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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  September 8, 2016 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. tonight a local community targeted dozens and dozens of times. robbed at gun point over and over again. good evening, i'm lucy noland. police are trying to track and crack this case before the spree turns deadly. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at philadelphia police headquarters. what you got, dave. >> reporter: lucy, with nearly 80 crimes against the asian-american community in northeast philadelphia since january, folks there are concerned. they're looking for answers while police look for suspects. >> definitely afraid to leave the house at night, and he's just afraid to go places where he's forced to be alone. >> reporter: for ivan and his family violent crime has become too close for comfort after his father was robbed at gun point. it's part of what police now say is a developing pattern of
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robberies and burglaries targe targeting asian residents in the northeast. >> pulled out a gun and slammed my dad against the wall and asked him for everything. >> we are seeing a pattern of burglaries and robberies and some of the robberies are armed. >> reporter: this robbery is part of series of gun point crimes spread across northeast philly in recent months. almost all of them targeting members of the asian community. >> they took his phone, wallet, car keys and they just left after that. >> reporter: did they take the car? >> they took the car. >> reporter: police saithes since january crimes against the asian community have escalated. 38 burglaries, 13 gun point robberies and another 28 robberies by force. >> as long as people know, as long as peel are more carefully they know how to combat the situation. >> we're trying to make in roads into the community and build a rapport and trust with them. >> reporter: now, in this latest crime the vick testimony was robbed of his cell phone p $700 in cash. credit cards and his car. 91 of these crimes have been
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captured on surveillance video at this point. police could use some help cracking this case. lucy. >> hopefully they'll get it breaking news robber has shot a woman after trying to grab her purse in west philadelphia. police say the 31-year-old wou wounded in the wrist and the chest rushed to penn presbyterian happened right around 9:00 tonight on west 52 and street. nearby surveillance camera did catch the whole thing. hopefully we'll see that so we can catch the robbers soon. cops found her purse nearby and what may be the robber's sweatshirt. they're now after the man himself. on your radar right in the middle of our neck heat wave. this is one after another. looking live at trenton right now. it is so hot sounds like the beginning of a johnny carson joke but it's no joke here. schools in trenton and reading have announced they are dismissing students and staff early for the rest of the week. we have all that information on our website meteorologist kathy orr is here right now with your first forecast at 11:00. >> luce zero, we're not prepared for this time of heat in the
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month of september that's for sure. especially when school is in session. we will watch hermine slowly drift offshore. skies will be clear tomorrow. ahead of this cold front is surge of warm air out of the southwest. we leave behind the front but that is days away so relief from the heat and humidity will be slow. today's high temperature made it to 91 degrees. 10 degrees above the normal high for this time of year. thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, we will see temperatures go even higher. we expect a four-day heat wave. so overnight, 73 in the city. 68 in the suburbs. partly cloudy. it will be muggy. during the day tomorrow, we'll wake up to temperatures in the 70s. some 60s to the north and west. but warmer as you go toward the south and east. by the afternoon 96, that would tie the record of 96 degrees set back in 1939. a very warm september. heat advisory goes into effect tomorrow. it will feel like it's between about 100 and 102 in this area highlighted in orange tomorrow afternoon. when you look at those heat
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indices, we're talking about those feels like readings after the noon hour really kicking up. us a plan your day, temperatures in the 70s at breakfast time. by lunch 86 and in the 90s in the afternoon any practices, coaches make sure the kids have frequent breaks and by evening, still 88 degrees. as we take look at they can 10ed forecast, thursday, friday, saturday in the 90's we break the heat after the storm move through early sunday in the 80s for the eagles game. monday, tuesday and wednesday, lucy, i call that the comfort zone. we'll talk more about the month of september and what's in store coming up later in the broadcast. i'll see you then. >> talk to you soon. happening right now in bucks county, high on meth then a murder and a confession. police say it has left residents at an apartment complex just stunned. fox 29's shawnette wilson is following what happened. shawnette? >> reporter: well, lucy, tonight the suspect is being held without bail. this after investigators say that he walked into the police
