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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  September 8, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> a tractor-trailer accident shuts down a major accident in delaware. >> violent home invasion and a purse snatching happening just minutes apart. why police say the crimes are connected. >> and, school is back in session, but seems the weather is already keeping some student out of class. where classes are being dismissed a little early today. >> race for the white house heating up both candidates taking the same stage, and facing some tough questions during the commander in chief forum. >> what have you gone your life that prepares townsend men and women of the united states into harms way. >> i think the main thing, i have good judgement. i know what's going on, i called so many of the shots.
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>> an absolute rock steadiness, and mixed with strength to be able to make the hard decisions, because i've he had the unique experience of watching and working with several presidents and these are not easy decisions, if they were, they wouldn't get to the president in the first place. >> from e-mail scandal to tweet controversy, this morning, we have all your highlights from last night's forum. >> good day everybody, it is thursday, september 8th, 2016. let's get right over to bob kelly with breaking news for us on i-95. >> good morning, 4:01, just mentioned few moments ago, i95 northbound is closed in delaware. here is the deal. northbound lanes of 95 tractor-trailer accident, tractor-trailer traveling northbound, sounds like it hit the concrete barrier, and then caught fire. bottom line, northbound lanes of 95 all traffic is forced off here at exit number five, which is the interchange right
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before that 295-495 split. so traffic, if you pass exit four, you're push onto route 141, and from there, probably another 15 minutes zero torque your way around. >> this will get worse before it gets better specially as we start to see some volume pop. your best bet, exit here at route one so you can get off 95 prior to getting stuck in the backlog. again, it is northbound lanes, 95 close right before the 295 split, of course will impact everyone coming from the south and heading not only into wilmington, but also, that shutting off your access to the delaware memorial bridge. otherwise, 95 through philadelphia, still left over work crews, betsy ross bridge, no problems on the ben franklin, and remember septa's changes in effect here. they've got new schedules on buses, trains, trolleys, select regional rail lines, using shuttle buses overnight
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until 5:00. speaking of overnight, sue, i saw some thunder and lightning on my way out of the springsteen concert last night. then all the roads are wet this morning, what's going on? >> little rogue area of rain, there has been little lightning in the last hour, it has moved from the suburbs down through the delaware bay here as we zoom in little closer. we see before we do that of course we see the thunderstorms down in virginia, so couple of heavy downpours at the bay side in delaware, milford, boar's beach, then in cumberland county the areas there along the delaware bay. this is kind of a isolated incident, our big headline for weather today is the heat advisory that's in effect for the entire day. well, starting at noon until 6:00 p.m., for many of our counties in the area where we expect triple digit heat index. seventy-three lancaster, 70 in trenton, 74 degrees wilmington, 72 in wildwood. dew points starting to rise in some places, little humid in
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lancaster, 73 degrees dew point, once the dew point get into the 70s then it starts to get sticky out there. so it will be a mix of sun and clouds, humid throughout the day after mild start this morning, and it will feel like it is 100 degrees or more. guess we're a little used to there is because it is the end of the summer, but 94 degrees and triple digit heat index. you have to take care today, chris, lauren? >> absolutely. following more breaking news for you this morning out of new jersey, harrowing moments when flames ignite inside farmhouse in moorestown, crews have just minutes to make sure all of the horses and livestock were not hurt, a ranch along cox road before 11:30 last night, took firefighters a hour get this under control. no one was hurt and the cause is under investigation. >> frightening ordeal for a philadelphia couple. gunman forces had i way into their home in the middle of the night. officers manage to go catch up to the suspect and arrest him. the home invasion happening oakmont street around 1:30
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this morning, once inside the armed intruder pistol whipped the homeowner, robbed the couple and took off. short time later the officers say the armed thief snatched a woman's purse. police caught up with him and arrested him. >> robber shoots a woman after trying to snatch his purse in west philadelphia. this happened around 9:00 last night on west 52nd street. police say the 31 year old hit in the wrist and chest and rushed to penn presbyterian. nearby surveillance camera caught this. police found her purse nearby, what might be the suspect's sweatshirt, now searching for that man. >> family members are on a desperate hunt for a missing young woman, family of 21 year old lindsay pick own reported her missing tuesday night. that's the day a a search started in the tyler state park in newtown, that's where authorities found her carp. but authorities say the search covers a wide area. her family is pleading for any and all help. >> lindsey, if you are listening, you are so loved.
