing team coverage for you tonight. bill anderson is down the shore witness impact hermine had on businesses this labor day weekend but let's begin with dave warren for the latest on what hermine is up to. >> finally toward north and northwest and not much moving this storm around. upper low is digging south, helping to turn the storm to the north and it will just sit off the coast for the next two to maybe three days. so maybe indirect impacts still that rough surf and that rip current risk there's the motion west northwest now at 7 miles an hour. this is the 5:00 o'clock advisory winds 70 miles an hour still powerful storm and huge area seeing these tropical storm force winds the loop shows that it is moving north and then turn northwest continuing to creep northwest here's the clouds and the rain just off the coast but that gusty wind now affecting boston and new england. the track from the national hurricane center continues to slide to the northwest. slowly starting to turn north. this is about 50-mile an hour wind forecast. by wednesday into thursday.
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so at least another two days. the storm is just pretty much in the same location not quite close enough to give us any direct impacts but we'll see that gusty wind especially across new england and the rough surf will continue. few of these showers might try to work their way into the coast. maybe just a passing shower. just a cloudy day expected there from wrightstown down through atlantic city and wildwood. nice and comfortable temperatures are climbing into the mid 80s here tonight. dropping into the 70s once that sun goes down. that happens just at 7:25. we'll stay clear and comfortable 71 degrees north and west. 76 along i-95. and to the south there we have those clouds temperature 70 degrees and just a light breeze. now once hermine finally moves out, those temperatures they're starting to change. wee look what to expect this coming week and next weekend in the seven day forecast. i'll have the details coming up. >> dave, look forward it to, thanks. labor day weekend usually the last chance for shore businesses to take advantage of those huge crowds. what kind of impact did hermine
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have. fox 29's bill anderson live in ocean city tonight. bill it's the unofficial last weekend of summer. how are business owners feeling? >> reporter: iain it's kind of hot and cold for them. it's unusual when a beautiful day at the beach is a bad thing. walking along the boardwalk i talked to business owners. they said so many people were scared off because of the threat of hermine they left the area and business was down 30 to 40% with that type of loss in salespeople had a lot of questions. >> i believe it was a great philosopher who once said, if a storm happens too far ought tout sea for anyone to see it, did it really happen at all? here in ocean city, people are wondering what happened to tropical storm hermine? >> you get the weather wrong a lot. we're okay with that. they have to be careful in advise the community what's going on ahead of time to be safe. >> so you just never know which way it's going to go. >> the storm that was supposed
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to have major impact on us turned and mostly missed us leaving people baffled and businesses missing what promised to be a major economic boost weekend. >> huge weekend for us, because, you know, this time of year a lot of bills are already paid and this becomes profit time. this weekend we probably dropped around 30, 40%. walking the boardwalk i met family that pretty much repped the majority view of people about this storm. they were happy that there wasn't more damage and they took it all with a britt tee good sense of humor. >> sensationalization of the storm. >> you got t shirts for everybody. >> you'll see them. you'll see how good we look. yeah, we survived. >> although there were some who had lot to say to me and other people who work in the news. >> if you guys got it great more often it would be better g most people realized the storm didn't miss by that much and they were happy and appreciative to get the information they said they would rather have the information and the storm not hit than be blind sided by a storm that did.
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again this should have been much busier weekend than it was, so you can't fault anybody except for the storm. >> reporter: iain, most of the people were in pretty good spirits. governor christie said it. storms like this are no within situation f they didn't dough claire a state of emergency and we got slammed hard, then everybody would be furious. consider ourselves lucky. we didn't get hit that hard. we can all hope that the businesses can recover over the next couple of more weeks. iain, we're pulling for them. >> we are, bill, thank you. you can stay ahead of any storm with our fox 29 app. you can get radar and breaking news alerts zen right to your phone. authorities in atlantic city have released the identity of the police officer shot over the weekend. officer josh vadell nine year veteran of the force. he was with his partner when they interrupted an armed robbery early saturday morning. the 29-year-old was shot. officers shot and killed one suspect and arrested to others a short time later. officer vadell is at the
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atlantic care regional medical center in critical but stable condition. his wife read a statement today reading in part "i appreciate the thoughts, prayers and support of everyone in the community as we navigate this challenging next chapter of our lives while making sure josh recovers". a woman in logan is killed after police say a driver ran her over several times and then beat her. tonight police have that driver in custody in connection with that brutal death. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live at police headquarters and sabina you spoke to witnesses of this just really horrifying crime. >> reporter: absolutely. they saw all of it but they say the huer row was so intense they could barely comprehend what was going on. they didn't know if it was an accident or an act of road rage, and they didn't think it could get any worse until the driver reached into the trunk of his car. >> at one point in time, i mean, she was laying there on the ground and she had her hands in the air schenn was saying no, no, no, no.
