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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  September 6, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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right now an off-duty officer is possibly facing charges after police say he shot a relative during an argument, what investigators say happened moments before the gun went off. and, bill cosby returns to a montgomery county courtroom, later today, with the comedian could soon learn about his felony sexual assault trial. and then... >> i think we have a better shot of winning with him. >> fans reacted to the eagles announce its new starting quarterback how soon rookie carson wentz will be taking snaps. good day, it is tuesday, september 6th, 2016. >> should we go to opening day? we went to opening phillies day and they had record all of
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baseball f we go to the season opener for eagles sunday do we pick them out the right. >> you can try. >> it we can try. >> it the is first day of school for so many students in our area. we want to see your pictures. the send them to us on social media. use the #fox 29 good day. >> okay sue, everybody wants to know what do we wear on the first day of school. >> would i say hold on to your hat because it will be breezy this morning, hermine is still with us and today's issue is wind, and maybe a tiny bit of rain along the the shore, of course, mass exodus last night for folks who stayed, so yes, hermine got the close overnight but it is also weakening so we don't expect it the to be a big tiehl but it is breezy out there with 15 d wind in philadelphia, and a much milder, 74 degrees today, milder then it has been any other morning this week if you were with us that would be just yesterday, anyway sunrise
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time at 6:34 in the morning. 61 degrees right the now in mount pocono. zero seven in allentown. sixty-six in lancaster. seventy in trenton. sixty-nine in millville. seventy-one in dover. definitely these temperatures have gotten milder since late last week and yesterday but we do expect a very mild day to day, we cane wind, four, 15 miles an hour. 88 degrees is our high temperature today. sunset time 7:24. mostly sunny skies, just a little bit on the breezy side. inland at the shore cloudy and some showers from hermine maybe here and there. that is what we have going on for tuesday? wait until you see how hot in the seven day forecast coming up and seeking of, being back look who is back. bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. 4:02. back at it thanks for holding down the fort last week. we are good to go this morning here. the clean up, is complete. everybody cleaned up and all of the trash is gone from that
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made in america concert. this is a live look at ben franklin parkway. some of the bright spotlights are still on but traffic is getting through this morning. no problems on i-95 out of the northeast philadelphia looking good, in both directions. all of the overnight one construction that would typically be there around this time, it is called off or cancelled because of the holiday. market frankford and the subway using shuttle buses until 5:00 this morning and then trains kick in, some changes beginning today on september, supplemental bus services on the select regional rail lines, there you go, the four lanes that they will add some bus services too. i would just make sure you have a new updated timetable for this morning, it the has been a long holiday weekend and press conferences last week on throwing some extra trains back into the mix, plus this bus thing going on so if you use septa's regional rails make sure you grab an updated schedule and for gang along nova campus we have construction on route 30 whiz
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will tie us up. expect a lot of unusual traffic patterns with all of the kid and all of those school buses pulling out of the garage and taking little ones back to school, chris and lauren, back over to you. breaking news out of east mt. airy police are investigating a murder of the 29 year-old man, victim's mother discovered the body in the basement of their home around 10:30. he had been shot in the head. detectives searched for evidence at the scene located at williams and what hadworth avenue. they are looking for both a motive and suspect. we are following more breaking news. a man shows up to a local hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg. police believe the shooting happened outside a liquor store in the 500 block of roselee street in north philadelphia just before 1:00 this morning. after looking at security footage police say this shooting may have stemmed from some sort of altercation outside the store. victim is not cooperating with police. no arrests have been made. philadelphia police investigating one of their own after a shooting in northeast last night.
