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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  September 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> peppy for your thoughts and pennies. >> track or drive spills huge load in delaware, 95 northbound, pretty near 295, steve's on it. then last night -- >> i have no fate in hillary clinton or the leadership. >> i've taken responsibility for my decisions. >> let me go to another -- >> he refuses to take responsibility for his support. >> donald trump and hillary clinton lands on aircraft carrier and what many are saying is a preview of what's to come during the presidential debate. hear the tough questions the candidates were forced to answer. >> hot for teacher. that's a song. actually just plane hot, hot, hot. it is too hot for school. which schools are letting the
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student go home early. we have a list. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> bruce springsteen sets a record in philadelphia last night. he plays his longest us show ever. we'll tell you how long this concert lasted. they're actually still there this morning glike still hear him. he's still singing. he us a looks like he's in pain, he's having a good time. >> great time, great time. i have so much respect for the guy. there is no opening acts. you don't -- he didn't need two, three warm ups. he comes out on the stage, lights up, says hello philadelphia, and bamm. >> hey, if you went to the show last night get on twitter, facebook, let us know how it went for you. your experience, good day everybody, it is september the eighth, 2016. nice weather out there, too, last night. >> last night was nice, for the friday nights show they'll be sticky. because we are starting the heatwave yesterday, and today
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will be day number two. >> what did we hit yesterday? >> ninety-one, the high. >> there is bus stop budd way important reminder to stay hydrated in this weather. it is september now. supposed to be in the low 80s, but our high will be in the 90s, will feel like it is even hotter. right now at the bus stop, if you are waiting in the dark, it is temperatures in the 60s and 70s, you will need your shades later on. last little rogue shower moving away from our area, moving away from ocean city maryland. as we look down there, we had just couple of showers move through overnight. but that system is gone. and now our heat advisory kicks in at noon today, goes until 6:00 p.m. that will be the hottest part of the day, right now, 61 mount pocono, 70s just about everywhere else. headed to high of 95 today, but bob kelly, it is going to feel a lot hotter than that. >> you know what? tempers are already hot this morning for anyone who typically uses 95, coming up from delaware, here's one of the jam cams.
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ninety-five northbound, all traffic forced off at exit number 5a. which is airport road, all because of that early morning tractor-trailer accident. steve will give us more details in a moment. but here is the back up that's already occurred at route one. so, we are bumper to bumper parking lot from route one, which is the christianna mall, all the way up to the split, right where 95, 295, the delaware memorial bridge come together, the confusing busy interchange. this will cause double bubble for everybody. let's go first of all if you are headed north on 995, out of delaware, and you're trying to get to the delaware memorial bridge, you can jump off at exit number four, which is the interchange for christianna. and that will work your way to up route 13. now, here is a live look from the grounds. the tractor-trailer was caring blank pennies, the blanks used to get stamped into pennies. so i think they're made out of
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zink nowadays, but see the pennies all over the roadway here. so picture, almost, imagine like your piggy bank breaking open the entire load of the tractor-trailer all over the roadway here. and that's what we're dealing with. the driver of the tractor-trailer, taken to a local hospital, with some minor injuries. so he's going to be okay. but as we're far from okay on 95 this morning, one delaware official said this could be closed until lunchtime. mike, alex, back over to you. >> my goodness, so coming up to the mint here to press the feds on the blanks. >> well, so let's get out there. >> steve keeley has been there what for about an hour snow. >> it happened about 2:00 something this morning? here's steve. >> reporter: well, we walked a mile and a half to get to this shot. that tells you the length of 95 being shutdown. since you guys were all just talking about it, i pick up my 2 cents worth and chris propped them up against couple of pieces of gravel so you can see what spilled all over the road. who knows how many of these,
