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tv   Chasing News  FOX  September 6, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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>> now on chasing news. >> the biggest ones are memorial day of course. fourth of july, and labor day. >> labor day and lobster. you can't have one without the other. >> how do i put this on? >> one idea could further increase the minimum harvesting size to catch a lobster. >> our proof is in the back of the traps. the traps don't lie. >> grab your gear and grab your boots. we've got a lot of work to do. >> four sisters, 40 brain surgeries. >> there is no cure. >> all four sisters have a rare brain disorder call key
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arie malformation. >> brave little girls. praying for you. >> i'm a firm believer in goat. i tried it on multiple walls, and it's a success. >> you think how it works is a bunch of thousand a plus plus. >> that one i'm definitely not touching. >> labor day and lobster. you can't have one without the other, can you? >> oh, my god. that thing is huge. >> yeah. biggest ones are memorial day of course. fourth of july, and labor day. >> mike or as i call him lobster mike calls it one of the busiest days of the year. so grab your gear and grab your boots. we've got a lot of work to do. we're now aboard the dark horse making our way toward lobster traps deep in the long island sound. >> yes, we are. we're looking.
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>> dark horse is a fitting name for a boat like this. lobster fishing hasn't been easy here. the number has plummeted in recent years after soaring in the late '90s. scientists say climate change. others say pesticides. but one thing's for sure. fisherman like lobster mike were struggling to stay afloat. >> dear god. he did not like me. >> yes, he does. he likes me. coming over here to join. >> but is something's different about this summer's fishing. says the lobsters are back. >> how do i put this on? >> twist. >> this is not as easy as you make it look. how do i pick it back up? >> i am so sorry. >> no this one. >> this one?
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>> yep. there you will. >> but surprising catch isn't stopping further regulations from being proposed. one idea could further increase the minimum harvesting size to catch a lobster. >> very good. >> and you better bet those ideas are not sitting well out on these waters. >> they have their grass and their $50 vocabulary words and their lab coats and whatnot. if you want to know the real truth, get on the boat, come out there. our proof is in the back of the traps. the traps don't lie. >> now, you can stay with chasing news for any updates on these lobster stories. follow me on twitter and the show at chasing news. and as for you. >> tours, walking tours, bicycle tours. but since i am a trainer, and i do teach boxing, i decided to incorporate my training with my tours.
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>> that is junior morgan and for two years he has been giving workers a great workout and one of most america's famous parks. >> ends at columbus circle with points of interest and in between. and taught me a series of boxing techniques. >> all right. all the way down. >> we kicked off the central workout tour with some light stretching. and then i learned about the main monument. >> this commemorates the unfortunate explosion of the battleship in 1898 where 258 american soldiers pair i should. >> we just ran from columbus circle to the field. you know what? i'm already a little tired. it's hot out here. but ab workout. here we go. >> how do you feel? >> going to go right now through the stadium.
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the stadium is actually the second ice skating rink that was here. >> we're on our way to gary. >> gary was the first building that opened up. it was like a big thing. it was like going out. behind us is the water statue, which was sculpted by a woman. it was significant at the time because she was the first woman in america to be commissioned to sculpt a design. >> we finish our line in the spot of the new york city marathon. >> we need you to come get a workout. unlimited fitness >> the best bocce players i've ever met get together in newark. they took no prisoners, they
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don't miss a day. ever. >> are you guys going to have a fistfight? >> don't you play for one of the teams? >> we have controversy. >> you all know phil. he's a friend of the show. chief of staff toetics county executive. he's playing a little bocce. >> i never actually played myself. so when i got set up to face bill and his boys, we'll call it educational. i got all i wanted pretty darn quick. >> a little drama on wednesday. two rounds #-0. you have to get 16. >> is there an atm here?
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>> the boys are good. no question. they brought a little hardware home that they won at the tournament. they said they had to show morris county a little thing or two. >> we sent them back 11-1. so we had to send them back to show who the champions were. >> father brought them out to the kids for the first time when phil was just a kid. but phil plays because he enjoys it. but it's a good way to stay close to his father's memory. >> i come here to pay respect for my father because this is where he hung out. but i feel his fear. for me. >> a lot of the guys are retired and there's 100 other things they could be doing and they do like the sport, it's the bonds playing that stand out. >> what is that thing? like three pounds? you could break a tow. >> my friend, they come here every day.
