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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  September 5, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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in northeast philadelphia home. what investigators say happened moments before a man was shot. why your picking up the tab to clean up this mess all around the city. your news is next.
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10:00. ♪ we start tonight with breaking news. a shooting involving an off duty philadelphia police officer. one person is now in the hospital. that officer with detectives trying to peace together what happened. good evening, i'm iain page. lucy is off tonight. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live at the scene in northeast philadelphia. shawnette, police say this started with some kind of fight? >> reporter: yeah, iain, an argument followed by a fight behind me you can see the detectives remain outside of the home where they say that two gunshotgunshots followed leavinn shot in the torso. this happened around 6:30 this evening on the 2700 block of tauton road in the northeast.
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police say the off duty police officer fired what they refer to to as his off duty weapon at least two times. the victim is a family member but have not given the exact relationship to the officer. >> during this altercation his weapon was discharged twice striking one of the individuals inside of the home in the torso area of the body. >> reporter: and back here live, again, detectives still remain outside the house at this hour. we're told that two other people were home at the time. they were not hurt. again, that officer in for questioning right now trying to sort out the details of what happened. no word on what the motive is or what led i should say to the shooting. we do know the victim is in critical but stable condition right now at the hospital. iain, that's the very latest. back to you. >> all right, shawnette, thank you. on your radar hermine still hanging around off the coast. live radar shows the storm a few hundred miles off the northeast. boston bracing for the impact we were mostly able to avoid.
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people though still out on the boardwalk in beaches down the shore today trying to enjoy one last day of summer. fox 29 meteorologist dave warren tracking what's left of the storm in the first day of school for many kids. >> yeah, what's left of the storm still a storm. still pretty strong and actually turned to the north and creeping northwest. so we'll continue to watch this as it moves to the northwest. upper level low helping to turn that not much moving this storm in the next two days. so what you see is what you get right now. there's that western turn. national hurricane center 8:00 o'clock advisory the next one comes in just before 11:00 o'clock tonight. west northwest movement about 9 miles an hour still 70 miles an hour winds. as it continues to move west, some of this rain is getting little closer might see a passing shower along the coast tomorrow morning. but it it's starting to weaken just a bit. you can see the track continuing to west. 50 miles an hour wednesday at midnight so the start of the day wednesday when we start to see it turn north. eventually move northeast off the -- over the mid atlantic there.
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here's the wind. just a huge area of tropical storm force winds but it starts to shrink a bit as the storm weakens. as far as the wind gusts to night, anywhere from 30 to 40 miles an hour across parts of new england. there's a 40 in montauk out of the north. nothing here just a calm night tonight. we'll keep a close eye on the radar though because as we talked about some of these bands getting a little closer and might try to just clip portions of ocean county, atlantic county by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. temperatures nice and comfortable. dropping into the 70s overnight tonight. still 80 in philadelphia. by the time you wake up though tomorrow morning we'll see 63 north and west. clear and cooler. along 95, around 70 degrees just a few clouds and maybe a passing shower to the south with temperature 67. once the storm starts moving out the heat moves n it's in the seven day forecast. i'll have that coming up. iain. >> all right, dave, thank. moving 35 south philadelphia tonight. tomorrow big day for thousands of kids around the area with the first day of school so make sure your kids are dressed for that weather with the fox 29 weather
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authority. sue serio has got you covered starting at 4:00 a.m. skyfox over a police involved accident tonight in north philadelphia. this is what things looked like at the intersection of woodhaven and thornton roads around 7:00. police say a k9 unit collided with another sedan. the officer was inside taken to aria torresdale hospital and is expected to be treated and released. the k9 officer was taken to a local vet for super vision. driver of the sedan is now in stable condition. big news for eagles fans as the team announces its new sta starting quarterback. it's been the big question since the eagles traded sam bradford over the weekend to the vikings. rookie will get the start against the browns on sunday. fox 29's sean bell begins our team coverage tonight. sean? >> iain, head coach doug pederson says once the eagles traded sam bradford there was never any doubt that carson wentz would be the starting quarterback to begin the season. the original plan was to have carson sit out the entire season but once that trade went down,
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they had to throw the kid right into flames. wentz only played in one pre-season game where he broke his ribs. today he said he's 100% and there's no soreness. pederson says there was never any consideration for chase daniels in that wentz is ready to lead this team receipt now. carson of course happy, thrilled and he and his teammates seem to be fully confident in this decision. >> i knew i was ready. you know, i knew i was taking the mental reps being out the last couple of weeks even going into the first game, um, first pre-season game i felt confide confident, felt like i developed at a fast pace. now it's here. now it's here and i'm really confident in myself and confident in this team and i'm excited for it. >> he didn't get selected number two overall for no reason. he's more than capable. we're excited to see what he can do as well. >> i think this gives us an opportunity to finally have some continuity at that position for long time. something i really haven't had since i've been here. hopefully build a lot of chemistry for a lot of years.
