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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  September 6, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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police say he shot a relative during an argument what investigators say happened moments before the gun went off. plus bill cosby back in montgomery county courtroom later today what the comedian could learn about his felony sexual assault trial. and then this... >> i think we have a better shot of winning with him. >> fans reacting as the eagles announced the new starting quarterback, it is the rookie, carson wentz who will take the snaps on sunday. >> truly a new era, right? new coach, new excitement, we have got our franchise quarterback in place and we will see how he does. >> it is tuesday, september 6th, 2016. a lot of kids in the philadelphia area finally going back to school. >> fin send us your pictures at fox 29 good day. who is your favorite teacher, my favorite, paul kerns loved him changed my life. >> sue, who was your favorite
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teacher growing up. >> so many of them but for me it was like back in the stone age, but a lot of good teachers. we have had some rain off shore from hermine. now bad news is she's moving closer to the shore. good news is she's weakening. there isn't any rain to show you right now and look who is back at the bus stop? his name is bus stop buddy. he is finally back where he belongs for school to begin, for sure. now we know kid went back last week, blah, blah but here we are with the breezy, and mild wait for the school bus work temperatures in the 60's, and 70's. there is the breeze, there is the flag across the street from our location on market street here in olde city. 73 degrees. 14-mile an hour sustain wind. you might have to hold on to your hat a little bit or make sure the wind blows your hair the right way when taking that first day of school picture.
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6:34 is your sunrise time. humidity is nice and low. sixty-two in mount pocono. seventy-one in trenton. 73 degrees in atlantic city. 66 degrees in wilmington. wind are coming from the northwest at 4 miles an hour, 10 miles an hour. 17 miles an hour, and even at the shore points, even with the close proximity of that storm off shore we have in atlantic city, 16-mile an hour wind. high temperature today as we welcome everybody back to will school, pretty much, if not today, tomorrow. 88 degrees. that is your weather authority forecast. wait until you see heat and humidity in the seven day and see who is back from vacation? bob kelly. welcome back. >> good morning. the great to be back. but boy that 2:00 a.m. alarmist crazy after a week off. 5:02 on this tuesday morning. back at it, early morning truck fire at stump and limekiln road with police and crews out there. this is one of our pen to the
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cameras in the area, just outside of warrington. so look out for delays there on the 42 tree way light volume so far coming in towards philadelphia. sue mentioned it is back to school today, because you want to look out the speed zone, school speed zone limits ab serve. of course, see the blinking flashing lights there. remember the school buses, no passing when lights are blinking. the just ab wear, it will be almost like a snow globe and shake it up. the unusual patterns all throughout the take especially , around the schools, in the neighborhood where you know kid live. they are all excited, they will be waiting for school bus on the corner. as far as everybody that uses septa's regional rail lines be ready, there is supplemental bus services that started on some of the select regional rail lines and then, on top of all that, new schedules on the the buses, trains, trolleys, regional rail lines. they have schedule adjustments but just to play it safe throw
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the old one out no matter what means aboard septa today make sure you have a new timetable. watch for construction delays on route 30 on top of it as they are doing some work out there, near campus of villanova, chris and lauren, back over to you. breaking news out of east mt. airy, police are investigating the murder of the 29 year-old man, victim's mother discovered her son's body in the basement on have their home around 10:30. he who had had been shot in the head. detective searched for evidence at williams avenue. they are now looking for both a motive and a suspect. also this morning at 5:04. a man shows up to a local hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg. police believe the shooting outside a liquor store in the 500 block of roselee street just before 1:00. after looking at security footage police say this shooting have stemmed from some sort of an altercation outside the store. victim is not cooperating with police and no arrests have been made. now, philadelphia police
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investigating one of their own. >> this officer shot a relative and all stems from the the fight, lets go to steve keeley with the very latest on this for us, hi there steve. >> reporter: lead is no charges, no even any names yet of any of the people involved and no confirmation even on the exact family relationship between the officer and the young man shot, plus, the two others who were in the officer's house, at the time. it happened last night the here at dinner time at officer's house on taunton street. officer works nearby in the northeast in the 15th police district on levick street. policeman's home, he was on home, on labor day off-duty. the gun was not the a police service weapon but privately own gun. verbal fight turned physical ending with two shots fired at least hitting the young man in the torso. >> still very early in the investigation but it is a family member. i will say it is a family member and he had an altercation with and as i said
