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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  September 7, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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back, people are going to be robbed and stealing. >> resident pacca bucks county hall to oppose out sourcing police force. what happened at the meet that lasted late into the night? >> bill cosby trial date is set. what will be allowed in court is not. prosecution telling the judge, who they want to testify, as defense fights to have evident thrown out, what it all means ahead of the trial. >> plus, more than 100,000 student in philadelphia heading back to school today. summer vacation is over, will get another heatwave that impact the first few days. >> so on the seventh of the month, seventh heatwave. >> on the way, as we get to 90 today. today will be the first day, if not tomorrow. and we'll have three in a row. >> three in a row, okay. let's put up the school picks up, the philadelphia schools are back, so the catholic
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schools, right? >> so this one says first and second day of school, and 25,000 day of work. >> another says day late, but knocks' first day of second great. >> and mary kate's first day every kindergarten. >> look at her hands, i'm red. >> i elizabeth says the first day of school first and fifth grade. i love when they holdup the signs marking what day it is, what grade they're going into. >> right. >> compare year after year. >> they erase the chalk. >> sometimes they gore got get. yesterday i met a student, what grade are you going into. >> i don't know. >> that's okay, when it is your first day. >> i don't know. >> where do i go, what school? i have no idea. >> that's what my sign said. if lost, return bobby to 4520 -- >> that's what they called you younger? bobby? >> bobby. >> i like that. >> you will be bob fry now on.
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>> oh, oh,. >> all right. first day of school, perhaps first day of heat way i8 out every ten in your weather by the numbers. think we'll see the change to more humidity. won't be oppressive just yet. temperatures 60s and 70s at the bus stop, whole reason we have bus stop buddy is the weather at the school bus stop. >> still have hermine off shore, doesn't officially have the name any more. we'll train that coming up. meantime, just expect few clouds like you see there, and then the sun, oh, that's gorgeous, that shot from here in old city. temperature right now 72 degrees. winds out of the north-northwest 10 miles per hour, other temps 62 up in mount pocono, upper 60s in lancaster, 07 degrees in wilmington, dover and atlantic city. we think it is going to be a hot one today, as we look ahead to our forecast hi, of
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90 degrees. and, teacher says it will be more humid, bobby, as well. >> i think we will need to put our heads down, take little nap later this afternoon. >> good morning, sun glare already hitting us in a accident, eastbound on route 30, the bypass, as you head into route 82, down to only one lane here, as you head into and out of downingtown, head in the toward king of prussia. jammo, northeast philly, heavy academy into girard avenue. coming in from south jersey some wick sun glare as you head in toward the ben franklin. again, it is back to school, today, it is the philadelphia public schools, are headed back, so see the school speed limit signs, they'll be blinking around the school, most importantly though understand and recognize the school bus laws, again, when those blinking lights are on, you're not permitted to pass the school bulls. again, whole new game plan, even for the little kids, they're excited, they're nervous. see it every year, kids dart out, so take it easy see that
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bus park again make sure to wait until the bus starts moving, again minute or so for each of the stops. some changes on septa this week, as well, new schedules on the buses trains and trolleys, also, supplemental bus service on some of the select regional rail lines. and then, as i mention with the school buses not just in south jersey, philadelphia, but again, all around the area, all that extra volume, being thrown into the rush hour, construction along villanova along route 30, the new parking garage right zero there across the nova stadium. that's tying traffic up out there in the suburb. mike and alex back to you. >> bob kelly, 7:04, on this wednesday morning, so, this is the so everybody's back to school, right? >> yes, final group. coming back to school. so now it is official. we can say everyone's back in school now. >> the philly, phillies back, the catholic schools are back, and genesic back. >> she is. and because it is important, because a lot of dads are waking up early with the children getting ready for important walk.
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>> what do they call them million father march? >> yes. >> yes, alex, mike, it is the million father march. and it is set to begin here at 7:30, west philadelphia, people are already beginning to gather, fathers and even men without children. but who want to help the youngest member of this community, kick off a safe and non-violent school year, real personally walk our children to school this morning. it is a new promising year for the philadelphia school district. doctor height was quoted saying he has not felt this positive about the state of the city schools in years, harrisburg granted philly schools 50 million new dollars over the summer. >> children in in city will be getting brand new textbooks, something that hasn't been done in years, they'll see more technology, more staff members, with counselor, and nurse present at every school,
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these are big improvements, especially considering teachers have been working without a contract for the last three years teachers need to be fairly compensated buildings in dire need of repair inside and out according to doctor hite who says as additional money comes in he plans to continue to make these schools thrive with higher enrollment numbers, four year grad rate that surpasses existing 56% so today's million father march is another way to reinforce a community commitment to our children and other schools, another live look at 57th and master street here in west philadelphia. fathers, men, from this community, beginning to gather, we will have another live update and talk to some of the people, coming up at 8:00. mike anal next.
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>> the boards chairman over at ursinus college will meet today with some. tweets that many found offensive. we told but yesterday. >> chairman michael marcon are saying were racist and sexist tweets. some from years ago, reference president obama, caitlin jenner and women who wear yoga parts. some students call for his regular eggs anything, but bloomberg said this is a learning experience. >> i do know, mr. marcon, and i know that he regrets saying those, and i think we are all going through an interesting process of educating ourselves right now will meet with student, one board america said that's not enough. he chose to resign rater than continue to continue with marcon. but marcon still staying.
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>> what's going to happen, our little town, and penndel, the drugs come in, the guns come back, people are going to be robbed, stealing, we have no ... where is everyone going to be? >> so after major controversy, in one small borough bucks county the future of the local police department has been decided. a full time police chief ten other will be able to keep their jobs. some on the council say the department cost the borough too much money. and contracting with nearby middletown township, could save the town $2 million over a ten year period. >> the mayor and police union rep plan to out source the jobs, both ultimately, voted down. voted down. >> 7:08. donald trump is back in philadelphia, for the second time this week. >> he's the republican
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presidential nominee, as i understand? >> yes,. >> yes. >> he will focus on the military today, during his speech today, here in philly. over at the union league, on broad street, south broad. that's where steve is. >> love your czar cam, mike, you know it, that's what makes you different than everybody. look, here we are, several hours before trump's second visit since friday here in philly. it tells you how important the trump team thinks pennsylvania is and suburban voters who control the state. look at this, bob kelly, squeezing down to one lane, and not just that, you have a warning, that tight squeeze here with the security fence going up. because the media has installed a temporary speed bump watch this guy on the bikement boom. that's for the media cables, because the media also set up on the median here. so, you know the people love us, because we're already blocking the street before a trump lunchtime visit.
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and trouble already at least for the commuters. donald trump coming here to philly. look at the day, september 7th, 4 days before that date in a none of us will ever forget and always remember where we were and why our lives changed forever, and that's why they are talking national security, big national speech on that subject along with military readiness, talking about taking better care of our veterans. so, he's pick pivotal date. pick pivot at place in the election, and how about his timing, he's got some good news, the latest pole now puts him ahead. that tells you how quickly things change, from being way down to now, ahead within the margin of error. so pennsylvania, if it was important before now, it is even more important now with this race neck and neck. guys? >> neck and neck for sure. so, after he visits thereon south broad street, donald trump is set to go back to new york city with 99 miles. >> that's right. >> and he'll talk to veterans.