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>> the original plan was to have wentz sit out the year to watch and learn. so later in sports, head coach doug pederson talks about why he's so confident that changing the plan was the right move. >> well, sean, thanks. hour the fans taking the news about this rookie starter the announcement that bradford was out came as shock to a lot of fans and tonight they're letting us know what they think about this big announcement that carson wentz will be the star starting quarterback on sunday. fox 29's chris o'connell is live outside the linc. chris? >> reporter: i tell you exactly stuff especially if you have a ticket for sunday's home opener here at the lincoln financial field. you'll see history. the first time eagles franchise history a rookie quarterback will start the season. carson wentz announcement a big bombshell for eagles fans. most say they're on board with. >> i'm 49 years old and my first words we e-a-g-l-e-s! i said that before i mamma or pap. >> head to toe in eagles green
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guy from mt. airy at a diehard and he's got the ink to prove it. he bought the carson wentz jersey right after the eagles drafted him never knowing the rookie would be starting opening day. >> first game he seemed like he was smart. made a couple rookie mistakes but smarter overall. i think we have a better shot of winning with him good since wentz was named starter number allege is number one at modell's even out selling backpacks the day before school starts. >> everyone is excited. always -- whenever a quarterback changes you get everyone excited coming looking forward wawa will happen in the upcoming season. >> ridiculous three days for the philadelphia eagles. >> reporter: wentz coronation to quarterback -- >> my concern is are we bringing him too fast. >> reporter: had the phone lines buzzing at wip's sports radio. >> i can tell you how he can scatter tick i am. >> i'm just like totally baffled how they could go from this guy not even dressing for the season
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to starting. >> reporter: the bombshell news shaking up what until now had been a pretty dull summer in the philly sports scene. >> to me it was very dull. for the first time i remember with eagles heading into a city and wentz to me changes everything. now it's a blank slate. >> reporter: in case you want to see this historic game in person, we'll go online, get tickets for you. we did see standing room only tickets for 105 bucks but if you want good seats, stub hub, $460 for some good 102 section and one other thing here i want to show you carson wentz just tweeted a little while ago. can't wait to get the regular season started at the linc in front of our fans. time to lock it in. six days until history here at the linc. iain. >> all right, chris, can't wait. appreciate it. we now know the identity atlantic city police officer shot over the weekend. officer josh vadell a nine year vet of the force was with his partner when they interrupted an
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armed robbery early saturday morning. the 29-year-old was shot and the officer shot and killed one suspect and arrested to others just a short time later. officer vadell is at atlantic care regional medical center his condition has been upgraded to critical. but stable. his wife releasing a statement today reading in part "i appreciate the thoughts, prayers and support of everyone in the community as we navigate this challenging next chapter of our lives while making sure josh recovers". philadelphia police need your help to find a teen who has not been seen since the made in america concert last night. investigators say 19-year-old nelson armstrong got separated from his friends last night around 11:30. police say armstrong is from oregon and not familiar with this area. he's 5-foot 10 and about 165 pounds was last wearing a tan bucket hat with hershey's written on it. if you know anything about that call central detectives or 911. all right. here's live look at the ben franklin parkway. streets in this area still closed tonight as crews remove
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what's left of that big made in america festival. our cameras were there earlier tonight as crews were up bright and early taking down the stage, the lights, all the audio equipment. be sure to tune into the fox 29 morning news beginning at 4:00 a.m. for all your road closures that could affect your morning commute. bob kelly will have traffic all morning long right here on fox 29. ♪ a woman comes home from walking her dog and what she sees were she gets home sparks panic. ahh! >> you can see that guy running what she says she caught him doing on her front patio that has her so freak out. >> city workers play a game of cat and mouse with a national graffiti leaving their park all over philadelphia. why you are paying to clean it up. and not what one woman expected to see leaving a race track. the picture of this pick up getting national attention. what she saw crawling out the truck's window she says will give her nightmares.