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>> one of the officers evidently shot a relative and this was evident thely during a fight. lets go to steve keeley with the very latest on this story, steve. >> reporter: domestics are the worst on the holidays and police are regular people too. so they have families and things happen within families and we're told that this was a family fight essentially, that got out offhanded from verbal, and then officer in self-defense we're told by others, fired a couple of shots, at a 19 year-old male relative who was alive, critically and stable. it happened here on taunton road in northeast philadelphia in the far from where this officer works from the 15th district over there on harbison and... and other standard procedure is internal affairs will turn over their findings to the district attorney's office, to determine whether or not, this shooting was just final. >> off-duty philadelphia police officer, at which point
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in time he was then involved in a verbal altercation with another individual inside of the residence that led to a physical altercation between the two individuals. during this altercation the off-duty police officers armed with an off-duty weapon. during this altercation, his weapon discharged twice striking one of the individuals inside of the home in the torso area of the body. that individual was transported by medics to aria torresdale hospital. >> reporter: hopefully that individual recovers enough to also give his side of the story to investigators, but chris and lauren, it will not just be an officer's word against somebody shot in the house there were two other members in the house as well, and then they were not sleeping or on another floor they know something, heard something and saw something and maybe saw all of it. police have, a couple of other witnesses involved as well. >> all right, steve keeley live. lets stay with the philadelphia police department
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for this minor injuries stemming from the police involved traffic accident in north philadelphia, a k-9 unit colliding with a sedan around 7:00 last night sky fox over the scene atwood haven and thornton road. the officer who was driving, treated and released from the hospital. the k-9 officer was taken to the vet for observation. officials have not released the cause of the accident or whether any tickets were issued. authorities need your help finding a teenager who has not been seen since the made in america concert on sunday night. investigators say 19 year-old nelson armstrong was separated from his friend around 11:30. police say armstrong is from oregon, not familiar from this area at all, 5-foot ten, 165-pound and last seen wearing etan bucket hat with hershey as on it. if you have any information you are asked to call central detectives or simply call 911. bill cosby is heading back to court later today. >> we could learn when his sexual assault trial could start, jennifer joyce now live
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at montgomery county courthouse where this will take place later today, jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris and lauren. it is scheduled for one and this could be a big one for cosby's defense team fight to go suppress key evidence including 1,000 pages have of damaging testimony that he gave in 2005 in the accuser andrea constand's law fence. defense attorneys argued cosby was promised wow never be charged so he felt free to testify, however, a judge determined that cosby was never granted immunity. documents from the lawsuit were unsealed last year and a new prosecutor reopened the case. bee december, cosby was charge with the 2004 drugging and molesting of andrea constand a young woman she mentored who was at the time a manager of the temple woman's basketball team. in the deposition cosby admitted to several extra marital affairs, in which he gave young woman, teens in the early 20's drugs and alcohol prior to what he called, romantic meetings.
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constand says that she was in and out of consciousness during the evening and questioned in regards to the alleged assault, cosby said the accuser never stopped him, in addition to his 2005 testimony, attorneys are trying to suppress a taped phone call, between cosby and constand's mother in which he admitted sexual contact with her daughter. a judge today is expect to hear those argument from the defense and possibly set a trial date, again, hearing is scheduled for later today at 1:00. lauren and chris. >> jenny joyce, thanks very much. let's talk football, shall we? >> let's do it. >> all right. >> actually, lets talk about this first. happening today... >> carson wentz evidently is going to be the starter, at 1:00 o'clock at the lincoln sunday. >> that is news. >> sam bradford, of course, was traded over the weekend to the minnesota vikings. coach doug pederson a trusted the media saying yes, carson wentz drafted second overall first by the eagles will start
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as you know in the the first preseason game he suffered a hairline fracture of his ribs. he sat out final three preseason games but got the nod, chase daniel was tapped, initially to start but then they went with carson wentz and before bradford was traded the talk was that carson wentz was going to sit out entire season. big daddy graham in later in the show to talk about that. >> i knew i was ready. i was taking mental reps even going into the first preseason game, i felt very confident, and at a fast pace and now it is here and i'm really confident in myself and confident in this team and i'm excited for it. >> he is than the the number two pick for a reason. we're exited to see what he can do as well. >> it just gives us an opportunity to have some continuity at that position for a long time something i have not had since i have been here. hopefully build some chemistry
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with carson for a lot of years. >> coming up later hear why coach doug pederson is so confident in his decision regarding carson wentz. still to many company, warnings still in effect with hermine lingering off shore in atlantic ocean. what it could mean for people along the northeast. police investigating a brutal death in olney, a man ran over a woman with his carrie petely but didn't stop there,