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and, doug luzader in washington this morning, and it comes as he and hillary clinton, they will both be at a farm. >> yep, for vets. >> that's right. you know, this is in large part about passing the commander in chief test that we always talk about, we talk about presidential elections, also, about winning over that specific group of voters, veterans. >> navy still harassing us warships and isis still capable every caring out devastating attacks. no shortage of national security topic for hillary clinton and donald trump. he was in north carolina yesterday before eliminating budget see questions err caps that have limited military spending. >> we take the parts off planes in museum ands graveyards. >> this is not the unite states of america, folks. this is not the united states. and trump unveiled list of
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88 retired gentles and admirals who support him over clinton. >> compare where trump is, with where both romney and mccain were. they have between 30500. i'm doing better than any democrat. >> clinton released hard hitting edge specifically targeting veterans. hoping to make inch roads with voters often support republicans. positioning herself as an experienced, steady hand, to tackle national security, and the war on terror. but the truth is this is an issue where voters are split. and according to recent fox news poll, majority of registered voters think the united state is legs safe now than before 9/11. with the anniversary of the attacks, just four days away. pole gives hillary clinton a slight edge when it comes to terrorism. like so many other aspect of
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the rates, it is within the margin of error. back to you guys. >> margin of error. okay, thank you, doug, see you again tomorrow. so, in other campaign, trump sends tweet, and inadvertently gives the phillies a shout out. >> and it is all because he doesn't have spell check apparently. >> no. >> name, he misspelled the name. here is a tweet, honoring death of conservative activist. >> phil sharply, toll but that yesterday, she was 92. >> than is in a tweet tuesday, miss spell her first name, as phillies. >> phillies. >> trump also tweeted everyone should go out and buy her last book, about his campaign. and then so he deleted this. >> what a mess. >> and he tweeted again with the correct spelling. remember, when he tweeted about dwyane wade and dwyane wade's family member dying, he spelled dwyane wade's name wrong. >> right. >> granted it is a hard name to spell, spelled little differently. >> he needs the new iphone. it comes out today. >> it has better spell check?
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>> better spell check, yes. >> we'll talk about it later. sue, anti-iphone? >> nope, nope, nope. >> she will not be trying to get this. >> welshing they make you buy a new charger, now can't use old school ear buds in the near one, just this stuff that makes me mad. anyway, now i'm going to get the iphone lovers now. storm off shore, used to be name hermine, stopped issuing updates they're sick of the storm, so are we, still little rain, little cloud cover, along mostly our coastal areas, and there is still a tropical storm warning, around long island, today, and in effect through tomorrow, as well. future cast shows the clouds maybe ocean county, atlantic county, also weak system out to the west. that could bring us few clouds here and there, but we don't expect any rain today, it will be a hot one though starting today, and specially,, tomorrow, friday, and
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saturday. those will be the hottest days and by thursday we will see heat index around, 100 degrees, there is the projected heat indexes for thursday. look at that, 101 in philly. 103 in wilmington, delaware. yuck. so here comes. heatwave number seven of 2016. maybe starting today, definitely starting tomorrow, with highs in the 90s, mid 90s for friday, saturday, cold front comes through late saturday night. and then it is less humid on sunday, and it is in the mid 80s, little more reasonable there for september, stays that way through the middle of next week. bob kelly lots of sun glare out there for you. >> a lot of event outdoors, too, let's begin, here is 7:15, sun glare, disable tractor-trailer, this is westbound on the schuylkill expressway. right before our conshy curve actually only the left lane open, again, on the westbound side. stop on 95, jammo, from academy, into girard avenue. even some sun glare coming in from south jersey, up and over
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the benny. as we go for a ride, southbound lidge of the blue route, here is a back to school pick for you. check out these parents. christa tan tal and greg they say four year tradition, have their cold beverages out, the lawn chairs, let the vacation begin as they wait for the bus with the three kids sending them do you have school. so keep those pictures coming. we have the trump campaign event today south broad street, just south of city hall, and anyone in that city hall area will be impacted by there is seeing it down to one lane from steve shot there, detours, delays, again with presidential candidate, we're going to have motorcade madness. >> he could just get a little copter there. is a way to get a vote, drop down, land, no motorcade, all of the media lined up out front for a loop. we'll have delays and detours through mid afternoon specially septa bus that is roll around city hall and head south on broad street. mike and alex back over to you. >> as you know bob kelly the
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miss america pageant back where it belongs in atlantic city new jersey. they went to up vaguest for awhile. but here we go. for the first time the pageant has an openly gay contestant from mizzou. >> twenty-three year old missouri urie, erin flack her at this. could become the first openly lesbian winner. would use this to raise awareness for suicide prevention. fifty-two women competing for the pageant. will air september 11 live from atlantic sit. >> i that would be this sunday right? >> that is this sunday. >> ac. all right, 7:17. hillary clinton took a plane ride with reporters you know she has this big new plane. >> and the group honored the trip with this campaign tradition. >> there is a tradition every rolling oranges down the aisle. >> up the aisle to clinton's cab. did i miss it? there go. >> one made it to the front but exploded on impact, second
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made it to the press secretary who showed it to the democratic nominee. the question was: who would you rather have dinner with, trump or pout never. >> donald trump or vladmeere putin? who would you rather have dinner with is what it said? >> after showing -- oh, god. >> circled putin. >> she said pout never. >> yes ya. >> and rolled it back. >> i wish we could, and maybe i'm just completely out of the loop here. how do this tradition start? of all of the things to roll down? >> sue, where is that political interested anything. >> i believe a lesson in this we should share with people why oranges are rolled. you know, your career? >> you're so stinging old you would know what this is about. >> no, i'm not playing. >> ex just what you are saying. >> i am saying you are a wealth of knowledge and experience. >> i have an inch of knowledge, stretched over a mile. i'm not deep at all. >> stop. >> the orange thing. >> how deep could that be really? >> how deep is your love. sue, do you have it?
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>> no,. >> anybody? >> oranges. >> plain it started in florida . >> we said long-term tradition, been there for years. >> i'll show that you plane ride though. >> most exciting thing open plane ride. >> why not, you know, a soccer ball or something? >> we'll finds out. >> i guess hard to put a string around, what other things can you roll? >> a ball? >> ya? >> apple? >> a doobie? >> maybe grapefruit? group instruments could work,. >> sure, anything round what you are saying. >> anything round, yes. >> why does it have to be a fruit? >> i don't know. >> why don't they make paper planes and throw the paper planes? >> plane on a plane. >> exactly, make planes. >> i don't know. >> we don't know. anybody out there, if you know, why don't you tweet us? >> he has it out there. >> alex holley fox 29. i would like to get to the bottom of it, knock.
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>> why do they roll oranges? that's the question of the day. >> why not tank reasons? >> tangaloens clementines. >> yes, i love clementines. >> we have to move on. >> no need to yell. >> collegeville italian bakery is looking for help rename ago sandwich. you know,. >> they had a chip kelly sandwich. he went to the bay area. so they want to name this after carson went. but what would you call it? wentzwitch? i don't know, use the #fox29goodday. what is your pick for the carson went sandwich? alex? >> hum. and so big changes, they await student returning to school for the first time in philadelphia today. the superintendent tells us what new resources are available for the kids. >> hold on. >> coming up. >> doctor hite's on our show. >> 's on our show. >> oh, man. i don't have my homework. oh, my dog.
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taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside. for all your sides. brookside. ithere's a race going on right approve tnow.message. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan. >> ♪ >> lizzy's first day of seventh grade. i remember seventh grade. that was the year they sent me
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into the bad people's class. >> oh, really, because were you bad? >> apparently in the sixth grade i was. sister lou ella said i was. >> oh, i saw this one on twitter. happy first day of fourth grade. and she is perfectly positioned where she is holding up the apple on the poster. >> i love it. >> how cute. >> fourth grade i remember that too. >> i remember fourth grade. >> mrs. mullen. >> really? >> she was really sexy. >> mine was miss ziler. she had bright red hair. she reminded that what the imagine inning school bus? yes, what's the teachers life. >> did she come to life. >> i forgot her name, miss mc something. oh,. >> miss mullen, she was married to a basketball player. this is in wichita, kansas. and she was in fourth grade, can you think a teacher's sexy? fourth grade? >> isn't that weird? >> fourth grade? >> i was weirds. >> miss frizzell, thank you. >> so miss mullen, at lunch,
7:25 am
she would put her feet up on the desk, like there is but she would have address on. >> oh,. >> so he could -- could you see her legs. >> no wonder you were feeling things, were you seeing things. >> she would eat an apple every day for lunch but was it a prepare pro at that she had address on and she had her legs up on the ding. >> why you why looking so hard? as opposed to what's going on with her legs? >> well, i brought her an apple every day. >> i bet you did. >> would you eat that again for me? okay, it is a big day for apple fans. and i'm talking about miss mullen's apples, the company is expected to unveil it new iphone seven, one of the many rumored changes no more head phone jacks. now, tell me this, alex holley. >> gentlemen, michael jerrick in. >> if i don't have head phone jacks, how do i hear? >> hum. >> well, it is because it is wireless, like a blue tooth, like you have blue tooth in your area, i'm assuming. >> but what do i have in my
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ears? >> oh, like some ear buds that circle around your ear. >> or could you have the beats wireless headphones, and he will is like contract with beats. >> so it is loose. you just don't have to plug it in? >> yes. >> just have them, probably destroying your brain. >> well, if that's how you want to look at it. listen, you already have a cell phone up to your head, some people, so either way you're going down. might as well have more freedom to move around while you're doing it. >> just a dork with these things attached to your head, you don't have to take them off. >> listen, you won't and dork any time you have the latest iphone, you were the first to get it, you're never a dork. oh, let me see your phones, so cool. >> have you ever gone by walnut st., go into the p apple store? filled with nurds. >> this is terrible. >> it is wall-to-wall nurds. >> plaid and hats. >> they run stuff, youer? >> beards. >> i don't think they're nurds, i think they're iphone entheusiasts.