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it turned into a physical altercation right before the discharge of the weapon. >> reporter: you say it was not the his service revolver. >> it was an off-duty weapon. >> reporter: can you tell us what district he is from. >> fifteenth district. he is an off-duty status, just want go to to be clear about that. >> reporter: neighbors told shawnette wilson last night that the officer is a very, very likable social, great guy, on that street. internal affairs handling this case, they will turn over his findings to the district attorney's office who will make the ultimate decision on whether or not to rule that this shooting was justified to save the others in the the house and maybe even the officer himself from harm and whether their lives were in danger to justify the use of deadly force, and the latest condition, from the police on the young man's condition was critically, but stable. it sound like he will survive in aria torresdale. >> thanks very much, steve keeley. >> also police related, in philadelphia, minor injuries, stemming there a police involved traffic accident.
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this is in north philadelphia, k-9 unit collided with a sedan around 7:00 last night, sky fox over woodhaven and thornton roads. the officer who was driving was treated and released from the hospital. the k-9 officer taken in for observation, officials have not released a cause of the accident and whether any tickets were issued. authorities need your help finding a teen who had not been seen since the made in america concert on sunday night. investigators say 19 year-old nelson armstrong was separated from his friends around 11:30 had night. police say armstrong is from oregon but not at all familiar with this area. he is 5-foot ten, about 165-pound, and he was last seen wearing etan bucket hat with hershey's written on the front. if you have any information you are asked to call central detectives or call 911. happening today, bill cosby is heading back to court. >> is today the day whether or not we will learn when bill cosby or if bill cosby will stand trial?
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lets go now to jennifer joyce. this hearing is scheduled for later today about 1:00 this afternoon. >> reporter: yes, chris it is scheduled for 1:00. it could be a big day for cosby's defense team trying to get a number of pieces of evidence, suppressed from this case including nearly 1,000 pages of damaging testimony that he gave in 2005, in the accuser andre constand's lawsuit defense attorneys argued that cosby was promised wow never be charged. he felt free to testify, however, a judge has determined that cosby was never granted immunity. by december cosby was charged with the the 2004 drugging and molesting of andrea constand a young woman he mentored who was at the time a manager of the temple woman's basketball team. in the deposition cost bye admitted to several extra marital affairs in which he gave young women teens and early 20's, drugs and alcohol prior to row map particular rendezvouses. in terms of the cosby case young woman never stopped him from making the move but she
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said she was in and out of of consciousness. cosby gave her three pills to relax. in addition to his 2005 testimony, attorneys are trying to suppress a taped phone call between cosby and constand's mother where he admitted sexual contact with her daughter. judge today is expected to hear those arguments from the tea fence and possibly set a trial date again. today's hearing is scheduled for 1:00. we will be here. jennifer joyce, live. thank you. jury selection begins today in the civil trial involving salvation army building collapse. back in june 2013, 6 people died, 13 others were injured when a building being demolish collapsed this is salvation army thrift store at 22nd and market. trial will determine if anyone should pay the injured or killed victims in that accident. are you heading to the airport? if you are, listen up, british airways is currently experiencing delays due to computer problems. >> passengers around the world are tweeting out as to what to
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to, saying there are huge delays and very long lines right now, so we have called philadelphia international to find out what is going on with the airline. so far we have not gotten any information in from the airport but we will let you know when we do. remember it was delta two or three weeks ago had the same system wide outage. >> yes. >> with the computers. >> so all kind of of delays. let's talk sports, all right. big news for eagles fans. the team announced its new starting quarterback. it has been the big question since eagles traded sam bradford over the weekend. head coach doug pederson says once eagles traded sam there was in doubt that rookie carson went would be starting quarterback to start the season. this was interesting. pederson said there was never any consideration for chase daniel and that wentz is ready to lead this team now. carson is happy, thrilled and his team hates seemed to be fully confident in management 's decision. >> i knew i was ready.
