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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  September 8, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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this is fox 29 morning news. >> we start with breaking news this morning, tractor-trailer accident shuts down major highway in delaware. what you need to know before you head out the door this morning. >> breaking overnight, a violent home invasion, and purse snatching happened just minutes apart. why police say the crimes are connected. >> and schools back in session. but guess what? now kids get to go home early. >> what? >> ya, where clauses are being dismissed already. we'll explain why. >> good day everyone. it is thursday, september 8th, 2016. as we know, summer officially ends on september 22nd, so we got a couple of more weeks of this. >> we do. we're getting to the scene every break news first this morning on i95. steve keeley, tell us what you see. >> reporter: well, you are looking at 95 shutdown. look at the blank road here, right where we are, these are the lanes for 95 southbound,
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we're going to go up to the signs now, to let you know exactly where we r the big sign on the left, you can't miss it, it is where the 95-495 split is. wilmington, delaware, and to the right, if you were in the far right lane, where you are to take the twin bridges into south jersey. now, we are will go under the sign and show you the spotlights and the flashing police lights, that's where a tractor-trailer hit one every these temporary concrete barriers, you can probably make them out. you she orange sign? it lets you know, should let this driver know to slow down, road work ahead. and with the road work going on, the lanes are shifting, and that's why these drivers often crash in construction zones, because they're used to doing this maybe same trek every day and suddenly it changes, or maybe not so suddenly, but these roads will suddenly take a twist, that's not normally taking because it is under construction. so he hit one of those road construction concrete barricades, about two and a half, 3 feet high, then flipped over that. because of that, and because
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of 95 being shutdown, traffic is just stopped right now, that's 141 locally known as airport road. and we will show you where it is, there is a sheridan hotel that you can see in the shot. that is the locate or to let you know exactly where we, are if you pass by this scene. now to the right, as far back as you can see, is the back up. see delaware transportation trucks and delaware state police vehicles with their flashing lights forcing everybody off 95. look, even this early, before the sun comes up, this is a heavily traveled road. you can imagine how bad the back-up is at the end of this exit ramp where 141 is. and there is the traffic, to your right, still smoothly going, 95 south, newark, baltimore, you see the big sign there, and these people aren't slowing down to look at this accident simply because they can't. we'll spin 180 degrees around right now and show you there is real a big median here, and it has got trees, and almost like the atlantic city expressway.
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very thick part so the drivings going southbound have no idea, you can't even see the flashing lights through there, because we drove there, looking for this accident scene, and we couldn't see it. and that's a positive, bob kelly, because you know, there would be rubber necking going on, and even though there is no damage and no crash in the southbound lanes, traffic would be slow if these people want to go over there and lock at the scene. >> yes, steve. you got it, 5:03, good morning everybody again. here is the situation, northbound lanes of 95, closed, here is a shot of our traffic camera. which is really right where steve is set up. all northbound traffic is forced off at exit number 5a for airport road. now, in steve's shot there, you know, that whole construction area, the exit where that tractor-trailer collided with the jersey barrier has an orange sign across it. that says closed. so probably that tractor-trailer used familiar with getting off at that exit. then out of no where the
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construction guys closed it down on the overnight, that probably led to the accident. it happened, according to delaware state police, at around 1:53. and sue will confirm that's around the time that we had some rain and some thunder boomers moving through here, that was wet the folks headed home from the springsteen concert. north 95 traffic forced off exit 5a. your best bet this morning leaving the house right now, jump off at the christianna mall interchange. that's exit number four. you take route one south. that will get you to route 13. and also for folks coming from the south, and headed north, it is just not going to impact those trying to get into wilmington. this closure is forcing the detour for everybody that's trying to get up and over the delaware memorial bridge. so it will get worse before it get better through our morning rush hour, the schuylkill looking fine, no problems or delays there. and it looks like they got the vine expressway open, but sue, for the springsteen fans on their way home, got little
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wait, little wet last night. >> yes, which caused a wait for some people. >> exactly, there you go, thank you. >> little bit. so little rogue thing, we will show now second. give you the number, reason it is a six, very hot, humid today. bus stop buddy red which his water bottle. these are the kind of dago do you have stay hydrated specially the kids in school. if their school doesn't have air-conditioning, so hopefully they're drinking lots of water, and then getting on to the bathroom breaks. anyway, here is the rogue shower, southern delaware, cape may county new jersey zoom in closer all of the delaware beaches getting the rain, cape may is seeing the last of it. this is our headline for today. heat advisory in effect for just about the entire region. we're starting offer in the 70s, almost everywhere, at 69 degrees allentown, 63 mount pocono, 67 at atlantic city international. and it is a humid 73 in wilmington, delaware, where we are having all of the problems this morning. it will stay humid all day. by lunchtime, close to