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your parent love you so much more than i could ever begin to express. all of your family and friends are here with them helping search for you. we love you and desperately want to bring you home. please call us. we aren't giving up until we find you. >> call bucks county emergency services if you think you have seen lindsey piccone or know of where whereabouts. >> schooled started for student, already some are being sent home earl. >> i school officials are calling for early dismissal due to excessive heat this way. sue is talking about this, dave kinchen live in trenton with one of the schools affected. dave, what school is this. >> yes, we're here at the hedge path williams school. we can tell you folks here will be realizing this morning, that when they get up, they'll see their kids will be coming home a lot earlier, the last days of summer are so hot, apparently it is making the first days of school here in trenton
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abbreviated first days. the decision was sent out through a recorded message to parent, officials with the trenton public schools announced that student will be sent home every day this week including today and tomorrow due to the unexpected high temps and the humidity, the district says that the early, i should say, the elementary schools and the stokes early childhood center basically for early education will be dismissed at 1:00 this afternoon. they normally wrap up at 3:15 in the afternoon. and middle schools will send kids home at 12:45 this afternoon, when they usually get done just before 3:00. also, the high schools will dismiss at 12:30 p.m., we're told, staff at those schools will also be allowed took home early, we're told, but the central administrative offices for trenton public schools will continue to operate on it normal schedule today and tomorrow. the heat certainly blamed for
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all of this with concerns of rising humid i had at this, as well, chris, lauren? >> thanks so much, dave kinchen. >> let's get right to the race for the white house. they're on the same stage together for the first time. hillary clinton and donald trump both participating in a forum that gives us a taste of what the upcoming battles could look like. and i think the emphasis is on the word battle. this is going to get rough. both candidates face some tough questions during last night's commander in chief forum. matt law err hammered trump on his ties to russian president schrat mere feud glenn welshing he does have 82% approval rating according to the different pollsters who by the way some of them are based right here. look, he's also a guy who invaded ukraine, supports has add in syria, supports iran, is trying to undermine our influence in key regions of the world, and according to our intelligence community probably is the main suspect for the hacking of the dnc
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computers. >> well, nobody that's for a fact. i wantyou me to start naming sof the things president obama does? >> but do you want to be complimented by that former kgb? >> when he calls me brilliant, i'll take the fact. >> trump defended him calling him good leader. says if americans elect him president, he would not go easy on the russian leaders despite any admiration. meanwhile, hillary clinton was grilled about her use of private e-mail server. you new this was going to come up. this is what she said. >> your communicating on highly sensitive topics. why wasn't it more than a mistake? why wasn't it disqualifying if you want to be commander in chief? >> matt, first of all, as i have said repeatedly it, was a mistake to have a personal account. i would certainly not do it again. i make no excuses for it. it was something that should not have been done. >> director comby also said
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while they have no proof, we assess that it is possible that hostile actors gained access to secretary clinton's personal e-mail accounts. >> matt, there is no evidence. of course anything is possible. but what is factual is the state department system was hacked. most of the government systems are way behind the curve. we've had hacking repeatedly, even in the white house, there is no evidence my system was hacked. >> clinton stressed that she did not send any material specifically marked classified or top secret on her private server, but did acknowledge that she sent material about those types of material, something she said other government officials said that they did, as well, in fact, we'll have much more on what former secretary state colin powell advised hillary clinton over when it comes to emails. meanwhile, donald trump was in philadelphia yesterday. the republican businessman talked national security at
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the union league, in center city. trump prom ills add audience of invited guests he'll rebuild america's military work to crush isis, and he had harsh criticism for hillary clinton's as secretary every state. trump trails in the polls here in the battleground state of pennsylvania. voters here have selected the democratic candidate from the past six presidential elections, lauren? 4:11, two deadly wrecks from the same local road on the same day. comes say they have a way to pack the roads safer. they're just banned from doing it? >> and a local apartment complex left stunned after a murder. who police say confessed to the crime, and when that person was doing during the murder.