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>> witnesses describe a horrific scene a woman was killed in logan. philadelphia police say a driver ran her over several times and then beat her. philadelphia police say that driver ran her over and then beat her as i mentioned ton night police have that driver in custody in connection with that brutal death. fox 29's sabina kuriakose spoke to some witnesses. >> at one point in time i mean she was laying there on the
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ground and she her hands on the air and she was saying no, no, no, no. it didn't faze him. he backed up and did it again. >> reporter: in the light of day witness bonnie is having a hard time coming to grips what she witnessed just before 8:00 last night. a woman struck repeatedly boy a car then beaten with a heavy metal shovel right in front of her eyes. bonnie agreed to tell us about it if we didn't show her face. >> when i opened the door, he had went to the back of his trunk. he got shovel and he started hitting her with the shovel. >> reporter: it happened in front of stunned neighbors on the 700 block of west lowden street in the logan second of the city. police say this white nissan ran over a woman in her 30s pinning her underneath. residents called police but felt helpless to stop the car as it kept striking the woman. even as they watched, the alleged driver, calmly get out of the car and wield the shovel. >> i was in state of shock because i never seen nothing like that before. and the only thing i wish i
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could have helped her, but at the same time i didn't know if he had any, arc gun. >> reporter: cell phone video obtained by fox 29 shows a man at the scene being led away by police. rescue crews pull the woman from underneath the car but she died at einstein an hour later. it's unclear how the victim and the driver new one another or what led to the apparent violence. people here say they heard the mantle investigators it was all an accident. neighbors insist it was anything but. >> people don't have value for life any more. >> she was just laying there, like, waving her hands like no, no, trying to get him to stop. like he didn't stop. >> back and forth, back and forth. the way he was acting he didn't care. >> reporter: so far no charges have been filed. police are calling this a death investigation. although homicide detectives are on the case. authorities have not released the identity of the victim or of the driver. at police headquarters, sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. bill cosby could get a trial date tomorrow when he returns to montgomery county court for an
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evidence hearing. cosby's lawyers are expected to fight to keep out key evidence this includes nearly 1,000 pages of damaging testimony that he gave in the accuser's lawsuit. the 79-year-old is charged with drugging and molesting andrea constand in 2004. cosby' attorneys want to prevent jurors from hearing a taped phone call between cosby and constand's mom. district attorney kevin steele will fight to use that evidence at trial. we of course will be there all day tomorrow. our coverage begins on good day. and you decide 2016. donald trump and hillary clinton didn't take any time off the campaign trail for labor day. the two major party nominees and their vp candidates all headed to ohio. clinton attended a labor day festival running mate senator tim kaine and also allowed reporters on her new campaign plan -- plane. trump and mike pence took part in round table discussion with union workers and labor leaders. >> we're bringing back jobs.