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90 degrees. probably top off in the mid 90s, but will feel like it is 100 degrees or more. chris, lauren? >> all right, thanks so much. frightening ordeal for philadelphia couple. gunman forces his way into their home, this is in the middle of the night. >> officers managing to catch up to the suspect, and arrest him, the home invasion happening on oakmont street around 1:30 this morning. once inside, police say, the armed intruder pistol whipped the homeowner, robbed the couple, then took off. short time later officers say the arm thief then snatched a woman's purse, police caught up with and arrested, the armed intruder. >> we're following more breaking news for you. this time out of new jersey. investigators are trying to determine what started a fire at the moorestown ranch. crews with just minutes to make sure all of the horses and livestock were not hurt. flames igniting inside this farmhouse, that's along cox road, it happened just before 11:30 last night, took firefighters nearly an hour to get this under control. luckily, no one was hurt. >> happening today, school has
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only just started, but some student in our area are already being sent home early. >> here's why school officials are saying we need an early dismissal due to all of the excess heat. dave kinchen now live in trenton with more on what one of the schools is doing, dave, which school is this? >> yes, we ' here at the hedge path williams middle school in trenton. this is one of the schools that will be sending student home, a lot earlier, because of the heat and the anticipated humidity here. so the last days of summer, being so hot it, makes the first few days of school abbreviated days. the decision was made of course by the trenton school officials and sent out recorded message to parent, officials telling us that they'll be sending student home today, and tomorrow, the district says, elementary schools and stokes early childhood sent letter dismiss at 1:00 this afternoon, they normally wrap up at 3:15 p.m. the middle schools will also send kids home at 12:45 p.m.
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and they usually end the day just before 3:00, around 2:55 in the afternoon. the high schools also dismissing at 12:30 p.m. staff at those schools will also be allowed to go home early. we're told but the trenton school district's central offices will continue to run as normal, though, to get all of the administrative business done today and tomorrow. so it is the schools and staff along with student getting out early because of the heat. by the way, i was in detroit, flying here, and right before i left there i saw that detroit was doing the same thing. they made the announcement yesterday. so other school district around the country also taking note and making this big move. back to you guys. >> dave kinchen, thank you, certain. now to the race for the white house. hillary clinton and donald trump both participated in a forum that gives us an idea whatever the upcoming debates could be like. yes, it will be nasty. both candidates faced tough questions during last night commander in chief forum.
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matt lauer. >> he does have a 82% approval rating, according to the different pollsters, who, by the way, some of them are based right here. look -- >> also a guy who invaded ukraine, supports hasad in syria, supports iran, trying founder mine our influence in key regions of the worlds, and according to our intelligence committee, community, probably is the main suspect for the hacking of the dnc computers. >> well, nobody that for a fact. but do you want me to start naming some of the things that president obama does? >> but do you want to be complimented by that former kgb officer? >> i think when he calls me brilliant, i'll take the compliment, okay? the fact; look -- >> you can add snowden to that list, flight defended putin calling him a good leader. says if americans elect him president woe not go easy on russian leaders, despite any admiration, his words. meantime his opponent hillary clinton was grilled about her use of a private e-mail
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server, this is what she told matt lauer. >> you are on highly sensitive topics. why wasn't it more than a mistake? why wasn't it disqualifying if you want to be commander in chief? >> first of all as i've said repeatedly, it was a mistake to have a personal account. i would certainly not do it again. i make no excuses for it. it was something that should not have been done. >> director comby also said that while they have no proof. we assess that it is possible that hostile actors gained access to secretary clinton's personal e-mail accounts. >> matt, there is no evidence of. course anything is possible. but what is factual is the state department's system was hacked. most of the government systems are way behind the curve. we've had hacking repeatedly, even in the white house, there is no evidence my system was
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hacked. >> clinton stressed she did not send any material specifically mark classified or top secret on her private server, but did acknowledge that she sent material about those types of materials, something she said other government officials did, as well. that said, other government officials. congressional democrat released email exchange between former secretary of state, colin powell, and hillary clinton. it reveals that powell advised clinton to use her personal e-mail server just two days after she was sworn in. two days into the job she called colin powell and asked his advice on this. powell reportedly told clinton he used a private phone line. powell has not commented on this latest release, but it goes into detail about how he even advised her when she is on the road how to do this from her hotel room. 5:11 the time. two deadly wrecks on the same local road on the same day. cops say they have a way to make the road safer. they're just banned from using it. we'll have the latest on that.