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there could be a million, they were everywhere, big piles of them. and this tractor-trailer, i've been a witness to a sill john, this thing broke up like it was made out of plywood. and you can see, the delicate operation. we do have some progress to report, bob kelly. you can see that crane, we've got sun coming up, delaware transportation workers have been here since 1:53 a.m. when they got the call from delaware state police when this accident happened to somehow get this off the road. not only is the trailer part where all of the pennies were, now you can see, in the air, you can see, it is swinging back and forth. that tells you everything that was on that is now on the road. and that looks pretty flimsiment looks like a cardboard box that got soak by the rain. that's how flimsy it is. i'm surprise it is staying in one piece like that because it looked really broken up when it was leaning against the concrete barrier. you will notice in the foreground here, we've got four orange barrels. in the the concrete barricades, which are about three and a half feet high, where the 295 ramp sign is,
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they start veering left, almost into the traffic. and then you can see the difficulty, as that truck moves around, if we're on that shot right now. it is swinging around there, trying to get a control, probably put on flatbed, get it out of here, then get the tractor-trailer out of here. now going to video that my man chris fox shot, allowed pretty close, before avoiding getting in anybody's way. where the pennies are on the ground is right where those fuel tanks are on tractor-trailers. and there is a heavy fuel smell in the air, obviously, it is so spread out that there is no danger. they wouldn't be allowing these people to work. but when i was walking on this road surface, even before i got close to the accident scene, it was as slippery as walking on ice, chris, the photographer said he almost fell a couple of times. there is fuel all over the road. they have the sweet sweeper truck, and they've been going back and forth. when they do there is a lot of smoke in the air. i don't even know if that's doing you any good. they don't have any kitty
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litter stuff down which we commonly see at fuel spills. fact there is fuel on the road, still a loft these pennies on the road, and that the engine part of this truck where the driver was and not hurt bad he was personally assessed at the scene, not even rushed to the hospital, that's good news, and it was only that one vehicle accident, that tells you he could somehow cooperate and say what happened. but, bob kelly, as you know, you've reported on probably hunt cents every accidents in these construction zones, especially on 95, and northeast philly which is a constant problem, apparently there was some rain at the time, too, but when these lanes shift, these guys that are constantly drivers here, sometimes don't see it, and these things, the lanes sometimes squeeze smaller, these concrete barriers, get close to the lanes, and you can see, between here and there, and the other direction, you don't have much room for, you see the concrete barriers both sides of the road when splitting up for 295. so probably confusing for drivers. we spin around now as i take up most of the show, and you can see, how far we walk. our live truck is down beyond those green signs, you see the red light, that's 95 southbound. nobody is rubber necking
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because to the right nothing but forest probably. chris, go to the right. nothing but forest here. that's the good sign that traffic that way is not being slow like we normally see. through these trees here, you can see, 141, which bob kelly was talking about, basin road, according to the delaware still police, and very slow, through there, and i can't imagine the back-up in wilmington. alex, mike? >> okay, we'll check back with you, 6:08. >> frightening ordeal for philadelphia couple. gunman forces his way into their home in the middle of the night. officers manage to go catch up to the suspect and arrest him. home invasion happening on oakmont street around 1:30 this morning. once inside, police say armed intruder pistol whipped, robbed the couple, and took off. short time later the armed thief then snatched a woman's purse. police caught up with and arrested the armed intruder. >> wild. >> in west philadelphia, woman is shot after someone tried to grab her purse. around 9:00 last night, west 52nd street. the woman was shot in the chest, and wrist, she was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive.
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nearby surveillance camera caught the whole thing. cops found her puts nearby and what may be the robber area sweatshirt. no arrest haves been made. >> in new jersey flames ignite inside moorestown farmhouse overnight. crews working quickly to make sure all of the horses and livestock were unharmed. the blaze started at this ranch, along cox road, just before 11:30 last night. firefighters manage to go get the flames under control in about an hour. nobody was hurt. animals not hurt. the cause of the fire of course is under investigation. >> donald trump supporting vladmeere putin? the interesting answer trump gave when asked about the russian president, at last night's commander in chief forum on the intrepid aircraft carrier. >> a local woman policing in a bucks county park. the clue investigators found there and the emotional message to the woman from her family.