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harry connick to common our show, promote this show. i want to meet him. >> bring him, sue. >> show start monday. anyway, look at the rain, yes, little rogue shower or two that's moving southward through the delaware bay. there is bauer's beach, and couple of heavy downpours, they were up in my neighborhood when i left about 2:00 this morning, and there is a little area around the pocono mountains with a couple of showers, it is not a big deal, should be gone very soon. we should have a dry day today unless you count the humidity and how much you'll sweat if you're outside. we look ahead to saturday. late afternoon and evening
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precursor to a cold front that comes through saturday night into sunday morning. that will change our weather, which is now in a new pattern. it is heat and humidity, not talking about hermine any more. heat advisory in effect noon until 6:00 p.m., all of these highlighted counties for heat index of above 100 degrees, here's one prediction of where we're going to go with the heat index, what it feels like outside. feeling like 101 by about 5:00 this evening. and coming down off triple digit, i'm telling you, it is still summertime. 73 degrees in philadelphia, 73 in lancaster, 64 in mount pocono, 74 in dover, delaware. look back at the average high we should be at 81. now we zoom into the 90's. yesterday was the first day of the heatwave with high of 91. today day two with 95. mid 90s tomorrow, as women, and we extends it into saturday, so if you are headed to the link for the temple game on saturday, be prepared
4:16 am
to perspire for that. but it will be a different story on sunday. now, sunday morning, really early, we could have some clouds, and maybe a shower from that cold front. but the rest of the day looks very good, with lower humidity and a high of 86 degrees. and that comfortable weather continues for the next couple of days. so, get ready to bet, bob kelly. here we go. >> you got my attention there at 101. >> what are you talking about? >> she had me at 100. >> what are you talking about, willis? 6:16. should down of i-95 in delaware. here's what we know. northbound lanes are closed, pushing all traffic off at exit number 5a, which is airport road. this crash happened at about 2:00, 2:30 this morning, the northbound lanes, right before the big interchange which gives you access to wilmington and 295 to go up and over that delaware memorial bridge. right here you can see the censors picking up that delay already.
4:17 am
again, they're pushing traffic off into the neighborhoods here at exit number 5a. now if you are getting ready to leave the house right now, this thing could get worse before it gets better. it is a tractor-trailer, it caught fire, there is debris all over the roadway. so for anyone coming from the south and trying to go north this morning, whether you are trying to go into wilmington, or use that delaware memorial bridge, you're not going to be able to do it here on 995. you want to jump off. think ahead. act like you're going to the mall, right, lauren, you don't have a problem with that, right? >> no. >> so we jump off exit four, christianna mall interchange, take route one south to 273 then route 13 will get you back on at the interchange. again looks like it is kind of way out of your way, it is, but 95 north right now is closed, and we'll keep our eye on t steve keeley and their crew on the way to the scene. we'll take you there the minute they arrive. still shut down here on the vine street expressway. boy wasn't this a shock to the bruce springsteen fans when they left the concert well after midnight over a
4:18 am
four-hour concert, did i not stay to the end of the show, but everyone who did got caught up in the shut-down of the vine street expressway. it will be out there until about 5:00 this morning, they're out here working in king of prussia, along route 202. as we've been mentioning all week, it is back to school week here. so the school buses are out there, we had a lot of accidents yesterday i think a beginning of beginning of school, folks back after the weekend, just remember to obey the school bus laws there, when the lights are blinking it is a stop for everybody, chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thank you so much. police issue urgent warning to drivers what's become busy deadly thorofare in delaware county. slow down. talking about route one, or twp. line road upper darby. this week two people died in separate fatal accidents half mile apart in less than 24 hours. investigators say speed is to blame in both crashes, it has become all too familiar dangerous scene.
