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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  September 7, 2016 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. the future of a local police department is up in the air. the small department is fighting to survive as town leaders propose disbanding them to save money. good evening, i'm iain page. lucy is off tonight. it's heated issue as you can imagine. fox 29's chris o'connell live in penndel, bucks county. chris this department has got a lot of community support. >> reporter: yeah, this is a major controversy in this small buck county borough of just 2400 residents, iain. borrow council tonight is poised to vote on firing its entire police department. borrow council telling me tonight here in penndel says the police department just costs the borough too much money, and cracking with nearby middletown township could save the borough
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about $2 million over the course of a 10-year contract. but the majority of residents here are vehemently against the move. many of them making their presence known at the council meeting tonight. many want their local police force patrolling their streets. their police officers about 150 residents stuffed inside this tiny borough council chambers. windows had to be opened so people could watch from the outside. the plan is to disban the department of 10 part-time officers and its full-time police chief a very contentious meeting on a very passionate issue. >> if you take them aware what's going to happen our little town penndel, the drugs come in. the guns come back. people are going to be robbed and stealing. where is everyone going to be. >> the borough is kind of up against financial straits. we don't have a lot of room left to increase tacks. we just recently had a pretty
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big tax increase on our residents so we're already straining them. >> reporter: there are a couple police officers right now standing outside the meeting. if approved, this agreement would go into effect on januar january 1st. and all 10 penndel part-time police officers would have to reapply for their jobs with middletown township. the board is still meeting. many public still have to talk on this issue. there could be vote tonight. if we get it by the end of the broadcast, of course, we will get it to you, iain. >> all right, chris. thank you. sexual assault case against comedian bill cosby is now set for trial. june 5th of next year. pretrial conference in norristown today, prosecutors revealed they will attempt to bring 13 other cosby accusers all plaintiffs in civil cases against him to testify in this criminal trial. they hope to establish a pattern of bad behavior by the actor. the defense revealed it will seek to move the case out of the philadelphia area to ensure
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fairness among jurors. >> the time has come for somebody somewhere to shine a spotlight on the trampling of this man's civil rights and that time is now. a smart man a long time ago said in injustice anywhere is in fact a threat to justice everywhere. those words were true and when they were spoken and they are true today. >> cosby is charged with drugging and molesting andrea constand at his cheltenham home in 2004. it's the only criminal case to stem from dozens of similar accusations by women against the comedian. on your radar get ready for those temperatures to sky rocket looking live at reading that night we could heat wave number seven on the way. the next day or two meanwhile communities up and down the jersey shore assessing the beach erosion after hermine. skyfox over cape may earlier tonight just one shore town hit hard by all that pounding surf. meteorologist dave warren here with your first forecast at 11:00. >> yes, still pretty rough out
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there. latest look at hermine shows that it's looping around and will be lifting out here over the next day. close enough to give us some rain and that rain still coming down across parts of new jersey right now. this is the radar showing right up and down the garden state parkway even makes it up to parts of the turnpike as it spins around that area of lower pressure off the coast. slowly starting to move out. so maybe a few showers overnight tonight. there's one just west of avalon. and one or two west of trenton there right eye along the turnpike this will all be moving out by tomorrow morning computer forecast shows the clouds will linger bit by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. mainly clouds east of the city. skies will begin to clear, get a nice sunny day with light breeze and temperatures into the upper 80s. but we have 90s coming in pretty soon and that will come with the heat and humidity. so when you wake up tomorrow morning nice and comfortable. little cooler north and west, 65 with bright sunshine. 71 around philadelphia. those clouds will linger a bit to the south and east. 69 degrees. no more showers. those showers will be clearing out. as the storm moves out, the heat