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department and told them he killed his neighbor. neighbors came out of their sellersville apartment to news of a brutal crime scene right in their building. police say 34-year-old damien walker killed his 62-year-old neighbor inside her apartment. >> i'm a little shocked actual actually. i've spoke with damien many, many times always nice, pleasa pleasant, happy. you know, helpful. just didn't expect it at all. >> reporter: according to the bucks county district attorney's office tuesday night walker went to the norristown police department and told them he killed his neighbor. police say he toll them he had been using meth. they went to the apartment and found the woman dead. police have not said what happened in the moments leading up to the murder or how the woman was killed. >> there was i guess a crime scene van out there, um, lights flashing in my room, couldn't get no sleep. just a lot of -- a lot of cops. >> reporter: and back here live, the victim's name has not been released. earlier this evening police were
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still notifying relatives. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much shawnette. you decide 2016 and the race for the white house hillary clinton and donald trump both participated in a forum that gives us a taste of what the upcoming debates could be like. nbc matt lauer hammered trump hard on his ties to russian president vladimir putin. >> he does an 82% approval rating according to the different pollster who's by the way some of them are based right here. look -- >> he's also a guy who an necked crime economy ya, inn veighed ukraine, supports as sad in syria, supports iran, trying to undermine our influence in key regions of the world and according to our intelligence community probably is the main suspect for the hacking of the dnc computers. >> nobody knows that for fact. but you want me to start naming some of the things that president obama does at the same time. >> trauma many defended putin calling him a good leader. the gop presidential candidate says if americans elect him
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president, he would not go easy on the russian leader despite any admiration. meanwhile, clinton was grilled about her use of a private e-mail server, and answered a question about when she thinks the us should use military force. >> i view force as a last resort, not a first choice. i will do everything in my power to make sure that our men and women in the military are fully prepared for any challenge that they may have to face on our behalf. >> clinton also defensed her support for u.s. military intervention and libya despite the chaos that is consumed that country since. she says when she was secretary of state, the obama administration put together a call coalition that included nato during its military campaign in libya and she says that helped safe lives. meanwhile, donald trump was in philadelphia today. the republican presidential nominee talked national security at the union league in center city.
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now trump promised audience of invited guests he'll rebuild america's military and work with allies to crush isis. and he had harsh criticism for democrat hillary clinton's record as second of state. trump trails in the polls in pennsylvania. voters in the keystone state selected the democratic candidate in the past six presidential elections. two deadly crashes on the same road in upper dash bow in the same day are raising concerns about speed and about safety, but when it comes to getting drivers just to slow down, local police say their hands are tied. fox 29's chris o'connell is live along route 1 in upper darby. chris? >> reporter: lucy, those two fatal accidents in less than 24 hours along township line road here in upper darby has police pleading with drivers to slow down. >> you have to be the energizer bunny rabb the road runner. that's the only way you'll get across there safe. >> reporter: delco drivers say township line road is more like
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the daytona speedway. >> it's almost like the blue route. >> it's constant up and down. people do 50, 60. >> one of the heaviest traveled roads in the county has been one of the deadliest lately. two crashes in less than 24 hours left two drivers dead in less than a mile from one another. but stopping speeders is easier said than done. under pennsylvania state law, municipal departments like upper darby are not allowed to use speed radar guns only the state police, philadelphia and pittsburgh police officers are allowed to use the radar guns. upper darby says, it could be costly lives. >> i can understand why we're in the state that doesn't allow municipal police departments other than philadelphia and purchasing, to use radar. >> reporter: in pennsylvania, average of 550 people die every year because of speed related crashes. local law enforcement hope more radar guns on the streets could prevent some of those deaths. lucy?