4:19 am
speed limit posted 35 miles per hour, but officers say most drivers go at least 10 miles over that. >> said woe like to have officers out bussing speeders bus had i hands are tied, under state law, municipal departments are not allowed to use speed radar guns. >> i cannot understanded why we're the only state in the country that doesn't use radar. doesn't allow municipal police didn't other than philadelphia and pittsburgh. >> only state police are permitted to use radar guns, when state police conduct speed patrols, township has to pay pennsylvania about $7,000. >> a sellersville man is being held without bail after police say he confess today killing his elderly neighbor. that alleged confession led them right to the body. one hundred block of north main street, investigators say 34 year old damian walker went to the norristown police department tuesday night, telling them, he killed his 62 year old neighbor. they found her dead inside her apartment, police, also say walker told them, he had been
4:20 am
using meth when this happened. they never suspected their neighbor could be a killer. >> i spoke with damian many, many times, always nice, pleasant, happy, you know, helpful, just didn't expect it at all. >> it is very surprising around here, because it is a very quiet, laid-back neighborhood. and i've seen him outside, very nice, very good guy, nice, nice to all of his neighbors. >> you always hear that, right, never suspected that person, always a nice person. well, at this time investigators have not released the victim's name. how she died or a motive for that murder. >> members of one community in northeast philadelphia on edge, after recent string of burglaries. police say there has been nearly 80 crimes against asian americans, not since january, including armed robberies and burglaries. >> pedestrians also being targeted. authority say there may be multiple groups involved. son after man robbed at gunpoint in a home on bridge street sunday night, describes the terrifying encounter.
4:21 am
>> pulled out the gun, asked them for everything, they took his phone, baguette, car keys, they just left after that. >> did they take the car? >> took the car. >> quick way to get quick cash and quick monday. >> i some victims have been tied up and hit with guns, several arrest haves been made, but the crime spree continues. philadelphia police want you to see this video, shows a man who walked into a look oil gas station monday on the 600 block of north delaware avenue spring garden, police say walked behind the register, grabbed an employee and demanded money. the employee, agreed, the man got away with cash if you know who he is, you're asking to call police. , tonight day bunch new season >> they play has many thinking about the home team odds of winning this season. carson wentz now the guy, but
4:22 am
some of the players wanted sam bradford to start the season. hear what one of the players said about the move next. sports in one minute. >> but first, hi, good morning, your winning lottery numbers.
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>> i'm sean bell. not all of the guys wanted carson wentz to start this early on in the season. some guys still missing sam bradford, now all the
4:25 am
attention is focused on getting carson wentz ready. because of broken ribs, he only played one pre-season game, only through 24 times, missed an lot of key moment, key snaps, and he needs that practice to get it going. >> every rep is huge, every rep important, grab the guys after practice, doing special team drills, confidence that we both need to have in each other is huge. >> very knowledgeable of the game, he's on top of things, from a mental stands point. that makes it easier to understand what's going on. >> for the phillies and the marlins, this right here, basically, says it all to this game. prada with the hit, brady, drops the easy catch. the phils go onto lose six-zip. that's sports, i'm sean bell. >> okay, so sunday is our day, right? >> 1:00 at the linc. >> eagles play. so if you are rooting on the eagles this season, budweiser
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want you to do it with one of their beer cans. >> really, giving us free beer then? budweiser released team cans, will launch nationwide marketing campaign featuring team cans and former nfl players. bo jackson, justin tuck, and steve couch. the first ad appears tonight and it is superbowl rematch between the denver broncos and the carolina panthers, the title of the commercial: this is your can year. get it? the film encapsulates and spoofs game day fan experiences and nfl tradition. >> this will be fun. >> totally. >> i get to stay up late and watch football, because i won't be here with you tomorrow. >> what? you're off again? i'm talking to management, be right back. >> you go handle. that will we'll handle this. 4:26. breaking news, part of interstate 95 shutdown right now. we will bring you more, we have a crew headed to the scene, bob of course more on your morning commute coming up after the break.