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and humidity build here across the southwest. that storm will lift all that hot and how mid air up. look at temperatures into the minutes tomorrow. not tomorrow. one nice day. stretch starting on thursday. thursday, friday and saturday mid 90s with showers and thunderstorms. heat index values close to 100 degrees. over the weekend though that humidity moves out. we have clouds in the morning sunday. then a breaks for little more sunshine and lower humidity sunday afternoon. monday and tuesday looking pretty nice with light breeze and bright sunshine. we have temple playing saturday eagles on sunday phillies back in town on monday and tuesday. by the end of the seven day forecast bit more comfortable. summer is hanging on. iain. >> all right, dave, thanks. skyfox over large fire down the shore tonight. you can see the flames engulfing a familiar bridge anyone who uses the garden state parkway to get to those southern shore points probably remembers the beasley point bridge. parkway now runs passed it the old toll bridge caught fire
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around 7:30 tonight. there's no word yet on the extent of the damage or how the fire started. of course it's ba, to school tomorrow for kids in philadelphia's city schools but it won't be just students you'll see walking. some dads plan to accompany that are kids as part of a national campaign. our shawnette wilson is live at city hall to explain why the national initiative is so important. shawnette? >> reporter: the million father march is a push to get fathers more involved with their children. organizers say it's also a chance to meet -- reach young people at a young age about a problem that's plaguing our city. nine-year-old layla will be starting fifth grade tomorrow. but even more exciting than that, her father kalif wiggins says he'll be walking her to school as part of the mel i don't know father march initiative. it's kalif's second year participating. >> it was amazing to see fathers walking with their child and just being, you know, one with each other, and to see the other fathers bumping the horn. >> reporter: groups of men will also meet at did he say it
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98ed locations to march to neighborhood schools to talk to children. organizers david fattah says the march is also a chance to steer children away from violence at a young age. >> we start with the young ones. it's a least if they see a gun, mommy don't do that. they see a gun, daddy we're in the doing that. let the word drift through. that we're no longer going to study war. >> reporter: back here live, organizers also asked ask that men who are not fathers step in for children they know who's fathers may be sick, absent, even incarcerated. iain. >> shawnette, thank you. over 100 police officers packed atlantic county courtroom today in support of wounded atlantic city police officer josh lee vadell. two of the suspects arrested in that shooting of officer vadell were in court today tour arraigned on itemed murder, robbery and conspiracy charges. martel chisholm and demetrius cross were caught after an intense manhunt saturday. officer vadell remains in critical but stable condition. >> i've been close to josh for sometime and he's a strong kid
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much he's tough kid. he's a hell of a cop. this would have happened to anyone, he's the guy because he's going get through this. he's going to recover. >> investigators have not said who shot the officer. a third suspect was shot and killed in the incident. chisholm and cross now being held on $750,000 bail each. students across the country who attend itt technical institute will need to look for new place to go to class. the school announcing today it is shutting down all of its campuses nationwide. our brad sattin spoke to some local students and brad they're wonder wagon to do next. >> reporter: tough day for these local students. they're about 130 campuses in thought states four of them are in our region. including this one behind me here in center city. classes were set to get started on monday. that though is not going to happen as students got the word early this morning. >> i definitely feel like i was taken. >> reporter: honor student fatima ali and fellow students feel that way after receiving and e-mail from itt tech that effective immediately the school
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was closed. >> that's what they sold on the commercial. get up off the couch. pick up the phone. we all seen these commercial. do you care better. you know, and i wanted to better and that it is what i get. >> fatima was set to graduate in december with sorry's degree and a debt of more than $30,000. >> what am i going to do now? >> reporter: itt neck facing government allegations of fraud leading to a freeze on student federal grants and loans and questions about future accreditation. the secretary of education citing quote significant concerns about itt's administrative capacity organizational integrity. financial viability and ability to serve students. fierce their credits won't transfer to another school students worry about the money and the time they may have lost. >> it's year and a half of my life. i want to graduate. >> reporter: for some of those students they could actually see their debt forgiven as a result of taxpayers could be on the hook for millions of dollars here. for those of them looking to transfer, one of the options is bucks county community college.