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>> all right, we had, i'll say we still have, one area of showers to look at in our region, and it is affecting mostly delaware. it is now pulled away from cape may. so, from lewes, all the way down to bethany, fenwick island, there are some showers this morning, one little shower up around mount bethel this morning. that's not a big deal. our big deal is the heat advisory. it is in effect for noon to
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6:00 p.m. all of the counties that you see highlighted here, basically, all around philadelphia, and then down through delaware, because of what we expect, a heat index and trip ill digits today. here we look about to 100, 101, it is what it will feel like at the peak of the heat today. about 4:00, 5:00. so, stay hydrated. that means, drink lots of water in case you didn't know. reduce strenuous activity outdoors. nobody has to tell me twice to take it easy. take lots of breaks. and really just check on people who need your help during a time like this. and we've had a loft heatwaves this summer. kind of used to it, but you don't want to take it for granted. 73 degrees in philadelphia right now. same in wilmington, and wildwood. it is 63 degrees, in mount pocono. our dew points are starting to rise into the 70s, now, especially to the south of us, down through delaware, millville, new jersey, 70 degrees dew point. that's when it starts to feel humid. so, yesterday, the start of a heatwave, with a high of 91
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gross. the normal high, 81, 10 degrees above normal. we go even hotter today with high of 95. ninety-four tomorrow. then it is official with heatwave number seven, we're still in the mid 90s, on saturday. now, probably a saturday night, in the overnight hours, maybe even into the early part of sunday morning, we get a couple of thunderstorms, with cold front, the good result of that will be lower humidity, as we head into sunday afternoon, and i believe there is the football team playing sunday, what do they call it? >> the eagles. >> good morning, everybody, 5:16. how about penny for your thoughts? what do you think of this one? ninety-five northbound, closed, this morning, in delaware, all because after tractor-trailer accident. now there is tractor-trailer was caring blanks, blank pennies, so i don't everybody running out to help for the clean up, because they're blanks, actually not stamped yet to turn into a penny. but that's what the truck was caring this morning, at about
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1:53, when the accident happened. so here's a camera, our del dot camera. all traffic north on 95, forced off, at exit number 5a, which is airport road. and from there, airport road puts you into new castle here. you got to work your way through the neighborhood. your best bet, if you are getting ready to leave the house right now, grab your coffee and keys and act like you're headed to the mall. jump off at this christianna mall interchange, which is exit number four, than will take you south on route one, and then eventually north on route 13. that will give you access to the delaware memorial bridge, and it will also give you access back into wilmington. so this is a double bubble. it is kind of shutting down 95, right at that access point, to either go into wilmington or head into new jersey, so, it is really going to cause havoc for the morning rush hour. it all happened right at that route 141 ramp, which is closed, for construction, and as you can see our censors
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picking up that back up there instantly. so route two, or route four, would be other options, for the folks coming up from southern delaware, trying to get into wilmington, but allow some extra time this morning, and, in some areas, sue just mentioned, roads are wet from the thunder boomers, kind of rolled through, or the storms that rolled through here quickly last night. so, that will catch you by surprise. here is a live look at route 309 and ft. washington. the vine expressway is open this morning. it was closed last night which hit all of the springsteen fans, like a bagel we call it, right, but like a stale bagel, because last night when the concert got over so late, the construction crews were already set up. but they're gone. all of the major roadways are open at the moment. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thank you so much, bob. police urgent warning to driver on what become a busy thorofare in delaware county. slow down. talking route one, township lied rone in upper darby. >> this week two people died in separate fatal accident a half mile apart in less than
5:19 am
