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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  September 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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newsroom. what we do know now, where you can see a big police presence in that neighborhood. there's reports of a barricade situation. we do know police did fire their weapons and there was a discharge from an officer. we do not know if anyone was hit. we do have crew on the scene right now. we're working to gather some more information, of course, we will keep you updated. right now at 5:00 the week comes to a scorching end. people throughout our area copied with this continuing heat wave. however they could today. and if you had to be outside, caution and plenty of water were the only ways to do it. >> if you are counting, we are, heat wave number seven of the summer and it is not over yet. but relief is finally on the way. good evening, everyone, i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. before that relief arrives, though, we're going to have to suffer just a little bit longer. let's get straight over to meteorologist scott williams who is outside in all of this heat in old city. scott? >> hi there, dawn and chris. yeah, we are talking about stifling heat and humidity here
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in old city. feels like temperatures have been in the upper 90s and triple digits and folks you need to stay safe. you need to stay hydrated as we talk a little bit about the hazy sunshine, a live look right now in old city and you can see we're looking at lot of heat and it is official. wednesday 91, thursday 95, today's high temperature so far 95 degrees. so the seventh heat wave of the year. now take look at the new records with the star beside them. philadelphia 95 degrees. wilmington 95. atlantic city 96 and trenton a new record at 94. the old record for philadelphia was 94 set back in 1884. so we really just smashed that particular record. 44 days so far this year temperatures at or above 90 degrees. the most ever was 55 days back in 2010. take look at the current feels like temperature. philadelphia 99. 105 dover. 102 in millville so if you're
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stepping outdoors this evening, it's going to stay hot. 90 degrees at 7:00. 87 degrees at 9:00 and 85 degrees by 11:00 o'clock tonight. adding insult to injury that heat advisory has been extended through saturday evening for those feels like temperatures in the triple digits. so as we go hour by hour you can see by tomorrow afternoon it's going to feel like the triple digits across much of the area but relief is on the way. the second half of the weekend. when i come indoors we'll talk about that and the eagles forecast. back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. happening now, thousands of music fans are descending on south philadelphia and even this heat won't be enough to stop them. >> bruce springsteen the boss playing at citizens bank park and across the street adele playing at wells fargo center. our brad sattin is there in the midst of it all. brad? >> reporter: i'll tell was pack the suntan lotion because it is hot. there are a lot of folks who are actually under tents not bad way to go. there's little bit of breeze. where i am right now, it is hot
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as we turn the camera around folks are ready for springsteen it does appear we're in the springsteen parking lot because that's who these folks have come to see. springsteen playing at citizens bank park at 7:30. adele over at wells fargo at 8:00 o'clock. so lots of fun ahead for these folks let's show you pictures when the parking lots opened around 2:00 o'clock this afternoon despite the heat diehards kicking the weekend off early because of the traffic recommendation was to arrive early. access to both venues at 6:00 o'clock tonight. now, again as we mentioned two competing shows. two world famous acts we're clearly in the springsteen parking lot as i mentioned lots of springsteen folks and we were cutting teasing them saying you can go into the air-conditioning and see adele over at wells fargo. but they wanted no part of that. again, some folks getting the benefit of the breeze it is hot out here. >> we got here 1:30. there was nobody here. we were like the second ones in this lot. >> are you worried about how hot it's going to be in there. >> i don't care. >> reporter: it doesn't
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matter. >> adele is air-conditioned. we can get through instead. >> no, thank you. bruce. i'm here for bruce. >> the weather oh my goodness, hot, hot, hot, hot weather my girlfriend that is going to the adele couldn't effort she and i are slowly running. >> she's going to be in air-conditioning. >> that's what i'm saying that's how i knew she was in air-conditioning she was making fun of me being out here in the heat and i'm old enough to be her mother. >> reporter: i love it. the heat is i was m hotter the better. >> the hotter the better. i mentioned benefit of the breeze again that is if you are under a tent like these folks are with a cool refreshing drink as well. hopefully once the sun goes down that's not going to be problem but we're hoping these seats are comfortable because bruce springsteen tends to play for while right. >> four hours. we're looking for a record tonight. >> there was four hour show. that was on wednesday. friday night you're thinking more than four. >> more. four and a half. >> the seacrest of course to try to stay cool. dawn, back to you. >> all right. have fun. it may be the last taste of summer for philadelphia students
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all public and arch diocesan schools had early dismissal today because of the extreme heat. fox 29 in north philadelphia today at the roads e washington middle school students pack on the buses. school day was cut short ended at noon. no complaints from the students due to the heat. after school activities including athletic programs were also canceled. parents say this early dismissal means rearranging their schedu schedules. >> i said eighths great inconvenience but the school did alert us ample enough time yesterday for to us be able to make range. for today. we didn't fine out early this morning or, you know, extremely late last night where we able to make any plans. the school district says all early childhood centers will remain open on their regular schedules. and stay prepared with the heat for the fox 29 news app. you'll get the latest forecast and any warnings or advisories writ on your phone. it's free all you have to do download it from the apple or google play stores. skyfox over a partial collapse of a home in the cobbs creek section of west philadelphia.