5:11 am
i was taking mental reps, even going in the first game. i felt very confident, as well, at a fast paced and now it is here. it is here and confident in myself and confident in this team and i'm excited for it. >> he wasn't selected number two overall for a reason. he is more than capable. we are exited to see what he can do as well this gives us an opportunity to have some continuity at that position for a long time something i have in the had since i have been here, hopefully build chemistry with carson for a lot of years. coming up big daddy graham from wip radio i'm sure right now is on the air, lauren, talking with this, and he will join us and give us his thoughts on carson wentz starting on sunday. all right. still to come on our show this morning. >> fox 29 morning news. >> that is right. >> at 6:00 we will switch to something called "good day philadelphia". >> fall campaign season is underway in new jersey.
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where hillary clinton and donald trump are vying for your votes. >> did you say new jersey, politics. >> vying for your votes. >> locals. >> real quick, chris christie 54 years old today. >> happy birthday governor good police are investigating a brutal death in olney. authorities say a man ran a woman over with his car several times but he didn't stop there? we will explain this story after the break. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood...
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well, while some people were staying out of the what
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the lear who we found swimming around, yesterday. sky fox caught a group of dolphins off the coast of avalon. you can see several of them, dipping in and out of the water, how cool is that. >> is that what they call a pod of dolphins. >> yeah. >> i don't see anything. >> there they are. >> there is one more. >> back. >> ahh, that is so pretty. >> i love it. >> sue? >> maybe the only ones who enjoyed the are your surf beside surfers they did like big waves yesterday. surfers and dolphins were happy about hermine. this is latest 3-d satellite picture of hermine moving closer to the coast yesterday but we have had some hermine headlines for you. dangerous rip currents, continue today, so, if you are able to, enjoy the beach but don't go in the water. it is going to drift, slightly westerly and weakens with
5:16 am
gusty wind, felt here and at the shore. cloud and shower at a shore. not here inland and six to 10-foot waves. rough surf continues. here's a predict. in the 26-mile an hour range in philadelphia, later on this morning. same for our shore points atlantic city and wildwood, and it goes down a little bit as this storm weakens. we will see wind gusts will weaken as well. that is it with our left overs from post tropical hermine, just had 5:00 o'clock update and we are at 65-mile an hour wind drifting slightly west at eight. we have to watch for a stray shower at the shore but then it takes that northeasterly turn, and by tomorrow it is on its way out. there isn't much left of hermine, that is good news with that. bad news is heat and humidity come back. when she exits we can let in southeasterly wind and we could have have another heat wave on our hand. it is still technically summer
5:17 am
after all. seventy-three in philadelphia. sixty-six in lancaster. we have 62 in mount pocono. seventy-two in wildwood. wind coming from the northwest which keeps humidity down and it is on the breezy side. sunny, breezy today, 89, possibly headaching it to 90 tomorrow if not on thursday we will. ninety-five. and it looks like we are gearing up for wraps a four day heat wave which lasts through saturday, and then we will cool things down a little bit but still warm on sunday, good news is, bob kelly, when you are tailgating on sunday there will be low humidity. so put on that sun screen. >> you got it, good suggestion there, sue. 5:17. good morning. we have an accident on the blue route southbound lanes of 476, just right near the norristown interchange. so between mid county and the schuylkill expressway, at least one tractor trailer and one car there with the blinkers on waiting for police to show up to the scene, coming back from the shore or just coming in toward philadelphia, the 42 freeway,
5:18 am
light volume so far, this morning, but it is back to school for everybody, today, so be prepared, the school zone speed limits, when you are around any of the schools you will see them throw into action. remember school bus laws, no passing the school buses, again, the school buses are going to be out there, school administrators and first day back after the holiday weekend. so pack your patients, be ready for some major jammos especially around all of the schools and little ones will be out there in this next half an hour to an hour starting, to get going and waiting on the corner for will school buses to day, there is a lot of action all going around us as we go to work here today. beginning today new schedules across the board on septa's buses, trains, trolleys, especially regional rails, chris and lauren back over to you. 5:18. we have to turn to this. we are still wait to go learn why a with man was killed during a brutal attack. >> police say a man ran a woman over with his car but he didn't just stop there.