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all right. we're starting off with the latest on hermine, still a post tropical storm. now what it did yesterday was receipt tremendous grade a little bit which means it moved back toward the coast a little bit, so, now it is weakening as well. so it is a little closer. we still don't expect a lot of effect is here in philadelphia but it will be more windy at the shore and there may be a shower or two with 65 miles an hour wind the thing still won't go away. the it moved further west ward before it the takes a northeasterly track and gets out of here. it is going to pester us through tomorrow, maybe even a little bit of thursday but there is not too much rain spreading back here but if you see a single or two at the shore if that is where you are or where you live that would be the situation. we've got some nasty waves out there that are maybe six to 10 o 30, 35 miles an hour at the shore, uv index low and we will have maybe some sun if you not too much, meanwhile,
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head line for the rest of the week, it is heat and humidity returning. we will go back to the southeasterly winds and familiar weather pattern from summertime and it is still technically summertime even though so many kids are going back to school today and tomorrow. 74 degrees in philadelphia. sixty-six in wilmington and lancaster. sixty-one in mount pocono. seventy-three in wildwood. wind are kicking up to 15 or 20 miles an hour. we have had six heat waves, so far one in may, nothing in june, very wet june, three in july and two in august. we may say one in september. look at the seven day forecast. 88 degrees today. eighty-nine tomorrow. and that could be a 90 for tomorrow, 95, for thursday. ninety-six is the record high for thursday, so we could end up tying a record for then. and friday we're still in the mid 90's and we are as well on saturday. at some point we will get another heat wave but in time
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for the eagles, season opener, on sunday, it looks pretty good bob kelly with less humidity. temperatures in the mid 80's i predict, much tailgating, and a lot of fun. >> got to get down there early. it will be chilly in the morning. hot chocolate and make sure that grill is working. 4:16 on a tuesday morning. back at it a live look at the schuylkill expressway, in problems or delays there looking good on the vine street expressway as well. in and out of the city. ring that bell, pack your bags, busies coming, back to school for all of the kid. just remember there is that school zone speed limit that you'll see posted in front of the schools, there you will see to be obeyed and obviously strictly enforced and the school buses will hit the road today as well. so in the neighborhoods, you know the normal spots, even around the schools watch out for some morning jammos out there and, of course, double
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parking and the quick frequent stops by the school buses today. north on the freeway, heading in towards philadelphia, this problems or delays at all. we had a big push for folks back from the the shore not the just saturday morning but also yesterday, folks that came back, saying good bye, to the summertime and the rides down there on the boardwalk. in problems this morning at philly international. off to a good start. both market frankford and broad street subway using shuttle buses until 5:00 o'clock and once 5:00 o'clock ripping we will roll those trains out and be ready to go. chris and lauren, back over to you. let's talk about the weather, shall we, happening right now, remnant of hurricane her mine still churning off the coast right now,. >> hundreds of miles in the atlantic. so still impacting new jersey from southern new england. pounding waves, flooding and beach erosion. high surf and dangerous rip currents also being seen on the jersey shore, the threat of the storm hitting over the holiday hurt businesses hoping
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for business profits, before the end of the busy summer season. for those out in the ocean, it was anything but smooth sailing. passengers aboard one cruise ship tell us about their wild ride on the rought seas. >> forty to 50 feet at one point. eating in the restaurant, dishes going all over the place. pretty exciting. exciting for me but half of the room right now over the toilet. >> in the south volunteers continue to work to evacuate people from their homes, things swamped by the flooding. more than 30,000 people are still left without power. this morning, we're still waiting to learn why a with man was killed touring an attack. police say a man ran a woman over with his car but it didn't stop there. driver is accused of running victim over several times, in an empty lot along the 700 block of west loudon street sunday night in the logan section. instead of the getting out of the car to help would the man witnesses tell us that the
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driver then beat victim with the shovel. they are traumatized by what they saw. >> i said i thought it was just a plane old car accident. it wasn't until the driver back his car up and then that is when i saw the lady laying there in the lot. >> i could not comprehend. i could not believe what i was seeing. i could not comprehend it. >> woman in her 30's died at the hospital. police arrested the driver but authorities have not yet said what the motive was, no charges have been filed at this time. you decide coverage now 2016, fall campaign. >> authorities in atlantic city, have released identity of the the police officer shot over the weekend. officer josh lipdell was a nine year veteran. he was with his partner when they interrupted an armed robbery early saturday morning. the 29 year-old was shot. officer shot and killed one suspect and arrested two others a short time later. the officer is in atlantic care regional medical center in critical but stable condition.