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it's something to do over here in the park. and then we play bocce every day almost. >> no idea what happens now. >> soon parted. i'm glad to say i didn't lose a dime to these guys. but it's because i didn't bet if i had. i get cleaned out. these guys work their will on the bocce court. there wasn't much trying going on. they want to make a shot, they make it. especially with the hard bocce shot, the one that cleans out all the other balls. i was impressed. >> they're here 365 days a year. >> even when it's 20 degrees out? >> they're not as good because they play with gloves. >> sure. >> i have to take the winters off because i don't know how they do it. >> what do you get when you provide hard to find candy like spray and "harry potter" chocolate frogs and top it off with a hansom man? hansom dan of course. the east village, the child of
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dan eleven at 25 years old, realized his life in the corporate world was just not what he wanted. >> it was a good job, but it wasn't fulfilling. and i found that snow cones from my childhood and candy, nostalgia candy made me feel like i was doing something meaningful that had soul, that had purpose. >> that was back in 2011 when dan opened his first shop in williamsberg. it was so successful actually that i'm in his second shop right now in manhattan. the real way he makes the dough is snow. snow cones. >> snow cones are very special for me. they're from my childhood. i brew up in maryland, and we had these things called snowballs. and i would sit outside with my dad, we would have a snowball, and it's think the best feeling summer heat and breeze and icy treat. so i wanted to bring that to new york city. and to do a more interesting flavors all natural flavors, and i realize that snow cones were my passion, and i've been following that snowball ever
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since. >> now, they come up with their own special flavors like strawberry guava and mango. they're made with. at 3.50 each, they're almost the best bargain in the shop at 3.75. also in the store another treat you don't see often in nyc. not as hard to find as it is to master. i tried my hand at that. didn't go so well. >> to the outside? >> i'm a terrible cotton candy maker for the record. now, they even combined the two. check out their led cotton cabbedy glow cone they've provided for events at places like the four seasons. now, that new york staple just closed. because hansom dan. >> fresh hot apple cider with
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real spices mold into them. we have hot cocoa made with real dark chocolate, 70% dark chocolate, it's delicious. and maple sugar and these little things called churros that we're going to dip into chocolate. >> you had me until aguova because it sounds like they're trying to make something organic. i don't think kids get enough treats like this. we've got to have a little bit more candy, so he had wab i love the fact that this guy is successful. good for him. >> it's an antigravity phone case that will let your phone stick to almost anywhere. >> the most useful way to use phones. there's a bunch of thousands microsuction//>[a]
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>> are you ready? >> there's a local election that is boiling over and that is the race for passaic county sheriff. now, there are three people campaigning for this position. the incumbent sheriff, the republican challenger frank, and then there was a last-minute addition. darren, he is shaking things up. he's a former passaic county sheriff officer. and now he's in the mix. >> i drew up in patterson. left my blood, sweat, and tears on the streets growing
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up. not a lot of guidance. i was fortunate enough to study martial arts, discipline and structure helped me make out what i was in and carried out into the law enforcement. >> he is a black belt in can a ratey. i went to his studio and i'm going to find out why he is running, but i also learned some self-defense. >> this is you. this is you. right here. >> nice work. nice work. beautiful. >> he was laid off in 2008 and filed a whistle blower lawsuit right after that. which he fought for nearly seven years. >> the basis of the lawsuit was corruption. and it took about seven years. the case was final settled. >> now, a former colleague of his, ed chanelly said he's been through five sheriffs. >> he knows the people in the community. not only in patterson, but in
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passaic county. through his martial arts ability and teachings, he's offered free courses everywhere. >> now came as a surprise to some. he entered as an independent with 300 signatures at the last minute. but honestly why would anyone want to run for the passaic county sheriff position? it's dangerous. the former sheriff had to have people protecting him 24/7 because of threats from gang members. there's long history of corruption within the department that you have to take care care of. >> you have to deal with it. >> and you're not afraid one bit? >> not one bit. i look forward to the challenge. >> even on frank's facebook page, he says i continue to speak with residents, i find people are tired of the continuous corruption and mismanagement. >> they know i'm going to come in, and i'm going to clean out. i'm not going to be the politician standing behind the desk making orders.
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>> the election is happening in november. but as for now, things continue to heat up. >> i could give you one other reason he would run for sheriff. it pays a quarter million dollars a year. >> i'm in new jersey at a new business. it's an antigravity phone case that will let your phone stick to almost anywhere. so i had to check it out because could it possibly be real? does it really work? >> the moment of truth. ready? >> a plus plus. that's awesome. >> we need these at chasing. >> my job so much easier. >> background in social media and marketing. and we were just thinking the most useful way to use our
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phone to record different assets. normally need a third person to shoot it or something along those lines. >> plastic. i'm trying everything. >> basically how it works is a bunch of thousands of microsuction cups that come together and they just hold to surfaces such as mirrors, glass, wood, same way a regular suction cup would work. >> you said the only thing it doesn't stick to. >> rock -- but pretty much the substance in your everyday life. >> it works. >> the technology is very new. we are working on waterproof antigravity cases as well as charging antigravity cases. >> i'm a firm believer in goat case. i tried it on multiple walls,
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and it was a success. these guys really have a great idea and business is booming. follow them on social media at goat case. >> a very rare brain disorder. >> their brain is growing, so it's pushing their brain down into their spinal cord. >> we have a headache when we first wake up. we have to take medicine. >> there is no cure. >> i can't even imagine what the burden must come can do it! dogs just won't quit. neither does frontline. introducing new frontline gold. with its new easy applicator frontline gold delivers powerful protection that doesn't quit for a full 30 days. its new triple action formula is relentless at killing fleas and ticks. frontline gold. the latest innovation from the maker of frontline plus. for persistent protection you can trust... good boy! go for the gold. new frontline gold. available at your vet.