5:19 am
driver is accused of running her over several times in an empty lot in the 700 block of west loudon street in the cities logan section. instead of the getting out to help the woman, witnesses say driver got out and started beating the woman with the shovel. they are traumatized. >> i thought it was a plane old car accident. it wasn't until the driver back his car up, and that is when i saw lady laying there in the lot. >> i just could in the comprehend or what i was seeing, i could not comprehend it. >> woman in her 30's died at the hospital. police arrested the driver. authorities have not said what the motive was. no charges have been filed at this point. fall campaign season underway in new jersey. post labor take marks the start of the sprint to november 8th and it also marks the the day when you cannot wear white anymore. no, when democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton and republican nominee donald trump, go toward
5:20 am
november 8th. >> both trump and clinton headed to ohio. clinton attended a labor day fess with tim kaine she allowed new reporters on her campaign train. trump and mike penc empty took part a discussion with union workers and labor leaders. >> we will present i back jobs. it is going to be so vital to this country to bring back our jobs. >> i know that we cannot face our problems alone, we have to work together. we believe we are stronger together and that is in contrast to donald trum. >> hillary better go to beyonce's doctor. >> it sound like she has a cold, right. >> but think about how much she talks. >> remember bill would lose his voice all the time on the campaign trail. first time clinton faced the press since fbi released notes from her july 2nd
5:21 am
interview about her serve inner handling of the classified information. president obama is now in laos for first ever business to the the isolated country by a sitting u.s. president but trip is overshadowed by growing diplomatic controversy with a key regional alley. >> white house is canceling president barack obama's meeting with the philippines president. they were scheduled to meet in laos during the summit but that was before the president there warned even cursed president barack obama for criticizing the philippines increasingly violent crackdown on the drug cartels. the philippines is an important partner in the ongoing naval dispute with china. >> president obama with the full agenda arriving in laos, first sitting u.s. president overshadowed by a new war of word without spoken philippines president... >> president will continue to meet with east asia meet initial laos this week and scheduled to head back to washington on thursday. president other bam ace
5:22 am
weighing in on nfl star colin kaepernick's decision to sit during the national anthem. the president says kaepernick has constitutional right to makes a statement but he also can see how those in uniform, police uniforms are not able to see past the reference to the flag to hear kaepernick's larger point about justice. >> i think he cares real legitimate issues that have to be talk about and if nothing else what he has done is he has generated, you know, more conversation around topics that need to be talk about. >> police union in santa claire county threatened to stop protecting 49ers game if kaepernick, does not change his actions, boy, off season was all interesting around the nfl.
5:23 am
phillis slackly, she was still president at the time of her death. >> she defeated equal rights amendment in the 1970's. shees were to national attention in 1974 with her self public book a choice not in echo. it chronicled history of the republican national convention, and became a manifesto for far right. it sold 3 million copies and helped barry goldwater earn 1964 g.o.p. nomination. she died of cancer yesterday afternoon at her home in st. louis. >> gold water lost to lyndon johnson in 1964. 5:23 is the time. people attending a certain chain of colleges in delaware may qualify for student loan forgiveness why students of the car inn than college may not to have pay for their higher education. >> what? >> don't to have pay, right if you win the lottery.