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that didn't faze him. back it up and did it again. >> reporter: in the least day witness bonnie is having hard time coming to grips with what she witnessed just before 8:00 last night. a woman struck repeatedly by a car then beaten with heavy metal shovel right in front of her eyes. bonnie agreed to tell us about it if we didn't show her face. >> when i opened the door, he had one went to the back of his trunk. he got shovel and he started hitting her with the shovel. >> reporter: it happened in front of stunned neighbors on the 700 block of west lowden street in the logan section of the city. police say this white nissan ran over a women in her 30s pinning her underneath. residents called police but felt hopeless to stop the car as it kept striking the woman. even as they watched the alleged driver calmly get out of the car and wield the shovel. >> i was in state of shock, 'cause i never seen nothing like that before. all only i wish i could have helped her, but at the same time i didn't know if he had any, a
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gun. >> reporter: cell phone video obtained by fox 29 shows the man at the scene being led away by police. rescues crews pull the woman from underneath the car but she died at einstein an hour later. it's unclear how the victim and the driver new one another or what led to the apparent violence. people here say they heard the mantle investigators it was all an accident. neighbors insist it was anything but. >> people don't have value for life any more. >> she was just laying there like waving her hands like no, no, trying to get him to stop. but he didn't stop. >> back and forth, ban and for forth. >> he didn't care. >> reporter: homicide detectives are investigating. so far no charges have been filed. police have not said who the driver was or who the victim was. iain, back to you. >> sabina, thank you. police make a grim discovery this morning in the city's logan section. a man's body dunkin' donuts parking l police say the 39-year-old victim was found dead behind the store on the 4700 block of broad street
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around 6:30 this morning. officers say he had a wound to the chest and not quite sure if he was shot or stabbed. so far there have been no arrests. the search is on for a teen who has not been seen since last night's made in america concert. philadelphia police say 19-year-old nelson armstrong got separated from his friends last night around 11:30. he's from oregon and not familiar with the area. police say he's 5-foot 10 and about 165 pounds. he was last wearing a black -- a tan bucket hat with hershey's written on it. if you know anything at all, police would love to hear from you. starting tomorrow, septa will have more of their silver liner cars back in service. the new schedule that goes into effect tomorrow impacts eight of the septa regional rail lines. more than a third of septa's silver line fleet was taken out of service because of cracks in steal plates on the cars and as cars are fixed, they are being put back into service and you can find that new schedule on our website. just head to you decide 2016.
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it was a busy day for donald trump and hillary clinton on this labor day. the two major party nominees and their vice-presidential candidates heading out on the campaign trail which brought them all to ohio. fox's mike emmanuel has more from cleveland. >> reporter: the presidential candidates working hard in ohio on this labor day. republican nominee trump and vice-president pick mike pence taking part in round table decision with union workers and labor leaders and american legion post. >> we're bringing back jobs. jobs is the whole deal. it's going to be so vital to this country to bring back our jobs. >> reporter: hillary clinton is also campaigning in the cleveland area attending a labor day festival with her running mate. it's the second holiday event of the day for senator tim kaine who earlier went to labor day parade in pittsburgh with vice-president joe biden. both men taking the opportunity to knock the republican nominee. >> with hillary clinton, you can have a you're hired president. but with donald trump you're going to get you're fired
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president. >> he really does believe that the problem is america workers are lazy. >> reporter: democratic nominee facing criticism for focusing heavily on fundraising rather than actual campaigning. as well as for going 275 days without a news conference. clinton debuting her new campaign plain today and taking a moment to spiel with journalists and board. >> i am so happy to have all of you with me. i've been just waiting for this moment. no really. >> reporter: about 40 members of the press core were on the plane with clinton. also on board senior aids and about a dozen secret service agents. in cleveland, mike emmanuel, fox news. new school year be without a fresh pair of kicks. the local group that made sure more than 100 kids had new shoes. fox 29 viewer took these pictures avenue black bear that appeared to be just out for a stroll r this bear was spotted. sean? >> iain, obviously, big news for