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>> breaking right now on the fox 29 morning news, tractor-trailer accident shuts down a major highway in delaware. what you need to know before you head out the door this morning. >> breaking overnight, violent home invasion and purse snatching happening just minute apart, who police say the crimes are connected to. and, the race for the white house heating up. both candidates taking the same stage, and facing some
4:30 am
tough questions during the commander in chief's forum. >> good day everyone, it is thursday, september 8th, 2016. >> let's get right to bob kelly who has breaking news for us on i-95. hi, bob? >> good morning, everybody, yes, rude awakening for folks getting earl start here coming from delaware, headed north on i-95. all northbound lanes are closed right here before you get to that split for 295 and heading into wilmington. it happened right about 2:00 this morning, tractor-trailer, being told, crashed into the concrete barrier, and then caught fire, the driver that far tractor-trailer, according to state police, taken to the local hospital. but there is debris, all over the roadway, and right now 95 north, all traffic is forced off at exit number 5a here, which is airport road. and anybody that comes north, you know this is a busy intersection, or interchange, i should say, because there is a lot of off-ramps, there is three, four ramps right in a row, so this is blocking access for anyone trying to go
4:31 am
north into wilmington, even blocking access for everyone trying to go over the delaware memorial bridge. if you are getting ready to grab your coffee, keys, head out the front door, exit at number four, exit number four, which is route one, the christianna mall. and that's the christianna mall what you want to shoot for. and from there, it will keep you out of the gridlock, this is going to get worse before it get better. because traffic is starting to back up here, at the closure points, so take route one south, that will connect to you route 273, and then route 13 north, will reconnect you, and that's the best route if you are trying to go over into new jersey, see at delaware memorial bridge. obviously if you are coming from north or south, south delaware, you know you probably know the back roads, route two, route four, will get you into wilmington. steve keeley and the crew are on their way to the scene, the minute that they get there, we will take you there live. no problems on the vine expressway, that's because it is shutdown until 5:00 this morning, again, between the
4:32 am
schuylkill and broad street. typical overnight construction, a live look northeast philly, they just pick up the cones here on 95, at the betsy ross bridge mentioned all week, back to school week. watch for the unusual at that time pattern around all of the schools. make sure to pay attention to the blinking lights atop of all of the school buses. sue, some reds are wet, little rate on -- rain on the overnight. >> will little rain, won't make a difference unfortunately in the temperature. i say unfortunately because it is supposed to be so hot, so humid today. so decide you nothing to go with a six out of ten in your weather by the numbers, here's the rogue shower bob mentioned now headed toward cape may county, and toward sussex county, in delaware. it is going to center over the del way bay there, so, sudden downpour if you are in cape may this morning. and, again, part of sussex county, as well. but here is our big headline for today. the heat advisory that's in effect from noon until 6:00 for highlighted counties, in philadelphia, area, and down through delaware, because
4:33 am
of the heat index, the humidity, added with the heat later on. already starting off in the 70s, and many places this morning, zoe won't have that far to go to get to about 94, 95 degrees for high temperature, it will feel like it is 100 or more in some places because of the humidity. so, you will feel it today, and tomorrow. sunset time is 7:20. if there is anything that is a little bit after blessing, the dates are starting to get a little shorter, so it helps when we get heat this hot. >> more breaking news for this morning, this time out of new jersey, flames ignite inside a two story farmhouse in morristown, crews with just minutes to make sure all of the horses and livestock were safe and not hurt. the fire started at a ranch along cox road just before 11:30 last night, took firefighters nearly hour to pull this out. no one was injured, the cause right now is under investigation. >> frightening ordeal for philadelphia couple. gunman forces his way into their home in the middle of
4:34 am