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>> all right, thank you very much, chris. three young men were walking through a local neighborhood when they got held up at gun point. what police say the robbers did when those young men fought ba back. and cars broken into, ransacked even stolen. an organized group of thieves targeted one neighborhood. what each victim had in common making them prime targets. more help tonight for itt tech students. yesterday students from across the country who attend the school found out they all need to find a new place to get an education. what a shocker. the institute shut down all of its campuses yesterday. but some local cool schools are now offering assistance to students. rowan college is waving late registration fees and camden county college is offering a special meeting tomorrow night at 6:30 at its blackwood campus. itt students can ask questions and see what the college offers. bucks county community college and see what the college offers. bucks county community college
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♪ take look at this video. philadelphia police just relea released. investigators want the two men here for robbing three men at gun point in north philadelphia saturday night. cops say one of the men opened fire hitting one of the three in his leg. he's expected to be okay. if you know who these guys are, police would very much like you to give them call. unwelcomed surprise for some
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residents in chester county neighbor. more than two dozen folks awoke to find stuff stolen from their cars and one famili' men knee van was altogether missing. police say an organized group of at least three thieves hit targets all over the devon down section of the berwyn. the woman who's van a missing actually has bright outlook on what happened to her many fami family. she says the group left a child's car seat and important papers just a few blocks away. >> they did have a conscious. i had bunch of paper work my one son is in speech therapy and they bundled it altogether and put it in wholefoods bag. (laughter). >> they do have conscience i guess. police say the victims were an easy target because they had all left their car doors unlocked. so police are reminding you that locking your doors to your cars to your homes is a first step to crime prevention. in buck county, a family is trying to find 21-year-old lindsay piccone. they reported her missing last night and that is when search
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began in tyler state park in newtown. they did find her car there. called bucks county emergency services if you think you've seen lindsay piccone or know where she is. all righty. he's out. pennsylvania kaseen 93 gaming board voted today to ban mob boss joey merlino from all pennsylvania casinos. per lean know was involved in an altercation at the sugarhouse casino earlier this year. court documents obtained by fox 29 samier loon know and his pals were at the blackjack tables when a disagreement led to words between her hurricane irene know's entourage and several others. security broke things up after punches started flying. atlantic city has already banned merlino from all of its casinos. to your health. september is national sickle cell awareness month and saint christopher's hospital is asking to you please donate blood to help patients with the condition. in fact the hospital held an event today registering folks for blood drive next month. sickle cell theme ya primarily
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affectaffects african-americansh the condition limits the amount of health rhee thee red blood vessels in the body and can cause he can treatment pain. hell officials say why blood donation is important for certain patients it becomes even more crucial. >> people are not aware that when a sick cell cell patient goes into crisis that they require blood and they need compatible blood. we see at times there's a shortage and we don't have the supply to support the needs of the patients we serve. >> saint christopher's will hold its blood drive on octobe october 11th. n your money the newest sparkle i phone hitting the mark. tim cook calls this version the best ever. not that he's biased. hey as jet black high gloss finish it's water and dust resistant and has a better than ever camera. but one of its new features has lot of folks talking. it's the lack of a head phone jack. so you have to use the included lightning adapter which has some
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apple customers, well, skeptic skeptical. >> i think it's making people have to buy apple. i mean if you want to use apple you'll have to buy their stuff. i can use the headphones that work for me. have i to use their head phone. >> yup. iphone seven will hit store shelves next week. you see it, you shoot it our fresco users helping us show what is happening in your neighborhood. dining under the stars even with the sun still out. the stars work. media straight street closed tonight to let veterans enjoy the experience the event helped boost business at restaurants and other shops in the area. when you see news happening like this it can be happy stuff, be sure to take out your phone and shoot it make sure you to use the fresco app to send to our newsroom and make cold hard ca cash. you can fief make 50 bucks doing fresco, kathy orr good i'm in. >> right? i think i needing to get that. you do the weather cast. i'll go download this app.