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jobs is all -- it's going to be so vital to this country to bring back our jobs. >> i know we can't face our problems alone. we have to work together. we believe we are stronger together. and that is in stark contrast to donald trump. >> today was the first time clinton faced the press since the fbi released notes from her july 2nd interview about those private e-mail server and the handling of classified information. here's live look at the radar now. you can see what was hurricane hermine now spinning a few hundred miles off the coast. still kicking up nasty surf and about to cause some problems for parts of the northeast. the storm largely missed our area but many down the shore were still prepared. fox 29's bill anderson spoke to some people who felt better safe than sorry. >> reporter: i believe it was a great philosopher who once says "if storms happens out to
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see sea for anyone to sight, did it really happen at all?" here in ocean city, people are wondering what happened to tropical storm hermine? >> media gets the weather wrong a lot. we're okay with that. >> reporter: wow. >> they have to be careful and advise the community what's going on ahead of time to be safe. so you just never know which way it's going. >> reporter: the storm was supposed to have major impact on us turned and mostly missed us leaving people baffled and businesses what missing what promised to to be a major economic boost weekend. >> it's a huge weekend for us because, you know, this time of year a lot of bills are already paid and this becomes profit time. this weekend we probably dropped about 3040%. >> walking the boardwalk i met a family that pretty represented the majority view of people about this storm. they were happy that there wasn't more damage, and they took it all with pretty good sense of humor. >> sensationalization of the storm. >> you guys got t-shirts for
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everybody. >> you'll see them. you'll see how good we look. we survived. >> reporter: although there were some who had a lot to say to me and other people who work in the news. >> if you guys got it right more often it would be better. >> reporter: most people realized the storm didn't by that much and therapy happy and appreciative to get information they said they would rather have the information and the storm not hit than be blind sided by a storm that did. >> again it should have been much busier weekend than it was. you can't fault anybody except for the storm. >> reporter: even though it turned out to be a pretty nice day at the beach down here it was a double edged sword. governor christie said it best. it's a no within situation because if they didn't declare a state of emergency and we got hit hard, then everybody would be furious. we can consider ourselves lucky we didn't get slammed and hope for the best for businesses that they can recover over the next couple of weeks. in ocean city, i'll bill anderson, fox 29 news. a bizarre burglary lands this guy in jail. cops say he broke into a home
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and started stealing stuff but it didn't end there. what they say he did next in the house that left officers baffled. the picture going viral tonight. what stopped this kindergartner in his track as he was running in to school is touching so many people. but first -- ♪ on this labor day holiday hundreds of union members taking to the streets in south philadelphia. union members and leaders gathering at the sheet metal workers union hall before marching down columbus avenue. union workers from the tri-state area all taking part in today's parade. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. bob kelly continues his vacation one more day and it's back to reality for lot of folks tomorrow after the labor day holiday. but train septa regional rail will be operating on their interim weekly schedule still have a shortage of rail cars. so the word from septa normal
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weekday service is expected to return by early october. find out how folks will be doing back to reality when we get started tomorrow morning at 4:00. ♪ for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby.
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toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
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iso let me tell you what i knowe about senator pat toomey.. my mom was the principal at sandy hook school in newtown. she died that day protecting the young children in her care. when it came time to vote on background checks, pat toomey crossed party lines to do the right thing. that's who he is, and i'm grateful. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ for tens of thousands of
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floridians this holiday weekend was spent cleaning up from devastating floods caused by her cane hermine and for two men near d tampa their weekend was spent in boat but not for lease sure they were helping their neighbors caught in the flood waters since hurricane hermine hit they've been gating roads that have become impassible to cars and checking in on those pinned in by flooding. >> pretty awesome to be out there and knowing that you can help somebody. i would hope that someone would help me if i'm stuck. >> i wouldn't say we're considered heroes. we're just good samaritans out helping people. >> on saturday alone the two men brought 17 people and nine of their pets back to dry land. an alleged car thief causes panic over the weekend at the los angeles international airport. police arrested the alleged thief officers asked people on the sidewalks to move inside the terminal area. this made some people panic. they ran through the security area without being screened. so more than a dozen people left on the tarmac the security breach ends up causing the whole
10:25 pm
terminal to be evacuated. >> there was some people that were concerned for their safety. actually moved quickly through the tsa screening areas without being screened. so as a result of that, there were people that were in our sterile areas and they were even a small number of people that found their way out into the airfield. >> the whole ordeal lasted about two hours and police have now charged 35-year-old larry mc kenny from texas for stealing the car. imagine seeing this. python hanging from the side of a pick up in hot springs, arizona this was in a parking lot outside of a race track. it turns out the owner of the truck had stopped at the track, crack the windows to give his 14-foot long snake a little fresh air. the snake was able to slither out but didn't get far. city workers play a game of cat and mouse with a national graffiti ring leaving their mark all over philadelphia. why you are paying to clean it up. dave warren tracking your forecast. >> yeah, that weather is really changing here. we have hermine which is
10:26 pm
tracking a little to the west. eventually it will turn to the north and get out of here. what takes its place 80 heat. a look at those numbers in the seven day forecast coming up. >> all right, dave. coming up at 11:00 a woman stops to grab a quick cup of coffee that lands her in the emergency room. what she says was in the bottom of her cup that may have you thinking your morning caffeine fix.