7:27 am
>> she's trying to get an iphone apparently. >> you have an iphone. you're talking about me? >> i'm dork, i'm a nurds. >> thinner, water proof, some people could be upset if they had to buy new headphones, or adapt err. that just comes with it. they change all of the adapt ers, so they make money. that's how ethel makes -- that's how apple makes mormon. >> i do you know what today is, mike? >> today is the seventh -- >> no what day of the week? >> wednesday. >> wentz-day. collegeville bakery, they are leaking for help rename ago sandwich. now it was first name after chip kelly. now he is out of here. they want to maple it after carson wentz. they need your help. they're trying to come one ideas and need creativity. sends in your suggestions for the wentzwich, use the hashtag, and your name might be pick. i'm already getting suggestions on twitter so keep sending them, use the hashtags fox 29 goodday. >> you know what, wednesdaywich is pretty good.
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let's call it that. >> i like wentz-day. how fitting we're doing this now. we'll show you the sandwich and talk about it. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market... pat toomey wrote the book. "i'm...i've got a whole chapter in my book where i... specifically lay out how i think we should... reform social security." toomey's plan requires wall street and bankers to manage... the accounts. collecting fees out of your social security that could... total billions. fees they collect, even if the market crashes and... seniors lose everything. pat toomey's looking out for wall street, not pennsylvania. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> it is the first day of school for the philadelphia school district. catholic schools are back, too, or the archdiocesan. easier to say catholic
7:31 am
schools, isn't it? >> we used said archdioces? >> same thing. >> archdiocesan. archdioces. catholics. i was raised a catholic. i call myself a catholic. anyway, tees are dads out there gathering for the million father march, of course i know it is not a million people out there. but across the country, dads are walking their children to school. do you see our superintendent, he will join this group every men. doctor william hite will join, as he does every year. >> oh, they'll come to him? >> okay. >> either way coming together. >> either way coming together. for god sake. >> hot rest of the day, see bus stop buddy temperatures in the 60s, 70s, and he's already for the first day of school, what used to be hermine, still swirling off shore. and still throwing back some clouds and the occasional
7:32 am
coastal shower, but here in philadelphia, it is looking pretty good. 72 degrees with 10-mile per hour breeze, out of the north-northwest. 62 degrees up in mount pocono, reading has 63 millville 70 degrees getting started this morning, yes, welcome back, if you didn't go back yesterday, today is your day, it will be 09 degrees today. probably the first day of heatwave. so sunny hot for that outdoor recess a little later in the afternoon, and when you ask kids, bob kelly being what's your favorite subject. what do they usually say? i like recess. >> don't forget pretzel money there. 7:32, this wednesday morning, we get all ready to head out the front door, boom, sun glare, delays on the blue route northbound, because after accident there in media swarthmore. neighborhoods watch for the extra volume, south on i95, disable near academy, and i checked with mike's school, and they sent us this picture of mike's first day at school.
7:33 am
here are the nuns. >> sister laurenceia. gave me pamphlet, delineating sins that coy confess, because in second grade, i said sister, i don't have any sins, she said yes you do. read this pamphlet. the others? >> sister louella. >> fifth grade. >> and this one you are smiling at the time but you haven't entered the school yet. >> sister delfine. >> there you go. >> mike's first day of school. >> none that far is true. >> back to school for everybody. just obey the laws, just remember, when the school buses lights are blinking know passing of the school buses mike and alex back to you. >> judge ruled case against cosby involving andrea constand will go to trial no later than june 5th. >> talking bill cosby. yet to rule on several key issues, ken rotweiler is here. our fox 29 legal analyst. >> what did we learn?
7:34 am
>> bill cosby's defense came in with two motions, suppress prior deposition that cosby gave. they want that to knock them in at trial. >> tell everybody what that deposition was? >> 2004? >> andrea constand. >> i'll tell you everything that happened just don't ever use this against me again. >> don't prosecute me? >> that's basically what happened. and it has been ruled previously, that this testimony will go forward. first of all it could be used for improvement. let's suppose in the deposition he said i never gave her any type of drugs. and in court, there is contradiction, can then use deposition time peeve them. >> but they made a deal. i'm going to tell you all of this stuff, just don't ever tuesday against me again. >> and now they are? got that in writing? >> what i think is more important though, that's an issue, you're right, but yesterday the prosecution before the hearing started, they filed a motion, to allow
7:35 am
13 other witnesses who make claims against cosby for them to testify at trial. that's the block bus their happened yesterday. because i have to tell you, if those 13 women are allowed to testify against cosby, saying he did the same thing to them, that andrea constand, i think he will be convicted. that's the key ruling in the case the judge has not ruled on yet. >> the reason why they did this, in pennsylvania law, do you this, trying to show a pat western it comes to sexual abuse. these have nothing do to do with anadrenia co-stand. >> that's right, pattern of prior bad act. do you have establish in conduct that did he with andrea constand had done for basically lifetime with other women. >> so those, one woman after the next? >> that's right. first of all been 50 of them, prosecution said we only want to have 13. the judge can do whatever he want. judge can say i'll allow it but only allow to you have five or allow to you have three, he can do whatever he want. but this believe me is the key ruling in the case, this when ruling comes down, be able to
7:36 am
predict. >> or even allowing them period. >> the first allowing them period the second will be how many. >> the other thing twine ski know the defense ask for change every venue, so heavily publicized. >> no chance. >> here is my question though. okay, we know he lived here in the area, that casino every thing, but this has been national story. isn't it where ever go people will know what's going on? >> everybody knows about the michael jackson case, everybody knows about the bill cosby case, that notion will be denied. >> where could you go? >> them another thing trying to suppress, phone conversation between andrea constant's mother and cosby. she recorded. >> she reported. >> now want to bring that recording in making claim. >> supposedly on the recording, cosby says to andrea's mother, it was con sense youth. wouldn't that be good for him? >> it would be but he also says at the same time hey i'll pay for her graduate school. makes other statement that the prosecution will try to use
7:37 am
against him. so it violate memories in pennsylvania, you need both consent. they're saying cost bee consented because on the phonecall actually said in a phonecall i just heard a beep. are you recording me? >> matter of fact you are. >> thought he was being recorded that's consent. >> only sure thing that came out of yesterday, the trial date set that's the only thing that came out. >> june 5th the trial date. only thing decided these other three motion haves not been decided and, you know, i'm sure i will be back talking about what his rulings are, but i predict he's probably going to allow those witnesses to testify. >> like a fungus, just keeps coming back. >> i will just like a fungus. maybe try to get rid of me, but no way. >> well, you're fun guy, that's for sure. >> i am a fun guy. >> thank you. >> a fungus among us. >> let's talk about this new sandwich. >> maybe ken has idea here, collegeville it quan bakery
7:38 am
looking to rename a sandwich, chip kelly gone watch would you name a sandwich after carson wentz? do you have anything? >> that's a tough one. >> the newbe. >> the newbe? >> then it wears off. >> okay. let's think of another one. >> how about -- >> the savior? >> we keep going wentz, let's go carson. >> we need your help, use the #fox29gooddayment we'll show them on tv you could be a winner. here's wednesday. today, guns can be bought over the internet, or at a weekend gun show. and if the wrong people get a gun... we know what can happen. pat toomey put our safety ahead of partisan politics. toomey crossed party lines twice, first to support background checks, and now to stop gun sales to suspects on the terror watch list. no wonder pennsylvania cops endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> i got a tweet yesterday, i walk my kids to school every day through eight grades. >> if you are able to do it, that's great. >> wonderful. this event, an annual event, say it can help inspire countless student around the country. so, this is a million father march. and they're starting to march, aren't they? >> but one woman out there. >> jenny joyce. >> jenny joyce. >> yes, among many fathers, dedicated fathers and men in
7:42 am
this community who want to help get the children off to school. specially starting the school year on the right foot, and they want to do it safely of course, so taking live look here, in the area of 57th and master street. this is where local bun of of fathers over here, now just waiting for the kids. what time are they going to get here? >> going to meet at the school. here to ensure the safe passage to support them going back it school. >> okay, sir, what's your name? >> my name is cliff jackson. >> cliff jackson. and are you a father? >> yes, ma'am. i have grandchildren that go to the school here. >> we're here to support and ensure they get to school and from school safely. >> we don't want violence on the street, we don't want violence if the school year. philadelphia one of 800 cities across the country participating in this. talk about the importance of us doing this in our communities?