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>> 6:11 this thursday, family members on desperate hunt for a missing young woman. >> the family of 21 year old lindsey piccone reported her missing tuesday night. that's when a search began in tyler state park in newtown. that's where authority found her car but authority say the search covers a wide area, and her family is pleading for any and all help. >> lindsey, if you are listening, you are so loved.
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your parent love you so much more than i could ever begin to express. all of your family and friend are here with them, helping search for you. we love you and desperately want to bring you home. please call us, we aren't giving up until we find you. >> call bucks county emergency services, if you think you've seen lindsay piccone or even if you think you know where she is. >> that's a huge park too. first criminal charges now, a suspension, how long swimmer ryan lochte will be out of the water because of that incident at the gas station in rio. >> and it is official. apple's newest iphone will not have a head phone jack. what is offering instead. and how fast can i lose them?
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> it is moving off shore now, after coming through delaware, little bit of cape may county. so, that's a look at that situation. any rain that we had from that is off shore. this is our weather headline today, heat advisory from noon until 6:00 p.m. all every these counties highlight in the orange.
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it is going to be feeling like about 101 today here in philly, in wilmington, delaware, and close to triple digits, just about everywhere else. here's tomorrow future feels-like temperature. upper 90s, and then we may get another heat advisory for saturday, because it is supposed to be in triple digits, again, by then. right now we're in the 70s, in a lot of places, 68 in pottstown, 61 in mound pocono, headed to the nine's just about everywhere, with 95 degrees today, 94 tomorrow, and 94 degrees on saturday. by sunday, after a few thunderstorms, on saturday night, with a cold front, we get lower humidity, just in time for the eagles to play the browns, 1:00 at the linc, on saturday, and of course the temple games on saturday at the linc, but it will feel a lot different then, because it will still be very hot and humid. just like today, bob kelly, and what a mess on i95 in delaware. >> hot and tempers are hot out here on 95. here is a live look from our
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camera, news van, on the scene of this accident, that has all lanes at 95 northbound closed, approaching wilmington. again, that tractor-trailer flipped over, around 2:00 this morning. so northbound 95, closed, as we heard from steve, not only do we have those blank pennies all over the road, you can see the road surfaces wet. a combination of the rain that was coming through this area, around the same time that accident happened, and then, also, closer to the accident scene, we have the fuel spill. let's go for a ride. skyfox over the scene of the clean-up here, basically, the tractor-trailer, this is the cab portion, where we had all of the pennies stored, basically, just collapsed almost like your piggy bank breaking open here, on that concrete barrier. so, they have two cranes here, trying to lift it up off the barrier, talked to delaware state police, they said maybe until lunchtime, before this thing gets up and out of here, you know, they got to move it out. then they have to clean up all of the debris, the blanks,
6:18 am
little zink circumstance that's were on their way to the mint here to get printed, and then we have to deal with the fuel spill. so let's go to the maps. getting ready to leave the house, northbound 95 jump off at 273, which is exit number three, work your way over to route 13 north. that will will get you back with access to the delaware memorial bridge. coming from say west of 95, within delaware, and you're trying to get to wilmington, i would use route four, or route two, to avoid the closure, again, 959 is closed there, and mike thinking of things we could use those blanks for this is what it was on it way for, would make some nice cuff links? >> that truck probably headed to right over here? >> right here, and i usually see the tractor-trailers when i'm pulling in, they swing around arch street there, the constitution center, and go un ground there into the mint.