5:24 am
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and now to stop gun sales to suspects on the terror watch list. no wonder pennsylvania cops endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. telling resident who akin carinthian they may qualified for student loan forgiveness. the department says that an investigation showed that the school, misrepresented job placement rates, for many of its programs. people live in delaware, delaware resident who attended those colleges can complete a form on line to apply for forgiveness of their federal student loans. >> nice.
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>> man. >> 5:26. the beehive is buzzing this morning about the latest beyonce news. >> even queen bee needs to take a break, under doctor's orders beyonce is now on vocal rest for thing her to postpone her concert tomorrow at met the life stadium. formation world tour show is being rescheduled for a month later, october 7th, don't worry, philadelphia fans, she hasn't cancelled or postpone her september 29th stop at lincoln financial feel. beyonce has nine shows to go on the formation world tour. >> she was just here for weekend, celebrating her 35th birth take, right. chance sang to her. do you think she lost it singing, partying, talking to everybody. >> it is being on tour torso long. she has been to philadelphia. she has doubled up. it is a lot of performing. >> i captain imagine. >> 5:27. lets go to jeb fur joyce live outside montgomery county courthouse where bill cosby is speculate tore day, hi there, jen. >> this hearing is expected to
5:28 am
start at 1:00 but we could learn of a trial date, we will be right back. for senate, a clear difference. katie mcginty: for background checks, for banning assault weapons, and banning high-capacity ammunition clips. and pat toomey? against an assault weapons ban and against banning high capacity ammo clips like those used in the orlando massacre. listen to pat toomey brag: "i have had a perfect record with the nra." pat toomey gets an "a" from the nra. he's not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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fox 29 morning news an off tooth i officer is possibly facing charges after police say he shot the a relative during an argument. where investigators say it
5:31 am
happened moments before the gun went off. bill cosby will be back in the montgomery county courtroom later today and what the comedian could soon learn about his felony sexual assault trial. you wanted it, you got it. carson wentz is your starting quarterback on sunday at 1:00 o'clock, what do you think about this? we will talk about it all morning, big daddy graham right now getting off the air and will wander over here, bleary eyed and we will talk to him about this morning. good day, everybody. it is tuesday, september 6th. >> is buddy happy today, sue serio. >> he sure is. >> he has had a long, fun summer. >> a lot of adventures and gone back to school and happy that hermine the former hundred kaine is not factoring in the weather. there is his shine, back at the bus stop, it is breezy, mild, to get started this morning. still dark. sixty's and 70's your temperatures out there.
5:32 am
sunrise time is official at 6:34. little over an hour from now. we have got breezes from the north/northwest at 14 miles an hour and here is a look at our current temperature 62 degrees walking out the door in the pocono area. sixty-six in reading and lancaster. wilmington delaware we are walking out the door at 66 degrees. seventy-three atlantic city. seventy-two wildwood. northwesterly wind at 10 miles an hour in trenton, wilmington, mount pocono, little shore windy at the shore but not extremely so. we're not seeking extreme effects there thinking. well come back to school for those going back to today. would you give today an a plus? well, we did. 88 degrees our high temperature. bob kelly, it is always nice to write that first note in your brand new lose leaf notebook. >> i had high note written on friday, back to school. remember mandatory back to school photos you had to take
5:33 am
out front? look at this guys photo here. guy is thrilled to death but look at the faces on the kids in front of their garage here, back to school, you know it, beep the horn, bus ready to go, again, back to school comes the school buses hitting all of the roadways and, of course, speed limit signs in the school zones. also no passing laws we have to get used to and obey, as our little ones will be waiting for the bus this morning. a lot of unusual traffic patterns today first day back to school, first day back after the holiday and our first accident of the morning here southbound lanes have the the blue route 476, just south of mid county, between mid county and schuylkill expressway. hello northeast philadelphia, looking good here through the construction zone, this problems at all, north or south along i-95. we are off to a good start out of northeast philadelphia at least this morning. we will tell but this in a moment but british airways experiencing computer problems this morning.