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for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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♪ labor day weekend coming to an end live radar shows what's left the storm hermine through a wrench into many people's holiday plans. hermine churning up rough surf and there could be flooding problems in the morning as we move live to wilmington now we could have another heat wave on the way. your weather authority tracking what you need to know ahead.
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in the city's belmont neighborhood homicide detectives are trying to figure out who stabbed a man to death early this morning. officers found the guy along the 4400 block of west minster treat just after 1:00 a.m. they say he had been stabbed several times. mows aren't sure of a motive as of yet. it's a flash she widespread crime designed to get your attention and it's costing city taxpayers more than a million dollars a year. graffiti painted across the city has crews cleaning up thousands of sites each year and now authorities believe some taggers from a national ring of graffiti artists decided to make philadelphia their next urban canvass. dave schratwieser explains. >> reporter: it's a job city workers repeat over a hundred thousand times each year. painting over graffiti across buildings, bridges, open trucks throughout philadelphia. it costs taxpayers big bucks. >> we spend $1.2 million a year
10:31 pm
to clean up graffiti. >> reporter: but on this day the city workers are at corner of spring garden and front streets just off i-95. they're here to spray paint over this giant so-called tag that says, buzzer swang. it's no ordinary graffiti or tag. city officials believe this is the work of out of town graffiti artists who came to philadelphia with one purpose. >> they classify it as artwork. we don't. we classify it as destroying other people's property. it's graffiti. >> reporter: fox 29 investigators found that the tag buzzer swang or some times swang buzzer started popping up in prominent places in philadelphia about seven months ago. >> keep on destroying property. and keep on going and tagging them. >> reporter: these are elaborate tags that cost $600 in paint and can take as many as two days to complete. graffiti crew putting thee up
10:32 pm
may be part of a nationwide ring and can go just about anywhere according to city officials. >> hindsight -- on fences, rooftops, second, third stories. >> they cut the gate over here. >> owners of this food supply company on north american street got stung by the early town taggers in early august. they broke into a rear sense and tagged five deliveries trucks. >> they paint all the truck. >> what do you think about that. >> i don't know much that's a mess. >> reporter: a few weeks earlier the taggers struck at emerald and lehigh. two stories off the ground at a business called iron works. it's owned by carlos santos. >> damage your property? >> yup. >> reporter: cost you money? >> yup. >> reporter: time? >> real hard-working guy, right? >> yeah. >> reporter: you don't need to be cleaning that up i guess no. >> reporter: santos told fox 29 investigates the taggers even cut the feed from this surveillance cameras that would have captured them tagging his
10:33 pm
building. simply cut the cable to the cameras. >> and damage it. i pay for this a lot of money. >> reporter: as it turns out philadelphia's not the only city being hit hard by the bowr swang taggers. their work shown up in dallas, detroit, san francisco, oklahoma city and tulsa philadelphia ferns of officials are convinced it's the same crew traveling across the country. they use the initial ehc or ctd for cost taxpayer dollars. >> it's the same writing. it's the same exact writing. >> out of town people because these tags were never seen seven months ago. >> reporter: in fact authorities in oklahoma city and tulsa believe the bowzr swang tags were the work of at least three people. they've been arrested on other charges but not for painting graffiti. >> we got plenty of taggers in philadelphia, right. >> yeah, we don't need no more. >> reporter: oklahoma
10:34 pm