6:19 am
probably where it was going. >> yes. >> no confirmation. >> good neighbors, been there for years. 6:19. well, last night, uss intrepid up in the river in new york city, donald trump versus hillary clinton. well, hillary clinton went on first. they were talking about national security and the military. so she was first, and right away questioned about her e-mail scandal. >> you're communicating on highly sensitive topics. why wasn't it more than a mistake? why wasn't it dis qualifying, if you want to be commander in chief? >> matt, first of all, as i've said repeatedly, it was mistake to have a personal account. i would certainly not do it again. i make no excuses for it. it was something that should not have been done. >> director comby also said that while they have no proof, we assessed that it is possible that hostile actors gained access to secretary clinton's personal e-mail e-mail
6:20 am
accounts. >> matt, there is no evidence. of course anything is possible. but what is factual is the state department's system, was hacked, most of the government systems are way behind the curve, we've had hacking repeatedly, even in the white house, there is no evidence my system was hacked. >> so, clinton stressed that she did not send any material specifically marked classified or top secret on her private server, but did acknowledge that she sent materials about those types of materials something she said other government officials did, as well. so, then it was onto donald trump. trump was questioned about his ties to russian president vladmeere putin, this went on for quite a while. >> well, he does have a 82% approval rating, according to the different pollsters, who, by the way, some of them are based right here. look, he's also a guy who
6:21 am
invaded ukraine, supports hasad and syria, supports iran, trying to undermine our influence in key regions of the worlds, and according to our inch ten genes community, probably is the main suspect for the hacking of the dnc computers. >> well, nobody that for a fact. but do you want me to start naming some of the things that president obama does? >> do you want to be complimented by that former kgb officer? >> i think when he calls me brilliant i'm take the compliment, okay? >> trump defended putin calling him a good leader. gop presidential candidate says if americans elect him president, he would not go easy on the russian leaders, despite any admiration there might be there. >> all right i, then, 62:00; oh, two deadly wrecks on the same local stretch of road. on the same day. why police officers say they have a way to make the road safer, but they're not allowed to. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
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>> good morning, i'm sean bell. guys wanted carson went to start early on of the season? some guys still missing sam
6:25 am
bradford. now all of the attention focus today getting carson went ready. because of broken ribs, he only played one pre-season game, and only through 24 times. he missed an lot of key moments, key snaps, and he needs that practice to get it going. >> every rep is huge. every rep is important. if something doesn't go right, grabbing the guys after practice, getting him after practice, special team drills, just representing it, because the confidence we both need to have in each other is huge. >> he's very knowledgeable of the game. he's on top of things, from mental stands point, that makes it easier to understand what's going on. >> and for the phillies and marlins there is right here, basically, says it all to this game. prata with the hit. brady, drops the easy catch. the phils go onto lose six-zip. that's sport. i'm sean bell. >> such an easy catch. anyway 6:25. >> sad news out of the philadelphia flyers community.
6:26 am
the hockey team is mourning the loss of a former star player. >> yes, former defenseman bob dailey has passed away at the age of 63. this is what the flyers tweeted out about his passing. died yesterday after a long battle with cancer. he spent six seasons with our flyers, including 1979 to 1980 season that had 35 game unbeaten streak. that was a good run. daily was a two-time nml all-star and won the ashby trophy as the flyers best defenseman twice, matter of fact. >> all right, let's get back to the road and the penny road, the penny park park, pennypack 95. >> penny for your thoughts, steve. >> reporter: well, i'm waiting for mike to say pennies from hell. because it is traffic hell here on 95. and you heard bob kelly maybe until lunchtime. coincidentally, that's the ring the bell time where dave kinchen is today on his story.
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>> big problems on i95, see the graphic there. truck spills pennies.