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>> coming up next four sisters, 40 brain surgeries. >> meet four sisters all battling the same rare brain disease. battling the same rare brain disease. >> there is n i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. battling the same rare brain dthere's a race going on right >> there is n now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs.
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we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan. >> chasing the story, a tough story about a family that is suffering four, four daughters all with the same brain disease. what have you got? >> these are the sisters from pennsylvania. now, all four sisters have a very rare brain disorder called key arie brain
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malformation, dozens of other surgeries that resulted from, you know, some of the side effects of this disorder. >> i'm 6. >> i'm brianna, and i am 10. >> and how old are you? >> you're four. >> skip in years. >> here's a tough one. your daily struggle. take a look at some of these photos. >> had from some of these brain surgeries. >> where was the boo-boo? >> they have to cut some of the skull to make the brain to expand. >> oh, really? >> yeah. >> is that what happened to everybody? >> no. >> mine is. >> so when they're growing, their brain is growing and their skull is not, so they're pushing their brain down into the spinal cord.
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>> some of them have to wear braces on their wrists, ankle, and knees because their joints literally fall out at times because it's pretty tough. i asked them about what they were going through. >> i have a headache when i first wake up. we have to take medicine. >> do you ever get headaches in school? >> yeah. >> but are they from the teacher sometimes? >> no. >> i was trying to trick you guys. >> you do? that's awesome. brianna, she's accounted for over 20 brain surgeries herself. give me the number again. >> 25. >> three. >> and six. >> oh, man, that's a lot of surgeries for a lot of little girls. >> there is no -- there's no cure. they're hoping once they stop growing, it will slow down because then the brain -- everything is stopped pretty much, and you've retched full growth. >> now, these are inspirational. they tell me what they love right now.
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maybe it will catch all of us. >> and the youngest gee adidn't want to play catch. >> she doesn't want to play catch, but she's going to be a cameraman, woman, girl. all right? so let me show you how to do this, you ready? >> yeah. >> all right. >> not child labor. [laughter] >> now, the conquer key arie walk across america occurs on the same dates he have year for research. that happens on september 17th, the 9th annual walk, and they want to invite everybody to come out, participate, donate your time, your money, check out the website. >> you all remember the shooting at the orlando nightclub pulse from july where omar mateen came in and mode don't even people with a submachine gun. now, we know the fbi had contact with mateen before and had him on a watch list and the gun store owner had to report him for buying ammunition a few days
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earlier. i wanted to know if the fbi dropped the ball in that and other cases. so i spoke with an fbi agent that went undercover in white supremacy groups in the 1990s to bring them down and now says the fbi is not learning the lessons of the past 15 years. >> this see something say something program develops so much work that are mostly false leads. so you're training your agents to believe i just have to get this interview done because i have five more cases i have to do this week. >> mike actually has a somewhat radical idea of the best way to fight terrorism. go after all violent crimes. and he points out that dzhokhar tsarnaev committed a triple homicide and could have taken him office two years before the bombings happened. >> somebody says on facebook that they love isis generates this huge sting operation. not that we can necessarily ignore that person on
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facebook. but let's focus on where somebody's actually doing real harm. >> mike says that the difference between terrorism and violent crime has a lot to do with the way it's addressed. >> it threatens the powerful; right? world trade center, pentagon, where most violent crime doesn't; right? that happens in neighborhoods that the people don't typically go to. so it's not seen as a problem to them. well, i think tens of thousands of unsolved rapes is a security problem for americans. >> mike has fought against right wing terror. and he sees some clues in what he did and how to fight terrorism today. >> no matter what the government protects, there's something they're not protecting. so all you have to do is keep doing little things. but it will make the government look weak, which will make them react stronger and stronger against every attack creating more and more
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grievances at the same time you can continue to strike, which shows their weakness. and that's how the government undermines itself. >> something i didn't know when i walked in is that you can go to the movie theater now and see mike's story. the movie starring daniel is based on his time infiltrating right wing neonazi groups, and it's in theaters thousand. >> what he's saying everybody that there's a terrorist attack looks for the big guys. the presidential candidates will solve this. and what he's saying is it starts at the local level. you have to investigate violent crime. that means the cops have to do a better job and fbi agents have to do a better job. you can't just look at trump. it starts at that level. >> it's the agent out in the midwest who said before 9/11, hey, these guys are taking flying lessons, we should do something about that. >> i agree. but part of that is the conversation of political correctness and how everybody's on edge and guarded, and i think a lot
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for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice.
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