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it happened around noon along the 6400 block of locust street. fire officials tell us the building was vacant, had been for several years. the roof gave way sending bricks flying on to 60th street. no one was hurt. the house was deemed eminently dangerous by city inspectors back in june. on to a developing story tonight. police are searching for whoever shot three people in hunting park. among those injured tonight, two teenaged boys. police say gunshots rang out at fifth and erie streets around 1:00 this morning. the victims 17, 18 and 40 years old males. they were all transported by medics to temple university hospital. their conditions not being released tonight. authorities at the scene told fox 29 they do believe someone targeted at least one of those victims. they are reviewing nearby cameras in hopes of finding the shooter. well we now know more about yesterday's police involved shooting in kensington. investigators say officers were finishing up a traffic stop last
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night when a stolen suv came barreling towards them right near e and clearfield streets. officers opened fire on the vehicle and then later stopped it at ann and richmond streets in port richmond. police say the woman driver was clipped by a bullet on her hasn't. she will likely be charged with recklessly end daming another person. >> to story only on fox 29 tonight. police in philadelphia are looking for three men who held up a cab driver in center city last night. it happened at a busy intersection at the height of rush hour. i talk to the victim. he tells me only on fox how this is the second time this family has been the target of violence against cab drivers. >> god bless me, you know. god saved my life. i said thank you, god. >> reporter: joseph is thanking god he's alive. the cab driver described in detail the strong armed robbery at the height of rush hour on a busy center city intersection. >> one like to hit me and one tell me, give me everything. >> reporter: he pick up three
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young men in south philly and dropped them off here at 16th and samson. two men went to each side of the car. a third he says started hitting the driver in his head through the middle partition. >> one guy right here -- >> he says all three men went their separate ways and disappeared into the crowded streets. the robbers took a total of $110 cash. >> young people like to kill people because why not take hundred 10-dollar and you like to kill me for $110. that's no good. >> he knows how dangerous driving a cab could be. this is the first time he was robbed but back in february, his brother also a cab driver was shot when three suspects robbed him. they were eventually arrested. the haitian immigrant with a wife and seven kids says he'd like to give up the job but he needs the money. >> i feel bad. i can do nothing. you know, because i still work. i got a familiar. i got kids, you know. >> philadelphia police tell us they are looking for three young men in their late teens early
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20's. investigators are looking at surveillance video from that intersection and may have captured the crime. ♪ >> you decide 2016 tonight. a tight race for u.s. senator in pennsylvania. senator pat toomey and opponent katie mcginty both campaigning in one of the mostly closely watched raises in the country. >> democratic candidate katie mcginty tapping a big name in her her party for help. senator bob casey was joined by elizabeth warren from massachusetts encouraging voters to choose kitty mcginty in notify. the two spoke to a crowd on the campus of university of philadelphia. elizabeth warren making cars sons between hillary clinton and katie mcginty. >> two smart tough women who fight for women. who fight for kids, who fight for healthy planet. who fight for a future for all of us. that's who these women are. (applause).