24 hours. investigators say speed is to blame in both of those crashes. it is to has become all too familiar dangerous scene there. the speed limit posted at 35 miles an hour. but officers say most drivers go at least 10 miles over that. upper darby police superintendent tells us he would like to have officers out bussing the speeders, but his hands are tied, under state law municipal departments are not allowed to use speed radar guns. >> i cannot understand why we're the only state in the country that doesn't use radar, doesn't allow municipal police department other than philadelphia, pittsburgh. >> only state police are permit today use radar guns when state police conduct speed controls here. the township has to pay pennsylvania about $7,000. >> a sellersville man being held without bail after police say he confessed to killing his elderly neighbor. that alleged confession led them right to the body. it happened in this apartment complex, this is the 100 block of north main street. investigators say 34 year old
5:20 am
damian walker went to the norristown police department tuesday night, telling them, he killed his neighbor, 62 year old man, they found actually a lady fawn her dead inside her apartment. police also say walker told them he had been using meth when this happened. neighbors say they never suspected their neighbor could be a killer. >> i've spoke with damian many, many times. always nice, pleasant, happy, you know, helpful, just didn't expect it at all. >> it is very surprising around here. because it is a very quiet, laid back neighborhood. i've seen him outside, very nice, good guy, nice to all of his neighbors. >> at this time investigators have not released the victim's name, how she died, or a motive in this. >> pennsylvania governor auditors say more fund something needed to start looking at the straight's backlog of untested rape kits. recent audit found there are more than 3,000 untested kit, and about 1800 have gone over a year without being tested. the state auditor blames the
5:21 am
state for not informing police departments around pennsylvania about the new requirements, to report the number of untested rape kits. stay law requires police to pick updates within -- up kits in three days, police then have 15 days to get the kits to a lab to be tested. 5:21 this morning. banned, ryan lochte finally learning his fate after all that confusion and -- in rio. how long will very to sit out of the pool for his punish. we'll have the answer. >> here is the answer to your prayers. >> ♪
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now it's your turn to make the switch. >> kane asked her husband to provide 1 million of about 6 million she contends she should receive in their divorce. she said she needs the money to pay for her attorney fees, and preparing for sentencing and appealing of her perjury conviction. right now she said she is unemployed. only source of incomes come, totalling $19,000 every month. cane scheduled to be sentenced on october 24th, after being convicted of leaking secret grand jury information. >> but she keeps smiling. 5:24 the time. north jersey high school has postponed it season opening football game, due to a virus outbreak.
5:25 am
>> several football players at the high school have been diagnosed with hand, foot and naught mouth disease. three players became ill last month. officials found out another five players were diagnosed last weekend, and several others are now showing symptoms. officials sanitizing the school's fields and the locker rooms two times, the disease causes painful source inside the mouth and a rash on the hands and feet. friday's game tentatively re scheduled for late november. >> sugarhouse casinos will not serve alcohol 24/7. bad news for the stage budgetment passioned liquor reform bill this past spring hoping it would generate additional $150 million for the state. part that far bill included all of the state's casinos to buy the $1 million license. not a single casino bought t that leaves the state short $12 million every year. >> there are reports that the united states olympic committee has suspended olympian ryan lochte for ten
5:26 am
months, for late night incident at a gas station during the olympic games in rio. you have all seen the video. committee yet to release a statement on. >> this lochte originally claimed stranger pointed a gun at him, in his face, at the gas station, and demanded money. but brazilian police say lochte and other us swimmers banned the -- vandalized the bathroom, and security confronted them about it. suspension means lochte would meet the 2017 world championships. >> quarterback colin kaepernick want to give back all of the money he makes from sales of his jersey. number seven, 49ers jersey, has been top seller since his protest over the national anthem, going for $99, in addition to his profits from his jersey, he's pledged to donate $1 million to charity. >> that's one of the critisisms about when he came out and said that, like, well, how much are you giving to help the disenfranchised, so he's giving back right there big time. >> 5:26. covering breaking news for you. >> interstate 95 shutdown over