the night. officers managing to catch up to the suspect and arrest him. the home invasion happening on oklahoma month street around 1:30 this morning, once inside police say the armed intruder pistol whimmed the homeowner, rocked the couple, took off. short time later officers say the arm thief then snatched a woman's purse, they caught up with him, moments later. >> family members are on a desperate hunt for missing young woman. the family of 21 year old lindsey piccone reported her missing tuesday night. that's when a search started in tyler state park in newtown. that's where authorities found her car. but, they say, the search covers a wide area, her families pleading for any and all help, call bucks county emergency services if you think you've seen lindsey, or know where she is. >> now the race for the white house, hillary clinton, donald trump, on the forum, taste of what the upcoming debates could be like. both candidate face tough questions during last night's commander in chief forum. nbc matt law err hammered
4:35 am
trump on his tries to russian president vladmeere prudent. >> he does have 82% approval rating according to the different pollster who, by the way, some of them are based right here. >> look, he is also a guy who invaded ukraine, supports has add in syria, supports iran, is trying to undermine our influence in key regions of the worlds, and according to our intelligence committee, community, probably the main suspect for the hacking of the dnc computers. >> well, nobody that for a fact. but you want me to start naming some of the things that president obama does? >> do you want to be complimented by that former kgb officerrer? >> i think when he calls me brilliant i'm take the compliment, okay? the fact is it's not going to get him anywhere. i'm negative own ate or. take back our country, look what's happening to our country, look at the depleted militariment look at the fact we've lost our jobs. losing our jobs like we're a bunch of babies. we'll take back our country, matt. the fact he calls mile brilliant or whatever --
4:36 am
>> okay, so trump defended putin calling him a good leader, as well. the gop presidential candidate says if american elect him president he would not go easy on russian leaders despite any admiration. hillary clinton grilled about her use after private e-mail server. this is what she told matt lawyer. >> matt, first of all, as i've said repeatedly, it was a mistake to have a personal account. i would certainly not do it again. i make no excuses for it. it was something that should not have been done. >> director comby also said while they have no proof, we assessed that it is possible that hostile actors gained access to secretary clinton's personal e-mail accounts. >> matt, there is no evidence. of course, anything is possible. but what is factual is the state department system was hacked. most of the government systems
4:37 am
are way behind the curve. we've had hacking repeatedly, even in the white house, there is no evidence my system was hacked. clinton stressed she did not sends any materials specifically marked classified or top secret on her private server. but did acknowledge that she sent material about those types of materials, something she said other government officials did, as well. most notably, colin powell, now under fire for evidently advising hillary clinton as secretary of state about how to use her private e-mail. we'll have much more on that development coming up in the 5:00 hour of the fox 29 morning news. >> 4:37. happening today, hot start to the school year. >> the temps are so high this week. >> how high are they? >> thank u school off initials some towns calling for early dismissals. >> dave kinchen, live in trenton with more on this story. hi, dave. >> hi, lauren, chris. tempts probably as hot as the bruce springstein show last night.
4:38 am
but of course class will be ending early for a lot of student, who probably love this idea. they say it is probably the next best thing to actually having an extra week of summer. the late days of sum remember so hot, they're making the first few days of school here in trenton abbreviated days. the decision to let kids go home early was sent out through a recorded message to parent here in trenton, officials with the trenton public schools announce that student will be sent home every day this week, including today and tomorrow, sent home early due to the expected high temps and humidity. the district says elementary schools and the stokes early childhood center will be dismissed at 1:00 this afternoon, they normally wrap up business at 3:15 in the afternoon, the middle schools will sends kids home at 12:45 p.m. they usually end the day just before 3:00 including where we are right now, the hedge path williams middle school in trenton, and the high schools will be closing up shop at
4:39 am
12:30. a bit earlier for them, as well. now, we're told, staff will also be allowed to go home early at the school's, but the trenton public schools central offices will operate a normal hours to get the business done for the week, but it is those schools that will be getting out early because of all of the heat and humidity that is expected for the rest theft week. back to you, chris, lauren. >> 101, the heat index? my goodness. 4:39. gone to the dogs? medicine usually used by humans now being prescribed to dogs? >> banned, ryan lochte finally learning his fate after his time in rio? how long will he have to sit out of the pool? we have the answer next.