7:43 am
>> i remembering being a kid, used to stay in the department across the street, so you have to give back to ensure their safety, chirp, shouldn't be denied children. the children. >> they shouldn't. getting the school year off to good start. thank you, cliff. we send it back to you guys. >> have a great day. >> we have some activity outside of our building here. >> thank you, jen. >> yes. speaking of jen's, there is another jen. jenn fred. saving us time and monday think morning, especially back to school. hey, jen? >> guys, we'll make you feel good, look good. notes underneath here. the question is which diet plan, or meal plan, does emma like. what's the difference between a diet plan and meal delivery service? we will tell you. by the way, this is kind of what you get on this stuff. >> ♪
7:44 am
hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
7:45 am
7:46 am
>> live look at an overturned vehicle, northbound lanes, of 476. between exits three and five. here is the sign for lima explaining field, which is exit five. so looks like only one far left lane is getting on by, northbound lanes of the blue route jammed pretty much 95 all the way up to exit number five. back up on the benny for the
7:47 am
first time in a while. you can tell, everybody's back to work and back to school. 7:47 back up here on the benny, coming into downtown philly. south on 95, heavy from woodhaven, in through academy, we had earlier accident, slows again girard into downtown, and of course back to school, obey the school speed limit, and of course, do not pass the school buses, when those lights are on. trump campaign event, in center city today, along south broad street, expect most or kade madness from about 11:00 through the mid afternoon. once the sun going to be shining for all of the outdoor concerts this week? sue has the answer coming up in 152nd. >> with our heatwave in the forecast, we could break high
7:48 am
temperatures, thursday's high temperature 96. we are pecking ticket g 94, friday we could tie a record, record setback we have this 1884, that's standing for september the ninth through the september 10th record, 97 degrees. we may not make it there. but, it is going to be hot this week week. still dealing with what used to be hermine, meandering off shore, still tropical storm warning off long island, heat and hum i had at this is the weather headlines. let's get to the seven day forecast, show you the numbers, 90 today. ninety-four tomorrow. whole lot more humidity, heat index tomorrow around 100 degrees. and, probably, this same for friday, it isn't until late saturday, that some thunderstorms will come through, probably well after dark. and then, lower humidity for eagles game sunday. >> meal delivery services, are
7:49 am
all the rage. and while the concept for each is pretty much the same, there are some notable differences as jenn fred explains here. >> 2012 the first time we started hearing about meal delivery services now in just four short years, the trends has grown by leaps and bound. there are more than 100 different options. you have some food delivery services like purple carrot, but specialize in vegan recipes, that are high in fiber. and then there is hello fresh. consumer report says it lists the most nutritional information, including calories, fat, carbs protein and more on their recipe cards. in fact, they tied with green chefs as being a delivery service that offers meals with the lowest amount of fat. >> not only recipe cards, how to make their dish, also provide the exact amount of ingredient needed to make the desired dish. so, if you need two eggs, it
7:50 am
has got them in the bag. >> this prevent consumers to buying more than they actually need to make the did i, which in turn makes it more affordable. >> so jen, tell us more. tell us more. >> okay, i will tell you more, mike, this would be perfect for you, i have to say. we all know, we love our em a good morning. >> registered die particulars, author, host, cook the whole thing, we've put you to the test. i look at all of these right? >> i did look at all of them. >> the first thing you want us to know difference between meal delivery kits and diet plans. >> yes, meal delivery kits when up get the foot coming in a box to your house, and it is all portioned out, fresh, and you just make that meal. so, whether it is for two people, four people or six people, it is just that meal, usually it is dinner that's in the box. >> the diet plans we know about, jenny craig, that type of thing, although really good for someone trying to lose weight, the one big con for you on those were? >> well, those seem, i don't want to say boring, but they
7:51 am
seem a little bit less exciting than what the box is all about. >> these are the wig three, blew apron, chef, purple carrot. whose business is this. >> mark bitman, ended up not writing for the times last year, opened up purple carol, gorgeous meal kit company, all vegan. so you have exciting sometimes unpronounceable ingredients, that come to your door but you know 100% delicious, flavor full, and usually local roy. >> green chef? >> love green chef. another vegetarian vegan kinds of meal kit that comes organic has a lot of diet options. so you have glued gruten free, pail yo, vegan, vegetarian. very fresh food. >> the one you love the most, not paid, is blue apron? >> blue apron has it going on,
7:52 am
not only are they gig us lots of variety, three vegetarian options to choose from, or chicken or pork or beef, but they also have an incredible website which helps us to navigate, you know, the recipes, what is behind the recipes, the types of food in the recipes. great facebook page, very inter-active. >> overall it saves us time, for sure. >> yes. >> and in some ways because these are kind of exciting meals, you say it, also saves us money. >> it saves us money because these kind of ac check particular spices are coming in, often we don't have them in our pantry or cubards, things are seasonal, so you feel like you're supporting you know the local community, and organic so fresh. i think these types of meal delivery systems might be 100 now but looking at more to come. >> i love it. thank for breaking it down, because it is confusing. real estimate. >> by the way emma says even though she is a cook, chef, dietition, you might actually try blue apron? >> i think i might for those
7:53 am
crazy nights where you just have no time to prep or shop. >> which is mike's night every single night of the week. >> crazy nights. good idea, i think i will ' finds t researchers thinks he found the key to happiness. is he right? we discuss with preston and steve, what is the key to happiness? what do you think it is? and collegeville italian bakery folks are here. they have this sandwich. i've seen it. excuse me. what do we name it? >> they've had a chip kelly sandwich. he's gone. so we need to name this carson wentz sandwich. i've had some funny once on twitter, i'll explain after the break.
7:54 am
for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs. pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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total billions. fees they collect, even if the market crashes and... seniors lose everything. pat toomey's looking out for wall street, not pennsylvania. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> preston and steve, welcome to "good day" philadelphia, once again. >> the key to happiness is
7:57 am
four things, or there are four things. this is the key to happiness. >> all right? >> have some candles around you. light them up. get some hot chocolate. fluffy socks. and no sell phone. that's the key to happiness. >> those four things will ensure happiness? >> yes. >> did forest gump put this list together? shrimp and pingpong paddle. >> i think it is the simple things, preston, don't you think? >> simple things definately make you happy. that will what they're focusing on? who came up with this, by the way? >> hey, in the control room, can you tell me who do this? who is it? oh, this is a scandanavian stud. >> i oh. there you go. >> scandanavian. >> yes. >> all right. enough said. no, i think -- i can understand what they're saying as far as the little things, the little comforts of things. simple lamborgini.