6:30 am
housings, and thousands, and thousands every pennies, causing this huge back up. >> it is in delaware. >> disturbing crime pattern continues, who police say continues to be targeted by dangerous criminals, and in northeast philadelphia. >> plus, donald trump and hillary clinton take center stage for a forum in front of veterans. hear how donald trump defended one every his controversial tweet about sexual assault in the military. >> plus, school is back and so is the heat. heat advisory in effect today. impact it is already having on schools across the area. >> our dave kinchen has a list of the schools that will let out early today because of the heat, will feel like what 105? >> best advice of the day is to stay hydrated. have your water bottle with you. i know, in a lot of schools, they'll be reminding kids to
6:31 am
drink water, then of course the resulting bathroom breaks. temperatures in the 60s, 70s, at the bus stop right now. the rain we had little earlier, has now all moved off shore, at least, in our viewing area. so, there was just few rogue showers, now get ready for heat and humidity, our heat advisory starts at noon, goes until 6:00 p.m. temperatures 61 in mount pocono, 67 in allentown, 68 in pottstown, just about everybody else, already, in the 70s, plan on heat and humidity all day long, close to 09 by lunchtime, probably around 95, which would be a degree shy of the record for this date. sunset times 7:20. so, bob kelly, i feel a hammock day for you coming on. >> you got it. >> later after you get rid of the penny situation. >> need it for number every reasons. 6:31, looking enough skyfox over the scene of this accident, on i-95 which is shutdown, northbound, approaching wilmington. what we are looking at here is
6:32 am
what's left of the tractor-trailer, that kind of flipped over, on to the concrete barrier. you have two giant cranes, set up in the northbound lanes, trying to lift this big rig up, and off of the concrete barrier, below it, loaded, the roadway, is the zink blanks used to make pennies at the usmint. let's go to the maps. closure .95 right there the choke spot, right before you can have access to 95 or the delaware memorial bridge. traffic is back all the way to route 273 at this moment, best bet, leaving the house, you want it avoid i95 altogether uke use 273, route one, to route 13, your number for today, lung i 13, 13 north will get you back to either the delaware memorial bridge
6:33 am
give you access, north into wilmington up toward philadelphia, up toward the airport, coming from within delaware, stick with route 23 or route one back up 273 already officials say maybe not until lunchtime to get this cleaned up and opened back up. >> let's just see what you are talking about right now with steve. >> because he's there. steve? getting into the heart of rush hour, in wilmington, almost just as big and bad as philadelphia. i'll show you some progress, some optimism. big flatbed that just rolled in, that's so they can load the de bro on there, look at the debris, can't make out that was the back end after tractor trail, looks like some shed that got tossed in a tornado and use from the your home state of kansas, mike. here is the other sign of progress, look at this, never
6:34 am
seen a room vac this big. that's a big vacuum truck. you see even the name vac con. so the street sweeper wasn't doing the job as i said because it is like an ice an ice rink, definite fuel spill. add fuel to the mel in the air and the heat index, i don't know if you can make up new heat index, heat, humidity, and spilled diesel fuel. now to the video and show you the close up shops we were allowed to get quickly. see the tractor-trailer broken apart, you can make out the pennies around the smashed engine section, when i become up couple of the blank pen cents, loaded when fuel, grease, and even hard to pick themment look who are end us, now with the sun up, go back to the skyfox shot. ask the photograph tear zoom in as close as he can, see if he can get to the heart of the accident scene. because they pick up the trailer but the engine part of the truck is still there. you might even make out even from as far away as skyfox with the power of the camera
6:35 am
some of these pennies, sitting in the right lane, next to the concrete barricade. that's a problem. so, it doesn't sound like they even started picking up the pennies yet. they'll be doing that with a shovel then brushes and boy that's why you can hear when bob kelly says lunchtime, you can see the big job they have on their hand. we come back to live picture right now this crane on the right looks like already here moving the barricades in place for previous road construction, you can see where we, are see the sign that says north 295? that's temporary sign that tells that you these were temporary barricades, and this truck hit the start of them. you know how they have those things in case you do hit it? that you won't get killed, they have those things that gingerly break apart. here's one not broken apart to the right. 3 barrels, and then you see that beautiful concrete, see the guardrail there. behind that guardrail is one of these things where you won't hit the concrete barricade. that's smash here. that will guy went into one of those just as that set up