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happening today, jury selection begins in the civil trial involving the salvation army building collapse, back in june of 2013. six people died, 13 others were injured when a building being demolish collapsed on to the salvation army thrift store at 22nd and market. the trial will determine if anyone should pay the injured, and those killed, victims in the accident. okay. lets get to you decide coverage, campaign season is underway in new jersey. post labor day marks the the start of the sprint to november 8th when democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton and republican nominee donald trump top the ballot if you didn't know that by now. both trump, clinton and vice-presidential candidates headed to the crucial swing state of ohio. clinton attended labor day festival with running mate senator tim kaine allowed reporters on her new campaign train, a departure, no pun intended from previous policy keeping them on separate the aircraft. trump and mike pence took part
4:21 am
in the round table discussion with union workers and labor workers. >> we will bring back jobs. jobs is the whole story. it is going to be so vital to this country to bring back our jobs. >> i know we cannot face our problems loan, we have to work together. we believe we are stronger together and that is in contrast to donald trump. >> either she's having a cold or losing her voice as candidates often do with all of the campaign stops this time of the year. it was first time clinton faced the press since fbi released notes from her july 2nd interview about her private e-mail serve inner handling classified information. president obama is in laus for the first ever visit by a sitting u.s. president. trip is overshadowed by growing diplomatic controversy with the key regional alley. >> white house cancelled president obama's meeting with
4:22 am
the philippines president. they were scheduled to meet during this summit but that was before the philippines president warned even cursed president obama for criticizing the philippines increasingly violent crackdown on drug cartels. >> obviously the philippines people are some of our closes friends anal is and the philippines is a treaty alley of ours but i always want to make sure if i'm having a meeting that it is actually productive and we're getting something done. >> the president will meet with east asia meeting in la us, this week and scheduled to go back to washington on thursday. the start of the eagles season which, of course, is sunday and the big bomb shell just a couple of days ago, the new rookie quarterbacking go to get the start in the opener against the browns. hear why coach doug pederson is owe so confident in his decision next in sports. >> but first your winning lottery numbers.