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the eagles. you want to see him. now you got him. carson wentz will be your starting quarterback. hear why doug pederson thinks he's ready to go. that's coming up later in sports. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady
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he's making it up. of course, anyone who commits a violent crime needs to be prosecuted -- and put behind bars. narrator: katie mcginty will keep us safe -- more police on the streets, better training and equipment, and take on the gun lobby for gun safety laws. katie: i'm the daughter of a police officer, and the mother of three. i'll stand with law enforcement to fight crime, and protect our families. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
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♪ >> chester county resident got a surprise visitor this labor day weekend. a fox 29 viewer september us these pictures from west town township. you can see the bear walking through the homeowner's backyard and you can also see a close up of the bear's head. no word on how long the guy stuck around. the delaware department of justice is telling residents who attend a certain chain of colleges they may qualify for student lone forgiveness. sixty nine her protection unit of the state's department of justice is looking for delaware residents too atten attended corinthian colleges in early 2015. the department says investigation showed the school misrepresented job place many rates for many of its programs. the doj says delaware residents who attended those colleges can complete a form online to apply for forgiveness of their federal student loans.
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scores of kids in the city will be heading back to school with some fancy new kicks. high heels, high hopes celebrating the success of their first back to school shoe drive. donations from city residents and businesses the group was able to buy 100 pairs of shoes for kids in need. >> we go by a motto, give a girl the right shoes she can conquer the world. that is that's actually pretty true because girls aside from the school bags and things like that, school shoes really matt matter. we figure why not do back to school drive that's not your average one. >> good idea. the organization says since this year was so successful they plan on holding the drive every school year. residents in montgomery county have a new community center. upper merion township community celebrating its new facility today with a ribbon cutting ceremony. the crowd gathered at the new building located on the 400 block of west valley forge road in king of prussia. township officials say the building will provide a lot of new opportunities for residents.
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>> it will be a gathering place for all of us who live and work in upper merion township. this place will foster wellness, community and friendship. >> local officials say the project took about a decade to complete. the idea came from a committee of residents. looks pretty nice there. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. dave warren still tracking hermine as it continues to churn out there in the atlantic. dave? >> churn is about all it will be doing, yes. churning off the coast. still powerful winds 70 miles an hour but not much moving in this upper low is zig digging south. latest advisory 5:00 o'clock. one at 8:00 o'clock. west northwest at 7 miles an hour. turn to the north and work its way northeast that may not happen for days. the national hurricane center sends out the track continues to drift it to the northwest 50 miles an hour, though, this will be by wednesday at midnig midnight. so it will weaken a bit, still a
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large area of tropical storm force winds. so will create rough surf likely beach erosion and rip current risks but by thursday and friday there it goes into the north atlantic passing halifax and moving out of the area. finally that's when our weather changes here. big area of tropical storm force winds but look how that stronger wind area shrinks it gets a little closer. not quite seeing those strong wind gusts here along new jers jersey. but long island and parts of new england will see that strong wind continue to go gust out of the northeast. there it is by tuesday. the wind beginning to taper off still seeing that rough surf, though, likely. wind gusting 10 to 15 miles an hour as the storm gets little closer it might creep up just a little bit from atlantic city north to wrightstown but everybody pretty much seeing that northwest wind this will help that coastal flooding situation just been very minor. when you get to northwest wind that helps clear out the back bays so no more minor coastal flooding likely. here's the radar. the rains passing just to the south as it moves west.