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>> true, tough, smart women who have dedicated their lives to trying to build opportunities. >> katie mcginty addressed the crowd as well claiming her rival senator pat toomey is not looking out for all pennsylvanians. meantime supporters of senator pat toomey staying in the spotlight holding a rally right outside the mcginty event. attacking mcginty in what they call her plan to increase taxes. supporters of the republican incumbents say mcginty's plan will hurt working and middle class families in pennsylvania. >> we need mcginty's policies not to go in place but to pour pat toomey's policies to stay with the working middle class and to keep them in good working jobs. >> new quinnipiac university poll released today has the senate race neck and neck. it shows toomey with 46% and mcginty with 45%. and sad news from
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pennsylvania's governor tom wolf tonight. his press secretary announcing this afternoon the governor's father william trout wolf has passed away at the age of 95. no other details were given. final arrangements are pending. it's a commercial many wouldn't believe until they saw it for themselves. a store just made light of the 9/11 attacks to sell mattresses. wait until you hear this woman's explanation. >> and with this heat schools across the area have been sending students home early. but one schoolbussing that -- bucking that trend. why officials say class has to stay in session. >> simple change at a local grocery store making a big difference in the lives of countless families what they're doing differently that's helping so much. and we continue to follow breaking news in philadelphia's cobbs creek neighborhood. skyfox live over the scene on the 200 block of south millick street where there is a barricade situation right now. you can see the police presence there. we know a woman was shot in the arm. she was taken to presbyterian
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hospital. two police officers have fired their weapons. no word if they hit anyone. we have crew on the scene. working to gather more information. we will bring it to you as soon as we get it.
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we have a crew right there on the scene working to gather more information. we will of course keep you updated. all public and parochial students in philadelphia headed home at noon today. but not everyone in the city had early dismissals. many charter schools stayed open in the heat. officials at one school in lawn crest made the decision to stay open. >> now they're catching some heat from parents and students. let's get tout fox 29's bruce gordon he joins us from lawn crest. bruce, parents not too happy. >> reporter: no, dawn, summertime version of the wintertime snow day debate. balancing act between closing early or keeping with the normal schedule. the question becomes at what point does uncomfortable weather truly endanger kids? all morning long we watched parents pull their children out of the universal creighton charter school. it wasn't technically dismissal time but they'd had enough. >> because of the heat and he has asthma.
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>> reporter: you're to the going to risk it? >> no. not at all. my son knock on wood has never been in the hospital and i'm not going to let it happen now. >> reporter: only part of this nearly 99-year-old brick schoolhouse is air-conditioned. while philadelphia public schools dismissed early in this scorching weather, creighton put in a full day. some parents and students were hot under the collar. >> my daughter's face was so beat red i pulled her out school at 10:00 o'clock this morning because her face was beat red and my son was covered in sweat. i feel like it's so hot. it's too hot for us to be doing work and stuff. like i can't concentrate when i'm doing work because it's too hot. >> reporter: at least one parent who came to complain about the swelters classrooms says she got a surprise when they paid a visit to those in charge. >> you have the kids in there sweating, okay, but you have the principal whoever else that's in their office has air. that's not fair to these kids at all. >> reporter: spokesperson for universal told me kids in unair conditioned parts of the building have been moved to the cooler confines of the cafeter
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cafeteria. he also told me universal is improving education at this school and with a charter renewal looming, they don't want to see that progress stalled. >> literally we close the building three hours early that's education time we would lose for our children. >> reporter: how much education are they getting in they're sweating and being moved to the cafeteria. >> what's so key, bruce, the children not sweating. >> reporter: some parents are questioning the school's prioritpriority. >> it's about the safety of our children. >> it's not fair. >> reporter: universal charter spokesman insist no children were ever in danger by the heat today. in fact he notes that dismissing early once the school day was underway would have been real hardship for working parents. true enough but of course why the philadelphia public schools made their call to dismiss early yesterday. once they check the forecast. guys? dawn? >> thank you, bruce,. first responders gathering in delaware county to remember the lives lost on septembe
5:18 pm