5:34 am
there are only a couple flights today, in philadelphia so we will not have that same situation that we had with delta but nonetheless out of jfk they have more. beginning today new schedules across the board on septa's buses, trains, trolleys, and more importantly the regional rail lines, they have a new schedule and they have added some bus services on the rail lines. headache sure you have a new timetable so you are ready to go today, chris and lauren, back over to you. breaking news out of east mt. airy police investigating murder of the 29 year-old man. victim's mother discovered their son body in the basement of that are home around 10:30. he who had had been shot in the head. detectives searched for evidence at williams and wadsworth avenue. they are looking for a motive and suspect. a man shows up to a local hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg. police believe shooting happened outside a liquor store. this is on the 500 block of roselee street in north philadelphia. it happened just before
5:35 am
1:00 this morning. after looking at security footage police say this shooting may have stemmed from a fight outside the store, victim is not cooperating with police either, no arrests have been made. a philadelphia police officer is facing charges after authorities say he shot his relative during an argument. that family member in the hospital in critical condition. shooting happened inside a house on taunt hon street around 6:30. officer was not on duty at the time of the shooting. police say it started as a verbal argument that quickly escalated. authorities need your help finding a teenager who has this is been seen since made in america concert sunday night. investigators say this person 19 year-old nelson armstrong got separated from his friend around 11:30. police say arm strong is from oregon so he is unfamiliar with that area. he is 5-foot ten, 165-pound and last seen wearing etan bucket hat with hershey's on it. if you have any information, call central detectives or call 911. today we could learn when the trial against bill cosby
5:36 am
could start. >> yes, the comedian and philadelphia native is set to be back, in the montgomery county courtroom later today. jennifer joyce is already there in anticipation of his arrival. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. that hearing is scheduled for early afternoon and we could find out a trial date for bill cosby, however, before that. cosby's defense team is trying to handle business fight to go suppress key evidence including nearry 1,000 pages of damages testimony that cosby gave in 2005 and the accuser andrea constand's lawsuit they argued that cosby was promised he would never be charged so he felt free to testify but a judge has determined that cosby was never granted immunity, by december, cosby was charged with 2004 drugging and molesting of andrea constand a young woman he men toward at the time.
5:37 am
young women, teens drugs and alcohol, require to what he called row hand particular rendezvouses. cosby says young woman never stopped him from headaching a move on her but she says she was in and out of consciousness. the cosby gave her three pills to relax in addition to his 2005 testimony. attorneys are trying to suppress a taped even if call between cosby and constand's mother which she admitted sexual contact with her daughter. a judge today is expected to hear those arguments from the defense team and possibly set a trial date, again, hearing scheduled for 1:00 today, chris and lauren. also happening, jury selection begins in the civil trial involving salvation army building collapse back in june of 203. six people died. three others were injured when a building demolish collapsed on salvation army thrift store. twenty-second and market. trial will determine if anyone should pay victim, those killed and injured in that
5:38 am
accident. carson wentz hasn't played since the first preseason game that was about a month ago at this point? so he had a hairline fracture in the ribs, hasn't laid since, but he plans to start in a couple days at 1:00 sunday at the link. reaction to this and big daddy graham straight ahead.
5:39 am
today, guns can be bought over the internet, or at a weekend gun show. and if the wrong people get a gun... we know what can happen. pat toomey put our safety ahead of partisan politics. toomey crossed party lines twice, first to support background checks, and now to stop gun sales to suspects on the terror watch list. no wonder pennsylvania cops endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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5:41 am
and confident going in to the season opener. >> i knew ever since otas, diving in the play book and then going forward, that preseason game i felt extra confident. i was than the overwhelmed. i felt very confident. you know, now we will get a chance. >> what he has done around this building, the plays he has made in practice, in the one preseason game has given me confidence that he can lead this football team. i'm excited. >> phillies and marlins, phillies bats finally waking up. jimmy parades with the two run single right there. phillies up six-two and they would go on to win by that score, snapping a six game losing streak. that is sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. up next, big daddy gram just walk in and will share
5:42 am
hits thoughts on wentz and bradford. hillary clinton's health is being questioned again in the next hour of good day, what happened twice yesterday that has some people wondering is she even in good enough health to be president.