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>> that pros can he user had very steady hand as well. >> i know. >> on ultimate doppler a clear sky throughout the delaware valley to the west a line of showers and some thunderstorms earlier severe in washington and baltimore these are expected to fade during the early morning hours. as far as our weather is concerned, locally we're talking about quiet evening. look at the trees, not even moving not much a wind out there. we do have numbers to beat. 1939 was very warm year. all of these records are from that year. philadelphia 96. at least tie that tomorrow. wilmington 94. we could beat that. trenton, allentown reading and ac all in the 90s and we will be really challenging those numbers. this is what it will be feeling like when we add the 90-degree temperatures with oppressive humidity. by the afternoon in philadelphia feels like 102. 100 in trenton. were un01 in wilmington and dover. one hadn't dread degrees in millville. as we, ahead to your seven day forecast. official heat wave on friday.
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monday, tuesday and wednesday looking really great. with low humidity and temperatures in the 80s. take a look at the future. the next couple of weeks the month of september running above average in temperature. so that means september much like last year remember the pope came to visit it was quite warm. talk more about what the future will hold as we get closer to winter in the next couple of weeks. for now we'll send it back to you. >> winter. can't even think about winter right now. thanks, kathy. homeless pups get a field trip and employees get a pat on the back it's win/win pennsylvania spca brought these adorable adoptable dogs to the workers at lutheran settlement house today as part of its employee appreciation celebration. whole lot of tale wagging there. the settlement house serves 7,000 of philadelphia most vulnerable residents, homeless mothers and children as well as domestic violence survive. today's reward for all the employees, puppy love.
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love that. hey, sean bell isn't lucy, football season is back and that means we're going to hear the same old garbage from the dallas cowboys fans. i'm going to put cowboys fans back in their place and let them know what they really are. that's coming up next in sports. ]
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♪ another football season is here. so it's another year dallas cowboys fans are absolutely dilusional. they become the most annoying fans by far in all of sports. not just football. every year we have to hear about the can you boys fans going to the super bowl and the cowboys being america's team. knock off. you're not america's team. cowboys have two play off wins
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in the last years. cowboys are america's team just like baseball is america's pastime. used to be great but nobody cares unless something happens in a drug related issue. there's plenty of that with the boys. i don't dislike your players or your owner. dez bryant is a great guy. great to watch. great football player and who want an owner to basically does everything he can to win, but it's just the fans that are just so so annoying. i get you love your team and you have great history but pipe it down. until you start winning at least several play off games again you're not america' team you're basically the oakland raiders. lucy, back to you. >> what do you classify as several. >> several. >> more than two. >> more than two. that's my classification of several as well. quite the restoration project underway at the franklin institute. the world's first stainless steal airplane is getting overhauled and polish and shined for the first time in nearly 50 years. signature bud bb1 pioneer
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aircraft has been a fixture of the franklin institute since its arrival back in 1935. the pioneer took to the skies in 1930. its design, fabrication all happened in philly. the plane's restoration could take as long as two years. tens of thousands of people are jamming out right now at citizens bank park. the boss reusse springsteen performing with the e vote band he took to the stage around 7:30 and last we check he was still rocking out. that is more than thee .5 hours. don't think fans will mine getting home later than expect expected. >> latest shows have been like four hours. >> wow. >> he's known for that. >> yeah. he was one of the best concerts i've ever seen in my life. >> ming too. >> love the boss n we've got more enter tape many news straight ahead on fox 29tmz and dish nation, stay tuned for chasing news followed by the si
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>> a tractor-trailer accident shuts down a major accident in delaware. >> violent home invasion and a purse snatching happening just minutes apart. why police say the crimes are connected. >> and, school is back in session, but seems the weather is already keeping some student out of class. where classes are being dismissed a little early today. >> race for the white house heating up both candidates taking the same stage, and facing some tough questions during the commander in chief forum. >> what have you gone your life that prepares townsend men and women of the united states into harms way. >> i think the main thing, i have good judgement. i know what's going on, i called so many of the


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