5:27 am
some pennies, steve keeley now live on the scene in delaware, along i-95. coming up.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. breaking news, a tractor-trailer shuts down a major highway in delaware spilling pennies all over the
5:30 am
road. >> also breaking, violent home invasion, and a purse snatching, happening minute apart. why police say these crimes are connected. >> and race for the white house is heating up. both candidates taking the same stage, facing tough questions during the commander in chief's forum. >> good day everybody, it is thursday, september 8th, 2016. >> we'll get to the mess along i95 through delaware in just a minute, fix, we want to check in with sue serio, because sue it will be dangerously hot today? >> for some people, yes. it is. specially, those who are maybe aren't well, the elderly, small children, your pets have to stay hydrated in this weather. that's why bus stop buddy reminding you, bring that water bottle with you today. because it is challenging when it gets this hot and humid. specially, coming back to school for a lot of kids this week. temperatures in the 60s, 70s right now. rogue area of showers just pulling out of delaware, toward ocean city, maryland, and that should be it for rain today, of course, every day it get hot and humid.
5:31 am
we have a chance of pop up showers and thunderstorms. we'll get to that a little later. noon to 6:00 p.m. our heat advisory in effect for today because it will feel like trim epp dilling i. already 70s in most places, 69 allentown, 56 degrees in wrightstown, and 67 in atlantic city. 95 degrees for actual temperature today, and then it will feel like 100 gross or more by this afternoon, because of all of the humidity. now we switched to southwesterly winds, this is what's going to happen. we have already started a heatwave. probably day number two, we will talk about how long it lasts coming up in the seven day forecast. bob kelly? >> hey, sue, good morning, everybody, 5:31. little crazy around here. we have pennies everywhere all because of this closure of i-95. now, here is the deal. ninety-five northbound, all traffic forced off at exit number 5a. which is airport road. all because after early morning tractor-trailer accident. steve is standing by, will
5:32 am
tell us more about the accident, and what's in the back of the truck. but right now getting head toy head out the front door, pay attention. because 95 northbound is closed, and that's preventing you access to wilmington, and also to the delaware memorial bridge. it is a parking lot all the way back to the christianna mall, already, here's one of the traffic cameras. this is the 95 closure point. this is exit number 5a at airport road. go back to another camera. look at this. already a parking lot. this is the route one interchange, so traffic already backed up for miles heading up into that closure point. your best bet, either jump off here at exit number four, which is christianna, and start heading south on route one, than will connect you to route 13, if you access to the delaware memorial bridge. if you are coming within delaware, or from the south, and you want to go to wilmington, again, avoid 95, you can use either route four or route two, not going to be
5:33 am
easy, that's why 95 is so popular, but right now, 95 is closed, you can see it there, as i showed you in the cameras, and it is a parking lot. we go from what three, four lanes, down into one, and that's going to set the tone for the rest of the morning rush hour. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> thank you so much. on the scene of the breaking news bob just mentioned on i59, where that tractor-trailer crashed and caught foyer. >> let's go to steve keeley in delaware along 95. the scene of the crash, hi, steve. >> reporter: all right, i'm hearing every other word you guys have, so ease back on the questions, i'll say everything i know anyway. here at accident scene. we walk about a mill from the truck. that's why the communication problem with the station. so you can see, chris, come over here real quick. you can see judging by my height, 6 feet, how tall this concrete barricade is here. we're in the road construction zone. see the or and could -- orange cones. this is where 95 splits to go to 295 in new jersey. you see the 295 sign there,
5:34 am
temporary. this road is like an ice rink. i don't know if that's from the fuel that this guy spilled, or from previous things in the road. who knowles. you see to the left, a clean up truck that was going back and forth it, has since stopped. now i'm going to show you some video that we got real close up, and you'll see, these were blank pennies in this truck. who knows how many. but they're trying to clean up. but there are still piles of these pennies all over the road specially in the right lane, the problem with the road is really whatever fuel is in the road. it is slippery. just walking on it. so they've got a crane here, to try to clean up this truck, but this truck is broken apart, the tractor-trailer all broken up, as well. who knows if they can even take it down in one piece. they supply to break up the truck, to get it out of here. that will crane has braces on the street. it is facing us in the opposite direction right now. so that tells you that they've got a big job on their hands, you even see the construction spotlights. >> this accident, 1:53 amex