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good morning, i'm sean bell. we knew it was coming but nobody thought it would be this soon. carson went is the eagles starting quarterback. yesterday doug pederson announced wentz will start in week one with the cleveland browns. coach pederson says once sam
4:26 am
bradford was traded, it was never any doubt that went would be starter. went hasn't played since week one of the the preseason but he says he has healed up and been ready to go. >> i knew i was ready. i was taking mental reps even going in the first game, first preseason game, i felt very confident, and at a fast base and now it is here and i'm confident in myself and confident in this team and i'm excited for it. phillies bats finally waking up, in the two run single, that put phillies up six-four. they go on to win by that score, cracking a six game losing streak. that is sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. all right. lets go to jennifer joyce live from montgomery county courthouse where bill cosby hearing is speculator today. >> reporter: chris, it is a big day for bill cosby's defense team hoping to get
4:27 am
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right now on the fox 29 morning news an off-duty officer possibly facing
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charges after police say he shot a relative during an argument. what investigators say happened moment before the gun went off. plus, bill cosby in a montgomery county courtroom later today and what the comedian could learn about his felony sexual assault trial. fans waited and they thousand got it, it is all about carson wentz this morning. he is now our third string quarterback anymore he is the season's starter. let's hope this rib is ready to go, he has taken enough snaps in ra, knows all of the plays, got a rookie at quarterback. >> on the big stage. >> a rookie coach. >> yes. >> we have a whole new realm at the link this year. it is first gay of school for so many and we love to see your pictures. use the #fox 29 good day. sue, remember when nia went to school. >> are you kidding, it was on tv, and, as she says, i think i'll be reminded about it rest have have my life. it is so much fun a that
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people remember that. we're looking forward to your pictures on, tv show this morning. meanwhile we're still dealing with hermine, rain from hermine all off shore unless you are in new england but for us main effect will be wind. we are seeing some breezes around here in philadelphia. it is milder then yesterday with 74 degrees. 15 miles an hour wind and sunrise at 6:34 this morning. 61 degrees mount pocono. sixty-five reading. seventy in trenton. wildwood 73 degrees. these wind are sustained at 15 n philadelphia. 17 miles an hour wrightstown, atlantic city, more windy along the coast so welcome back, to school today. it looks like we will see decent sunshine, some cloud here and there, shore clouds at the shore, high temperature 88 degrees and as we said sunrise at 6:34 this morning. so that is your weather information today, we have some very warm weather coming up.
4:32 am
in fact possibility of another heat wave, just in time to go back to school, that is the way it goes, it is still technically summertime and guess who has returned? boy are we glad to see bob kelly. >> back in action boy that 2:00 he clock wake up call was tough. what? who am i, what am i, what day is it? it is tuesday. live look at i-95. good morning. no problems at all, if you are leaving town or dropping somebody off for a trip out of town this morning, no problems, getting there and we're looking good on the tote board so far this morning at philly international. looking good on the bennie as well downtown philly, septa regional rails, little bit of everything here. be ready. deep breath. before you leave the house go to our web site fox we have links to the new schedules. beginning today new schedules, timetables, on many of the buses, trains, and the trolleys, and also where it comes to the regional rails they have started a new supplemental bus service on
4:33 am
some of the select regional rail lines. so make sure you're good to go with the right timetable, that begins today. also shuttle will busing on the market frankford and the subway until 5:00 -- clock that normal overnight project and once 5:00 hits all aboard trains pull out and good to go. as sue mentioned it is back to school today for everybody. so we will see a lot of school buses, we will see unusual traffic patterns, like a double bubble today. always first day back after a holiday is tough, today, we add in all the kid going back to school. there is a lot of excitement for little ones especially in the neighborhoods, be careful, watch for the school zone speed limits around all of the schools and, of course, school bus laws. no passing at all when those blinking lights are on. the chris and lauren, back to you. we have to get to this breaking news out of east mt. airy police investigating murder of the 29 year-old man, vick test's mother discovered
4:34 am
son's body in the basement of the home at the 10:30. he had been shot in the head. detectives searched for evidence at the scene located at williams and wadsworth avenue. they are looking for both a motive ape suspect at this point. man shows up to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the head. police believed it happened outside a liquor store in the 500 block of roselee street in north philadelphia just before 1:00 this morning. after looking at security footage police say the shooting may have stemmed from some sort of an altercation outside of the store, and the victim is not cooperating with the police and no arrests have been made. a philadelphia police officer facing possible charges after authorities say he shot his relative during a argument. that family member is now hospitalized this critical condition. shooting happening inside of a house on taunton street around 6:30 last night. the officer was not on duty at the time of the shooting. police are telling us its started as a verbal argument that quickly escalated. >> it was during this altercation, the weapon was