6:36 am
there that look like it may have just been put there yesterday. maybe that's why he didn't see it, guys. >> wow. >> pitching pen us. >> seeing the pennies on the roadway there, what a job to pick all of that up. >> so can you still use them? anybody that works over at the mint, can you use them again? >> woman shot in south philadelphia after someone tried to grab her purse, happened about 9:00 last night west 52nd street. the woman was shot in the chest and wrist. she was taken to the hospital. and is expected to survive, a nearby surveillance camera caught the whole thing. cops fawn her purse nearby, what may be the robber area sweatshirt. no arrest haves been made. >> philadelphia police made arrest in the murder after father shot and killed in front of his young son, police arrested a 28 jerold muhammad johnson yesterday. they say he is the man who shot 29 year old pierre burr bridge, in front of the mantua
6:37 am
haverford community center. johnson is charged with murder. >> flames ignite farmhouse in moorestown, crews work to make sure all of the horses and livestock were unharmed. the fire started at a ranch along cox road just before 11:30 lags night. took firefighters nearly an hour to get the fire un control. no one was injured. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> moorestown, new jersey. 6:37. emergency everyone community in north philadelphia are on edge after recent string of burglaries. police say there has been nearly 80 crimes against asian americans since january, including armed robberies and burglaries. pedestrians are also being targeted. authority say there may be multiple groups involved here, and son after man robbed at gunpoint in a home on bridge street sunday night, describes the terrifying encounter. >> pulled out the gun, against the wall, asked him for everything. they took his phone, wallet, car keys, and they just left after that. >> did they take the car? >> they took the car. >> quick way to get quick
6:38 am
cash, and quick money. >> some victims have been tied up and hit with guns. several arrest have been made. but the crime spree continues. 6:38. police issue urgent warning to drivers, on what's become a busy deadly thorofare in delaware count. >> i we're talking about route one, or twp. line road, in upper darby. you all know this road. this week, two people died in separate fatal accidents, a half mile apart, in less than 24 hours. investigators say speed is to blame in both crashes. it has become an all too familiar scene out there. the speed limit is posted at 35 miles an hour, ever see anybody go that slowly? no. most drivers go at least 10 miles over that on daily/nightly basis. upper darby police isn't tells us he would like to have officers out busting speeders,
6:39 am
but his hands are tied. municipal departments not allowed to use speed radar guns. >> i cannot under stands why we're the only state in the country that doesn't allow municipal police departments other than philadelphia and pittsburgh to use radar. >> we need to get to the bottom of that. only state police are permitted to using radar guns, when state police conduct speed patrols here, the township has to pay pennsylvania about $7,000. i mean, there is a head scratcher. >> 7:39. >> happening today the school year is only just gun. but some student in our area already getting a break from classes. >> because it is hot. way too hot. too hot to stay in the schools. dave's on this story. hey, dave? >> reporter: yes, i guess you could say it is the next best thing for students. you can't really get an extra week of summer. so you can at least get a week of going home early. that's what's been lapping here in trenton, this week, and it will continue today,
6:40 am
and tomorrow, even here at the hedge path williams middle school, what's happening is a decision that was sent out to parent, in a recorded message, announce that student will be sent home every day this week, early, including today, tomorrow, because of the expected high tell innocence humidity, temperatures over 100 degrees, is what we are expecting here. the district says the elementary schools and stokes early childhood center will be dismissed at 1:00 this afternoon. they normally wrap up 3:15 p.m. middle schools will send kids home at 12:45 p.m. when they usually end the day just before 3:00. actually 2:55 to be exact. the high schools will dismiss at 12:30 p.m., very early for the high schools, as well. we are told that staff at all of the schools will be allowed to leave early as well, administrative offices with the trenton school district will remain normal hours, so they can get their business done. back to you, mike, al next.