investigators tell us they believe these taggers go on s so-called spray indications to other cities where they do think work. in fact, one of them was arrested here in philadelphia back in january but the district attorney's officer says the case was dropped when a witness failed to show up for court. no one knows if he's still here but city official have a message for him if he is. >> move out of the city and get out of here and go back to where they came from. >> reporter: back at front and spring garden, city crews had to pain the and tire side of this new building to cover up the giant bowzr swang. the cost to the city taxpayer 1800 to $2,500. >> this damage is close to 11 grand w would he get that reason to redo because he's afraid it's going to come back again. we keep track of everything. so if the police would catch somebody, we would be able to add up the costs of the graffiti tagger and give him the bill for
10:35 pm
it. >> reporter: as for those so-called artists or tagger who's think this is a victim less crime, he says -- >> it's serious crime. because they're destroying people's property. >> reporter: dave schratwieser fox 29 news. >> painting graffiti a misdemeanor. a woman comes home from walking her dog and what she sees when she gets home sparks some panic. >> ahh! ahhh! >> see that guy running off? what she says she caught him doing on her front patio has her so well freaked out. going all the way to the white house. what the president is now saying about the 49ers quarterback sitting out during the national anthem.
10:36 pm
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan.
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bizarre and really disturbing story out of massachusetts. police in oaks bluff arrested a man for allegedly breaking into a home on martha's quinn regard paining the homeowner's dog purple. investigators say felix reagan forced his way into the house saturday took some stuff and painted the dog before taking off homeowner's car. he later crashed and police arrested him. he's now facing a list of charges. president obama is weighing in on nfl star colin kaepernick's decision to sit fort national anthem. he has a constitutional right to make a statement. he does say he can see those in uniform are not able to see passed the river answer for the flag at a hear kaepernick's larger point about justice. >> i think he cares about some real legitimate issues that has to be talked about. and if nothing else, what he's done he's generated, you know,
10:40 pm
more conversation around topics that need to be talked about. >> the police union in santa clara county has threatened to stop protecting 49ers games if kaepernick does not change his actions n your money tonight, today, of course is labor day a day to honor workers in the united states. but a study by the pew research center shows more than 40% of all companies have at least some employees on the job today. more than a third of all employers have people working thanksgiving and almost 40% require people to work on christmas or new year's day. americans are taking less vacation. research shows more than half of all americans did not use all of their vacation time last year and four in 10 didn't even take single vacation day. in 2015. picture going viral. what stopped this kindergartner in his tracks as he was running in to school that's got so many people feeling a touching moment tonight. dave warren tracking your forecast. hermine trying to graze us
10:41 pm
with just little bit of rain here. it continues to move west. we'll have update on the track and see if we'll see any of that rain here. that's coming up in the complete seven day forecast.
10:44 pm
>> woman heads out of her house for quick walk with her dog makes a terrifying discovery when she gets home. now, she's hoping video from a surveillance camera will help employees near atlanta crack the case. fox's natalie posie explains. ahh! ahhh! >> reporter: chilling screams after maura found a man laying down on her patio couch at about 4:30 monday morning. the emotional mother and wife showing us this home surveillance video. you can see the man taking off. >> just frightening. invasion of your privacy. i mean he could have attacked me. it was just -- it was just terrifying report roar chase says her two golden doodles were pacing and growling early monday so she thought she had to go out. on her way back to her morning side home she noticed something was not ride. >> i saw the pillows on my couch, on my patio were on the ground which is unusual. and then i saw him and the same second i saw him he said hi.