4:35 am
discharged at least twice striking one of the individuals, and out of the home in the torso area of the body. >> we do not know what the initial argument was about and we don't know relationship between the officer and that wounded family member. internal affairs is handling this investigation. authorities need your help finding a teen hasn't been seen since the hade in america concert on sun take night. investigators say 19 year-old nelson armstrong got separated from his friend 11:30 at night. armstrong is from oregon and not familiar with the philadelphia area. he is 5-foot ten about 165-pound last seen wearing etan bucket hat with hershey's written on it. if you have any information, about this teenager, you are asked to call police. okay. >> central detective. >> or call 911 for that matter and hepp they find this kid. happening today we could learn when the trial against bill cosby could start. >> lets go to jennifer joyce outside montgomery county
4:36 am
courthouse where proceedings have been happening and, again, later this afternoon shore there bill cosby. >> reporter: good morning, chris and lauren. before we learned that trial date there are at least two issues that cosby's defense attorney is hoping to hammer out today. he is fighting to sun rest key evidence including nearly 1,000 pages have of damaging testimony that he gave in 2005 in the accuser andrea constand's lawsuit. defense attorneys argued cosby felt he would neff be charge so he felt free to testify. a why determined that cosby was never granted immunity. document from the lawsuit were unsealed last year and a new prosecutor reopened the case by december, cosby was charged with the 2004 drug and molesting of andrea constand a young woman he mentored and at the time was a manager of the temple woman isobase death ball team. in the deposition cosby admitted to self extra marital affairs where he gave young women teens in the early 20's
4:37 am
drugs and alcohol prior to romantic meetings. constand says she was in and out of consciousness during the evening in question, but in regards to the alleged assault cosby says the accuser they ever stopped him, in addition to his 2005 testimony, attorneys are trying to suppress a taped even if call between cosby and constand's mother in which he admitted sexual contact with her daughter. a judge is expect to hear those arguments from the defense and probably set a trial date, again, hearing is scheduled for 1:00 o'clock today. lauren and chris. >> jenny joyce, thanks so much for the update. let's talk sports. the history this is making for the eagles for the first time a rookie quarterback will kick off our season. >> carson wentz will open up at the link against the browns at 1:00 o'clock. when this was announced? here's some reaction from the fans. >> i'm just totally baffled how they could go from this guy not even dressing for the season to starting,.
4:38 am
>> wip sports radio sharing their reaction over this news. went drafted second overall, by the eagles, he wasn't even supposed to dress for a game this year. those plans changing after the big trade of sam bradford up to the minnesota vikings for draft picks. many eagles fans say they are eager to see what wentz can do for them and their favorite team. >> he will make a couple rookie mistakes if you smart overall, i think we have a better shot of winning with him. >> so in case you are looking for ticket to sunday's game, tickets for went debut are going for as much as $500, that is price we found on after market ticket sites like stub hub. >> well, here's the problem, i'm going to see springsteen friday night, i already shelled out bucks for that. i cannot two days later shell out more money for the game. >> watch it on tv and give me the scoop monday. >> you are not even going to turn the tv on. >> but since you can't go i
4:39 am
want to hear what you have to say on monday. >> okay. >> all right. are you a beyonce fan. >> what is up with her concert s. >> i'm so concerned. third event was i was going to see queen b in new york. >> people looking to get in formation will say wait, like chris did this morning, why is she postponing her concerts in new jersey and philly? we will explain. third president?
4:40 am
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right now the national hurricane center says tropical storm newton has strengthened into a hurricane. newton formed mexico's pacific coast, storm was moving northwest with maximum sustained wind of 85 miles an hour. forecasters expect the center to be near or over southern tip of mexico by this morning. area could see area from five to 10 inches of rain. all right. back here at home threat of tropical storm hermine had a major impact down the shore although full impact mostly missed us, there are concerns possible damage drove people away and dramatically affect labor day business. i know a lot have people who came back saturday night. some business owners we talk to on what is usually their last big weekend of the season say crowd weren't as large as years past. >> huge weekend for us, because this time of the year the bills are already paid and this becomes profit time and
4:43 am
we dropped 30 to 40 percent. >> thirty or 40 percent. >> labor day weekend traditionally accounts for big profits, businesses are hopeful that warm weather in the weeks ahead will recoup some of those losses. the as sue said, we have a heat wave coming. >> heat wave. >> 4:43 is the time. >> what about this a labor of love. >> oh, yeah, yesterday's holiday was in the just about cook outs, beach, trip, food, fun how one kind hearted group spent labor day making a difference in west philadelphia. laws. allows.