7:58 am
>> yes. >> certainly italian -- simple leer jet. simple things. you don't need a lot, right, kathy? >> i'm with you on those. >> but, kathy, seriously, women always say, you know, just, let's just cuddle and watch my favorite tv shows. is that really what you want? >> listen, mike, i hate candle. i've never burned a canned until my house since i built it seven and a half years ago. i don't like hot chocolate. dow like fluffy socks but i put my phone down but only for a little bit. >> she is a man. but what about you? when you want to enjoy life and justice connect, do you put the phone away, and set your safe bath and light canned unless. >> i just start drinking heavily. >> there go. >> no, honestly. >> it all depend on who you are, and what the situation is at the time. i think there is happiness to be found in all different scenarios. i think sometimes simple pleasures really don't do it for you. sometime you need excitement to be happy. then sometimes yes, some
7:59 am
flurry socks, knock yourself out. it is wonderful. >> fluffy socks. >> i think it is too general to say this will make you happy. candles and hot chocolate and fluffy socks. >> yes, what about you guys? >> well, i'm by myself today. and that makes alex very happy. >> we can't see. we had no idea you dice didn't get in a fight did you. >> well, there is some tension today. ya. >> she calls out. >> you blew out her candle, didn't you? >> i blew her candle out. i asked her to below my candle out. she wouldn't do it. >> that's an entire liver different issue. >> i was in denver colorado, my girlfriend says hey bring me something back, i completely forgot, i was at the airport, to get on the airplane, so i run over to the kiosk, cathy, guess what i got her? >> sunglasses? >> socks. >> oh. >> with a colorado emblem on it. >> how did that go over? >> oh, that's great. my feet are cold.
8:00 am
you know, now i can -- hated it. no question. >> no, no, no. >> it is over. >> you get one of those travel pillows you can put on her neck. >> should have gotten her some hot chocolate. >> now, you guys, ever see people in the airport that have the pillow around their neck just walking around the terminal? >> they do. they stands in line a lot of times with the pillow around their neck. they don't want to car at this. >> is that the caucasion version of walking around with a pick in your afro? >> i don't know. basically the same thing. >> , no because i see people of all races having those donuts around their neck. >> all right. we'll see you next week, guys. >> bye bye. >> mike, see you later. >> nick, kacie boy, good day, it is wednesday, september the seventh, 2016. here we go. >> from the fox 29 studio this is good day philadelphia. >> back to school and sweating. summer vacation is over. but the high temps are holding strong. how this heatwave may affect your kid's school day.
8:01 am
>> today is the day we've been waiting for the new iphone announce: what you need to do with your current phone right now before it is too late. >> jennifer aniston, gwyneth paltrow, beyonce, looking good with hot lemon water. these ladies swear by it. but is this tart morning pick knee up a really good idea? well, bye to the weekend. >> there is a new song of summer. the number one hit heating up your play list, right now. >> oh, so we're picking the number one song of the summer. and that wasn't it? i can't feel my face. what? that's a good one. last summer. >> a year ago already? wow. i can't feel my face. >> still can't. >> what are you saying, megan? oh, spotify, those people,
8:02 am
have named the new number one song of this summer. >> of this summer. >> now that the summer, well -- >> we should do our own countdown. >> yep, why not? >> my guess is cake by the ocean. i like that one. >> do you? you know what that really means, don't you? >> i just like, i like the beat, i can dance to it. >> we have some school picks. >> oh, my gosh. >> now we know what do you in myrdle beach when you're down there. as promised, her new puppy, talulah jean and her new puppy farmer, first day of second great. really cute. first day of seventh grade. >> ileana, first day of preschool. waitment oh, second year of preschool. >> but this is the first day. >> first day. >> i can put it altogether there. >> you get to go to preschool too. >> here is a look at our number of the day.
8:03 am
one more number for you. eight out of ten. so start it get little more humid today. it will be a little hotter than yesterday. bus stop buddy ready for the first day of school. smiling as always, and perpetually pretty much eight years old. temperatures are in the 60s and 70s as we walk out the door. not seeing any effects at this time from what used to be hermine, but, still, swirling out there, pretty close to the ocean, to the ocean front property, i should say, anyway, it is 75 degrees, and it is beautiful here in old city. we still have northerly breeze, humidity not too bad. we have 66 in mount pocono. seventy-two in lancaster. seventy-two in wilmington. and wildwood has 73 degrees, yes, welcome back, everybody. it is going to be hopefully a very good school year for you, and a really hot day today. so hope your school has air-conditioning, bob kelly, because 90 degrees, hard to pay attention. >> those catholic grade schools did not have ac. welcome back, 8: 03,
8:04 am
northbound lanes of 476, overturned vehicle, causing a huge delay. that begins down here along i-95 for about 5 miles north in toward that media swarthmore interchange. northbound lanes of the freeway, slow going. somebody sent me this picture. this is the first day that he met sister ethel. >> sister it snell. >> sister ethel with the ruler. >> oh, i've seen that many times. >> oh, you're been to the front of the class there. trump campaign event at the union league today, expect some major jams along south broad street, through mid afternoon. mike back over to you. >> as you know, the first day back to school for philadelphia school children. and our catholic schools, as well. so you're going to see a lot of dads walking kids to school today. that's why jenny joyce is out there. i love this campaign. hey, jenny? >> this is a phenominal campaign. we are live outside of blueford charter school. we just tried to follow the
8:05 am
march. unfortunately we couldn't keep up with them. our legs aren't moving fast enough. i believe they are in the school yard up here. this is a whole group of men, i would say, at least a few dozen men from the community, yelling, in the streets, saying what do we want safe schools what when do we want it now, they want it now. they were creating safe corridor for our students to get to school here for the first day of school. i believe they went inside the school now, because there is going to be assembly at 8: 30, which we of course be covering as well. police here, philadelphia, one of 800 cities across the count rip, that is participating in million father march today. and we did talk to couple of fathers, and people who don't even necessarily have children in the school, or school age children any more. and they wanted to participate, because they said of course we want to take care of our children, we want to be involved. these kids need a safe place to go. i'm not sure if i'm going to lose you guys, unfortunately i can't hear you. but we're going to go live to
8:06 am
that now, and we will catch up to you in a little bit. mike anal next. >> okay, chasing the superintendant. thank you, jenny, we'll check back with you 8:06 now. flu season fast approaching. over here we go again. and the american academy of pediatrics has issued new recommendations, parents are urged to choose the flu shot for their children. we say this every year, instead of the nasal spray. the cdc said the popular flu mist option is not effective against the most prominent strains of this virus. we said the same thing last fall. you got to go shot over the mist. the flu shot is recommended for everyone over six months old. and anyone with a come pro priced immune system. ya, looks like you'll have to go with the shot. i know the mist was such a great alternative, but no. okay, happening today. donald trump is back in philly, for the second time in less than a week.
8:07 am
donald trump will speak at that place, the union league, on broad street, right at sansom. that will will happen at 11:00 this morning, expected to discuss national security, military preparedness, and veterans issues, it is closed to the general public, the media has installed a temporary speed bump on that stretch of south broad street. we're going to string cable and stuff across there. so, watch out for this extra speed bump. getting ready for the eagles sunday, 1:00 in the afternoon, tacking -- taking on the cleveland browns. collegeville italian bakery looking for help renaming their chip kelly sandwich. they want us to help out. they want to have a san witch name after carson wentz. our quarterback. our starting quarterback now, as of last, what, monday. so, who are you? >> good morning, mime, i'm steve from the collegeville italian bakery. >> steve, collegeville bakery.