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looking at a few of the outer bands it could get close enough where we may see a few showers. here's it is picked up by the computer forecast we'll go monday tonight. just clouds along the coast. tuesday a few of those bands get closer. maybe just a passing shower. heaviest rain off the coast and by tuesday night and wednesday it begins to move north. there's the center of circulation moving right near boston. look up tonight saturn and mars if the skies are clear comfortable night see that moon just look to the left of that there. that little sliver that beginning the new moon. 85 in the city right now. it will drop into the 70s to night. then 60s overnight tonight. tomorrow morning we'll start into the mid to low 70s with sunshine. climbing up to 83 getting warmer at lunch. we'll right about 85 degrees at dinnertime just a few clouds and then clearing down to 77 degrees tomorrow night. sun going down at 7:25. from hermine once it moves out on thursday, the heat comes back. we're into the 90s. this could be a heat wave here. stretch this out saturday where
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it could get warmer. but by then we'll see a few showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. so we'll watch the coast these first two days, tuesday and wednesday. temperatures will be into the 80ing might see a wind gust there and a few more clouds just along the coast with maybe a passing shower. three days of 90s. thursday, friday and saturday. we'll put thunderstorms in the forecast friday and saturday. as that humidity creeps up there. so it's hot and humid by the end of the week and now on sunday, eagles are here. the temperatures drop a little bit. it's less humid looks nice and comfortable just a bit on the warm side but we'll start at 72. go up to 85. 80 degrees on monday. still pretty nice. if you're down the shore this week one day where it's hot and that is on friday. but a good looking weekend of course the focus next weekend will not be on tropical weather but more on the eagles. >> that's right. man, opening day eagles hosting the cleveland browns. >> and what we thought shouldn't happen is basically going to happen. we thought it would be after the bye week. we thought it would be week five
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but no, no, no. carson wentz is your starting quarterback right now. eagles throwing caution to the wind and putting wentz in the week one after sam bradford it was traded it was apparent carson wentz would be your guy. hear from wentz and doug pederson about the decision to make carson wentz your starting quarterback next in sports.
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♪ i was actually laying in the middle of a corn field hunting when that happened. so i got the call and i was obviously very surprised but instantly i was just really
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excited. >> that is your new starting quarterback. in a corn field in south jersey hunting geese when he found out sam bradford was traded and he'd be the starting quarterback. country fed boy. wentz era starts right now. doug pederson announced today that carson wentz will be the starting quarterback in week one against the cleveland browns regardless of when it was going to be wentz was going to take over at some point and today he talked about when he felt that he was really capable. >> i just new ever since ota's this summer, you know, diving into the playbook, um, then going forward, um, really that pre-season game i walk away feeling extra confident. i didn't feel overwhelmed or anything just felt very confident with it, now it's he here. >> now the question goes to is wentz actually ready for all of this? he only played in one pre-season game and that's after coming from north dakota state. not even division 1a. the original play was to let wentz sit out a year, learn from sam bradford, learn from chase
6:25 pm
daniels, but a week ago, trade happens and here we are. he's now the starting quarterback. everything has to change. doug pederson talked about when he realized that this could be an actual possibility. >> the fact that i had a chanc chancing to watch him, um, and work him outweigh back in the spring meet the kid mature individual what he did in all. ota's, what he's done around this building, the plays he's made in practice, in the one pre-season game has given me confidence that he can -- he can lead this football team and i'm excited. >> yeah he has to say that. let's all calm down and realize it will be a long ways before carson is leading to us a lot of wins. all right to the phillies they lost six straight and all the wheels have fallen off. swept in two consecutive series much they tried to get back into the winning column against the marlins. to the tim down two-zero. the bats coming alive.
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freddie galvis salute two run bomb upper deck. that tied the game. the hits kept coming from there as triple by hernandez and easy play up the middle and right through the defender's leg and that, well, that made it three-two. and then jimmy perez adds on to the party. where did all these runs come from for the phils. they go on to win, six-two. snapping that six game losing streak and again nobody cares. we've given up. okay? we're worried about the eagles. >> exactly. >> that's all we're worried about and hopefully it doesn't come a point in november we say forget the eagles they're losing. let's go to basketball. >> exactly. let's hope not. you know what i mean, let's hope not. that's thanks for joining us here at 6:00. we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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if america's favorites - (vo)burgers, tacos and chili ask could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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now it's your turn to make the switch. the last selfie. the nurse who fell off a cliff. >> and her farewell note to her parents when she thought she wasn't going to make it. >> my last note said, i am sorry with three exclamation points. then the 6-year-old kid who turned in his own dad. >> my daddy went past the red light. >> were you embarrassed? and hot tub or rest machine? >> oh, my god. he's in our jacuzzi. >> busted in a hot tub. >> they just caught him. then, what's really in your grated cheese? >> we did testing to find out. >> shocking. >> that's disgusting. plus taylor swift wedding crasher. and the search for the little boy who keeps hugging a stranger's dog. >> he just wanted to come and steal a quick hug. plus, are we there yet?


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