september 11t 11th, 2001. police, fire and ems workers joined local and county officials at rose tree park to lay a wreath in memory of those who lost their lives on that tragic day. the county also awarded the district attorney's office an order of merit for local police officers who showed mazing heroism on the job. among those honored fulcroft police officer christopher dorman. you may recall he was shot seven times back in june. he return to the force for the first time tonight. >> i'm glad it's finally here and i'm ready to get back on with normal routine and get back to work and what i like doing. >> we'll follow officer dorman as he gets back to the streets for the first time since that shooting that could have taken his life. stay tuned for life reporting coming up at 6:00 o'clock. ♪ turning now to you decide. it's official the first ballots of the 2016 general election are already being cast. early voting got underway today in north carolina. >> and it appears every vote will count as the race for the
5:19 pm
white house tightens headed to the finish line. fox's joel waldman has more from washington. >> reporter: after a august with several high profile gaffs including insulting the parents of muslim war hero drum is that narrowing the gap against hillary clinton particularly in key swing states. but the republican nominee who in recent weeks has been pushing policy over picking fights is still facing an uphill battle. he's got to move on his appeal. we've seen his numbers with women are very low. he's got to try to make that up. >> reporter: new poll shows trump leading in ohio while tied with hillary clinton in florida. the democratic nominee remains ahead by low single digits in pennsylvania and north carolina. with a razor thin margin separating the two, trump announcing the number of retired generals and admirals supporting his campaign has risen to 120. as the businessman turned presidential candidate traveled to washington today to meet with conservative grass roots active
5:20 pm
visits. >> just today, it was announced that north korea performed its fifth nuclear yarr test. it's fourth since hillary clinton became secretary of state. it's just one more massive failure from a failed secretary of state. >> reporter: hillary clinton with 110 military leaders on her side meeting today with a bipartisan group of experts on national security issues and terrorism in new york city. >> hillary clinton is being urged by democrats including vice-president joe biden to be more open plans to visit 9/11 memorial on the 15th anniversary of the attacks this sunday. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. well this woman is all smiles but what she's accused of of doing is pretty horrific. police say she was drunk when she crashed a funeral and it only got worse from there. plus, a local family's heartbreak turned to horror. their beloved mother gone in a
5:21 pm
terrible accident. then they discovered her hand was missing from her body. no one had any answers, even after they found it themselves. >> it may strike you as odd. you don't see this every day. a bunch of medical professionals crowded around a mannequin giving birth. we'll explain what's going on here.
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we're following breaking news out of austin, texas. crews are on the scene at a parking garage where you can see a car dangling off the side there. the driver reportedly told police he couldn't stop his car when it flipped end over end before getting caught on a wire. believe it or not passerby was able to help the man get out without injury. crews say they will try to slowly lower the car to the ground. leaders around the world uniting in their criticism of north korea after it says it has conducteconducted another nucle. it is tested a nuclear war head in the country's fifth such te test. test just a string in the latest
5:25 pm
of provocations from north kor korea. yank conducting its fourth nuclear test in january and launched three ballistic missiles monday. south korean defense ministry says the north fired more than 30 such missiles since kim eighty one uncame into power five years ago. >> i condemn in the strongest possible terms. the nuclear test by the democratic peoples republic of korea this is yet another brazen breach of the resolutions of the secret council. >> north korea said it conducted a higher level nuclear test explosion that will allow it to finally build an array of stronger smaller and lighter nuclear weapons. a shocking seen at a funeral landed a tennessee woman behind bars. >> police arrested the 36-year-old white right here after she showed up to the funeral drunk and then tried to remove the body from the casket. this happened in tennessee. witnesses say the woman walked just right up to the casket
5:26 pm
during the service and began grabbing body inside. one neighbor says he's actually not that surprised. >> it really wasn't shocking, you know, because, you know, i knew, you know, her capability what she might do, but, you know, you want to think that she wouldn't do anything like that. it's sad, you know torque see a young person, you know, ruin their live like that the way she's doing and the situation she gets in. >> the woman faces charges including public intoxication and disorderly conduct at funerals. she says she knew the deceased man who was in the casket. still to come a simple change at a local grocery store that's making a big difference in the lives of countless families. what they're doing differently that's helping so much. scott? >> chris, still hazy, hot and humid across the delaware valley. coming up we'll talk about a hot start to the upcoming weekend. a couple of showers in that forecast and also look at this a fall preview with the seven day forecast next.
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newspapers know the real story on pat toomey. on background checks for gun buyers... toomey has shown the courage few others have... toomey steps up on checks... toomey is on the right side... state leaders should follow toomey lead.