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they're holding an informational session at their bristol township campus that's from 4:00 until 7:00 o'clock tomorrow. so it's one of the options as iain these students try to figure out what is next for th them. >> all right, brad, thank you. jury selection began today in the trial that will determine who will have to pate victims of 2013 deadly center city collap collapse. lawsuits were filed on behalf of sick people who lost their lives and 13 on thes injured after a four story brick wall came crashing down on salvation army store. the plaintiffs are suing the salvation army, the demolition contractor, the man operating the excavator, and an architect and a new york real estate speculator. reports say about 120 potential jurors will be interviewed and that selection process could take weeks. this they have is on the prowl in a local neighborhood. his target a synagogue. what police say he swiped right from the front lawn. and teaching a sign swipe per a lesson. what one homeowner did to the
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political signs in his yard to keep people from taking them. >> good news about those giant pandas. they are off the endangered pieces list. there's now 2,000 or so pandas in the wild. they are considered threatened in the organizational conservation organization.
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caught on camera in northeast philadelphia a man runs off with a huge menorah. this happened in august. cops eye say a man stole it from the front lawn of congregation beth shall solomon synagogue. he ran towards group people waiting for him. if you know who he is call police. zero receives tweets posted by the chair of the board of trustee ursinus college is causing uproar on campus students post the tweets from chairman michael marcon's twitter page. the tweets from 2013 to 2015
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have been called racist and second sift and reference president obama. caitlin jenner and women who wear yoga pants. some students are calling for marcon's resignation but the president said this is a learning experience. >> i do know mr. marcon, and i know that he regrets saying those and i think we are all going through an interesting process of educating ourselves right now. >> marcon has apologized for the tweets and he'll meet with offended students tomorrow at least one board member says that's not enough. he chose to resign rather than continue to serve with marcon. you see it, you shoot it. our fresco users are helping us show you what is happening in your neighbor. dawn, what's going on tonight. >> iain, elementary students in the bristol township school year starting a new school year in three new schools. school administrators held an official ribbon cutting to night brook wood, mill creek and keystone elementary schools are
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now complete. this is video from mill creek. students that used to attend the district's nine former elementary school now all atte attending one of three. in camden, three vehicles are smashed up after an accident at cooper and front streets. this happened about 8:00 this morning. we don't have information on whether or not anyone was badly hurt or what caused the accident. but the viewer who shot this video did say the crash slowed service on the new jersey river line. when you see news happening be sure to take out your phone and shoot it and mack sure to use the fresco app to zen it to our newsroom. iain? >> all right, dawn, thank uh-uh. you decide 2016 over two months until election day now and donald trump and hillary clinton spent the day spreading their message and crucial battleground states. hillary clinton holding a recall today in in order while trump jumped from virginia to north carolina. trump attacked clinton over her e-mail scandal buying while clinton hit back blasting trump on the way he run his campaign. >> we can't have someone in the oval office who doesn't
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understand the meaning of the word confidential or classified. >> i want to be a president for those who vote for me and those who vote against me, because i want to bring our country together. (applause). >> i'm very proud that tim kaine even are running a campaign of issues, not insults. >> latest cnn poll shows clinton lost her post convention bump. trump leads her by two points. one indiana man was ready when someone tried to steal his political signs a woman tried to grab and dash but dropped and fell instead. the pro trump sign was attached to a fishing wire and that wire was spray painted green so she dropped the sign, fell face first in the man's front yard before running off. without the sign. the home own are in says people are free to disagree with the politics but, hey, stay out of his yard. in your money night, some pennsylvania lawmakers are trying to further loosen the state's alcohol laws. supporters want beer distributors to have the same ability to sell wine that was
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recently extented that grocery stores. stores are now allowed to sell four bottles of wine per customer. today a new bill was introduced in the senate looking to do the same thing for beer distributo distributors. >> these are small businesses. these are people that took loans on their homes, struggle every day to make payroll, in order to keep the business going and we inadvertently hurt them introducing the legislation wine in grocery stores so this is the level of that playing field. give these small business owners these entrepreneurs the opportunity to compete with surrounding grocery stores. >> the push comes after legislation loosening restrictions for other liquor and wine sales went into effect last month across pennsylvania. all right. let's check in with dave warren much what's on the radar tonight? >> still watching the storm off the coast. national hurricane center will not issue any more advisories. looks impressive were it that area of rain around the center of rotation and it's close
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enough where we're getting little rain here in new jersey. there's the center of the storm. that wind was out of the north today. just the wind speed not the gu gust. with that north wind it actually created little bit of a coastal flooding issue here with the morning high tide. very minor. not expecting that to happen overnight tonight. you can good it that with that north wind. it does haven't to come directly off the ocean into the land there with that northeast wind. showers continue from the parkway all the way up to the turnpike just a few light showers will be coming down here overnight tonight from atlantic city and we'll go check up towards trenton and there's the turnpike just a few light showers off and on. the storm moves out. the heat builds up, though. hot and humid air returns. not tomorrow. tomorrow could be a nice day but by thursday that's when we could start the next heat wave. temperatures climbing into the 90s and it will feel like it's close to 100 degrees. this is the actual heat index a lot of triple digits there especially right along 95, not quite as hot to the north or south. we'll deal with this heat wave, thursday, friday and saturday. from hermine to heat.