4:40 am
4:41 am
4:42 am
>> 44:42, marijuana, there is a growing push to permit pot for pets. >> really? >> yes. several research companies are experimenting with weed-based he hadments to help treat dogs and cats. the cannibis extract is non-psycho active, used to treat range of ailments, such as cancer, seizures, pain and anxiety so pet parent are turning to medical marijuana when their animals have been un response i have to other medications and treatment. the data by the way about the first to pass bill allowing medical marijuana, but recently defeated. >> interesting. >> 4:42, cars broken into,
4:43 am
ransack, even stolen, and organized group of thieves targeted one neighborhood. what each victim had in common making them prime target. bauer.
4:44 am
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4:46 am
of your forecast, but, ya, you can get ready for another heatwave. we've been telling but this all week long, i lover you, diana. there is a look at the radar picture, and the rain, that's now moved into cape may county, and southern part of delaware, and there is upper mount bethel, one stray shower there, so, couple every rogue showers around this morning, not a big deal, but there, and if you notice the grounds is wet, that's y heat advisory, is in effect from noon until 6:00 p.m. for all of the counties you see here, and there it is again, another heatwave, because getting the south with westerly winds starting today, and started a little bit yesterday. yesterday still wasn't too bad. even though we got to 91 degrees, will we set a record? it will be close, because the record for today is 96 degrees, forecasting 95, record for tomorrow's 94, we could tie that one, saturday's record, 97, forecasting 94, we will see what happens.
4:47 am
regardless of record it will be hot and humid. 73 degrees right now, in philadelphia, so only go up from here. sixty-four in mount pocono, 74 in dover, we have an average high of 81. now that we have the heatwave for a long time, in fact, even after we break the heatwave we'll still stay in the mid to upper 80s. two more days, heatwave number one -- seven, add one more, on 94 degrees, on saturday. that's a look at your seven day forecast, lauren, chris? >> all right, on the scene every breaking news, we've been telling you about i95 delaware count i tractor-trailer overturns and catches fire. >> load spilling all over i95 this is new castle, let's go to steve keeley who raised to the scene just short time ago. steve, good morning. >> these jersey barriers, usually for security reasons, down for road construction, and it looks like that's where
4:48 am
it happened in a stretch of road construction. >> there in the distance see where we are, right along 995, see it is completely dark, completely shutdown. >> for wilmington, philadelphia, then to the right, if you are going over the twin bridges, 295, delaware memorial bridge. gently to the right, chris, you will see the detoured get off the road traffic on 141, we will slowly pan back now, and you will see the long line of traffic, as far as the eye can see this time of day in the dark. you see delaware state police, and delaware transportation department trucks there with all of the flashing lights, forcing everybody off 95, way before the accident scene, the red light to your right, that's 95 southbound onto baltimore, that's going smooth, and there is no rubber necking here, because we will spin around again, and you will see how far 95 is, there is a long wide median there. so these people coming here including us you can't see
4:49 am
through those trees there, so you can't even see the accident scene. so that's one advantage. we're not going to have any slow downs or accidents people looking at this accident scene. delaware state trooper, just to give you idea how far the accident is away from our view, and this truck overturning in the distance up there, the drivers okay, this happened at 1:53 a.m., according to jeff pail, the del way state police accident press release a man who put out release just to hopefully get the words out to all of the drivers in morning rush hour, that this shutdown could be pretty bad. tan already is at this time of night. because you can see it is a crawl at 141. where that bleeds into, you can bet, nothing but congestion as these truckers all going north toward philadelphia and new york sit, try to figure out how to get back on 95, and hopefully the police are detouring them pretty good to get them back on the roadment bob kelly, who knows how bad it is, once this 141 goes into the wilmington area. but a lot of road construction, all around, and it will be a tough slow go
4:50 am
before this get reopened. >> you got it, steve, good morning, everybody, thanks for the liver shot. he got there. what we've confirmed is that that tractor-trailer was caring pennies, pennies from heaven, every time it rains it rains pennies from heaven. the blanks that were used to pack pennies. so don't be scrambling out there like you want to help us clean up. they're blank. >> so i guess copper blanks maybe? >> not worth that much. >> fantastic. that's what the truck was caring, and that's what spilled all over the roadway, we can have some fun with it, because the driver is okay. truck after the accident caught flames, and that driver taken probably to christianna hospital. that's the exit to use when stepping out the door this morning. ninety-five northbound, all traffic forced off at exit number five, exit right here, there is a live shot from our del dot camera.