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no wonder leading pennsylvania police organizations endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> we couldn't to follow breaking news in cobbs creek neighborhood. this is skyfox live over the scene of a 200 block of south millick street that's where there is a barricade situation. you can see a heavy police presence there. we do know that a woman was shot in the arm. she was taken to presbyterian hospital. two police officers we're toll did in fact fire their weapons. there's still no word if they hit anyone. we have a crew on the scene and working to gather more
5:30 pm
information. we will of course keep you posted. let's take live look at trenton tonight in case you haven't noticed this heat wave continues today. may turn out to be the wore the day yet but there's relief in sight. meteorologist scott williams will tell us when coming up in your fox 29 weather authority and despite this swelters heat a lot of crowds tout night in south philly for two big concerts. bruce springsteen which is happening outside and adele happening inside at the wells fargo center. fans are hydrating with water, too. as they tailgate our brad sattin will have live report the heated concerts coming up at 6:00 o'clock. grocery shopping with your chirp can put your patience to the test, but with special needs children comes some special frustrations. a delaware county supermarket seems to have gotten the message however that moms and dads need all the help they can get. >> bruce gordon has the story from brookhaven. >> reporter: see if you can figure out what's different about this brand new shop rite supermarket. they've got all the usual items.
5:31 pm
there's the milk and there's the produce and laundry detergent over there. i'll tell was i'll give you a hin. it's right here at the check out counters. not so much what they have but what one of them does not have. candy, all stacked and ready for a last minute impulse buy at the urging of your kids is nowhere to be found at counter 14 that's because it's been set up for parents with special needs kids especially autism. >> i look for it yeah. >> reporter: melanie tanner heard about the specially marked lane via facebook. she's here with her sons nine-year-old aj has asberger's. melanie remembers fighting over sweets when she was just trying to pay and go. >> it can be extremely difficult because, you know, it's not just the normal tantrum. when you tell a kid with asberger's no they can really just shut down and it's a complete fight and you're better off just, you know, buying it and having that fight without it there it just completely removes that. >> reporter: the candy has been replaced by toys of the sort that give you a tis tick kids something to touch and
5:32 pm
feel. nancy conway came through counter 14 she teaches autistic kids in the chester upland school district. notice how these toys can work. >> it's texture, it's the feel of it, it's the shape of it and it just makes them feel good. i have little boy that does it with string. what does that do for you? he said it calms me down. >> reporter: store director paul is responsible for making the change after hearing horror stories from the mother of an autistic five-year-old. >> the point to make the check out easier, make the customer more comfortable. just the whole shopping experience needs to be pleasure. so forme to do it, it was no big deal. >> reporter: counter 14 helped melanimel get out of the store t fight over candy and without the should you garr crash that follows the old i give up you can have it purchase. >> my son was looking at the sensory objects and just no arguments and just rang out and perfect. >> no no tantrums. >> no tantrums today. >> reporter: amazing such a small change. such big difference.
5:33 pm
bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> that's big deal for those families. >> it is. good to see. back to your fox 29 weather authority. i don't know. i think i'm done with the heat. i think i'm ready for fall. >> well, it was certainly a hot one today. that's for sure, scott. >> yeah, really was. high temperatures in the mid 90s. we should top out in the low 80s for this time of year. kind of smashing records across the delaware valley. ultimate doppler right now showing a couple of showers toward the lehigh valley the pocono mountains most of that action will stay to the north. we have a couple of stray showers late tonight then again tomorrow night but a front that will bring some relief for the second half of the weekend. lowering humidity and temperatures back to the mid 80s by sunday. by as we expand the view you can see off to the west, this is the front that will be the game changer for the second half of the weekend. in the meantime, look at the feels like temperatures. 99 right now in philadelphia. 105 is what it feel like in dover. it feel like 102 in millville. atlantic city at the airport it feels like the triple digits.