10:45 pm
like that and i screamed started screaming and tore over to my door and ran into my house. >> reporter: her husband says he was sleeping when he heard his wife yelling. >> she sounded very panicked and very scared. you go into panic mode and just came down as soon as i could and came outside and looked around and by that time he had already fled. >> reporter: you can hear just how terrified she is as she tries to explain to her husband what happened. she called 911 and atlanta police search the area but could not fine the man. neighbor sarah robinson says years ago she believes someone may have slept nearby after finding a blanket near had he free standing garage. >> never saw anybody. never everybody harmed anything. i didn't have break in. it was just sad. they had no place to sleep. >> reporter: chase wants her neighborhood to know what happened to her because they've had recent home and car break ins in the area and while she
10:46 pm
does not know what the man's intentions were, if any, she is grateful everyone is okay. >> i have kids. i have dogs. , you know my husband and i we have a family and i'm just glad one of the kids wasn't taking them out or coming in you because it could have happened to them and it could have been a lot worse. >> police still have not yet tracked down who that man was on maura cheh's patio. to cute story out of texas gone viral. this photo shows kindergartner royce thomas from santa fe saying the pledge of a legions and a prayer outside his school. his mom dropped him off late last week when the young boy her the pledge of allegiance on the loud speaker he stopped and joined instead of continuing to rush and then said prayer. >> i said a prayer. >> you started praying? >> and can you tell me about your prayer? >> thank you god, thank you for giving me a wonderful day.
10:47 pm
>> many people in the school community are touched by the young boy's actions. on your radar tonight while some people were staying out of the water today look we who we found swimming around skyfox saturday caught this group of dolphins off the coast of avalon. you can see several them hopping in and out of the water together. our dave warren is tracking your forecast. rip currents don't seem to bother those guys swimming around but still rough surf out there because here's the latest we hermine what was supposed to really turn the storm to the north and northwest actually happening now as big upper low diving down not much will be moving this storm over the next 24 to 48 hours. so we'll continue to look at the latest information. 8:00 o'clock the 11:00 o'clock advisory should be coming in any minute now. looking for that wind speed still 70 miles an hour. still very intense storm but the direction now the movement is what we'll keep a close eye moving west northwest at 9 miles an hour looking for that eventual toll turn to the north as it continues to move west look how close some of this rain
10:48 pm
gets to the area. national hurricane center continues to move the storm west. weakening it to 50 miles an ho hour. this is wednesday early wednesday right there is the line 40 degrees north right through philadelphia. watch that because it will start to turn to the north as it gets little farther to the north there around philadelphia. so it will turn and moved to northeast but how close does it get? that is the key we're watching here. some of that rain is just off the coast. as it does move a little farther west, we'll see the wind pick up just briefly. only about 10 to 20 miles an hour. not a big gusty day today but you might notice a little bit of a breeze there late tomorrow night or overnight tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. there's that wind about 10 to 15 miles an hour. here's the rain it's close. some of these bands are trying to spin around and work their way west. we could see a few showers coming down. maybe along the coast and possibly inland a passing shower. certainly not a lot of rain here's the future weather computer that shows this. time this here we are tuesday
10:49 pm
morning. there's one are two bands trying to hold together spinning around the storm maybe a few light showers with a few clouds tomorrow morning. through out the day just a possibility of a shower that rain heavy rain is just off the coast. and this will be about as close as the storm gets late tomorrow night and early wednesday. it will then start to move out. what takes its place is the he heat. so getting pretty close but by wednesday it tarts to lift out. here's a little break here before our next type of weather moves in and that is the heat and humidity. over the next few lights look up nice view of the moon pas passiy saturn and mars. 70s and 80s still. not much of a drop in temperatures. still fairly warm but we'll climb into the mid 80s tomorrow with just a few clouds and maybe a sprinkle specially to the south and east. we'll talk about what happens once the storm moves out we're looking at heat possibly the start of a heat wave on thursday up into the 90s with hire humidity. heat index close to 100. so feels like summer again here. watching the coast tomorrow and wednesday. then the heat starts to build.