6:41 am
>> okay, there you got your list. 6:40. "tmz" reporting overnight ryan lochte has been suspended by the united state olympic committee for ten months. following that infamous late night incident, gas station in rio, at the olympics. the committee has yet to release a statement, the suspension means that ryan would miss the 2017 world championships. tracking breaking news, big story out of the state of sf delaware but affecting pennsylvania, as womenment tractor-trailer spills gigantic load of un stamped pennies, probably heading to the mint up hereby just old city. ninety-five northbound. this is pretty close to 295. making progress, though. >> reporter: bruce springsteen sets a record in philadelphia last night. he plays his longest us show ever. >> what? >> so, you want to know how long it last in the. >> yes, after all of these
6:42 am
years? the longest ever. >> yes. >> ♪ >> five hours. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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6:45 am
welcome to wfog. >> oh, that's the fog, i get it. >> nice save there. >> 6:45. apple as you know has unveiled it newest iphone, the iphone seven, and there is a seven plus. >> and there were rumors, and they've now been confirmed it, will not have a head phone jack. they're going wireless. so, instead, connect to blue tooth headphones. >> there they are. >> that's what it will look like, folks, see people walking around looking like this. >> like a do you have us with a golf tee in his ear. >> it looks incomplete to me. what, just the same ear buds and cut off the wire and that's it? how will it stay in your ear? i have trouble keeping them in my ear when the wire is attached. >> i hate the wires. they get tangled up, they're just always a mess. you just put those ear buds down, and walk away for a minute, come back, it looks like spaghetti. i don't know how it happens. it is like losing socks. i don't know how it happens. i like them. but i admit ill lose them.
6:46 am
>> but would you lose them anyway no matter what shape they're in because they're wireless? new fact of live, folks, technology is changing everything, now we have to worry about little buds, ear pods they call them. >> i would rather have one hanging like an earring than the wire. >> here is the thing, do you have remember to charge them, too. >> oh, just -- >> but lucky for you in the case you keep them in, they charge automatically. so just keep them in the case. >> oh, okay. >> listen, we will discuss all of the new iphone seven announcements, i was watching the apple event yesterday, sue, i was really into it. i wanted to be able to explain it to you guys. >> thank you. how much does it cost to replace one of those goobers when you lose it? >> $6,000. >> ya, i know it is three, over $100, anyway, rain is gone. we did have little move through overnight, now we can focus on the heat, the humidity, thus the heat advisory in effect starting at noon today. going until 6:00 p.m. this is our projected feels-like temperature for today.
6:47 am
about 101 today. about 95, 997 tomorrow, about 101 on saturday, so, this will probably end up being four day heatwave. do we need to remind you it seems obvious where the light weight loose fitting clothing, if you're going to exercise do it outside in the morning, evening hours, not in the middle of the day when it is feeling like triple digit. of course stay hydrated. send your kid to school with plenty of water or water bottle in his back pack, don't leave pets in vehicles any time, but specially when it is this bad out. temperatures, 72 degrees philadelphia, 71 in wilmington, 61 in mount pocono, 73 in wildwood. now, as we've been telling you all summer, once the dew points inch into the 70s, what's it starts feeling really sticky outside. it has done so in dover, lancaster, and getting there everywhere else. by the time, ya, we are in the middle of the day, it is going to feel like it is triple digits, the record for today 96 degrees, we're forecasting mid 90s each day, tomorrow's
6:48 am
record we may tie with 94, saturday's record is 97. friday record has been standing since the 1800s. so, ending up with four day heatwave. yesterday's high was 91. by sunday, we'll have lower humidity, and be aware saturday night we could get some thunderstorms popping up. specially north and west of the city, because of the cold front, that will take away some of the heat and humidity. bob kelly? >> sue, 6:48. good morning, everybody, hot met down here, in delaware, skyfox, live, over the scene of the clean up of this tractor-trailer, two giant cranes here trying to left what's left of the tractor-trailer up off of the roadway. go ahead, skyfox, we will roll with you here on this one. this is 95, northbound, all lanes closedment look at this, no traffic at all, but watch what happens when we get back to route 141, which is airport road. pushing everybody off. this is right near the
6:49 am