5:35 am
actually according to corporate howell in the middle of the night. we will show you the sign there. real lit up. it says warning maximum 14-foot clearance ahead. use 495. who knows if the guy saw that sign and tried to skid to a halt at the last minute, maybe he didn't make that clearance, who knows what was going on. he's okay, so he'll be able to talk to investigators. but you can see the state police here on the scene. now we spin back. give you an idea what bob kelly was talking about. in the distance it, shows you how far we walk, see headlights facing you to the left. red brake light to the right. that's 95. and all of the 95 southbound traffic obviously, going good, that's the red light you see, but to the left, all of that stopped traffic, the headlight you will in the, not moving much. i'll tell chris to go through the trees here to the left. you can make out some of the tractor-trailer lights through the trees. that's 141. see how slow the detoured getting off 95 traffic is forced off 95 traffic, on 141 is. chris, if you can, here is
5:36 am
what is in the street. when we talk about these blank pennies, i manage to scoop up my two sent worth, what's wrong, chris, talk to me? so there is what they're trying to have to clean up in the roadway long with the fuel. so, chris, lauren, a big mess here, physically and a big traffic mess that bob kelly is probably going to need three minute to explain. because it was hardly to even find the accident scene. area already under construction. listen to the sound. chris, spin around. i hear shoveling, scraping against concrete. that will tells you they'll probably try to shovel the pennies up along with all of the debris. good thing here, it doesn't look like the road surface itself got damaged or burned up, because they said there was a minor fire here, as well, which is understandable with the violence of this accident, and as far as we know, just a one vehicle accident there is guy for whatever reason just before 2:00 a.m. lost control, chris, lauren? >> and the pennies there, those are the blanks made mostly these days, sing and copper.
5:37 am
not actual pennies yet, headed to the min t2 blocks from our station here in old sit. >> i frightening ordeal for philadelphia couple gunman forces his way into their home, this happening in the middle of the night. officers manage to go catch up to the suspect and arrest him, oakmont, around 1:30, police say once inside the arm intruder pistol whimmed the homeowner, robbed the couple a took off. police sought up with and arrested the intruder. >> schools started few days ago for many student, some being sent home earl. >> i calling for early dismissal due to excessive heat this week. dave kinchen live in trenton with one of the schools impacted by there is dave, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, here at the hedge path williams middle school, one the schools closing early, because of the anticipated heat and the humidity. so you can say the last days of sum remember so hot it is making the first few days of
5:38 am
school in trenton abbreviated days. the decision made by school officials, and sent out in a recorded message to parent. we can tell you that the school days will be ending early today and tomorrow. the district says elementary schools, and the stokes early childhood sent letter dismiss at 1:00 this afternoon. they normally wrap up at 3:15 p.m. the middle school, middle schools, also, will send kids home at 12:45 p.m. when they usually end the day just before 3:00. around 2:55, to be exact. and the high schools will dismiss at 12:30 p.m., staff at all of those schools, we're told, will also be allowed to go home early, but, the administrative offices of the trenton school district will remain open during the normal hours, so that they can get their work done. but this is something that's been taking place all weekends, of course, we will continue today, and tomorrow so kids who say hey this could be the next best thing to extra week of summer, going
5:39 am
home, a bit early, considerably early, all week. chris, lauren? >> oh, you know they're happy, dave kinchen. >> parent scrambling watch are we going to do with the kids? just got rid of them and now they're back? >> exactly. >> the eagles, they don't play tonight, but the beginning of the season has many thinking about the home team's eyes of actually winning. carson wentz is our guy. sam bradford is out. come players are talking, hear what they're saying next in sports.