8:08 am
i am guessing that's in collegeville? >> yes. >> who are you? >> bob. >> i work in the back there. >> work in the back. so you brought pizzas, and this giant thing. it looks like a cheese steak, what is it? >> when chip kelly came on board, we thought of an idea. let's do a chip steak kelly. now,'s gone. time to redo our menus. what other way to do it, name a sandwich after carson wentz. >> pardon my finger, i'll open this up so we can see what's in there. >> sure. >> i got one for you and bob. >> what's it made of? >> usda prime steak, bacon, cheddar cheese, fried onions and mushrooms. >> now why these different ingredient forecaster on wentz who hails from south dakota? >> it is the same sandwich as chip kelly just going to rename it after carson went. >> that's kind of lazy isn't it? >> it is lays. >> i kind of stupid? why wouldn't you come up with something new. >> easy and we'll rename it. >> carson like the same items? did you ask him?
8:09 am
>> absolutely, he is a philly. >> i don't like this, steve. >> do you have try it. >> really dopy. you should have new ingredient for the new guy. >> i would feel really horrible, say, i started dating a new woman. i put on my old boyfriend's clothes. no. >> doesn't work? >> no, i want new ingredients. >> try it. >> that's for bob. go ahead. put on chip kelly's shirt, carson. >> see if that works for you? >> give it a shot. >> why don't you stick something in there from like south dakota. >> what's south dakota famous for other than mount rushmore? put a rock in there, big stone? >> you can name that anything. >> good. >> they are the finalist. >> oh, we have a finalist. >> oh, you've had people come by the shop? >> yes, on facebook, twitter, instagram. so we're doing a contest. >> not bad.
8:10 am
the steak sand-went. >> wentz delicious. >> that's sell i. >> carsand-wentz. >> i am kind of liking that. >> wentzylvania. >> that goes to the top. went with. >> oh, that's good, too. >> the number 11. >> good, too. >> bradford wentz away. that's too mean. wentz-anate-or. >> all right, there are too many of these. >> that's it. >> it is so good though. >> the number 11, wentz-ylvania or wentz-a-with. >> went with?
8:11 am
>> or wentz ylvania. >> top three. good to see you, man. >> say hello to collegeville for us. >> check this out. >> what? you sends it over. love that. >> we really -- are you ready for some football? >> i am. >> guys, listen to. >> this remember this scene from three guys, waiting to exhale? we don't remember, looks like she is inhaling, what are you talking about? one woman may have been a big fan of it because sheeter of the her ex-boyfriends' car. i did see this part. and there was one thing she didn't realize, but first, lawyer send schooling sean. oh, sean still learning how to swim? seriously? >> he is, mike jerrick. he is making progress, getting more serious sean bell today. because he is getting close to the deepened. he's not quite in 8 feet yet.
8:12 am
making his way down there. we'll check in, see how he is doing with lindsay. she said she's impressed after about four, five weeks of swimming. we'll talk to him after the break. buy online. ready in an hour. weren't you it. staples. make more happen. they're all gone. i know i bought them. well staples has low prices. if i were you, i'd grab a couple more... for next week. back to school or back for more. staples has the lowest prices. period. staples. make more happen.
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason.
8:15 am
>> skyfox live over breaking news out of wilmington, delaware, where a person is in the hospital right now, with serious injuries, after being hit by a vehicle, this all happened at about 7:30 this morning, along lancaster avenue, and sick moore street, both east and westbound traffic on lancaster avenue, completely closed from bancroft over to greenhill, you can see the yellow tape across the roadway, again, this is live from wilmington, delaware, so watch for delays, and you know as we go to the next company a, so far the last couple of days, it is a whole new game. there is all new traffic patterns. we've had accident galor. not only on side street but the majors, overturned vehicle here northbound lanes of 476 right near exit number five. then on the blue route again we're jammed from 95 all the
8:16 am
way up to route one, and we have the brings concert tonight, citizens bank park, check it out, lots open up at 2:30. look at the parking prices, 25 forecaster, 50 for the oversized, gate open up at 6:00. and then the concert starts at 7:30. what's the forecast like? for tonight's outdoor concert? sue has the answer in 15 seconds. >> or less. >> what used to be hermine, but still bothering us a little bit. not a lot. a weakening storm, national hurricane center can't even be bothered with it any more. they stopped issuing advisories on it yesterday. >> maybe just light showers, along toms river, other part of ocean county maybe even atlantic county this morning. but real headline this week, it will be the heat and humidity returning had comfortable weather for awhile, there today isn't starting out too badly, but once into the southwesterly
8:17 am
winds, we start with the humidity that makes it feel even hotter than it is. so this is going to be the peak of it on thursday. heat of decks of 102, 100 degrees, thursday is tomorrow by the way. 75 degrees cape may. 69 degrees in lewes, delaware, 71 atlantic city, 71 medford lakes, pottstown has 72 degrees, valley forge, 70 and 75 here in philadelphia. get to go 90 today. for some reason we only get 89, 94, tomorrow, will be the start of our heatwave, because we expect temperatures in the mid 90s thursday, friday, and saturday. and then little relief from the humidity, mike? sunday. >> look at that. that's a man's head float nag circle of water. >> that's the most interesting graphic we've her on the show, in 20 years of this program being on the air. >> would would we show him singing? >> is he learning how to swim?
8:18 am
>> that's horrific t looks like he's drowned. it is horrible. >> sean bell said when he grew up, he never learned how to swim. worse graphic ever. shouldn't it be like -- >> oh, look at this. schooling sean, but then he sinks. that's the worse graphic ever. >> what is going on here? the idea is he'll learn how to swim, rid? and not drown. >> right. >> well, he's been doing this for about six weeks. here is a look back. >> it was last month when sean first started this journey. and he shared with us a little secret. >> it wasn't like there were pools around where you should learn how to swim. you know, we just made do with
8:19 am
what's around us. >> so with the help of the folks at the ymca if philadelphia, sean as been able to face his fear of learning to swim. he has even gone up against olympic gold medalist sierra. now it is time to learn very important lesson in swimming. >> how to tread water. >> sean learns to swim. can we run the graphic just one more time seriously? here it is. schooling sean. and then he sinks to the bottom of the pool. not even a pool. it is a hot tub. he sendks to the bottom of the hot tub. now, he's been in a hot tub few times, he just didn't know how to swim. so learning how to tread water today. >> yes, and mike, i'm laughing because your commentary is not only colorful and hilarious, but sean just said every week when he get out the pool, what do you say to yourself. >> i didn't drown.
8:20 am
>> apparently you're drowning in the promo they run ahead of you in the graph inning, they show you drowning. >> appreciate. that will thank you. i appreciate you doing that. what a set up. >> week five i just saw you jump many in down there somewhere between five and 8 feet. how do you feel? >> i feel good. swim something cool i'm getting the hang of that. but what we're doing right now is sort of been my biggest fear. because i'm able to stand in most water so now that we're coming out to 8 feet, currently in nine and a half feet, right now. so that's the fear. treading water the thing for survive, and for people who don't know how to swim, because you're in a area where you can't stand this. >> since i know you pretty well, i can see serious sean in full effect right now. >> serious sean doesn't want to drawn. that's when i get real serious, okay? >> okay. so lindsey, week five, how do you think sean has been doing so far? i think you said impressed with his progress? >> phenominal. we've got the stroke down.
8:21 am
>> we'll get the jump in, he doesn't hold his breath. bulbs out as he jumps. but this tread something keyment like sean said. that is life skill. >> a loft times i think you and i were talking earlier, people just expect you after a couple of weeks to just jump right in, be able to swim. that's not realistic, is it? >> ya, no way, discouraging to people sometimes. oh, hey now you're going to go here, now you're going to go there, and they're not comfortable when it, so. >> what are tips you've been telling him today as far as treading goes? i know he has the noodles to keep him up watch are some of the things you've been trying to teach him? >> to make sure he's breathing as well as moving his legs, and his arms. and he's doing a good job, not to play the minds game. >> i think it is so fun when i see sean, he is like six-five, always silly. but now in the water, he get all serious because it is like oh, oh, what's going to happen next? mike, i tried to get them to jump in here down here nine and a half feet, he wouldn't quite do it.