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still keeping an eye on hermine which has moved closer to the coast but as that happens storm is weakening spread something clouds along our shore points and, maybe a little bit of precipitation but the big effect we will feel today is the wind. you can see up a little bit closer to new england where they have rain, we have wind gusts in the the 20 to 30 miles an hour range. we have 23 miles an hour in atlantic city, 22 miles an hour in wildwood. as we look in the future we will see that we will have wind gusts in the 20's and maybe even 30's inland as well because of the close proximity of the storm but they ease up as we ease into tomorrow. and then we will deal with the heat. then we will want a breeze, right? post tropical hermine 65 miles an hour, weakened since yesterday but also moving slightly toward the west/northwest so it moved a
4:47 am
little bit closer then head to the north east amies finally out of here by tomorrow or thursday. so you see the rain from this storm is pretty much well off shore. we don't have that issue but if you are still there, you live there, rip current risk is still very high, are your surf, six to 10-foot waves and wind gusting in the 30 miles an her range. we have heat though and humidity will be our weather head line. hermine will leave and we will talk about how hot it the is as we can goes on with southeasterly wind. so here's our look at our current radar picture in rain in our area, temperatures are a little bit milder then they have been over the weekend and yesterday and 74 degrees in the city. sixty-six in lancaster. sixty-one in mount pocono. seventy-two in dover. 73 degrees in wildwood. our average high has new gone down to 81 degrees for early september. we are well above average yesterday with our high of 86 ape that warming trend will
4:48 am
continue today with 88 degrees, and possibly, 90, that will be the beginning of the heat wave, it will be on the beginning of thursday, friday, saturday, that is three in a row, thursday, friday, saturday and that is heat wave number seven, 2015, and thursday will be the worst of it with the humidity. we also could tie a record on thursday, and now we will move ahead to sunday, at the link, and it looks like a good day for tailgating and watching hopefully an eagles slick try with high of 86 and low humidity a lot of tailgating activity this week. we have springsteen concert on wednesday, that is early, nice cool drink, water, of course, make sure you are okay for the concert to stay hydrated. >> yes. >> we have another spring stein concert on friday to correct whatever we did wrong on wednesday, change up our beverage of choice. at least it is every other
4:49 am
day. wednesday, friday, sunday, which is good. >> good morning, everybody. 4:48. a live look at a truck fire at stump road and limekiln pike. police are on the scene there just above warrington. watch out for local detours. coming back from the shore that is pretty much no go here this morning. we're in good shape light volume, a lot of folks made that last trip back, last trip back on a holiday weekend last night with some jams, but of course it is back to school for everybody. i had my kids bags packed yesterday at 9:00 a.m. just in case as school buses will be picking them up today. keep in mind you'll see unusual traffic patterns in the neighborhoods so obey those speed limits, those school bus zone speed limits you will start to see them blink to go day and, of course, remember when you see school buses, i hate to say it the but we always see the accidents that occur, once the kids go back to school, remember when yellow or red lights are flashing, no passing, for the school buses.
4:50 am
just be cautious of that today. little ones are anxious. parents are more anxious then little ones today but they will be nervous especially in the neighborhoods and all of the other school zones and beginning today, new schedules, along the across the board on septa's buses, trains, trolleys and that supplemental bus services kicks in on the regional rail lines later today. chris and lauren back over to you. new video in an accident involving an ambulance and another car overnight in overbrook. it happened around 1:45 this morning at city and lancaster avenue. there have nor reports of any injuries there. okay, when you hear this next story, it makes you ask yourself did i make the most of miley are day yesterday a lot have people did make the most have labor day, giving back, of course, helping their communities. the lets look at the volunteers, spending their labor day feeding hungry in west philadelphia chosen 300 ministries opening their doors to those in need.