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>> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm sean bell. carson went getting ready to make nfl debut against a team that passed up on him in the draft. cleveland browns said he wasn't worth the number two overall pick, went just got thrown into that starting spot, just about a week ago, so he can't worry about all of that. he only played in one pre-season game, so right now, he needs every practice he can get. every rep is huge. every rep is important. doesn't go right, grabbing the guys after practice, getting them after practice, or doing special team drills, whatever, really just representing it, because the confidence that we both need to have in each other is huge. >> he's young. i think everybody under stands that, and i remember when i was young, you know, seemed like things were fine, all over the place, so like i said before, the people around, we just need to elevate our game, and help him in anyway possible. >> and the phillies-marlins game, just couldn't get it
5:43 am
done. pratt owe ran in three, and the phils lost. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> we're watching some rain that came through the area, some even heard some thunder. going close to southern delaware, bethany beach, around ocean city, maryland, and just off shore, a little bit after thunderstorm, so, that is almost no longer a
5:46 am
factor in our weather. this will be, the heat, back to triple digit heat indexes like we were many times this summer, most counties in the area include in the this heat advisory from noon until 6:00 p.m., the heat index, today, one computer model has it in philadelphia, there is 101 in wilmington, 101 in philadelphia, around pottstown, even, feeling like it is in triple digit. now, as far as records are concerned, we come close today, the record is 96 degrees. we're forecasting 95, tomorrow's record, 94, we could tie that. saturday's record, 97, might be little tough to get to that. but the point is, it is unusually hot for this time in september. on our way to the 90's, 63 mount pocono, 72 in reading, 73 in wildwood. now, when dew point get into the 70s, that's whether it starts to feel uncomfortable. already at a 74 degrees dew point down in dover, delaware, feels the dew point is 73 in
5:47 am
lancaster, so, we've had a 42 days this year of 90 degrees or above. the average is 27. this is not where we want to be above average. but, that's the situation we're going to add to that number today, tomorrow, and saturday, with temperatures in the mid 90s, each day, late thunderstorms, on saturday night, with a cold front, and before that we could always have a pop up thunderstorm with the heat and humidity. but it is most important to stay hydrated of course, drink lots of water and take care of the people who need you and the pets who need you, as women. make sure they've got plenty of cool water, as well. there is your seven day forecast. bob, did you break open your piggy bang on i95? >> that's what it looks like, that my piggy bang got open up here. here is the tractor-trailer that hit that concrete barrier this morning. and here are all of the blank pennies, that are all over the place. this picture sent to us by
5:48 am
steve keeley, he's out there on the scene, and i kind of thought when he said, you know, the back of the truck stood open. it made me think like almost like a busted open my piggy bank here. so we got busted piggy bank on i59 this morning. northbound, here is the closure point, all traffic forced off at exit number 5a, which is airport road. right now bumper to bumper to bumper all the way back to route one. so i initially was telling folks, you know what? jump off at route one, we will change that up. i think you want to go back to exit three now, which is route 273. and work your way south over to route 13 and route 13 will give you access to the delaware memorial bridge. the scene of the crash is right here, north on 95, right at that split where it all comes together, you have the option of going north into wilmington, you can pick up 495, or you can go over the delaware memorial bridge. so again, that's the closure
5:49 am
almost like the point there and traffic is at a halt. again, barely moving, trying to get off at exit 5a. so if you are leaving say southern delaware, and you're trying to work your way north, maybe going up into wilmington, i would use either route four or route two, if you are trying to get to the delaware memorial bridge, i would jump off at exit number three, which is route 273. otherwise, kind of quiet on the freeway here, coming in toward philadelphia. everybody thinks it will get late start, at least everybody that was down there with me last night at the springsteen concert. and again, the roads are little wet this morning from those showers that moved through. funny, i left the springsteen concert little early, i didn't stay there until midnight at the end, but on the way out of the stadium there, i noticed the sky kind of lighting up. and i thought i wonder if that's lightning? now i was concerned that those storms would have made it too close it the stadium, they would have then had to end the show early, but they didn't, went all the way to what midnight. but on the way home did i see
5:50 am
the storms and of course the roads got wet, so everything is a little wet behind the ears this morning. so just be careful as you roll out of the driveway, chris, lauren, back to you. >> can i take you to task for something? you left springsteen early? >> well, did i leave early. i had to leave early, because avenue responsibility to be here at work in the morning, dad. >> well, the show ended at what 12:10? >> yes. >> just pull the all nighter, bro. it is springsteen man. >> all nighter? i thought i would come in here and crews through, i walk in, tractor-trailer has 95 blocked. >> oh, whatever. >> it's okay. he'll be back. >> first show, can i not wait, more state us approved medical marijuana, pot for pets? several research companies are experimenting weedbased edible to help treat dogs and cat. it is none psycho active, treating cancers, seizures, pain, anxiety.