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but by sunday it gets cooler. temperatures the actual temperatures into the lower 90s feel like it's 100 degrees relief comes by the end of the week and start of next week lower humidity and cooler temperatures. iain. >> all right. dave, thanks. public school students in philadelphia head back to the classroom tomorrow and for kids in kindergarten through third grade they will be greeted by a lot of new books. the school district today unpacking more than 130,000 new books that will be spread to 650 classrooms. >> they will be read a loud books. they're books that are level based on the child's reading level and the whole point of the level book is to create confidence in the young person that, um, they can actually do the reading. it doesn't feel too complicated or two easy but right at their reading hell. >> the new books are part of a push to help every student read on grade level by the fourth grade. sean, what's coming up in sports? >> iain college football is and
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if the first week was great. teams played other great teams a whole lot of excitement going on in week one but this weekend's game one thing that was huge problem that's already out i
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♪ opening week of college football was great. one of the best i've seen actually. instead of big time schools playing cream puff division three colleges we got to see storied football programs playing each other like alabama u.s. c, auburn, clemson, all of that great but one part of the first week of college football i absolutely hate. how after one week we already have a bunch of rankings.
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we don't even know who's is actually good or not. unrankeranked texas beat notre e and also texas is 11-point school in the country. how? maybe notre dame just trash. how about? we don't know. we have no clue what these schools actually are. with the exception of maybe alabama, flor state, clemson, the rest of these are just a guessing game. giving a school the benefit of the doubt because of what they did last year or because of what conference that they sit in. and then they get to better bowl games just because they are ranked high in the beginning of the season. there's no reason to have any rankings until at least week 6k can they actual male somebody first before we put these thing out, please, iain. >> sean, taylor swift and actor tom hiddleston have broken up according to e news. >> oh, man. >> you knew that was going to happen. photos of the couple kissing went public in june. swift felt he just wanted to be
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too pub public with their relationship. they were captured traveling. >> another world record brought in bar in dubai broke the guiness world record for the longest domino shot ever reported. apparently they weren't all perfect. good enough to get the record. congratulations. >> who has the patience for that. >> i don't know. >> sit there and set those up. was it that important. >> i guess they did it in one take. records are records. more entertainment straight ahead on fox 29 with tmz and dish nation. shaye tuned for chasing news followed by the simpsons. we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for your morning news and "good day philadelphia".
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>> the guard can come back. he's worried about ... >> people living in small bucks county area are celebrating a victory after fighting to keep the local police officers on the job, like town leaders were threatening to disband the department. >> and students at prestigious local school calling for the board chairman to be fired after a series of controversial tweets. why your sinus president is calling the situation a learning experience. >> donald trump is returning to philadelphia for the second time in there is than a week, issues concerning the republican nominee right now and what new pole numbers are redeveloping about his campaign. >> good day everybody, it is tuesday, septemb


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