airport. this is the exit you get off, to go to the airport. skyfox, keep rolling, baby, keep rolling. we're jammed all the way back to route 273, typically five lanes, are going until 1:00. >> oh, lord. >> and some of these folks have probably been stuck here trying to work their way into that little traffic light for over an hour, bottom line, we are jammed from, again, coming out of delaware, heading north, go ahead, i'll stay with you, skyfox, go ahead, you can still see the headlight here, christie ann river there, to give you an idea of where we are looking. so let's go to i believe what we've got the grounds shot next, showing us the crews here, basically, cutting apart the tractor-trailer to get it out of there. let's go to the maps. getting ready to head out the front door, there is the back up at route 273. look, it is already at a stands still, and the closure point, the accident scene, is right here. and it is cutting off access
6:50 am
to wilmington, and of course, the delaware memorial bridge. your best bet, either using route one, or 273, to get to route 13, route 13, north, is the way to go. it is not a good alternate, but it is the only thing we got right now. that's why they built 95, to get all of the traffic off route 13, but that will give you access to the delaware memorial bridge, and of course, further north, into wilmington. here's one example. the truck, with pennies all over the roadway, sort of like your piggy bank, just busted open here. all over 95 northbound. folks tell me this could be until at least lunchtime before this gets cleaned up. mike and alex back to you. >> wow, good way to put t record for the boss. bruce springsteen playing his longest us show in history. in philadelphia. how many does he play? i have it down to the second. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
6:51 am
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6:53 am
>> thousands packed citizens bank park last night to hear bruce springsteen and the east street bands. his show set an us record,
6:54 am
right here, in philly. lent of time they played. four hours, four minutes two minute longer than the record he set last weight at met life stadium. so we beat the new york city area. >> the longest he's ever played in the u.s.a. >> if he did this last week, just the way his plans, just now doing longer shows, you know what i'm saying? >> probably had some encores, did you stay to the bitter end? >> i had to wake up. you know what i'm thinking about, maybe that's just his new plan then? which is still cool. more songs. >> doesn't he mix it up every single show? >> yes, never exactly the same set list. the set list that they had listed last night was not what he actually followed.
6:55 am
>> i'll be darn. >> so every night it has been something different. >> maybe he just feels something, he changes it up, gets him fired up? >> you know what i like he does, about the third hour he gets into soul music. >> really? >> he does an hour of motown. at least that's the one time i went. that was enough. >> stop it. >> i loved the thirds hour, nothing but motown, which i grew one. >> were you therefore three hours? that's what i finds hard to believe. >> oh, i stayed for the fourth, yep, long time ago, long time, in the 80s. ya. >> i hear he does some david bowie, too. >> oh, ya. he does it all. he did some britney spears. >> no, did he not. okay, what? no way. >> check out this lucky kid. this picture was sent to us, on our facebook page, it says, dear ms. hence he will, that's a teacher, please excuse salvador's tardiness today on the first day of school. err was up all night swinging with bruce springsteen, he had
6:56 am
the best night ever. that begs the question. is that cool? is that all right? do you let the kids go to a concert, and which concert would you let your kids go to? which concert would you go to, risking next day of work or school? >> something that important. >> i think so. >> i know beyonce to you. >> michael jackson was still alive, i would be michael jackson. >> i bet. >> who would you pick? >> taylor dane. no, i have no idea. >> adele? >> not adele. >> isn't adele going to be here on friday? >> here friday. >> here friday, too. >> where is she playing. >> at the wells fargo center. >> you're telling me, tomorrow night, there is going to be a concert at the wells fargo center, a and one at the bank? >> both at 7:30. >> both at clock 30. >> it is party time. >> jammo. >> that will be a mess. >> i'll be on my coucho. not in south phillyo. speaking of headed south ...
6:57 am
let's go down to delaware, that's where steve is, with a bunch of pennies. >> well, a tractor-trailer crash, you people just joining us at 1:53, and there was no room for error. look where the dent is. just inches from the right lane, you see the white lines, before you even hit the shift where you can see rain, puddles it, tells if you rained here there is concrete barricade was not even close to the strips. >> this guy didn't have any room for error, he hit the barricade, and the truck just broke apart, pennies and fuel all over, 95 northbound, in wilmington, shutdown, bob will have the updates on the detours, and how long it will take when we see you. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask
6:58 am
if america's favorites - burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew. now it's your turn to make the switch.
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>> keep some kids out of class? >> donald trump, and hillary clinton. >> lands on aircraft carrier with each other. >> i have no fate in hillary clinton with leadership. >> i've taken responsibility for my decision. >> he refuses to


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