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well, we're still looking at hermine, post tropical storm and it is really lost any kind of organization, that it had, but it is still having an impact at the shore. lots of folks have have left the shore maybe for the season
5:45 am
but it is drifting west and it is weakening as it does. we will feel gusty wind at the shore, clouds there today and maybe a stray shower and rough surf six to 10 feet plus dangerous rip currents. here's latest statistics 65 miles an hour moving slightly toward the west at 8 miles an hour. it is 105 miles away from the eastern tip of long island and it is expected to eventually lead tomorrow to tritt to the north east and eventually leave our weather picture but it is a factor with the breezes that we will feel inland today, but once we switch to those southeasterly winds and hermine has no more influence that is when we will let in heat and humidity and get ready because heat wave number seven of the season is on the way. it is 73 degrees walking out the door, getting kid ready for school this morning. they don't to have bundle up, it is a warm one and rather mild and those breezes out of the northwest at the northwest are not extreme.
5:46 am
dew points are nice and low. we will not have to tiehl with humidity today. 81 degrees is our average high we were right around there on sunday. yesterday for labor day it was 86 degrees. gorgeous afternoon. we are warmer in the upper 80's probably heating up to around 90 on wednesday and 95 on thursday, and friday and by then, either friday or saturday it will be official with that seventh heat wave of the season but we do take away humidity for sunday, for the start of the eagles regular season, bob kelly, and it is a home game. it will be fun. >> big daddy graham standings in the wings here waiting to talk about it. 5:46. good morning everybody. live look at blue route 476 southbound, watch for delays out of the mid county down toward the schuylkill expressway. northeast philadelphia, getting up and out, waking up with the headlights northbound on i-95, heading up toward woodhaven road. accident in upper dublin david drive at fits the water town road, coming in from new
5:47 am
jersey. no major delays, and we're pretty much back to our morning rush hour set up here on the freeway and 295. now beginning today, make sure you have a new schedule, no matter what means of transportation you are using for september, they have kicked in a new schedule on most of the buses, trains, and trolleys across the board. same deal on the regional rails. they made slight adjustments on the lines and added supplemental bus services on select regional rail lines. lay it safe. get red of the old schedule and whatever you had and get yourself a new one because it all change is today. as we mentioned earlier, british airways experiencing a computer glitch this morning worldwide on many flights. this is something that happened throughout the overnight. the only good news is there is only a few flights for british airways in and out of philadelphia international today but nonetheless a world wide problem could lead to domino delays especially
5:48 am
flying british air waves. check with the airline before you head down there. chris and lauren back to you. history in the making. for the first time a rookie quarterback will start the season. >> carson wentz will open autopsy begins cleveland browns this sunday at 1:00, that is kick off at lincoln financial field. a lot of bird fans are buzzing. >> i'm totally baffled how they can go from this guy not even dressing for the season to starting. >> so calls into wip sports radio showing their reaction. wentz drafted second overall by the eagles. he wasn't even supposed to dress for a game this year especially after injury in the first preseason game. the those plans changing big time after sam bradford was dealt to the minnesota vikings for draft picks. many eagles fans say they are eager to see what went can do. >> he made a couple of rookie mistakes. >> but he was smart overall. we have a better shot of winning with him. >> all right, big daddy, $500
5:49 am
a ticket on stub hub to see carson wentz play. >> well, i didn't know about that. >> he got the job. >> it was nice to have that fan talking because i just came off from the new jersey shore where i'm a little bit hoarse, hundreds of fans. >> what is the reaction. >> people came up, big daddy, what do you think, of all of the moves. first you have the trade, and then you have wentz being announced as starter, and then first thing would i say is what do you think of it? i want to get their opinion before mine. >> what are they saying. >> to a man, and woman love the deal, love that wentz is starting. i could not get anybody to say anything differently. everybody loves it. i have never seen a deal so universally loved. >> let me take them to task a bit this guy is a rookie. he shows promise. he goes down with the injury in the first few minutes.