4:51 am
right there. pushing everybody off north 95 at exit 5a. you're right. you'll get pushed into wilmington, pushed into the neighborhood here. and everyone not sure where they're going. best bet right now get off before you get stuck in the closure point. jump off at exit four, for the christianna mall. take that route one south you can pick up route 13 north. that will will give you access to the delaware memorial bridge. this is like a double bubble here. because not only is it preventing folks 95 getting into wilmington, it is also preventing folks 95 getting in to delaware, that's where steve was showing us there that busy interchange where there is a lot going on. exit five itself i believe has four different exits, 5a, b, c and d. so confusing when coming north. but coming from delaware, newark, know the back roads, you know probably route four will get new wilmington. if you are headed up to dupont
4:52 am
children's hospital or maybe route two, as the option. we'll have moran the rest of the news when we come right back.
4:53 am
4:54 am
>> asking for a lot of money, asking a judge estranged husband to immediately provide 100 of about $6 million she
4:55 am
contends she should receive in their divorce. kane said she needs the money to pay for attorney fees as she prepares for sentencing appeal of her perjury conviction, right now, kane said she is unemployed, her only source every income comes from alimony and child support payment, totaling about $19,000 a month. kane is scheduled to be sentenced on october 24th, after being convicted of leaking seek rent grand jury information. >> a north jersey high school has postponed its season opening football game due to virus outbreak. >> in fact several football players at the high school diagnosed with hand, foot and mouth disease. so three players became ill last month, district attorney, i should say, district officials say they found out five players were diagnosed last week, several others showing symptoms, officials sanitizing the school's field and they sanitizing lockerroom twice. the disease causes painful source inside the mouth and a rash on the hands and feet. friday's game is tentatively
4:56 am
rescheduled for late november. >> sugarhouse casino says it will not serve alcohol 24/7, turns out, that's bad news for the state's budget. pennsylvania passed a liquor reform bill this past spring hoping it would generate an additional $150 million for the state. part of that bill included all of the state's casinos to buy the $1 million license. not one single casino bought it. that leaves the state short $12 million every year. >> wow being tens of thousands of people packed citizens bank park. bruce springsteen's performance with the e street band was big attraction, he took the stage around 8:05. the concert ended, at 12:10. so if you do the math, that's four hours five minute. wow. so he's 66 years old, it was hot, and he just keeps on rocking. >> did you get any insight as what you can expect fly. >> big daddy graham just texted me, big rocker guy.
4:57 am
he said expect to hear a lot from his first two albumns. one of my favorites. check out this look. this picture sent to us on fox 29 facebook page, please excuse salvatore's tardiness on the first day of school. he was up all night singing with bruce springsteen. best night ever. >> that's so fun. >> i that's a cool mom and dad. >> all right. 4:57. we're covering some breaking news, interstate 95 shutdown. we'll have more on that and the other big story, dave kinchen covering the heat for us and how it is affecting schools. we'll be right back.
4:58 am
>> road construction
4:59 am
5:00 am
this is fox 29 morning news. >> we start with breaking news this morning, tractor-trailer accident shuts down major highway in delaware. what you need to know before you head out the door this morning. >> breaking overnight, a violent home invasion, and purse snatching happened just minutes apart. why police say the crimes are connected. >> and schools back in session. but guess what? now kids get to go home early. >> what? >> ya, where clauses are being dismissed already. we'll explain why. >> good day everyone. it is thursday, september 8th, 2016. as we know, summer officially ends on september 22nd, so we got a couple of more weeks of this. >> we do. we're getting to the scene every break news first this morning on i95. steve keeley, tell us what you see. >> reporter: well, you are looking at 95 shutdown. look at the blank road here, right where we


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