4:51 am
volunteers wanted to spend their day off giving back. >> we want to be here as a statement, but to make sure that we provide a great meal for folks but also realize and let people know in the community that we have to do something about poverty in our city. >> chosen 300 ministries distributes more than 150,000 meals a year, think of that, 150,000 meals a year. that is more than 10,000 a month. of course, homeless in our area are benefactors of the generosity. over in camden dozens of children getting complimentary haircuts with school supplies. on good day we took you to the levelz barber shop on federal street for third annual back to school event. first 100 kid who lined upright outside and sat in the chair got a freeze haircut and they left with a stuffed backpack. the parents say that they are thankful that the barber shop owners think of them at the start of every school year. >> it helps a lot because you can spend all money going back
4:52 am
to school shopping and then don't have enough to get their haircuts to look good on the first day of school. >> we came for our haircuts. >> that is so adorable. >> so cute. >> brothers who own the barber shop tell us they enjoy hosting that event every year because they love, when kid turn around in the chair you get that big shine. >> so cute you interviewed those two brothers yesterday and daddies there like this the whole time like what are my kids going to say next. i have had that moment as a dad. >> oh, no, no, i'm shy. >> yeah right. >> my kid just said. >> cute. >> yes. >> so you were upset because you hear beyonce might be switching up her schedule, things are changing. >> i'm devastating. >> here's the deal, she went to the doctor and it had something to do with the visit to the doctor. people are like is she pregnant. >> is she. >> well, we will tell you why queen b is postponing the concert after the break. >> really.
4:53 am
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4:55 am
okay. so beehive is swarming because is whatting on with beyonce why is she is postponing and canceling tours. >> so she went to the doctor. well, you tell you are the expert on this. >> definitely not an expert. >> we know that she was in philadelphia. >> chance. >> the rapper. >> sang happy birthday to her. >> yes. >> she turned 35. >> apparently under doctor's orders she's on vocal rest forcing her to postpone her september 7th concert at met
4:56 am
life stadium. formation world tour show is rescheduled for october 7th giving herself a month but don't worry because philadelphia fans, she will not cancel her september 29th stop at the link just yet, she has nine shows to go, on her world tour so hopefully. >> that is tomorrow. >> yes. >> she will still perform in met life stadium. she will perform end have of the month in philadelphia as of right now. >> let's hope it clears up. sometimes you need surgery for that if it gets worse. they have to monitor that. some of these singers are afflicted with that. >> people who use their voice as lot, broadway stars, actors. >> i feel something coming on can i rest my voice while you read stories. >> that would be a dream come true. >> all right. >> 4:56. let's toss things out to jennifer joyce in montgomery county. hi jenny. >> bill cost which has another court appearance here today at
4:57 am
montgomery county courthouse at 1:00. a lot of issued expect to be hammered out and we might learn a trial date, steve. well, philadelphia police have to investigate one of their own, after he had a fire his private gun in his private home, within the family during a fight that he obviously felt he and two other family members were in danger yesterday.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
police say he shot a relative during an argument what investigators say happened moments before the gun went off. plus bill cosby back in montgomery county courtroom later today what the comedian could learn about his felony sexual assault trial. and then this... >> i think we have a better shot of winning with him. >> fans reacting as the eagles announced the new starting quarterback, it is the rookie, carson wentz who will take the snaps on sunday. >> truly a new era, right? new coach, new excitement, we have got our franchise quarterback in place and we will see how he does. >> it is tuesday, september 6th, 2016. a lot of kids in the philadelphia area finally going back to school. >> fin send us your pictures at fox 29 good day. who is your favorite teacher, my favorite, paul kerns loved him changed my life.


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