8:22 am
>> well, have to be able to tread water before you get into 10 feet of water. >> he has the noodles. i thought he would be brave. >> oh, if you have a noodle get in the deepened. >> that's not even letting. >> it counsel for him. the noodles count for him, alex. but he won't jump in. he said that he is not ready for that just yet. so good progress so far. but he still has a little ways to go. >> well apparently the graphic was right. can we roll it again? apparently it was right. >> he'll take his noodle and go home. >> all right, 8:22, hey the boss tells bruce springsteen get honest about a big problem. what he is battling that he says is crippling at times. plus, you know, the boss is in town. >> tonight he's where?
8:23 am
>> citizens bank park. >> that's where the phillies used to play, right? citizens bank? back when they were good. and on friday? okay, plus jen is out talking about lemon water. i tried to get in this lemon water craze, i can't do it. >> well the question is, is it the best thing? is there something better than that? and what does doctor mike have to say? we'll tell you in just a couple of minute. >> and we are are continuing to name the new what the sandwich? >> the carson wentz sandwich. what should it be be called? >> i like this one, carson sandwentz,. >> that's really good. >> next one, sim i, the wentzanateo. >> the wonder went. i like that one too. >> made with wonder bread. >> oh, nice. >> you know what i mean, ya.
8:24 am
8:25 am
hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you?
8:26 am
seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
8:27 am
>> bruce springsteen opening up, will soon release autobiography entitled born to run. vanity fair and in the book he talks about his dad's history, his mental illness, tells the world how his fight stems from his father's own depression. now, he died back in 1988. the book will be released september 27th, and of course, we've been talking about this all morning, because tonight and friday brew springsteen playing at citizens bank park. 8:27. today's the day, the new iphone announcement, the iphone seven. what you need to do with your current phone, right now, before it is too late. katie: on crime, pat toomey's attacks on me are shameful.
8:28 am
8:29 am
he's making it up. of course, anyone who commits a violent crime needs to be prosecuted -- and put behind bars. narrator: katie mcginty will keep us safe -- more police on the streets, better training and equipment, and take on the gun lobby for gun safety laws. katie: i'm the daughter of a police officer, and the mother of three. i'll stand with law enforcement to fight crime, and protect our families. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message.
8:30 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, that's very popular song this summer, know question about it, justin
8:31 am
timberlake can't stop the feeling, came in at number five, according to this spotify. that is the top five song of the summer, that was number five. what would be number one then? >> you know, controller? oh, drake song, yes. one dance, i like one dance. >> homework or eight hour school day, which would you rather have? >> eight hour school day. >> well, depend on how long the homework s1 school in massachusetts is dishing homework, in favor of keeping kids in class longer. >> sue, what would you rather have? >> i don't know who started homework, they should be deported. >> i'm with you. i agree. i don't believe in homework. >> i think school is school, home is home. and, you know, you need your
8:32 am
rest. >> most teachers still give it, temperatures in the 06 ace, 70s, to get you started this morning, looking at the renmant of hermine, still, close enough, bright sunshine in philadelphia, with 75 degrees, a 10-mile per hour breeze, really nice morning with 72 in allentown, 66 mount pocono, just about everybody has end into the 70s now, to start your day, and, by the end of the day, we will probably be at 90 degrees. which means, the first day of heatwave. by the end of the day, probably feel a little more humid. talk how hot it will get for the rest of the heatwave coming up. bob kelly? >> i can't even help with homework. i need homework to help with the new homework with that new math. schuylkill westbound jammed from montgomery all the way out to belmont avenue, then out near conshohocken, just a lot of volume with again all
8:33 am
of the pattern changes, folks back to work, back to school. northbound i95, coming up through wilmington at route 896. and of course the donald trump campaign event, at the union league today, already down to one lane along south broad street. and that's going to tie thing up, the event doesn't get started until 11:00 but anything around city hall all of the septa buses detoured bees as well, through mid afternoon. mike and alex back over to you. >> apple is expected to announce its next generation iphone in a few hours, which means? >> i've been looking at mine trying to see, should i up great? something i want to do? >> how about sell it? >> apparently there are some things i need to do now before they make this announcement. >> steve, are old phones worth anything? >> that's the deal, the value of your phone, as soon as the announcement made ma may drop. new technology being introduced so if you want top dollar for your phone, couple of different options for you
8:34 am
wife ' looked. no first is this. it is convenience more valuable than cash. you will want to look at service like gisele. com. take a look, weaver video for you. they could not make this any easier this they tried. you go on, let them know what your phone is all b they sends awe box, they sends you the shipping value on the box you just pop it in, send it off. need thing right now, they know big announcement is many coming they'll give you extra $10 for new customers who got special link right now on on my facebook fan page. plus lock in your price today, they won't ask you to send in your phone until mid-october. long after the new iphone is not only announced but of course available to you. now, the price that we got for our phone, which is 128 gig iphone six, was about 170 bucks. plus of course that 10-dollar bone just. -- bone us. >> what's that add? we buy any car. com. we buy any car. com. we buy any phone.
8:35 am
com. i'll start that? >> okay, that would work. >> steve? >> and really the intention here to get the most money possible. you might want to sell private. we took the same phone, head today graduation list and ebay. we got some video for you. we saw not only are the phone being listed for three, $400 but selling for that much too. one of the most recently closed auctions on ebay yielded 350 bucks. that's nice, still get the cash, but you have to deal with the listing, the photos, the pay pal, the shipping, finding buyer, all of that other stuff. so if you have the time to do it you will certainly get more cash. finally for you, you can also take your phone and use one of the trade in programs, apple store offered us $225 gift card. best buy, 218 bucks. and also, there is a program adam son. they now will take your old trade in electronics, the price we got was $280. so that's about mid range between the first two options, and again the only catch here is you have got to send in your phones, sooner rather than later. of course the money comes to
8:36 am
you not as cash, but as a gift card. hey, you can watch the apple announcement, i'll be live, blog being it on my facebook fan page. facebook. com/save me steve. also fine the linc to the special 10-dollar bonus from gisele. com. >> and every dollar counts. >> i know, but i'm a weird owe though. if the new phone comes out i want it. >> yes. >> i don't need it. >> you said yesterday you wanted to wait for the iphone ten. >> i want the iphone 50. >> fifty? >> iphone ten will come out on the ten year anniversary. >> think they'll skip from seven to ten? >> yep. >> i don't think they just want to skip like that. but you can't have the iphone eight on the anniversary. >> please. all right, now, let's show some footage from my house last night. >> this woman moves over to my apartment, she was smoking a cigarette. she doesn't know, then lit all my clothes on fire. weird. of course that's a scene from
8:37 am
waiting to exhale. >> yes? >> one woman, guess what, alex, we've found a woman who actually did this. >> here we go. here is the part. >> poof. >> just walks away. in her loungerie. >> ya. what's hotter than that? woman in loungerie burning all of your belonging? >> i mean, it looks like it is hot out there. >> looks like new mexico. anyway, we found a woman who actually did this. you want to meet her? >> yes, yes, please. >> well, in just a second. now on the other end of the spectrum. let's be nice. let's look at some school photos. well, that tie is big. and long. >> daseanwilliams is noah senior. oh, i love this pick. first day of middle school. nice watch on, too, all right,
8:38 am
he's going to be on time.