5:51 am
president parent are turning to medical marijuana when have been un response i have to other treatment. nevada about to be the first state to pass this, but recently defeated. we'll let you know how this results. >> in your monday think morning, dozen every people in the region are losing their jobs, to qvc. not good news. >> company head quart nerd west chester laying offer another 100 workers, this is expands its operations on the west coast. >> home shopping video network making the cuts to reorganize it business units, also adding other jobs elsewhere, such as at its new warehouse in ontario. comes after the company laid off another 100 pennsylvania workers in january last month, a dropping in women's clothing sales. >> he made be bias, but apple ceo tim cook is calling the iphone seven the best iphone the company ever created. >> one of it missing features is getting mixed reviews, you know what we are talking about.
5:52 am
>> it. >> it has jet black high gloss finish, water and dust resistant, has improved camera, but, there is no head phone jack. so it will come with wireless headphones and if you want to plug in, you're going have to do it in the lightning port with a adapt err. >> they cost more money. >> well, that means i have to buy an extra accessary to go with my 300 declare pair of headphones that i bought that apple owns. so it is just another i guess way to make money, maybe mayor your phone slightly thinner, but i don't know. >> new iphone seven already on store shelves next week, guess what, you can start ordering it or pre order as much as tomorrow. you know at midnight tonight, everyone will get on their phones, going to the apple store, to order, i went thon to see if i was eligible for an upgrade. it tells me no, which i think i really am, then it will cost me $649 for a base model. >> dang. 600 something bucks?
5:53 am
>> i don't know this that's true, but hijack screen, i've been holding out for this phone, that's why i didn't get it repaired. so $600, i won't be getting it. >> what do you think every these air buds? basically revolutionize z headphones as we know them. no more cord dangling, you like that if you use them for jogging and everything else. they say maybe it is a good thing? >> i don't know though. those things look like they can pop right out of your ear. >> here is the other thing, right, always connected by that wire. what if you lose the left one, you got the right one, you have to order another one? >> aren't they $160 if you have to replace them in i don't know. to me it is not user friendly for everyone who uses iphone, like my 84 year old grant mother won't be comfortable with those. >> and your 48 year old co-anchor won't be either. >> that's why you don't have an iphone. the boss is in town, chris murphy. >> i cannot wait for tomorrow night. a lot of people loved waiting for the whole show. stayed for three songs, much thoron that straight ahead.
5:54 am
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>> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> springsteen, last night. tens of thousands of people,
5:57 am
packed citizens bank park, bruce string's performance with the e street band, 8:05, played for about four hours. how about that, another show tomorrow night. covering breaking news for you right now, interstate 95 shutdown northbound lanes because of some pennies, steve? >> reporter: it is in wilmington, it is right where the 295 split is. and you can see to the left a street sweeper truck. there is a heavy fuel spell in the air. then you can make the white arm out of the crane trying to fix and pick up the broken apart truck and the street is littered with blank copper pennies.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> peppy for your thoughts and pennies. >> track or drive spills huge load in delaware, 95 northbound, pretty near 295, steve's on it. then last night -- >> i have no fate in hillary clinton or the leadership. >> i've taken responsibility for my decisions. >> let me go to another -- >> he refuses to take responsibility for his support. >> donald trump and hillary clinton lands on aircraft carrier and what many are saying is a preview of what's to come during the presidential debate. hear the tough questions the candidates were forced to answer. >> hot for teacher. that's a song. actually just plane hot, hot, hot. it is too hot for school. which schools are


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