5:34 pm
tomorrow morning, we're talking feels like temperatures right around 80 degrees but look at what happens by 4:00 o'clock. 101 what it will feel like in trenton, philadelphia, down to wilmington so that's why that heat visor has been extended through tomorrow evening. so what it will feel like tomorrow, philadelphia 102. but look at the relief. by sunday, feeling like the actual air temperature and as we move toward early next week, feels like temperatures in the low 80s. the highs once again for this time of year should be in the low 80s. so the record number of 90-degree days in one year for philadelphia is 55 back in 2010. number 253 in 1991. currently as we talk about the temperatures, 44 days so we are top five number of 90-degree days. a couple of stray showers north and west tonight. most of tomorrow is dry. we just have that isolated chance saturday night into sunday and then that frontal boundary will clear the coast
5:35 pm
and give us nice weather for the second half of the weekend. it's going to be nice weekend down the shore, 87 tomorrow. 84 as we move toward your sund sunday. so making up for last weekend when we were dealing with hermine. the poconos 87 tomorrow. 85 -- 75 on sunday. so for tonight, low temperatures right around 77 in the city. 96 for tomorrow. feels like 102. big game on sunday. partly cloudy, breezy, temperatures low to mid 80s. winds out of the northwest 10 to 15 miles per hour. the weather authority seven day forecast, 96 tomorrow. 85 on sunday. low 80s early next week and then take a look at the peak by the middle of next week nearing 90 again but then temperatures overnight, guys, in the 50s with that fall preview thursday into friday of next week. >> now you're talking. >> there's my football weather. >> all right, thanks, scott. it is a commercial that many people wouldn't believe until they saw it with their own eyes.
5:36 pm
this will have you scratching your head. a store making fun, a joke of the 9/11 attacks to sell mattresses. wait until you hear this woman's explanation. >> a local family's heartbreak turned to horror. their beloved mother gone in terrible accident. then they discover her hand was missing from her body. no one had any answers. even after they found it themselves. well, a day like this made a perfect day to go indoors and hit the ice. new at 6:00 we'll tell you how these young kids learning to play hockey is turning attention to a very important cause. narrator: terrorism here at home.
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fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists - and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole.
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♪ two powerful images circumstance laying on social media they show a woman and a man passed out in van from a drug overdose with a four-year-old little boy in the back seat. we want to warn you some may find this troubling picture. police in east liver pool, ohio,
5:40 pm
released these pictures today. the department says it's trying to show the impact of the heroin and painkiller epidemic. an officer pulled the van over after they saw the driver weaving in and out of traffic. the driver told the officer he was taking the unconscious woman to the hospital before he then became unresponsive himself. the officer called paramedics who revised the pair. they are both now facing child endangerment charges. meanwhile there are shock and outrage around the country over commercial that seemingly tried to profit and make fun of the september 11th attacks. >> it was produced by a mattress store in san antonio, texas you got to see it to believe it. >> better way to remember 9/11 with twin tower sales. you can get any mattress for a win twice. >> full pat tress, 29 price. >> ahh! >> oh, my gosh. we'll never forget. >> well somehow that commercial was approved and filmed with out
5:41 pm
anyone raising a red flag it didn't make its way to social media and the store's facebook page were immediately it came under fire. it has since been taken down but the videos of the ad are now everywhere online. the manager you saw in the commercial just gave an apology that in itself might leave you scratching your head. >> people were looking at it as something of hate rather than something of, you know, like a sale or something like that. we don't want to be known as hate. we want to be known as love and caring and giving and, you know, that's who we are. we're miracle mattress. >> well the owner of the mattress chain seems to be taking this a little bit more seriously. he said "the video is tasteless and afront to the men and women who lost their lives on 9/11" he claims he was not aware of the store's ad until it was after it was posted online. in case you need another reason to exercise, we've got it. the group who could save thousands of dollars just by
5:42 pm
working out. and take look at this little girl. hard to believe she was once two weak to move. she had disease that progresses so slowly you may miss it at first and your doctor may never have seen treated it before. the medicine that helped a local family. sean is in with sports. >> hear from eagles quarterback carson wentz after his first league of practice with the starters and did somebody say practice? allen eye son will be inducted into the basketball hall of fame or will he?
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them." vo: just one. >> we want to get to breaking news in cobbs creek. skyfox is live over south millick street. police are on the scene of barricaded situation.