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> the movie waiting to exhaust hill men scared and women looking for lighter fluid? one, taking this scene here, to another level. so of course it is angela bassett's character bernie, burning her husband's clothes. first on the balcony. she threw them out in the balcony in the yard, put them in the car and i guess lit it on fire. this is after she learned he cheated on her with his secretary. and she worked in the office. >> so, is that in the movie? talking about the woman in tampa? >> this is in the move. >> i okay, let's get to the tampa thing then. >> now, in tampa, she didn't have a sun roof. so she used a truck to burn her boyfriend's clothe. but there is a catch to the story. >> trunk. trunk of her car. >> what did you say? -- what did i say? >> truck. >> one leaf makes a
8:42 am
difference. >> here is the catch though. she didn't know that that's not her exboyfriend's car. >> what? >> yes. >> i don't know if he got a new car, she just wasn't aware? >> she burned the wrong car. >> she burned the wrong car. >> oh, oh. >> well, she has been arrested. and of course facing arson charges. that woman looks very familiar to me. >> does she? >> yes. there is a french mine whose name is jennifer, hi, doctor mike, her name is jennifer. i was going to say her last name, too. >> no, no. >> of course not her. but she is my friend, jennifer dillard, jen, she watches the show all the time. >> why does it make you think of her? >> i swear it looks exactly like her. >> have you -- >> not all black women look alike. >> you didn't say she was black so i didn't go that far. but now that we know. >> i know, well if she were white, would she look like this woman? >> what? >> i'm confused. >> can we roll the tape again?
8:43 am
>> let's just let it. >> or let it go. >> sounds like you should. my question is if you spent some time in tampa where you might think it was somebody, you know sheik was burning your car. >> seriously jen if you are watching? that looks like you. >> jen, what are you doing? >> you don't have the ladies name, we don't know if it is her. >> i know it is not her. >> the point is, it came to life. my favorite part when she is unpacking, the neighbor moves in next-door, or loretta devine, her neighbor moves in, unpacking and dropping all the stuff and staring at him like -- and he's like can i help you? >> whatever you are talking about, us guys have no idea. >> if you watch waiting to exhale, you know what scene i am talking about. >> men will not watch that film. >> no? >> it is horrifying, frightening. >> i think it is enlightening foremen. you should watch it. >> hey, jen, have you ever burned steve's clothes, your husband? >> i haven't burned his clothes, but i did throw his
8:44 am
cd's out the window, then sold some of his things. >> that's good stuff. >> what up? i want add new pair of shoes and i don't like his cd's, so anyway, see this stuff, mike, look, it is noon errer. is this better than lemon water? is that guy worth listening to, that guy, right there, dietition. we'll talk about lemon water. hear from doctor mike, jennifer aniston, and him. >> we need a name for this sand wentz. we need more suggestion. >> here is the thing it, needs to be named after carson went our quarterback. >> what's on the sandwich? i missed it. >> well, you got your beef, basically cheese steak, but you got bacon in there. >> cheddar? >> onions.
8:45 am
>> more mushrooms. >> doesn't that look good? >> keep sending your suggestions. this one says the wentzler. >> i like. >> philip says the carson wentzwich. >> i like that too. >> they all kind of work. keep getting. let's get real creative folks. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market... pat toomey wrote the book.
8:46 am
"i'm...i've got a whole chapter in my book where i... specifically lay out how i think we should... reform social security." toomey's plan requires wall street and bankers to manage... the accounts. collecting fees out of your social security that could... total billions. fees they collect, even if the market crashes and... seniors lose everything. pat toomey's looking out for wall street, not pennsylvania. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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8:48 am
>> 8:48ment starting off with there she is, well, she's not officially hermine any more. but, she still is coming pretty close to the coast. 71 degrees in atlantic city, 73 wildwood, 75 in philadelphia, and 66 degrees up in the mountains. we are watching the wind direction, as it changes around eventually to southwesterly, little breezy, closer to the coast with 16 miles an hour, the winds in wrightstown, new jersey, 90 degrees our high today. ninety-four tomorrow. and friday. and by that time, it will be oppressive humidity, by tomorrow, we will have triple digit heat index, and maybe by friday, a record high temperature. so, yes, we are finish with i guess summerall ex, summer fun, but not with the summer temperatures. >> oh, that summer heat is staying around. so you might see some people drink water. others drink lemon water, in this heat, actress jennifer
8:49 am
aniston she swears by it, once she is up at 4:30 in the morning, standard cup of hot water with slice of lemon in it. doctor mike thinks it is a drink that does the body good. >> for anyone that's trying to lose weight, lemon water is a fantastic idea. not because of its inherent property properties, but because better than drinking soda, much better than drinking coffee with a lot of sugar and caffeine. what you want with lemon water is to refresh you, keep you hydrated, and at zero cost, no calories whatsoever. >> maybe i should start drinking this lemon water. but, some people think otherwise. so, jen, you have an alternative for us? what should we be drinking? >> so we have sam here. good morning to you. >> morning. >> registered dietition. >> yes. >> knowing about all things healthy. good morning. >> good morning. >> okay, so i told you, i saw this article, tan said lemon water not all that it is crack
8:50 am
up to be. but you like jennifer aniston and doctor mike, you believe in lemon water but you do agree it can get a bit mundane? >> i agree. >> so talk to us little bit about some alternatives? >> some alternatives to lemon watt their we could do are a basil mint. pineapple, you can do strawberry watermellon, lime and mint works real well. >> you are mr. dietition, and aren't i supposed to be staying away from all every these like sugary fruits? >> when you mix them in with water, they are really not that bad. they don't absorb much of the sugar into the water. actually the fruit from the sugar isn't as bad as say sugar that would you get in your coffee or table sugar. >> so you wear a lot of hat. you say one of the things you help people lose weight. you think drinking more water you said to me the number one most important thing? >> exactly. >> that's crazy. >> i would say if i could recommend one thing to any of my clients, it would be to drink more water. it is often the most overlooked thing. >> okay. and then you say a lot of
8:51 am
people will pack this, bring it to work, and that makes it kind of un appetizing so you get get some ice? >> one of the big things, get some ice. get yourself well insulated thermos like this so you can drink the water cold. bit more appetizing than just drinking luke warm bottle of water. >> people are trying to save some time, save some money. can they put this stuff in the drink the night before? >> they can make a cooler of it in the fridge. like a big pitcher. then just pour it out in the morning so it is that much easier, don't have to prep in the morning. i actually recommend pressure fruit and veggies as soon as you get help home from the grocery store so you have them there ready to go, nice and cut up like this, you can throw them right in the drinks. >> what the heck is this thing as we wrap it up? >> this is noon. it is an electrolyte tablet that i recommend adding to your water. >> okay? >> specially if you are losing a lot of water through sweat, electrolyte beverage, so it has sodium, potassium, chloride and helps replentish those things that would you lose in sweat.
8:52 am
>> so if you are working out a ton, this is for you. if you are like me, that's for you. >> yes. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> so mike, you don't need this but do you need some that far and some that far. >> i need a lot of that, a lot of that. >> good idea. >> try it out. >> yes. okay, so let's get into this debate. >> this is like our new pet, this sandwich here. >> homework or eight hour school day? one school in massachusetts is ditching homework in favor of keeping kids in class longer. which would you prefer? weigh in on twitter. >> julie ace first day of eighth grade. >> hey, jewel. >> i cute. and angela says, izzy and kristin's first day of tenth grade. like the hair, ladies. and anne marie says second day of school at hilltop elementary. look at them hugging. and i love the braids.
8:53 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan.
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>> good morning to influence and priest frost saint simon and jude out there greeting all of the kids on the first day of school. south on 59, another accident in the work zone, at cottman avenue. and just watch for that trump campaign event around the union league south of city hall through midday. mike and alex back over to you >> so today bob kelly is going to present his tailgate take-over. what are you going to prepare today, bob? >> all i can say is two words. crock pot. >> crock pot? >> i didn't even know i had a crock pot. until yesterday. >> and i have two letters to respond to that. >> what? >> ez, too ez.
8:57 am
yesterday i made my texas tailgate gang no, ma'am i. >> tomorrow sue and chris will put together i don't know what. friday apparently jen and i are putting together something for the tailgate. i have no clue what to make. >> so yesterday i was trying to help you out. and i asked my fate book people, facebook friends, what kind of things should mike make. and they had some great suggestions. i'll run some of them pass you. >> please do. i can't cook. watch for that on friday. bob, up today, though, and he's using his crock pot. >> let's see what bob can cook up. the new family feud what's minstant game playing with top prizes of a hundred grand? survey says... (ding) winning. on the spot. play family feud from the pennsylvania lottery. and you could win... on the spot! keep on scratchin'
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>> alex, i really love to music.


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