10:50 pm
thursday, friday and saturday along with the humidity. we get showers and thunderstorms by sunday though the heat is moving out. the humidity is dropping. we're looking at nice comfortable day sunday, monday down to 80 degrees with bright sunshine down the shore this week, well it's just a warm day there on friday with a temperature up to 92. let's look at next weekend. sunday eagles are here. that rain clears out. of course right now it's all about carson wentz. fans wanted it and now they got it. he's your starting quarterback in week one. wentz went from being third string quarterback to the starter in a matter of moments. hear why doug pederson is so so confident in his decision. that's coming up next in sports.
10:52 pm
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there's nothing different that hey got to do now. it's still football. still got to be the same guy and just play ball and i think those guys believe in me and, um, i'm excited for it.
10:54 pm
it's official. carson wentz is your starting quarterback. doug pederson announced today that he would start week one against the cleveland browns and basically said there was no hesitation to put him in over chase daniels. chase having such a bad training camp in preseason really made easy decision. wentz actually found out bradford was traded and owe would be the starter while hun hunting for geese in corn field in south jersey. that's the type of guy we have. humble, down to earth and he's ready to take the reigns. >> i just knew ever since ota's this summer, you know, diving into the playbook, um, then going forward really that pre-season game i guess i walk away feeling extra confident. i wasn't -- i didn't feel overwhelmed or anything. felt very confident. i don't know. -- >> what he did in all ota's what he's done around this building the plays he's made in practice, um, in the one pre-season game has -- has given me confidence that he can -- he can lead this
10:55 pm
football team and i'm excited. >> the biggest question i have, can you actually protect the kid? he already fractured his ribs in his only nfl action a large part of that a lane john. will will he be? johnson waiting on that 10 game suspension to come down actually he's preparing to play in week one carson will need him badly. >> just a long dragged out process. that's the way it is. so whatever happens, happens. but yeah i plan on going this week and playing. he has a big job on his plate, so do i. yeah, i mean we're all behind him and going to push him along but i think he'll do well. >> all right. phillies they lost six straight in all the wheels have basically fallen. swept in two series. today they tried to get back into the winning column against the marlins. to the fifth down two to zero. finally bats waking up. freddie galvis hits a bomb look at that goes upper deck. that tied the game at two. the hits just kept coming after that.
10:56 pm
triple by bourjos. hear nan did he say with a height and right in between the short stop's legs. that's an error and the phils take a three-two lead. the marlins had three errors in the game. in the seventh jim brady adding some insurance runs to it. the phils win six-two snapping a six-game losing streak. now to the us open serena williams is being serena williams. dominating once again. williams won six-works six-three to advance to the canal finals her 300th eight career grand slam win. the most wins in any era in tennis history unfortunately big sis will not be moving on. she lost in three sets. four-six, six-four, seven-six every time venus loses retirement word comes up but she actually says, listen, i'm not retiring. i'm still going to play. still love this game. i can correct some of these things making me leave. venus and serena dominate this sports. hopefully venus didn't retire.
10:57 pm
keep playing. >> she's still young enough. that will do it for us at 10k. coming up at 11:00 a woman stops to grab a quick cup of coffee that lands her in the emergency room. what she says was in the bottom of the cup plus wore wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes. the fox 29 news at 11:00 is up next. ♪ playing the new million in an instant gamethan with top prizes of a million bucks? winning. on the spot. (cheers) play million in an instant from the pennsylvania lottery.
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. we begin tonight with breaking news. one man in the hospital after police say an off duty officer pulled the trigger in a northeast philadelphia home. investigators say it all started with fight in that house. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. lucy is off tonight. we are learning the victim and that officer are related. fox 29's shawnette wilson live at the scene with breaking details. shawnette. >> reporter: well, iain, police have not given the exact relationship between the officer and the victim but we do know that the victim is in the hospital right now in critical but stable condition. detectives continue processing the scene of a shooting on taunton road in northeast phil philly. this house is where police say an off duty police officer fired at least two shots at a family member who is right now at aria


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