5:46 pm
>> let's get straight out to fox 29' joanne pileggi near the scene. joanne, what's the latest? report we're about two blocks from the actual scene. we're here at 60th and walnut in cobbs creek. as you said, very tense and very fluid situation. heavy, heavy police presence. swat team emergency response team after an incident here late this afternoon. now here's what we do know. two officers apparently discharged their weapons. in the 200 block of south millick street. one female was shot in the arm. she has been taken away and taken away to the hospital. now, there are reports that there is a male barricaded inside of a home in the 200 block of south millick and judging by the police and swat team presence, it is believed that he is armed and presumably dangerous. right now there have been no injuries to police and we are expecting an update from police brass within the next five or 10
5:47 pm
minutes and we keep updated on this police situation here in cobbs creek. that's the latest. back to you in the studio. >> joanne, thanks. also developing now, a simply horrific discovery for a grieving family. they returned to the scene of a crash that killed a mother and wife and made that discovery of their heartbreaking pain even worse. and now tonight accusations of negligent against the authorities who handled that case. >> the family is suing and they want answers. fox 29's jeff cole has their story and we do want to warn you some of the details you may find disturbing. >> reporter: on a small patch of land where cars speed by on williamstown road, william town, new jersey, there's a small weathered memorial for susan faust in her mid 50s the mother and wife lost her live in a december auto accident. her family's pain remained sha sharp. >> miss her a lot. little thing. little things like i'll be at work and i'll see a couple
5:48 pm
dancing or something like that and i'll they will about my mom. >> reporter: but the memories of his mother a schoolbus aid is tainted, stained, by what family members and their attorneys say was a horrible discovery when they tried to erect their mom's memorial. >> they look off to the right, and there's susan's hand. >> reporter: they find her happened? >> the children found their mother's hand. >> reporter: hid video of the accident shows faust small car clipping the vehicle in front of her and kareenin kareening off . killed instantly her husband learns from the funeral director her hand was severed. told by police claims their attorney the remains were likely in her demolished vehicle justin and his sister returned to the scene to memorialize her and find her hand wedding and engagement rings still on. ♪ >> it's shocking. it's like, you know, i didn't get to see my mom at a funeral
5:49 pm
'cause she was badly injured. there's no words for it. there's no words for it. that's all i can say. >> reporter: these pictures taken by police says their lawyer show the severed hand in the area of the crash. it is difficult to see but traces of blood are evident in the photo. she can't understand how emergency responders missed it and didn't go back for it once it was realized it was not with the body. she's put winslow township police, fire, ems and others on notice she may sue for emotional distress. >> what if this had been jane doe random victim of violence and there's body parts that were strewn about south jersey you're telling me you took photographs? >> reporter: meanwhile, the family mourns and asks hard questions. >> how do you leave that? how do you just leave that laying on the side of the road for anybody to find? >> reporter: winslow attorney on the phone said the municipal leaders are sorry for the family's loss but argues its fire department, it's cops have done nothing wrong.
5:50 pm
jeff cole, fox 29 news. ♪ turning to your health now, exercise may not only help your heart, but also your wallet. researchers tracked data from more than 26,000 american adults with heart disease. those who got the recommended amount of exercise reported paying about $2,500 less on health care costs than patient who's didn't get enough exerci exercise. the findings are online in the journal of american heart association. well, it is a debilitating disease that can really be difficult to identify. many doctors have never even treaterred it. >> a local mom noticed something was very wrong with her little girl and eventually got her a life-changing treatment. fox 29's karen hepp has their story. >> reporter: seven-year-old lilly tackles the world head first. diving into the fun today. but just two years ago, she was so weak she could barely lift her head. mystery illness had come on so
5:51 pm
slowly at first her mother andrea didn't even realize anything was wrong. >> they played tag and little woman get tired want to come inside the air-conditioning are kids are swimming she didn't want to swim. she didn't want to be in the sun. i just thought that was my first child, she's shy, this is how she is. >> reporter: here's lilly reading magazines on beautiful day as working mom with two other very young and very busy boys, andrea says, it didn't crystalize for her that something was horribly wrong with lilly till one day her child fell. >> she starts crying because she doesn't understand why she can't run like she used to. and that's when i knew there was a problem she couldn't even run. she just fell. high to do something. >> reporter: that something was race lilly down to chop where dr. pamela weiss a rheumatologist saw a very pale and very weak little girl. >> dr. weiss looked at me and said we're going to keep her here for throw days and put her on steroids. i've never been so happy because i knew someone finally listened, someone understood and that they were going to help her.