5:50 am
>> first preseason game. >> correct. >> he has had no chance to see the speed of the nfl players. even second stringers. >> but even if he played all those preseason games. >> still different, then college. >> it is tremendously different but not during the preseason it is not. nobody plays during preseason. nobody plays at that fast speed you are talking about. sunday would have been his first game witnessing that to begin with. >> do you think he is ready to see that. >> my gut is no, he is not ready. >> let me ask you a baseball question and we're talking about football d this decision come there doug pederson or higher up, howie roseman and jeffery laurie. >> i know he said throughout, i don't think doug pederson thought chase daniel was going to look this bad. he is horrible good they paid him 7 million. >> well, that is their fault for doing that but as far as
5:51 am
where this decision came from, i think it was easy for doug pederson to headache. daniel looked pathetic. so you might as well just go with wentz now. >> so the thought there you bring daniel in because he played with doug pederson in kansas city. >> yeah. >> bring him here. he nose offence but give wentz time. >> i quibble with that because doug pederson has they ever been a head coach. to say doug pederson system. i don't know what his system is yet. >> wasn't he coordinator with the chiefs. >> you know what it is like when you go to coordinator to the main guy, it is completely different. so we will find out what pederson is made of, what wentz is made of. no one had them winning super bowl anyway or remotely close to it. this is a great deal. you get a number one pick and quarterback, you truly want to see start. take that, mr. sam bradford
5:52 am
who you have loved from day one. >> watch him take. >> the thought is that some point he has to have a real rookie season, let it be this year. >> why not get it out of the way. >> they weren't going to win anything yet. >> what has me more livid, when are you going to tell you what is going on with lane johnson. >> yes. >> nobody knows. >> there has been nothing, zero. >> don't you talk to roger goodell. >> no, no. >> you have went starting, how are we looking 16 regular season games. >> you want a number, five or six wins good we will go six and ten. >> maybe five and 11. five and six wins. >> wednesday is right there. >> is it going to be awesome. >> this one is, conklin always
5:53 am
mcs and jay black is on the bill too. i know you love rock and roll. i'm going to my first springsteen show friday night. >> i will be there wednesday night and maybe friday night as well. >> four hours. >> i hope not. >> that is what he is to go lately, he is 66. i get it. >> too long. >> roger waters is 73. >> big daddy, good to see you. >> hermine off shore in the atlantic ocean what it could mean for people along the northeast.
5:54 am
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warning. this commercial contains brief moments of product nudity. stripped of chocolate. its peanuts exposed around a soft caramel center. a payday bar will get you through your day. expose yourself to payday.
5:56 am
roger walters is 73. great song. 5:56. resident in montgomery county of a brand new community center to use now, upper merion township community celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony. crowd gathered located on the 400 block of west valley forge road in king of prussia yesterday. the township officials say building will rove new courts for people in the area. >> it will be a gathering place for all of us, who live, and work in upper merion township, this place will foster wellness, community and
5:57 am
friend ship. >> local officials say project took about a decade to complete, the idea came from committee of resident. >> off-duty officer facing charges after police say he shot a relative touring an argument what investigators say happened moments before the gun went off. bill cosby will be back in the montgomery county courtroom later today what the comedian could learn about his sexual assault trial.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
shots fired an off-duty cop shoots his own tamly member leaving the victim in critical condition. what police say happened leading up to the shooting. lust bill cosby back in court, the key evident his lawyers are trying to have then out ahead of his trial. >> i knew i was ready, i'm confident in myself and this team and i'm excited for it. are you confident? new era begins now carson wentz named eagles starting quarterback is that the right move? we have reaction from fans, and his team hate, all morning long, good day everybody it is september 6th, 2016. get up. get up. >> busies coming. >> that is right. >> i can hear the bus. you know what this means.


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