5:52 pm
>> it turns out that lilly has an auto immune disease so rare most pediatricians will never even see a single case which is why her previous doctors had missed it. >> it's a disease that affects mostly the skin and the muscles, and it's a sun sensitive disea disease. >> reporter: the steroids work. even with her face puffy from the medicine, you can see lilly's giant smile. she was happy just to get her strength back and to feel like a normal kid. she's in a clinical remission thanks to weekly shots and has mastered a trip for that, too. >> i close my eyes and think about happy things. >> reporter: like what? >> like rainbows and union any accordance. >> reporter: lilly loves animals. her family and art. she's like a whole new kid climbing ladders where because she couldn't climb steps. the girl who couldn't run is now tearing it up on the soccer field. her prognosis is basically
5:53 pm
awesome. >> i think lilly has been doing great. she responded to medicine beautifully. i anticipate she'll probably come off medicine in about a year. >> reporter: this is a disease that can actually create permanent muscle damage, but if caught early children can make a full recovery and it's one of those few rare diseases that children can actually out grow. i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. well this image may strike you as odd a bunch of medical professionals crowded around a mannequin who was giving birth. we'll explain what's going on here. and 6:00 o'clock the delaware county officer is getting ready to get back to duty again. just two months after being shot seven times. what he has to say about hitting the streets. plus why backup cameras might mean it's whole lot easier to score a driver's license in new jersey.
5:54 pm
for senate, katie mcginty or pat toomey? mcginty supports clean energy jobs.
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pat toomey voted to protect tax breaks for oil companies. mcginty is pro-choice. toomey wants to overturn roe v. wade and criminalize abortion. mcginty will consistently stand up to the gun lobby. toomey's against an assault weapons ban and gets an a rating from the nra. this year, pennsylvanians have a clear choice. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds adjust on both sides for your best sleep ever. don't miss the biggest sale of the year- all beds on sale with the queen c2 mattress only $599.99. final days! ends sunday know better sleep. only at a sleep number store.
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big news higher education in philadelphia. philadelphia university and thomas jefferson university will soon become one. they have entered into a combined agreement allowing the schools to merge. the boards of both universities unanimously approved this big move and leaders at the college
5:58 pm
say it's a great one. well new creation at the university of virginia is helping students better understand the birth process. >> but when you first see it you may do double take. victoria is a robot mannequin helping nursing students work through the paces of a woman in childbirth and prepare for problems that often develop during delivery. now the mannequin can be programmed for just situations especially for women who may have complications. after having already had multiple deliveries. here you see victoria giving birth to maybe number five from blinking to pain the robot can simulate reactions. >> we need to constantly reassure the patient remind them what's going on, because, you know, this situation is about them so keeping them involved in their care is really important. sometimes you can kind of forget that when you're dealing with a mannequin. >> pretty mazing. unusual situations in the birth process can be simulated by technicians over in the next room. they can control victoria and baby's reactions and even vital
5:59 pm
signs by way of commuters and monitors. ♪ just two weeks away from fall, but the heat isn't slowing down. >> oh, my goodness it's hot. hot, hot, hot weather. >> it's official. we're in our seventh heat wave. what that means for your weekend ahead. plus after surviving seven bullets, a fulcroft police officer hits the streets again. >> i'm glad it's finally here and i'm ready to get back on with normal routine and get back to work and do what i like doi doing. >> how officer christopher dorman was honored today before he returned to duty. >> we begin tonight with fox 29 weather authority following this scorching heat record heat across the area. today's high reached the mid 90s, and just days into the school year, the conditions even forcing schools to close early in philadelphia. thanks for joining us everyone, i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney on this hot
6:00 pm
friday name let's get right over to meteorologist scott williams who's outside our studios. when could we see some relief, scott? >> we'll have to wait until the second half of the weekend, dawn and chris much it's a september sizzle and also a late season heat wave. folks out and about here in old city trying to stay cool. trying to stay hydrated. hi, enjoy your friday evening out stay cool. we are setting records across the delaware valley. high temperatures today 95 philadelphia. wilmington 95. 97 degrees at the airport in atlantic city. trenton a new record of 95. the average high for this time of year is in the low 80s. so we hit none on wednesday. 95 yesterday. and 95 today. sealing the deal thon seventh heat wave of the year. and making for 44 days so far this year with temperatures at or above 90 degrees. the most ever if you're counting was 55 days set back in 2010. it still


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